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WEEK 1: Money Mindset

This Week’s Goal: To completely overhaul the way you think about your money by changing your Money Mindset.

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Identify, write down, and share your goals.

How to rock this task:

  • List no more than three of your personal financial goals
  • Be specific
  • Write down your goals & post them where you can see them daily
  • Share them (tell me, tell a friend…tell someone)

This week we’ll be focused on your Money Mindset. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or make if you aren’t capable of keeping it.

If you’re to be rich, it’s important that we get you thinking rich..

On the first day of our LIVE RICHER Challenge, I want you to identify your specific financial goals (Ex: “I want to save $2000 in four months”), write them down, place them somewhere you can see them daily, and share them with someone you trust.

Your goals should answer these three questions:

1) What? (Ex:. “I will save $1000”)

2) When? (Ex: “by March 1st”)

3) How? (Ex: “I will reduce my cable plan and bring my lunch to work instead of buying it.”)

If you’d like to maximize today’s task, my friend Tonya Rapley of created a #TheFABLane Goal Action Sheet that you can download for free HERE.

Now is the time to pick an accountability partner(s). I suggest picking someone or organizing a group of people who want to do the Challenge as well. You can start by sharing your goals with your tweeps:

Today I will write down and share my financial goals. Day 1: #LIVERICHERChallenge Click To Tweet

Don’t forget, I’m also a resource to you and have formed a group online where you can join a community of Dream Catchers who are all working toward similar goals. To send a request to be added to the private, Dream Catchers: LIVE RICHER group on Facebook, fill out a brief questionnaire HERE.

Back to today’s task….

This task is important because it will help you to define the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your specific financial goals.

The why…

–   Identifying and writing down your goals will give them power.

–   Placing them somewhere visible will serve as a constant reminder.

–   Sharing them will help to hold you accountable.

Ready? Set? Go! Write them down and share, share, share! You can share your goals in the comments below too. I’d love to hear them.

I look forward to the next 35  frugal, fun days with you.

Live richer,


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Sidebar: Have you saved, printed & posted the LRC Calendar yet? It makes for an awesome checklist. Click on the picture, save & print it today.

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Want the LIVE RICHER Challenge in book form? You can find it here: LIVE RICHER Challenge Book. LIVE RICHER Challenge Book

  • LJLee

    1. Will put put into action what I teach my children: Give, Save, Spend.
    2. Open a Savings account for myself.
    3. Buy only what I need.

  • SJR78

    LIVE RICHER Challenge Day 1: Financial Goals

    1) What? 1)I want to get out of credit card debt.
    2)I want to save at least $3000.
    3)Start investing in my 401K.

    2) When? 1) as soon as possible
    2) by 12-31-2015
    3) 02-06-2015

    3) How? 1) cut my cards up. use cash when necessary
    2) cut down on cable or any other bill I can.
    3) bring my lunch to work as much as possible.

  • Chanee Patterson

    1. Save 6 months worth my car note ($272 x 6 = $1,632.
    2. Pay at least $5/$10 more than amount due on student loans.
    3. Saving Accounts
    • navy federal account (don’t check monthly statement let it grow)
    • weekly dollar cash savings (for next year trip)
    • Credit union emergency account
    • BOA (savings)

  • tjj

    What? Pay off two of my credit cards with the smallest balance.
    When? The end of February
    How? No coffee or fast food at work.

  • Kash

    What: pay off debt, stick to budget, save 2000
    how: use taxes to pay off debt, no spending money on lunch/dinner, eat at home, prepare lunches, save whatever I can after necessaries such as gas, business supplies/products, bills

  • Rayona L. Young

    Financial Goals:

    To build my savings account up to $5000 by December 31, 2015 by saving instead of spending.

    To pay off one credit card completely by June 30, 2015, and the second to be paid off by December 31, 2015, by putting the cards away and deleting them from online wallets.

  • tray green

    1. Pay off all my credit cards by June 1, 2015
    2. Saving up to $5,00 by the December 31, 2015
    3. Save for a rainy day
    All by bring in lunch for work and stop spending online or going to all mall all together and spend only if I need it

  • LIVE RICHER Challenge Day 1: Financial Goals


    1. I want to move into a new apt

    2. I want to save $2000 by April 1, 2015

    3. I want to purchase a new car

    4. I want to invest in 401K

    5. I want to grow my business bank account


    1. By July 1st

    2. April 1, 2015

    3. By June 1st

    4. ASAP

    5. ASAP

    1. Cutting my entertainment budget by 75%

    2. Putting any $5 bills I get into a jar and NEVER touching them and tossing a few extra bucks in there when I feel generous. As a previous bar tender, I call this Tipping myself. (I’ve done this before and was able to buy a new laptop that was pretty expensive but much needed – I was proud!)

    3. Looking on and seeing which fees are able to be paid off without putting a dent in my finances right away so that my credit score can go up and I can purchase or lease (undecided). If I purchase, I need a down payment that will make monthly payments lower. Hopefully I can cut down on other areas but for now, I don’t know where.

    4. I’m already signed up but I have to hand in the percentage I want taken from my check. Writing down my budget and cut backs will help me decide how much I want to sacrifice at the moment. Cost of living …yikes.

    5. I need to invest in the TIME to market my product better and budget how much I will spend on supplies VS how much I keep in there as profit.

  • Automne

    1. Pay off Capital One CC by June 30, 2015
    2. Save $3000 by December 31, 2015

    I will do this by carrying my own lunch to work; looking for coupons and deals for an extra-curricular activities and saving all overtime and gifted monies.

  • Tionnei

    What: (1) Stick to a budget (2) Save $2,000
    When: (1) Starting February 1, 2015 (2) December 31, 2015
    How: Use the envelope system and no debit or credit cards

  • Khalilah

    1) What? I will pay off all of my credit card debt and personal loan debt

    2) When? By December 11, 2015

    3) How? I will put together a plan of action that will allow me to supplement my current income and I will use 50% of the additional income strictly to pay off these debts.

  • ShaVaughn Vee Morris

    1. Pay down my credit card debt

    2. Save $5,000 for an emergency fund & business expenses

    3. Reduce my spending between pay periods

    Goal # 1: When – November 30, 2015; How – Doing a balance transfer with my lowest card to reduce the balance down to at or below 30%

    Goal # 2: When – December 31, 2015; How – Following the money challenge for saving $5K and placing the funds in an online savings account

    Goal # 3: When – March 30, 2015: How – Giving myself an allowance per pay period, once that money is spent I can no longer spend until the next pay period. (Accountability)

  • Paula Andrea Garcia

    1)pay 1/3 of my credit card debt by 12/31/15 by not using them and paying the small amounts first and rolling over the payments from pay off cards to the remaining balance of others
    2) save $3000 by 12/31/15 by saving weekly the amount of money i assigned for each one of the 52 weeks of this year and saving at least half of the tax return
    3)Start investing in the market by june 2015

  • 1. Pay down my credit card bill so it has a balance of $0
    2. Continue to pay off student loans (so far so good!)
    3. Savings Account (Business, Personal, & Couple w/ my boyfriend)
    4. Save $1000 by years end

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  • Oh, but if I could learn to use fun & frugal in the same sentence! LOL. Help me to change my mindset, Lord! #JesusFixIt

  • Tammie N

    1. To pay off 6 of my 10 bills by Dec 2015.
    2. To eat out less.
    3. To do the 52 week money challenge again this year and complete it once again.

  • ValerieLenay

    1. Get control over bills and loan payments.
    2. Start putting and keeping money in my savings account.
    3. Pay off all credit cards by July.

  • Asj

    3 financial goals:

    1. Tithe 10% of my income faithfully, by putting it in an separate envelope and giving at the EOM.

    2 Pay off Wells Fargo Cc by April 30 2015, by setting up automatic payments $200/mth from checking. $842

    3. Consolidate student loans, if possible to lower monthly outflow by March 2015.

  • Covella Peterson

    1. Save $1,000 in emergency funds in 2 months by not touching my $300 bi-weekly allotment to my savings account;
    2. Make arrangements for outstanding tax debt by calling appropriate tax offices by January 3, 2015; and
    3. Pay off $300+ balance with Bloomingdale’s in 3 months by paying double the minimum monthly payment or $50 every 2 weeks.

  • KLB

    Goal #1
    WHAT: I will save $500 (general

    WHEN: By February 9, 2015

    HOW: I will work a part-time job and
    reduce my monthly bills.

    Goal #2
    WHAT: Pay off debt

    WHEN: By February 9, 2015

    HOW: I will make a list of all debt
    on my credit report and use the part-time job to start paying these items off.

    Goal #3
    WHAT: Start an Emergency fund (of at
    least three months for all my bills)

    WHEN: By February 9, 2015

    HOW: I will work a part-time job and
    reduce my monthly bills.

  • Regina

    1. I will save $400
    2. By the end of March
    3. By buying what I need and not giving it away.

  • Ali

    I am horrible at money management and I’m sure it’s because I come from a family that has no concept of the idea. I will not let that hinder my efforts. You all sharing your goals is helping me create a financial vision for myself and the desire to discipline myself to reach the goals I set. THANK YOU!

    • sharonda hankerson

      I am also horrible at money management. I always want to improve my financial situation. However, completing this first task was difficult because I realize I did not have any financial goals. No wonder nothing has ever been accomplished.

      • Ali

        With this program, we are certainly on the right track. Best of luck to both us. We can do!!!!!!!!

      • Sonia Martinez

        Don’t be discouraged. They can be even short term goals financially. Ex: no eating out or save your coin in a jar and at the end of the month deposit that into a savings account. You can do it!! Small steps 👣

  • Erica C.

    Goal #1: Pay off Amazon card ($1,406.12) by March 25, 2015 by bringing my lunch to work instead of buying it.
    Goal #2: Reduce my spending on unnecessary items that I already have enough of at home (lotion, makeup, clothes, etc.) by January 15, 2015 by not looking for deals or sales on these items and not buying something that I already have at home.
    Goal #3: Use all remaining money left over at the end of the month by January 31, 2015 to pay off the top priority credit card by using coupons and shopping sales.

  • sharonda hankerson

    1) I will save $2000 by end of Dec 2015 for emergency funding by bringing food from home for lunch.
    2) I will pay off all 3 of my credit cards by July 2015 by using my income tax wisely.
    3) I will tithe 10% of my monthly earnings starting with my next paycheck by decreasing the amount of fast food my family eats.

  • Kellie Lee

    My Financial Goals for 2015:
    1. Decrease my debt by 50% within the next 6 months.
    2. Save $2000.00 for emergency fund by August, 2015.
    3. Increase my income by 40% within next 6 months.

  • KiraATL

    My three goals are:
    1. Get a credit card to help build credit (I do not have one)
    2. Pay off outstanding debt $3,376
    3. Start to pay off student loans; starting lowest loan $432.27

  • Kia

    1. Pay off credit card debt
    2. Save 3 months salary
    3. Begin vacay

  • Kia

    #TheFABLane 2015 Goal Action Sheet is a great tool for setting goals and making plans to achieve them

  • RMM

    1. save for 2016 Brazil trip w/ 52 week plan.
    2. put $300 into my retirement account monthly.
    3. raise my credit score 40-80 points. (c’mon 750+!) by the end of 2015.

  • Diva007

    I’m excited about changing my mind, to change my life. Although I joined this movement I was blessed on New Years day with the Richest Man in Babylon book and I know this movement was designed with me in mind. Thank you for such a movement and Prudential for believing in the dream enough to sponcer it. Now even I in my current financial situation can take advantage of this Blessing The Budgetnista has given us.

  • Winin’ Robin

    At first I thought I was a little too old for this – but then I said It’s never too late to Begin Being Better – So I’m praying for this old dog to learn some new tricks.

