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Week 4: Credit

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Get your free credit score(s) (not to be confused with your credit report)

How to rock this task :

  • Go to and sign up (it’s free)
  • Get your free credit score in minutes
  • Get familiar with Credit Karma – it’s an awesome site with a ton of resources

I’m pretty excited to share this week’s tasks with you. Why? Because I’m going to show you how to raise your score as much as 100 points in 1 year!

FYI: credit score ranges from 300 – 850

751– 850  Excellent

701 – 750  Good

641 – 700  Fair

581 – 641  Poor

300 – 580  Very Poor

Let’s get started.

Today I want you to get your credit score. This is not to be confused with yesterday’s task of getting your credit report.

Credit scores are usually $9 or more, but who wants to pay that? There are a couple of places where you can get a free credit score.

1) Not only does Credit Karma give you your TransUnion & Equifax score and report for free, it educates you about your whole report in an easy-to-understand way.

2) Your bank: Many banks will give their customers their credit scores for free, so head to the closest bank branch and ask.

Remember: there are three main credit-reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. That means three reports and three scores.

Once you get your score, don’t worry if it’s low… in a couple of days I’ll show you how to make it jump like Jordan!

Time to check in with your accountability partners. Have they gotten their credit reports and scores? Share how you’re feeling in the comments below.

Today I used @creditkarma to check my credit scores for FREE! Day 23 #LIVERICHERChallenge Click To Tweet

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  • JanFree

    Got my credit score, not bad but still looking to improve it. Will be looking forward to getting some help on how to do so.

  • Stacey

    Eh. About what I thought. Definitely need to improve things.

  • Whitecap49

    Is there a similar service in Canada?

  • Pita-Gay

    Just checked my score. I’m so excited! I have been working on improving my credit for the longest. I wanted to first pay off my credit cards and then start to work on my student loans. I have paid off a credit card close to $9,000 and am almost done paying off a $5,000 credit card. My score is now 772 on TransUnion and 792 on Equifax. I am so proud of myself! Whoop whoop! 😀

  • budgetnovice

    Credit Sesame said it retrieved my credit score information from TransUnion (not Experian). Is there another (free) site to retrieve my Experian credit score?

  • Melvis Gilliam Simpson

    I pulled my scores and filed a couple of disputes. I pray this will increase my scores. I should find out in about thirty days…

  • Sherry Ward-Franklin

    I monitor my credit score through Credit Karma; but when I applied for a mortgage, I was told that my FICO score is different from the Vantage score reported on Credit Karma. Is there a FICO to Vantage translation, or is there a way to get a free FICO score?

  • Summer

    Today of the LRC the task was to request my free credit scores and I am happy to report a score of 817 for both Transunion and Equifax..WOO-HOO!! I never thought I would ever see the 800’s. My hard work has paid off. Praise the Lord lol.

  • Layla

    I’ve had Credit Karma for years and everytime I logon it’s painful to see my scores. Hoping this will change in the next few years

  • Mary R Wiggins

    Glad I got my report. Had to dispute a few things and they are in the process of correcting the information. Thanks so much for this platform.