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Week 2: Budgeting & Saving

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Reduce your spending

How to Rock This Task:

  • Take out your Money List (yesterday’s task)
  • Call the providers of the services you pay for on your Money List and ask for a discount
  • Commit to saving on other expenses from your Money List
  • Update your Money List with your new savings by filling out the REDUCED MONTHLY AMOUNT column

Now that you finally have a Money List (budget), it’s time to find some savings.

For today’s task, take out your Money List and go line item by line item and decide how much money you think you can squeeze from things like groceries, grooming, entertainment, eating out, transportation etc. Remember, no amount is too small.

Then, call the service providers on your list, like your  car insurance, lenders, cable, utilities, cell phone companies etc. and ask them for a discount. Yup! I said it. Ask them if you can pay less…

A Success Story:

One of my clients asked her car insurance company for a discount and was able to save  $450/month! How? Apparently her insurance company had all of these discounts that they never applied to the multiple cars on her account. She had been with them for 10+ years and had never asked. When she said she was going to leave them for another company, they “magically” found the discounts.

You may not save as much as she did, but you will likely be able to save something and that’s awesome too.

Feeling nervous about making this type of call? No worries, here’s a script to help you. 

The Script:

“Hello, my name is _________________ and I’ve been a loyal customer for _____ years. I was reviewing my bill from your agency and due to financial constraints, I’m not able to continue paying this amount. I want to remain a customer; is there something you can do to help me? “


Script Tips:

  • Be pleasant. I cannot stress this enough. The person on the phone has way more power than you know. They are able to do a lot for you, and will only do so based upon how you treat them. So be nice. Ask how their day is going; say thank you and that you appreciate their help, etc.
  • Be persistent. Just because one person says no, that doesn’t mean the next one will. Hang up and try again.
  • Do a little research. Find out some of their competitors’ rates and use that politely against them. That’s how my client was able to save $450/month after a phone call to her car insurance company.
  • Be prepared to leave. If you really can’t afford the service any longer, you might have to cancel it. If you keep getting no’s, ask to be transferred to their Retention Department.

The Retention Department aka the Let’s Make a Deal Department is the service provider’s last chance to offer you some help. If they don’t, you may have to let them go. I canceled my cable several years ago after getting too many no’s. It was the best decision because now I use that money to go on vacations instead.

Don’t forget to update yesterday’s Money List with your new savings by filling out the REDUCED MONTHLY AMOUNT column. While you have your Money List out, review each expense listed & ask yourself how you can save. Look at each line item and if there no room for savings move on; if you think you can save, write the new monthly amount you’re committed to saving in the REDUCED MONTHLY AMOUNT column (the 3rd column) on your Money List.

Extra Tip Alert!!

Here’s a tip to squeeze even more money for savings…

Earn cash back when you shop online. I use Ebates for cash back and love it.

It’s free, no credit card required to earn. Ebates gives up to 40% back in cold-hard cash on things you need to buy anyway.

For example, I use GoDaddy for web services. I need to spend this money in order to keep my business up and running. Ebates gives me cash back for this spending. Cha-ching.

Here’s an example of the first month I used Ebates religiously for online purchases:


Now, every time I shop online I check Ebates first to see if there’s a cash back opportunity. You can, too! Then put this extra money into your savings.

Click this link to sign up for Ebates: On the sign-up page it’ll ask if you were referred by anyone. Let them know I sent you!

Type in my email (make sure to spell The Budgetnista right).


For the inside scoop on all things Ebates make sure to check out this post, too:

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  • Stacey

    I’ve actually been doing some of this. I just reduced my cable/internet package and while I didn’t save as much as I’d hoped, I did save $50 a month. My cell phone is on contract but I will look into reducing that bill as well. Groceries, mostly we buy from Aldi’s, which is the cheapest spot in town. I use a menu/list and have been pretty diligent about not buying off the list. Right now reducing spending isn’t too difficult, though, because we’re NOT spending much between Christmas catch-up and my husbands shorter hours (he works retail). I will keep this in mind, however, and be on the look out for ideas.
    I did get creative recently and used a bunch of old shoe boxes to organize my closet and home desk space. I guess that saved me a few bucks, as I didn’t buy containers. I may buy some mod podge, though, to spruce up the desk organizers.