    1. Stop the impulse spending by April 1, 2014 using a daily journal and a cash system and working on saying NO!
    2. To live off of income and not credit by July 1 stopping the impulse spending and creating/sticking to a budget!
    3. in a position to save an equal amount of my tithes/offerings by Oct 1 placing a priority on savings before spending using items in Goals 1 and 2.

  • Stacey

    I wrote them yesterday but have not yet posted them in the kitchen. So I’ll post them here today.
    1.) Get my bills caught up and on an automatic system. I’ve gotten started on this but its a big mess to clean up. One step at a time, right?
    2.) Start saving $10 (minimum) every week. I know I need an emergency fund, but this would be more along the lines of things that occur once or twice a year (taxes, tires, Christmas) that I never seem to be prepared for.
    3.) Set aside a little more each week to give at church. This will get a lot easier once I’ve accomplished number 1.

  • Sade’

    Financial Goals:

    1. I will pay off Lane Bryant, Victoria’s Secret, and Macy’s credit cards by June 2015. I will accomplish this goal by committing to monthly payments already in place by lender.

    2. I will own a home in 2015 by saving money and believing God for a raise and creating additional ways to augment my income.

    3.I will save $1,200.00 in 2015 by saving $100.00 a month and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  • Dollars4Dee

    My Top 3 Financial Goals for 2015
    1. Save an additional $1,378 by the end of the year in my emergency fund by having $53 directly deposited into my savings account each pay period | Deadline 12/31/15 (Instead of doing the 52-week spending challenge incrementally, I chose to save the same amount each week.)
    2. Pay off two credit cards by using the debt snowball method and a credit balance transfer (0% interest for first 15 months on transfer; $0 annual fee) | Deadline 12/31/15
    3. Pay one extra student loan payment within the year by paying $30 extra per month | Deadline 12/31/15

  • Kelli Cofield

    1. Save $1250 per month
    2. Pay of all debt (outside of student loans) by March 1
    3. Learn more about and begin to invest

  • theresa anderson

    GOALS: I will pay off $3000 in credit card debt by the end of the year and have have at least 3 months emergency funds also.

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  • NiNi

    (1) Save $500 a month, every month, by setting up automated drafts to my savings account
    (2) Pay off the balance of my car loan by making extra payments to principle each month
    (3) Review my retirement portfolio and determine areas of opportunity through expansion / diversification by the end of January
    (4) Stop swiping my darn AMEX card everywhere by leaving it at home, beginning ASAP

  • BDS

    Better late than never but I’m starting today.

    1) Write down all current bills and debts to devise a budget.

    By: Jan. 15, 2015

    How: Scheduling the time to work on my finances.

    2) Pay all bills on time and pay off smallest debt.

    By: Jan. 31 (for smallest debt–have some small debts like Target and other CC)

    How: Pay it (no matter what). This is usually a doable task.

    3) Set up a bill-paying system that may include automatic debits.

    By: February 15, 2015

    How: System may be a separate account for specifically paying bills or some other system.

    4) Set aside weekly finance time that I concentrate on my money.

    By: February 15, 2015

    How: As goals are met, replace with new goals (set more money in savings accounts—create buckets of long and short term savings, start paying off student loan, save for a car, save for a house)

    Start “baby-step” daily challenge (pay yourself first).

  • Relvie

    Pay off all debts – save $1,910 and build my renting apartments – all by the end of 2015

  • Carla

    I completed day 1 yesterday and reading day 2 today. I know that i’m behind but better late than never.

  • Mimi

    I’m just starting, I feel so behind. However, my goals are as follow:
    1. Pay off my department store credit cards by April 1,2015 by paying on them twice a month and by eating breakfast at home and taking my lunch to work.
    2. Save $500 by April 1, 2015 by taking the train instead of driving to work and doing my own hair and nails.
    3.Start an “emergency funds” savings account.

  • Noirperfection

    1. Build a Budget and Stick to it = I want to buy a house, take dream vacations, and buy dream car.

    2. Save More and Spend Less = Do the 52 Week Savings Challenge, Save $400 monthly by buying only what I need, Save off the top.

    3. Be at Peace Financially = Never worry about money again, be as close to debt free as possible and accomplish career goals

  • Guest

    Goal 1- build emergency savings to 3k by September 2015
    Goal 2- increase savings to 20% of monthly take home pay
    Goal 3- save & pay cash for home repairs by end of Dec 2015 (exterior paint, kitchen counter tops & plumbing)

  • Patty Myers-Glitters

    1. Create emergency savings of 3k by Sep 15 by automatic savings per pay check
    2. Have exterior painted & landscaping by Dec 15 in cash- use all increases and tax refund
    3. Create a more aggressive investment strategy- by meeting with financial planner & research investments by Dec 15

  • Pita-Gay

    1. I will pay off my U.S. credit card bill totaling $1100 by the end of April 2015. I will do this by paying more than the minimum amount.

    2. I will pay off my UAE credit card bill totally 12, 000 AED by the end of May 2015. This goal will be achieve by making payments of 3, 000 AED per month.

    3. I will save $4000 USD. by June 2015 for my summer travels by making $200 installments per month and then increasing amount after goals 1 and 2 are accomplished.

  • Temdem

    Wow, I’m so excited and looking forward to financial freedom. My goals are
    1. Save about $50,000 towards a down payment for a single family home by December 2016
    2. Start an emergency fund to cover at least 6 months of household expenses by December 2015
    3. Increase my credit score by at least 75 points by December 2015

  • Kay

    Ready to get started! Goal 1: pay off credit cards by 12/2016 by paying off smallest card first and applying that payment to the next card and repeat. Goal 2: Pay off student loans by paying 2x month. Goal 3: Set up automatic savings account for emergency fund.

  • Judi

    Week 1, Day 1 here I go….
    Pay off Charge cards by Dec 2015
    Have enough money to put down on new car by Jan 2015
    Put money into savings every week
    Have money to replace kitchen floor by July 2015 then be able to renovate kitchen by 2016

  • Alicia Marie

    Pay off 2 CC by April 30, 2015,3 by Dec 31, 2015 by increasing or doubling pmts

    2. Set up auto deposits to Savings;accumulate a bal of $1200 by 12/31/15, out of sight out of mind.

    2a.Set up Christmas Club for holiday gifts.

    3.Weekly Meal prep for both lunch and dinner limit dining out to only special occasions, birthdays, and anniversaries.Use part of savings from meals to pay for special outings instead of charging them.

  • Glenda

    1. Have an extra monthly permanent income of at least 3k, by teaching at colleges or other business.
    2. Save a 10% of all my work income.
    3. Invest money in my online projects to launch my platform as it is needed.

  • Deborah Norris

    I am just starting this today. Starting late in life, but at least I am starting.
    1) Open a savings account at a different bank and not have an atm card for it so I can’t spent it on any impulse buys
    2) Pay off my credit card debt by the end of 2015
    3) Pay off medical bills by end of July 2015
    4) bank the money I would be paying on those things for emergencies.

  • nelly

    1. Save $4,000 by June 30th by saving tax refund and commission checks

    2.Pay off 2 credit cards and 1 small student loan by December 31st by getting a 2nd source of income and limiting eating out to $150/month
    3. Limit daily spending by having a weekly quota of spending money

  • momtlo

    Complete 52 week challenge and save $5000

    Pay all bills via bi-weekly budget plan rather
    than haphazardly by 06/01/2015

    Bring lunch to work instead of eating out and
    put saved money into “Emergency Funds account”

  • Tamika Moore

    Goal 1: Pay off Tax Bill 1 $2500 in 3 months, by taking lunch and stop shopping
    Goal 2: Pay off Tax bill 2 $3500 in 9 months, but taking lunch and stop shopping
    Goal 3: Save $1500 for vacation by July 2015

  • Cindy Reeves

    1. I will open a $1000. ER Fund account by 3/31/15 by depositing money from my tax refund. 2. I will pay off my car balance by 3/31/15 by depositing money from my tax refund. 3. I will pay off ALL student loans (107K) by 5/20/2021(my 45th b-day) by putting all extra money (raises, refunds,monetary gifts, etc) towards bill.

    • Cindy Reeves

      After filing my taxes I must rearrange ALL of my goals. I usually get back 5K or more. This year it’s less than 2K..Wow…I MUST get a hold of my finances NOW because I have been so dependent on the “extra” money

  • Stephanie Dotson

    Goal #1 Setup automatic bill pay
    Goal #2 Open up account for Emergency Fund.
    Goal # 3 Payoff smallest student loan by April 2015

  • tasty1

    ​Financial Goals

    CATCH ON ON REGULAR MONTHLY BILLS (GAS BILL) -_- (My winter heating bill is high & I’m behind)

    I only have ONE major credit card / and I have one store card I’m keeping as using to help build / rebuild…

    BIGGEST debt is my student loans….. I’m having my wages garnished. I
    can’t afford to hire a lawyer to have them stop, and I can’t afford to
    pay them EXTRA on top of what they are already taking to make it stop
    after several months. I’m currently Seeking part time job to help me
    keep my head above water and to help me with the task of eliminating
    these debts.

  • All things T.

    Sowing into a harvest of Finanical Freedom and Prospersity. Thank you Tiffany for using your gift of teaching and passion for financial literary to impact the lives of others. #MAKEITRAININMYSAVINGS

    1) Pay off reserve line of credit of $2500 by the end of 2015 by using second part-time job income and reduce the line of credit to $1000 availabilty for extreme emergency until EF is established.

    2) Save $500 in EF and $700 in Savings by the end of 2015 by using income from second part-time job and modeling earns to contribute to accounts.

    3) Design and use a budget to place money in the rights places in priority: tithes, savings, expenses, savings/chartiable/gift giving, scheduled personal treats (purchase of fresh flowers,mani-pedi, hot yoga, coffee, LUSH prodducts) by setting a quiet time to design budget by 3/31/2015

  • T. Frazier

    Payoff all credit card debt by June 2015 by saving $750 per month.
    Improve credit score by June 2015 by charging monthly gym membership fee to secured credit card and paying the balance in full each month.
    Save $750 a month beginning April 2015.

  • Kia Mack

    Financial Goals
    1. Pay off credit card debt by September 1st
    2. be consistent with saving $100 a month for the remainder of the year
    3. Be a home owner by February 2016

  • Suzy

    Goal #1. I will pay off Doctor’s Bill totaling $200 in two months. Goal #2 I will pay off retail debt totaling $7196.00 with in 8 months. Goal #3 I will pay off my home in 10 years. Goal #4 I will have a savings account with a balance that equals 6 months of my monthly living expenses in 4 years. I will make this happen by reducing the amount of spending that is done things we just don’t need. That would include but not limited to eating out. We will reduce our monthly utilities by turning off lights and other devices when not in use. We will spend more time grilling rather than cooking in the house. Things like going to Starbucks daily will become a treat for being fiscally responsible.

  • Danyll

    1. Pay all my bills, on time, each month, within my base income
    2. Repair my credit and increase my credit score in 3-6 months
    3. Begin and maintain a savings account

  • tfloyd22

    1. Pay off old credit card debit ($300) by May 31st by sticking to my budget and not eating out
    2. Start to save $100 a month in an emergency fund by lowering my cellphone bill and putting saving first
    3. Put $50 extra a month into retirement savings by automatic deduction into IRA account.

  • Sashi

    My Goals 1. Save $500 for my emergency fund 2. Get my Credit Card balance down to $300 3. Open a new savings account with $500

  • JAG

    1. I want to save $500.00
    2. By the end of May
    3. By bringing my own lunch, snacks and make breakfast at home

  • Ashley

    1. Save more money a month
    2. Take my lunch to work instead of buying it.
    3. Pay off debt by July 15th

  • MzNOOKIElifecoach

    I am sharing this on my twitter page as well and asking people to join with me!

