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Week 1: Money Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Read “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse.”

How to rock this task:

  • Find The Richest Man in Babylon (book)
  • Read the third story: “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse.”
  • Share your favorite “cure” with me and your accountability partners. Also share how you’ll use this “cure” to grow wealth.

You’ve made it to Day 2. Congratulations!

As you know, this week we’re focused on Money Mindset. This next task will really help to get you ready.

One of the best ways to correct a poverty mindset is to reset it with correct information. For today’s task, I want you to read the third short story from one of my favorite financial books, The Richest Man in Babylon.

The simple principles in this book by George Clason can transform the way you look at your money forever! Written as eight stories in parable form, this quick read will have you living richer before you know it.

Although the whole book is awesome, I just want you to focus on one story for today,Seven Cures For a Lean Purse.”

Use your lunch break, when you’re on the cardio-machine today at the gym, the time right before you go to bed, or whenever you get a chance, and read this story….today.

The principles in this book, especially this story, will change your Money Mindset if you allow it to.

Here is a free .pdf version of this book online:

Share your progress today with your twitter family.

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After reading this story, it’s even more important that you reflect on the Seven Cures and how you can and will apply at least one to your life now.

Pick one of the seven “cures” and share how you will use it to reset yourself to a wealth-building Money Mindset.

Share with your accountability partner or group and share with me. Please share in the comments below as well.

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  • KiraATL

    I will use “Increase thy ability to earn” to reset my wealth-building Money Mindset by living within my budget and learning and understanding credit. My goal is make myself credit worthy again…

  • Erica C.

    The cure I pick is cure 2 – control thy expenditures. I will create a budget and stick to it to reset myself to a wealth-building Money Mindset.

  • Sade’

    Wow!! All of them were my favorite!! I really enjoyed that chapter and plan to reread it again and share with friends. There were two cures that really spoke to me because they are really aligned with my financial goals. They were cure #2 “control thy expenditures” and cure #5 “Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment”. I am determined to fatten my wallet by perfecting my budget and controlling and eliminating unnecessary expenses. In addition being a homeowner is my #1 goal this year and that will only come as I save money and budget better. I am excited for this journey.

  • Dollars4Dee

    Thanks for sharing “The Richest Man in Babylon” again, Tiffany. I didn’t read it when you shared it in a previous post, but “Seven Cures For a Lean Purse” really hit home today. It reiterates the importance of everything from paying yourself first (Start thy purse fattening) to setting a budget or spending plan (Control thy expenditures) to investing (Make thy gold multiply). I laughed at the man who scoffed at the idea of creating a budget — “Therefore do I rebel against the slavery of a budget which determins just how much I may spend and for what.” He sounds like me! It would be great to stick to a spending plan and give every job so that I’m not always working for money, but making the money work for me. The “Seven Cures” really are a blueprint for successful financial planning. I look forward to the rest of the challenge.

    • Dorothy Evans

      I agree this instilled principles I know but have not been using.

    • Cindy Cotton-Davis

      I agree.

  • Kellie Lee

    Insightful story! The Third Cure “Make thy gold multiply” is the one I most would like to see expanded in my life! I have always had the desire to invest and I feel now is definitely the time for me to do it!

    • Neece Doug

      Same here! I just started this challenge and it’s great thus far

  • RMM

    ” Desires must be simple & definite.” — This is for increasing income. Got it!

  • sharonda hankerson

    The second cure(control thy expenditures) is the one I will begin to apply in my life starting today. I spend a lot of money on things that are not important like eating out. Eating out provides a convenient and quick way to feed my kids. However, it not always the healthiest choices and is very costly. I will plan my meals out weekly since M-F seems to always consist of me running around from dawn to dusk.
    I really like this qoute from the story: “Budget thy expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of thy earnings.”

  • Shiona Marie

    The third cure, “make thy gold multiply”, is my choice. I firmly believe in being strategic in making my money make money. I have had a desire to invest in stock for a while so this cure is one of the ways for me to bring that desire into fruition and in doing so, reset myself to a wealth building money mindset. The piece in the section that stuck out the most to me was, “a stream of wealth that shall flow constantly into they purse.”

  • At the moment, seeing as I am looking for meaningful employment, I am most focused on The Seventh Cure: Increase thy ability to earn

  • Marlene Victoria

    Great read. All cures are necessary. Right now where I am in my financial journey I’m going to apply the second cure “Control thy expenditures” to my life. I waste money way too often on things that I really don’t need now. Then when It’s time to actually use my money for real things like bills and such..I’m short and behind.

  • Shannnon

    The second cure “control thy expenditures”. I love to shop and waste money on eating out because I do not like to cook. I really need to make a better effort in saving my money and not wasting money. I also need to learn to dicepher between needing and wanting. I seem to think I need everything. At this point in my life, I have more priorities and wasting money will take away from my abilities to pay off my large amount of debt. I look forward to taking this journey and learning to be more financially responsible and stable.

  • Covella Peterson

    My fave “cure” is ‘control thy expenditures ‘. Like others that have commented, I LOVE the best of the best and enjoy fine dining regularly. I need to reevaluate these habits and focus a bit more on saving and where my current income is going. Being disciplined is a challenged but must be achieved!!!!

  • Automne

    This was a great read and really reiterates what we hear about when it comes to saving and becoming wealthy. I really love Cure #5 “Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment.” Being a homeowner is important to me and I plan to begin that process in 2016 after I pay 2 credit cards off this year! God bless ladies on your financial journeys!!j

  • Sonya

    I really enjoyed the short story, my favorite cure is Control Thy Expenditures, I have a habit of impulsive shopping and will now work towards setting a budget to increase savings.

