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Week 1: Saving Mindset

This Week’s Goal: To overhaul the way you think about saving by changing your Saving Mindset.


Today’s Easy Financial Task: Choose your savings goals, write them down, and share them with someone.

How to rock this task:

  •   List up to three specific savings goals.
  •   Post them in a place you’ll see daily like on the fridge.
  •   Share your goals with me or a friend.

Welcome to your first day of the LIVE RICHER Challenge: Savings Edition!

This week we’re tackling your Saving Mindset. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; if you don’t have the right tools, attitude, or knowledge about saving, you won’t be able to stack your coins.

For the first day of this Challenge, I want you to identify your specific savings goals. For example, “I want to save $600 in six months”. Write your goals down and place them somewhere where you will see them every day to keep them in the forefront of your mind. Then share them with someone you trust. Feel free to share them in the COMMENTS below vs emailing me. I’d love to read them.

For your goals to be most effective, make sure they answer these three questions:

1) What? (“I will save $600.”)

2) When? (“I will save $600 by October 16th.”)

3) How? (I will save $600 by October 16th by reducing my phone bill and packing my lunch for work each day.”)

I’ve partnered with my amazing friend, Tonya Rapley of MyFabFinance to create the ultimate goal sheet. You can get your FREE copy The-2016-Goal-Sheet.


What’s next? Choose an accountability partner or partners. I highly recommend that you choose a partner or organize a group of people who are also participating in the Challenge so you can work together through the tasks.

If you can’t find anyone, reach out to other Dream Catchers (the name I’ve given folks that are working on the Challenge). You can find us at our private Dream Catcher’s group. If you’re not yet a member join us HERE:

One last thing, if you haven’t already, make and share your I AM SAVING FOR meme here:  It works best in Google Chrome on your computer. Make it your profile picture on Facebook today and share it on your social media platforms. Use #iamsaving for and #livericherchallenge & tag me so I can see, @TheBudgetnista.


Why is Day 1’s task so important?

1) Putting your goals on paper gives them power.

2) Keeping them somewhere visible serves as a constant reminder.

3) Sharing them with others will hold you accountable (you can share them in the comments below as well vs. emailing me) 


So, let’s get to it! Write down your goals, identify your accountability partner, and share what you’re saving for with your network and with me in the comments vs. emailing them.

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Live richer,

Tiffany The Budgetnista

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  • Chivonne

    I will save 3000
    I will save 3000 by June 2016
    I will save this by putting aside 500 dollars of my child support money. I will bring my lunch to work each week. I will cook more at home and not eat out but once a week. I will decrease cable and cell phone bills.

  • Adonya

    I will save 10,000 by Jan 1,2016 to get back on my feet and buy a home for my son and I by shopping less, taking my lunch, and no impulse buying
    I will put 1000 in my secret account when I get my tax refund to start investing in myself
    I will save 500 dollars in change and ones by August and use that to but birthday gifts/throw my sons birthday party

    • LaToya

      We are going to reduce/eliminate impulse shopping together. #accountability #community

      • Adonya

        Iet’s go for it!

    • Thanks for sharing your goals today, @disqus_JEP7gY5c3i:disqus!

  • LaToya

    I will save $2600 by January 2017 by putting aside $50 per week. I commit to reducing how much I eat out each week. I also plan to reduce my impulse spending.

    • Stick with your plan @disqus_ksV1S6XkgC:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Leslie Nia Reese

    I will save $5000 by January 2017 by completing the 52-week savings challenge. I commit to (finally) using my savings account to save money, a checking account for bills, and another account for other spending.

  • Gabrielle

    I will save $11,000 by June of 2016 by packing my lunch for work ($500 per month), cancel extra insurance policy ($22 per month), and limit impulse spending by $100 for personal items.

  • Jaqlyne Gabrielle Grant

    I will save $2500 by March 31st by buying groceries for lunch and dinner instead of eating out because I’m already out and not buying any new clothes.

    • @jaqlynegabriellegrant:disqus, thanks for sharing your goals! Down with impulse buying – live richer!

  • Jere Jennings

    I will save $600 by June 1 by cutting the cable and not spending unnecessarily or eating out.

    • Great cuts to gain those goal accomplishments @jerejennings:disqus!

  • Ebony Randle

    Good Morning, I would like to save $1500 by December for my kids Christmas. And I would like to also save $750 by June 15th for a summer vacation. My monthly income is 400, so I am also looking for some tips for stay at home moms. (Work sites) Thank You

    • @ebonylovingivoryisis:disqus, if you’ve joined the private FB group – use the search box to find work from home resources. I hope this helps. Thanks for sharing your goals!

      • Ebony Randle

        Thank You.

  • Marjie

    I will save Atleast $15,000 by December 2016 for a house by bringing my lunch everyday to work and stop my impulse spending. I will not dip into my savings acct for anything and purely use my checking acct. I will use two different saving methods.

  • Laura D

    I will save $2500 by June 2016 by packing lunches and eating out less for dinner.

  • Benetta Pyatt

    I will save $2000 by May 27th by not eating out and not spending unnecessary. Only cooking at home and not shopping in addition to taking my lunch to work.

  • Tanisha T.

    I will save $1000 by March for my emergency fund, $3200 by August for my trip to Italy and $5000 by December for my savings. I have 3 different savings accounts that I’m participating in a savings challenge with!

    • @Tanisha T., great goals & time frames to accomplish them! Live richer!

  • ShaQuilla Bell

    I will save at least $300 a month beginning January 2016

    I will save $5,000 by January 2017 by sticking to a “Save $5K in a Year” savings plan

    I will commit to having a savings account for SAVING and a separate checking account for bills and everyday expenses

    I will work to eliminate impulse spending by creating and sticking to my budget, ensuring that I am creating financial freedom for myself and not having to borrow money or overdraft my account

    • Thanks for sharing @shaquillabell:disqus! Let’s live richer!

  • Theresa Bell

    I will save $670 by doing the bi-weekly penny challenge by December 31,2016.

  • Teresa

    I will save $800 by July 2016. I will stop eating out and will plan my spending. I will eliminate late payments.

    • Tonya

      Seems that is my issue late payments by poor budgeting when my job went part-time. now that I am full-time again hopefully I can start a new budget by paying on time now and getting my credit card paid off. But it was a must use at the time. Good luck!

    • Great @disqus_7MHsIU2aSR:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Benetta Pyatt

    I will save $2500.00 by June 2016 by not eating out and preparing my lunch at home. I will also reduce the amount I am paying in cable (50.00). I will reduce impulse spending by (150.00). I will also stick to a strick grocery budget by planning out my meals weekly.

    • You CAN do this @benettapyatt:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle Sutton

    I will save 1,000 by December 31st 2016. I will do this by cutting out eating out for lunch twice a month, and save 20 dollars a month, 10 per pay period out of my check.

    • @disqus_XU0W1KK9eh:disqus, thanks for sharing your great goal!

  • Jean

    I will save $650 by July2016 by cutting out eating out so much and no impulse spending

    • Teresa

      Our goals are real similar! We can do it

      • Jean

        Yes we can!!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your saving goal @Jean!!! Live richer!

  • Shawn Hill

    I will save 20,000 by December 31, 2016 by increasing my business and using the profits to fund my savings account.

  • Sheva Dabey

    I am doing several money challenges so i wil be saving total of $3000 by December 31, 2016 to help reach my goal in purchasing a home in 2017.

    • That’s a great goal @shevadabey:disqus!

      • Sheva Dabey

        I am so glad that I found this group – i can finally break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck – finally as I get closer to reaching my goals I can pass on my knowledge to my son – which like his mom any money burned a hole in my hand when i got it – thanks so much!!!

  • Tiffany Chalmers

    I will save $1000.00 by July 15th 2016. I will do this by packing my lunch and breakfast for now on. Every pay period putting at least $50.00 to the side and don’t touch.

  • Camille

    I will save $1,000 in by 7/8/2016 by decreasing impulse buys and sticking to my budget. I have opened new checking account to dedicate solely to bills and have prearranged a set amount to be taken from my primary checking and put into my savings.

    • @disqus_9rSv5FsurR:disqus, thanks for sharing your saving goal!

  • Teja H

    I am currently planning/paying for a wedding and paying off my remaining student loan debt. My saving plans are not grand but as Luke 16:10 states “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” I pray that my goals teach me how to save larger!

    1. I plan to sign up for Digits today and use this tool to save any extra change I may have.

    2. I plan to save $348, the amount of money I spent on coffee at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks as well as spending money buying food at work last year in 2015. I plan to save this amount by June saving $58 a month starting this month.

    3. I plan to not take money out of my BOA savings all year and let my automatic $25 a month add up. By the end of the year I will have $300.
    4. I plan to contribute to my Vanguard fund every month as well.

    As of now, I will have $648 saved by the end of the year. We will see how much Digits will add to that. If I get this new Job, I plan to make increased adjustments to my savings.

    • @teja_h:disqus, thanks so much for sharing. It’s the management of what you have – that matters, not the amount! Work your plan!

  • Ania Otto

    I will save $1000 by May 31st by packing my lunch for work and only buying things that I need.

  • Keyna Mance

    I will save $200 by June 1st. I will do this by opening up an online savings account and depositing money every time i get paid.

    • Great goal @keynamance:disqus, thanks for sharing it, here!

  • Aaron Oliver

    I will save $5000 by Dec.31st, 2016 by budgeting appropriately, spending less on eating out/shopping and consistently fund my savings accounts

  • Dee Cade

    1. Save 5k by the end of the year
    2. Save for my startup fund consistently throughout the year
    3. Save for a special treat for myself each month.

    • ooooo. When I see the word start-up it gets me excited. Congratulations in advance

      • Dee Cade

        Thank you! Best of wishes on your journey as well!

    • Those are great goals @deecade:disqus! It’s important to reward yourself and have some fun with what you save!

  • Kara Johnson

    I will save $3500 by November 1, 2016 in time for the holiday season. I get paid bi-monthly (twice a month). I will have $175 transferred from my checking account into my holiday savings account at my credit union every 15th and 30th of the month. This equals to 20 transfers starting on January 15th- October 31st. $175 x 20 deposits = $3500.

    • It sounds like you have your plan down @disqus_nGJPE15jwa:disqus! Way to go!

    • Tasha

      I love your game plan. You can do anything you set your mind to you. Good luck. God bless you.

    • Angela Presley

      how are you doing with your goals

  • Bri Most

    I will savev $500 by July 2016 by saving $25 each pay period and utilizing my Digit Savings account.

  • Bre Alexanderia

    I will save 1000.00 (if not more) by August 2016 by remembering to pay myself first and putting money in my savings account no matter what.

    • That’s a great way to save! Put yourself first @brealexanderia:disqus !

    • Lisa Bristow Allen

      I think this is a good principle and my mom used to do this one as well. Good Luck!

  • Danielle

    I will save $5k by Dec 31, 2016 by budgeting my “take-home” money better, including minimizing eating out online shopping frenzies!

  • Angela Edwards

    i will save $1500 by December 2016 by being more aware of my mindless spending, being more strict with my budget, giving myself allowance and sticking to it no matter how difficult it may be

  • Michelle

    I will save $1000 by the end of March 2016 by saving $150 per pay period using automatic deposits.

    • Michelle

      I meant to put $900 savings goal by March 2016.

    • Thank you for sharing @disqus_rBs4EgS9F8:disqus!!!

  • LaToya M

    I will save $1000 by Jan 31, 2016 by budgeting, using the envelope system, and automated saving.

  • Lamorea Stanton

    Good morning!! Is there a specific link I can send to friends who want to join the Challenge?

  • Sen

    I will save $1000 by May 31st by depositing $100 per pay period automatically into a savings account.

  • Kim

    1. I will save an additional $1000 in my emergency fund by October
    2. I will use my Digit savings to purchase stock each time I save $100
    3. I will use the $5000 money savings challenge to pay my interest free credit card by year end, $3500. Anything left over will be used for holiday expenses.

  • Diannellkarmynmeme Williams

    I will save 500.00 by March of 2016 my goal is put a down payment on an event that I am planning for my daughter. Having a mind set on spending less.

    • YES, it all starts in the mind @diannellkarmynmemewilliams:disqus!

  • Tonya

    I will save $1000 in six months and $2000 by Dec. 2016. I have opened a savings account inn my Dad’s name in which $25 will go into each pay date, I have enrolled in Digit, I have reduced my daughter’s allowance, I will reduce my cell phone by getting prepaid instead of contract and will let my daughter be responsible for her cell bill and I am starting the 52 week challenge only difference is I will do every 2 weeks as I am paid instead of weekly.

    • @Tonya, you’ve shared great ways to cut down on spending! Thanks!

  • Diane

    I will save $5000 by the 12/28/16.
    I will pay off at least 2 credit cards by the end of this month and once those two are saved use the snowball method to pay off another credit card for the next two months.

  • Whitney Hampton

    I will save $5500 by 12/31/16 by saving $500 a month. I opened an account with my company credit union to have the money automatically deposited in that savings account. I will spend only what I need to pay in bills, gas, and food. I am working on reducing the amount of bills I currently have. I will also continue to put $75 a paycheck aside in my normal savings account, which will give me an additional $1,800 by 12/31/15.

  • Shauna Dennis

    I will save $5000 by December 2016. I plan to eat out less, track my spending and have automatic deductions from my checking to my savings accounts.

  • Michelle

    1. I will save 3000 dollars for Christmas gifts by Nov
    2. I will put 10% from every amount of money that I receive into my savings
    3. I will put 5% from every amount in my rainyday/emergency fund

    • Great plan to reach each one of your goals @disqus_rBs4EgS9F8:disqus!

  • Delicia Waller

    I WILL save 1,500$ by May 31st 2016 by making my lunch and creating a budget and sticking to it and 4,000$ in my savings account by taking 15% of my check and depositing it into my savings account by the end of the year!

  • Ricki Malone

    I will save $500 by June to take a trip with my son by taking a small amount of money from my paycheck each week and find ways to downsize my high cell phone bill.

    • Great @rickimalone:disqus, enjoy your trip in June!!!

      • Ricki Malone

        Thank You! My son’s bday is in June and last year we went on a cruise but I didn’t save like I wanted to so this year I want extra money to have fun.

  • AEB

    1. I will pay all credit card debt by June 2016.
    2. I will save at least $2,800 by June 2016.

    • Have a plan to meet your goals @disqus_29D80I4Pzf:disqus; a how-to action plan to keep you on course!

  • Sugar Hill

    I will save $5000 by Dec.31st 2016. I will downsize cable, search for cheaper insurance and be more mindful of spending on wants vs need.

    • Thanks for sharing your goals @disqus_KSfXTaufdr:disqus! Let’s live richer!

  • Barbara Moore

    1. I will save $600 by October 1st by only eating out 1-2X a week and reducing unnecessary spending.
    2. I will start my retirement savings by using overtime money and unspent funds by December 1st.
    3. I will start saving for our first home by using automatic plans by July 31st.

    • Great goals @disqus_KKXGmHGYUz:disqus!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jun1

    I will save $1000 in my emergency fund by March 2016 and a total of $3000 by Junexpected 2016 by by spending less and budgetting.

  • KLS

    1. I will save $1000 by January 31st.
    2. I will raise my credit score to around 700 by August 1st.
    3. I will saves upwards of $5000 by September 1st for my first home purchase.

    I will complete these goals by cutting back on eating out, sticking to a spending plan, and saving extra income that doesn’t come from my employer.

    • @disqus_f7PJvRjjNS:disqus, thanks for sharing! You have great goals!

  • Takiya

    1. I will save $5000 by December 31st by ensuring I pay myself first every pay period.
    2. I will reduce credit card debt by 50% by December 31st by arranging payment plans.
    3. I will save money for travel and other things each month by finding deals.

  • Letitia Hughes

    1. I will save $2500 for my Emergency Fund by December 31, 2016 with weekly savings.
    2. I have signed up for Digit
    3. Every time I have loose change I will add it to my savings jar and cash out in 6 months and then again at the end of the year and add that to my savings.

    • These are great @letitia_hughes:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • MNS

    1. I will save 6000.00 by 12/31/16 by packing my lunch daily and sticking to a spending plan.
    2.I will pay off credit card by 6/2016 by putting second income toward bill.
    3. I will put money aside for my family vacation by using my secondary income.

  • EarthAngel Writings

    I will save $4,000 for relocation by 5/1/2016 by not eating out, couponing, freelance writing, blogging and obtaining a part-time job outside of home!

    • All the best on your goals. Where do you do your freelancing?

    • You are working @earthangelwritings:disqus & it will pay off!

  • Jay

    1. I will save $3,000 towards my emergency savings by December 31, 2016. 2. I will decrease my debt by $2,085 by December 31, 2016. 3. I will increase my retirement contribution by 2% by December 31, 2016.

  • Karen Julien

    I will save $1000.00 by our cruise in September 2016. I will do this by cutting out impulse spending and only purchasing what I REALLY need. I will do this by saving all the checks from my PT job into an account that I do not have access to.

  • Tajuna Sledge

    I will save $10,000 by the end of the year by reducing my credit card debt and packing my breakfast and lunch for work everyday

    • Great @tajunasledge:disqus! Make the daily decision to reach your goals!

  • Woma Felix

    I will save $2500 dollars by 12/31/16. I will do this by taking out $100 dollars from each paycheck and transferring it into my savings. I will double the amount that is going into my CD each paycheck, and not touch it when it opens up in September- adding an extra $2500 to what I have saved up. I will create a budget to better monitor my spending, starting with cutting out eating outside of the home except for on occasion.

  • Ashley Cadwell

    I will save $3.900.00 by the end of the year 2016 by automatically transferring $150.00 bi-weekly to my Credit Union Savings account. 150.00 x 26 pay periods = $3900.00 to be used as an emergency/travel fund. I also plan on reducing my spending for “Wants” and “eating out” to help keep additional money on hand and not have to into my savings account before I reach my goal!

    • Thanks for sharing your savings goals, today @Ashley Cadwell!

  • LatoyaB

    1. I will save $190.00 every 2 weeks to go towards my family Disney Trip for Christmas 2016
    2. I will use my income tax money to pay off my hospital bills in collections
    3. I will save $5000.00 by December 2016 from the 52 week challenge

  • Keda

    I will save $2,000 by July 2016 and I will do this by cutting back from eating fast food as well as making a promise to pay myself first!

  • Tiffany Taggart

    I will save $5,000 by the end of 2016 by following the 52-week money challenge

    I will save $1,000 towards Christmas gifts for family and loved ones by November 2016

    I will save $1,000 for my emergency savings fund by June 1, 2016

    To achieve these goals I will cut eating out and excessive spending on clothes and shoes. I will also reconfigurate my budget to see how much I need to set aside from each check

    • You have a great name @tiffanytaggart:disqus!!! You have great goals, too!

  • Cherise Gaddy

    I will save $850.00 in six months, by paying myself first. “Taking care of the old me in the young me”- Tiffiany Aliche

  • Cheryl Allen-Hardy

    I will save $1200 by September 2016, I’m putting more in my savings & Roth accounts, making my lunch in lieu of eating out daily. I’ve paid off a credit card, working on the other. Before making a purchase, I ask myself if it’s a necessity.

    • You’ve already implemented great steps! Keep doing it @cherylallenhardy:disqus!

  • Teisha Hull

    I will save $1500 by September 1, 2016. I will save $1500 by reducing my cable bill and eating out several times a week.

    • @Teisha Hull, this sounds like a doable plan to me. Live richer!

  • Shunnell TwinMommiebear Lewis

    I will save $1000 by December 31st by an Emergency Fund.
    I will save $500 by June 30th for a vacation.
    I will save $200 by May 30th for a shopping fund.
    I will do all this by bringing my breakfast and lunch, budgeting, and no impulse buying.

    • Great goals @shunnelltwinmommiebearlewis:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Eliese

    I will save 1200 by July , I will transfer a 100 dollars per paycheck(Biweekly) .I will do so by reducing my cable bill and eat out only on weekends. I will always put money in my saving account no matter what happens .

    • YES @Eliese, be intentional about your saving – make it a priority for you!

  • Jayne

    I will save $3,000 by 12/31/16.
    I will pay off 2 credit cards by 6/1/16.
    I will save $50 a month towards a vacation fund.
    I will achieve this by limiting my spending on food, clothes, shopping and budgeting better.

    • Great action steps you’ve shared to meet your goals @disqus_pWNFFxg5XT:disqus! Let’s live richer!

  • Tonya Fleming Grayson

    I will save $1000 in 90 days by putting back $175 per pay period for 3 months. I will save $5,000 in 1 year by following the savings chart.

    • Great savings goals @tonyafleminggrayson:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle Boisselle

    1. Save at least $200 in Units by the end of March 2016 by cutting down on buying lunches outside.
    2. Start saving using the 52 week challenge by January 4th.
    3.Get a job by February 28th 2016 to increase my saving potential.

    • You will do this @michelleboisselle:disqus!!! You’re ready to live richer!

  • Christo K. Irias

    1. Work on Credit disputing items on my report and
    paying credit cards by May 2016.

    2. Save at least 3K by December 2016

    3. Start an Annuity Account January 2016

    I plan on accomplishing this by only purchasing the bare necessities
    my family need to live. I also plan cutting off the cable and using our Netflix
    and Hulu membership. Lastly I will teach Saturday school every other Saturday for
    additional income.

    • Increasing your income will definitely help you @christokirias:disqus! Work your plan!

  • Rachel Telfort

    I will pay off my car loan of approximately $6000 by the end of the year by doing the 52 week money challenge. I will limit eating out and bring lunches to work. I will cook home meals for dinner to decrease spending. I will increase the deductions going into my second credit union account from $50 to $100 biweekly.

  • shanti welch

    For the new year, I increased my 403 contribution by 2% for retirement, I am also doing the savings challenge which should net $1729.00 ($2.00). I have $25 going into a savings account. I will pay all of my bills and living expenses out of my full-time check and use my second income to payoff credit card bills.

    • You are definitely making ways to live richer – thanks for sharing @shantiwelch:disqus!

  • Lon Donson

    I will save $10,000 for a downpayment/new home expenses for my first home,
    by December 31, 2016. $5,000 will come from my employment income and $5,000 will come from my business. I created a zero based spending plan for every month of 2016. The savings is on auto-transfer from my checking account each month. More importantly I am doing daily spiritual work (meditating, praying, reading) this entire year to keep my mind, body & soul aligned with my goals.

    • These are great goals @lon_donson:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • deja gordon

    I will pay credit card debt by March 2016 and I will put money toward an emergency fund. I plan on doing this by only buying the necessities, stop eating out and impulse spending, using coupons, and paying myself first.

    • You have some gems there in how you’ll implement action to reach your goals @dejagordon:disqus!

