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Week 1: Money Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Only buy what’s necessary today

How to rock this task:

Only buy your needs today
  • No luxuries. For example, no coffee, snacks, soda, car wash, food that’s not necessary, etc. (Yes, I said no coffee…just for today. However, you can bring it from home)
  • Write down every time you were going to spend money and at the end of the day, add up how much you saved and share the amount with your accountability partners.

Today is our first video task. Yay! Watch how to make today’s task work for you.

If you can’t see the video, here’s the link:

The purpose of this task is to get you to see how much you spend daily on things that don’t mean much. If you want to get your pockets right, you first have to get your mind right.

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Share your thoughts about your potential savings in the comments below.

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  • Stacey

    LOL! Well this one should be fairly easy. The only way I’m buying anything is if I get an Avon payment and then I’m going to Aldi’s with my list. I may buy coffee, but it’ll be the kind in a can. My husband will probably buy soda – I’ve learned to just deal with that. However, I will keep this in mind so I don’t go off my list. Thanks 🙂

  • Amber

    I don’t plan on buying anything today. Lunch is already packed in the fridge. Coffee brewed in the pot (thanks to an awesome Christmas gift from my boss). It’s super cold in Illinois so I’ll probably only get the essentials for a warm chili dinner.

  • Lauren M

    I am definitely going to ROCK today’s challenge because I don’t typically spend money during the week. I bring coffee made from home, I keep frozen waffles at work for breakfast, I bring my lunch daily…and it is WAY too cold in NJ to go out on lunch and waste money.

  • LáDeia Joyce

    Thank God I packed lunch and snacks last night for work today! Let’s do it sistars!

  • Courtney G

    Unfortunately i’m just reading this and I’ve already purchased breakfast. Oh well for that part. I’m good for the remainder of the day though since I know now.

  • Monika Davis

    I’m on a 30 day green smoothie challenge so I’m not eating out but normally ,I may buy breakfast if I had cash out. $6.00 or lunch same price. Never both in one day. I’ve been trying already . Eating outside equals extra pounds for me also. This challenge is win win.

    • Tedra Coakley

      Are you doing the Simple Green Smoothie Challenge?

  • LJLee

    I’m on it! I almost started to buy my favorite cold pressed juice this a.m. after the gym too. Glad that I didn’t since I hadn’t seen the email yet. $2.60 saved so far! 🙂

  • Tedra Coakley

    I’m off today and have an event tonight at a sports bar, but planning on eating before I go and taking water with me, so I’m saving all my coins!

  • ValerieLenay

    Today I made breakfast and lunch, but the challenge will be dinner! I would usually stop at 7/11 get hot chocolate, butter roll, and a banana which is about $3.50 and dinner about $10 bucks, so today alone I am saving almost $14 bucks! wow…

  • Kia

    I am surprised but happy that I have not had the urge to buy anything I don’t need thus far. I breakfast, lunch and snacks. #IMREADY

  • JanFree

    I know I am in the right place. Started doing this on Monday Jan. 5 and I have the same $20 bill in my wallet that I did on New Year’s Day! It is now Wednesday. I am still alive and richer for it!

  • hiwy

    I was planning on going to Macy’s to grab a $54 dress for my vacation tomorrow and taking the train twice to run two different errands ($10). Saved $64 today..Aye!

  • Tiffany

    I have to do this one tomorrow…today is my daughters birthday and we planned to go out already!! But I’m not paying does that count?? 🙂

    • That’s fine @disqus_jB9lmDhSFz:disqus, you can also do it tomorrow if you like. Happy Birthday to you daughter. 🙂

  • Charmes

    I didn’t pack lunch today so I had to buy lunch. But I didn’t stop & get any coffee so that saved me about a $1. Baby steps but feeling proud!

  • Shiona Marie

    Unfortunately by the time I saw this I had purchased lunch. Although, I am a “snacker” so I save about 5 dollars avoiding sodas or juice and little snacks. I am drinking only water for the month so that also has helped. Todays task made me pause and think.

  • Jillian

    By time I saw this day was over but it was pretty good only spent $8.00 today and purchased gas for the car…



  • april

    I am going to try to do this for 14 days. Whose with me?

  • V

    I didn’t see the email until after I arrived at work. I spent $2.18 today on coffee.