  • Kelli Cofield

    I loved this. The one that I want to really begin to work on is to let my coins labor and build wealth. Does this investment come from the 9/10 or from the 1/10 that is saved?

  • Michelle S. Hawkins

    I will have to do a budget and stick to it. Only then can I move on to the making my money make money.

  • LáDeia Joyce

    After reading the 7 cures – all of them are useful. I see how these 7 simplistic points can prove to be very valuable in curing the lean purse. Of the 7, the one that stood out to me the most for me right now was the 3rd cure – “make thy gold multiply”. How I plan on implementing this cure is by 1st investing/ establishing a Roth IRA 2nd seek a financial planner/advisor to aid in the decision in either purchasing a CD or CD ladder and 3rd take a small calculated risk in purchasing a couple stocks from companies I have watched over the years. I of course will seek wise council/advice before doing so.

  • Afiesha

    I love Cure # 1 because it will teach me to save effectively! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  • Stacey

    I need to do some work on a few issues, saving and making money grow, but others I’m ok on.

  • Winin’ Robin

    I am currently working under the seventh cure in combination with the 2nd cure. All seven are great – An Awesome Easy Read!

  • Chris

    Cure #2. Pretty certain I can cut back on my spending.

  • Wynta62

    I’m going to use CURE 3 and save 1/10 of my bi-weekly deposits!

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  • Taylor Bennett

    I choose Cure #2: Control Thy Expenditures because I need to learn to stick to a budget. I also choose #7: become wiser and more skillful.

  • Ali

    Getting caught up! I love Cure 2: Control Thy Expenditures…BUDGET! When I signed up for this challenge, one of my main concerns was discipline. My intentions are great, but I lack the ability to visualize where my funds should be going to. I believe the budgeting will help with the other cures offered in the reading, so I am choosing to start there. If anyone knows of a great template or software, please share.

  • Moneyenoughandmore

    I will start at the very beginning with saving 10%. The trick will be to
    figure out what the total really is of income so I know how much 10% is. Perhaps for a while I will have to do it the hard way and take 10% out of each set of money that comes my way, but that seems exhausting and unsustainable. I will work it out!

  • BDS

    All the cures will lead to financial freedom. I am currently working on #3—making my money work for me!

  • Carolyn Sinclair McCalla

    I will work to control my expenditures, by sticking to a budget.

  • Toccara Booker

    This story provided me with a lot of insight on how I handle my money. I chose Cure 1 “Start thy purse to fattening” I have to learn that just because I have the money does not mean that I can afford my life style. I need to begin to fatten my savings and start investing my money on long term goals instead of rite now impulses.

    I also can relate to Cure #7 “Increase thy ability to earn” there are so many opportunities for me in the private sector of property management that I need to explore to bring in extra income.

  • Sarah

    I am choosing to start with cures#2 &1. For me, they go hand in hand. It’s been a while since I did my one week budget and it needs to be updated. I’ve slacked off of saving (outside of what it is direct deposited) since I’m currently robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • Mrs. Sparks

    I choose to start with cure 2 and controlling my expenditures. Spending is therapeutic for me. I need something else to do when I am bored or stressed, other than shop online. I really need to fast from online shopping because I tend to shop more with this way of shopping than I do in stores. I am prayerfully giving up online shopping from now, 2/19 until 3/19. I want to start slowly and set realistic goals for myself. Wish me luck and pray for me!

  • Angela

    I’ll be working on control thy expenditures – setting a budget. I grew up with very little money (the checkbook was always in the red – thankfully you could “float checks” because of the time it took for them to clear). When I grew up I felt like I shouldn’t have to live that way any more. I got a good job but the truth stated in cure #2 – “necessary expenses will always grow to equal our incomes” hit home. Now I need to change my philosophy to one of spending money on what I need, not what I want. I like the lyrics from Sheryl Crow “it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have” very apropos in this challenge.

  • Alicia Marie

    The 7th Cure Increase thy ability to earn, I have the opportunity
    to work as an accountant without the degree. To increase my income I have to return
    to school and complete my degree.

  • Cindy Reeves

    Principal #1 Fattening my Purse is what I NEED to focus on. It WILL be difficult, but I will do it.

  • Robin

    Control thy expenditures AND Make thy gold multiply

  • All things T.

    I really enjoyed the ilustration of the Seven Cures for a Lean Purse. So easy to read and understand.
    Cures, control thy expenditures and cultivate thy own powers stuck out to me. I plan to budget, as already established during goal setting to see where my cash goes and cultivating self to be much more skillfull.
    Thanks Tiffany! 🙂

  • Danyll

    There were a few that caught my attention. Yet I believe you need to create a solid foundation in order to move forward. #2 is where I will begin. .I have a budget yet I intend to put into practice the 9/10 plan. I will begin with my next pay . I am going to calculate 1/10 of my monthly take home and set it aside, paying me first.