  • ChellyCakes

    Consistently save 10% of my take home pay beginning May 1st, 2015

    This will be divided as follows: 5%- Emergency Fund and 5% Vacation Fund

    Save $500 (deductible for Car Insurance) by July 31st & put in a Barclay’s account

    Increase 403(b) contribution – Done effective 4/17/15 pay period

  • Lyric Marie

    1. Build my savings, by taking my lunch to work and having $100 a pay period go directly to my savings.

    2. Start an emergency fund by Opening an additional savings account and deposit half of the above into this account.

    3. decrease the amount of daily interest i pay on my auto loan by paying my car note bi-weekly instead of monthly.

  • quisha

    Goal #1
    What: Pay off two of my credit cards Balance$ 1,000
    When: June 22
    How: Cut back on breakfast at lunch at my job’s cafeteria.

    Goal #2
    What: Save $500
    When: July 3rd
    How; Automatic deposit into savings account

    Goal # 3
    What: Set emergency fund, moving fund and just because
    When: June 1
    How: Open a additional savings account

  • lailagirl330

    1) What? I will have at least
    $5000 saved for the purchase of my house.

    2) When? By the end of the summer. By September

    3) How? Have $250 taken out every pay day. ___________________________________________

    1) What?  I will have Capital One credit card paid down to 1/3.

    2) When?  By September

    3) How? Pay at least $200 every pay day.

    1) What? Pay on car loan every 2 wks to pay save on interest.

    When?  Starting the month of of July.

    How?  Use extra money towards the beginning of the month.

  • T Dell

    1. I will save $5,000 by Jan 2016 by no more eating out, cooking for the rest of the year unless im in a foreign country. being a minimalist, budgeting, and picking up side hustles such as mystery shopping.. .
    2. I would like to increase my credit score by 100+ points by Oct 2015 by sending out disputes and paying down debt. I want to remain current on all open accounts and keep my credit balances under 30%.
    3. I want to Avoid have a negative balance in my checking account for the rest of the year because i honestly end up giving money i dont have to bank of america in overdraft fees.. and I will do that by budgeting and reviewing my online banking weekly.. also by getting rid of auto-pay!

    whew thats a lot ..but i can do it!!! through Christ who strengthens me!! 🙂

    • Ani


  • Sarah Spear

    Goal 1: I will save $3,000 by 12/1/15 by meal planning weekly, not spending money on mani’s and pedi’s, and bringing my lunch to work.

    Goal 2: I will pay off $2,189 in debit/medical expenses by 10/1/15 by paying maximum payments monthly.
    Goal 3: I will boost my credit score by 1/1/16 by paying all payments on time, paying maximum payments, and pay gas cc in full.

  • Jessica Morrow

    1) get spending under control by end of June. To do this I’ll create a realistic picture of expenses & income to adjust as needed.
    2) pay off 2 credit cards by September 30. To do this I will cut expenditures & stop using cards.

  • Marian Lawson

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  • LaToya Jenkins

    Start an emergency fund. Atart with my lowest debt & pay it off by August.

  • Od_Finance

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  • Nisreen Salman

    1. I want to save 6 months ahead of part of a mortgage loan (800 × 6) = 4800 by december
    2. Pay off 1000 in credit card debt by end of July
    3. Save 6000 dollars so I can buy some new furniture.

    Not sure how realistic these are but that’s where I need help.

  • I’m just starting so need all the help I can get.

    1. Save at least N200,000 by the end of the year (I have a Savings account, just need to actually save money)
    2. Be able to afford an overhaul for my car (it helps get my personal business done in regards to meetings & appointments. It’s a bit down now and needs major servicing)
    3. I need to invest in 2 timeless pieces ie. a shoe & a tote bag; that I can use everywhere and anywhere.
    4. An emergency savings account.

    To get all these done, I need to
    – consume less unnecessary nutrition
    – learn to use the bus more as opposed to wanting to use my car (which is a bit under-the-weather now or a taxi which is more expensive)
    – create an airtime rooster so my phone bill is less
    – carry less cash as having cash makes me spend more
    – register to more flexible paying online jobs so I can get more extra cash
    – work on producing more content for my blog and youtube channel as this will lead to more exposure and more deals with brands

  • Glenda IwillblesstheLordatallt

    3 GOALS

    1. Pay off my payday loans.
    When…start this month July and by December 2015.
    How…by paying the fee and an extra $100 a month.

    2. Pay my 3 remaining delinquent credit card balances off.
    When…continue and by January 2016.
    How…I am presently paying each creditor every 2 weeks. I will between August 2015 and January 2016 ask for a settlement price.

    3. Don’t charge anything on the one good credited card that I have and continue to pay them $50 every 2 weeks.
    When…now…beginning today.

    How…took credit card out of my wallet and put it deep in a suitcase I only use when traveling.

  • dashia andrews

    im so behind the eight ball with this & im mad because i know better…

    im married and we have family goals but i also have my own personal financial goals….

    My personal goals

    1st Goal: i will save 2000 by December 2015.
    How: by doing my own hair and nails more. Taking my lunch to work, and cooking more dinners at home
    2nd goal: pay my car note on time every month to help increase my credit score
    How: budget better and stop unnecessary spending to make sure i have the money before due dates.
    3rd goal: pay off & get rid of the scion
    How: pay on time and pay at least $100 extra monthly, then take tax money and pay off then sell it.

  • Asherah Solomon

    My Goals:
    1. Start an emergency fund by putting 5% of take home money in a savings account. I plan to start by 8/14/15.
    2. Search for funding to payoff debt to boost credit score asap.
    3. Save $9000 for relocating next year. I plan to start by Dec 2015.

  • Amber Danielle Allen

    This is my 3rd attempt to complete the challenge and I am determined to successfully complete the challenge this time around. Fear and excuses kept me from completing it before. My 3 goals are as follows:

    1.) I will increase my credit score by 50+ points by October 31st, 2015 by disputing and verifying debt, and paying down debt if necessary.

    2.) I will save $2000 by December 31st,2015 by saving money from each check in an online savings account.

    3.) I will add $25 more dollars per month to my primary savings by decreasing my monthly spending. I will do this by creating and adhering to a monthly budget. (Written budget and Mint app).

  • J4M2005

    Day 1: 1) Open an online savings account and save at least $50/mo. 2) Reduce improve debt/income ratio by paying more than the minimum payment and STOP using credit cards. 3) Dust off/update budget spreadsheet and begin tracking spending again. I will accomplish #1 & #2 by creating multiple streams of income (I started a part-time job this weekend and have also begun using online resources like InboxDollars).

  • Prospera

    1.create a budget (by August 1st) and posting it in the house so it’s visible to me and my children. I will use an online budgeting tool and print it out.
    2.Set up targeted savings accounts for (emergency funds, education & business start-up funds), with a savings goal of $5000 by December 31st. I would like to use a virtual bank but I need to learn more about this.
    3.Improve my credit score by 60 point by December 31st (Happy New Year to me!) I can achieve this by making on-time payments on my credit card and largest school loan and doing a loan payoff for my school loan with the smallest balance (August 10th)

  • Stephanie Jenkins

    I am getting a late start on this, but here goes:
    1. Pay off one of my credit cards by Dec. 31, 2015. To do this I will bring my breakfast and lunch to work and quit eating out during the work week.
    2. Pay off 1 of the car loans by November 30, 2015. To achieve this, I will take time each week and plan out a weekly meal plan to help in the no eating out for dinner. (Leftovers for Lunch’s :))
    3. Get my spending habit under control! ( would work even better if I could get my husband to do the same, but right, I am going to keep trying on this lost cause). To achieve this I will try to do a no spending challenge for 10 days starting today since I have not spent anything yet today and try every month after this to do the same. Any $ I would have spent I will put towards a bill to help pay them off faster.

  • Housna

    1. Find a better paying job that also pays for school
    2. Continue to reduce eating out expense
    3. Apply for principal reduction or recast for my mortgage

  • Lauren Michelle Bethune

    My goal is to save $2000.00 by Jan 1, 2016 for a birthday trip.

    Pay off my car ($10,000 bal) in a years time, by August 2016.

  • Tarra

    1. Save $1,000 a month. $500 savings $500 vacation fund.

    2. Starting Sept 1, 2015

    3. Preparing lunch and dinner at home during the week. Use coupons consisntly when I go shopping.

  • miriam

    save $1500 by october 2015
    save $150 for chritsmas gifts by december 2015
    pay $600 credit card debt by march 2016

  • Nita

    1. What: I will save $10,000
    When: By February 2016
    How: I will work at least 30 hours of OT a pay period; I will bring lunch/breakfast and not eat out during the week

    2. What: I will pay off my credit
    When: By the end of the year
    How: I Will pay $500 per pay period to credit by working OT & limiting spending

    3. What: I will stop unnecessary spending
    When: Now
    How: I will not go to the mall, I will not purchase any new clothes this year

  • I’ve shamefully needed 2 days to complete day 1’s task. 😛 I got stuck trying to find a partner and then I changed my goals a billion times, but my 3 goals are:
    1) Save $1000 in 90 days [due Nov 14th] by increasing website sales, cutting back website costs, and cutting back out eating out by 90% and look into residual income opportunities with my business.
    2) Pay off $1000 in debt out of $9800 by Dec 31st 2015.
    3) Start a “New Car” savings and save $1000 by Dec 31st 2015 by selling one of our vehicles as well as the same methods listed above.

  • Jennifer Sharp

    My three goals are:
    1.) Purchase a car
    2.) Save at least $200-$300 a month
    3.) Pay off debt

  • Valerie De Coninck

    1. What: Save 500€
    2. When: December 2015
    3. How: stop casual spending on clothes, books, prepare lunch at home

    1. What: pay off credit card debt of 150 €
    2. When: October 2015
    3. How: 50 € per month, no more using credit card

    1. What: saving for holiday next year
    2. When: by April 2016
    3. How: save 5% of take home pay

  • Lydia Bonilla-Rivera

    I am wayyyy behind but there are my financial goals:1. Be able to open up a bank account and pay my bills on time from my bank account and keep it where I will not be paying back the bank any overdraft fees.
    2. Start an emergency fund. I want to save at least $500 by January 2016 and I will do so by downsizing all of my bills, including cable, cell phone, only purchasing the necessary essentials and limit myself to going out with the kids once a month. I will put aside $50.00 from my pay every two weeks starting September towards the emergency fund.
    3. To save for retirement.
    I still have to chose an accountability partner.

  • Kendra Norwood

    Hello, I am starting this challenge about one month after I signed up, but am now ready to go. My financial goals are as follows:
    1. Eliminate credit card debt by August 2016, and stop relying on credit card usage between pay days. My credit is decent and I pay my bills on time, but I have an exorbitant amount of CC debt. I can reach my goals by using the snow ball method of payment;
    2. Build up my emergency fund to $2500 and build a vacation fund of $2500 by April 2016. I can do this by eliminating unnecessary shopping and eating out and looking for many others areas to save on monthly bills;
    3. Open my IRA account within the next month. I will do this by committing to do the research and using the funds I have already saved for this purpose.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    3 Budget goals!

    I want to save $10,000 by Dec 2016 by being more thrifty and budgeting better.

    I want to pay down $20,000 in debt by 2018 by paying more aggressively and budgeting better and taking on small consulting gigs just to help pay it down.

    I want to go on vacation in Spring 2015 and need to save $4,000 to do so. I will achieve this by budgeting better, being thrifty, and cooking more at home.

  • Alecia White

    Hi…today is my first day and u have gone back and forth to come up with just 3 goals but here they are:
    1. Save at least $500 by March 2016. I will do this by not buying unnecessary items and putting that money in savings. Also, by automatically putting $25 away from each pay check.
    2. Pay ALL of my bills ON TIME! I will keep all due dates in my calendar and be sure to set aside the amount needed for each bill ahead of time.
    3. Pay off closed bank accounts by February 2016. I will make payment arrangements to have balances paid down until they are paid in full.

  • Jamilah Muhammad

    LRC Task#1 9/15/2015

    Goal#1- Reduce current bills and spending.

