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Week 1: Money Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Do something TODAY

How to rock this task:

  • Choose one of your goals from Day 1 of the LIVE RICHER Challenge
  • Do something easy today that will bring you one step closer to accomplishing that goal
  • Share your “do something” task with your accountability partners

One of the biggest barriers to success is lack of action due to our inability to get over a mental hurdle.

If we want to achieve something big and significant in our lives — anything — it begins with discipline and repetition of positive behaviors over time.

The secret is: smaller steps over a long period of time will have a greater effect on our lives than bigger steps in a shorter period of time. The reason is that most of us cannot commit to these big, abnormal acts for long, but we can do smaller, easier things consistently.

Example: Attempting to save $200/month when you’ve previously saved nothing, is much harder than taking the change out of your pocket every night and putting it in a jar to save for later.

It’s easier to commit to the small act of saving change. In the long run, that small act will make all the difference, because you’ll actually do it, rather than get frustrated when you can’t meet a larger goal.

On Day 4: Money Bucket, we talked about the FREE auto-saving apps Digit and Qapital. One simple and soon task you can do today is sign up for one of these accounts. Savings no matter how small will add up to big savings over time.

I want to leave you with this story: Actor Will Smith was 11 years old when his father asked him and his brother to rebuild a brick wall that had been torn down. Naturally, Will and his brother protested and said it was “impossible,” but his father insisted and the boys got to work. A year and a half later, the wall was complete and Will and his brother learned a valuable lesson.

You can watch part 1 of this motivating interview here (under 2-minutes) : VIDEO here and below

Will shared this 24 second lesson in the interview below.: “You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say, ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.’ You do that every single day… and soon you have a wall.”

VIDEO here and below.

How will you lay your brick today? Share it in the comments below, with your accountability partner(s) and your twitter network.

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  • Jeanne B

    I will get my hair done once a month instead of twice a month.

  • Tamecka Murray

    I will lay my brick wall today by depositing my 2nd payment of the $5,000 savings challenge.I will also be encouraging family & friends to pick a savings challenge that fits Into their budget & start saving……#LeadingByExample

  • Robin

    I must have had ESP for today’s task. I finally started contributing to my 403B yesterday. After 4 years of working there. Small step and it felt great.

  • Erolyn Sweeney

    Today I will make sure u put money in my savings account.

  • ValerieLenay

    Start organizing my debt and paying off these school loans begins today! #buildingbricks

    • Martina Walker

      I had my loans consolidated through the Obama student loan forgiveness program. I have no monthly payment because I work with state gov but if I did it was only $30. Research it.

  • Trelani

    Adding an extra $10 to my end-of-year savings and another $20 to my travel savings today (as in when I finish this post lol). Also practicing another needs-only day. That made me extremely proud of me!

  • La’Velle D Jackson

    i will shop every (every) Saturday. just to be outside with all the other shoppers. I am staying in today and utilizing what I already have.

  • tamika

    Today I will lay my first brick by saving spare change and depositing it in my new online savings.

  • JanFree

    Today I laid my first brick by setting money aside to pay off my debts.

  • sharonda hankerson

    Today, I laid my first brick by cooking dinner at home tonight and not eating out with my kids, which cost so much money.

  • Michelle S. Hawkins

    I laid my brick my learning more about my LegalShield business and finding out how residual income actually works.

  • Erica C.

    I paid $100 on my Amazon card.

  • Misty Honnold

    I laid a few bricks today. I am ‘catching up’ with you all (brick 1) and I opened my on line savings and set aside a given amount today which helped me toward #1 priority.

  • MsJunepearl

    That video was awesome!

  • Sade’

    Someone gave me $30.00 and I am going to put some of it on my savings account as one of my first bricks towards my goal!

  • Mia

    I’m laying my first brick by focusing on my health and fitness business. The extra income will definitely help in my saving and paying down debt.

  • BDS

    I think I’ve been steadily taking some action steps. The one I intentionally did for this challenge was to start organizing all of my bills in Mint.com. It’s not done or finished but it was definitely a great first step last night.

  • Mrs. Sparks

    Today, I have started with bringing breakfast and lunch to work instead of buying it at work. Additionally, I have opted for the FREE coffee instead of the 85 cents coffee. 85 cents is $17 a month. I’d never thought about it as $17, only 85 cents. Additionally, I am eating leftovers from yesterday, today, and beginning my weekly routine of cooking at least twice a week which makes four meals, instead of eating out 5 days a week. These are truly small tasks that will put a large dent on my savings over time. I have also committed to do a needs only day once a week and placing at least that amount of money into my new Barclay online account every week. In my work drawer, I have a post-it that lists my three financial goals and the things I’ll do to accomplish them. I need this reminder because I tend to do a lot of online shopping at work. Now, I need to post these goals in my bedroom, near my bed, where I also tend to shop a lot.

  • 40 and Finding Fitness

    I quit my gym membership and invested in a treadmill. That way I got rid of the monthly payments when I was only going to the gym for cardio anyway.

  • Alicia Marie

    I paid off my smallest CC balance of $350. One less credit to pay off, two more to pay off for 2015 goal.