  • Suzy

    After reading the story “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse” I found that I struggle with the investment part. I mean I do contribute to a 401K but aside from that I don’t invest in anything else. I don’t know if it is fear that it could all be lost or if it is the fear that it won’t make anything after it is invested. I do know that is something that I have to get over. I suppose it’s the fact that I am really safe guarding what little I do have. I also like the second cure, but that means cutting down even more. It’s funny, because in February 2015 I did my first no spend month, meaning I didn’t spend anything on myself that was a necessity. In March my husband asked why I wouldn’t buy something while we were at the store and I said I didn’t need it, He just looked at me like I was crazy. I was then forced to tell him why I had self imposed this no spend rule. Now here we are at the end of March and I have his help in reducing our electric bill. In January it was $300 and this month it was $180. Now I get to take that extra money and put it in savings to hopefully have something in a couple of years to invest.

  • I have just finished the task for Day 2, reading from “The Richest Man in Babylon.” My favorite cure is the seventh one “Increase thy ability to earn.” The princinples and information shared in this particular cure truly spoke to me in every way. Tiffany, thank you so much for all of the work and effort you have put into helping others “fatten their lean purse.” I’m looking forward to Day 3.

  • Cynthia Louis

    Loved the story! My favorite was Control Thy Expenditures. That is my biggest problem area. If I have money Im going to spend it. It is going to take some disciple for me to change this mind set.

  • aprilabtbalance

    I have been stalling forever on opening my own investment account outside of my 401(k). Thanks to this, I just set up my Betterment account to implement the third Cure.

  • Shana

    Great read! The third cure is what I will use to begin the resetting of my mindset. I would love to see my money multiply and I will start by opening an IRA retirement account (I have to do research first, because that is foreign to me). Thanks for this share and the ebook/audio!

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  • BlessUsOneAndAll

    “Confuse not the necessary expenses with thy desires

  • Melvis Gilliam Simpson

    Thank you for allowing me to join this group. This story was enlightening. There were simple answers to questions that seemed perplexing before. Common sense answers…live on less…seek advice from those who are competent…make your money work for you…speak life…don’t start difficult and impractical tasks…invest wisely, with interest and safety, paying dividends…leave an inheritance for your children’s children…enjoy life without over straining to save too much…

    My favorite points were: paying self first…saving ten percent or more.. not spending what I don’t have…seeking advice from financial efforts…

    This was a great read.

  • Cara Santiago

    Wow I definitely enjoyed the “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse”. All are good cures. However my favorite one is the seventh cure – increase thy ability to earn. I belive being able to earn more I will be able to increase the likelihood of the rest of the cures. I am my point in life that a do ok with budgeting, saving towards retirement, putting a little money not much in my sayings at least 10%, and life insurance. However its not much especially since I do want to earn my own home one day all I can do is afford to rent. Believing in God of an increase.

  • Larissa Shelton Morgan

    Just read day 2 tasks and the 2 that stick out to me are 1 and 2. I have too many expenses and I don’t budget out for them over time instead I end up having to take all from one check. Thanks for the book 🙂

    • Asherah Solomon

      I fall into this category and nothing is wrong with that but we just have to do better with our money and start saving for the future.

  • SG

    The one that I like best is about controlling my spending on things I want not need and making the money work for me. I do save but then I go back and spend it on something I really didn’t need. Great read and I will be re-reading it again.

  • Asherah Solomon

    I found all of the Cures to be insightful but I found #6 To prepare for a financial future during retirement and of course #7 Building a richer future. I plan to succeed by improving my credit to invest in real estate and produce positive cash flow towards

  • Amber Danielle Allen

    I thought all of the cures were important however due to the current stage of life that I’m in the cures i think I’ll be putting into practice right away are cures 1 and 2!

  • Tammi J Campo

    Thanks for sharing this book. It has definitely moved to the top of my reading list. Cures 1-3 are the ones I need to work on first I think. But I will start with #1 and #2. I need to save my money and budget better. Those are my goals now. I will start investing and doing better with putting away money for retirement next. I am definitely going to share this chapter with friends and family.

  • J4M2005

    I will use “Control thy Expenditures” to get into the mindset of decreasing/controlling impulse (and non impulse) spending. I need to stop and think, “is this a want or need?”, “can it wait until I’ve saved up for it?” Also, I will take advantage of apps, like Ibotta and Checkout 51 to help in trimming grocery budget. I have switched insurance companies, cell phone carrier and to basic internet/cable to save on monthly expenses.

  • gfcfmama101

    I will begin by fattening my purse.

  • Stephanie Jenkins

    After reading “Seven Cures for a Lean Purse” I sat for a while really thinking it over and came down to this one conclusion. How selfish I was/am to my self and my family. If I was not so caught up in trying to be somewhat like the Jones, I would not have gotten myself/family in this position. Control thy expenditures seemed to hit home and have made the biggest impression. I want to learn to live with in my income, understand credit better and control my spending to fatten my purse so that my family may one day be able to take a vacation.

  • Housna

    This is an amazing book. I need to work on the 6th and 7th cure. I am practical by nature, but I need to “insure a future income” and “increase thy ability to earn”

  • The seventh and the first cures are resonating with me today. However several of the other cures are equally important [investing, buying a house, protecting yourself from loss], but today I can start with saving 10% of my income. I was doing it before but things happened, and savings accounts had to be utilized and then I found myself scared to save. That fear of not being able to buy gas or groceries that we needed was a scary thing. But today, I guess I’m feeling optimistic. And the seventh cure has inspired me to look into courses and read more about graphic design and website building so that I can become a highly sought after designer. Talent takes work and determination. It’s crazy because my husband and I were just talking about how in Japanese culture people immerse themselves in their professions until they have perfected it. They don’t just throw stuff together and hope for the best they know everything about a grain of rice, from it’s origin and the weather there that will effect the harvest. They know which grain is the sweetest or the stickiest, and they use this knowledge to create master pieces. I’ve gone off on a tangent, but I want to have that kind of passion and knowledge when it comes to design. Then I believe the money will come easily.

