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Week 1:
Money Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  • Review this week’s six LIVE RICHER Challenge tasks
  • Reflect on the changes you’ve made and your new Money Mindset
  • Relax. Tomorrow we start Week 2: Budgeting & Saving

Round of applause!

You’ve completed the first week of the LIVE RICHER Challenge. Woo Hoo!

Take this day to review, reflect, and relax.

Share what you’ve learned and how you feel about the process in the comments below and with your accountability partners.

Don’t forget…

It’s great to be helped, but it’s even greater to use what you’ve been given to help someone else.

Share the wealth and pass the LIVE RICHER Challenge along to someone you know who is struggling to master their money.

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  • carol

    I love this challenge! I’m learning about money in a way that is not overwhelming. Small steps help me feel like I have a better control of things and simple tasks make changes easy to implement! Bless you Tiffany!

  • Karis

    This has been a huge help to me! I’ve had many financial goals living around in my head but I’ve let fear and insecurities about money hinder me from taking action. My biggest take away from week 1 is that one step towards your goal will give you the confidence to do more. I also liked your perspective about how we naturally tend to spend money on things that give us instant gratification vs. saving for something we love. I didn’t realize that I was doing that but it’s so true. It’s the reason why I haven’t traveled over the years. Thank you Tiffany for sharing your insight with the world and focusing on black women.

  • JanFree

    This is a great challenge. I tend to do everything regarding finances alone and in my head. So although I had made many of these financial decisions last year, it has been liberating sharing what I have accomplished. This challenge has stopped me from falling back into my old habits.

  • karemel

    I think I may have missed a step. I only have 3 financial goals, and they’re very broad. I have to review the week’s posts…

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  • Sade’

    This has definitely changed my mindset about money. I am feeling more empowered to make better decisions. I am excited about finding ways to save money. I know that wealth is attainable for me and it requires a process and steps. I am excited about this challenge. Thanks Tif for such great wisdom!

  • BDS

    I’m behind but it;s still been a great week. I understand the idea of baby steps because I am person who can get all caught up, going gun-ho and be exhausted in a few months. I am now just trying to stay focused on small and consistent steps and it seems that small change and money is everywhere. I have also decided to do a version of the 52 week money challenge as a 365 day penny challenge.

    If anyone wants to see how money can multiply pretty quickly, please feel free to join me in the penny challenge (which for now, I want to transfer pennies as they become dollars into one of my online savings accounts).

  • Dawn Taylor

    This challenge is helping me to realize where I “waste” money and how to better utilize my financial resources! I’m excited about this financial success movement! Thanks Budgetnista!

  • Cindy Cox

    After completing week one I feel very confident about achieving my goals. I came in skeptical and doubtful, but the support is so awesome and motivating. I’m looking forward to the rest of the challenge both financial and mentally.

  • Jillian

    Such a great challenge! Learning that there are so many better ways to spend my money than on little things that I may want/like in the moment. My needs and LOVES for Travel and Pay off Student Loan debt are so much greater than my want for a starbucks coffee in the afternoon. :)Looking forward to next week!

  • tawanna roebuck

    hi Tiffany

  • Sweetie

    Hey Sista!

  • Melvis

    I’m enjoying this new financial mindset. I’ve been sharing these ideas with my husband who is in full support and is also cooperating with me so that we can maximize our savings and pay off debt quicker.

  • Ok, so this challenge has helped me to understand the use of money more than anything else. I don’t always have to eat in-between meals, I don’t always need a snack, I can actually eat less than before, I can walk sometimes instead of taking the car …. the list is endless.

    I can’t wait for the end of this challenge truly.

  • onbecomingmyself

    My challenge has been learning to say no when people ask for moneu or ask to borrow money. I had not been able to say no and I would dig myself into a hole trying to help others. This week I’ve been able to say no to three people. It wasn’t easy but I did.

    • Onen Amilli

      Good for you! Selfishness is not a dirty word!! You must take care of you too!!

  • Glenda IwillblesstheLordatallt

    I was already making what I thought was progress…but this challenge has given me direction. The challenge has not only help me with direction…but has also made me step up my game as far as things that have always tripped me up…but I really either didn’t know the steps to take or needed a PUSH to hear someone say…other than my own mind…do this…do that…and be encouraged while you are doing it.

  • Shannon D. Robinson

    I’ve started the challenge again. I allowed myself to get sidetracked and didn’t complete it. So I’m going to press and do my very best to keep up with it and make some much needed changes. But as I reflect I know its my mindset and not necessarily the amount of my income. So I’m also working on changing my mindset and developing better habits.