  • JanFree

    Just saved $20 with my cable provider as well. My decision to NOT buy food [breakfast/lunch/snacks] on impulse is keeping money in my wallet through each paycheck. I also use a community bank which does not have as many branches/ATMs as the big banks and I so far I have only used the community bank’s ATMs to withdraw cash, saving on surcharges and fees.

  • Rosa Santana

    I choose years ago to get rid of my cable package which I would pay $180 monthly and opted for an antenna, Clear WiFi service and a subscription to huluplus and pay only $63 a month, (a savings of $117 monthly). It was the best choice I ever made. I am able to still watch all the shows but whenever I want or have the time. In addition, my wifi can travel with me where ever I go. I will not be going back to cable anytime soon.

  • KiraATL

    I’ve was able to save $30 on my cell phone bill. Yeah! Additionally, I received $21 off my auto insurance six month premium. I was an advent couponer at one time; I will have to bring that system back regularly. I saved a lot of money when I couponed previously. I just ran out toothpaste after 2 years. LOL

    • Krystal Rosebud

      could you provide recommendations on where to find coupons?

  • BDS

    I will be calling some of my creditors in the morning to see if I have any wiggle room or can get any discounts. I do have a small subscription that I can cancel. I will be asking the Electric company if there is anything that I can do to reduce my bill and I had switched a Cap One Cred Card to one that I thought had no fee only to find out that since it had originally been a HSBC card that they acquired that they could not remove the ann fee. I am determined to keep moving forward.

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  • 40 and Finding Fitness

    I am enjoying this challenge so far. I had to do a mental check and truly look at my expenses. I realized that my phone package had bells and whistles that I didn’t need so I lowered my bill by about $80 by simply looking at how I was using my data plan. I also cancelled my cable since all the shows I watch are on regular TV. I simply purchased a $10 antenna and viola, all the channels I need to see are clear. No more cable rip-off schemes.

  • Mrs. Sparks

    What a blessing! I called my cell phone, cable and internet, and home security providers, and was able to get a total reduction of about $70 a month! It’s not a lot, but it’s something! Money I can save and use towards my “LOVE” items in six months!

  • Glenda IwillblesstheLordatallt

    LIVE RICHER CHALLENGE Day 10: Your Spending…

    Good Morning My Dream Catcher Family!!!!

    I’m not going to lie to you…my spirit was down last night after making that money list…but I went to bed giving thanks. Been up since 4:30am. I got up…read my scriptures…read a little of the Sunday School lesson for this Sunday… started looking at that “Money List” from yesterdays challenge again. Todays challenge requires me to reduce my spending. I am to call my services and creditors and ask for a discount. I am suppose to get on the phone and CHARM them in to giving me a discount…I got this… PRAY MY STRENGTH IN THE LORD…did I spell strength right? I got a nervous twitched going right now…LoL!!!!! Aaaahahahaaaaa!!!!! I will be back to update you on my results…Ooooh weeee….

  • Glenda IwillblesstheLordatallt

    I JUST WANT TO BREAKDOWN AND CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So I started challenge 10 this morning…I picked up the phone and called my first creditor…I took a deep breath and put a smile on my face…when I was a customer service rep for Whirlpool they always said…Smile on your face…smile in your voice.
    I asked for my balance. The rep told me that I had a credit -$36.94. I said PRAISE GOD send me my money. She laughed. I also asked for a letter stating that I had paid that account off in full..she said No problem. I told her that I was participating in a challenge on FB call Dream Catchers: Live Richer…she said Really? I said yes my task was to call all my creditors and services and ask for a discount. She laughed and I laughed I said Gurl God is so good… She said…Won’t he do it…LOL!!!!!!! On to the next call…

  • Housna

    I am attempting to modify my 2nd mortgage since my 1st has already been modified and we are paying 2% on the loan.