  • Lydia Bonilla-Rivera

    I loved the story, I can only image reading the entire book. The Second Cure – Control thy Expeditures and The Fourth Cure – Guard thy Treasures from Loss – really relate to me. Since my living situation as now changed, I have to learn the difference of what I need and what I want and learn how to live with things that I simply need instead of spending on things that I want. Also I tend to lend money and help people who unfortunately do not repay and I end up in worse situations. So I have to learn to say NO, and learn that I will only help those that are willing to help themselves.

  • Danielle

    Control Thy Expenditures really rang true for me!! There is really no reason why I should be living pay check to pay check other than the simple fact that I spend way too much money on stupid, unneccesary things.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    I really resonated with cure #2 “control thy expenditures” Cure 7 “Increase thy ability to earn”. I realized while reading that while I make a budget to pay my bills and can do that fine, I’m not budgeting to “fatten my purse” or to have any space to invest. I probably buy a lot of things I don’t absolutely need. This was a super helpful reality check and encouragement!

  • Alecia White

    I read “The Seven Cures For A Lean Purse.” Wow! I need to apply all of these!!! But I chose, for now, #1…”For each ten coins I put in, to spend but nine.” I will always put in a percentage more than I spend so that I am always saving.

  • Dawn Kennedy

    Loved this parable! The seventh cure is what I will be working on…Increase thy ability to earn. I have always been a jack of all trades, but I get bored easily. I have been telling myself that I need to focus and become a master of a trade or two. This will be my focus this week coming up.

  • Sherie

    Enjoyed the story very much. It made me question what I spend my money on and give me perspective on desires vs necessities

  • Peace Lolu

    All the cures resonated with me! Most especially, I am re-starting with number 1, to save at least one-tenth of what i put in my purse or earn. Secondly, i learnt a really very important lesson on ensuring whatever you invest in, you can regain your capital. Most of the times, I throw money into a quick business without thinking about the return and all that. Aha! Lastly, I am going to own my home. Damn! What have I been doing with money? Buying designers and what not and I have no home?!! I’m AWAKE now!! Thanks Budgetnista!

  • Nafeesah Smiley Leverett

    I have read the story and many stories can apply to me. The one that got me the most was cure #2, cure #5 and cure #7. These are important to me because being able to have something to fall back on and to start planning for the future is key. This will be great for my personal life and because I’m starting my own conpany.

  • Neece Doug

    Great read! …I’m definitely focused on “Make thy Gold Multiply”…but in the meanwhile doing all of these day by day to cure myself of a “lean purse” great story!

  • Tkm

    This was a really good story, and I appreciate you for introducing me to it. It’s really hard to narrow down to one because frankly, I need all seven cures in my life; however, the three that are the most relevant to my current state of affairs are: #2 – control thy expenditures, #5 – own thy own home, #7 – increase the ability to learn. In order to get to number 5 and number 7, I really need to concentrate on #2. I’m doing a lot right, but I still have a difficult time telling myself no when I want something. My largest expenditure used to be clothes, shoes, hair…now its food, go fig. So anyway, said ALL this to say, that I will be focusing on #2, controlling my expenditures. To do this, I am going to stop carrying all of my cards with me which will reduce my instant access to funds. I will try very, very hard to bring my lunch to work and eat dinner at home.

  • Danesha Anderson

    I had a major epiphany & realized I need to work on the “FOURTH CURE: Guard Thy Treasures From Thy Loss” that way I can actually save, grow, & build my money treasures. My epiphany was that I have not been putting up BOUNDARIES to PROTECT my money (treasure). No wonder it always seemed that my money came & went so fast. I had a nonchalant attitude towards money this whole time & did not set the proper boundaries in place for it to grow. Now I understand why I seemed to have such a challenge saving. It was my attitude, approach, belief, & energy surrounding money. I allowed society & other people to control & influence my decisions around money and was always left with very little or none at all. It seemed it was already spent before it even hit my bank account. Now I am understanding the value & importance of creating a budget or outline and tracking your spending/saving habits. So powerful! I feel like I have been underestimating those simple yet significant practices & used to think they were boring but now that is shifting. I see & now understand that we have to know what is going on with our money treasure or it will be lost if not protected and guarded. I also recognized how not putting up boundaries in my finances has impacted other areas of my life. For example, needing to put up personal boundaries in relationships & spiritual/energetic boundaries when healing others. It’s definitely all more connected than we think.

  • Olatanwa Adewale

    The second cure will be my first use – “Control Thy Expenditure”. I realize I spend impulsively and the annoying thing is that most times not for myself.

  • JennaLee G

    Lots of good stuff in this one. I definitely need to work on controlling my expenditures but I also want to increase my ability to earn. Making saving, investing and continue to grow that much better. I am going to re-read them again so they can sink in. 🙂

  • Latasha Tiligetit Taylor

    #2 is my biggest downfall…..control thy expenditures….this I have to work on tremendously…

  • D Roots

    Control thy expenditures hits me hardest too. I love the comment that your expenses will always keep up with what you are bringing in! That has been so true in my life.