  • Jalisa

    I will save 5000 by the end of the year December 31,2015 for my emergency fund. I will for the 12 month 5k savings plan.

  • Nett

    I will save $2080 by December 30, 2016 by not touching the $80 I already have going to a separate account.

    • YES to consistency @disqus_0ymTRomL9g:disqus!!!

      • Nett

        It’s a must. Play time is over. It’s doable. Downgrading cable and also cell phone service…

  • Sandy Eyl

    I will follow the one week budget book to increase the monthly amount I can put in Savings (up to half of my paycheck).

    I will follow the 52 week challenge and put away $6000 for vacations

    I will put my third paycheck in March and any bonus I get right into savings for later investment.

    • Forward thinking @sandyeyl:disqus! I LOVE that! Enjoy those vacations!

  • Kenya Lovett

    1. I will save $4000 by Oct 1 2016 for a vacation in Dec instead of charging like I always do by not buying my lunch everyday at work and saving 5% of each paycheck in a separate Barclays account.

    2. I save $3000 by Dec 31 2016 for investment purposes by saving an additional 5% of each paycheck.

    • @kenyalovett:disqus, these are goals that you can accomplish! Thanks for sharing your plan to do so! You’re on your way to living richer!

  • Kimberly Wilson Mears

    I will pay off my $600 Master Card by April 30, 2016, I will also save $2000 by June 30, 2016.

    • Your mind and time table is set! @kimberlywilsonmears:disqus, you can do this!

  • Porche Tempest

    1.)It us my goal to have nothing less the $500 in a savings account for an emergency fund.
    2.) I would love to start an account for my child as well
    3.) I want to save 1,000 by July 4, 2016 (and continue to save on top of that throughout the year)

    • @porchetempest:disqus, do you have a specific date for your first goal? Sometimes, setting a time frame can hold us accountable. Great goals! Thanks for sharing!

  • Teresa

    We’ll we’re gonna buddy up & make a change!! We can do this- I’m gonna have to autopay & stop that “just in case” mentality,

    • @disqus_7MHsIU2aSR:disqus, that “just in case” is a killer to meeting goals. That’s why we want to start the challenge with addressing our savings mindset – it matters!

  • LaBrenda Breezy Slayton

    I will save $700 to pay down my credit card in 6 months by having money automatically deposited into my online savings account each pay period.

    • Work that plan @labrendabreezyslayton:disqus! You can do it!

  • Amber Hurley

    I will save $1000 in 5 months (by the end of June 2016) by not withdrawing my already set up auto deposit of $200 monthly to my savings account.

    • @amberhurley:disqus, this sounds like a sure plan to meet your goal! Awesome!!!

  • Monet Wade

    I will begin putting $25.00 a month in my roth ira. I opened this several tax seasons ago and
    never put anything in it. I will have it
    direct deposited from my bank account starting with my paycheck this week.

    I want to have at least $2000 in my emergency fund by the
    end of 2016.

    I want to have my capital one credit card decreased in half
    by the end of 2016.

    I want to attempt the 52 week challenge saving $5.00 a week
    with half the money going towards one of the above goals and half for a

    • If you have a plan, working it won’t be hard @Monet Wade! Great goals and plan to accomplish them!

  • Cassandra Newton

    1. I will save $5,000 by the end of this year for my emergency fund. I will do this by allocating this money first from my paycheck before anything else, cutting out excessive/ unnecessary shopping trips and spending as well as cut out frequent fast food visits.
    2. Save $2,200 for my trip to Dubai, saved by the end of October. I will do this pay allocating 5% of my check and doing freelance design/CAD jobs for clients.

    • @cassandranewton:disqus, your multiple streams of income will definitely help you in reaching your goals. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mildred Ward

    I will save $1000 in 90 Days. I get paid bi-weekly and I plan to save $150 per pay check I also plan to use a small part of my other income to complete this saving task.
    I will also find other ways to increase my income.
    I will open up a savings account.

    • @mildredward:disqus, these are great goals that I’m sure you can reach! Thanks for sharing.

  • Gwen

    I will save 1200 by the end of year for my emergency fund. I will save and not touch it.

    • @Gwen, saving and not touching is the discipline needed to live richer & you’re ready for it! YAY!!!

  • LaTonya Wesley Ward

    I will save $1000 or more by not touching my savings account that has$100 automatically deposited to it. I will pay off all store credit cards (total $2250) by Dec 2016.
    I will do this by reducing some of my entertainment such as cable, and extras not planned for so that money goes toward my debt and savings

    • @latonyawesleyward:disqus, awesome plan to reach your goals to save and pay down debt!

  • Ashley Thomas

    I will save $1000.00 by April 30th by eating out less.

    • YES @disqus_J7XiOXZZgy:disqus! Eating out consistently does cost!

  • Virginia Johnson

    I will save $5000 or more by November 30th 2016. My goal plans are to create an emergency fund, save for a family vacation and pay down credit card debt. To get started, since online shopping is one of my downfalls, I will unsubscribe from store emails and delete shopping apps, leave my credit cards at home and pack my lunch at least 4 out of 5 days.

    • I love that @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus! Eliminating those triggers/temptations will help you with meeting your goals!

  • Ahsj’a St. George

    I will save 3000 by September 30 by putting at least $84 per week into a savings account; I will pay off my $600 credit card by March 30 by making $50-$60 payments per week

    • Put that plan to work @ahsjastgeorge:disqus! It’ll work!

  • Mersula Franklin

    I will save $1000 by 10/01/2106 by opening a savings account at Credit Union to deposit $23 each pay and keep untouched for emergency fund. …I will pay off credit card balances by 05/01/2016 by paying $50 each pay on each card, this will improve my credit score and increase my disposable income…I will open a retirement savings account and deposit $4 this week increasimg amount deposited in $4 increments each week to save over $5000 by 01/01/2017 to use for travel when retired.

  • Cortney Bellamy

    I will save $3500 by June 2016 to help buy my son a car and pay off some bills. I will manage this by cutting back on eating out, doing better with grocery shopping and picking up extra hours.

  • Sha aka Cleo

    I will save $1,000 in my emergency fund June 2016 by sticking to my budget so I don’t have to dip into my savings every month to cover bills. I am using digit to ensure regular savings and I will allocate at least 1% of my income to savings gradually increasing to 10% by the end of the year.

  • Candace

    I WILL save $4000 by December 31, 2016. I am saving for my future as my job does not offer a 401K plan. I will take all my wages from my part time job and some from my full time job and put them into a savings acct that I don’t have easy access to. It will be done in Jesus’ name.

  • Dwayne Evans

    1. I will )save 3,900/by12/31/16/by saving $1″5 a day for 52 wks/for retirement & investment purposes.
    2. Work towards fixing my credit/by6/30/16/by obtaining my credit report & making arrangements to pay it or settlement amount/to improve my credit score.
    3. Save the profits from my vending machine/by12/31/16/by depositing the profit into a savings account/to help pay down or off revolving debt.

  • Cindy Cox

    We(my husband and I) will save $2000 by May 1st 2016😊 We’l accomplish this by paying ourselves first, making wiser decisions about eating out, couponing, selling our unused items online, saying no to family members looking for a handout, keeping a positive mindset about accomplishing our goals vs getting out of debt, shopping at thrift stores, not adding anymore expenses and lastly by praising God from whom all blessings flow.

  • Tammi Williams

    1. I will pay off my credit cards by December 31,2016 by not charging more and using money from second income.
    2. I will make extra car note payments by cutting cable and using that money.
    3. I will open a Roth IRA and contribute $45 a month by decreasing my hair appointments to once per month.

  • Carla Gibson

    I will save 3000 by December for emergency money by Limiting eating out to once a month and packing my lunch for work each day. I work long hours and tend to stop for fast food for the family instead of cooking a couple of times a week. I think this will show the kids a good example too. I don’t talk about finances with them and that’s not setting them up for success. This will help my budget and their future.

  • Latonia McInnis

    I will pay off my last loan ($2856) by Sept 2016, paying an extra $200 a month to it. That will increase my monthly payment to $450 a month. Once paid off I will use the extra income to build up my savings account. 🙂

  • Carolyn Day

    I will save $1000 by June 2016 to add to my emergency fund and pay off a small loan. I accomplish this by packing my breakfast and lunch saving $50 per week.

  • K.Diane

    I will save $3500 by December 31, 2016 by continuing my monthly automatic savings deduction (I’ve doubled the amount deducted for 2016) from my checking account to my online savings account. I will look for ways to save money (from my monthly budget) by using coupons and reducing my entertainment expenses. The amount of money I save will be deposited into my saving account at the end of each month.

  • Diana

    I will save $5000 by December 31,2016. This is my 1st step towards having at least 6months salary in the bank in case of emergencies.

  • Nadege Waithe

    I will save $3,000 by December 1st. I will first set up a direct deposit for savings like I’ve done in the past. I will use my supplemental income to pay off back debt and continue to exceed minimum payment on school loans.

  • Cicely Clinkscales

    I will save $2,000 by June 2016.
    I will save this money by putting all revenue from my crafting into a new bank account I will set up by the end,of this week. Also, I will commit to eating out less, and minimizing impulse purchases.

  • Charmaine Glover

    I will save $300 by March 31st, and how I am going to do it is cut back on buying breakfast and lunch daily. I have only $201.65 to save on a monthly basis.

  • Schivon Braswell

    -I will save $800 for a rainy day fund by December 31st, 2016 by directing the money I was spending on my Massage Envy membership towards my BOA savings account. I will also restrict my hair budget to no more than $50 every 8-12 weeks, using my google calendar to track my hair spending.

    -I wil save $500 towards a week-long birthday excursion by directing 1/3 of my income tax return to my short-term savings account.

    -I will open an IRA in July with at least $500 by stashing $25/week around the house beginning February 1, 201

  • Tanya Ward

    -Build an emergency fund of $2000 by September 2016
    -Reduce my weekly spending by bringing breakfast & lunch to work at least 3 days a week
    -Assist my 13 year to save $100 by March 2016

  • candace moore

    I will save $5000 by December 31 by making weekly deposits into my online savings account.
    I will save $600 or more by June 15 by eating at home at least 5 days a week.

  • Sharon Truiett

    I will save $1,000.00 by December 31, 2016 by launching my travel business (True Travel) in January and budgeting better and consistently.

  • Maya Nickerson

    I will save 2400 by December 2016 for a family vacation. I will make automated payments into my savings acct that I can’t easily withdraw from.

  • Alexis Allison

    I will save $5,000 by December 31st 2016 by paying myself first when I get paid every two weeks. I will do this by sticking to a strict budget and eat out less. I’m doing this to have more money in the bank.

    My saving goal for last year was $2,500.00 I’m eager to see $7,500.00 in my account.

  • demetria crenshaw

    I will save $3000 or more by December 2016. I will start saving instead of eating out as much and buying unnecessary things. I need to really get out of debt.

  • Nicole Ramseur

    I will save $4,000 by year end, December 2016. $3,000 will be strictly savings in addition to my 401k and $1,000 for emergencies. I will also work to get down as much debt as humanly possibly during the year. I will do this by being disciplined, reading & getting tips from others, investing (im taking a class) tithing, no more impulse shopping, getting counseling (because a lot of my shopping is emotional), creating other streams of income (like I love to decorate & create specialized pieces of furniture), be vigilant and lastly but not least PRAY!! Best wishes everyone! 😘

  • K.Diane

    I will save $3500 by December 31, 2016 by continuing my monthly automatic savings deduction (I’ve doubled the amount deducted for 2016) from my checking account to my online savings account. I will look for ways to save money (from my monthly budget) by using coupons and reducing my entertainment expenses. The amount of money I save will be deposited into my saving account at the end of each month

  • Towanda

    1) I will start an actual savings account. Im not sure how much yet but I will deposit at least 40 a month into my savings
    2) I will bring my credit score up to over 600 by June.
    3) I want to start a Christmas savings fund on March 1 and see how much I can save by Dec 1st so that I wont have to take out of my regular funds to buy Christmas gifts.

  • Delicia Lisa Hayes

    I want to save $600 by June in my on line bank account. I will apply for a secured credit card next month, and only use it to pay for gas and a gym membership. I will start packing my lunch to work instead of eating out.

  • amilli23

    I will contribute to my IRA 3% of my income pre tax by December 2016. I will do this by taking lunch from home and have the money automatically deducted from my paycheck.

  • Julie Green

    I plan to just start saving no matter the amt. I am saving for retirement and to put my 11yr. through Art school when she’s college bound. I don’t want to struggle anymore and I need to get my spending under control. Thank you!

  • Kacey-Marie Mullings

    I will save to complete the 52 week challenge twice and pay off my debt by December 31, 2016
    I will save for my emergency fund and to invest in my freelancing business

  • I will save $1,500 by Dec 31st by budgeting, eliminating my credit card debt, bringing bills up-to-date (no more late fees) and packing my lunch for work each day.

  • Michelle Wiley

    I will have a $1000 emergency fund by March 31; After that is done, I will apply those deposits into a vacation account to save for my family reunion in 2017 in California…I want to add a trip to Hawaii since I will be on the west coast

  • Kalisha Abercrombie

    Okay so my savings goals are as follows:

    1) What? (“I will save $1378.00”)

    2) When? (“I will save $1378.00 by December 31, 2016.”)

    3) How? (I will save $1378.00 by December 31st by brewing my coffee at home, by preparing lunch each day, and by depositing to my savings account every Monday the dollar amount equivalent to the week of the year for 52 weeks.”) ‪#‎MindsetMakeover‬

  • Cara Santiago

    1. Open up 2-4 more savings accounts for Investments, Travel/Fun, New Car, and Debt. (Preferably Online Acct.) -Due by 1/18/16
    2. Double the 52 week savings challenge this year from last year so save 2756 buy 12/31/16
    3. Boost my retirement to $30 to make it a even 15% of my salary but 1/18/16

    To do this I will cut my eating out budget by 25%, cancel 1 phone line for my child and have dad pay for it, and AUTOMATE MY PAYMENTS

  • Renata

    I will save 600 in 6 months by July 2016. I will pay myself crate and emergency fund. Send less for 6 months. Also clean out my closet to sell some items and put funds in a savings

  • I will save $1,500 for my record label by Dec 31st by budgeting, eliminating my credit card debt, bringing bills up-to-date (no more late fees) and packing my lunch for work each day.

  • Kirsten S.

    I will save an additional 50.00 (in addition to the minimum payments) every month towards having all of my credit cards paid off by 12/31. I will do this by packing my breakfast and lunch from home for work.

  • Melville

    I will save $500 by June 1, 2016 by skipping work luncheons, and dropping my uverse tv bill. I will bank what I would have spent on these two expenses in a new savings account.

  • Natosha foster

    I will save 3k by 6/30/16 by starting the 52 week challenge and selling at least one house from my new Real Estate career. I will deposit the profit into a high yielding savings account.

  • Erica Kaigler

    I will save $20 every two weeks no matter what. I will place that into my saving account with no intention of buying. I just want to begin a better saving lifestyle.

  • T. Jenel

    I want to save $10,000 by 12-31-2016 by saving $833 per month. I want to increase my contribution to my retirement fund to $200 a month by eating out less. I want to do the 52 week challenge and save $1,378 that will be my vacation fund by making the weekly deposits.

  • Shingirai Gadsden Sams

    I will save $300 for year 2016. I will save $300 by 12/04/2016. I will save $300 by 12/04/2016 by saving $27.28 for 11 months.

  • Angelique Marie Waller

    I will save $3000 each quarter by reducing the amount of times I eat out per week.

    I will contribute AT LEAST $100 per paycheck to my reserve (savings) account which goes towards travel.

  • Tia Marie

    December 2016 saving Goals:
    I will save $600 per month for a balance of $7,200 for emergency/saving account
    I will save $100 per month toward my $1,200 towards my yearly vacation fund.
    I will save $50 per month toward my Christmas fund of $600 yearly.

    I will pay off my credit by closing them one at a time. I will take three credit cards/debt into 2017. (Khols, 2Amazon, credit union).

    I will stick to a $150 monthly spending allowance.

    I will check in with my accountability partner and access my fiance every three month and as needed.

    I will practice discipline and decrease unnecessary spending.
    #takingcontrol #owningmypower

    • Tanya W

      Ms. Tia, do not close your credit card accts!! This will make your credit score drop…you lose valuable credit history….instead just pay them off and do not use them….

  • November

    I am happy to participate!

    I will save $1,200.00 by December 1, 2016 by saving $109.10 each month. I will set up a direct deposit to have this amount transferred into my holiday savings account before I get paid.

  • Kishea Mitchell

    I will save $1000 by June 4,2016 by not making any spontaneous purchases and giving into what I think the kids deserve to have. This will be aside from paying my tithes and offering and then myself first. This is the first step to building up my emergency fund. I am a single mother of 4 and have had a very hard time over the last couple of years. From eviction, to living with friends, being in a homeless shelter, car being stolen, laid off job of 9 1/2 years, in and out of the hospital and trying times remaining positive for my kids when looking into their very confused faces. And I am still at struggle getting back on my feet and trying to find a permanent job. But through it all I have remained prayerful, hopeful, and standing on God’s promises by remaining faithful.

  • Linetta B

    I will save $10,000 by December 31 2016 for emergency fund, save $2,000 by August 1, 2016 for Disneyland vacation, increase credit score to 700 by December 31, 2016. I will do this by sticking to the budget (no impulse buys), Set up direct deposit to my savings (pay myself first), work 1-2 extra shifts per month, plan meals each week/ eat out less (1-2 x a week), and learn about couponing to reduce grocery/household expense. I have 2 accountability partners.

  • Lucy C.

    Goal 1:
    I will save $1200 for a MacBook by September 1, 2016 (5 days prior to start of the fall semester for my MBA program). Have never had a quality PC and one like one for school/ work use. I will do this by paying myself first ($100) per month into my online Amex savings account + an additional $50 by cutting my home internet bill (and using the available wifi!). $150X8 = $1,200.

    Goal 2:
    I will save $350 for a small Christmas fund by November 25, 2016. I will do this by putting aside $35 per month ($35×10=$350).

  • Dorothy Parker

    1. I will save $1300 by December 31, 2016, by using the 52 week saving challenge. 2. I will pay off Romans and Jessica London accounts by June 30, 2016, by cooking at home and only eating out on Sundays after church. 3. I will open a second savings account not associated with my checking account or debit card for the 52 week saving challenge.

  • Maria831

    Goal #1 Save 2756 by Nov 2016 by using the 52/26 week challenges
    Goal#2 Read a book on investing by March 2016 and apply the knowledge by purchasing stock in Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google
    Goal #3 Pay off 2 smallest cc bills by June 2016 (chase and The Exchange)
    Goal #4 Allow DIGIT, ACORN, IBOTTA, shopkick, Walmart savings catcher, EBATEs to save me money while I shop and save for our future
    Goal #5 Extra income flow by taken on more substitute teaching assignments
    Goal #6 Pray over all my goals to allow GOD to move on my behalf as I put him first

    • Fruitbowlk

      Maria look into Loyal3 to purchase some of your stock. You can purchase a piece of stock shares for as little as $10.00.

      • Maria

        Thank you for the tip. I will check it out and make some moves. Again thank you for sharing.

      • Tasha

        Thank you so much, God bless you. I need this information.

        • ReaGlory Vele

          Where can I invest my money in?

      • Jasmine Dover

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      Hello. What is the 52/26 challenge?

  • Tandra Brooks

    I will save $6,000 by December 31, 2016. I will have $250directly deposited into a bank account that I am not currently using. I get paid twice per month so that’s $500/month x 12 months = $6,000.

  • Rhonda

    Yes! Like tithing but me mines first. Since I’m trying to bring the “current savings” positive and I have 8% auto deducted I will take at least 2% off the top from today forward.

    Thank you!

  • Rhonda

    Posted throughout my house: 1. Bring “current savings amount” out of the negative. 2. Increase amount in actual savings by at least 50%. 3. Take my daughter and myself to Senegal in July.

  • Stephania Alexis

    My short and long term financial goals:
    1. Pay off my credit cards
    2. Save for an income property down payment (20%)
    3. Build a saving fund for emergencies, investing and traveling

  • Tamara

    I will save 1200.00 hopefully more by December 2016 by paying myself when I pay my bills.

  • Veronica Outlaw

    I plan to save $5,000 by the end of the year but putting aside money each paycheck. I terminated the house phone, data plans on tablets, and DirecTv. I will stop eating at fast foods each morning and buying coffee. I need to pay off medical bills this year so hopefully this method will allow me to do that, as well as save.

  • Leticia Selmon

    My top goals thus far this year are:
    1. Open a business account by March 1, 2016. I ma not be open for business by then but I can begin building business credit history by opening a business account.
    2. Increase my cushion account/rainy day fund by $1500 by year end 2016.
    3. Increase my contribution in my kids savings accounts by $10 each by February 1, 2016.

  • Natasha Nutall

    Goal # 1-I plan to save $5000 by 12-31-16 in my Emergency Fund saving account.
    Goal #2- Set up a retirement saving account and start adding money to that every paycheck.
    Goal #3- Lower my bills every month by cancelling my cable and calling to see how I can lower my cell phone bill and internet bill as well so that I can save for my trip to Jamaica in September!!! Working 2 jobs and saving all this money that will be my treat to myself!!!!

  • Fruitbowlk

    I will save 1500 by the end of March by placing all of my pt job money in the bank.

  • Whitnee <3

    I will save $1378 by following the 52 week money challenge.
    I will save $100/month by moving to a new place with washer/dryer included when my lease is up in march. (Bye-bye rent-a-center)
    I will save $500 a month by taking my son out of daycare and putting him in headstart (free!)

  • Carolyn

    1. Save $7,600 by 12.31.2016 in an Emergency Savings Account that is not readily accessible and a $3,000 savings towards vacations with my children
    2. Work towards better bill management/payments which will ultimately help increase my credit score and relieve my debt and financial anxiety
    3. Create a plan to lower my monthly household bills

  • Dominique Devereaux

    I changed my goal settings a bit. I cut back on a few things and I calculated how much I will save just by doing this. Goat set for 6/1/16…Switch cell phone provider…I went from paying $200 month to $90 month=$110 Savings/month and for six months I will save $660 and that will go towards my down payment on my home. 2nd I took out a loan last year for $1000 and I was paying $65/bi-weekly to repay the loan. $130/month I was paying for the loan and now $130 is coming back to me=$780. $1440 I am saving for 6 months. That’s a lot of money!!!! Summer camp is always a major expense in my home and that money will go towards camp for one of my childrn.

  • Doretha Alterneice

    I will save $3500 by my son’s 13th birthday(May 14th). That is the remaining balance of my student loan…. Cant wait to get rid of that pain in my pocket.