    When: By December 31, 2015

    How: I will identify and eliminate bills that are not necessities. Create specific spending budget and follow strictly.

    Goal #2- Pay down credit debt to at least 30% usage.

    When: 60% by December 31, 2015 and 30% by By March 31, 2016?

    How: I will pay a set amount each month in addition to my minimum monthly payment. I will not use credit cards for spending for at least 6 months.

    Goal #3- Save $1000

    When: By March 31, 2015

    How: I will reduce eating out to once bi-weekly and weekend activities (except free activities) to once bi-weekly. I will bring my lunch to work. This will allow me to save $100 from each paycheck and direct deposit directly to savings account.

  • Dawn Kennedy

    1. Get my Emergency Fund to $1000 by end of Oct 2015
    – transfer to an online savings account
    – Save another $1000 by end of January 2015
    2. Pay off Gap credit card by end of Oct 2015.
    3. Pay off Target credit card by end of December.

  • Cheryl Frankie

    1. What: Rebuild $1,000 starter emergency fund
    When: Feb 2016
    How: $100/check deposited. Creating budget and sticking to it. Seeing where I can cut costs. Cable, couponing, etc

    2. What: Save $2,500 min for 2016 anniversary vacation
    When: Aug 2016
    How: $100/check deposited into vacation fund and all money earned from side hustle will be deposited

    3. What: Pay off credit card, medical and personal debts
    When: Dec 2016
    How: Promotion expexted. Double monthly payments

  • Creshawn Graves

    I’m new to the group and I need to get my life back on track although I have been working on that but this may assist me along the way.
    1. I want to pay off a collection account that I currently have! Already set up payment plan, but plan to increase the amount to upayoff sooner.

    2. Begin to utilize my savings account, meaning make deposits into it.
    3. Pay off a credit card which is current to help build my credit back up!

  • Lynda Lawrence- Earl

    I’m new at this: my financial goals are: start a budget (when) Right Now! (How) by using the resources from this group. Save 1000. by the end of this year. By sticking to the budget plan that I create from here. Be debt free by this time next year. (especially from my student loan).(How) by all the help I can get from all the great resources and comments from other people who have been in my shoes… Thanks and its time for me to get started.

  • Theresa Watson

    Hello I am new to this actually I’m just beginning I’m very excited.
    Goal 1 to save $5,000 in my savings account by May 27tH
    Goal 2 to increase my credit score
    Goal 3 Increase my montly payments on my student loan.

  • Karma

    1. Pay off debt.
    2. Increase credit score by 10-20 points by December 2015.
    3. Save $1,000 – $1500 towards emergency fund by January 2016.
    Capital One 360 / Orange Savings – Emergency Fund Account
    Navy Federal Savings / CD -$50 + 10% of net pay biweekly
    BOA (checking account for monthly rent only)
    $5 money jar challenge

  • Peace Lolu

    What: I want to have a monthly budget and stick with it
    When: 31st December 2015
    How: Study my past expenses and identify essentials versus wants. Eliminate unnecessary wants and strip essentials to minimalist. Build self-control to stick to the budget.

    What: I want to pay off my debts
    When: 31st November 2015
    How: Embark on a no-spend challenge(except the essentials like fuel) and save more by bringing my lunch and water with me to work.

    What: I want to start an emergency account, vacation account and investment account.
    When: 31st December 2015
    How: Determine percentage of my monthly salary that will go into these accounts. Set up a standing order to deduct these monies automatically when my salary is paid.


  • Nomcebo Nkosi

    My goal is to pay off my credit card by December 2015, increase my credit profile and buy a home

  • Carolyn

    1. Get my business budget under control
    2. Pay bills on time
    3. Learn to not stress over money

  • lisa

    Some atleast 200 a month or more till ibreach my hoal of 5000. Pay off my 1 and only cc buy june. Get a part time job

  • Neece Doug

    Pay down my Citi-CC bill- my biggest debt in credit cards, Save 10K by end of April using my savings from now, my bonus and tax money- for the purpose of getting a bigger apt/condo, and Lastly use the money i’m saving on the CC to fund another safety savings account. 😉

  • Denise Land

    My top mission is to get a job that offers me at least 30 hours a week/ minimum $12.00 hourly.
    My first money mission is to start paying back student loans ($50.00 week)
    My second money mission is to create a dental savings account- ($2500.00 total)
    My third money mission is to create an emergency savings. ($3500.00)
    I will get a job or create one!!!! I will get a job or create one!! I will get a job or create one!! ( I need to post that everywhere in my house)

  • NTara E

    10/29/15 Day#1 – Setting my financial goals.

  • Pamela Hayes

    I need to pay off a car that is only worth $5K but was financed at 16% for retail price of $8.5K …. I am expecting a lump sum of 9k from old pension but I thought I should try make at least 6 monthly payments to boost credit score. Any thought?

  • AniQueia (Abena)

    1. Save the money I use to eat out instead of going to eat out for 7 months. (May 2016)
    2. Pay off and down most of my student loans and credit cards.
    3. build my saving accounts and a emergency account
    Aniqueia (Abena)

  • Keyna Mance

    my first goal is to pay off my irs debt of $980 by Jan
    My second goal is to get out of these two pay day loans by next year march
    My third goal is to have enough money left over to treat myself after paying bills

  • Tkm

    Here goes:

    Goal 1 – I will reduce spending on eating out (includes coffee, lunch, dinner, happy hours) to $100/month starting immediately.

    Goal 2 – I will save $1500 for emergencies in an online account I cannot easily access by December 2016

    Goal 3 – I will pay off the last $460 of credit card debt by the end of the 2015 year, and only use credit I know I can pay off by the end of each month in the New Year

    Goal 4 – I will save the remaining $2900 I need as down payment to purchase my first home by April 2016

  • Danesha Anderson

    1) Create & redefine my relationship with money by Jan. 1st. I will do this by completing all tasks in this challenge, educating myself on the various facets of money (eg. viaYoutube, books, webinars, etc.), & connecting with a community of like-minded individuals.
    2) Save $2000 total: $500 for an emergency fund & $1500 for a studio/apartment deposit within 2 months, by February 1st. I will do this by obtaining an additionl temporary &/or seasonal part-time or full-time job.
    3) Create a feasible debt repayment plan & payoff one of my credit cards in order to increase my credit scorebby March 1st. I will do this by working on more projects for Global Impressions & Prince.
    4) Increase my monthly income to $3000/month within the next 3 months working from home, by March 1st. I will search for & obtain alternate income opportunities/projects that pay at least $20/hr or more in order to create this ideal income.

  • smith

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  • Ozra Peter-Andrews

    I will write down my financial goals today and have them where i can see them…………..
    My first goal is to finish pay my Credit Card Debts and increase my Credit Score.
    By May 2016
    By increasing my monthly payment in February 2016
    Pay off New Credit Cards and estsblish an Emergency Savings Fund.
    By February 2016
    Adjusting my spending cut back on Starbucks, Dunking Donuts, cut back my eating out during the week, cut back on clothes, makeup, shoes spending!

  • Olatanwa Adewale

    Should have posted this on Friday 12/11/2015

    LRC Task#1

    Goal#1- Be completely debt free by September 2016. I will do this by not spending credit cards again, make a bi-weekly budget to match my earning schedule and adhere strictly to this budget.

    Goal #2- Save $3000 by June 2016 and this I will do by not dipping into my savings which receives automatic transfer from my checking account from every paycheck.

    Goal #3- Immediately cut down unnecessary spending and stop using credit cards for gift purchase

  • Anasa Evans

    To pay off one bill by February 1st. I will double my minimum payment due and not use the card.
    To work out a plan for paying off student loans by March 1st.

  • Jay Matty

    1 – Stick to a plan/budget
    2 – Save 2000 monthly
    3 – Make sure I have enough to spend on monthly necessities i.e. food, bills, and fares

  • Sandy Eyl

    1. I want to get my arms around my spending. Where is it all going? I personally can spend a lot of cash and not know what it went to, so I’ll write what I spend for the first week of January. This will help me get an idea of a budget for my take home pay
    2. Reduce spending at Starbucks, panera, McDonalds drive thrus. I think this will save $30 per week but I can’t be sure till I try
    3. I want to save more in my savings account. Once I have a budget, I can devote more of my take home pay to savings. Since I have a direct deposit to take care of the household bills and insurance (and automatic withdrawal for 401k) all I pay from my remaining check is the car note and gas, and discretionary spending. I am thinking once the budget is in place I could bank 1/2 of my take home.

  • Mary Caldwell

    I am so glad my sister mentioned this to me. I am just now starting to understand how my choices during my college days are still effecting me today. So here’s to doing better. DAY 1

    Goal #1
    -Save $2000 -by Aug 2016 to go towards a house -take lunch to work and reduce interest rate on car loan
    Goal #2
    -Create an Emergency Account though Digit-$500 by June -not touching the savings account
    Goal #3
    -Reduce debt -by December 2016- Finding part-time job that goes specifically to paying off debt.

  • JennaLee G

    Doing both challenges…1 for the money mindset and 2 for the savings :).

    Financial Goals 2016

    1. Pay off PayPal Credit Balance of $257.41 by 2/01/16 by cutting down on my Latte’s and getting tea instead.

    2. Pay $5/10 more a month towards my Barclay credit card for the rest of the year by selling things I no longer want or need on Ebay.

    3. Continue to contribute $25 dollars a month to mine, Ry’s and Em’s Emergency fun with an end goal of $1000. Add any extra money that comes to me via tips etc.

    • keeseler jarome

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  • Vernessie Joseph Burbank

    I am so glad I found this group.
    Goal: What? Set up a repayment plan for my Back Taxes and Student Loans
    When? By February 28, 2016 How? By cutting back on cable, cell phone bill and start couponing to cut grocery expense

    • keeseler jarome

      Do you need a loan of 3% interest rate. contact me on my email

  • Deborah

    I plan to save 1200 by april 1

  • Latasha Tiligetit Taylor

    1. save $3000 so my family and I can move
    2.By July 10th
    3. stop excessive spending, take lunches to work,

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  • Daph G

    My goal is save money for rainy day and pay off my credit card balance. Live debt free.

  • Mieko

    1. Save $1000 by 12/31/16
    2. Create and stick to a budget.
    3. Improve my credit score by 100 points by 12/31/16

  • Monica Cornelius

    1. I will make a monthly budget and stick to it by utilizing the envelope system to help control my spending.
    2. I will save $449 by August 15, 2016 to reactivate my membership and become financial in my sorority by breaking up the amount into 10 small payments.
    3. I will save a $500 in both of my savings account by December 31, 2016 by saving one-tenth of my earnings each paycheck and by doing the 52 week money challenge.

  • LaToya Powell

    I will save $3000 by Dec.1, 2016 by braiding at least four clients a month. I will increase my clientele by 5 people by promoting and advertising specials using the social media platforms. I will hire on 20 agents to work from home by completing the website and following up with prospectors. I will pay off 1 credit card (with the highest amount) by Aug 1, 2015 by making only the minimum payment on the others and paying more on the one.

  • tommithetiger

    I love the template provided. My goals are to pay off my top student loan that my mother cosigned (she hates that her name is on it)!, save 4000 just for emergencies / security, and lastly to save up 3000 for a down payment on my first used car.

  • Melissa P

    1. Open a Savings account for bills and emergency of at least $2500 How: All overtime worked I will put that in my savings
    2. Dispute credit report. Goal 800+ score by Jan 2017 How: By making payment arrangements with debtors
    4. Save at least $1000 by December 2016 for school clothes and Christmas gifts for my family.
    5. Stay focused and not spend money unecessary How: By praying and doing things that have no cost. Park, bike rides etc …

  • Annette James

    1. I will save $300

    2. I will do this by August 1, 2016

    3. I will reduce spending money on going out and eating out by eating at home and spending nights differently

  • Bianca

    1.I will save $500 by August 15th to begin building my account and I will cut out uber and spending money on lunch.
    2.I will stick to my budget and try to find more ways to save especially on clothes and food.
    3. I will take a look at my credit report and work on it.