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  • Daryl P. Gwaltney

    Yesterday 7Jan2015 I are breakfast at home, took water and soda with me. I did not go out to lunch so I saved just on lunch 5.00. I waited until I got home to eat and did not purchase any thing yesterday except some fish to cook for dinner. I’m with you April

  • KiraATL

    I did not spend anything or planned on spending anything that day.

  • Mrs. Sparks

    Even though I’d already bought my coffee and doughnut (total of $1.50) before I read the email, I am not going to let this slip ruin my day/challenge of the day. I NEED this task to put my spending in perspective. I do not realize how $1.50 per work day is easily $30 a month. Additionally, if I spend money on lunch which can range from $2.50 to $5.00/ work day. That’s another $50 to $100/ month that I can save! Okay, I am going to start TODAY with bringing my coffee and breakfast as well as lunch from home. I’ll go grocery shopping to buy items I know I’ll want to eat at work.

  • Karen Crosby

    As I am reading this article…thinking it won’t really benefit me since I won’t be leaving the house today… I started the process of buying an app for my kid so that I could focus on this program. Thankfully I had changed the billing info for iTunes…saved me from spending. I can’t believe how easily I almost spent money when I thought it was an impossibility! Thank you already!

  • K Clemons

    This was an awesome challenge. Today I went to Walmart, in preparation for the icy weather headed this way (typical right?) lol & I must say I am beyond proud of myself. I abolutely purchased EXACTLY what I needed and got out of there with a very small tab. I even walked away from my favorite snacks and candy. Keep at it ladies… It’s crazy how even some of the simplest changes can help solidify your mindset and your way of thinking. Happy Budgeting!!! 🙂 #ThisIsOnlyTheBeginning

    • April Woodton

      Walmart is my downfall! I go in there for literally 1 or 2 things…or even JUST to cash my check…and I walk out having spent $200!! It happens to me all the time.

    • Charita Rogers

      Hand clap

    • Victran Rawls

      I agree with Krc5428!

  • Alicia Marie

    We get free basic coffee and tea at work and I refuse to pay the prices on site for coffee. Since it will be freezing cold here this week I prepped my food/meals through Wednesday. I hate having to go out in the cold unless it’s to go home. This will save me $35-40 for this week in meals.

  • Cindy Reeves

    This will be the hardest challenge for me. I know eating out is my biggest budget buster, but I do it anyways. But I am determined to makes this happen.

  • No Excuses

    I bought coffee before I read the challenge, ($.55), but will follow through for the remainder of the day. I’m in it to win it. No excuses!

  • tasty1

    today I had NO urge to buy anything. I got free coffee at work, I brought my lunch from home. and I brought a sprite from home as well in which I got from a gathering here at work (so I didn’t buy that either) I was working on t his more before I joined the group so thanks for keeping the Idea in my FACE don’t spend unnecessarily. It really does add up (and the job supplies Star Bucks or Folgers

  • MW

    Awe man! I purchased a movie on DEMAND before I read this email 🙁 … $5.99

  • Andrea-Marie Johnson

    I didnt spend any money today. Although i saved 8.00 on lunch

  • Nzingah Oniwosan

    If I just gave up my cookie habit I would save $60 a month.

  • JAG

    Aww man I brought breakfast but will write it down. No coffee today i’m so happy about that taking baby steps on breaking this coffee habit.

  • aprilabtbalance

    I thought I was going to have to defer today’s challenge because I was planning on going out with out-of-town friends tonight. Well, turns out the venue and time got changed so I can’t make it after all. My friend took me out for a bday lunch so this turned into a no-spend anything day!

  • Maria Williams

    I just read The Richest Man in Babylon: Seven Cures and this read was awesome. I definitely will utilize all seven cures, but the ones I can and will utilize right now are, save 10% of my pay, control my spending by only spending what is absolutely necessary, place my 10% in a savings account and/or CD account, study to become wiser, and desire wealth.

    To add to study to wiser I must say that I have been in my current field for 20 years and I am confident that I can make so much more money that what I am making, therefore I can go and obtain more.

  • Maria Williams

    I really didn’t know how much little things I would spend money added up to. I didn’t spend my money on anything unnecessary, but had I not paid attention this is what my list would have been:

    0.50 for a banana
    1.00 for Mega Million Lottery Ticket
    1.00 for a ginger ale.