  • Monica Cornelius

    This story was very insightful and useful to me. My favorite two cures are The First Cure (Start thy purse to fattening) and The Second Cure (Control thy expenditure). I will use the first cure to help save money in my main savings account and my money bucket account. The use of the second cure will help me stick to my monthly budget which will help me not to use the money in my main savings account or my money bucket account.

  • Jessika Marie Logan

    My favorite cure is Cure #4: Guard Thy Treasures From Loss. I implement this cure by using my Capital One 360 account to save not only my Bi-Weekly Savings Challenge money, but also by transferring every $100 earned through Digit. I have chosen to do this because the 360 account garners more interest than my WF Savings account and Digit does not garner any interest.

  • tommithetiger

    nice story. My favorite cure was a tie between number 7 to make one self more profitable and number 6, about saving for your future income. I know I don’t want to be working so hard when I am older, so saving now and maximizing how much I can make is very important to me.

  • Annette James

    The cure that stuck out to me the most was the seventh cure, “Thus the seventh and last remedy for a lean purse is to cultivate thy own powers, to study and become wiser, to become more skillful, to so act as to respect thyself.” There are several crafts in my life, that if I continually work to perfect, could create multiple streams of income for myself. As I consider this cure, I will began doing more research in the areas in my life that I can create wealth with. For example, I sing and play the piano. But there is so much that I need to learn. Applying this cure, I will begin to study and learn the number systems and new songs. And in turn, I can play and create a new stream of income for myself.

  • Dorothy Evans

    Reading 7 Cures for a Lean Purse”, reminded me of what I’ve not been doing in my practices for saving money. 1 fattening of my purse: giving myself 10% no matter what. 2 controlling my spending: learn how to spend less on things that I need to increase savings. 3 make my money multiply: buy a certificate of deposit from the bank so I can get a higher return on my money. 4 guard your money: don’t make risky Investments that you will lose your principle investment. 5 buy a home: buy a home instead of renting because eventually you will complete paying off the house running is a never ending circle. 6 ensure your future income: invest in 401K as well as Roth IRA so you can have money when you retire. 7 increase your ability to earn: pay your debts one time, care for your family, make a will, do good deeds, become wiser at your trade.

  • Briana Francois

    I’m starting off with the very first cure. Even though I understand the importance of savings, I always dip in to mine. I want to focus on leaving that 10% alone.

  • Chekeka Tate

    Thanks for sharing this awesome story! The second cure “Control Thy Expenditure” screamed at me! I will control my expenditures to protect my growing treasure!

  • Dee

    Loved this book! The seven cures are awesome and make perfect sense but we sometime lose sight of those key principles. Thank you for sharing! Although I love all and will work daily to apply at this moment cure#2 is what I am working on. Time to get make it happen!

  • Shantell James

    Make thy gold multiply was the one that stuck out for me. it helped me to finalize a decision that i had been thinking about for quite some time regarding purchasing a mulitfamily home.

  • Tracy Stewart

    This story was an Amazing insight I can not wait to input this knowledge to my financial growth. The one cure that stood to me was the very first one. I have to learn to keep some of what I earn before I can do anything. Thank you..

  • Lamelia Hamilton

    It makes you think deeply about what you are or are not doing. People can learn to let their money grow for them if we make the proper decisions for our future instead of right now moments.

  • Jeri Smith

    The Seven Cures all resonated with me. My favorite is the first – I feel like I can do a better job of controlling spending, and putting money aside for saving and investment. I have failed to do this, and I’m ready to start now. I’m very grateful for this challenge. I already feel richer, inspired, and full of hope that my financial situation WILL improve! And so it is!!!

  • LaMonica Green

    Loved all 7 concepts! I need to focus on all of them truth be told. I’ll start with 1,2, and 3…

  • Paula Eubanks

    Tiffany, the fifth cure is most captivating to me right now based on my life’s circumstances. God willing my home will be paid off next year and I can focus more on the other areas exponentially. Thank you for sharing and I will definitely share the knowledge to create a better community.

  • Sharnique King

    The seventh cure, works for me…I have been asking for more money but not giving are showing the initiative to what I want are need.

  • Lauren Wilson

    The one cure that resonates with me and that I need to work on is the control your expenditures. I am getting better with my savings and budgeting but any money that I put in my pocket I find a quick way to spend it on stuff that’s not a necessity. It’s like money burns a hole in my pocket. If I get paid on Thursday by Sunday my money that is budgeting for spending money is gone or almost gone by Sunday and I have to wait another two weeks before I get paid again 😞

  • Kimberly P

    I connected with all of the cures and find value in them all, but the second cure is the one that speaks to me most at this time- “This, then, is the second cure for a lean purse. Budget thy 43expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of thy earnings.”

  • Sanyell Murray

    Great story! I am going to start implementing the first cure today!

  • Melanie Kenner

    I love this book and now I am motivated to read it again. I first read it somewhere in my 20s but I believe I have a different mindset regarding money now. The cure I plan to apply to my life now is the first cure, taking 10% of my income and saving it. I believe that by applying the first cure, I will be able to implement the following six cures. Like a domino effect.

  • kamilah addie

    Seven Cures for a Lean Purse was a very interesting tale I think what I relate to the most is the cure that teaches the importance of putting away a portion of your earnings (thy purse fattening) and also learning to separate needs from wants (controlling expenditures)

  • Shelanda M Brown

    I’m implementing the first cure to pay myself first! And since creating and sticking to a budget was my day 1 goal. I’m reviewing my expenses now.