  • Anassa Thompson

    My goal is:
    What? I will save $5000
    When? By December 31st 2016
    How? By cutting my spending and budgeting myself more.

  • Eboni Hester

    Starting my goals June 1st.
    Goal 1. Build my savings
    -every two weeks
    -direct deposit $50 from paycheck directly into savings account.
    Goal 2. Buy a house
    -BY: July 2017
    -attending first time buyer programs
    -create a “house savings”
    Goal 3. Become more financially stable
    -by August 2016
    – cut out unnecessary spending
    -create and stick to a very tight budget
    – pay off debit and car loan(by jan 1st. 2017)

  • Ani

    I have a lot of challenges ahead but this year I’m striving to do the following:
    Save up enough money to pay cash for a car; pay off a huge amount of credit card debt. Realistically it won’t get done this year but I still want to make a huge impact. Here are some things that I’m doing as well a couple of other things I plan to do in the near future:

    – I bring my lunch at least 4x a week to work
    – I’ve changed my phone plan/ basically cutting the costs in half.
    – I’m working on getting rid of my cable and finding a cheaper alternative
    – I’m currently monitoring my account in hawk-like fashion using a spreadsheet to review expenditures and also seeing where I can cut back.
    – I’ve decided to play this whole process like a game and less of a daily life chore. Hopefully it will take some of the pressure off.
    – I am an artist and although for now it doesn’t pay the rent, I want to grow this into a business – if nothing else, I want to increase my supplemental income in this area.

  • Jennifer R Carson

    I want to save $1500 over the next 4 months to purchase furniture and pay it in full…I will do this by packing my breakfast and lunch..and cooking more instead of eating unnecessary spending…

  • Oni

    1. Save $5000
    2. In 3 mos (By Sept. 1)
    3. Reduce Brunches, Bring bfast and lunch, stop clothing and shoe purchases, and limit driving to work to save on tolls.

  • Shantell James

    Have $1000.00 in savings account by 12/31/16 by going out less and refrain from dipping into the savings no matter what.
    pay off past debt by 5/31/16. I will make it a point to pay something on a past bill each month no matter how small.
    increase credit score to 700 by 6/30/16 by paying off past due debt, not opening new accounts, and disputing any accounts I find incorrect on my credit report.

  • Queyonoh Kweh

    1.Pay off debts
    2.Save enough money to put my two sons through college loan free (7 years away)
    3.Work toward building a savings account (sons’ tuition and personal)

  • Tyreka T. Crippen

    1. Pay my tithes every week (Sunday) 10% of my pay just by being consistent.
    2. Save $2000 by 8/1/2016 for a getaway for me and my husband, we truly need us time.
    3. Pay all my debt by 1/2017 I will do this by paying each account one by one starting with the lowest amount to the highest.

  • Sharnique King

    Good morning, I am new to this group and my goals are to first pay off school, so I can finish my last three classes, pay off any additional bills that’s preventing me form building my credit, and learn how to save money without running into it so fast.

  • Sharnique King

    What $1400.00
    When September 2
    I will take 200.00 out of my pay check every two weeks

  • Lauren Wilson

    My number one financial goal is to become more educated on finances. I want to learn what hurts and helps my finances. How I can earn, save, and spend without becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling lack or that I don’t have enough. I want to know how I can make my finances work for me and stop looking at them like the enemy. I want to learn how to keep my credit score high, how to invest, how to save for college for my kids and how start a vacation fund for myself and my family. I want to enjoy my money but not let it rule me. I will do this by really participating in this challenge, taking investment and credit classes offered by my credit union. I will keep track of all of my spending this month and determine ways that I can cut back. With that information, I will create a new budget to stick with for the remainder of the year.

  • Dionne

    1. Pay off my medical bills by December 31st.
    2. Save $5000 by January 15, 2017 by eliminating Starbucks from my vocabulary and GPS and by taking lunch to work.
    3. Start paying on my student loans by December 31st.

  • LaMonica Green

    3 major goals:
    1. Save at least $2000 in an emergency savings account by the end of 2016 by taking a portion of my earnings and putting to the side.
    2. Create a fun account that maintains a balance of $500+ Income from side jobs.
    3. Increase my credit score to 780 by the end of the year by means of paying off my credit card, furniture bill and any miscellaneous outstanding debt (medical, prev cable companies, etc).

  • lynnetta Cheer

    1. Get my credit score to a 750 by July 5, 2016.
    2. Purchase and close on my first house by August 1,2016
    3. Save $100,000 for daughters College fund and retirement. Graduation date June 2020.

  • Candyce Elise

    1. I will continue to pay bills on time, to bring up my FICO Credit score, time to get in the 700 club (almost there)
    2. Try to put at least 10% of my check in my savings
    3. Continue to pay on my student loan, without having to take breaks (forbearance)

  • Mateka Turner

    1. Start cutting cost to free up money to pay bills down.
    2. Start putting money every pay period into my savings account.
    3. Save up for a small getaway with the hubby and kids!

  • Tadzia Dennis-Jackson

    I am just getting started. I am super excited as I needed some help. GOD brought me this opportunity and I plan on using it to the fullest. I wrote short term and long term goals. Not sure if I was supposed to but this has been on my mind and in my heart for sometime. My husband and I make good money from what I hear but I don’t believe it because we are constantly living paycheck to paycheck with over extended credit cards and very low credit scores. Medical bills are terrible. Here are my goals:
    Short Term
    1. I want to pay our credit card balances down to $100 in four months by being more conscience of our spending and not spending monies of frivolous things.
    2. I want to set a budget that is accomplishable and shows quick results by understanding our monies in and out better.
    3. I want to pay for my son’s first semester of community college and our year;ly family cruise off in two months.
    Long Term
    1. I want to have all credit cards down to a $100 balance continuously for at least 6 months by being more financial conscience and meeting short term goal 1.
    2. I want to have a credit score of at least 700 in 1 year by paying all bills on time, being budget conscience, and saving money.
    3. I want to pay off all medical bills, extra bills, and any other bill that comes immediately by saving money and being prepared to pay them.

    So glad to be here,


  • Anissa R. Lewis

    So glad to join a community, because it is so easy to think you are alone.
    1. Look for a better/other sources of income.
    2. Pay off my credit card so that those funds can be redirected to savings and retirement. I need to love the future me.
    3. Save 1k for emergencies as life always happens.

  • Tenese Barnett

    1) Plan to get caught up with my bills, by the end of the summer, by saving, eating out less and spending less.

    2) I plan to start to increase my credit score, by the end of 2016, by not adding to it, running it, stayung current with bills and getting the help to fix it.

    3) Start saving now, by putting miney away and not touching it

  • Chanel

    1) Eliminate Student Loan debt.
    2) Begin aggressive retirement fund
    3) Increase $300 a month savings to $500 a month

    • Chanel

      Oh, forgot by when.
      1) By 2019
      2) Immediately
      3) Immediately

  • Kym Chandler Shannon

    Goal 1
    What: Start saving
    When: July 1, 2016
    How: Open online savings account with Ally, $50/month to start

    Goal 2
    What: Pay down credit card to 30%
    When: By Jan 2017
    How: Pay set amount above min monthly payment and NOT use card for spending.

  • Melanie Kenner

    Hi all! I am new to the group and excited to join. Here are my goals:




  • Letisha Amada

    Richer Challenge Day 1


    # 1

    What – I will save $1000 in my savings

    When – By December 31st, 2016

    How – Reduce my spending

    # 2

    What – I will like to start an Emergency Fund
    account (At least 6 months of all bills)

    When – By August 1st, 2016

    How – Finding the resource I need to do so

    # 3

    What – Pay off my credit card bill

    When – By December 31st, 2016

    How – BY paying more than the bill ask

    # 4

    What – Putting more on my 401K and 457 plan

    When – Starting August 1st, 2016

    How – Increasing the percentage contribution

    # 5

    What – Become more financially stable

    When – By December 31st, 2016

    How – By reading more about finances

    # 6

    What – Make more goals

    When – Every 6 months

    How – By thinking of new ones or continuosly
    add to the ones I have

    • DeAlana Estella Singleton

      These are great goals. I’m on day one and trying to figure out what are realistic goals I can set, understanding that there are many frivolous habits I have to remove and creative shortcuts I need to find.

      • Letisha Amada

        Thank you, Just think of the think you really want to fix, the main point of this exercise is to set your goal and aim for it, this is why I put goal # 5-6 because I feel that I need to look in my life for other financially issue to make it better for me

  • Angela Grizzle

    My personal financial goal is to save $20 each biweekly pay day starting on my paycheck date 6/29/2016 for at least one year. My student loans are now in deferment I can still try and pay the interest until I am out of school. Be mindful of my finances and check my checking account daily. I have to keep better track of my spending and spend on things I NEED and not what I want.

  • Montara Tabb

    Hi All,

    I’m new to the group and working on my credit and finances to achieve all my short and long terms goals in a timely manner!

    Immediate goals:
    Goal 1 – Get additional income source to assist in savings plan.
    Goal 2 – Staying current on my car payment and credit card bills.
    Goal 3 – Writing down a budget and sticking to it.
    Goal 4 – Stop unnecessary spending.

    Next 6 month goals:
    Goal 1 – Set up emergency fund
    Goal 2 – Pay off credit card debt by paying more then minimum balance
    Goal 3 – Save up to $800 monthly
    Goal 4 – Pay off all collection accounts

    12 month goals:
    Goal 1 – Have credit score to 780
    Goal 2 – Qualify and by 1st home

    Holding MYSELF accountable!! Where there is a will.. there is definitely A WAY!

  • Jala Carter

    1.Pay all my debts in the next 6 months
    2.Start the progess of getting my house
    3.Save all my extra money instead of spending it on unnecessary things

  • Gabby

    1. Save $1000 over the next year
    2, Pay off school $600 that I owe university
    3. Pay bills on time

  • Dana Moten

    1. change money mindset daily, letting go of past financial mistakes and bad decisions
    2. maintain ~8% balance on current credit card
    3. save $10 weekly

    Month 2
    1. obtain new credit card and establish ~8% balance maintenance
    2. 100 point credit score increase
    3. condo purchase preparation

    Month 6
    1. save $55 weekly ($10 per week increase per month from Now)
    2. 100 point credit score increase
    3. condo purchase

    1 Year
    1. save $115 weekly ($10 per week increase per month from Month 6)
    2. 800+ credit score
    3. vehicle purchase

  • LaTreasha Lewis

    My Goals Are:
    1. Understand where our household funds are going. by creating a realistic, workable budget, I can control the flow of income (Payables/Receivables). This should be completed by end of this month–June 2016.
    2. Pay bills on time no matter what!! Due dates vary so this is an organic goal.
    3. Increase credit score–EXPONENTIALLY!! I would like to be at the minimum a 650 credit score by end of December 2016. This gives me 6 months to move 100 pts.
    I am new to this group and truly look forward to gleaning from all the great people and information here.

  • Lamesha Powell

    My Goals is too save 1000 by December by creating a budget and sticking to it and cutting out unnecessary spending
    I want to raise my crefit score to 650 by paying off accounts on my credit report by January 2016
    I want to pay off the payday loans I have by the end of August

  • Johnna Matiel Matthews

    1. Pay off student loans in less than 10 years.
    2. Purchase a home in less than 5 years.
    3. Raise my credit score from 771 to 800 asap.

  • Angela C

    I want to start depositing $20 per check in my savings account. I will begin with this upcoming check. I wil accomplish this by ensuring the deposit is priority

  • Meagahn Greene

    Day 1: #LiveRichChallenge
    1. I will save $200 per month (I’m a new home owner so I will start small)
    2. Six mouth goal: I will save $1,200 by Dec 2016
    3. (a) I will bring my lunch to work instead of going out to eat. (b) I will limit myself to one happy hour with my friends to once every 2 weeks 😉

  • Valencia Warner McCree

    1. Pay off 3 credit accounts by September 30, 2016.
    2. Improve credit score by September 30, 2016.
    3. Save $5000 by February 28, 2017.