  • Shirelaih Shields

    This challenge is really helping me to have a better understanding of money and I waste alot of it. I am hoping this challenge will help improve my credit, saving, and budgeting skills.

  • This has been a great week, it really got me taking care of business and laying a foundation. I’ve already saved $485 towards my goal of $1000 by October 1st and my bills are paid! I haven’t felt this way about money in a long time.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    so i have to confess today I spent money a lot of it on clothes. Things I don’t need but purchased anyway…. I still feel committed to the challenge and while today was hard, I really have more clarity on where I need to be focusing. On discipline and budgeting. I’m hopeful that week two will provide more structure and guidance. I also wonder if there will be resources for folks who emotionally spend (me)

    • Nakiea Cook

      I do that often & had to realize that I work & its okay to “reward” myself however a budget child be set for that too 😕 I know but it will get better!!

  • Caron H

    My friend told me about this. I am glad I listened to the interview. I then decided to join. I just lost my mom 2 weeks ago. It has been a rough time for me. I want my mom to keep being proud of me. So this is a way that I can get my finances right. I am also trying to make a career change. Being a teacher for a nonprofit. Is not what I need at this time in my life. I felt stuck. When I signed on the first day and saw what I was doing wrong. I started working on my resume to start over. It is never too late. I feel like I have let myself down. in so many ways. I am sorry for talking so much. I want to thank you for opening my eyes.

  • Alecia White

    I’m learning to save in every way. I have a change jar, a new savings account, and money put aside. I’m excited about my own financial future!

  • Jamilah Muhammad

    I waste money and I have a pessimistic attitude toward money. I have learned some great techniques and started applying them in my first week. looking forward to learning more.

  • Dominique Mickey House

    Wow! I didn’t know your history until today but thanks for sharing…this gives me hope that I can recovery from this. Thanks

  • Letrice

    please accept me in the forum. I have been pending for over a week. I am looking to have an accontability partner.

  • Nakiea Cook

    This has been tough for me because I am trying to save for different things. I have personal goals but then my husband has recently stated we should get a savings together with goals under it. I.e Cars, vacation, home, emergency… How am I going to balance😮

  • Lynda Lawrence- Earl

    I’m playing catch up.. but I’m still learning a lot about myself and my money..

  • Lynda Lawrence- Earl

    I made it thru week 1. I’m really glad I joined cause I am really learning a lot even those I had to start over cause I didn’t have the time to do the steps. But I figure I really want to be become debt free I have to make time and start somewhere. thanks again.

  • Peace Lolu

    I have been consistently following through. I’m excited about this new lifestyle. I’m also learning and reading up materials about investing and finance. I have started a new blog to share with my friends what I’m learning which I hope can help others as well. Thanks!

  • AniQueia (Abena)

    This challenge has made me realize that I need to get focused on my finances that I need to take this seriously! And I am ready I have fallen a little behind but I am getting it together!

  • Tkm

    I wish I would have known about you five years ago, I struggled for maybe 10 years with my finances and then about five years ago, I said to myself, Enough…so I really started trying to take getting my money together seriously but I didn’t really know how or what to do or where to start, I read books, I did my googles, and slowly (very slowly) I started to pull it together so now I am in the best place I’ve ever been financially however I am still struggling, this live rich challenge is RIGHT ON TIME for me, I feel like this is exactly what I need to get over the “hump” and to the promise land of financial security. thank you for this and for sharing your story

  • Sheryl

    This challenge has given a new lease on life because I am now aware of what I was doing wrong. I am excited about my future thanks to this challenge.

  • briana Wright

    Week One of this challenge was definitely insightful and fulfilling. I learned some new things in how to manage my money. I set up 3 different accounts to help manage my money for Bills, spending and savings. I really enjoyed Task #2 where we read Seven Cures for a Le
    an Purse

  • Sharnique King

    Week one was helpful, and I am so excited about what’s next, praying that I continue this challenge until the end….thanks @ The Budgetnista!!

  • Janell Reeves


  • Stacy Debose


  • Melanie Chapman

    I’ve learned so much within this first week. I am definitely being more cautious of where and what I spend my money on. Asking myself those four questions when shopping and starting online savings account away from my normal checking account has been extremely eye opening.