  • Margo Beckham

    I’m late for Day 1: Savings Goal Challenge, but my goal is below
    I will save $1,500 by June 3, 2016 by savings $150-$200 from each paycheck. I can also have more money to save by reducing the amount I spend on food.

  • Le’Velle Parsons

    I will save an $600 if not more by June 2016. By saving $50/pp paying myself first.

  • JennaLee G

    1. Save $1,000 by paying myself first, goal date 8/16
    2. Work towards better bill management – payments/balances/budgeting – knowing what I owe, what I want to pay off, where to pay down – using the debt snowball – with the intention of being debt free.
    3. Get a better feel for all of my expenses and figure out how to use it more effectively towards my goal of being debt free – even if that means cutting out some training classes temporarily.

  • neceyluv

    I will save $1,000+ for my emergency savings account by 12/15/16 by NOT touching, for ANY reason, the funds I’ve already allocated to go there!

  • Lucinda

    Hubby & I would like to save short term & long term goals
    1) $600 by 3/2016 by cutting off cable
    2) Paying 10% tithe and ourselves first
    3) Have a saving of 20% for down payment on our first home
    4) Clean up our credit
    5) Stay connected to the group & my accountability partner when life tries to take over

  • Lauren Wilson

    My goal is to save 1,000 by June 1st 2016. I will achieve this goal by cutting back on unnecessary shopping, by bringing my lunch into work rather than buying lunch, and by saving any extra money that I have left over after all of the monthly necessities are taking care of. This money will be used to pay off my personal loan and furniture loan.

  • Sabrina Love

    I will save a minimum of $800 by Nov 2016 with a budget which I will strictly follow and save at least $20 each paycheck.

  • Tinyrj2

    I will save $1000.00 for general saving
    I will save it by July 31st
    I will reduce my weekly eating out bill.

  • Tinyrj2

    I will pay off my car faster by making $50.00 a week extra payments.
    I will start this Friday
    I will reduce my weekly eating out bill.

  • brittany hawkins

    I will shaven 5,000 by the end of the year!
    Pay off debt by Jun (about 3,000 worth)
    Start emergency savings acct by cutting back on unnecessary spending such as eating out!

  • Cheryl Patterson

    I will save $3,000 by 12/31/16 by paying off personal loans and not opening up new accounts. I will use those payments and deposit them into a savings account.

    I will save $2,000 for a Disney Summer vacation in 2017 for my daughter by cutting out paying for visits to the hair salon.

    I will save $1,000 for and Emergency Fund by 06/30/16 by taking $50 from sources of income I receive during the month as well as $100 from my paycheck at the end of every month.

  • Tiffany Smith

    1). Save as much money each day as there are days in a year. So for 1/1/16 – 0.01¢, 1/2/16 – 0.02, etc. Until Dec 31, 2016
    2). $25.00 every paycheck. 26 paychecks * $25 = $650.00 in Dec 2016

  • Marissa Jordan

    I just joined the LRC and I’m awaiting confirmation to join the FB group.

    1. My goal is to save $5000 by December 31, 2016
    2. Spend less money on food by sticking to a list when in the supermarket.
    3. Pack a lunch to take to work everyday

  • Nana

    I will save 5000 by December 2016 by doing the 5k saving challenge each week

  • LaToya Campbell

    I want to save $200 a month by automatically setting a transfer to my saving and emergency account this year

  • Regina

    I will save $2000 by June 2016 by reducing our grocery bill, eliminating buying anything that is not needed, selling new, unneeded items, and creating more income from my business.

  • Suze

    I Will save $1200 by December 31, 2016 by not buying lunch at work and bring my own (a total of $100 per month). I will also pay a loan of $1500 by June 15,2016 by not shopping for things I don’t need. I will also pay half of my credit card bills by the second week of December pay paying twice per month.

  • Lisa Bristow Allen

    I want to increase my emergency savings to $500.00 by July 2016. Secondly, I want to pay my bills on time. Thirdly, I want to pay off several large bill amounts and start a savings account for a down payment for a new home.

  • Shaterica Neal

    Goal 1: I will save 1800 for a savings account by Dec. 5, 2016 by taking 150.00 out of one check each month and depositing it into my credit union savings account.

    Goal 2: I will save 600 for an emergency account by Dec. 5, 2016 by taking 50.00 out of one check each month and depositing it into by bank’s savings account.

    Goal 3: I will save 900 for credit clean up and repair by Dec. 5, 2016 by taking 75.00 out of one check each month and depositing it into my secondary bank’s savings account.

    Goal 4: I will save 300 for my non-profit bank account by Dec. 5, 2016 by taking 25.00 out of one check each month and depositing it into my Project Black Heart, Inc. bake account.

    I did four goals, to challenge myself to lessen the excessive spending after paying bills. So now I will pay bills, then deposit goals savings, and then calculate how much money I will have left over until the next pay period.

  • Lisa Bristow Allen

    Question…….Do I need to pay down my debt before going back to college and getting my degree? My employer does have a tuition reimbursement program that I am researching…….

  • Carmenresia Jones

    I wrote this down on the first day but I’m just now finding time to post it.
    Savings Goals/2016
    Goal 1. I will save $6,600 by 12/31/2016. I will do this by automatically direct depositing $300.00 of every paycheck into my online CapitalOne 360 savings account. This money will be use for down payments of debts by the End of the Year.
    Goal 2. I will save an additional $1,100 by Dec 31,2016 for a rainy day fund. This will be done by depositing $50.00 from every paycheck into my online Money Market Savings Account.
    Goal 3. Because childcare is going to be budgeted in my expenses since I have to pay out of pocket, I will save about $1500 by Oct 2016. This amount will remain in my dependent care account. I will not pull it out no matter what. I will use this amount for travel expenses for my trip to Africa at the end of the year.
    Goal 4. I will save an additional $1,100 by Dec 31,2016 by taking out an additional $50.00 out of my check every pay period and keeping it in my Ally Bank Savings account. This amount will be use to take my son to Disney World for his 9th birthday next year. I have been planning to do this for two years and never got around to it because I always never had enough saved.
    Total amount of savings for the year: $10,300.
    I am trusting God for guidance and directions. This is the first time I’ve made such elaborate plans to save. I want to stick by them. My Grandmother always says, “it’s not how much you make in a year, but how much you save that counts”. This past year, I earned more than I ever had earned before, yet I came out of the year with more debt than I went in with. Its overwhelming and stressful when you cant see where the money goes. I am using this opportunity to teach myself the value of budgeting and living within a budget. Thank you for all that you do. I know I made the right decision by signing up for this challenge. I now believe that I can beat the ‘paycheck to paycheck” syndrome once and for all.

  • TamH

    Saving 600.00 by June

  • Zuri Dale

    I will save 4000.00
    I will save 400.00 by June 1.
    I will do this by saving 400.00 from each pay check for the next ten paychecks
    Bringing my lunch at least three times per week will aide in completing this task.

  • R Walker


    1) I will save 668.00 this year for each of my three children.

    2) I will have saved this amount on or before December 31st.

    3) I will save the aforementioned amount by contributing a penny
    per day based on the day of the year. For example, day one…one penny; day two…two
    pennies…and so on.


    1) I will save $1001.00 for Christmas Shopping.

    2) I will have saved this amount by Friday, November 25th.

    3) I will begin saving for this goal on June 3rd with
    a $26 deposit and I will increase the amount by one dollar each week until I reach
    the 26th week.

  • R Walker

    LRC – Week 1 – Day 1

    1) I will save 668.00 this year for each of my three children.

    2) I will have saved this amount on or before December 31st.

    3) I will save the aforementioned amount by contributing a penny
    per day based on the day of the year. For example, day one…one penny; day two…two
    pennies…and so on.


    1) I will save $1001.00 for Christmas Shopping.

    2) I will have saved this amount by Friday, November 25th.

    3) I will begin saving for this goal on June 3rd with
    a $26 deposit and I will increase the amount by one dollar each week until I reach
    the 26th week.

  • Patrice Mason

    I will save at least $600 by December ($25 a pay period) by cooking instead of eating out. I will save a least another $600 by December for Emergency Fund by canceling my Massage Envy account.

  • Frannie

    My savings goal is $5,000 through a 52 week challenge, build my daughter’s savings account and save every $5 bill I get. #IAmSavingFor our future!

  • Tee To’Tha Shoy

    1) What? I will save $7,000

    2) When? I will save $7,000 by June 30, 2016

    3) How? I will save $7,000 by June 30, 2016 by 1. Every pay check bi weekly have $600 go into a separate account. 2. Save my income tax. 3 Save bonus and increase from work. 4. Get a part time job and don’t touch check.

  • LA Artist

    1) I will save $1,000

    2) I will save $1,000 by June 30, 2016

    3) I will do this by saving $166.00 every month. I will also add any additional money I receive from recycling, 10% from bonuses and gifts, 10% from any art sales and additional jobs I am paid for. This will result in more than $1,000 which will be a bonus.

  • Ciera Butts

    This is my first day and I love this idea of saving! I will save 5,000 by 12/31/2016 with using the 52 week challenge. I will save by reducing shopping and eating out. I will be saving to help with nursing school payments.

  • Crystal Lyles Smith

    I will save $5000 by end of year for family trip. I will save $1000 by end of March for emergency fund. An additional $1000 by end of June for home repairs.

  • Muslimaa Musawwir

    I’m so excited to start this challenge! My 2016 Savings Goals are:
    1. I will save $2000 by December 1, 2016 by saving $185 per month. This will go towards investing in stocks and first college loan payment.
    2. I will save $500 by May 4, 2016 for traveling abroad by cooking lunch and dinner 6 out of 7 days per week.
    3. I will pay off ALL Retail credit cards by July 2016 with weekly payments, one credit card at a time. As well as only spending within 10-15% of limit and making payments on time!

  • Makeda Freeman

    I WILL PUT ASIDE $100-150 every 2 weeks into my savings account for a year.

  • R Walker

    WEEK 1 – DAY 1
    1) I will save 668.00 this year for each of my three children.
    2) I will have saved this amount on or before December 31st….
    3) I will save the aforementioned amount by contributing a penny per day based on the day of the year. For example, day one…one penny; day two…two pennies…and so on.

    1) I will save $1001.00 for Christmas Shopping.
    2) I will have saved this amount by Friday, November 25th.
    3) I will begin saving for this goal on June 3rd with a $26 deposit and I will increase the amount by one dollar each week until I reach the 26th week.

  • Tish Tzion

    1) I will open a savings account at a black owned bank either online or at a local branch if I can find one.
    2) I will save $300 by April 2016 by cooking and eating at home 5 days a week.
    3) I will make at least $20 a month and put that money in savings by listing and selling items on eBay.

  • Margaret Phillips

    I’m going to save $1378 this year by doing the 52 week challenge.
    I’m going to save at least $20 per week by not eating out and cooking at home
    I’m going to save at least $35 in late fees per month by setting up a separate account just for bills. No more accidental over spending! This money will go towards paying down my debt.

  • Rose Mary Brown

    I will save $1040 by January 12, 2017. I will accomplish this by auto transferring $20 a week to my savings account.

  • Anonymous

    I am just starting and today is my Day 1. I am pretty excited. Goal #1 Save $1000 by Nov 1st for holiday spending/vacation fund by saving $15 every pay check and eating out less at work. Goal #2 Save $600 by June 30th by eating out less on the weekend and saving and putting $20 a week into savings account to help mom get a new car. Goal #3 save $2300 by December 31st by saving $100 every check starting 1/15 for emergency fund account.

  • Deborah

    save 4,800 by end of year also invest in future business

  • Britnee Hollis

    I will save $1600 by April before I move into my new apartment.

  • Clarice Meredith

    I will save $1000.00 by May 1 2016 by NOT touching/transferring the $50 weekly I currently have deposited into my savings from payroll!

  • Sheryl

    I will save $5,000 by 12/31/16
    My children will save $667 each by 12/31/16
    I will find gainful employment before 1/31/16

  • gazetta brown

    I will save $2000 or more by may 2016 for emergencies.. I will place leftover funds after bills are paid in savings account and will not touch. I will stop spending funds on fast food. I will cook and carry lunch to work. I will also create a savings budget for family vacation and moving.

    • Tee McNeill

      Gazetta, avoiding fast food is one of the hardest things over ever done. I want to give you major props for starting the journey!! If you have a full-time job & family it can hard to plan meals, shop for groceries & cook. I was certainly healthier doing it that way, but it was a lot of work. I investigated meal delivery services such as blue apron, and found one I liked. Now healthy meals are delivered to my house and all I have to do is cook the food. I can do that after work. I have some trial access codes, if you’re interested send me a pm. Good luck!

  • Naima

    I will: 1) save at least $1,000 toward travel by June 16, 2016 by having $100 automatically taken out of my bi-monthly check; 2) save at least $1,000 by June 16, 2016 to begin my rainy day fund, also by having $100 taken out of my bi-monthly check; 3) NOT TOUCH my credit cards/lines to ensure I finally pay them off; 4) draw on Digit, Ebates, and other resources to be identified; 5) try to reduce costs by changing cellphone providers and, if feasible, transfering my credit card balances; 6) give myself a spending/fun allowance of $100 per week; and 7) identify grant writing clients to generate additional revenue.

  • Alexia Anderson

    I will save $700 by July 1, 2016 In addition to that savings plan I will also save money everyday that I work out I will add $1 and if I work out 2 times a week, the second workout will be a deposit of $2 and 3rd workout in a weeks time $3 so on and so forth this will be money that will be used a treat for myself. I will do that until July 1 as well (maybe beyond) with a goal of $400 min. thats just some to start….

  • Dwayne Evans

    I was looking at comments earlier and see a picture someone put up of what seemed like a budget journal, i believe they sadi it was a freebie could someone tell how to find it please thanks

  • Miss Smith

    I hope these are not too vague:

    *To save a minimum of 20% of my monthly income each month
    *To create an organised responsible spending budget I can be strict with
    *To create a deposit account that, I contribute to monthly and also accumulates interest periodically with a minimum of N100,000 starting deposit

  • I’ve picked my partner. I’m about 10 days behind her though due to technical difficulties on my part lol.

    I’ve picked out 3 savings goals … one is for my personal care, one for an upcoming event and one to add money to my son’s educational IRA. I have to review my budget to see where I might cut back from. This year I am working less hours so my budget is tight … might have to shuffle some goals around in order of priority if I can’t find where to pull it from 🙂

  • Michell Jackson

    I will S.T.E.P. on FEAR by Facing Everything and Rising. I will begin to pay myself again. WOW! I matter too. I will save $1000 per month over the next year. I will become financial conscious.

  • Tenille

    *I plan to save $2,000 by years end. I have a teenage daughter who will soon be headed to college. I want to ensure she’s sent off comfortably and without financial burden on herself nor others.
    *I plan to save $1500 by June, 2016 to start my own Media business
    *I plan to also save for a vacation to Greece this year. I will not incur debt to travel. I will be my own finance company!

  • MsChar

    I’m excited about the LRC! My goal is to save $2000 this year.

  • Danielle

    Ok i got it. My long term goals are to have money saved for a “rainy” day, be able to pay bills comfortably and ready to buy a house in a yr. Short term goals 1- cut unnecessary spending (eating out less😧) find free or inexpensive fun!😄 2- manage bills by decreasing payments (contacting billers about cheaper plans or discounts im eligible for) 3-save $1000 by june 14th

  • Cerebrater

    I will save $5,000 by May 3, 2018 (my 50th birthday), by doing automatic transfer from my checking to my Capital 360 savings and by reducing my food budget which is now $800+/mo😳!

  • Arnita Fowler

    Give 100% of tithes by 5/2016 by praying for wisdom and trusting God completely
    Save 5,160 by 1/2017 by paying myself 10% of my income each month
    Raise my credit score by 160 by 06/2017 by paying cc on time, cleaning up my credit report of old/negative accounts.
    Increase my income by 50,000 by gaining my 1-2 clients as a new LLC by 12/2016.

  • Crystal Potter

    I’m late getting started but my goal is to save $3,000 before December 31, 2016. I plan to do this by creating a budget, cutting some unnecessary spending and creating some other sources of income (selling crafts, babysitting, selling some stuff I no longer need). Pray for me as I am single, 2 kids & a teacher assistant so not a ton of income…God bless!

  • Tamara McCants

    Goal 1 would be to save 500 in a savings/emergency fund by September by putting money away each pay period.
    Goal 2 would be to save 1500 by July 2016 for my sons HS graduation and my daughters graduation.
    Goal 3 pay myself no matter what the problem is. I have to build my retirement fund up again.

  • Tanja bell

    I will save 600.00 if not more by May 12. By paying myself first and eating out less.

  • Adaeze Medani

    1. I will begin to save money by first paying off all CC debt.
    2. I will pay off my last $700 of CC debt by March 31, 2016 by deducting $100 every pay check I get each month(4 checks per month) that will be used towards payments to my credit card.
    3. I will save $500 by April 31, 2016 by deducting $125 from every paycheck I get (4 checks per month) that will be put towards savings and will automatically be deposited to my savings account
    4. I will save $5,000 by January 31, 2017 by deducting $125 from each paycheck I get in a month. 125 x 4=$500 x 10 months =$5,000

  • Deadria

    Right now I’m not sure how much I plan on saving, I’m just taking the first step with getting better at saving…any amount!

  • AMF

    I will save $5000, also $9000 for maternity leave and I will become current on all my bills

  • Jenean Armstrong

    I will save $1,378.00 by December 31 by participating in the 52 week Challenge with my friend Penny Walthour. The money is deposited weekly and NO MONEY can be withdrawn for any reason until the end of the year. She is a great partner she has done thins for 4 years and she has about 50 people in this group each year. This is my first year. So far I have paid up through February.

  • Joni Price

    I will save $2500 towards my daughter’s wedding by May 1st and an additional $2000 towards our personal savings acct. We just paid off my hubs car in Dec. So I now have an additional 400 dollars to save!!!

  • Jane Doe

    I will save at least $1000 by the end of the next six months(August 2016) by cutting back on spending and unnecessary bills.

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  • Sheereena Bedenfield

    I will Save $50 plus my tips a month. This will be for an emergency fund and vacation with my boys. I am going to set up bill pay with my bank.

  • Maliza F. Bonane

    I will get my savings account to 15K by November 2016. I had 10K in it but it has been lowered to 6K due to lack of job and moving to a new state.
    I intend to cut unnecessary spending and remember to not take from my savings while I replenish it; by God’s grace.

  • Starr Franklin Pack

    You know what’s crazy…This seem like and sounds like a simple task but I’m finding that it’s not for me. I’m having the hardest time saving because I’m really living check by check, my most concerns have always been to pay off bills and what I can get by with till the next month that I haven’t thought about saving for anything for a while. I will conquer this task and really look at what I need to be saving for, I just never thought of it because at this time, i don’t have it to save but I’m going to make it happen. Sacrifices, changes, that’s the only way things will change.. I’ll update you on what I decide on.

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  • Brooke Doe

    My goals are:
    1) for my husband and I each to continue to participate in the 52 week savings challenge. We will do it in reverse since the end of the year is when money starts to get funny so we’ll have less to contribute. This will be our individual savings/spending money funds.
    2) to save at least three months of income by December 31, 2016 (we already have our $1,000 for emergencies). We will save as much as we tithe each pay period to achieve this.

  • Starr Franklin Pack

    I will save a minimum of $2000 to start with by 2017 in my very first ever online savings account that I will not touch. I will accomplish this by having my paycheck deducted and going straight to my new account. I will also have my money challenge online savings account that I will have access to just in case of an emergency. I will participate in 2 money challenges that will allow me to save $3000 for this year. My third goal is to have a savings account for my kids. I will have access to it as well as them. I will try to help them save a minimum of $10 dollars a month. I will be teaching them the fundamentals of savings and how to deposit and withdraw and the purposes of each..

  • Brooke Doe

    My savings goals are:
    1) To build wealth for my family and I.
    2) To have 6 months worth of salary saved.
    2) To be able to travel all around the world.

  • Nicole Denise Lawson

    1. I will save a minimum of $50 per month equaling $600 for the entire year by immediately paying myself no less than 5% of income as it comes in.

  • Jessica Désiré

    I will save at least 3000 in my savings account by Dec 2016 by paying myself first, not participating in retail shopping, and not touching the funds

  • King Tiffany

    I’ve joined the Live Richer challenge and I am highly excited about this journey.

    My goals included are First, and foremost PAY ME First. I will do this by saving 10% of my annual income, currently totaling $1,512 by 2/01/2017.

    Secondly, I’m interested in investing, a slower way to grow money. I want to purchase my first set of by 4/01/2016.

    Thirdly, I’d like to begin my emergency fund setup by saving an additional $50 per month reaching $500 by 11/2016.

    Altogether I want to save $2012 this year & invest!

  • Martiza Meeks

    1. Save $1000 for road trip by August 2016 by putting up $150 monthly into Chase Savings Acct.
    2. Save $2400 for emergency fund Feb 2017 by saving $200 month in my USAA Savings Acct and add $2600 from 2016 tax return.
    3. Save $50 monthly for Christmas 2016. I need this to offset. Going to save this in Chase Acct for now, considering a Credit Union or online bank…
    Pray that nothings hinders this $400 savings plan. Even if I have to decrease, but I will ensure there WILL be a deposit in each monthly.

  • Charlotte

    Goal #1 I will save $500.00 by 7/30/16 by bringing my breakfast and lunch to work.

    Goal #2 Pay off three credit cards by September 2016 by making minimum and the interest together

  • Jillonda Reed Washington

    I will save $3000 in my emergency fund by 12/31/16. That’s one of my goals. I already put away $200/month but I will have to add $150/quarter to meet this goal. I will brown bag and only spend what is planned to save the extra money and NOT take a withdrawal from the account to keep the money there.

  • Jaspy319

    I will follow the 52 week challenge and I will save 1 extra every week and also the 52 week challenge of 50 dollars the first week plus a dollar and I will save another 696 dollars by cooking at home and not eating out as much… saving a total 6,000

  • Cassandra

    Hello all… . I plan to save $4800. My plan is to reach my goal by November 2016. I began saving this past November of having $200 transfered from my checking into my savings bi-weekly. I pray that God gives me strength to keep me from borrowing out of it.

  • Angela

    I want to save $1000 by September 1 by not using the money I direct deposit from each pay into my saving accounts

  • LaSondra Shoto

    I will start on creating an emergency fund to save $2500 by August 2016.

  • Terra Robinson

    My Goal is to save 1,000 dollars by September 2016. That’s 50 dollars a pay period starting the 19th… I pray this goes well…

  • khines20

    I will save $8000 by Oct. 2016 to pay off my car by moving the balance to a 0% interest CC and pay $550 a month plus all extra income coming in.