  • nelly

    I put myself on $150/month eating out budget and $200/month.

  • Jennifer

    Today I laid my brick by not stopping for breakfast and instead my snack smoothie became my breakfast smoothie. I will lay another brick by using the $7 I would have spent to make an extra payment on a credit card.

  • Sashi

    I have a loose change container that I started a while ago and i am going to open it and see how much I have actually saved and put it in the bank on Tuesday.

  • Christine S

    Today I will lay my brick by canceling a monthly membership that I have been too lazy to cancel for the past two months. The monthly charge was minimal $11.95/mo so I was procrastinating. But TODAY I canceled it and will apply the $11.95 saved to my 3rd Goal of saving $2000 in four months to finish the basement bathroom.

  • Today, I laid my first brick by depositing some money into my emergency fund money bucket.

  • Daris H

    Today I used all my money that I’ve saved from not getting coffee this week and put it in my savings account! It actually felt great!

  • onbecomingmyself

    I am fortunate in that the only flaw on my my fico score is my utilization percentage. One of my goals is to eliminate my credit card debt. Today I will look into creating another stream of income and dedicte that solely to debt elimation. (Paula)

  • Dainee Arias

    Today I will think Differently. My affirmation for today will be, I will be financially independent. I will be rich.

  • J4M2005

    Yesterday I opened an online savings account and entered into a budget worksheet all money spent in July, including credit card purchases. Today I will record all credit card balances into a spreadsheet, including the interest rates and how much is being charged in interest monthly.

  • Asherah Solomon

    I wrote down all negative accounts off credit report and made a visual plan toward financial freedom.

  • Today I will lay my first brick by emptying out my purse of change and putting it in my jar

  • Jackie Denise

    Today I will lay my first brick by transferring $10 to my savings account, and eating at home tonight. I often use the, “its Saturday, we should go out and eat.”

  • Housna

    I will consistently apply for mystery shops as another source of income.

  • salena

    all loose change will be deposited monthly to my money bucket along with $50.00 monthly

  • I took a step and after depositing a check from a client I deposited 10% into my savings towards my goal of $1000 in 90 days!

  • ElleRussSew

    Raise my credit score by 30 points by June 2016 by paying off all 5 credit cards, contributing at least 15% more to each monthly payment. My first brick is getting my FREE yrly credit report for review of errors or discrepancies.

  • Krystal Rosebud

    Today I started an automatic money transfer to my new savings account (day 4) that will help me to accumulate my savings account. specifically my goal to save $10k for savings and $4k for vacation. I did this with two of my checking accounts.

  • Jamilah Muhammad

    Today I canceled my gym membership that I’ve had for over a year and never used. This will save me $21 a month. Instead I will use online workout regiments and the DVDs that I already have to actually start a realistic work out routine that I can maintain. This seems small but it’s a big step for me toward my goal #1 of reducing bills and frivolous spending.

  • Lynda Lawrence- Earl

    Today I am going to start learning how to save and become debt free.. one step at a time..

  • Lynda Lawrence- Earl

    Well today, my goal is to pay off my student loan and become debt free by this time 2016. Have a lot of work ahead of me..

  • Shamika Creech

    I deposited $25.00 to my savings account towards the down payment for a new house. Not much, I know, but brick by brick I will get there.

  • Nafeesah Smiley Leverett

    I printed out my credit report and have made plans to knock of a few of those payments before the end of the year.

  • Stephanie Crews

    Laid my first brick by not picking up some fast food while I was out and ate at home. I put that money in my bank of change. That was hard to resist for me!

  • TruE

    I laid my first brick by saving my spare change

  • Tkm

    Today, I will drink the free work coffee, eat the breakfast and lunch I brought with me and prepare a meal at home tonight, this is my first and most important goal of reducing the amount of money I spend buying food

  • Jennifer

    Today I laid my first brick. I bought a change counter and have put over $30 in it and I have my children involved to help!

  • Jay Matty

    Today, I will make good use of one of the empty jars at home.

  • Sandy Eyl

    I redeemed my cash back bonus and put it into my online savings account

  • Monica Cornelius

    Today I am updating my accounts in Quicken 2014 Starter Edition. I am also going set up envelopes to help with budgeting.

  • Tamara McCants

    Putting spare change in a jar

  • Tracy Stewart

    M first step towards my financial freedom is to start saving $30 from my paychecks every two weeks. $20 goes in the travel bucket and $10 to m 6mth savings.

  • LaMonica Green

    I made a payment on my credit card…. Which will positively affect my goal of increasing my credit score!

  • Shantell James

    Every week I make my 17 year old son give me $20 from his part time job pay to “contribute to the household”, but to really teach him responsibility. I am saving that money toward my goal of saving $1000.00 by the end of this year.

  • Martina Walker

    I’m laying bricks by not eating out and meal planning. If only I could get back the cash I spent eating out 🙁

  • Tenese Barnett

    Today I will lay my first brick by utilizing my piggy bank instead of using it as decor.