  • Gloria Pratt

    Reviewing and Reflecting, I’m further now in one week then I’ve been in a long while. I understand money, thanks to “The Richest Man in Babylon”. And I’ve begun to save, it may become saving aggressively, but I’ve started the process and I’m happier about it because now I truly understand. And setting goals on the first day, well, I did them and actually forgot about it until today. When I went back and looked at those goals, I realized that I had already begun the work.

  • Foga Chirinos

    Today I am taking the time to go over my credit report and start my goals on eliminating my credit cards debt. The first week challenge has helped me realized I had already jump start this challenge by turning in my cable a week before. I’m also grateful for the new savings account I opened through Barclays, out of sight, out of mind. So appreciative of all the information and resources in boosting my dream toward home ownership.

  • Nadine Woolery Jobson

    Having completed the week 1 challenge is have dedicated my future to being financially focus and being accountable for every $$$ that leaves my hand, something I’ve had a challenging time with in the past. I am very optimistic for my journey in this challenge and my successful future!

  • Jackee Johnson

    I like the challenge just haven’t been able to set up my saving account online. Has
    anyone else had this problem, please help. Thanks

    • April Woodton

      I signed up today via telephone with Ally online banking. It was easy.

  • Sharhonda Joy

    This has been something I’ve needed for a long time now! I’ve been looking at money differently now and all I think about is being debt free, saving money, my financial goals instead of wasting money!!!!

  • Riasha

    Hi Tiffany!! I am sooo behind on the challenge, but I am still taking this piece by piece. I have started back up with saving intentionally again, so I don’t turn around and spend it along wiith removing the card linked to my savings from my use. Also I have started doing research on getting certified as a financial planner so I can be my own business person. I just never knew where to start when it comes to starting a business because I want it to come all together at once(Still working on it). Its crazy but God loves our creativity and our plans, and He wants to order our steps. He always has the best in His heart towards us, through the good and the bad. #Day7challengeandgoing !!! #Moneymindsetisbetter!

  • Layla

    The most valuable lesson I have learned is HOW to save. Many of us know why we should save but don’t know how. I really loved the idea of putting your needs and loves before your likes and wants as a way to curb unnecessary spending.
    While I reflect on this week I’m pretty optimistic for the remainder of the challenge and thereafter. Even though I’m a bit tight on money right now because of a temporary, but unavoidable decrease in income.
    I see this as a temporary challenge and since I have more knowledge about how to escape debt and lack of resources I know that I will be able to weather the storm and continuing to live richer. Can’t wait for week two.

  • Candy Nixon

    I didn’t spend as much as I usually do this week

  • Jessica Greene

    This challenge helped me to focus on a goal. I want to remain consistent, I usually do good for a while, then go back to spending….setting a goal has kept me more focused. Now I just need something to remind me not to spend in my moments of weaknesses . I opened a high yield online account, signed up with digit and looking for the best savings challenge for my budget. All this has made me want the results now , as I read about others success in the dream catchers group. But I know I need to be patient

  • Charita Rogers

    I have a lot to learn. I wish I had this as a young adult. I have saved, transferred funds out of my convenient reach and started a digit account. I increased my 401k contributions and donated to acorns. Most importantly, I felt a sense of guilt after purchasing a small “want” instead of “need”. Whew. I also read a few excerpts from John Commuto.

  • Hello Tiffany

    Thank you so much for creating this venue and allowing me to face and tackle my financial issues head-on. I may be a little bit behind but I will eventually catch up. I look forward to continuing in the LRC challenge. Again thank you that I am Living Richer!

  • Nahema Carty

    Doing a lot better with impulse spending/buying. Also gotten better at saying no to drinks with my coworkers after work!

  • Elise Peeples

    I love the challenge I wake up ready to check my email to see what the days challenge will be. I still feel I need some help on managing my finances and saving more. However, small wins is what I keep saying. This weeke was hard financially as I had an overdraft fee and other things that set me back but I’m looking forward to seeing my finances do a 360

  • Cindy S.

    Having your blog and participating in the challenge have helped me organize my thoughts about my financial life. I have felt victimized by my financial issues, and I saw it as a deficit of mine. Today, I believe I am in control, and I can do this. Thank you so much!

  • Renae Myrie

    As a result of this Week 1 Challenge, I have opened a new money bucket and I am excited!

  • Damaris Rondon


  • Kirsten Williams

    Is this 3 years old? I’m confused

    • M. Little

      Some of the responses are 3 years old, but the challenge is always ongoing. I am doing it again for the second time this year.

  • marcia l Edwards

    Hello Marcia