    How? Take lunch, reduce eating out to once a month. Pay off old small debt. Stop shopping.

    Why? To apply more money towards student loans. Refinance house and new car with less or smaller note. To have an emergency fund.

  • Tracey

    (1) I will save $1,000 by September 30, 2016, I will accomplish this by saving at least $167 every two weeks.
    (2) I will pay off at least two credit cards by December 30, 2016 by making at least twice the minimum payment; I want to bring my credit score up to 650.
    (3) I will open a savings account at a credit union on September 30, 2016 with a minimum deposit of $1,000.
    (4) I will start making my meals at home again and taking breakfast and lunch with me.

  • Krystal

    1) Pay
    off CC Debt by Nov 2018

    I will
    put an additional payment $300

    per month to Credit Card Bills

    2) Save up $500 by December

    I save $85 per month.

    3) Pay off Student Loan by
    March 2023

    I will pay $95 per month towards payment.

  • Jeripat

    Goal #1 – save $75 a month for personal savings. Goal #2 – pay off anesthesiologist by Dec @ $77.60 per month. Goal #3 – pay off cc by Jan @ $58 per month

  • Phebie

    Goal 1: I will save $1000 by May 1st, by picking up extra hours at work.
    Goal 2: I will pay off my visa by Nov 1st,by paying on them twice a month.
    Goal 3: I will pay my bills on time, by checking my account every other week.

  • Gwen Denham

    Goal #1 Save $1000 over the summer to invest in a Money market Savings accout
    Goal#2 Deposit an extra $20 weekly into xmas club account
    Goal #3 Start an emergency fund accoutn

  • Rashidah

    1) Pay off credit card debt by the end of 2017
    – increase credit score by 55+ points

    2) Save $2,000 by 2017
    – continue to add $200 to savings per check and add $100 to emergency fund

    3)Make all new car payments and insurance payments on time

    1Year From Now:
    -Have a credit score of 750
    -$5,000+ in savings account
    -$2,000+ in emergency fund
    -Have car paid off by 25%
    -Have money ready to move to new apartment and provide furnishings

  • LaToya Campbell

    1) Pay off credit card debt and maintain personal saving $100 or more month
    2) By the end of 2017
    3) Paying at least $100 per bill and analyzing how I can lower or eliminate any bill that I currently have. Evaluate each bill and see how I can make the adjustments without interfering with my usual expenses

  • Yuwan Harper

    1. I want to save 3 months worth of expenses by 5/1/17 by cutting monthly expenses and excessive spending.

    2. I want to pay off old debt by 2/28/17 by making automated monthly payments

    3. I want to save 1,000 emergency fund by 2/28/17 by automatically sending 25 to a savings account that i can’t easily access. The remaining amount by that date will deposited from tax mobey.

    I will accomplish all of this on a limited income!!!

  • Deidra Lee Thompson

    1. Save $500 by 11/11/2016 to reinvest in my business.
    2. Bring all past due bills current. Each pay period I will pay an entire past due amt.
    3. Also save $1500 for next summer family vacation, save 37.50 per week from my husband’s paycheck.

  • Nawkole Kendace

    1. Become educated on finances
    2. Save $1000 in 4 Months
    3. Pay off debt by March 2017

  • Mavis

    Goal #1Start couponing more,
    Goal #2 Get more creative, like going on Pinterest and learn how to make my own soap, shower gel, laundry detergent and other things I use on a daily basis.
    Goal #3 Start giving myself an allowance a week and use cash instead on swiping debit and credit cards.

  • Carma Spence

    1. I will save $5,000 by Oct. 15, 2016 by putting aside $900 (or more) every month to help pay for my wedding reception venue and catering.
    2. I will earn at least $50 in Amazon Gift Cards per month through October 1, 2016 via Swagbucks to spend on wedding-related items.
    3. I will save the money I need for my orthodontics down payment (I’ll check the exact amount tonight when I get home) by Sept. 15, 2016 by putting aside $200-$500 per month.

  • La’Kisha Thomas

    My financial goals are:
    1. Have a savings account
    2. Rebuild my credit
    3. Purchase a home

  • Lauren Wilson

    1. I will save $1,000 by December 20, 2016 by putting $200 a month in to my savings account
    2. I will create a new budget in September by keeping track of my August expenses. This will allow me to identify ways to cut my spending so that I can save or invest more money
    3. I will become more educated on finances by taking this challenge and doing the recommended assignments

  • Danyalle Jones

    1. Raise my credit score to 850 or better
    2. Become financially literate and responsible
    3. Create multiple streams of income

  • AW

    1. Savings – 10k in savings 18 months by adding an additional $444 per month and 2k from bonus money to savings account. Additional money 200 paycheck and $244 for side jobs. – 24 months
    2. Debt – Pay off personal loans and cc debt of 33k by paying and additional $225 per month on top of minimum payments – starting with highest payment first then descending to create more discretionary income to tackle debt faster – 24 months
    3. Spending Habits – take cash out and use envelop method to manage monthly budget better, eliminate unnecessary usage of debit card and credit card for online shopping. Keep 2000 – 3000 in checking account to eliminate check-to-check mentality. – Immediately

  • LeTrell Davis

    1. My first goal will be to pay down my student loans ,by paying 10 to 15 dollars more toward the payment.
    2. Save $5000 toward my retirement plan in 8 months. Putting an extra 100 or 150 away, instead of shopping for new purse.
    3. Save $2000 in my extra savings account.

  • Liz Sealy

    1. I would like to raise my credit score to 800 or better
    2. I want to create multiple streams fo income
    3. I want to pay off old outstanding debt so that it is no longer hanging over my head

  • Shelly Renee Walker-Spain

    Here are my money goals:

  • Gloria Pratt

    1. I want to save $100 per month
    2. I want to increase my credit score by cleaning up what’s on them.
    3. I want my own place by September 1st.

  • Tessa

    1. Pay off smaller credit card debt
    2. Crest a budget
    3. Start a vacation fun my saving 5% of pay

  • Amber T

    -Add $1000 to savings acct by weekly automated transfers and bringing lunch to work 4/5 days. By 11/19/16
    -Bring TWC bill current by paying half of past due charges each month. By 10/30/16
    -Utilize health insurance plan by scheduling physical and keeping dental appt. By 10/30/16

  • AT

    1. Save $500 to go towards emergency fund by Dec 2016, by adding an extra $10 per pay period to savings, not spending at vending machine, and putting any extra money into savings.
    2. Reduce credit card debt, by August 2017, by paying in cash, and paying $10 to $15 extra on Bill.
    3. Increase credit score to 700 plus by Dec 2017, continue to pay bills on time, reduce unnecessary debt.

  • Tesha

    Just getting started! Very excited to get money and credit in order.
    1- I will save $500. I want to start off with a small amount so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming
    2- by Dec 2016
    Do better paying my student loans
    Pay more than the minimum my credit card
    Pay off medical bills because right now they are having a negative effect on my credit
    3- by eating at home(no more eating out on the weekend) taking my lunch to work and cutting my grocery bill

  • Ronika Quick

    Hi, I just started today…I have a shopping addiction so saving is gonna be tough for me but I can do it..
    1- Save up $500 by Dec. 1, 2016 ( starting small and realistic ) by placing 5% of each of my paychecks into savings.
    2- Stop eating out so much and bring my breakfast and lunch to work. When making my kids lunches for school, make mine as well. ( this will save me $40 a week)
    3- Pay off account in collections by Feb 2017…

  • Leshay

    1. Save a minimum of $1,000 a month. By May 31st, 2017 I will have a minimum savings of $12,000.

    2. Pay down two credit cards so that no more than 20% of the credit is owed (by May 31st, 2017).

    3. Pay off outstanding medical bill (by May 31st, 2017).

  • Malisha L.

    Live Richer Goals

    $1,500.00 by February 28, 2017. I will begin bringing my lunch to work starting
    September 1, 2016.

    my credit card debt to 10% usage by April 30, 2017. Currently at 16%. I will
    reduce my usage and pay the balances off.

    a vacation account and place 5% of my bi-weekly earnings beginning September
    14, 2016.

  • Megen

    Hi I am just starting today I’m a little late but here I go.




  • Michelle Jackson

    1. Pay off debt by 3-14-2017
    2. Change my spending habits
    3. Create an Emergency fund

  • detonya armstrong

    1. save 2000 in 5 months
    2. pay down credit cards
    3. cut out any want shopping and only shop on a need basis

  • ShannonAgains

    Thank you so much for offering this! It could not have come at a better time, I already had started cleaning up my financial mess back in December. Right now I need step up my focus as I am, probably like many others in this challenge, crossing a canyon on the self sufficiency tightrope with no safety net.

    My financial goals are;
    1) Double my personal income, not including child support, by December 31st, 2016.
    2) Pay off ALL credit card debt by December 31, 2016.
    3) Open a savings account with the purpose of creating an emergency fund with 3 month expense cushion & have account fully funded by end of 2017.

  • Arshima

    1. Save $500 by Dec. 1st
    2. Pay off car by Sept. 2nd, $745 left. Making two final payments one on 8/22 & 9/2.
    3. Save enough money to move into own place by next year.

  • Leslie Katrenia McCormick-Boyd

    My financial goals:
    Be able to pay bills on time, and stop living paycheck to paycheck.
    Be able to put money away for my girls’ college.
    Be able to purchase a house
    Pay off my car
    Be able to afford my girls private school tuition.
    Set up an emergency fund of at least $1,000

  • Tmd73

    1. Pay my high interest auto loan off ASAP! I’ve never paid a loan off early so not exactly sure how to do it. Will begin researching tonight.
    2. Save $1000 by Dec 31 2016 by not ordering out as much, reducing cell phone services when contract ends in Oct, and tracking daily spending working to eliminate splurg spending!
    3. Develop and stick to a financial budget.

  • Lakisha McNeil

    I want to save $671.61 by 12/31/16. I will save loose change and extra money not spent on bills by saving a certain amount each month.

    I want to save extra money by 12/31/16 by saving spare dimes in a bottle to see how much I save.

    I want to pay off one of my credit card bills before 12/31/17 by doubling payments every month.

  • Mikki

    1. Save $5,000 by January 1, 2016
    2. Get out at least half of my debt to increase credit score
    3. Stop smoking or buying it and put money in my savings every time I have a craving.

  • M. Little

    My name is Mary and I am a newbie! I joined to see if I could better my future by being more disciplined now. I am looking forward to the challenge. My goals are as listed:
    1. To become debt free. I will be paying down on my Credit Cards monthly and not using them. I will reevaluate the Month of April to see what month I will be able to close all cards out. I will make $200.00 payment on 2 cards and $50.00 on my smaller card.
    2. I will be saving for my vehicle also, I have $100.00 each month until I have my desired $2,000.00 in savings. I currently have $600.00. Any extras left over from my allowance will go towards this.
    3. Provide myself with a rainy day fund. I will one of my online savings accounts for this.
    I wish everyone the best of luck.

  • Sharon Sanders

    1. I will pay off my furniture debt
    2. By March 19, 2017
    3. I will take my lunch daily to work and not purchase Starbucks every morning and not eat out for lunch everyday.

  • Seva_B

    I already cook and eat my meals at home. I don’t have cable. My only “splurge” is Internet which I need for my job and my cell phone service (the basics). I have several financial goals, but I will concentrate on the three immediate goals which are:
    1. Pay off the $876 on one American Express card by December 31, 2016
    2. Pay at least 1/2 of the $2,224 on the other American Express card by December 31, 2016
    3. Increase my savings account from $1,100 to $2,000 by December 31, 2016.