    Though this may not be that much for 1 day but it adds up.

  • It was kind of hard for me to really do today’s challenge because I’ve recently started working from home, so the $ I would have spent on breakfast, lunch and snacks I no longer spend. I did go back through my card transactions and found that on a typical day I would spend $17.30 on breakfast, lunch and soda.

  • IslandGirlCurls

    @thebudgetnista I’m only now starting the challenge. Today is a holiday in my neck of he woods (Whit Monday) and could have easily been a day for me to spend on breakfast lunch and dinner. But instead I’m making a list and heading to the supermarket to buy only the essentials I need to cook some healthy meals. This week I plan on taking both breakfast and lunch with me to work. Dinner I’ll knock up once I get home or eat leftovers. Baby steps.

  • Cara Santiago

    Ok so i got the challenge at 10pm meaning I didn’t complete today’s challenge. I will work on it tomorrow. This will definitely be difficult for me since I eat out alot. Today i sent 7.00 for breakfast and snack and 10.00 for dinner for my son and I.

  • alexis

    Rocking this challenge. I will be bringing my breakfast, snacks, and lunch to work from now on. I typically spend about $11.00 total for lunch and breakfast daily. I now clip coupons and use the ibotta app (rebate app) while shopping for the food i’ll need throughout the week. I have a budget of $30 budget that I’ve been using for two weeks now. I’m a “greenie” so eating a delicious salad everyday makes me happy, my pockets fatter, and a healthier me. However, after the coupons clipping and rebates from ibotta- on average I spend about $22.00.

  • onbecomingmyself

    I have spent zero dollars. It is the 4th of July and I not feeling well so I won’t be leaving the house today. It would have been difficult not to spend anything if I had to leave the house today to partake in the celebrations.

  • Trekab

    Well I just finished reading day 3 of week 1 and I wish I would have took the time to read it yesterday because it would have saved me $27.14. Instead of coming home to cook dinner, my family and I had take out.

  • I saved $4.50 this morning. Normally I go to a little dinner here downtown for breakfast. Instead I made roasted potatoes, sausages, and a banana from home! 🙂 For lunch I will eat a Marie Callenders. Savings from cravings….about 17.00 (including my normal 12.00 lunch! I am on the road to living richer!

  • Asherah Solomon

    I saved $2.00 on WAWA coffee by instead getting free coffee at work. I saved $7.00 on lunch by not leaving the building and bringing a soup cup from home.

  • J4M2005

    This one was easy for me. 🙂 I bring breakfast and lunch to work. I have a Keurig on my desk and make my own coffee. Dinner will be made at home. I would guess that I saved at least $15.00 (because in the past I have sometimes eaten out for both lunch and dinner).

  • Amber Danielle Allen

    So yesterday I did this challenge and forgot to post. I only bought toilet paper, because we were out. But dinner was burgers, made with things in the fridge. My boyfriend (currently not doing the challenge) picked up some lettuce and onion, but no major money spent. I thought about grabbing my daily coke or an after work snack but i went home and had a bowl of cereal. I also brought my lunch to work, but I usually do that. So I saved about $5.00 overall.

  • gfcfmama101

    I usually bring tea, snacks, and lunch from home. However, lately, I’ve been buying peanuts (2 for $1) from the corner store and a slush during happy hour from Sonic each day and telling myself it’s ONLY $2 (peanuts and slush).
    Thanks for the perspective. That’s $10 a work week!

  • Stephanie Jenkins

    I am bad at this one. I have not spent anything today nor yesterday so I saved myself $32.00. But when I look what I do spend on a daily basis for breakfast and lunch I was shocked. $16.35a day. $16.35 x 5 =$81.75 a week that I have just wasted. I am quitting on the math for this, I just do not have the heart to see what I waste a month or year. Well it will be bringing my breakfast and lunch to work daily from now on.

    • Tia

      This is also what I need to do much better on. I don’t spend on a lot of extras throughout the day, but I waste a lot by buying breakfast and lunch at work. My goal now that I realize how much I waste on that is to bring food from home each day

  • Housna

    I spent $2.90 today for lunch. I drink a couple cups of hot tea a day, but purchase tea bags, cane sugar and crackers in bulk. I used to eat out for lunch at a minimum of $10 a day! I justified the purchase because I never eat all of my food in one sitting, but always have left overs for dinner. I haven’t done that in a while, but I am aiming to minimize my food purchases less than $5 a week.
    “Know better, do better!”