  • Davina Lovingme AgainJones

    I will save 1000 by end of December. I will do this by putting 100 dollars in my savings account each month (50 per pay period), with no atm access..
    Goal 2 I will pay my debts off in 6 months by paying one bill off per pay period .
    Goal 3 I will work on my credit score by August 2016 by paying off current debts and taking that money and pay on debts on my credit report

  • Shakura

    One of my goals is to save $600 by my birthday, July 26. save $50 per pay period starting with my next check.

  • Tanisha David

    I will save $1800 by August 2016 by having $150 going to my savings account each pay period. Thanks to my people at my bank, if I TRY to transfer money from my savings it will take 5-7 days.

  • Deena Deveaux

    I will save 1000 by June just because there are plenty of things my children will want to do this Summer and I need money to pay for all three and myself. 1000 may mot be much but it can jumpstart the Summer for us.

  • shayBunny

    I will save $100 a month by April 2016 by lowering my cable and cell phone bill then put it into my saving. Most importantly leave it there!!!

  • Diana Martin

    I will save $1,250 by July 31, 2016 and will continue this journey by putting these funds in a Capital One 260 account. One of my bills will be paid in full this month and then I will take that $85 and put towards another until its paid in full.

  • Diana Martin

    Hello All,
    I’m trying to upload my photo and it reads its either corrupt or it’s not an image.
    Can someone help please,

  • Robyn

    I will save $6000 by November 31 by reducing my phone bill, insurance payments, and buying lunch only once a month to take my family on a dream vacation to Aulani Disney Resort in Hawaii

  • Donnisha Julia

    I will save $2500 by August to have my own apartment.
    I will save and additional $2500 by the holidays to be able to get my siblings a well deserved Christmas.
    I will decrease the money spent on restaurant food.

  • Keiva Welch

    I will save $600 by April 1st then $3500 by Nov 15 $7500 by Jan 1st by reducing hair appointments every two weeks and learn tutorials as well for my nails,coupon for groceries and clothing

  • Dawn Bramwell- Williams

    Goal#1 I will save 667.95 doing the penny challenge for the year.
    Goal#2 I will save $2000 by Dec 31, 2016 so I can go back to College to finish my degree.
    Goal#3 I will cut back on spending at the spur of the moment.

  • N. Dixson

    I will save 1k 10 times in 2016

  • Tracey Burwell DeShazo

    1. I will increase my savings by depositing $150.00 weekly into my savings account versus the $100.00 I’m currently depositing. Super excited about an extra $200.00 a month savings!
    2. I will decrease my credit card debt by paying off my two smallest balances first. Then I will take that money and add it to my other credit card to payoff that balance. I will have the two smallest balances paid off by June 1, 2016 and my highest balance paid in full by June 1, 2018. Additionally, I will not accrue anymore credit card debt. My new mantra moving forward is: “if I can not purchase it in cash, then I can not afford it”, this will assist me with over spending and sticking to my budget.
    3. I’m currently researching ways to have residual income. My goal is to have a steady cash flow outside my primary job by January 1, 2017. I’m Speaking Overflow in this Season!

  • Tasha

    Hi and thank you for sharing this opportunity and this gift with me and many others. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you near him, also continue to allow God to use you. My name is Tasha. I need this program and really need it to work. I am a single mother of two teenagers. I don’t make alot f money, but yet, I am the sole financial provider of my houshold. I need to save for numerous reasons. Both my children are starting college this fall 2016, I need a car, I have household bills that are due and need to be paid and to start paying on time especially when I hqbe the money. Alot of the reason for that issue is a lot of times I have to struggle and chose to whether buy food and household item or pay a bill. I live paycheck to paycheck, I do need a better paying job. I would love to go back to school as well. I wrote my three Saving Goals down. I want to start tithing, I want to start an Emergency/Hardship account. I want invest in something to make my money grow and increase, and therefore, I can definitely save. And I want to take my children on a family vacation. I really want to do this for them and with them. They need this. I need this. Their father recently passed away in December 2015 and they are still thriving and pushing threw this and under all the other circumstances that I need. I need help and with God first and support I know I can do it. Keep me in your prayers and I do the same for you. Thank you.

  • TQ

    I took this challenge and decided to be real with myself. I use to have $250-$500 taken out of my check a month and placed into another account. Well I failed miserably, due to always giving. So I’ll save $2500 btw 3/16-12/16 by having $250 deposited into an online account. I’m better if I have limited access. I have already and will continue to say “NO”, when some ask to borrow. (I’ve left myself without, bills unpaid to lend to others) Lesson learned! I will work on lowering my phone bill (that will take a few, due to again helping someone). However, at the moment I do have a savings plan for my daughter through my job, so that $4k will be used for vacation. I see the $2500 as a minimum starting point. With all the great guidance and advice in this group I’m believing to do better🙏

  • Diana King

    I will save $4,300 by 12/31/16 by reducing credit card debt, eating out less, saying no to family, and being more mindful of my spending activity.

  • Jasmine JC Clark

    I will save $2400 by July 1st 2016 to pay for my first semester of graduate school tuition by limiting the excessive spending on take out and shopping every month. I will pay myself first by depositing $300 into my savings account every time I get paid (bimonthly). I will pack my lunches to work instead of going out for lunch. I will stop buying coffee every morning and start brewing my own at home. I will stop binge shopping when I’m bored and evaluate if it is something i really need or just want. I will use this extra money to pay off my credit cards (Chase and Macy’s) to eliminate 2 monthly bills.

  • Tnika Bridges

    I want to save at least $1000 by July 2016. I have been having a really hard time dealing with my hours being cut at work where I can’t work any overtime AT ALL! I want to also not have to dip into my savings for anything other than a dying need emergency. I want to also learn all I can about investing since my job doesn’t have 401k.

  • Wendy Brown

    I will save $1000 by Nov 1st by having a percentage of my salary deposited into my online account & canceling the ATM card I have for my savings account.

  • Starr

    My goal is to save 10k by 12/25/2016. I have $300 per month put into saving at credit union from regular payroll and Ill deposit $550 per month from commission. I dont have a purpose for the money except i know i make too much money not to have a large savings balance. Im pretty sure I can do more, I just have no idea how to do it where i dont feel like im missing out on something or feeling broke. #ineedalotofhelp

  • Melony McNair

    I’m playing catch up!!
    Goal #1 Save $2,000 by December 31, 2016
    Goal #2 Get more information on the stock market and begin looking for good investments to grow my money!
    Goal #3 Teach my children as I learn so that they can start early!

  • DeDe Jenkins

    I will save $1,000.00 emergency fund by December 2016 by eating lunch out less often; I will save $2,000 toward a trip next Fall by transferring $50 twice monthly into an account without an atm card; Pay down a credit card by setting up AutoPay beginning April 2016.

  • Brie Dennis

    1. To be able to quit my 9-5 job by building my business.
    2. To make money by investing.
    3. To have 1500 in my children’s savings account and 2000 in my emergency savings by 12/31/2016

  • I will save $600 or more by August 31st 2016. I will reduce my cable bill, excessive and unnecessary spending. I will deposit money monthly from my paycheck into my bank savings account or my credit union savings account

  • Chanda Mutale

    It’s great to be put to the test. I will save $2400 between March 1st and May 31st 2016., then July 1st to September 30th $2400 and to end the year October 1st to December 31st $2400. I will remove $400 every 2 weeks and deposit in a savings account that I will need a second signature to touch… This will be the first time.

  • Nisey

    I want to save $1,300 by Aug 1st. I want to be able to have a back up plan in case I come across a hardship

  • Shantail Mookie Williams

    I will save $2,500 by June so me and my sons can go on our first summer vacation together. We will stop eating out so much and have more home cooked meals as a family and I will start a budget to see where my money is going and what I need to change as far as spending habits.

  • Regina

    Baby steps for me. I will save $500.00 by November 25,2016.

  • Elyza Hernandez

    I will save $2,100 by july 4 2016 just in time for my birthday..i get paid every week.
    I will open up another bank account and put $100 every week for 21 weeks..
    Im going to pick up another day at work just for this trip to see my grandparents. .
    100 ×21=2,100.
    More than enough to enjoy my vacation in Puerto Rico..

  • Nathifa Harris

    1. I will to save $1,000 by July 31st as an on-hand cash emergency fund by automatically paying myself first. I set-up a bi-weekly automatic removal of 7% of my take home pay.
    2. I will pay down my credit card debt (3 cards) by the end of 2016, by one, not carrying them with me, two placing a note on them stating “think again, is this an emergency!”
    3. I will pay off my car note early (2 years left to pay) roughly $6,400 by July of 2017, by paying extra monthly. Also, once the credit card debt is paid, the money that I’ve spent to pay down that credit card debt will be added to paying off my car note.

  • Claudie Rich

    I will save JA$100,000 (roughly US$1000) by November 30, 2016. I will save this by reducing what I spend at the supermarket and what I spend buying clothes.

  • Tamara Tami Cooper

    Goal#1 To save $1000 for my emergency fund, by having $350 per month automatically drafted from my payroll into my credit union account. By the end of the year.

    Goal#2 To save $1000 Rainy-day fund by the end of the year, by doing the 52 week challenge.

    Goal #3 Find out ways to increase my credit score, legally, so that I can purchase my first home.

  • Evangela Williams

    I will save $1000 by 12/2016 by saving $100 per month to deposited directly into my savings account through automatic transfer.
    I will use Digit, Ebates and other valuable tools to acrrue additional savings
    I will pay off my Chase Credit Card balance by doing a balance transfer to a card that gives me a 12 month 0% APR.
    I will continue to save my change and recycle and deposit those funds into my savings account.

  • Kaila Brown

    I will save $5000 by December 2016 using Denise Hadnott’s system because I want to buy a house in 2017.

    I will save $1500 by August 2016 for my Haiti mission trip by eating out less and cooking more.

    I will save $1000 in my emergency fund by Feb 2017 following the plan I already have and NOT withdrawing any of the current money I’ve already saved. I will transfer any “extra” money that comes into my budget into this account to help it grow faster.

  • Seneca McBryde McLean

    My plan is to save $300 by July 25, 2016. I know this does not sound like much, but this is a huge feat for me. I am an impulse shopper and I tend to visit the grocery store, drug store or Wal-Mart several times a week. If I can limit myself to only shopping once a week, I feel that this will allow me to save at least $50 per month. Best wishes everyone!

  • Rashawn

    I will save an additional $50 a month to put on my one of my credit cards so I can pay it off by the end of this year. I will cut back on the amount of times I go to Target in a month. I will only buy essentials and not impulse buy. Once I pay that card off, I will use that amount and apply it to another credit card until I am debt free.

  • Baptista Charles

    I will save at least $30 per week by packing my breakfast
    I will pay my credit cards bill timely
    I will pay off 2 of my credit cards by july 2016

  • Stacy Fredericks

    I will be saving $800 by 5/30/16 by using Digit and bonus money for a new TV in the living room, the old one is dying…LOL. I will save $1,000 by 7/29/16 by couponing, taking lunch and not over spending for my family reunion trip. I will save $1,400 by 12/30/16 by paying myself from the 12 week money challenge for a vacation in 2017.
    This is all new to me and very challenging so please pray for me. I am a little nervous about using the Digit because it has to have access to my checking account but I heard good things about it, so I will try. Thanks to this group 🙂

  • Dee

    My goals are to:
    1) Save $1,000 by November 2016
    I will accomplish this by setting aside at least $62.50 per pay period
    2) Learn about investing (starting from the beginning stages)
    I will research what books are available that outlines the process in a clear and concise manner
    3) Begin to change my habits and outlook about money
    I will accomplish this by gaining new information in order to allow this transformation to take place.

  • Lisa Hare

    Ok, I’m 2 months late but here it goes:
    1. I will save $1000 by 12/31/16 for my emergency fund by moving $100 (since I’m starting next month) from my account monthly to a savings account.
    2. I have $30 deposited into a Christmas account monthly, I vow to not touch it except for Christmas gifts for other people.
    3. Pay off my smallest debt by 4/1/16 and while still paying on other debts (plan to use part of tax refund to pay off smallest debt).

  • Alicia Murphy

    I was actually a step ahead of the game and made part of my financial goals for 2016, (while writing out my 12 goals for the year) to save $5k by end of the year, plus an additional $2k for vacation. However, since you said 3 saving goals I am thinking of a 3rd (because as of February 15th I hit my $5 savings goal, as of February 26th I am only $500 away from meeting my vacation goal) so now I figure I will try and save an additional $3k by the end of the year so that I can re-do my backyard to set up a dog walk, small garden and a few other details).

  • Stephanie Jones Wright

    I will save $1500 by Aug 15 for by birthday which is Aug 30th. I get paid once a month I make a good salary, I will commit to not splurge shopping in order to save

  • Sharon Lewis

    Goal #1…I will save a $1,000 by July 15th. This will start on March 15th. I will save by bringing my lunch to work every day; I spend about $10 a day on lunch…$50.00 a week…$200 a month; and reduce my cable bill by getting rid of channels I don’t use…a potential savings of $50 a month…this will make a total savings of $250 a month.
    Goal #2..I will save for a 6 month emergency fund…I will open a savings account specifically for my emergency fund. I will save a $100 each pay period by setting up an automatic transfer; I get paid bimonthly. I will also start saving my spare change.

  • Ellen

    I made a plan to save $1755 by the end of the year using a bi weekly challenge that manageable and in line with the month. I am excited and i’ve shared with one of my co workers and my daughter. I’
    m serious about saving because I added who how much I paid in fees to my bank last year it was $800 +

  • Brenda Moore

    I am quitting the tobacco habit and save $49.98 per week deposited into my savings account.(That’s $200 per month) $50 per month for my son’s cell phone bill ( he is twenty seven yrs old and works, it just became a habit with me, I am cancelling my booth at an antique shop which seldom profits over $100 per month(give it up for now) I am committed to being a coupon clipping/groupon searching/Ebates shopping somebody, lol

  • Brittany Lee

    Goal #1: Save $25 a month by cutting back on eating out and depositing it into my savings account.
    Goal #2: Be more involved with giving tithes and offering.
    Goal #3: Set up an emergency fund of $1,000 by the end of the year.

  • Tiffany Thehairtherapist J

    1. I will save a portion of everything I make, and establish specific savings accounts (Holiday, Travel/Vacation, Home, Car, Emergency, etc.). I will also prioritize these accounts to keep myself motivated (adding $5 to each every week or taking the total amount of what I’m saving and dividing the total into each savings account). One major event I will be saving for is my birthday on 4August2016. I want to take a nice, well deserved vacation and have one of the best times of my life!

    2. I will begin this behavior ASAP and fight tooth and nail to stay consistent to at least reach my birthday goal.

    3. I will open a Digit account, continue to save loose change and a portion of all monies that I receive, no matter how much and cut back on unnecessary spending.

  • Kisha Savage

    I will save $3000 by December 9th. I’ll transfer $150 per pay period to my savings account. $150×20 =$3000

  • Nicole Smith

    Savings Goal-
    1. Work my way out of debt
    2. Stop living paycheck to paycheck
    3. Increase my credit score

    • Lissa Showers

      Hi Nicole, would you like to be my accountability partner. We basically have the same goals. Let Me Know……….

  • Alitha Hawkins

    1st savings goal-My savings goal is $8000.00 by 12/31/2016. I know this is a very ambitious goal, but with what I make and what I can cut back on, it is possible. I get paid biweekly and I can use one paycheck to pay the bills and the rest can be used for savings. 2nd savings goal-I want to save $10,000.00 for a down payment for a bigger home (5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths) by August 2017. 3rd savings goal-Living DEBT FREE by 12/31/2017.

  • Sherri Holloway

    I am currently doing the $5 52 week money challenge to save for a new HVAC system. I started 1/1/16 and should have $6890 saved by 1/1/17.

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  • Content Nightingale-Bateman

    I will save $91 per month by doing my own eyebrows, pedicures and hair (will only go once a month). The day I normally scheduled for these appointments I will deposit into my christmas savings account.

  • Deliah Lewis

    I will increase my emergency fund by $10,000.00 by 3/1/2017. I will do so with bi-monthly direct deposit of $500 from my paycheck to my online money market account.

  • Felicia Laws

    My top 3 Financial Goals for 2016 are…
    1. I will save $1000 by
    7/22/2016 and I will accomplish this by cancelling unused gym
    memberships and redirected those monies into my savings account. I will
    this as monies toward a down payment on a new townhome.
    2. I will
    reduce my credit card balance by 50% or more by 5/27/2016. I will
    accomplish this my paying more than the minimum amount due. I want to
    accomplish this in order to improve my net to debt ratio.
    3. I will
    begin today 3/2/2016 to keep a better track of my spending habits. I
    will accomplish this goal by writing down all of my purchases in and
    consistently monitoring my bank account so that I will be able to
    identify exactly where I am wasting money.

    • Lauren Wilson

      Hi Felicia, I noticed that today is your first day as well. Would you like to be accountability partners? I took this challenge in January when it was live but I decided to start over again. Let me know. Have a great day.

      • Felicia Laws

        Hi Lauren-
        As I was reading you post i was thinking of asking you to be my accountability partner. Yes, I would like to be partners.
        We can talk more soon.You have a great day as well.

        • Lauren Wilson

          Hi Felicia, I was trying to find out how to message you using the forum but I couldn’t lol. Anyway, how’s everything going with the challenge so far?

  • Lauren Wilson

    This is my 2nd go round with this challenge and of course my goals have changed:

    1. Save 1,000 by June to pay off furniture and personal loan by putting $200 a month in my money bucket account. I will achieve this by cutting back on excessive spending by classifying purchases as either a need or want and only buy needs for the month of march. Adding $100 every pay period to money bucket account.

    2. Put $500 in emergency funds in Alec savings account by December. I will do this by Review monthly bills and determine where I can cut back and put add that money to savings. I will also have $20 per pay period to automatically go in my regular savings.

    3. Save $500 for Christmas money by November by sticking to the penny a day challenge.

  • Danielle Anderson

    Goal 1: Save $2500 by the beginning of June by cutting unnecessary spending. This money will go towards my student loans that I have to start repaying in June

    Goal 2: I will furnish my apartment that I will be moving into in April with mostly used items by shopping at thrift stores and using the OfferUP app. This is my first apartment but I don’t want to spend my money all willy-nilly.

    Goal 3: Read Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Success, Act Like A Success” by May. This book has been sitting on my floor collecting dust for months. It’s time I stop letting my money sit on the floor and actually put it to good use.

  • Norma Flores

    I will save $1,000 by the ending of May ,2016. In order for me to start a business in which It can enable me to produce an income for me to save money and as well help others to generate some kind of income as well.

  • Debra Barboza

    I am only working part time and going to school, and also writing a book, so my plan is to save at least $100 at least or more if I can for a car, to pay off 2 of my credit cards, by September 2016, finish my book by 12/2016.

  • DeLisa Fountain

    I will save $3845.95 by 12/31/16 by participating in the 52 week money challenge, the penny challenge and also transferring $90 from each bi weekly pay check to my savings account.

  • Ophelia

    Goal #1 I’ll save 3 months of income in 2 yrs. That’s 324 a month and I’ll have $7,766.58 by 2/29/2018.

    Goal #2 I’ll save all of my coins/change and cash then in one yr.

    Goal #3 I reduce the amount of times I purchase my breakfast and lunch during the week.

  • Lakisha

    I will save $2400 by 12/31/16. I will payoff my credit cards by the end of the year, to go into the new year with no cc balances. I will open an account solely for my bills and put them on automatic bill pay. I will meet my goals by reducing my spending, take lunches, find savings by reducing unneeded services.

  • Erica Horton

    I will save to pay off $7,200 in cc debt by July 31, 2016. (Jan 16-July 16 goal). I will reduce my bill by $50 per month and add it to my savings account.

  • Squeaky

    G1- open my daughter a savings account with $100 deposit and have $20 drafted from each check to her account by march 25th by stop smoking.
    G2- save $1500 by December 1 2016 which is $84 per check

  • NIcole

    I will save $1,000 in 6 months to go toward the purchase of a vehicle by eating out less often, cutting out trips to the nail salon, contacting cell and cable providers to lower monthly bills, and couponing. I’ve also set up an account with Digit to help me find more money to put towards savings.

  • Cynthia McCalop

    This is my 1st day.
    1- I will save $1000.00 by 11/1/16 for the holidays by quitting smoking and putting the cigarette money away.
    2- Beginning May, 2016 when I start my seasonal job I will use that paycheck to put $200.00 extra a month on my car payment
    3-I will invest in life insurance as I currently have none and would hate to leave an added debt on my children.
    My primary job is 40 hrs a week and I only bring in $740 after taxes, so this may be really really hard for me. I appreciate any suggestions that anyone can give.

  • Ashley

    I will pay off my 17,000$ truck by August 2016. After bills and my budget money for the week, I will be sending the rest of my check to my car loan. I am trying to live like no one else, so later, I can live like no one else.

  • Hajah McGee

    Goal #1 save $5,000 by Dec 2016 by utilizing the steps in the challenge. I’ll reach this goal by putting away 3% of my income into a secure account or place that I’m unable to touch it until Dec. My goal is to accomplish this by cutting down on my spending habits and utilizing various on-line offers and coupons. Also gain knowledge and skills about finances and budgeting through the Academy.

  • Debra Cuddington

    Goal #1: I will save $1,378.00 for emergency fund by following the 52 week money challenge.
    Goal #2: I will save $100.00 a month for vacation by paying myself first.
    Goal #3: I will save $1000.00 by 12/31/2016 by giving up cigarettes.

  • Shakeda Lowery

    I will save 1000.00 by October 2016.
    I will save 50.00 on the 16th and 150.00 on the 1st.
    I will save 100.00 a month for summer vacation equaling to 400.00 for spending money and gas.

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

  • DiAnna Bryant

    Goal 1. I will do the 52 week saving plan. I already caught myself up to week 13.
    Goal 2. I will put $50 of my bi-weekly paychecks into my Barclay’s Dream Account which I opened today.
    Goal 3. I will stop buying my lunch at work and save $500 by 12/31/16 to put in m y vacation savings account.

  • Brooks Laura

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  • LaQuinas

    Saving for “rainy days” in the amount of 1500.00 by October by eating out less. Having multiple streams of income by December. Dispute minor credit discrepancies.

  • Lissa Showers

    I’ve been trying to fix my credit, and start back saving. I once had savings, but unexpected situations happens. Starting off slow with $400 by July 2016, and will build from there. I am determined to make $400, become $800, and so forth. Rebuilding my rainy day funds. I am looking to expanding my streams of income. With Faith and Works, the sky is unlimited.

  • Lissa Showers

    I would love an accountability partner!

