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Week 4: Credit

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  • Review this week’s LIVE RICHER Challenge tasks
  • Reflect on the changes you’ve made to your credit situation
  • Relax. Tomorrow we start Week 5’s theme: Investing & Insurance!


Congrats! It’s the end of week 4 of the LIVE RICHER Challenge. We’ve covered Money Mindset, Budgeting & Savings, Debt, and now Credit.

It’s time for another break day. Today I want you to: Review, Reflect, and Relax. It’s  also a great day to catch up on any of the tasks you still have to complete.

Feel free to share with me what you’ve learned over the last four weeks by doing this Challenge in the comments below.

Don’t forget that sharing is caring. Share what you’ve learned with someone else who needs help getting on financial track and check in on your accountability partners.

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Tomorrow begins Week 5 (the final week), and it’s all about Insurance and Investing.

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  • JanFree

    I bought something yesterday that I wanted not needed. Mentally, I have already begun to make the sacrifices necessary in order to pay for the purchase – not a large purchase about $100. This will be the real test and this is where I give credit to the Live Richer Challenge. Thinking daily about my money choices is no longer a challenge as much as it is vital to my future wealth – Thank Tiffany!!

    • Yay! I’m so happy to hear that @mindicon:disqus. Thank you so much for sharing your progress. 🙂

  • Sha

    This challenge has turned my financial life around. My credit score has increased, my budget is more effective and I’ve gained vaulable financial literacy not only for myself but to share with friends and family. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us. I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Nisse O

    I have been mentally making note of the changes that I need to make to get my credit back on track. I have also written down my goals and a budget that my husband and I have done together. I am also taking a part time job to catch up on those bills without dipping into my monthly savings that I use during the summer months( I am and teacher)!!

  • Layla

    These past four weeks have flown by lol! But I’ve learned a great deal. I’m especially excited to rebuild my credit while simultaneously paying down my debt. The excel sheet for the Money & Debt Lists have been extremely helpful in organizing everything I need to accomplish.