  • Lena

    For the most part this is easy for me. I usually bring my breakfast with coffee and lunch to work and I cook dinner daily or every other day. I used to buy all of my meals instead of cooking which was easy and convienient at the time.

  • Okay so I ended up cheating and getting a candy bar because I was starving while getting my meat bundle for the month. BUT I saved a grand total of: $244. Okay so I wouldn’t have bought all of that but that’s the total of the “no”s I told myself today. I would have caught myself at $50. And that’s without going to any stores, but after visiting the library I put 4 books on my amazon wishlist. 😛 [cookbooks and reference books i wouldn’t want to just borrow – the Joy of Cooking was one lol]

  • Danielle

    I saved $21 today 🙂

  • Char

    This one was pretty easy. I don’t usually spend a lot during the day. I bring my lunch, and breakfast from home. I did spend $1.25 on a Sierra Mist, I forgot to bring more water from home and the water at work is just not good.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    So today I didn’t have to spend anything! Today wasn’t a good day to test this out because it’s the weekend. However I’m walking away with the the mantra “Is this essential” Tomorrow I have to go to the mall to return some stuff and want to test out this mantra there!

  • Monaye Javonne

    well I got the email after I left my house to go to work and I left my lunch at home 🙁 BUT food is a necessity so I should be ok eating something fairly inexpensive.

  • Jamilah Muhammad

    I avoided a $19 car wash, 2 pillows for $3.99 each, and a few extra groceries that I didn’t need that would have been $16. I am an impulse buyer and I saved $43 by avoiding my impulses.

  • Jamie Alice

    This is easy for me. I got a coupon for a free coffee, my job offers free coffee, I pay no more than a dollar for food, and the only thing my expenses go to is transportation. It’s an essential, so I’m sitting pretty now. My husband is picking me up from work today (he works a late shift), so that is saving me money…

  • Leesa Faust

    Although I bought lunch today, it served as two meals and I spent only $8. I bought my own breakfast and coffee.

  • Nafeesah Smiley Leverett

    Today challenge for me is easy because I’m home sick on this weekend, but if I was out I would atleast spend $100, so I save $100.

  • Nikk

    I’m just not reading this challenge.
    I usually bring my lunch and participate in a coffee club, where we take turns purchasing coffee in bulk.
    I did splurge and purchase a cinnamon bun from the vending machine today.. it was $1.25.

  • Neece Doug

    umm this one is a tricky one…today Is the day I usually schedule the one day to hang out for the week with friends – so this is definitely a nite of “non-essential” spending… however, I’ve already planned on how I’m going to make up for it. No brunching on the weekends which is my norm! No extra shopping, also a norm on the weekend. Also today I did bring my lunch, as I have been doing for the last 2 weeks, didn’t buy any beverages- only used the tea and coffee machine here at work and plan on bringing my green juice which is home made tomorrow! work in progress

  • Tee IamMi J

    This challenge will be easy, because i’m already doing this. I realized that in order for me to start saving money, I need to cut down my sopending.

  • TruE

    I avoided all the unnecessary spending I usually do on my lunch break by going for a walk. I would have spent about $20 at CVS otherwise.


    I saved $77 dollars today by not buying anything!!

  • Olatanwa Adewale

    This challenge was wonderful and I had a good experience with this. Gave up coffee and made it from home, gave buying a blouse I really did not need and ended up saving $20 – gas money yeah!

  • Anasa Evans

    I had to buy groceries, but nothing unnecessary. I didn’t plan to buy anything today except groceries.

  • Monica Cornelius

    Since today is during the weekend I usually don’t really spend too much money. Today I only use $10.00 to put gas in my car. I save at least $7 to $8 on something to eat because my sister-n-law had a celebration dinner for her oldest son for graduating high school which meant I didn’t have to buy anything to eat.

  • LaToya Powell

    Today I mastered this task as I did not leave the house to shop today.

  • Erica Wilson

    Today went well I skipped buying coffee and snacks! I ate the lunch and snack I brought from home.