  • Stacy Debose

    The cure that I chose would be the second one(control thy expenditures)! When I master this everything else would fall in place. This is my weakest down fall in my finances. I just made a budget plan list of my necessities vs. my desires. On my way to new beginnings!!!

  • MJ

    My favorite is #2, Control Thy Expenditures. I really need to control my spending. My goal is to increase my savings and credit score.

  • Earaine Green

    Truly great story. All the cures for a lean purse are great. I love #2 which says to control your spending. I love that one because I need to control my spending and differentiate between need and want

  • Sharon Lane

    Now this is a great read and I am excited to read the book in its entirety. As I look forward to accomplishing ALL the cures, I want to hone in on the “Seventh Cure”. I need to learn to balance and devote the proper amount of time to each of multiple streams of income that I have in place. I know how important it is to connect and build relationships with those who are knowledgeable in areas that I am at a disadvantage and share ideas and experiences towards financial freedom.This forum is appreciated and much needed.
    Sharon L.

  • SE Harris

    My favorite cure is #1 and the one I can most likely start and complete successfully. By following this cure I wouldn’t have to live from paycheck to paycheck and would have funds for a “raining day.”

  • Deidra Lee Thompson

    The fifth cure… owning my home is kind of where I am. I just recently decided to buy and I wasn’t to be able to put an extra 2500 per year toward principal. Already the choice to buy has significantly reduced my living expenses but when I pay that off that money I could also set aside! I am looking forward to it!

  • Kanitria Mayes

    All of the cures are awesome but I would have to go with the Seventh Cure increase the ability to earn I feel
    With this cure each of the other cures will fall into place.

  • Yuwan Harper

    #2-Control thy expenditures. I will use this cure to start me off on changing my money mindset and my finances.

  • Kristin Maxwell

    Very inspiring story! Makes me really look at my life and the way I handle an control my finances and want to do better. The First Cure-Start thy purse to fattening and the Second Cure-Control thy expenditures are the ones I want to see most magnified in my life. I will start today to put 10% back in my pocket and pay myself as well as cut out on all my unnecessary expenditures. I have already set up Digit and Qapital to help me out with that. Thanks Budgetnista for the lecture at MiMi G 5th Annual Conference and the Live Richer Challenge. I am well on my way!!!!!

  • Gloria Pratt

    This the beginning of financial knowledge for me. Over the years, I’ve heard but didn’t hear because I didn’t understand the principals. I must say all seven cures are my favorite because they give you step by step instructions on building your wealth and why.
    1. Save 10 percent of your earnings no matter how little or great, nothing less
    2. Control your expenditure, learn to budget and do not touch the 10% but adjust your budget to accommodate your 90%
    3. Multiply the 10% Savings by investing wisely
    4. Guard your savings from lost by investing wisely, seek knowledgeable council for which you wish to invest in.
    5. Purchase your dwelling place-your home
    6. Insure a future income-buy houses or land
    7. Increase your capacity to earn-more wisdom more earning
    In that order I shall be richly rewarded.

  • LaTrisha Blunt

    “Increase they ability to learn” is the cure that was my favorite. I have always been a believer that one should always be working to perfect your craft so that you can and your gift can become more attractive.

  • Ashley

    My favorite cure is the 7th. You must continue to learn, grown, expand, and increase your skills no matter what it may be so that in turn your wealth increases. I am a new teacher and after I received my degree, I thought I was done, but there is always more to learn and specialize in to increase knowledge and wealth. Thank you. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson.

  • LaTisha UnSpoken Holloway

    Im at work with no work to do… Im gonna read The seven cures for a lean purse right now!!!! #dedicated

  • Summer

    Today is Day 2 for me of the Live Richer Challenge. I just finished reading the Seven Cures for a Lean Purse and I am happy to say that most on the information in this chapter I knew already and have been somewhat living. The Fourth Cure “Guard thy treasures from loss” really hits home. It states, ” Before thou loan it to any man assure thyself of his ability to repay and his reputation for doing so,..” My biggest down fall is lending large amounts of my hard earned money to unstable borrowers who don’t or can’t repay me. I have a sore heart for my love ones. But just recently I learned to help in ways that don’t sabotage my savings account and my financial goals. Such as, when someone calls me to borrow money I instead give them advice lol. This is very hard for me to do! It has made some people irritated with me, but I’m savings account is much happier lol. If I can budget and sacrifice my needs for wants so can the next man or woman.

  • Sharon Sanders

    The seven cures for a lean purse was an eye opener for me. I am just starting today and this really has my mind working in overload right now. There are so many of these that would help me become wealthier, but the one that stands out the most is #2-Control thy expenditures. This has always been a problem for me because I have never just sat down and thought about what I spend, if it is really necessary and moreover I have never wrote my expenses down. I don’t even balance a checkbook. I just spend thinking I will be fine because I have a decent paying career and will never have to worry about a job. I am so looking forward to this program. Thanks so much for introducing me to that book!

  • LNay B

    The second cure for a lean purse: “Budget thou expenses that thou mayest have coins to pay for thy necessities, to pay for thy enjoyments, and to gratify thy worthwhile desires without spending more than nine-tenths of they earnings”…This is so simple but I really benefitted from the entire narrative on the second principle. Even the idea that if I can live on the 100%, I can also live on the 90%…and the idea that our “desires” out grow our incomes no matter how much money we make–and yet they are still unfulfilled. That is so true…totally blew me away! I plan to start this effective immediately!