  • Lyssa

    1. Save $3k a year to travel and pay expenses for my organization.
    2. Pay off Car and Credit Card Debt.
    3. Purchase a home.

  • April Woodton

    Hi all. I signed up about a week ago, but I’m just now starting the LRC. I’ve kinda been lurking since then. Here are my financial goals:
    1. I will save $1,000 by Dec 20, 2016 (Christmas fund). I will do this by saving $150 from each paycheck and immediately putting those savings on my Capital One credit card.

    2. I will pay off at least 50% of the items on my credit report by Dec 31, 2017. I will do this by setting up payment arrangements with my creditors and/or trying the snowball method of paying, which I haven’t fully read up on yet.

    3. I will become current on my student loan by Dec. 31, 2016. I will do this by calling the loan department to get my payments re-evaluated and then making on-time payments from there.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • brandy

    I will get current on all my bills, save $2000 by March 1st and start a budget. I’ll reduce my spending on eating out and buying fast food and start cookin more at home

  • Gizelle Ware

    Hello I’m new to the group but my three goals are (1) pay off credit cards by February 2017, (2) control my shopping and (3) increase my savings to $500 by June

  • Deonsha Diggs

    I am a newbie, but I am excited about getting my finances in order. My top 3 goals are:
    1.Save $500 by the end of the year.
    2. Purchase a reliable car by the summer of 2017
    3.Put money aside for my son
    I will be able to do all these things if I control my spending, actually put money in the savings and keep it in there, paying bills on time and having a better knowledge of how to control my finances. I think I will reach my goals.
    Best of luck ladies on achieving your goals.

  • Maliqah

    My savings goals are 1. Change my mindset about saving. 2. Save. 3. Find multiple sources of income.

  • Golden1

    1. Start saving 100 a paycheck. Other than out with friends, eat at home versus picking up food in the street. Start this with first check in January. That will be $700 by my birthday.
    2. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. If I had a saving account, then I would have money when there were unexpected outlays with the rentals and car expenses.
    3. FINALLY, get one last mortgage caught up and work on improving credit score. Pay as much off by 12/31/16.

  • Valerie Bridges

    My immediate financial goals:

    1. Pay off $10,000 school loan Balance.
    2. Pay off $8500 personal loan.
    3. Save $10,000 for condo down payment. So far I have $4200 towards this in savings!

    Still working on when and how but I have started but cutting monthly expenses. I switched cell carriers saving $40 a month and cancelled XM radio for $14 a month. Since I’ve recently paid off my credit card debt I can apply the money ($300-500) towards these goals!

  • Donica Arnold

    Just getting started but so excited for the changes I know will come.
    Day 1
    1. I will save an additional $75/month by cancelling at least 2 annual memberships and taking off my nails. I will have the cancellations complete by December 1, and add additional money into my savings account for 1 year.
    2. Create a budget and follow it for the next year. Goal will be to eat out no more than 3x a week and prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for work for the remainder of the school year.
    3. I will create at least one new stream of income to bring in at least $250/month by June 2017 and increase that to $500 by end of December 2017.
    4. Continue looking and secure an administrative position in my field to increase income by $500-$1000 month.

  • Rhonda lee

    1.Pay off credit card debt to under 30% by June 1 2017
    2. refiance car by July 2017
    3. Save 2500$ for nursing school books and supplies by August 2017

  • Layla

    1. Invest in order to secure financial wealth and escape poverty, so that my family and I will want for nothing by age 40.

    2. Get out of student, credit card, and all other debt by the age of 40; by prioritizing its removal with a reasonable percentage of my income

    3. Be able to spend smartly, invest wisely, and save greatly all throughout my life; by continually educating myself on finance and being honest about my finances

  • Janice Royer-Michel

    I signed up last week and I’m now getting to my Goals:
    1) I will save $1200 by 10/31/2017 for my birthday gift.
    2) I will pay off one of my credit cards balance $2112 by 10/31/2017 by paying more than minimum amount to increase credit score. I will pay another $2000 towards another card by 10/31/2017.
    3) I will stop using my personal credit cards as of 11/15/2016 by removing them from my wallet so i wont use them.

  • Tramaine Marshall

    1. Pay off remaining student loan balance of $2,407 by the end of March 2017.
    2. Pay off TU courses balance of $1,790 by the end of March 2017.
    3. Pay off FED/ST tax bill of $1,100 by 31 Jan 2017

  • Juanita Briscoe

    Day 1 financial goals
    I will commit to saving $1000 in 4 months.
    My commitment of $125 biweekly will be automatic place in a saving account without me spending by February 27, 2016.
    I will increase my funds savings funds from $50 biweekly to $75 to total $125 biweekly with monthly allowance of $250.

  • Keyonna Lee

    Day 1
    Goal 1 : To have 2000 in my savings by Feb 1st but not going out to eat and stop shopping.
    Goal 2: build my credit score up to a 600 or better by Dec 2017. Buy paying the small things off my credit and continue to pay bills on time
    Goal 3: Go back to school to obtain a degree or certification Asap so that I can make more money.

  • Tawana Fleming

    My Goals:
    1. Rent my house out and move in 2017
    2. Start Savings Account for emergency fund, auto maintenance
    3. Run nonprofit fulltime

  • Danetra Hodge

    My savings goals: 1. pay off store specific cards by May 2017 by making additional payments on each account totaling $50 per card at the end of each month. 2. pay off personal credit cards by January 2018 by making additional payments on each account totaling $75 per card at the end of each month. 3. Build Savings account to $500 by September 2017 by making 14 deposits of $30 beginning Feb. 2017.

  • Elisabeth N

    1. I will earn at least $8000/month after taxes by working as an SLP and prividibg freelance interviewing and editing services.

    2. I will pay off my debt of 14,750 by Summer 2017 by keeping to my budget.

    3. I wilk save 10% of all income going forward by having the money transferred to two savings accounts.

  • Verna

    I am starting by week 1:
    1) getting up early 5:30 am to work on business/reading/learn 1 bible verse a day
    2) eating nutrious meal at least 1 in the day to start
    3) 1 work out session/walking
    I will post my results so I can move on to week 2 with more specific financial goals to get where I want to be by 11/30/17, I have to clear my mind and work on my personal issues so I an focus better.

    ultimate goal by 11/30/17:
    1) business up and running w/2 streams of income plus my current J.O.B.
    2) debt lowered
    3) weight loss goal 50 lbs lost
    4) at least 2 months emergency fund going

  • Tykeshia Lee

    Financial Goals
    1. Save 1000.00 for emergency fund in 6 months.

    2. Build credit score to 650 in 6 months.

    3. Pay all utilities one month in advance. I have been paying late.

    4. Pay off Wells Fargo credit card (400.00) and Capital One credit card (300.00) and cut the balance of current credit card in half (100.00).

    5. Pay off personal loan with Security Finance (450.00)

  • Yvette Lang

    1) What? I will save $1000
    2) When? By July 1st 2017
    3) How? I will cook at home everyday, not eat out, take my lunch to work
    4) Why? To get my emergency fund in place

    Goal #2
    1) What? I will pay off my credit card debt
    2) When? By December 31st 2017
    3) How? I will make transfer my credit card balances to 0% APR cards
    4) Why? To increase my credit score to 700+

    Goal #3
    1) What? I will begin paying my student loans
    2) When? By January 1st, 2017
    3) How? Request reasonable monthly payment
    4) Why? To reduce debt

  • Lauren Jenkins

    I want tho save two hundred dollars a month for 12 months.

  • Ericka Davis

    Today is my day one and I am excited for this journey. Here are my 3 goals- My what, when and how…

    1. Payoff all credit cards and maintain no more than a 30% usage- Today thru 11/15/17- I will pay off 1 card every 6-8 weeks starting with the highest interest rate (Hoping to boost my credit score.)

    2. Emergency Fund of $1200- Deadline: 12/1/17- Having $50 of my payroll check automatically deposited or re-routed to a high yielding savings account

    3. Double up on all 2017 Car Notes- Beginning 1/5/17- I will only eat out 1 time per week- once each for lunch and dinner. I am limited to only Happy Hours, Groupons, i.e., reduced price outings.

  • Keke Houston

    1. Make a realistic budget and stick to it
    when: by Jan 8 2016 (1st full check from new job)
    how: by keeping my job
    2. Save emergency 6 month fund
    when: by Dec 2017
    how: 10% of check auto draft to online bank acct, all money saved from not spending on a want, all unexpected money
    3. Pay tithe consistently (something I struggle to remember to do before I’m broke again)
    when: every pay day
    how: set reminder on calendar

  • Paula Johnson

    Increase my credit score by 100 points within 6 months by paying bills ON TIME, obtaining a secured credit card and paying off 2 of the 3 negative accounts on my credit report, make a payment arrangement with the other and will ask that the arrangement will be encourage them to report the account in positive matter.

    I will refinance my truck in 6 months for a lower payment to have extra money to save. I want 6 months of living expenses saved for emergency

    I want to start investing to grow my money

  • Charmaine Glover

    Hello Tiffany, I really needed to start this task over again I failed last year I did get to my $300. by my goal set date but had to use it for one of my children. I have decided that I need to build something for myself. My new goal is that I am going to save $500, when: by April 30th, how: depositing $50 b-weekly. Thank you for this challenge.

  • Classy Lady K

    1. Save $5,000.00 to move back home this summer.
    2. Save $1,000.00 for my beginning emergency fund.
    3. Start an IRA or some type of retirement fund as I will be self employed once I move home.

  • Margaret

    Good Morning my goals are realistic (talking out loud)

    1.keeping a steady budget and removing unnecessary spending. Starting today, I will not be frivolous with my funds.
    2. Save up 2000, by March 1 . To pay annually on car insurance and keep car up
    3.maintain 3 months worth of taxable income and remain positive at my bank to purchase my first house.

  • Pingback: Live Richer Challenge – Wrap With Rhonda()



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  • Monique W.

    1. I want to pay off my $8000 credit card bill in 12 months
    2. Save $2500 by May 2017
    3. I want to pay off my Best Buy credit card by October 2017
    4. Put $3200 towards my mutual fund

  • Monica

    – Increase credit score
    – Purchase a new home
    – Pay all bills on time

  • Delanda Jo

    Hello all, my first goal is to save $1000 emergency fund by December 2017. I will do this by cutting expenses where ever possible: cable, cell phone and eating outside of home.

    My second goal is to pay off my credit card debt and to make my credit great again. I will do this by paying off my cards from smallest to largest. I will make more than minimum payments whenever possible. This too shall be done by December 2017.

  • Roshea Williams

    I want to pay off my credit cards by December 31st 2017. I will pay each card off one by one from the lowest balance to the highest balance. I will establish an emergency fund of $2000 by December 31st 2017

  • Tarra Datrice

    Hello everyone. I’m excited to get started and to gain some discipline when it comes to saving money. My goals are as follows
    1. Save %10 of my check for savings %5 emergency fund %5 vacation for spring break next year.
    2. Take lunch with me to work instead of eating out.
    3. Pay my car note every 2 weeks instead of all at once that way I’m able to pay a full $500 instead of $456.
    4. Keep $100 cash for spending money between pay periods.

  • Kyosha

    Fix my credit Score
    Pay off my debt
    Learn how to save!

  • Stephanie Reed

    1. Save $500.00 for emergency funds by June 2nd, by depositing $100.00 from checks every two weeks.

    2. I will pay down my bank credit card by $50.00 extra each billing cycle, so I can be further debt free, and raise my credit score

    3. NOT EATING FAST FOOD! Only the Friday when I get paid, and the amt, whether with coworkers or likewise, is under $20.00.

  • Dominique Tha’Mrs Whitaker

    1. Begin putting $300 every paycheck into my savings account
    2. Pay all of my credit cards ($10,000) off buy Dec 1, 2017.
    3. Reduce unnecessary spending by bringing my lunch to work daily, bringing coffee from home to work daily, cutting out my Starbucks habit ($9 per drink daily), not shopping unnecessarily online & downloading a budgeting app.