  • Danielle

    I cancelled some subscriptions (like Audible, Spotify, reduced my Netflix down to streaming only), and called my insurance provider. I also want to go down on groceries by about $25 for right now (I buy for a family of four with a pre schooler with lots of allergies). That gave me about $100 in savings.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    This was tough! I had already called some providers and lowered some of my payemtns the biggest one/is the credit card companies. One option is to do a balance transfer on my pet’s medical credit card to an exiting card. the pet card has a very high APR. Any advice?

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  • Nafeesah Smiley Leverett

    When I first made my attempt to complete the one week budget I was hurt and disappointed. I was in the negative, but now that I have written down my bills, I have more money to saved than I realize, I’m spending a lot of money on unnecessary stuff.

  • Angel Jennings

    i just started this challenge and have been able to reduce my monthly gym dues by $13.00 per month, my cell phone by $16.00 per month and found out I was eligible for earning shares in TMobile, not a lot, however shares are now at $41.00 per, so weekly i am able to earn the same good deal! Next I will be working on my cable bill and car insurance. I also joined Ebates and by purchasing thru there at the same stores I shop already I have already earned back 30.00 with few purchases. Not a bad start! I am excited

  • Yuwan Harper

    I woke up today with the mindset to decrease my bills after doing my money list. I changed my cable/Internet/phone company and reduced my bill by over half. I also called around to see about financial assistance for my hospital bills and was successful. I did all this without even knowing that it was the task for today.

  • Taylor Sims

    I was able to save 60 dollars on my cell phone bill by getting rid of my data plan for my tablet I never used. I was credited 20 dollars (10 per month) after I reported I never used it. I also was credited 40 dollars for an activation fee for a new line I added. I was never told I had to pay an activation fee. Lucky me received a creidt. That reduced my cell phone bill for November by 60 dollars. What a great freling. Now I have to figure out how I can save more in other areas.

  • Layla

    Okay so I got a lot accomplished with this task. I was able to reduce my cell phone bill by $10 and my internet by $25! I also found I could save on items I frequently buy by switching to generic or just being more mindful of how much I spend.
    I also realized that I was spending $40 a month on snacks I buy at work! I’ve resolved to never buy from the snack machine again.
    The only thing I have to do now is cancel my HBO Now subscription which is truly a Like and a Want but not a Need or a Love.

  • Stacey Williams

    I would say Im doing fairly well! Been bringing lunch to work, going to call my insurance company today and check on getting financial assistance for a bill of my son’s that Im being forced to pay cause he’s a teen.
    Both my children have 2 inexpensive xmas gifts this year.
    I unplug all un-programmable electronics, appliances, ect…
    Taping my windows today to keep the cold out.
    Taking online surveys and paying credit cards off!!

  • Nahema Carty

    So a few tasks back we were told to write down 2 Loves and I realized that I love travelling and “good eats”. I love a good meal, but I’ve noticed that searching for good food is the reason why I am temporarily out of funds. Instead, I am committed to finding recipes and making all the dishes I like, and are interested in, to help cut the costs of ordering take out. And since I’ll be cooking more, I am commited to stop ordering lunches and just packing them for work and class. I couldn’t give up my wine prescription, but I did cut the frequency from monthly to every 3 months, so I’m saving $544/yr.

    I also called my car insurance, and while I have every discount I could possibly have, I found out that if I take a safety course, I am eligible for an addition $60/ year for up to 3 yrs! My mother is going to call Verizon to try and get us some savings there, as well! Doing this just gave me hope!

  • Izunwa Nnakenyi

    THANK YOU! I used this script for my car insurance bill and got it lowered by $21. Thank you! I can’t believe I have been paying so high for the past 6 months! #lessonlearned.