  • Kisha

    Increasing knowledge and applying it to the betterment of myself and coins is what’s most important. There is so much to learn and I’m ready to soak it all in!

  • Katrina

    Just finished reading the story! It was very helpful. The cure that I will start in my life is Cure #1 Start thy purse fattening but putting away 10% of my income in my savings account each pay check.

  • Maliqah

    Own a home is my favorite.

  • Maliqah

    After reading from the book my favorite is now step 7 it is step 7 because step 7 can be applied to all areas of your life my life not just financial. “Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Your desires must be strong and definite. Your desires must be simple and definite. They defeat their own purpose should they be too many too confusing or beyond a man’s training to accomplish.” but in the last line it says “to cultivate my own powers, to study and become wiser, to become more skillful to so act as to respect myself.

  • Stacey Jackson-Malone

    This was a good read: Step 1 & 2 resonated with me the most; these are things I can apply today. Put up 1% out of each paycheck and controlling my expenses. The quote “Necessary expenses will always be equal to your income until you put a cap on it” Identify what is necessary from your desires”


    This was a great story. I am honored and so happy to be apart of the challenge. I can use all the cures and apply is to my financial growth. The ones that really hit home for me were cures number 1, 2, 6, 7. These are the goals that I am trying very hard to work on. Building my savings, budgeting (knowing and being OK with important expenses vs. Desired expenses), preparing myself for the futures as far as increasing my 403b contribution and short term disability. And lastly, advancing my career as a social worker. I have recently changed jobs for more money, but also to develop and learn new skills as a social worker. As I read cure number 7 it reminded and encouraged me to always seek opportunities for professional development.
    Thank you again!

  • Sonya Cooke

    The Richest Man In Babylon…..absolutely loved the story. I have read before that you’re always to pay yourself first…..and make your money work for you.

  • Jasmine Bowman

    Hi Tiffany, thank you for sharing ” The Richest Man In Babylon. ” There were a few cures that stood out to me, but the 7th cure definitely won for me! I say this because, not only could I apply this method within my financial growth but too as well in my personal life. The 7th cure helped me to realize that in order for me earn more within my finances I must always have a strong desire to want more. By wanting more I must stop my bad habits of spending, and displine myself to buy only what I need and put the rest into my savings.

  • Layla

    I definitely want to incorporate the first cure: Start thy purse to fattening. The importance of setting aside money is really the first step to building wealth. I want to use this first step to build a solid foundation as I learn to budget, invest, and create.

  • Juanita Briscoe

    I enjoyed reading the story, and honestly speaking, I need to focus on the first cure, “Start thy purse to fattening”. My financial issues clearly begin with me and understanding that I have not yet did the necessary thing to start to invest in establishing wealth.

  • Tammala Boyd

    Thanks for sharing this. I so have a desire to pay my bills on time, stop the debt collection calls and mail, stop the checking account from being in the negative always, stop not feeling safe due to financial instability and start being an investor, a home owner, debt free, lender, giver and doer!! I’m excited to have found you and all that you have to offer on this journey. Thanks so much 🙂

  • Stacey Williams

    Invest, invest, invest..
    What I took from it is make sure your money grows/multiply. Invest your money. Make profit off your money

  • Charmaine Glover

    Still reading, but this story is interesting, I actually read the wrong story but that’s ok I shall continue on.

  • Classy Lady K

    I can’t tell you how many times I HAVE read the book. I should be embarrassed. However, since I am just getting control of my own life and money, I’m not. My goal is to start my savings. “Start thy purse to fattening”

  • Stacy Vason

    Thank you for sharing!

    1) First Cure, “For each ten coins I put in, to spend but nine.”
    – Made a commitment to save at least 10% of weekly income. ( fluctuating weekly income)
    – Set specific quartly goal amount to save. For example, Jan – April save NO LESS THAN $800
    – Every quart re-evaluate as I pay off bills and my earning potential increases. April my car will be paid off allotting an additional $600 to go towards savings.
    – Reread the 7 cures at least once a week until my behavior has shown a shift in my mind set.

    This I declare and am committed to do.
    Stacy Vason

  • Delanda Jo

    This was a great read and much needed. All of the seven cures apply but what I’m working on now is to save. Save for a rainy day, save for what I want and need. Save save save! I will do this by setting aside a percentage of my income. I too thought like the first student Arkard addressed on the first day. I don’t like to limit/restrict myself by creating a budget but after following you and doing more research in becoming debt free, I see why it is important to do so and so shall it be done. Thank you for your guidance.

  • Linda Duncan

    I like cure #3!! I want to learn more about investing and how to make my money make money!😬

  • Dominique Tha’Mrs Whitaker

    Such an awesome story! My favorite was the seventh cure “Increase thy ability to earn”! This really hit home with me because I was just speaking of this same thing today! I was stressing the fact that we much put our all into everything we do for a greater outcome. I stressed to my employees that I did no reach the position I’m in just by doing the bare minimum and moving quickly but not accurately. I let them know that they mish slow down and become the best in their field before getting a raise. I started from the bottom in my company and worked my way up by becoming an expert in my field. I took my time and made sure my work was done and finished at 100% this was such an amazing story and o plan to read the whole book! Thank you!

  • Nahema Carty

    My day two was yesterday and after much reflection, I’ve finally decided that my 2 cures will be the first two: “start thy purse to fattening” and “control thy expenditures”. I’m a server, so I get all my money in cash tips and it is so easy to spend. Very often, after work, my coworkers and I go out for drinks to talk about all the crazy people we encounter, so I need to cut that out. I honestly need to just get better at controlling my money in general, so I think I should start here before continuing further.

