raise your credit score

Hey hey hey it’s me, The Budgetnista, here to help you live a little bit richer. I have a quick and easy tip to help your credit score jump like Jordan.

This simple trick took my score from 547 to 752…Yup!

Are you ready? Let’s go….

Live richer,

The Budgetnista


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  • Eva

    Hi Budgetnista! I just found your site and was listening to your video. Just wondering, i do not have a gym membership, so what is another “thing” you can have on your card? Is car insurance or phone bill good?

    future budgetnista

  • Niecy Taylor

    Hey Tiffany! So I’ve been working on this and now that I am in it I have some questions for you! Essentially your card was reported as $0 each month following this, correct? I monitor my score on credit karma and it is reporting on my credit report as a $0 balance each month which actually makes it look like I don’t use the card. Am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Roshell Fields

      What’s important to know is when the balance is reported. You can find this on your statement. Whatever your balance is on your closing date, is what gets ‘reported’. Keeping the debt at 30 or 20% or below and letting it report will help you tremendously. It sounds like you may be paying it off before the closing date. The myth of paying a card off every month is just that, a myth. And this is why. Doing it doesn’t mean you’re hitting gold. Knowing the amount getting reported and when is how you win at this.

      • Niecy Taylor

        Thank you.

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