  • Melody

    1). Pay off a bill
    2). Put $20 in savings every pay period
    3). Pack lunch to save money

  • Brittney Whitaker

    1. Save $1500 by Sept 1, 2017.. I will bring lunch from home and no online shopping.
    2. I will buy a HOME for my family by Dec 31, 2017 . I will be persistent in keeping my credit score up and continue to save.
    3. I will open an investment account by Dec 1,2017 . Using part of my savings in part 1 to begin to build wealth for our future

  • Celia McKoy

    My goals are to bring both my credit card balances to $0 by December 31, 2017, tithe every month. I will do this by creating a budget (started that yesterday), having regular “essentials only days”, reducing the number of times I eat out.

  • Maxine

    Hi my name is Maxine and I live in Toronto.
    My goal is to payoff my $3000.00 MasterCard bill by September 31,2017.
    I will create multiple dream of at home business to increase my income to accomplish this goal.

  • Krissel

    1 My goal is to get my credit score up.
    2 pay off my credit card
    3 pay my car off
    4 pay all my bills on ti

  • Sonia Martinez

    Goal #1 I want to save $600 by New Year’s Day $100 a month, $50 from each pay check.

    Goal #2 Cut off small spendings, bring a lunch to work everyday, do my nails at home, look into changing my phone plan.

    Goal #3 Spend less money on entertainment,become more creative on activities to do with my daughter at home. DIY/Pinterest

  • Pharryl Merkison

    Keep my savings account at $1000 for any emergencies

  • Renae Myrie

    1st Goal – Pay $100 each month for electric bill to build cushion/excess so that bill doesn’t spike during winter months

    2nd Goal – Resist urge to buy food especially when I already have cooked food at home

    3rd Goal – Use Groupons and other coupons on things that would like, so that I do not pay full price.

    • Catherine Davis

      I love the first one

  • Chelsy Caldwell

    1) save $1000 by December by spending less on take out food and saving $200 per month starting in August.
    2) I will get my BSN RN by 2020. Starting Jan 1,2018 I will re enroll into school.
    3) move out of Mom house by Aug 31 / Sep 1 if not earlier. I will continue to search for my own

  • Natalie Baggs

    My top 3 financial goals are:

    1. Pay off as much debt as I have within a year so that I can experience financial freedom! I want to focus primarily on my car note and being able to double payments each month!
    2. Work on improving my credit score so that I can utilize credit on an as needed basis!
    3. Aggressively begin building a savings account for emergency situations!

  • Chandalear Wise

    1) I will increase my credit to purchase a home
    a. By end of 2018
    b. By paying bills on time, and not opening any more store cards.
    2) I will save $2000 outside of what I already have saved
    a. By October
    b. I will save more and spend less, via decreasing unnecessary spending
    3) Continue paying Student loans on time
    a. Monthly

  • Desiraee

    1) save 1500 dollars by October 31 2017
    Reduce spending money on my hair and start doing my own hair and start eating at home and not fast foods
    2) fix my credit score by November
    Need to make payments on my credit card to get my score back up

    3) Buy a house by next year
    Need to get my credit score together so I can make a big purchase for my kids.

  • Tamara White

    1.) Save $2000 for down payment on new car by Feb. 1 by buying groceries and cut down on eating outside food
    2.) Pay bills on time
    3.) Pay both credits off by Dec. 1

  • Malaika Malone

    My goals are as follows:
    1. I will save 5,000 by December 31,2017. I plan on achieving this goal by coming up with a plan to make extra money on the side, pay all of the bills on time so no late fees are issued, BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET, try and save as many singles and coins as I can.

    2. I plan on increasing my credit score by at least 10-50 points by December 31,2017. I will monitor my score and the activity that happens on it. As well as begin to pay the debt that can’t be disputed, starting with the least amount first.

    3. I will invest in the stock market by December 31, 2017. I will set additional funds to the side for investment purposes.

  • Aries Scott

    1. I wish to save $2500 every two months by managing my spending habits.
    2. I want to be able to pay bills on time rather than waiting last minute. By doing this I can have reminders on my phone by going paperless.
    3. I want to pay off credit card debt by November by paying a certain amount over time.

  • MaRendia Garner

    1. Pay all my credit card debt off by December 2018 by stopping frivolous spending and only buying what necessary and put the extra money towards those bills; and also buy cutting any bills that I already have that are not necessities.

  • Jennifer Ihuoma-Matthew

    My goals
    1. Cut my monthly spending in half and raise my credit score
    2. By September 31st, 2017
    3. Shop based on absolute needs by credit as it comes

  • Cyianne Bannis

    Goal#1: earn a larger pay check by September 15th by completing my degree as requested by my employer. My personal deadline in August 31.

    Goal#2: increase my credit score within four months by paying off a debt under $1000 each month and then making monthly installments on higher amounts.

    Goal#3: have my house plan submitted for approval within four months by using my Qapital
    Account to save each time I spend so I have enough to pay the architect.

  • LaTonya Applewhite

    1. I will pay off $4000 credit card debt by February 2018.
    2. I will take my son to Disney World on December 2018
    3. I will save $6000 by December 2018.

  • Dana

    1.Pay off Credit Card By December 31
    By Pay over minimum each month

    2.Get my budgeting together by spending less on outings and restaurant food

    3.Pay 1000 Reserve line pay 50 every payday

  • Blandine Florestal

    Save money to buy a house
    Save money every two weeks
    Fix my credit score

  • Serta Coleman

    1. Save 20% monthly earnings
    2. Start an emergency fund
    3. Pay all bills on time

  • Julie Lopes

    In 6 months I want to save $1,000. I will save the money I would be paying for a crash pad each month. $175 and put it into a savings account. Each credit card paying at least $10 more than amount due.

  • DeborahandDon Coleman

    1. Pay off all store credit cards. Ex. Target, Home Depot, etc.
    2. Have a zero balance on my master card
    3. Save $75 a pay toward an emergency fund.

  • Lyric LoveBuqq Fields

    1. Save and maintain a $500 minimum in my checking account by 11/1/17
    2. Put $50/mo in my Roth IRA acct starting 10/1/17
    3. Out $20/mo in my liquidation acct starting 10/1/17

  • Karen Dew-Poe

    Don’t know how I came across this group on Facebook, but God knows I need it. Sinking fast in my finances

  • Sonji Tarver

    To save 800.00 by Dec. 31, 2017.
    Budget 20.00 per week for dining out.
    Check my checking account twice a week to monitor spending and acct balance.

  • Fay Henry Reddick

    I’m working towards having a successful retirement starting November 1st of this year. After 37 years of working, it was very difficult to even save money. I have revamped my budget sheet from your first challenge I participated in at the beginning of the year, but now I’m starting to focus on my final goals.

    1) Continue building my emergency fund after retirement
    2) Payoff my car loan by March 2018
    3) Payoff any other smaller bills by March 2018
    4) Maintain focus on being financial stable by getting a job working from home while taking care of my elderly parents (currently looking)
    5) Having full peace of mind about my finances

  • Michelle Adams

    I will save $75 by March.
    I will do this by withdrawing $25 from our joint account on my husband’s payday.
    I will do this by reducing our craving spending by making restaurant dishes at home for a fraction of the cost that we spend at a restaurant when it makes more sense.

  • Marilyn

    Savings Goal: To save $3,000 by May 2018. Need this for my move I have to make.
    By bringing my own lunch to work, make my own coffee or smoothies at home and when i want to register for a race. With my student loans, look into the public service loan forgiveness program.

  • Jarelis Fonseca

    My Personal Financial Goals

    I will save $3,000 for an emergency fund by February 1st 2018
    I will reach 700 credit score by March 1st 2018
    I will save $1,500 for vacation by August 1st 2018

    Thank you for being so amazing! Your information and resources have built my awareness around financially capabilities and get me excited even more to keep going! God bless you <3 <3

  • Lynette Worthy

    1. Savings: Save $200 per month for an emergency fund by cutting out restaurant lunches and paying all bills on time eliminating late fees.
    2. Debt Reduction: Create and stick to a monthly budget so I can reduce debt by $8,000+ by December 2018 using the Debt Snowball Plan.
    3. Credit Score: Increase score by sending meeting goal #2 (paying down debt) and I will stay current on my credit card and keep the balance under 30%.

  • CaseyndMichelle Marlow

    Changing mindset of Financial Decisions & Continue to Focus on Repairing myself & husband credit & Start a Savings Challenge within myself

  • Rietchie Dean

    1. increase my credit score in the next 6 months
    How: research, implement and save
    2. pay my bills on time
    How: create a bill payment chart and get a part time job
    3. Create a budget
    How: utilize the resources of this site

  • Diane

    I’m new to this group and, this day one has help me come to grip with debt and to tackle it head on. Start saving to reach my goals. I’m on my way!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie Janelle

    Create two additional streams of income by March 1, 2018
    Earn $5000 by April 2018
    Have resources to pay bills on time every month
    Meal prep as much as possible to reduce spending
    Pay off my credit cards – roughly $1200 by December 2018
    Begin an emergency fund
    Save minimum of $500 weekly
    Purchase Dream Car by Feb 2019
    Purchase real estate on my own (May 2019)

  • Rebecca Hanks

    1. Save $40/month for family time, 2. Save $100/month for Emergencies, and 3. Pay $100/month more on home loan.

  • Sheilia Myers

    Hi. I signed almost two years ago, but wasn’t ready. Today, March 15, 2018, and I am finally ready to get my financial life in order!!!

    Goal #1
    Pay down my credit card to less than 25% by June 1st, 2018.

    Action: pay more than the minimum balance due per month.

    Goal #2
    Save $2600 by 12/31/2018.

    Action: stop eating out and taking a lunch and Cut back on household expenses

    Goal #3
    Start paying all bills on time.

    Action: pay bills as they come instead of waiting

  • Chondra Babb

    I will save $1000 by December 1 by: 1. cutting cable and only using Internet and my firestick! 2. Stop eating out! I will menu plan for the week and do meal prep on weekends. I will bring lunch to work!

  • Ariel Patterson

    I want save $4000 . I want save by December 10th 2018. I stop shopping online and buying unessery things for my family.

  • Ariel Patterson

    I will save $4000. I want to save by December 10, 2018. I will not shop online or buy unnecessary things for my family.

  • Adriana Sebastian

    FINANCIAL GOALS for the rest of 2018

    1. Pay off all credit cards by December 1st. I will not use my credit cards. I will start with the smallest amounts first.
    2. Get up to date and on track with school loan by May 1st. I will call the loan company and set up a more feasible payment plan with direct withdrawals.
    3. Have $5,000.00 savings at all times by January 1st 2019. I will save the extra income from my per session (overtime) in a direct deposit account. Have to save $556 a month from April to January.
    4. Home Equity Loan for house maintenance by May 1st. I will talk with the bank and look for a low interest rate and amount that won’t raise my mortgage too much.

  • Jay Still

    1. Learn to budget and stick with it
    2. Pay off total of 7 debts on credit report by Dec 31st by setting up payment plans
    3. Save $1500 by Oct 15th by eating at home or packing a lunch

  • McKnight

    1. Start savings account
    2. Pay down credit card
    3. Raise credit score

  • Ariel

    My Three Goals:
    1) Reduce credit card debt to 25% within four months, by diverting unnecessary spending to the bill;
    2) Identify additional sources of income and pursue the options that are viable;
    3) Purchase a home by the end of the year.

  • Ashley Hopkins

    I want to save $1000 by 8/20/18 pay off my forever 21 credit card by 8/31/18 and pay off my capital one card by 12/20/18. I will also create a budget and watch my spending closely! I will have a weekly check in to see where I am at.

  • tmgarretson

    1st Goal: Purchase a reliable vehicle

    2nd Goal: Stop living from paycheck from paycheck

    3rd Goal: Become Debt free