  • Tracy Stewart

    Today I would have spent $21.00 on fast food. I typically eat out a lot. This is definitely a habit I am going to break..

  • LaMonica Green

    I’m just realizing that the comments below, literally means below in this forum… So I’m behind on posting. My day 3 was yesterday the 2nd… And I saved $2.11 on my DD coffee habit…. That’s the only spending I would have done yesterday… Baby steps!

  • loren bass

    i wanted chinese food and sushi but that would have been a spare $20 plus the extra gas because the place i like in metro Atlanta is 45 minutes away, 1 way.

  • Sharnique

    I was tempted to spend only 10.00 dollars today, but I controlled myself.

  • Rhlonda Washington

    I spent ZERO today for day 3 of week 1. I typically bring my lunch and coffee so this was a breeze. feeling excited

  • Kenya

    I am on vacation for a week in my hometown. I am staying with relatives to save money and cook my meals. Unfortunately they don’t have a coffee pot so I have been buying my coffee but nor every day. However my next trip I will pack my own pot.

  • Maria

    I usually don’t spend on snacks and lunch. I bring lunch to work daily.

  • Melanie Kenner

    This task was fairly easy for me. I work from home at night on call and I’m usually home all day so I make coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all at home for the household. I typically do not leave the house unless it’s out of necessity. Working from home has actually helped me cut down on spending unnecessarily in a huge way.

  • Kamilah Addie

    Well today I saved about $30 on things I usually spend money on like fast food and small toys from the toy aisle for my 3 year old. I always make my own coffee and just about 3 months ago started packing lunch for work to avoid eating out. So I really can see where staying focused on needs saves me a lot.

  • Rosalind Lindsey

    I spent $0 today! Yayyyyy! If it wasn’t for this challenge I would had spent at least $30 on pleasure!!

  • Tasha

    This was a bit of a challenge with little ones but we stayed home and played board games and ate at home instead of picking up a snap such as ice-cream. We saved $15 on ice-cream and snacks and $5-$15 on getting a movie.

  • Anecia McCaa

    If I would just stop buying breakfast and lunch at work I could save between $50-$70 a week. I would much rather allocate that money for something else.

  • M Sherman

    No Coffee today no matter how bad my head hurts—-I walked away from my desk—enjoyed a glass of water–and prayed

  • La’Kisha Thomas

    I will have to attempt this tomorrow. My coffee brewer at home haso burned out and the office coffee is not great, but to save a few bucks I’ll work with it.

  • Danyalle Jones

    Today I’m avoiding buying coffee, breakfast and lunch. If it’s not from home, it’s not for me!

  • Slb

    I have been craving coffee but, I resisted the urge for Starbucks and made myself a cup at home. My car is dirty and I really need to get it washed but, I’ll resist the urge today. I saved 15 bucks today…

  • Gloria Pratt

    Fortunately I had already cut back on my spending over the past few months. I didn’t spend a dime, at all.

  • LaTisha UnSpoken Holloway

    This one wasn’t so bad for me… I already had my weekly snacks stored at work… and I can’t say i have any habits…
    I’m gonna keep at it tho.. i would love to see how this one plays out and see if there is any money i can save from it!!

  • Sharon Sanders

    I had a lunch date with my friend which was cancelled and rather go out and buy something to eat anyway, I decided to save that money and eat at home. I also forewent buying Starbucks today.

  • Lashonda ‘Shonnie’ Northington

    I avoided spending $10 on a car wash, $6 two oreo blast, $40 at wal-mart, $10.98 jamaican lunch special.

  • Kisha

    I saved roughly $5 on my morning coffee and breakfast, about $30 on natural hair care products and $8 on a few shirts from the thrift store that I didn’t absolutely need.

  • Riasha

    For the Day 3 challenge I saved an estimate of $60 over a couple days in keeping from buying things I could live without. I wanted to buy a few outfits for work(just want to expand wardrobe but not necessary), an iron (currently have one that works it’s just old), fast food, and nail polish with remover. This challenge was really helpful in counting the cost of my decisions. 🙂

  • Stacey Jackson-Malone

    I saved $3.00 on my morning butter croissant and $10.00 on lunch ….cus I’m off today I’ll be taking a lunch tomorrow

  • Maliqah

    I saved $5 today!