  • Alicia Smith

    I will save $2500 by September. I am paid twice a month and will transfer $250 from each pay check starting April 1st into my savings account.

  • Johnette Morgan

    I will save $500 by August 15, 2016 in time for Singles Retreat. I will cut back on purchasing breakfast and lunch at work and lowering my car insurance monthly payment. My ultimate goals is paying for my car insurance 6 months at a time not monthly no more.

  • Jennifer Fresquez

    My 3 savings goals are:
    1) I will save $3,000 ($6,000 jointly with my partner) by the end of the year, 12/31/16, for a down payment on a house. I will do this by contributing $250/month.
    2) I will save $2,300 by years’ end for an emergency fund.
    3 I will save $1,500 for a trip to Ireland by September 30th.
    I will accomplish these goals by sticking to my budget (I started this in January- so far so good); earning extra money with a weekend job and filing all of my work reimbursements- I’m owed about $2,000.

  • Aisha

    I will save $240 by April 2017 so that I can visit my friends who live in DC and Boston every other month from May 2017-April 2018… I would like to do this so I can be a more active presence in their children’s lives instead of just the “aunty” they hear about in passing. I will do this by “paying myself first” from each 15th the month paycheck, $20 each paycheck, instead of inadvertently frittering this amount away on food and entertainment. I will put the money in a jar with a picture or two of my friends’ children, so that I stay focused.

  • Tacorra Mccullough

    I will save 600 or more. By August 2016. I.will do this by paying myself first each payday. I will at least transfer 50 to my achievers savings account. Which is an account I can’t touch unless I go.into the bank. Also I will fimd an account ability partner

  • Marcelle

    I will save $100 a month by December 2016 to total $900 to go towards my emergency fund.

  • Shaunta Christian

    I will save $5000 by October 1st 2o16 to put in an emergency fund. I have started by lowering my cell phone bill $130 a month and will move that to my savings and have cut down on all my bills. I love to travel and have started doing a lot of online shopping. I will cut back on traveling and stop shopping online just because I have coupon. By staying focus and with this challenge I pray I am successful. This is very important to me

  • Shanekia

    I will save $500 by July 3rd by not shopping,eating breakfast at home and taking lunch to work everyday.

  • Veronica God’sChild W

    1) What? I will save $1,378

    2) When? “I will save $1,378 by December 31st

    3) How? I will save $1,378 by December 31st by completing the 52 week money challenge.

  • Marlene Dorfeuil

    Day 1
    I’m going to save 1,000 or more by December 2016 to save for a my house .
    I will do this by bringing my own lunch to work and cooking more.
    I will open another bank account for just my saving for a house . Deposit 100 each month into that account .

  • MzPeaches ForLyfe

    I’m late but these are my goals
    1) I will save $1000 if not more by November 30, 2016.
    by using the Digit app and I’ve also started the coin counter with all my loose change and bills at the end of the week. ALSO, started the monthly quarter challenge, which will help me save an additional $116.25 for every month I can do it.

    2) Get 2 of My Credit card Utilization down to 30% or below by July 31st.

    3) Pay off my truck by April 2017 (6 months early)

    4) Increase my Credit Score -I would like to me in High 600’s if not 700 by summer of next year.

  • Trica GB

    I will save $800 by December 2016. I will put away $25 weekly from my tutoring fees to help me reach my goal. I will start with this week’s pay. I will open a separate savings account from my bank to deposit the money into without a debit card…lol

  • EBonique

    I will save $2500 by November 10, 2016 for Vacation in December. I work one full-time job and one part-time job, the part-time will bring little over to $500 in income per month. My plan is to transfer 85% of those biweekly paychecks, which will amount to roughly 208 per check to my savings account. By November 10 I should have $2496 saved with 12 paychecks.

  • scx

    I want to establish an emergency fund of 3 months ($3600) by 9/1/16. Open another line of credit to build my credit score to 721 (100 pts) in the next 90-120 days. Open a bills only account not connected to a debit card and set up all my bills to pay automatically. Cut down down on extra spending by honing in on my budget and setting the bills money in the bills account. I am in the process of switching jobs so all these things will change and will reassess as necessary.

  • Saratan Peters

    I will save $500 by August 31st by reducing the amount I eat out and spend on shopping. I will transfer $100 a month from my monthly paycheck to savings and not touch it.

    Starting small.

  • La’Shuana King

    I will save $1,900 in 5 months. I will transfer $242 ($121 per paycheck). I also just received a $3,000 increase in my check which after taxes gives me an extra $69.00 in my paycheck per month. So I will save this as well. Since I am not use to having this money available to me anyway. This equals to $380 per month. $380*5 = $1,900.00 in 5 months. In 12 months, I would have saved $4,560.00. I get two extra pay checks a year. I will save $800 out of each of those paychecks which will total $1600 and I will add this to the $4,560. $4,560-1,600=$6,160.00 in one year. 🙂

  • Jasmine Ayers

    I Jasmine Ayers will save $1,000 by August 19th, 2016 by reducing by phone bill and purchasing chips and other junk food at near by groceries.

  • Roshanda

    It’s kind of hard to do this in the figurative sense but here goes. Hoping to be gainfully employed SOON!
    My three saving goals are:
    1. Pay off three major bills by the end of August. (Pay smallest bills first & use that money toward the next bill.)
    2. Treat myself to a vacation if my credit score rises by 70 points. (Lower my cell phone bill, have at least three streams of income w/o over-extending myself & paying bills on time.)
    3. Save $800 or more by December for an emergency fund. (Put $100+/month into savings starting next month.)

  • Tamika Knowles

    I will save $600 in 6 months by packing my lunch each day for work instead of eating out. I will also put aside $20 twice a month.

  • Kimberly Brewington

    1) I will save $850.00 by 12/31/16, instead of buying lunch everyday, I will take my lunch to work
    2) I will have my credit utilization down to 30% by August 2016
    3) I will have 2 more streams of income by June 2016

  • Effie OD

    I’m kind of stuck. I am having a baby in July and finances are up and down. I get paid bi-monthly and get $125 taken out each paycheck to put into my credit union. I save, but when things happen, I dip into my savings. With the baby coming,I feel it’s difficult to have a solidified game plan.

  • Tiffany

    I will save $4000 by October 31,2016.
    I have been at my current job for 2.5 years. Each quarter I receive an increase for meeting quotas. As of today my income has increased by $800 (it’s up to me to keep it up) I will save $600 each onth by putting it into my credit union acct that is not linked to a debit card or any other accts. If my income is consistantly up I will further increase my saving.

  • Dwan Randolph

    I will save $1000 by September 16th by paying myself first, $50, from each of my weekly paychecks and working overtime whenever available. I will open a separate bank account at another credit union without a debit card and create a budget for weekly meal prep so I can stop eating out and start eating healthier.

    • Tee McNeill

      Kudos for making the decision to eat healthier. Last Sept I started using a meal delivery system that changed my life and saves me almost $100 a month. My friends think I’m crazy b/c I don’t eat out with them as much as I did in the past. I’m committed to losing weight, eating healthier & saving $$. Sometimes I’ll invite them over for dinner & we cook together. I love the service so much that they send me codes to give out for a free trial week. If you’re interested, send me a pm. Good luck!!

  • Erika Reed

    I will save $1,050 from May – December 2016. I will open a savings acct at the credit union and have the money automatically deposited every pay period.

  • Marshall Jones

    I will save $600 by December 31, 2016 by putting away $75 a month, I will pay off three small collections debt by paying it in 3 installments, and I will utilize Digit, Acorn, Ebates to save money towards my emergency fund.

  • SK1

    Thank you so much for your help! I definitely need it help with budgeting. My 3 goals are as follows:
    1. Save $3500 by December 15 2016 for the holidays. I will setup a savings account that is hard to access so I will not bother the money.
    2. I just increased the amount taken out of my paycheck each month towards my employer’s discounted stock purchase program and my 401K.
    3. Take a couponing class.

    I stood behind a lady in Publix a couple of weeks ago and she had at least 60 coupons, probably more. It was also Publix’s BOGO sale. She had two carts full of items and her total came to $154. She saved $361 from the combination of BOGO and coupons. I asked her some questions and she said she has been able to cut her grap wry spend by 65% a month which has been a blessing to her family of 5. She said she generally planned a budget of $500 a month for groceries. Since she has been couponing, she has a stockpile and money to vacation.

  • Tremaine Joy

    I will save $4000 by November 2016, to purchase my first home. I will stop spending unnecessarily, eating out, have an additional $100 per pay transferred to my savings account and ABSOLUTELY no “borrowing” money from my savings account

  • Jackie

    Savings Goals
    1. 500.00 by 5/31/16. Counting and collecting all loose change.
    2. 1k from tax refund by 5/5/16
    3. 800.00 by 12/31/16 by taking on extra clients @ $200.00 per month.
    Self employed and starting small to get my momentum going!

  • cassandra

    I will save $2,000 by 12/31/16. I am paid once monthly and will save $250.00 a month. I also found an accountability partner by reaching out to someone on Dream Catchers.

  • cassandra

    My savings is for a business I am starting in 2017.

  • Ivy

    I can easily spend $100 per week eating out / socializing with friends. I will decrease this expense in half by only allowing $50 per week for eating out / socializing. This will include lunch and dinner. This will encourage me to pack lunch and eat healthier as well.

    I will bring my Amex and Disc credit card balances down to less than 30% of the available credit line by the end of December 2016.

    Beginning in May 2016, I will start my emergency fund by having $75 per pay period automatically deposited into a savings account. This should allow me to save $ 1275 by the end of Dec ’16.


  • LaTrice Nervis

    We are going to save $900 by November 2016. We have never saved money, so we needed to pick an amount that felt attainable for this first 6 months. This money will come from each paycheck (auto withdrawal for my husband’s checks) and will be saved to be saved. My accountability partner will be my mother. She is excellent with managing a decent lifestyle in San Diego with 1.5 incomes. My husband and I would like to buy a home when we relocate back to Dallas so we will actively work to prepare our credit for a home loan.

  • Natosha

    I will save $3k by November 30th

  • Tammy Charles

    I will save $4,978 by depositing $200 into my savings per paycheck and doing the 365 savings challenges to develop a stronger savings account, By December 2016. I will tithe 10% of my income by donating to my church several ministries, I will pay off the smaller debts by September 2016 and being paying my student loans after I graduate. Those are my top 3. I also want to increase my credit score and get a secured credit card. 🙂

  • Makeithia QuiNette Daniels

    My goal is to set up my emergency fund. By December 2016 I will save at least $2400 by having my bank directly transfer $75/weekly check into a savings account that’s not linked to my checking account, nor will I be able to access it online, it will be out of sight and out of mind. I will also work on improving my credit by paying off my small debt first and seeking assistance for my student loans.

  • Maisha Williamson-Parham

    I will save $1000 by September 1, 2016 by packing my lunch, not making spontaneous purchases, and budgeting my paycheck.

  • Yuwan Harper

    1.I will save 500 by 12/01/16 by reducing my cell bill to work towards my 1000 emergency fund.
    2. I will save 3-6 months of expenses by reducing my cable bill and sending the difference to an account that I don’t have a bank card to.

  • Yolanda Gray

    I will begin my emergency fund by saving $1500 by October 7, 2016 (also a birthday gift to myself). I will do this by having $150 directly deposited into my savings account over the next 5 months.
    I will also save an additional $105 each month by selling and giving away items in my storage unit before my June 1st payment is due. This will allow me to save an additional $525.

    • Tee McNeill

      I love this idea of getting rid of your storage unit. Why not host an open house and sell everything in it? Price all your items to sell, and invest or save the $$ you make!

  • Keisha Norris

    I will save $1500 toward my birthday vacation in March by bringing my lunch to work at least 4 days a week and cutting down fast food to 2xs a week. I will sign up for Uber and Lyft before the end of May and do at least 2 rides per week and put all the money I make into my savings. I will have $50 deducted from my paycheck to add to my savings bi-monthly.

    • Tee McNeill

      Keisha, I was just telling this other sister about how I gave up fast food (jack in the box was guilty pleasure). A friend turned me onto a meal delivery service. Sux meals are delivered to my house and I cook them. Portions are normal, nothing over 800 calories, 2 servings per recipe. I’m single so I eat one serving for dinner and take the other to work for lunch. I’m paying about $60 a week for the service and saving at least $100 by not eating out. PM me if you want to try the service free for a week. Good luck!

  • Aleschia Hughes

    I will save $2000.00 by Christmas by having at least $50 taking out of my check and put into my savings account and not touch it.
    I will start couponing, learn how invest in stocks i have read books but i am still confused on how to actually go about that,
    I will treat myself at least once a month

  • Carol Walton

    1) I will save $2500.

    2) I will save $2500 September 15th

    3) I will save $2500 by September 15th by stopping my emotional weekend spending and eating.

  • Angela Fisher

    Goal#1 pay of settle small debts on credit report
    Goal# 2 Save $ 1,200 or more by Dec. 31, 2016 for emergency use only by having funds directly deposit into a savings account every pay check
    Goal# 3 Pay car note up for six months
    Goal#4 Find a reasonable payment plan to pay off student loans

  • Monica Julian

    Hello ladies I need some accountability partners! My goal is to save $1000 by July 30,2016 by putting any and all extra money into my money market account. This is for my starter emergency fund.

    • Demetra Richardson

      Hello Monica, I need an accountability partner as well and would love to take this journey with you. You can do it!

      • Monica Julian

        Hi Demetria! Absolutely I would love to partner with you

        • Demetra Richardson

          Blessings Monica, how is everything going? Just checking in with you stay encouraged..

          • Monica Julian

            Hi Demetria!! Well I’ve been saving its coming along slowly but im making some steps. I have missed a few of the steps but hopefully I can catch up and get back on track. How are things going for you?

          • Shelby Montgomery

            I live in USA Ducktown TN and i am a happy woman today? I told my self that any Loan lender that could change my Life and that of my family, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to Them. If you are in need of loan and you are 100% sure to pay back the loan please contact them and please tell them that Mrs. Shelby Montgomery referred you to them. ( ) For more info….. Good Luck.

  • Mel


    My goals so far are:

    Goal 1: I will save up to $5000 for my Miraval Resort getaway by April 2017 by doing the 52-week challenge.

    Goal 2: I will increase my contributions to my retirement savings by not impulse shopping.

  • ShakirA

    I will save 5,000 by February. I get pains by weekly and will transfers $277 biweekly adding up to 555$ a month in total. I’m 25, My goal is to move out of my parents house into my own apartment or townhouse. It is now may so that’s 18 transfers for me to reach my goal. I will do this by reducing my spending habits and preparing lunch everyday since it’s so expensive in NYC! IM READY!

  • Demetra Richardson

    My goal is to save $700 by December 1st, been through a lot of rough patches and basically starting fresh. I want to learn more about the right and best investments for me, and to pay down interest on my student loans.I have two children and desire to increase the amount of their savings contribution.

  • Mirkhare

    I will save $1000.00 per month minimum for 12 months starting May 1, 2016 through June 2017

  • Chandra Farley

    2016 Savings Goals –
    1. I will save $2,100 by the end of 2016 by not dipping into my savings that goes directly from my paycheck to that account.
    2. I will transfer any remaining balance (up to $75) from my 2nd checking account to my savings account each pay period.
    3. I will commit to a 52 week challenge that will save $1,378 at the end of the year (5-13-17)

    • Dallas Freeman

      I love the idea of transferring what you have left over into your savings!

  • Jay Johnson

    1st I will pay myself $500 every check and put it in a savings account, I get paid biweekly so that should be about $7000 by the end of the year. 2nd I will pay off my furniture by September 2016 by making double payments. And 3rd I will work on not being an emotional spender, I also will work on not being so hard on myself for past financial mistakes.

  • Verlaine Ramirez

    My Savings goal is to save $500 by Oct 1st by being disciplined enough to pay myself first, by being patient with myself, by not freaking out when unexpected financial struggles arise. I want to start small so that I can set a higher savings goal of a $1000 Emergency fund. My goal is to have a better relationship with money so I can teach my children and so they can have a healthy financial future. I look forward to being a part of this group and learning.

  • Erykah Armstrong

    I will save a $100 a month by not eating out and packing my lunch for work.

  • Monica McDonald

    I will save $2800 by Dec. 31, 2016 for my emergency fund. I will do this by setting aside a portion of my income to go directly to the emergency fund account by the 15th of each month.

  • Meka

    Goal 1: Get into the habit of saving money 💵 by opening a separate savings account and deposit $50 a month.
    Goal 2: Pay off my credit card by setting up a payment plan with the company to bring account up to date then do my best to pay balance.
    Goal 3: Gain budgeting skills – try to eliminate/lower a bill such as cable.

  • Josey Kimberland

    I will save $1400 by 12-1-16.. I will eliminate all unnecessary spending! I will cook at home! I will transfer $100 directly from my paycheck to savings monthly.

  • Tracie Briggs

    I will save $800 by January 1, 2017. So that I will start a new year with money in the savings account I’ve had for years…I have $100 from my pay go into that account every pay period…but always seem to have to move it or take it out to cover a bill…which I shouldn’t have to do…It will feel good to have some money in my savings the first of the year!

  • Ashley Brooks

    I will save $1,000 for our family vacation by July 11, 2016 by cutting back on eating out and not spending money unless it is necessary.

  • Angelina Isdeeplyloved ByYeshu

    I want to save $1,000 by 12/05/2016 for emergency purposes, pay down my debt balance. Increase my income by obtaining a better paying, Save for retirement.

  • Diminutive Diva

    I will save $700 by 12/31/2016. I will attain this goal by reducing the amount that I spend on eating out and drinking coffee monthly.

  • Cassondra Johnigan-Dixon

    I plan to save $1800 by Dec 2016 by auto transferring $100 bi-weekly to a prepaid card and sticking that card under my mattress (Out of sight out of mind) #Livericherchallenge

  • Tracie Gilstrap

    I am just starting this journey. My first goal is to save $500 by Nov. 2016. I will do this by cutting off the cable, cooking and paying off at least one credit card.

  • Jamilya

    My initial goal was to save $10,000 by the end of the year, but I unfortunately was out of work for the last 4 months. I’m employed now so my goal is to save $3,000 or more by the end of the year. $200 will be taken out of my biweekly checks, $60 will be taken out and put away each month ($2 for each day of that month), and I have also adapted the habit of saving every $5 bill I get in contact with. Last year, I saved enough money from just $5 bills, I was able to open up a CD for myself. I am in Graduate school and I am also seeking another job so that I can attain these goals. This money will be set aside to place a down payment on a house. My other goals include reducing my credit card debt as well as student loans. I will cut my cable and cook more. Another way that I’ve found with getting extra income has been conducting secret shops. Even with the companies that just reimburse me the money, once I get the checks, I put them straight into my savings.

    • Dozie Oheri

      Hi, what secret shoppers sites do you us? I used to be a secret shopper when i was in undergrad.

  • Aneesah Evans

    I will save $100 by June 30th by purposely setting aside $17/week.

  • Aisha glenn

    My goals are to save at least $100 per pay check for the rest of the year
    Be a responsible spender
    Cut out unnessecary purchases

  • Schuyler

    1. I will save $30,000.
    2. I will have in savings by December 31, 2016. I have reached almost $25,000.
    3. I will do so by continuing my automatic paycheck deductions of $275/paycheck (biweekly) into my savings account, putting any pay increase (which will be minimal) toward increasing my deduction, and making a one-time transfer of any additional funds needed by 12/31/16 to reach my goal.

  • Joann Chinn

    I will save 2,000 by auto transferring 100 bucks each month to my savings. I will cut back on eating out by packing a lunch. I will use coupons when i grocery shop and price match at stores. By making these changes it should allow me the room to transfer 200 extra bucks into my savings every pay period which should help me reach my goal by 12/31/16.

  • Ismane

    i am just getting started. I will save $700 by December 15, 2016 to start my emergency fund.

  • Karen Hunter

    I will save $2800.00 by December 30, 2016. I will save $175 from each paycheck beginning 6.3.2016.

  • Sharon Price

    Hi my name is Sharon I will save $800 by December 1, 2016.. I will put $50 in my credit union savings account on the 9th and 30th of the month.To accomplish this goal I will cook more meals at home instead of buying restaurant food for me and my famliy, also I will find more fun things to do with my children over the summer that will be less expensive or free to accomplish my goal.

  • Erica Rhea

    I will save $4000 by 7/1/16 that’s my goal. I stay with my mom and have children as well so I can save more on my paycheck bi-weekly. After all bills I still have most of my pay check to put into a savings account. I plan to by a car and then have enough money to move out by August 1,2016. So I’m not spending unnecessary money for nothing I don’t love. Finding Budgetnista is my blessing in disguise!

  • Dreama

    1. My goal is to save $20,000 by the end of the year by putting at least $500 or more in a savings every month, so that I can live off of if I have to quit my job to finish school (I already moved back in with mom, so that free up a lot of money to save)

    2. My 2nd goal more so depend on whether I have to quit working or not, but it is to buy a house within the next two years, maybe three depending on when I finish school.

    3. My last goal is to do a road trip traveling to different states within the next couple of years by researching the cost, the places, and the how-to. (I guess this should be my second goal because it should be more easier and shorter term than buying a house. It will be more like a graduation gift/trip for myself.)

  • Amy Tyler

    My number 1 goal is to place $100 per month into my savings account and have $600 in it by 12/31/16. I will accomplish this by depositing $50 per paycheck.
    Number 2- open a 2nd savings account and deposit money saved from daycare expenses this summer and any extra income into it.
    Number 3- avoid unnecessary spending (eat more meals at home, remove my tablet from my cell phone service, find other streams of income to do from home)

  • shemika roberts

    1. What? I will save $1000 in 6 months for a rainy day.

    2. When? I will save $1000 by November 2016

    3. How? I will save $1000 by November 2016 by packing my lunch for work each day and cutting down on my extra activity spending. I will deposit $166.66 a month into my SECU savings account. I split that in half $83.33 every two weeks into the SECU savings.

  • Larene Randle

    I want to save 12,000 over the next 6 months starting August 1 this will be tight for us but we can do it. By saving 2000 a month it is doable. Wedding in May 2017- bathroom project and furniture and carpet by December 2016. our income has room for bills to be paid food and miscellaneous items and still hit our target and put some away in our joint savings.

  • Raqs Razi

    I will save up $1000 by the end of 2016. I’m currently self-employed but I think it’s possible if I can manage my money right. I plan to transfer at least $100 into saving each month.

  • Cassaundria Theeblackdiamond W

    I will save $300 by September 11th I will put away $50 every two weeks when I get paid. I will cut back on eating out and cut back on smoking till I quit altogether.

