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Final Day!

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Give Back and LIVE RICHER

How to rock this task :

  • Create a vision board
  • Give back

Look at you, you did it! You’ve completed the LIVE RICHER Challenge. High five!

Before you get started on your final task…

Every week during the LRC I’ve asked you to answer a few anonymous survey questions. The purpose of the surveys is to see if the Challenge’s Easy Financial Tasks have actually helped you master your money.

IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY….Please help me make the Challenge even better by taking 45- seconds to answer the Final Survey HERE

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Now that you’ve completed the LIVE RICHER Challenge, it’s time to begin looking at its effects on your whole life.

Remember, money is never the end goal. It’s merely a tool to help you get what you want and need in order to LIVE RICHER. To LIVE RICHER means to purposefully and passionately pursue your ideal life.

What does an ideal life look like for you? What awesomeness have you always dreamed of experiencing? The key is to use your money as a tool to make that experience happen.

Today’s task is to find what your richer life looks, feels, tastes, and smells like. I also want you to begin to plan how you’ll use what you’ve learned as a result of the LIVE RICHER Challenge. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a vision board. Not sure how to make a vision board? Here’s an AWESOME article that walks you through the process in 11- easy steps:

How to Make a Vision Board That Actually Works

Although the LIVE RICHER Challenge is complete, your richer life has just begun. Don’t be a stranger. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking and feeling now that we’ve reached the end. Please share your success story in the comments below or with me here:

One last thing… Giving activates abundance. It’s great to be helped; it’s even greater to use what you’ve been given to help someone else. Spread the wealth by sharing your time, energy, finances, and knowledge with those who have less than you.

If you feel compelled to give some of the money you’re now saving… The United Way of Essex and West Hudson is an awesome option. This organization is one of the reasons the LIVE RICHER Challenge is more than just a dream.

For many years, they have invested in their local community and now in YOU, by investing in me as a sponsor. The United Way has sent and continues to send  me out into the world to make it better by teaching financial education for free. The LIVE RICHER Challenge is an extension of that vision.

You can pay it forward and make a donation to the United Way of Essex and West Hudson here:

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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • JanFree

    Tiffany this challenge was truly great. I am catching up on reading all of my financial documents and understanding the finer points – which I never would have done without joining the challenge. My next step is the Vision Board. There are so many things that can get in the way of goals if we do not focus. The Vision Board will help me keep on track.

    • I’m so glad you found the LRC useful @mindicon:disqus!

      Vision boards are the best. They’ve helped to transform my life.

  • Stephanie Jenkins

    I just completed the challenge and really found this challenge to be a big eye opener. I wish I could have said I saved money. For every dollar I saved, my husband purchased something. For every credit card I thought I paid off or down I just saw yesterday he charged again. I do feel like I am fighting a losing battle, but I will not give up, for the cards he is charging on has only his name and ssn on, so I have decided to worry about my debt and just keep paying just the min. $ on his and pay all my debt off first. I have seen a decrease in my debt and am delighted about that and truth is his last car payment is in October, so all that $ will be going to the next lowest debt which is my car. Yeah on that.
    Thank you so much Tiffany for creating this challenge and showing us how we too can become debt free. I have truly loved this challenge even when I felt so overwhelmed with a few of the days challenges. It was truly an eye opener and a great lesson to learn. I may not be in the 700 club yet but will be in 2 months if I keep up with everything I learned and a year from now, the only debt besides my husbands will be my student loans.

  • Sharnique King

    I just completed the Challenge today, I learned a lot about money in every different aspect, but my overall downfall is not having enough money, but I continue to look for a second job and I also try my best to manage what I have….this is an awesome program and I am extremely grateful for it….Thanks Tiffany!!

  • Angela Thomas

    I loved this challenge. I bought the book to reflect and maintain my momentum. I have learned so much from you. You have truly been a blessing to me. Thank you for your mission and your passion for helping women live well. God bless you as you carry out His Great Commission.

  • Summer

    Thank you Tiffany! This challenge has changed my world for the better. Im happy and excited to continue these great values you taught me! I will share this info with others.