  • Taylor Sims

    I didn’t see the email until I arrived to work. Lesson learned. I will be reading these emails bright in the morning. I ended up taking a cab to work BC I had an uber groupon. I spent 5.91. But I didn’t spend money for tea $1.25, breakfast 2.50 because I made breakfast at home and didn’t have to spend 2.50 , Lunch 5.00 because I made lunch at home and don’t have to spend 5.00, and train 2.75 because I will walk home and not spend money on transportation.

  • Danielle Harris

    I actually only bought one thing today and that was for my son. I did not have that urge to buy anything. There are some things I need but I just don’t have the money right now. Money is tight when living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Valerie Bridges

    Well I read this challenge late so I completely failed today! Mondays are my pamper me day. I spent all kinds of money today $32 on nails/feet, $20 on winter tights and gloves, $60 getting Hair done. That’s a $112!!! And I didn’t even think about it. I definitely need a do over for this assignment! Epic fail but the silver lining is I did read the Seven Cures for a Lean Purse and I am going start applying them all! One day at a time I will get better at this money thing!

  • ivelisse torres

    awesome challenge, i avoided lunch and snacks

  • Mya Firepower Bowman

    I saw the email later in the day but I didn’t do too bad. I had to buy lunch today however I intended to buy some other items and I didn’t, I avoided spending about $47.

  • Pamela Boyland

    It’s amazing how much I saved today from not buying out of habit. I have a coffee maker. I have plenty of food at home. Normally I buy Starbucks, something for breakfast and lunch at least 3x/week. Today, I saved approximately $36! I took coffee from home and made both meals.


    I am only on Day 3, but I am so glad I found you !

  • Lithia L. Wallace

    I would have bought coffee for $2.00, popcorn $1.50, plastic cutlery $4.32, and Subway sandwich $5.40. I saved $10.22.

  • Stacey Williams

    Im currently doing the 30 Day money challenge and being very mindful of my spending cause im trying to save

  • Keke Houston

    I only needed tissue. Sent my son to the store so I wouldn’t see anything I just had to have.

  • Ericka Davis

    Well I blew the challenge today but that’s okay because I learned something about myself and I’m ready to grow from it. I received my email this morning but failed to follow through which cost me a day’s work. I am not afraid of failure and cannot be afraid of change!

  • Mashondia Redmond

    Ok, so I just started this challenge and am on Day 3. I want so badly to go to the store and purchase chips, or some chicken for lunch, however, I have to change my mindset!! So far I have saved about $8, which is awesome because I am accustomed to buying lunch daily and “crying broke” at the end of the month!! I am praying that I make the next challenge. I DESPERATELY NEED FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Greene

    I did have to spend since I forgot my lunch at honey but I only used the 6 $ I had in cash instead of using my debt card, so saved 7$. I usually splurge at Chick fil a.

  • Monique W.

    Today I mastered this task by bringing my lunch to work and not spending $8. I usually go home after work to avoid going out to places and spending money on things that are not necessities.

  • Gina Ginazgemz Walker

    Fast food is my down fall. So no fast foo unless I’m stuck somewhere and just can’t do anything else!

  • Roshea Williams

    I don’t have a daily spending habits of breakfast and lunch, I’m too cheap for that. I have been bringing that to work for years

  • Erica Thomas

    I pretty much do this now. I packed my husband and I breakfast and lunch for work and I keep to my food budget for the week of $50. So far, it has worked because I have to discipline and focus! It’s definitely hard work but I’m hoping to gets me to living richer. Thanks for all your post!

  • Dominique Tha’Mrs Whitaker

    Jersey Mikes- $11
    Takis- $1.29
    Scotch Tape- $1
    Nail Fill & Pedicure- $65
    Soda- $1.50
    Total- $79.79

  • Nahema Carty

    Yesterday was my day 3 and I was planning on buying a birthday outfit for my festivities this weekend , and then I read the task. I was a little bummed, but then I realized that I definitely had a couple of dresses and outfits in my closet that have yet to be worn! Managed to find an outfit and saved $46.59. Add $7.97 to that for all the random snacks I would’ve have bought yesterday and I saved $58.38!