  • Sheyla B. Duvilaire

    Goal #1: I will save $1400. The goal is to save $1400 by 12/31/16 as a savings account, which my husband and I will not touch. We will put aside $100 bi-weekly, which will be placed in a separate account.
    Goal #2: I will pay $100/month towards my credit card bill, which I have not been consistent in paying.
    Goal #3: I will maintain consistency with paying my tithes and offering. God has done and continues to do so much for my family.

  • Sabria Solomon

    I have set a couple of goals for my challenge. Goal 1 is to save $2400 by November 15,2016. I will accomplish this by saving $100 or more per week. I will decrease the amount of take out I eat and pack lunch. Goal 2 is to start some investing in stocks and bonds that will improve financial gain. Goal 3 is to avoid as much retail therapy as possible and channel that energy into making money instead of spending.

  • Liz Prince

    I will save $1015 . I will save $1015 by December 31, 2016. I will save by not ordering additional stuff online that I don’t need. I have been saving $115 a month for 2 1/2 years. I will increase that amount by $30 in June. I will save $1015 by December 31, 2016 so it can go towards my retirement.

  • Dallas Freeman

    Save at least $1000 by the end of year. I will continue my automatic transfer to my savings from my paycheck, transferring/depositing leftover cash from the checking(idea from previous poster), not spending money or credit on things i don’t need, not transferring large sums out of my savings, and digitally through savings apps and couponing.

  • Brina

    1. Goal to save 3000 by end of year
    2. Goal to complete the 52 week saving challenge with a little more save
    3. Pay off $600 credit card
    4. Pay off timeshare after I have saved by the end of year. If possible
    5. Pay termite policy off before due due in December (yearly bill)

  • Christina McLean

    I have a lot of financial goals that I would like to achieve. My finances have been inconsistent and a pain in the butt for the last two years. My first goal would be to pay twice my minimum payment each month for my highest interest credit card. I feel like I can do this by budgeting my money better to see where I have extra cushion. I would like to do this so that I can decrease the balance by at least 50%. Secondly I would like to save $100 each month by eliminating eating out so that I can start my emergency fund. Lastly, I would like to be able to clearly distinguish each month that I am allowing myself more room to save then spending. I can do this by maintaining and sticking to a strict budget. I want to be able to put this in affect so that I can be credit card debt free!

  • D. Smith

    I will save at least $300.00 a month starting in June for my goal to save $25,000. When I reach $25,000, I will work on reaching $30,0000. I will build my credit by using my credit card and paying off the balance as it is being used. Building my credit will help with my goal in getting a new home by July 2017.

  • Carol Jackson

    1)“I will save $1,800.”

    2) “I will save $1,800 by December 25th.”

    3) “I will save $1,800 by December 25th by reducing the number of times I eat out each week to no more than 2x and by depositing a minimum of $100 in my savings each pay period.”

  • Dorothy Evans

    My my plan is to cut spending by:
    1. cutting out how much eating out we do
    2. cutting out frivolous shopping for unnecessary products
    3.stop bouncing checks and/or having overdraft fees taken from my account

    But add more:
    1. cooking at home
    2. Using rewards to purchase gas or membership at Sams
    3. Stepping up on saving money

    By doing these things in 5 months 10/31/16 I expect to:
    1.Increase my credit score by paying down my credit cards (and not using them again) to 70% utilization and eventually paying them off by next year.
    2. Save $3,000 for 1/2 of down payment for moving.
    3. Get one month ahead on most of my bills

  • Nicole Allen

    My goal is to be in my home by Dec 15, 2016. To get there I will save $400 biweekly starting June 3, 2016. That is a total of $5,600.00.

  • Nicole Allen

    I am saving for my house. My goal is to be in my house by December 15, 2016
    $400 biweekely starting June 3, that’s $5600. I will open a new savings account that is not linked to a debit card.

  • Shanea

    I need to refine some of mine but my goals are to save enough money for a down payment in my first home (I’m giving myself 2 years for this). I plan to take my tax refunds and save them specifically for this purpose. By next summer, I want to have enough saved to take 2 vacations a year (1 with my husband and I, the other with our children). I can start a vacation fund with my credit union. I also would like to have an emergency fund for things like being able to fix my car or buy things that I would need asap. I can do this by having a portion of my check deposited into my savings acct each time I get paid.

  • Alicia DUBOSE

    I will save $3000 by November 30 2016. I’m a single mom of two I work as a bus driver and I don’t get any help but I know I can do it. I get paid twice a month. I will move 150 from every pay check to my savings account

  • Monica

    I will save a minimum of $1500 by December 2016 so 6 months from today by reducing bills, eating out, and impulse shopping. I will use money saved from mortgage reduction to pay an extra mortgage payment knocking years off my loan. I will use money saved from ditching DirecTV/Verizon to save for needed repairs/upgrades on my home.

  • Sarita Smith

    I will save 10% of all income coming in.
    I will set up an automatic draft for my paycheck & my military & disability pension.
    I want to establish a 6 mths emergency fund.
    I will continue saving even after I reach my goal.

  • Nicole Eaton

    I cannot set my goal as high as some of you. I’m in bad shape right now but I’m so glad I discovered the Budgetnista. So my goal will be save 100 by August 10th, 2016. Please dont laugh my finances are horrible today. Need guidance

  • Tonika

    I will save $300 by August 30,2016. I am paid bi weekly(twice a month) I will achieve this goal by transferring $100 from my checking to my savings account once per month by the end of month. I will also commit to bring lunch to work and utilize my coupons when grocery shopping to reduce spending which will also allow me to have the extra money to save. I am also going to start the 52 week money challenge.

  • Kathleen Wynder-Clayton

    Hello , This is my first post. I am late in starting the process. Life got in the way these past few weeks,(health). All is well , so I am beginning my financial health plan! When deciding on my first goal , I had no problem. I want to save $1000.00 in 10 months (by my birthday in March 2017). I am setting an automatic savings account which will transfer the amount from my primary each month. Out of site out of mind. I don’t know if you have had women over 60 participate , but I am a retired school teacher. My husband and I are saving to downsize. We used the majority of investment savings over the past years helping family in need. What we didn’t do is watch how fast it was going. But we are blessed with good pensions and want to grow more financial wisdom. Our house has some value, but we have refinanced a few times in our life here. I am beginning this first goal June 15, 2016 , (first scheduled transfer). I am an avid online shopper. Before I read about you, I had already weaned myself from some online shops. So what I have saved from that is being earmarked. Thanks for sharing and teaching what you’ve learned.

  • reallyurkidding

    Goal #1 Keep track of every penny I spend
    Goal #2 Utilize my goal setter saving account by saving $2500-$3500 by 12/31/16.
    Goal #3 Make bigger investments with the stocks I already have.
    Goal #4 Start an online savings account for personal rewards such as travel and emergency expenses.

  • Shelia Reynolds Coakley

    I will save $500 dollars by December by cooking more and eating out less.

  • Romona Gray

    Goal# 1 Keep track of every penny I spend. Goal #2 Utilize the Goal Setters saving account I already have. Goal #3 Save $2500 or more by 12/31/2016.
    Goal #4 No matter what put something into my saving each pay period.
    Goal #5 Set up an online savings account that has a good interest rate

  • LaToshia Bright

    I started this challenge in January but I was not ready to commit. Today I am ready to commit.
    Goal 1-open up second checking account in order to save $50 every 2 weeks (I’ve already completed this task).
    Goal 2- have $850 saved by December 31st by not touching the money that is being deposited in the second checking account.
    Goal 3-research and identify what stock I want to invest in and then do it by July 8th.
    Goal 4- stop eating out during the week. Take the money I would have spent and deposit it into my second checking account.
    Goal 5- purchase the books written by Tiffany and start practicing what I’ve been learning. Also I need an accountability partner.

  • Beatrice Harris

    Goal one: I want to save $1000 by December 2016. I will put approx $83.00 twice month into savings.

    Goal two: start doing a monthly budget on paper every month. And follow up with actual expenses.

  • Mahkeba Unique Vanzant

    I will save $1000 by October 10, 2016, for an emergency fund. I will do this by setting aside $200/month, via an automatic transfer from my checking into my savings account.

  • MsDes205

    Goal #1: I want to save AT LEAST $300 by the end of 2016. That’s $50 a month. I’m trying to make a realistic goal.

    Goal #2: Do not impulse buy. Buy things only if I really need it!!! Use up what I have first!!! This is one of my biggest problems. Buying things I don’t need and already have. I will treat myself every now and then though.

    Goal #3: Utilize apps that help me save and look for sales. Use coupons and gift cards when I can.

  • Tamiko Young

    1-I would like to pay my 10%tithes ever pay period.
    2-I would like to save 10% in my saving.
    3-I will pick up extra shifts at my part time job to improve my saving.
    4- I would like to save 3000 by August to go to Connecticut.
    5-I would like to save 1500 for Christmas for shopping.

  • janet jacobs

    I want to save $3000 by Jan. 2017.
    I would like to start paying down medical and education debt- start date June 10. I will use $$$ saved from packing meals and working out at home.
    Look forward to generating $750-$1000 holiday cash by selling knit/crochet goods.

  • brandy williams

    I will save $700.00 by November 2,2016.I will save $700.00 by Nov.2,2016 by taking my lunch to work and eliminating takeout on the weekends, and also by quitting smoking.

  • Nicole J

    The goal is to save $5,000 by the end of Dec.2016. i plan to save $750 to $1,000 a month. Currently I have $400, going into a savings account I will save an addition $175 semi-monthly.

  • Genee Smith

    1. I will save $40,000 safety net by July 2018 by having 10% of my salary automatically withdrawn from my pay each check and placed into a savings account.

    2. I will increase my credit score to 700 by June 2017 by making all payments on time and paying off my credit cards.

    3. I will purchase a home in July 2017, which has the potential to earn me at least 20k in five years by utilizing various grants and government programs. The money saved from rent each month will then be used towards my student loans.

    4. I will pay off student loans by August 2020 by consolidating loans and paying above the minimum balance. Once I pay off my car and build safety net (both 2018), this extra money will go towards my student loans.

  • Evah Wonder

    I just pledged save $5000 by July 31, 2016 by setting aside a certain amount of money from my pay each week. A group of us Dream Catchers decided to do this together. So looking forward to this!

  • Connie Jones

    I will save $700 or more by the end of the year December 2016

  • Barbara Jones

    Budgetnista i need help …like I’m stuck with forms and budget …this is day one…
    My goal have $500.00 saving by September 2016

  • Jessica L Washington

    Late post for day one ….my saving goals … 600 by August 1st to aid with moving.. 2.Get a budget in place by July 1s and say with the budget…3.No fast food for at least three months. I will carry a lunch to work and pre plank meals for my family. I’m a mother of six. With a limited income and a credit score in the 500’s I’m currently in school for medical assisting to gain clinical experience because my ulimate goal is becoming a nurse I need help on budgeting and sticking to a budget and tips to clean up my credit. As well as ways to make extra income that will fit into my busy schedule I’m excited to start this journey of becoming richer and living without financial stress.

  • Marcia smith

    What? (“I will save $1200.”)

    2) When? (“I will save $1200 by December1,2016.”)

    3) How? (I will save $ by taking $100 a pay period and putting in a savings account.”)

  • Sam

    I will save 1200.00 by December 15th 2016, I get paid bi weekly and I will put $200.00 dollars into my saving account every paycheck. I am hoping I will save more but I have to put in a realistic goal for myself. I tend to over spend by un-needed things and I love to shop so this is a real challenge for me. I will need all he support I can get for this to happen.

  • Jes

    1. Save $2000 or more by the end of 2016 to have an emergency fund. I cut back on eating out so much during the week and pack my breakfast and lunch.

    2. Follow the 52 week saving challenge to save spending money for an upcoming trip in March 2016.

    3. Save $10,000 by the end of 2018 to put towards a purchase of a home,

    I know I can accomplish this by using coupons, store apps and buying more store brand products when buying groceries and household items; pay my bills on time and in full, if possible; and carpool to work to save on gas.

  • Melinda Terry

    I will save $1000 by November 1, 2016 by reducing shopping to bi-monthly grocery and emergency home items only. I am currently following the 52 Week Savings Challenge and on target with the challenge.
    It is also my goal to reduce my credit card debt down 1-2 cards by the end of 2016.

  • Khadya N Jean-Paul

    Goal#1 put $50 away every friday until 2017
    Goal#2 pay off student loan by July 2017

  • As82

    I will save $2,000 by December 30, 2016 by not exceeding my ‘blow fund.’

  • Tara S

    I would love to have $10,000 in an emergency account and another $5,000 just for kicks but that is not a realistic goal so…if I could just put $50 bi-weekly away that would be a great start. My issue is that my children “take” all my money and I never say no. We’re not talking about a lot of money but it’s whatever is left over after all my bills are paid. (I allow it because of guilt). This $50 will have to stay in a sock drawer because if it’s in the bank, it will get spent.

  • ashantijoy

    Day 1: I currently save $125 a month but I will not transfer the money out of my accounts. I’ve signed up for Ebates, Acorn, Checkout51 and Digit. I am hoping that these accounts will provide cash back savings and save/investment any additional amounts into other savings accounts so I will have less money for wasteful spending. My short term goals are to pay off a home improvement loan, and reduce a major credit card (will look into transferring to a zero balance/18 months card to save on interest). Long term goals are to pay my parent plus loans before my child leaves college and work on saving $10K towards my next car. I did talk with my daughter (just turned 19) about these apps and will make sure she is learning how to spend wisely and save.

  • Melissa

    Goals:1 Create a budget and stick to help (my biggest issue I really need help with this @thebudgetnista:disqus )
    2. Save $2000 by Dec31st. Deposit $140 directly from my paycheck to my savings account.
    3. Pay off debit. Pay off smallest debit and work my way up
    4. Raise credit score. Not sure how besides paying out debit

  • Melanie Brunner

    My goal is to save $2000 by Christmas 2016 by setting up automatic transfers from my checking to savings account in the amount of $150 per pay period. There are 14 pay periods between today and Christmas. 14 x 150= 2100!

  • CH Spencer

    I will save $800 by the end of December. I will do this by putting an end to eating out. Starting today my son and I will eat home prepared meals and once school starts back he will take his lunch to school with him. I also will not buy any name brand purses(my weakness) on impulse for the remainder of the year.

  • Shalonda Turner

    I will save 600 dollars by november 1, 2016 for holiday shopping and i will start the 52 week saving challenge. i will put 60 dollars in a holiday saving account every two weeks starting june 29th and i will put my first dollar in my personal saving account starting the 29 for 52 week challenge.

  • Thea

    I will save $6000 by December 28, 2016…But how? Glad you asked! Every 2 weeks I will have $500 transferred to an online banking account (that way I don’t have an actual card to swipe). This savings goal will begin July 13th! So what does this mean for current expenses that I have? This means that I have to: 1. Decrease my data usage with Verizon. 2. Save money on my utilities. 3. Get the auto insurance discounts offered by Nationwide. 4. Keep my credit card utilization under 20%. 5. Refrain from shopping out of boredom. 6. Cutting my nail salon visits down from 4x a month to once a month. 7. Traveling on a budget. 8. Getting multiple streams of income doing things I enjoy such as babysitting and tutoring. 9. Cut down on fast food to 3x a month.
    I’m so excited to start my savings goal and know that I can complete it! I declare it!

  • Janelle

    Savings Goals

    1. Save $1,000 for my emergency fund by December 31, 2016
    2.Save $2500 by March 2017 to furnish the house I purchased last November
    3.Save $1500 toward family vacation for June 2017

  • Janelle

    Savings Goals
    1. Save $1000 by December 31, 2016 for emergency fund
    2. Save $2500 by March 2017 to purchase furniture for the house I bought last November 2015
    3. Save $2000 for family vacation by June 2017

  • Sheena

    Goal#1: To save 500.00 by December 1, 2016 by carrying my lunch and cutting out unnecessary shopping.
    Goal#2: To Get out of debt by using the debt snowball process by December 1, 2017 by generating a second stream of income.
    Goal#3: To save 3-6 months of emergency funds by May 1, 2017 by cutting out unnecessary spending and keeping a second income

  • Iyshah Seals

    My #1 Goal is to save $2000.00 by December.
    I will cut my cable bill, take my breakfast and lunch to work, and only eat out once a month.

    I will pay off my credit cards and get a second job to do so.

  • Heart Mycakes

    G1. Pay my 2 credit cards off.
    G2. Save $500 for back to school shopping.
    G3. Not living check to check.
    G4. Save $1200 by Christmas.
    G5. Give myself $100 play money each month.

  • Cree

    I will save $500 by Jan 1st by packing breakfast, lunch and snacks for work daily.
    I will save $260 for my secondary checking and savings accounts by Dec 23rd by transferring $20 per pay period.
    I will commit to the dime challenge until the 2L is filled

  • Denise

    Hi! My goals are to have an emergency fund, a family reunion fund, a graduation fund, a car maintenance fund and a miscellaneous fund.

  • Matilde

    Goal #1 I will pay off my Kohl’s credit card by November 2016 and stop charging on it.
    Goal #2 I will save 1000 for summer vacation 2017. Goal #3 I will start tracking my expenses.

  • Tanesha

    Goal #1 Pay off smallest credit card bill by December 2016
    Goal #2 Pay off the rest of my student loan July 2017
    Goal #3 Save for a new Bedroom set May 2017

  • Renee

    Goal 1: I will save $3,000 by December 31st by automatically transferring $250 from each paycheck (2x/mo) to my savings account.
    Goal 2: I will reduce my spending on eating out by bringing lunch to work at least 3x/week.
    Goal 3: I will increase my income by $2,000 by Dec. 31st through freelancing and providing business services.

  • Tashianna

    I will save $1000 by october 1st by eating out less and cooking more at home.

    I will reduce my debt by december 1st by cutting out frivolous spending, and using coupons on necessities.

    I will have an emergency fund by September 1st by picking up extra promotion jobs.

  • Patricia

    My number 1 goal to save using the 365 day savings plan starting with day 1 saving 1 penny and ending with day 365 saving $3.65 to total $667.95 within a year time. I would like to achieve this goal by Dec 2016 so I will double up per day on my savings. I currently do not have any savings because my budget is stretched to the max and this way I can save a little that will add up in the end.

  • Chinquita Campbell

    Goal 1: Save more money each year by putting and extra $50 aside.
    Goal 2: Multiple my retirement saving by rolling my personal retirement into the with my employer so it may be matched.
    Goal 3: Increase my income by using my avon account for more than personal shopping and increase my sales.
    Goal 4: Use extra income to pay off credit card debt to increase credit score.

  • Jeannine King

    Goal #1 Make two of my student loans current by 12/31/2016 by adding at least $50 to each payment starting 8/15

    Goal #2 Save $200 by December 1st by transferring weekly amount to savings account

    Goal #3 I will save $300 for back to school shopping by September 1st by putting away $50 from my paychecks starting 7/16 and using $150 from my tax return

  • Lisa Clark

    Hey ladies! i’m sharing with this group for accountability! I will pay off both credit cards by 12/31/16. I will complete the 52 week savings plan this year. I will pay myself first, open an online banking account so I wont have to swipe a card 🙂 and last but not least, Pray, pray, and pray!

  • Ashli Addison

    I actually started my savings goal this month. My goal is to save AT LEAST $2000 by 11/1/16. I will do this by preparing meals, not spending unnecessary money, staying away from temptation and emotional situations. I’m already sitting at $111.80 over this months goal and I get paid again tomorrow.

  • cathy schley

    I will save at least $200 a month for the next 7 months toward an emergency fund. I am sharing this with my husband who will also save at least $150 a month for the next 7 months. 2nd goal: pay off a $3700 cc bill in 18 mths. I transferred this balance to this credit card to take advantage of a 0% interest rate for 18 mths. I have no other balance on this card and will not use it.

  • TQ

    I want to save $5000 in six months by reducing the amount of money I spend on food.

    I want to save at least $300 a month by transferring it from my checking to savings.

    I want to pay off my credit card (next 2 months)  and car by June 2017.

  • Trevelyn Britton

    I will save at least 600 dollars in 3 months. I will do this by depositing 100 dollars per check (bi-weekly) into my savings account. *AND NOT TOUCHING IT*

  • Patricia Butler

    1. I will start by saving $500 a month.
    2. Start with automatic deduction to pay my bills.
    3. Get me a car.
    To start, I must bring my lunch, get a monthly bus card setup automatic deduction with my bank. By the end of the year I would like to be around $5,000

  • jacqueline warner

    Goal #1 Save $10,000 by April 2017
    Goal # 2 Develop different streams of income to reach my goal.
    Goal # 3 step out on faith and leave my 9 to 5 and start my non profit helping others
    Goal # 4 reducing unecessary spending

  • Jolynn Santos

    Goal 1- to start the 52 week challenge and start saving, it’s never too late.
    Goal 2- transfer 10% of my take home pay into my savings and don’t touch it
    Goal 3- sell some items in my storage unit so I can move into a smaller storage unit and pay $40 a month vs the $130 I’m paying right now.
    Goal 4- pay off my debt as much as I can afford each paycheck and hopefully be debt free by next summer 2017

  • T White

    Hello everyone,

    1. Save for a down payment on a house before October 31, 2016 by paying myself first.
    2. Save to have an emergency fund built and sufficient before the end of December 2017 by saving $100.00 a paycheck.
    3. To pay off my car by the end of February 2016 by paying more than the regular payment.

  • Angela Presley

    I will save $10K, pay the remaining balance on my car and cut my student loan in half by March 31, 2016…I am looking for an accountability partner for a financial and physical cleansing…who can help me stay on track and I will support you in your goals

  • Deborah Campbell

    I will save $1000 by June 30th 2017. I will bring lunch to work 3X per week, go to happy hour 1X per month, pay off outstanding debt to reduce interest, and talk to someone before I go an an emotional shopping binge.

  • Renee D

    I will save $300 by 12/31/2016 by bringing lunch to work everyday and cutting out fast food eating.

  • Shacara Shaw

    1st I will pay all my speeding tickets by thanksgiving so I can have my license back and travel to see my family. 2nd I will pay my bankruptcy lawyer fees by December so that I can go into 2017 debt free. And finally I will get my husband a new wedding band since he had to pawn his to pay a bill

  • Monique Madden Stuckey

    I will save money from each pay check ( $50-$100) . I will save $1000 emergency money by the end of 2016. I will cut the cost of cable and add that money to my savings

  • Nataki Garrett Myers

    I work full time and I have a lot of debts through student loans, Personal Loans/Credit Cards and medical loans. My husbands income is variable mine is fixed so we use mine to cover the bulk of the monthly bills and his to cover daily expenses. I already take my lunch to work and cut costs wherever I can. I will be taking on some extra work over the next couple of months in addition to the money I make as a freelance artist. Here’s my plan. Let me know what you think. 1. I will save $1200 by January 1st for our baby fund. We are in the home study for a public foster/adopt program. I will save $300 a month by saving $100 per paycheck (twice monthly) and by taking on extra income through Instacart or Uber and putting $100 of that towards Savings. 2. I will save $600 for an emergency fund by November 9th. Any additional money I make through my extra income I will put towards this fund until I reach $600 then I hope to double it in 6 months. 3. I will pay off all on my credit cards with balances under $1000 totaling about $2200 by March 1st 2017. I will do so by doubling the minimum payment every month and applying any additional funds I get from my extra income to those balances. I will also cut these cards up right now so that I am not tempted to use them.