  • Maria

    I paid off my Home Depot card. Feeling good with my baby steps. Thank you Lord!

  • ciciACE08

    Week ,1 day 6: I am a little behind as I have been away at a conference. However, today my extra step was opening a digit account. I also made a commitment to start the 52 week money savings challenge.

  • Stacy Debose

    Start my $5 challenge, depute errors of old things off my credit report, pay on some debt till paid off.

  • So Gee

    Today I start working on my TOP THREE ACCOUNTS: MENTAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL. MENTALLY by reading any literature that helps me develop the areas in which I am limited in knowledge (money, streams of income, investing). PHYSICALLY, exercise, eating clean, being of service. SPIRITUALLY, praying and trusting that being in debt is not how my life-story will end.

  • Yuwan Harper

    I have opened both a digit and qapital account ad my simple and soon step towards 2 of my day 1 goals.

  • Gloria Pratt

    On day one, increase my credit score: I wrote my first round of disputes on yesterday, have them ready to be mailed today.

  • Summer

    Day 6 Week 1 of the LRC, “Do Something” I paid off my capital one credit card..woohoo! I am free of all credit card debt. Next I plan to continue to build my savings and then my other bigger debts (House mortgage & student loans).

  • Sharon Sanders

    Today, I will subscribe to the Digit app and start saving more with the use of all this change I carry around in my purse and car.

  • April Woodton

    Today I will lay my brick by continuing to put my spare change in my piggy bank and not touching it.

  • Taylor Sims

    Today I received my check. By this morning I paid all my bills. Even paid between one dollar to 100 dollars extra on credit cards. Put $50 in my online savings account and $50 in my allowance account.

  • Mya Firepower Bowman

    One of my goals is to payoff 2 retails cards by May 2017. I cancelled an unutilized membership and will use 1/2 of that to put in online savings and other half to pay towards balance on cc to payoff sooner. I also went to a store where I have a charge card to pick up an order and normally I will buy more but this time although tempted due to an awesome sale they had going on, I practiced discipline and didn’t buy anything. I went in and came out with no extra debt! 🙌🏽

  • Imani Gregory

    today i put an extra $5 in my MMA account

  • Imani Gregory

    Today I worked an extra 3 hours of OT

  • Layla

    I downloaded the Mint apps to help me budget while I’m on the go!

  • Tammala Boyd

    Today I am downloading digit. The only thing is that I’m stuck in the process. I’ve been waiting for the past 20 minutes for Digit to text me the code that’s needed to proceed. I even went back in and reentered my phone number thinking that I entered it wrong. Hmmmmm……did anyone else experience this?

    • Keke Houston

      my code came through right away. i signed up yesterday. may need to uninstall/install.

  • Jessica Greene

    I opened a high yield savings account and digit account. Before the end of the day I will set all bills on automatic payment.

  • Charita Rogers

    Today I reviewed all the daily tasks of week 1. It bothered me that I had not completed the money bucket task. In reviewing, I realized that I had an account that fit the description but the terms MMA and money bucket was not clicking for me. I found the login info, reviewed goals from day 1 and made the transfer!!!!!

  • Sonia Burnett

    Today I am turning in two of my 3 cable boxes to cut back. I will be saving $24/month which will go towards my goal of saving for a vacation w/ my daughter

    • Delanda Jo

      I’ve been wanting to this for the longest time (getting rid of cable) but I’m always considering other family members. Good for you and enjoy your vacation.

  • Linda Duncan

    I have set up payment plans for my two credit cards. I’ve done the math; if i stick to my budget, I’ll be out of debt sooner than I thought was possible! Feeling liberated!

  • Dominique Tha’Mrs Whitaker

    I will not purchase my $9 cup of coffee from Starbucks daily… from now on I will take my cup to work or make some at work.

  • Nahema Carty

    I tried opening a digit account, but I don’t think they have my bank, so that’s a no go. Today, after discussing with my coworkers about how they save money, I’ve decided to start a 20s box. We are servers and all of our money is in cash tips, so it’s easy to spend it all. My two coworkers have a 20s box, where every time they work, they HAVE to put $20 away in a box they promise not to touch, until they need to. I think it is a great idea, and I plan on starting doing this starting today!

    • Nahema Carty

      Oh and I’m going to put the money toward my travelling budget

  • Jatika Expose’

    I signed up for Digit today. I try to save a little on my own, but having this takes the hassle out of the little savings that add up.

  • Celia McKoy

    Cancelled Netflix today. Tomorrow I will reactivate my automatic savings account from which no withdrawals can be made before 21 months.

  • Renae Myrie

    I laid my first brick by cooking dinner at home to serve for the week instead of buying take out.

  • Betty Wright

    Today I will lay my first brick by saving all of my spare change and not buy fast food. I will cook and eat at home

  • Rebecca Hanks

    I love those videos of Will Smith building a wall. I can see how this applies to getting myself financially secure. I already do save my pocket change in a bottle. I am able to save a little more toward the Money bucket.

  • Tanisha Arthur

    Saving all change in a jar since I usually pay cash for things I get change everyday easy way to start saving since I have change just laying around