  • Grace Shepherd

    Hi. I work 2 blocks from home and I bring lunch everyday and I make my breakfast everyday. No expenses during the week. Whoohooo.

  • Annette

    I’m on day 3. I normally spend about $10 or more dollars a day for breakfast, lunch and energy drinks. But today I spent nothing! I made my breakfast and my friend brought my lunch. I’m planning tomorrows meals. My breakfast taste better than McDonalds anyway!

  • Jackie Goldsmith-Cheatem

    I avoided spending $40 weekly on snacks from vending machine.

  • Kimberley Haile

    I’m happy to say that I will do well on today’s challenge because I will not be spending any money on frivolous things. I do have to purchase water, but aside from that, I have all the fruits, veggies and essential items I need yaaaaaaay! 🙂

    #feelingproudofmyself #luvthediscipine #excitedforthedaysahead

  • Renae Myrie

    I avoided spending $10 for lunch and $30 on a miscellaneous item

  • Alfreida Bey Casterlow

    I bought a banana for .75 cents… Other than that nothing!

  • MaRendia Garner

    I’ll be working 10-8 today, so this won’t be o na today. I will save money on snacks cause that’s what I normally buy at work!

  • Victran Rawls

    Wow I need to keep in touch. I just look at this challenge. It is great however I missed it. I brought a cup of coffee and a muffin on the day of the 3rd day challenge.

  • Cyianne Bannis

    I saw this challenge late. I spent $17 on ice cream and $29 at the movies. I could have downloaded a new movie on my Amazon prime or netflix and bought a bag of homemade popcorn for $3. I feel so disappointed now.

  • Jennifer Ihuoma-Matthew

    I cut off starbucks, and excessive buying of hair products. My natural hair regimen was on the expensive end, so I went on youtube and found people who use no less than 3-5 products. More money in my pocket to invest with. Baby steps.

  • Denise Sherod

    I wanted to eat out for dinner but instead i went to the grocery store .I did not buy any soda or sweet snacks

  • Denise Sherod

    I saved $20.00 today

  • Farrah Jamerson

    I only bought what I need for breakfast and lunch, since I forget to meal prep. 🙁

  • Janice Humphrey

    Yesterday I avoided spending $7.00 on coffee, lunch, juice & chips. It felt good.

  • Nicole Carter

    Im behind in my emails. So I will start with 11/23/2017. I work from home so my daily spending is not that bad. Mainly my daily spending would include coffee 2 sprints.I have other vices that may cost me about 2-3 a week 6.00 each time. My coffee for a refill is .99 and the 2 sprints just under 3.00. I have to see if I still have a coffee maker. The Sprite omg gotta replace it with something.

  • Cortney Williams

    I saved $17 today. When I stopped for gas this morning, I usually buy a coffee, instead I made my own. I also ate dinner at my parents’ house tonight instead of dining out. I appreciate the fact that I am holding myself accountable for every dollar I spend. Thank you Tiffany! This is really working!!!!!

  • Diane Alexander Jones

    Today I avoided going to my favorite thrift store since I was running errands. Avoided buying coffee and donut.

  • Yai Fatou Touray

    I went to several stores today but was able to leave without a single bag. I am an impulse shopper but today I was able to window shop. Now, I know I have to try and continue focusing on the bigger picture which is to save and make better money choices

  • Isabel Brooks

    Only got a chance to sit down and see this email now. 🙁 already spent 11.56 on coffee, bagel, and coffee cake. i know awful and left a $1 and the change for a tip. bailed someone out cz their car is about to get repossessed -_-. i really need a revamp and get this person to do this with me.

  • Melanie McRae

    During the week I rarely spend money on things I don’t need. I usually pack my lunch and snacks, coffee is free at work, etc. I’ll challenge myself to execute this same on a Saturday to really determine my bad habits.

  • Alexis

    I have save a lot these last two days yesterday there was an item that I was going to purchase that was 7.99 and today if I would have went to the snack shop and breakfast shop at work I would have spent 6.67 today. I save a total of 14.66 in todays. I did not realize it until just now doing this exercise.

  • Nicole

    So I cook lunch and this will save me 20 bucks and coffee I don’t need to buy

  • Ariel

    This challenge is made easy due to my current fitness plan!! Must of the time, my frivolous spending is food related. So, I should be okay on this challenge! Lol