  • Dizexhaled

    1) save $750 by 12/31/16, by putting $75 (split $50/$25 between 2 savings accouts) every 2 weeks.

    2) save money earned on citi double cash rewards card for something fun for myself. Won’t use until after 12/31/16.

    3) pay $100 per month + new charges on both credit cards with balances, until they are paid down. Once paid down, that $200/month will go into savings. I’m thinking that this should switch to savings no later than 3/2017. But will work on aggressively getting it done by 12/31/16.

  • Johnique Fannin

    1. Eliminate credit card debt before or on: March 18, 2017 making on time payment’s consistently, doing so will help improve my credit score allowing me to increase my revolving accounts.
    2. Begin a savings account reaching 1,500.00 by Jan 18, 2017, putting away 100.00 or 10% of each paycheck (whichever is greater of the two),in doing so I will create a secure emergency fund.
    3. Create a budget and commit to sed budget starting 25 August, 2016. To create a budget I will need to evaluate my spending habits. Through this budgeting technique I can become more in control of my spending habits.

  • Tonya Donald

    Day 1: My savings goals

    1. Set up an emergency fund (3 months’ worth of living expenses).
    2. Save for short time goal (I’m moving in two months, so I will continue to save $50/per week from my paycheck until my move in date of October 31st. I will apply the saved money towards my rent)
    3. I will deposit half of all money from my side hustle (braiding hair) into my savings for my medium goal of saving for Jamia’s college fund and the other half into my long term goal of saving for my retirement.

  • Tykeshia Wiggs

    I am a few days late. Goal #1: I will save $1000 dollars by Dec 2016 for new car by putting money in savings acct each week. Goal #2: I will save $500 by Feb 2017 for my b-day by putting up $100 each month leading up to my day. Goal #3 I will save $3000 by the end of 2017 for big move by putting up/ saving any unspent money for the week , any money gifted to me, any money paid for my skin care products and by saving a little from my biweekly paycheck..

  • Steffie P

    Goal 1: deposit a minimum of $50 a paycheck into my savings between now and December 2016 (9 × 50=$450)
    Goal 2: do not make any withdrawals from my savings account September- December 2016
    Goal 3: pay off 2 bills (furniture and Amazon) by December 2016

  • Regina

    I joined the challenge 6 days ago…and I did the challenges, but I didn’t join the conversation. Here are some of my Savings Goals
    -Set up Emergency Fund
    -Pay down debt/rebuild Credit
    -Stop Reckless/Careless spending
    -Stop living Check to Check
    -Pay bills on time/ ahead of time.
    -BUY 1st HOUSE

  • Marlene

    I am so happy that I came across The Budgetnista and the Saving Challenge. Here are my Savings Goals, need you guys to keep accountable!! 1) pay off credit card debt by January 2018; 2) continue with the 52 Week Saving Plan, which at the end of this year Dec 2016, would have saved $1378; 3)Save for a down payment on a car – want $2000 – 3000 by November 1, 2016; 4) Save for College – I want to return back to School, in order to get that degree that I never finished; 5) Save for Retirement – Start reinvesting into my Company’s Thrift Saving Plan starting 9/12; 6) Save for Emergencies starting 8/29 and 7) SAVE………………….Marlene W.

  • Steph Mitch

    I don’t specific dollar amounts I want to save. I’m going for overall financial freedom, establishing an emergency fund, and paying my bills in full on time each month. I guess I could say: I will pay off my credit card bill ($1000) by February 2017. I will stop transferring/withdrawing the money I already having going into my savings account automatically. I will stop using shopping as a means to make myself feel better about things.

  • Tenae Edwards

    I will save $1000 in 6 months. I will have the $1000 saved by February 2017. I will save the $1000 by reducing the amount of monthly subscriptions I use, being more conscious of the amount of money I spend on fast food and make it a necessity to cook at home and pack my lunch daily.

  • Shaunta Robertson

    Goal#1- I will create an Emergency Fund(3 months of Income)
    Goal#2- I will begin to tithe 10% of my income to a local church
    Goal#3- I will begin to save for a down payment for my first home purchase
    Goal#4- I will continually encourage myself and press towards the mark of financial freedom!!

  • Monique Williams

    Goal#1: I challenge myself to eat more clean. A clean diet, leads to a clean mind. Also, to be disciplined throughout this journey. I pray for strength over myself and my finiances.

    Goal#2: I challenge myself to save $4000 by December 2016. I will save $1000 per month by taking $500 out of each one of my biweekly checks. I will decrease eating out from every other day, to once a month.

    Goal#3: I will motivate others, as well as motivate myself to be more mature within finiances.

  • Mommii OfTwo

    I will save $2000 by May 2017. I will be reducing unnecessary spending and using Qapital to Round up my purchases to save. $1000 will be used for our Marriage Retreat to Mexico and the other to start an emergency savings fund.

  • Arrianna

    Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t allow me to save now I need to eliminate debt first. Is there a plan or a system that starts with eliminating debt first. I don’t have money left after bills

  • Amber

    1. I will save $600 by the end of the year.
    2. I will start contributing to my 401k at work by contributing 3% of my check
    3. I will start utilizing my 2nd account, putting in $50 every check to start off

  • Body & Mind Wellness

    Savings Goals:
    1. Pay off one cc by 12/31/16
    2. Pay off one cc by 2/28/17
    3. Open online savings account by 8/26/16
    4. Make my coffee instead of buying it. That saves about $20.00 per month.
    5. Restart emergency fund 1/31/17
    6. From 10/1/16- 1/31/16 Very limited to no dining out.
    7. Reduce entertainment/hobby expenses by 50% beginning 10/1/16

  • Dozie Oheri

    1. I want to save $200 a month
    2. I want to have $200 saved at the end of each month, totaling $800 by December 31, 2016.
    3. I will save $200 a month, $800 by December 31, 2016 by prioritizing my expenses daily, weekly and monthly, but remembering not to be so hard on myself if I get side tracked. By cooking more meals at home. By not giving money to friends or family members, when I know I need my hard earned money.

  • Amber T.

    Financial goal is to save $100 per paycheck towards my home renovation/upgrade fund. I get paid bi monthly so this will be a total monthly savings of $200 per month. I will save for six months Sept 5, 2016-through March 5, 2017 (my pregnancy due date) with a goal to increase savings amount in the six months following.

  • Antonine Jame’se

    1. I want to save $1000
    2. By 1/31/17
    3. I will put $100 to the side out of every check. I will reduce my eating out and over spending so I won’t be going back for that $100 when I’m low on money.

  • Jennifier

    I will save $500 by 12.31.16 by using Digit, eating out less, and taking my lunch. Just reviewing all the post has really motivated me. I have to start somewhere.

  • Danielle Fairley

    Goal 1:) save $1,000 by March 1st. Goal 2) save to buy a new house. Goal 3:) save for retirement. Goal 4.) start a college fund for my kiddos.

  • Sabrina

    I actually started at the first of the year with Digit saving but work kept me from fully participating in this forum like I should. I am so glad to be changing jobs so I can focus on me and getting my life in order I am cheerleader screaming…..My goals 1 – Save $1378 By Dec 31 using Digit for a 50th Birthday present for me, 2 – Save $1900 by reducing my cable bill and setting up automatic deposits of $50 per pay period for a car from my middle daughter and 3 – Save $500 for start-up revenue for my business by December 31, 2016.


    Hello ladies!! I am new to this conversation, however I see that some of you have posted goals several months ago. I hope you have reached and accomplished your goals as well as made new ones.
    My goal is to gain and have financial disapline. My goal is to NOT say yes to every invitation that will eventualy cost me money (girls night out, day trips, resturants outting just because it’s Friday, parties ect.) I would like to save $50 per pay for the next 6 months. #shortgoals #results

  • Mozell Redskinfanforlife Brown

    What I will save 400.00
    When by January 1, 2017
    How by putting 10.00 in my savings account each pay period

  • Marshenaw

    *have a continuous Plan For saving each pay period
    * I want to save $1000 by Jan 1,2017. I will do so by cutting back on what I spend to eat each week, bring my lunch, go back to cooking and eating as a family, make time for these things plus meal prep for a successful week. No more living beyond my means
    * build my emergency fund each pay period of $100 a month

    Thank you for this group!

  • Brie Lightfoot Smith

    Goal 1 – Pay off my phone by December 31, 2016
    Goal 2- Double my emergency fund by March 12, 2017.
    Goal 3 – Start investing by April 1, 2017

  • Latasha Dews

    Hello group. Here are my goals: I want to save $4000 by December 2017. I want to participate in the 52/26 week challenge and save $1378. I want to pay up 3 cc and a loan sooner rather than later. I will send more than the minimum to help with that goal. Wish me luck but I trust God that I can achieve my goals.

  • Latoya Jean-Baptiste

    2000 for moving expenses
    1000 emergency fund
    I will accomplish my goals by
    114 month cable bill cut
    15 dollars from part-time job deposited directly into account weekly
    23.00 already saved in digit will continue
    Dime challenge started
    Looking for a full-time job

  • Mrs. Parks

    My 3 savings goals are the following:

    All this is with help from my hubby of course, but just want to share my goals, so I can stay accountable.

    Goal #1: To save $500 in the next 6 months – by Feb. 28, 2017
    Goal #2: To make at least $500 profit in my online business in the next 6 months to be able to save up for a trip with my hubby.
    Goal #3: To save $1,000 in the next 12 months – by Sept 2017
    Goal: #4 : To pay off the smallest debt I have, which is about $3,500 by May 2017

    I’m taking baby steps ya’ll.

  • Vanessa

    Goal 1: Pay off all debt in 3 years by eliminating impulsive spending (research and be mindful of all purchases) automating savings, and creating secondary income streams.
    Goal 2: Save three months rent and expenses in 1.5 years by automating savings and creating secondary income streams.
    Goal 3: Vacation annually by researching travel hacking and setting up a savings account specifically for that.

  • Brianna Samone

    I will save $5,000-$10,000 by March 10,2017 by working 50-60 hours a week, overtime, budgeting my money and putting 25% or higher into my online savings account depending on my needs for a good reliable car.

  • Sarah

    1. MOVE TO CALI -Save $10,000 by May 26th 2017 by saving 500 ea paycheck and adding $2000 from my tax return.

    2. Dental work – Save $2,000 by March 15th by saving $100 a month and adding $1,500 from Tax return.

    3. I will live abundantly with the funds I have but Nov 1st by budgeting, being creative, and appreciating

  • Mzpechez Gudgurl Johnson

    I need $1500 by April of 2017,
    Goal #2 $1000 for my daughter baby shower I’ve already started saving $1 bills every time I break a large bill plus all my change.
    Goal #3 pay student loan $6,000 by the end of 2017. And boost my credit to 700 I’m almost there. I signed up with COLLECTION SHIELD AND BENEFITED FROM THE SHOPPING CART TRICK ALL IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Tucker

    Goal #1 save 10k by the end of 2017 by only loving off of 70% of my income.
    Goal#2 I will pay off my credit Union credit card by Dec 31st by using my bonus money each month
    Goal #3 I will put 1k I’m my secondary savings by march 2017 by not spending my hair tips and cutting back on eating out.

  • sharena Reid

    1) What? (“I will save $300.”)

    2) When? (“I will save $300 by February 14”)

    3) How? (I will save $300 by February 14 by buying everything at one time and not shop just because I have the money.”)
    My other goal is to own my own home my steps are as follows
    1. pay off smaller debt on credit report by December 15, 2016.
    2. set up payment plans for other accounts and start paying on those starting in January 2017.
    3. I don’t know what to do after this step.

  • Tierney R Woodard

    Goal 1 – Stick with this challenge for the entire time. This is my 3rd time starting in the last 1.5 months so I am committing to rain focused and see it through.
    Goal 2 – Save $500 by Dec 31st and $5000 by July 1, 2017
    Goal 3 – Start my snowball challenge to start eliminating my debt so I can begin to maximize my savings and clean up my credit!
    I want to buy a house by next Christmas so I have some work to do. My account tanikity partner is my best friend, I have sent her he info on the challenge amd she knows my plans and goals.

  • Courage Molina

    Goal #1 Save $1000 in 30 days by reducing our spending and packing our lunches.
    Goal #2 Save $5000 in 8 months by saving 10% of our income.

  • Ketty Mrslady Copeland

    Good morning..Goal #1. I will save $500.00 by April 10, 2017 for emergency. I will deposit 25.00 each week on Friday into my account or $3.58 a day until i reach my goal of 500.00. I have a checking account and will open my savings at a separate bank on Friday November 11 2017. Goal 2. I will be a CONSISTENT TITHER 10% FOR ALLLLL INCOME SOURCES UNTIL April 10, 2017. I am not consistent its hit and miss I will take home 4 tithing envelopes and fill them out soon as i get paid and drop in box same waiting for Sunday lolol it might not make it.

  • Felicia

    Goal #1- Save $400 a month by eating out less & cooking @ home more.
    Goal #2- Pay off C.C. & School loan by 7/21/17.
    Goal # 3- Grow (financially 2017) in my new business & career by continually educating myself & advertising

  • Tiana Veland

    1. I will save $1000 for a trip by January 31st, 2017 by acquiring a part time job.

    2. I will save $3,000 by December 31, 2017 for an emergency fund by switching to a less expensive mobile carrier and putting $160 in savings each month.

    3. I will save and retain 100% of my business profits in my business account and separate from my personal finances in 2017.

  • Shay Perry

    Goal 1 Day 1: I want to save $800 by April 2017 & I will do that not shopping every sale & bringing food to work

  • Shay Perry

    Goal 2: I want to pay off all my credit cards by February 2017

    Goal 3: I want to learn how to invest in stock

    Goal 4: I want to really understand the value of a dollar so that I can make wiser decisions

  • Aleisha

    I will save $2,400 by December 1st 2017. I’ve opened a holiday fund where the money will automatically come out and I can’t touch it until this time next year. I also started saving with acorn.

  • Alexis Ogirri

    Goal#1: Save $1,600 by my 24 birthday in April 2017; by saving 50-100 dollars each week.
    Goal#2: Make my first investment by April 2017, using the skills I gain with this challenge.
    Goal#3: Go on a real nice vacation with my husband using some of th money saved from Goal#1.

  • Candice

    My only goal right now is to increase my emergency fund by $1,000 by December 2017. I will do this by decreasing my monthly bills and putting the extra in a separate account.

  • Annette

    Goal 1: Save 2400 in 1 year by December 2017
    Goal 2: pay off medical bills
    Goal 3: prioritize spending to inclue debt reduction

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    I’m just getting started, but here are my day 1 goals:
    1. Cut a few unnecessary monthly goals – storage, cable, pay insurance premium six months at a time for bigger discount, invest first $1000 in stock, invest in gold, save minimum of 3K by June 1, 2017. Not sure if 3K is a realistic goal to save, only because another goal is to put all of my extra money towards getting out of debt almost entirely but the end of 2017, but I’m sure going to try. No accountability partners bc I cannot count on people who are not trying to get where I am trying to go, so I could use one or some partners LOL.

  • Kendra Torres

    Goal 1#: Save $500 a month.
    Goal 2#: Open a college savings account for my son.
    Goal 3#: Do not dip into any savings account.

  • Sherri

    I am just starting this journey. I want to save $600 by June 1, 2017. I plan to achieve this by using coupons when shopping and cooking more at home. I have to utilize resources more and stop beating myself up for past financial mistakes.

  • brookealyss

    Goal # 1- to save $5,000 by May 2017
    Goal #2- fix my credit score in preparation to buy a new car and lower interest rates on loans
    Goal #3- Lower my bills every month specifically cable and cell phone. Save for after my wedding in September!

  • Lynda

    Thanking the LORD for direction and HIS servants that come along to assist in my financial planning/restoration!!! #IAmRestored #LivingAnEphesiand320 Goal #1 Save $2856 by Dec 2017; build and not touch!!!! STACKED AND SEASONED FOR FUTURE!
    Goal #2 update my investments from my employer
    Goal #3 Pay off debts/loan accounts by Dec 2017

  • Destiny

    I’m looking for an accountability partner, but it doesn’t look as if anyone has posted in a while..

  • Lyneè Urban

    Goal #1: 30-Day Financial Challenge – from 1/1 – 1/31, spend no money on anything outside of bills, gas, and groceries. Cost of any additional purchase must be written down
    Goal #2: Save $215 bi-weekly from Dec 2 to June 2 to offset childcare costs during Summer break
    Goal #3: Transfer $5000 to separate account by Dec 31, 2017 with 52-week PBT challenge

  • Yolanda Booker

    Goal#1 Save $500 by December 31, 2016
    Goal#2 Pay off one of my credit cards by June 2017
    Gola#3 Invest in an IRA

  • Karima Abdul-Salaam

    My top 3 savings goals for 2016 and moving forward are:

    1. Save for pilgrimage to HAJJ & extra spending for Aug 2018 – $20,000
    2. Create an emergency fund for home and unexpected expenses – $1,000 per year until $5,000 has been reached
    3. Save for vacation/travel – 3 trips per year (1 – with entire family 2 – with Hubby) 2- international trips per year and 1 – Domestic trip – $15,000 per year

  • Cheryl

    this is my day#1 and I have to start very small as my financial life is really in the toilet right now. I was saving $175 a month via direct deposit that I used for vacation money each year but this year, no vacation and I’ve spent most of the money on one of life’s detours. now I am cutting back my savings to $50 a month because I need that “extra” income now.
    So my goal #1 – for the next 6 months is to NOT stop saving altogether. That will give me $300 in 6 mos. Then I want to take it back up to $100 per month for the remainder of the year which will net me $900 for the year.
    Goal #2 – find a job paying what I’m worth.

  • Katavia Femster

    My goal is to Save $8,000 by Dec 1 2017. So that i finally pay off Student loans and pay back a personal school loan. That way im not living check to check. I am 24, going on 25 in one month. I wish to have my Business up and running before my 26 birthday.

  • Neia

    I want to clear two things from my credit report by febuary 1st i will do this by setting up payment arrangement.

  • Jenna

    I promise to save 100.00 per month. Pay all my cc debt. SAVE 1000.00 BY SEPTEMBER 2017. PRAY OVER ALL MY GOALS… GOD FIRST….

  • Tamika

    Goal #1: Save $3,000 dollars minimum for an Emergency fund

    Goal#2: Save $3,000 by June 2017 for a down payment for my own place

    Goal #3:Save $600 by August 2017 once Goal #1 & Goal #2 is complete.

    Jesus give me wisdom in all of this!

  • S Gold

    Hi there, busy day yesterday and I wasn’t able to post my 3 goals so here they are:

    Goal 1- I will save $3,000 by this time next year. I will do this by becoming mindful of what I send. No more frivolous spending and buying food in bulk to stop eating out.

    Goal 2 – Purchase Live Richer Challenge, Live Richer Notebook and Monthly Bill Organizer by December 15 and start making them a daily part of my life.

    Goal 3 (2 parts) – A. Pay off my 2 lowest bills March 31, 2017. B. Research investment opportunities. I will use 10% of my earnings each week to accomplish these.

  • Joette Thomas

    I want to save at least 5k by Dec. 6, 2017, and I will do so by reducing the cost of eating out, shopping, and other frivolous spending.I also want to start my own Non profit business within the year and I want to the some how eliminate my debt and student loans

  • Monique Brooks

    I will save 20 a week for the next 6 months. Paying off credits. Speaking with my creditors to lower my debt.

  • Lisa

    Goal 1: I will save 7500 by 12/31/2017 by reducing eating out and unnecessary retail spending.
    Goal 2: I will create and live by a monthly budget.
    Goal 3: I will inform and encourage other sis-stars to begin/continue their savings journey.

  • Jalisa

    I will save $20 from each check by having it directly deposited into my son savings account. I will save $500 by January 15,2017 by cutting out restaurant food. I will save $2000 by May 30,2017 by also turning into a extreme couponer.

  • Yvonne

    1 – to save £5241 by 31 July 2017 by using the saving snowball, for the first 8 saving items in my savings snowball.

    2 – to save £2500 by 31 October 2017 by brining my lunch to work and saving my side hustle money, for my holiday to JA in December 2017

    3 – to save £2700 by 31 December 2017 by reducing my phone bill and spending £100 less each month, for my YNAB 1 month salary buffer.

  • Nazret

    1) I plan to have $6000 saved by June 1, 2017.
    2) Pay off my hospital and credit card debt.
    3) Cut eating out unless it’s for a special occasion. I tend to spend money on breakfast, lunch and at times dinner Monday through Friday.

  • Courtney E Carter

    Goal # 1 Save $400 a month
    Goal #2 Save $1200 by March
    Goal #3 Pay off three bills

  • kEsha Ann

    My goal is to save $2500 in the next 6 months by adding an extra $200 on top of the $200 that already gets automatically deducted from my paycheck into my savings. Prayers up for me!

  • N33ks

    My savings goals:
    #1 Reduce Credit Card Debt to under $0 for 4 of 5 credit cards by February 2017
    #2 Save at least $200 dollars a month until February 2017
    #3 Increase savings to at least 500 dollars a month by April 2017
    #4 Reduce Pay Pal Credit Debt to $0 by March 2017
    #5 Learn about investment by June 2017
    #6 Set an investment goal in August 2017
    #7 Define a “Treat YoSelf monthly budget” when Goal #1 is completed.

  • Sean

    Save 6 months of living expenses for emergencies = $18,000 by the end of 2017
    Save consistently every month at least $100 by cutting back on going out and entertaining
    Save for 2 vacations each year = $6,000 by finding new business or consulting work

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  • Tomika Yournaturalhair Beautif

    1) Save $6000 by June 1, 2017
    2) Buy a new car
    3) Buy a house in the city that’s move in ready and is no more than $40000.