  • Celia McKoy

    Thanks for this great programme, Tiffany. I already have cures #5 and 6. I am not doing too badly with number one but I need to improve. I will begin to work on #2, creating a budget and sticking to it to manage expenditure. I have always shied away from doing that. That really is my major issue.

  • Jackie Goldsmith-Cheatem

    I’m starting with ” control my expenditures.” I’m seeing up a budget to get a handle on paying my bills, saving for a family function and a vacation. My first goal i’ m tackling is to put back money each week for the family function. #2 get some bills off my plate. #3 I’ll find some promo pkgs for vacation.

  • charity smith

    I recently started this challenge, although I had signed up a little while ago, I’m happy to say, I am finally taking control of my finances. The cure I want to focus on at this moment is the 7th cure, The Riches Man of Babylon. I am going to cultivate my own powers, I am going to study and continue to grow wiser. I am respecting myself and learning new skills. I have to speak it into existence. I am excited and still optimistic about my financial future.

  • Maxine

    Thanks for sharing, “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Clascon shares some very practical ideas to help us create a successful financial mindset. I definitely need more money so for number 7 resonates with me. “To study and become wiser to become more skilful” at what I know and to generate more income.

  • Renae Myrie

    My favorite cure was “Make thy gold multiply.” I need to learn more about investing instead of earning pennies as interest on my saving account.

  • Anchanie

    I am just starting the LRC this week and today I read the Seven cures for a lean purse and will start with the first cure and save 10% of my earnings each pay period.

  • MaRendia Garner

    This was yesterday’s task, the short story was a real eye opener. Immediately after reading I started thinking of ways I could achieve each cure

  • Mama Pope!

    I enjoyed this story a lot. As several have said before, these are not new principles, just ones I haven’t put into practice. I think the cure that resonates with me most today is The Fourth Cure: Guard Thy Treasures from Loss

  • Cynthia De

    I loved this story. the Third Cure “Make thy gold multiply” unquestionably, shows the value of saving and investing. It allows your money to grow, the longer it is held, will have great return. Being financially smart or having a financial mindset allows you to make good financial decisions. It’s not about what you have now but, what you will have later by investing to make your money work for you in the future.

  • Robin Boone

    Pay myself first. Please tell me how to do that when I am a Christian and pay my tithes first…so that’s like 20% of my income…I can’t see how to live off of 80%…

  • Des

    Number one putting aside 10% of income

  • Rakiya Goring

    Control thy expenditures! I will separate necessary expenses from desires so that I can live below my means.

  • The story was hard for me to follow because of the way that it is worded, but investing and getting a good return on your investment is the key. I have done some investing over they years but yet to see the type of returns that I want and needed but haven’t lost any money making these investments.

    I just wished I had more money to invest now in certain stocks that I know will increase with the latest laws being changed for marijuana being used for medical purposes along with the latest technology advancements up up the stock will climb within the next generations.

  • Cortney Williams

    My favorite cure is the First Cure. I need to practice spending less than what I earn. I learned that in order to fatten the purse my purchases should be necessities not desires. Great reading!

  • Betty Wright

    Cure 2 Control thy Expenditures is the cure I will be applying to my life so that my finances increase. In the past I have purchased whatever I wanted and not needed. So fro this day forward if I don’t need it I will not buy it. I will make sure all of my needs (bills) are met and I’m saving th rest…

  • LaQuella Etchin

    I chose the second cure “Control thy expenditures.” I will set a budget and stick to it, so I can keep track of my money and not overspend what I don’t have.

  • Yai Fatou Touray

    I chose “increase thy ability to earn” because I felt that it ties all the other cures together. Knowledge helps us become wiser and make sure that we can be better prepared for our futures. We have to be prepared and prioritize. Debts can be repaid if we are determined to make the necessary changes

  • Adriana Sebastian

    I was glad and surprised to see that I am accomplishing some of the cures. Cure #3 spoke to me because investing is something that I have always wanted to learn about and do to add to my income.

  • Tanisha Arthur

    Hi I like cute two you budget and spend less than what you are making. It is true the more you make the more you’ll find yourself spending just as much. I make 2 x the amount I did before and somehow I am always feeling like it’s not enough money. If I was to spend like I was still making less I would have more.

  • Ashley Nicole

    All of the cures provided great information on living richer. There are a few that are already in place in my life. However, there are a few that I have to work on. The second cure (Control Thy Expenditures) is one that I will definitely be focusing on. One of my goals is to focus more on my necessities instead of my wants. I will budget better to accomplish this goal. I look forward to the rest of the challenge.

  • Lateisha Jackson

    Very good read. I felt I was at a good starting point to building wealth and after reading this I feel I am a little further behind. I would like to start using the sixth cure to insure a future income. I haven’t started this yet and I’m so far behind. I have no real knowledge about investing and how to use it to be wealthy so that will be my next thing I educate myself on. I have been wonderful watching my credit score grow after carefully examining it and being proactive in reducing my debt.

  • Teresa R. Ellis

    #7 is what spoke to me the loudest at this time. It’s about getting the skills that I need to better serve and retain my clients and acquire new ones.

  • tiffany thomas

    This was really helpful! The 1st and 2nd cure which I believe goes hand in hand are the ones that I would like to work on my life. Without becoming a master of those two, I will know nothing. This is very important.