  • Victoria Panna

    Goal #1: Put aside $1k for emergency fund
    Goal #2: Follow through with $5k savings over 2017 and put aside $1 and $5 in newly decorated box
    Goal #3: Explore and open ways to save money (Acorn, Digit) by June 2017
    Goal #4: Pay off credit card debts (about $3k)
    Goal #5: Open Roth IRA by January 31, 2017 with $1k; Invest additional $1.5k by April 1, 2017
    Goal #6: Make these plans a reality without dipping into them and following through with budget

  • Nateese Brown

    Savings Goal #1: I will save $1000 by June 30th for emergency funds by unlinking my savings and checking account account and packing my lunch for work each day.

    Savings Goal #2: I will save $5,512 by the end of December by using and keeping up with the 52 Weeks Saving Plan.

  • Asher

    I will pay myself $500.00 from each pay to save for my move. I plan to move by March 30th.

  • wanda

    My first 2017 goals are:
    1 Get back to tithing on a regular; #2 Save $600.00 by July 2017 by cooking more, eating out no more than once pr month if at all; and putting aside $43.00 pr pay.this is to start.

  • Amber

    I will save $100 every month, I will put $50 back into my college fund for upcoming semesters, and $50 into my savings in a credit union. Since money in my college find gets doubled, I will have an extra $400 every semester for books. By December 2017 I will $600 saved away for myself.

  • ForeverHis Laydee

    1. Save $700 for drivers license by April.
    2. Save $2000 for a down payment on a car.
    I will complete these goals by putting any bill under $10 into a car.
    3. Start the penny challenge.
    I will put a penny or more for each day until January of next year.

  • Lawanda S Crawford

    Just completed task #1 wrote down financial goals
    1. Save $2000 by end of 2017
    2.Working on decreasing debts in collections/loans
    3.increase credit score by 200 by end of 2017

  • Latisha

    I will save 1000 by paying myself 1st and reducing my household bils. I will also limit to amount we eat out.

  • Tiffany Jordan

    Savings Goals
    1. $5,000.00
    2. By December 1st
    3. Stop Shopping, Stop Eating Out, Stop Being the Loan Officer for the Family, Travel on a Budget by Listening to 2 hour long boring Time Share Presentations so I can get discounted or free rooms and food and gas cards for free.

  • Shanay Woods

    I will save $3000 by October 6 by reducing my cable services, save a portion of my income tax return ($1500), and once I pay off my vehicle this year I will use the amount that I would typically spend on my car note and deposit that amount into my savings account ($425 – one payment by my deadline but I will continue to do this for future savings.) Also I will increase the amount I place in my savings to $125 (total $1125, which exceeds my goal by $50 but I’m sure I can always use a little extra).

  • Shaneek Anderson

    I want to save 10% of my gross pay. I also want to start investing. And finally I want to save $4000 towards a down-payment on a condo.
    My car will be paid off later this year but I’m drowning in student loan debt and I have a shopping habit which I’ve gotten better at controlling but I do relapse.

  • Coco

    Goal #1: I will save $2,000 by December 2016 by setting up an automatic savings plan and packing my lunch for work.
    Goal #2: I will save for my daughter’s college education by setting up a 529 plan.
    Goal #3: I will save $1,378 by doing the 52 week savings challenge.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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  • Mekka

    1. Save $7200 in long term emergency savings by February 2018 by allocating 10% of my income & side job earnings

    2. Open my first Roth IRA by June 2017 with money from 10% of my income and picking up work shift(s)

    3. Buy my first stock by my 27th birthday with money from 10% of my income and picking up work shift(s)

  • MotivationalMe

    I have just started reading and I am going to create my goal right now and I have an accountability partner Mr. Marc White my beachbody Coach!

  • Mimi

    I received a bonus from work for the next 3 months-being a teacher who doesn’t get paid in the summer, I will save that for summer and to cover my daughter’s tuition for fall.
    I will continue to pay off bills and roll over the money to pay another bill
    I have gone two months without using credit cards-going for six and hopefully longer

  • Carla Payne

    #1 – put at least $50 in my savings account every month
    #2 – put $25 a month in a college savings account for my daughter
    #3 – invest $10 a month

    I plan to achieve these goals by cutting back on fast food.

  • katrell P

    My goal is to:
    1) Buy a home within the next year
    2) Buy a car within 6 months
    3) $10000 Emergency fund by Sept 2018

  • Lisa Randy

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  • Jewel Bass

    GOAL#1 I will save $1378 by the end of this year by following the 52 week savings challenge
    GOAL #2 I will save $100 biweekly by taking my lunch instead of eating out and use it to pay my credit card balance
    GOAL#3 rebuild my credit so I can become a homeowner winthin the next year

  • Vonetta

    My main goal is to become knowledgeable about saving. saving goal 1. I will save 2000.00 dollars by the end 2017 for an emergency fund. Saving goal 2. I will like to save 1000.00 or a trip with my family by the summer of 2017. Saving goal 3. as a combination goal for 2019, I will save 10,000 dollars by 2019 to purchase a home and a new vehicle. I will do these thing, by 1st beginning to stop eating out daily. I will also speak with my family about cutting back on the uses in out house.

  • Renee

    1) What? (“I will save $500.”)

    2) When? (“I will save $500 by October 16th.”)

    3) How? (I will save $500 by October 16th by reducing my shopping and bringing my lunch to work everyday.”)

  • Louise Shorts

    My first goal for 2017 is to save $500.00 by August 29th, my birthday. I already have it set up to go into my savings account bi-weekly, but end up transferring it back into my checking for various reasons. This time it will become invisible to me and I won’t touch it. My second goal is to learn how to grow my money, regardless of the amount I have by reaching out to people who are successful at doing so. My third goal is to pay any debts I have off by the end of the year that are effecting my credit. I will make affordable payment arrangements and pay a little more when I can.

  • Kelly Prevo

    goal 1:i will save $40 each check weekly to save for my bedroom set by my bday Oct 28th. $1,240. Goal 2: start paying my property tax of 100 weekly to pay behind 3yrs worth until paid of about $2100. Goal 3: work on my kitchen that isnt workable immediately. Still needs faucet. Over stove microwave that’s in layaway at Sears. Garbage disposal. Drain for sink. Recessed lights over Sink by May. Tbc as I make my goals.

  • Leah Flemons

    I’m going to start small, if that’s okay. I need some financial success. I will save 400.00 by July 28th, 2016.

  • Amira Ford

    I will save $800 by April 15th by going on a fast starting April 2nd. I will save $10,000 by 12/3/17 by increasing my income by at least 3.

  • Jermaine Hughes

    I will save 4800 by the end of June by using Uber, personal training and Lyft.

  • Uilani

    Hi I am new! my three goals are as follows:
    Goal #1 save $5,000.00 by June of 2018 by not dipping into my Savings account
    Goal#2 I will Buy my Truck I always been wanting Cash Money! This will be done the beginning of 2019!
    Goal #3 I will take my kids to Disneyland next year!by June of 201, staying focused and humble to the teachings around me!

  • Shirley Linwood

    I WANT TO SAVE $6,000



  • Shirley Linwood

    I am currently reading The Total Money Makeover, A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey. If it keeps me awake, it’s a great book.


    Save $5000 by August 2017,payoff current debt $45,142.41 by May 2021, payoff consumer collections $10,424 by March 2022.

  • Renee119

    I will save $400 or more every month, by taking $100 or $150 every week from each check. I’m going to consolidate my student loans and start paying it off by the end of 2017

  • Melissa

    My goal is to save $900 by the first of October & to have every bill I have current or had communicated with someone in regards to bringing it current. I will save by sending $75.00 bi-weekly to a savings account in which I will not touch.

  • Taylor Mitchell

    Goal #1 I will save $200 per month to start. I get paid bi-weekly(every 2 weeks). I’ll take $100 every paycheck to save.
    Goal #2 I will stop by impulse buying and consider do I really need something or can it wait. I’ll reward myself in moderation.
    Goal #3 Be committed to paying down my credit card to only using a max of 30% of it within 5 months.

  • Sophia Butler

    #1. I will save $7,000 by the end of the year by paying myself 1st and saving $500 each paycheck.
    #2. I will read a book on marketing to help me start my own business.
    #3. I will save any money left over at the end of each period to do something fun with the kids each month and as a treat to myself.

  • Whitney Alexander

    Hi New friends!
    Here are my 1st savings goals!
    1. I will save more of my cash income
    2. I want to save $1,000 every 6 months
    3. *this one needs work*
    I want to save more money on restocking my kit by only buying products using my discount instead of full price

    This is my first run….I may update these!

    So excited to DO BETTER!

  • Kanesha

    Goal #1 Save $800 by putting back 50 in my savings account without dipping in it. Goal #2 Pay off at least 3 negative items on my credit report in the next 6 months.

  • Melisha BlackTruth Bryant

    My savings goals are:

    1) Short term Goal:
    I will save $1,000 for a vacation by July 15th by not eating out.

    2) Midterm Goal:
    I will save $1,378 for my emergency fund by December 31st by participating in the 52 week savings challenge

    3) Longterm Goal:
    I will save $7,000 by July 7, 2018 by saving the money I was using to pay off debts.

  • Lassiter Nekita

    My first goal is to reduce my debt and save 100 dollars each month until 03/2018. My second goal is to increase my credit score to 700 by 03/2018 so that my savings will match my increase and look great to lenders. And my third goal is to use goals 1 and 2 to get a new car by 03/2018 and jumpstart my payment history for future lenders to see. I can do this by staying disciplined with my budget each month in order to save 100 and also stay on top of my debt and contacting the bureau and making sure my portfolio is constantly updated to show my current financial gain and responsibility to lenders.

  • Ginou L

    What? Open up a savings account and have at least 500
    When? by Dec. 31st 2017
    How? taking 5% from each check

  • Danamichelle

    I will save $300 in 3 months
    I will save $300 by July 12, 2017
    I will save $300.00 by not eating out (preparing meals) daily, couponing when shopping and buying fresh veggies and fruits only at farmer’s markets.

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  • Cheryl Findeisen

    Savings Goals 4-19-17
    1. Save $1200 in 6 months by Nov 1 2017
    2.Commit to tracking all money in YNAB for remainder of 2017
    3. Payoff Credit card $540 in 1 month by June 1 2017
    How: Evaluating all current expenses, using apps to save on food, swagbucks for Amazon gc’s, saving all change, saving $5’s, garage sale, selling items online, starting side hustles, getting part time job.

  • Monica Clarke Turner

    1 .I will save $500 by July 31st.
    2 .I will reduce cc debts by 50% by October 31st
    3. I will utilize my skills to earn money in assisting with goals 1 & @ 2

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  • Ratundia Jones

    Goal #1: I will save $2,000 by 12-31-17. I will do this by putting monies aside from my paycheck starting 5-5-17. I will began with $10.00 and increase the amount by increments of 10 with each paycheck. The money saved will be used for an emergency fund or to pay off any remaining debts owed.

    Goal #2: I will save $200 by 12-31-17 by doing the loose change challenge. This money will go towards my investment fund account.

    Goal #3: I will pay off all or most of my delinquent accounts by 12-31-17. I will accomplish this by getting a second job to accomplish this task. My purpose for doing this is to clean up my credit record, thereby raising my credit score.

  • Samantha

    My goal is to save $500 by December 2017 ($70 per pay period). I will set up a separate account to deduct from my pay check towards my saving goal. I can’t remember the last time I was able to save and now I’m thinking a lot about it , so I will put a stop to my excessive shopping habit. I will use my overtime hours to reach my saving goal. I will use other tools and Live Richer Challenge book to help set my path to saving and a wealthier life. I will pray over my goal to come to fruition.

  • Kelila B.

    Hello Ladies I’ve notice all these comments are from last year however if anyone is currently active please send me a message as I’m looking for an accountability partner. Thanks

    • Vanessa Burns

      I’m active. If you change sort by best to sort by newest you will see most recent comments

  • Teron Moulden

    My goal is to save $600.00 by my birthday month which is in November. I will do this by bringing my breakfast and lunch to work 4 days a week.

  • Marcella

    I will not touch the $850 that I have going into my savings account each pay period for the rest of the year (12/31/2017 Saving $14,450).
    I will pay off remaining credit card debt of $3000 by 8/31/17. I will add that savings to a vacation account ( will take that fabulous vacation in 2/2018)
    I will continue to save via Qapital

  • poorjamaican

    1. I am increasing my saving to $500/ 2 weeks to work towards a down payment for my house.
    2. Stop impulse buying of clothes and food.
    3. Donate things in storage to save $120/ month.
    4. make a budget !!!
    5. Be fully dedicated to my home business to increase my cashflow.
    6.Start investing at lease $100/month

  • Jennifer London

    My first goal is to save $250 in 15 days by limiting my eating out and start back couponing. Money will be used to purchase my son some work clothes for his first job. 🙌💪💯

  • Nyneju Nmah

    Hey friends!
    Im posting late, but my goals for his challenge are:
    I want to have $400 in my savings account by December 2017
    Goal #2
    I want to have $400 in my Acorns account by December 2017
    Goal #3
    I want to be under $2000 on my credit card balance by July 2018
    Goal #4
    Finish reading Rich dad, Poor dad by June 2017 and start a book on investing for July 2017
    Goal #5
    Pay off Care credit card by August 2017

  • Deshanna

    My goal for this challenge is to save 1400 by the end of December by saving $200 monthly. My husband has joined me in the challenge by setting goal of saving 200 monthly also. So as a team our goal is to save 2800 by the end of the year.
    First step completed reduced cell phone plan for $240 monthly to $140 monthly.

  • Daphne Wilson

    #1 Goal Save $500 by Dec 31 by using 52/30 week challenge
    #2 Use My Money list to create a budget
    #3 Pay off 2 credit cards (Kohl’s, Torrids) by Sept 2017

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  • billey crey

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  • Ashley Oldham

    Savings Goal #1: I will save 600.00 by 12/31/17 my setting aside 50.00 each pay check and placing it in my savings account.

    Savings Goal #2: I will pay off my payday loan by 12/31/17 by paying 100.00 a month until the balance is 0.00, right now it’s 550.00

    Savings Goal #3: I will save 500 dollars by 12/31/17 to travel to Dallas TX by setting aside 50.00 a month until I’ve reached my goal.

  • Amanda C.

    Goal# 1 complete the 52 week challenge by December 30th, in addition to setting aside $100 each month.

    Goal# 2 not to be an impulsive shopper. Additionally, I can reduce the number of times I use Lyft to get to work; because I live close to work, I’ve become comfortable with using the service HABITUALLY and the costs add up!

    Goal# 3 to download investing apps such as Stash and/or research about high yield savings accounts.

    Goal# 4 earn extra money by picking up extra shifts at work.

    Goal# 5 by adhering to the previous saving strategies, I’ll be able to buy my first “starter” car :-)!

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  • Charlie D Washington

    My goal number one: I will save $2500 by end of 12/15/2017.
    Goal two: I will increase my credit score and remove all items that do not belong by 11/08/2017
    Goal Three: I will learn how to do stock and begin to invest in them by 1/5/2018

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  • Vanessa Burns

    I plan to save $2756 by end of year by using the 52 week savings challenge. I have been doing mine in reverse. I started with the larger amounts first. ( so far so good)
    I have a company pay card that I direct deposit $100 each pay day to (bi-weekly) . Savings of $2600 by last check of the year. if I can manage to not use it. Once again (so far so good)
    Pay off credit cards. Lowest balances first

  • Brenda Brown

    Starting with my first paycheck in August, save $300 by Dec 31, by not
    going out to eat and taking my breakfast and lunch to work each day.
    Check my progress after one month. If I can contribute more to the goal
    amount do so. Put it in an account I do not have access to. (Vacation
    club account would work for this).

  • Renae Myrie

    Goal 1 – Save at least $2500 by December 31, 2017
    Goal 2 – Save $200 for a wedding gift by August 31, 2017
    Goal 3 – Bring my large container of loose change to the bank and have that money added to a saving account where it can earn interest

  • kenia johnson

    Goal 1- Save for retirement by putting 12-20% of my check in a 401(k)
    Goal 2 – Save all loose change at the end of year to the bank add to saving account.
    Goal 3 – pay off credit cards and switch to a charge card with no interest rate

  • Ashlee Lytle

    Goal 1: Noting all of my expenses and my income accurately to track my spending habits month by month (going well so far). Also, I have decided to save all extra money that wasn’t spent in the month.
    Goal 2: Learning and reading about investing and mutual funds so that I can start expanding my money by the start of 2018.
    Goal 3: Saving $3000+ by next summer for travelling. Something that I enjoy.

  • Tamika

    Goal #1. Save $600 by my birthday which is February 4, 2017. I will meet this goal by taking advantage of the Live Richer challenge.

  • Nyla Colon

    Goal #1- I want to be financial prepared for school shopping and Christmas going forward, I will open a saving account putting $208.00 biweekly to have $2000.00 for school shopping by August 1st every year, and have $3000.00 for Christmas shopping.
    Goal #2- Pay off my car note early, the finance fee is high, and the money spent could go towards saving, I will be adding an extra $100.00 every month to my payment, also looking to refinance once my credit score is higher.
    Goal #3-Start Investing half of my income tax in a IRA going forward.
    Goal #4- I want invest in fixing/decorating my home, It is my biggest investment, I will focus on remodeling one room at a time.
    Goal #5- I want to remodel my kitchen-$25,000.00, so that I can start to focus more on my second income business with cookies/cake decoration.
    I plan on reaching these goal by eliminating my credit card debt, including financed cell phones, car note, return to couponing again, taking lunch to work.

  • Quan Williams

    #1 – Pay off balance on retail credit cards ($657) by 9/27/17.
    #2 – Decrease credit card utilization for all cards down to 35% by 10/27/17.
    #3 – Save $2300 by 12/31/17…currently have $1383 saved by having $180 from my paycheck deposited into savings…and I have not touched.

    I plan on achieving this by limiting dining out to once per week. Canceling LeTote clothing subscription ($44/mo). No impulsive online shopping. I have removed Amazon shopping app, as well as WISH app from my phone.

  • Tori New

    I will save $500 by the end December 31, 2017 for our family’s future. I am also going to save every $5 bill that I get to go towards that savings. I will do this by putting $50 each week into savings.

  • Dorothy Enriquez McBride

    Goal 1 – To save 6000 dollars for life. I learned that from the lady who created her finance bus.
    Goal 2: To save 3500 dollars for my husband and I to take a vacay to Europe!

  • Shonny

    My husband and I were married in July, my goal is to save a minimum of $100 a month from our pay, plus any income I generate outside of work in its entirety, over the next 11 months for a total of $1,100 or better. (Aiming for $1,500) I am saving to take my husband, who hasn’t had the chance to travel much, and our daughter, an amazing 8 year old, on a trip to New Orleans. (Where Princess Tiana is from😊)
    My long term goals are to repair our credit, make a few investments to generate residual income, upgrade our vehicle, and purchase a home for my family.

  • Shawna-Kaye Lester

    Has anyone signed up for this recently? I did and cant get emails. Please can you tell me how you did it if you are getting the daily emails.

  • Theresa Hamilton

    Goal #1 6000 debt. by October 15th. by part time and overtime on my full time job money. Turn off my cable and down graded on cell phone plan. Goal #2 10.000 down payment on a house April 2018. All money from part time job and overtime from 1st job. Christmas bonus. Take lunch to work.

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  • Lovecia Holmes-Oglesby

    Hi all. I am a new member. My Financial Goal for 2017 is:
    I will save $9,000 by 8/2018.
    I will save $400 per paycheck by using my old income to pay my bills and saving the additional money I have gained from my raise.
    Why: because I need a security nest egg for my family in case of any emergency. Need savings.
    I am confiding in my mom and she will hold me accountable. She is very good at saving money.
    This year I would like to get involved in investing in some small stocks and learn how to invest.

  • Gina

    Currently I save $250.00 per month. It goes directly into my saving account at a certain time each month. I want to add an additional $100 to this amount. I will do this by getting rid of my cable TV and making small changes in my house hold. I am a single mom and this is my daughter’s first year in high school it will be a challenge but I think we can do it. I have included her in this challenge also. She has agreed to cut down on her expense (always wanting to eat out and go to the movies) and she is requesting an allowance from her dad ($40/month).

  • Sanphanee D Flood

    My goal is to save $1000 starting sept 23rd of 2017 by minimizing my expenses and putting at least $20-$50 a week into my savings and acting as if I spent it on a bill.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Savings Goals;

    1. I want to save $500 in 3 months (Dec. 1, 2017), I will allot $167 from my pacycheck each month into my savings account.
    2. I want to save $10,000 towards my first home downpayment cost in 18 months, I will attain this by cutting my cash expenses and savings $560 per month.
    3. I want to save $2000 for a vacation to 2018 Essence festival in 9 months.

  • Tamikka Forbes

    My savings goals are:
    1. To complete my emergency fund of $1000 (need $400) and move it to a separate savings account by the end of 2017.
    2. To save 5% of my monthly earnings beginning now, and auto-routing it to a separate account as well.
    3. To pay off my credit card within 18 months, March 2019.
    I will achieve this by reducing my weekly grocery budget to $50, and monthly CVS/eating out budget to $50.
    Thanks Budgetnista!

  • Keisha Ramos

    I am saving for travel w/o debt! My goal is to save $1,000 by the end of the year while paying off as much as I can on my credit card debt. I will do this by putting away $125 (biweekly) each paycheck as soon as I get it, paying off the minimum of my credit cards, my bills, money aside for groceries (cooking more and less eating out, I plan to only buy lunch once a week, and out to eat once every 2 week) whatever is left (hopefully I’ll have some) will go towards paying off more of the credit card.

  • Carmella Raymond

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  • Delliese

    I want to save $10,000 by September 2018! I will do this by saving $833 a month. I drive an expensive luxury SUV that seats 7. Why?! We have 5 girls; 2 in college, 1 senior in high school, 1 in 4th grade, and a 3 year old. So basically I need a car that seats 4, 5 max! Yep, downsizing that. Reducing, my unnecessary spending, and shopping for cheaper car insurance. Praying I can be disciplined enough to get this done.

  • Missy Melvin

    Hello every one…so just wondering habe any one been able to keep up with their goals? This is all new to me so here it goes…#1. I will become more organized in management of my money.#2. I will pay my bills on time. #3. I will pay myself first(into a saving account of course) out of every pay check.

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  • DeDe Jenkins

    Goal #1 Build Emergency fund of $1,500 minimum by June 2018
    Goal #2 Build pantry to have 6 months’ food (how) by buying in bulk using coupons
    Goal #3 Build travel savings for family trip by Fall 2018 – buying eating premade food less and saving from that

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  • ariel

    Goal Save $1000 in my Emergency Fund, goal is by the end of 2018. Saving $84 per month

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  • Vanda

    My Savings Goals are as follows
    1) Create an Emergency Savings account $600-1200 by end of the year

    2) Decrease my spending & most importantly decrease/eliminate debt

    3) Learn to Invest

    Vanda C

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