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Week 2: Implementation & Automation

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Determine ways to save on your monthly expenses.

How to Rock This Task:

  • Take out your Money List (budget) from yesterday’s task.
  • Go through each line item on your Money List to find areas where you can save money.
  • Call your service providers and ask for a discount.
  • Update each line item of your Money List with your savings in the Reduced Monthly Amount column.


Yesterday, you created a Money List (budget). Round of applause! You’re killing it!

Today, it’s time to find opportunities for savings. Take out your Money List and go through each expense to see if you can reduce the amount of money you spend for things like groceries, personal care, entertainment, transportation, etc. No amount is too small. Every bit you save will help you complete the savings tasks you wrote down on “Day 1: Savings Goals”.


Next, call the service providers on your list, like your car insurance and cable providers to ask for a discount. Yup, I’m serious! Call them up and negotiate a discount.


We did this during the first Live Richer Challenge and tons of Dream Catchers (those of us doing the Live Richer Challenge) were able to successfully lower their bills. Do this task every year to ensure you’re always getting the best deal from your service providers. You never want to miss out on opportunities to save money.


Don’t think it can work? Here are a few success story from the first Live Richer Challenge:


Mrs. Sparks

What a blessing! I called my cell phone, cable and internet, and home security providers and was able to get a total reduction of about $70 a month! It’s not a lot, but it’s something! Money I can save and use towards my “LOVE” items in six months!



I’ve was able to save $30 on my cell phone bill. Yeah! Additionally, I received $21 off my auto insurance six month premium. I was an avid couponer at one time; I will have to bring that system back regularly. I saved a lot of money when I couponed previously. I just ran out of toothpaste after 2 years. LOL!


40 and Finding Fitness

I am enjoying this Challenge so far. I had to do a mental check and truly look at my expenses. I realized that my phone package had bells and whistles that I didn’t need so I lowered my bill by about $80 by simply looking at how I was using my data plan. I also cancelled my cable since all the shows I watch are on regular TV. I simply purchased a $10 antenna and, voila, all the channels I need to see are clear. No more cable rip-off schemes.


Do you feel nervous about making the call? No worries—here’s a script to help you.

The Script:

“Hello, my name is _________________ and I’ve been a loyal customer for _____ years. I was reviewing my bill from your agency and due to financial constraints, I’m not able to continue paying this amount. I want to remain a customer; is there something you can do to help me?”  


Do’s and Don’ts of Asking For a Discount

    • Be pleasant. The person on the phone has way more power than you think. They can pull strings behind the scenes, but they’ll only do it if you treat them well. So be nice. Ask how their day is going; say thank you and that you appreciate their help.
    • Be persistent. Sure, the first person you talk to may say no. That doesn’t mean the next person will. Try, try, try again.
    • Do some research. Find out competitor rates and use them to politely negotiate. Don’t be afraid to drop their competitor’s name while negotiating, too.
    • Ask for the Retention Department. If you keep hearing no, ask for this department as a final resort. They’ll be the most willing to make a deal as a last ditch effort to keep your business.
    • Be prepared to leave. If your providers aren’t willing to work with you and you really want to put more money into savings, you may have to cancel it. I cancelled my cable several years ago after getting too many no’s. Now I use that money to travel instead. Best decision ever.


When you find savings, add it to yesterday’s Money List in the Reduced Monthly Amount column. If you can’t make any cuts to a line item, don’t worry. Move on to the next one. I can’t wait to hearing your savings success stories. Share them with me in the comments vs. emailing me.

Practice your script with your accountability partner(s). Share your successes and challenges with this task in the Dream Catcher group. You may inspire someone, or get some motivation yourself.


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • Tonya

    @Tiffany, I have a question and others please feel free to comment or advise. I changed cable companies but my previous company sent me my final bill and it was incorrect. They charged me a cancellation fee which the amount was not right. In the meantime while trying to get the bill adjusted they turned me over to a collection agency and now it is on my credit report. How do I handle this situation and get it removed? In the past, I cleared up my credit by disputing items myself but this is kind of a different situation. This could be a really big reduction and added to my savings.

    • @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus, if you’re in our private FB group, reach out to Netiva Heard with your concern. I hope that helps because it’s a detailed situation. Have you asked the collection company to verify debt?

  • Nichelle Crenshaw

    Wheeeeeewwwww I’m pumped and amped up to start this task….. ready… set….. gooooooo…..

    • YES! I hope you’ve found some money somewhere @nichellecrenshaw:disqus !

      • Nichelle Crenshaw

        Good morning, do you have a template for monthly bills that I can download?

  • Dwayne Evans

    Well I’m reading my task everyday these last two take more than a day for me complete because of time constraints, but I’m determined to complete them.

    • That’s fine @disqus_4vHpTa0EJN:disqus, the tasks are for 22 days but take each one at your own pace!

  • Laterra Jones

    Ok, Here it goes I let state farm go I was
    paying $134 a month and I went to a more affordable insurance
    company now I’m paying $61.50 a month. I paid off my city tickets $39 a month,
    I cut down on my entertainment from $60 to $50 J, house hold
    got cut as well from $120 a month to $75, Grooming (nails, feet, and hair) I pay
    $160 a month down to $80 and I will be getting rid of my dry cleaners bill
    which is $40 a month and all they do is iron my clothes I can do that myself…total
    NEW savings per month $286.50 that will be deposited right in my capital one
    360 account…..#icandothis

    • You are making cuts & finding money @laterrajones:disqus, thanks for sharing it! You CAN do this!

    • Lumari

      Can you share what insurance company you switched to? In looking to change my auto insurance.

      • Laterra Jones

        aarco american in oak park,il

  • Tandala Kidd

    My problem is I live with other people so I can’t just cancel cable without a vote. But I will be calling on my auto insurance to see if I can get a better rate. My other issue is my bill list doesn’t even include food, gasoline or clothing. I usually don’t eat much or I just eat vegetables and drink water and tea. My daughter will put gas in my car since I only work about 5 minutes from home and I can drive for almost two weeks on one tank of gas. I have enough clothing to last me through the year (although I may have to take some things in due to weight loss!). But I’m ready to try to make this work. Thanks for all you help!!

    • mysteryuz

      If the cable is in your name and you pay the bill you can certainly cancel to put the money to better use. If that will cause friction you can still call to see if you are eligible for a discount. Congrats on your weight loss! I had a loss last year and had my favorite pieces tailored. It was cheaper than buying a new wardrobe.

    • Tiffany Hunter


    • @tandalakidd:disqus, you are well on your way! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany Taggart

    I’m making a money list as we speak and getting all my bills in order. Luckily I have a roomate so the household bills are split in half such as rent, cable, groceries and utilities. I’m definitely going to call and get a reduced rate on some of my bills. Others I know I can’t do anything about. I love making strides towards a better financial future!

    • Yes, I’m excited for you as you find money and move towards a better financial future @tiffanytaggart:disqus!!!

  • Michelle

    Yesterday’s task was an eye opener for me. Obviously after listing out everything on my money list, I determined that my biggest problem is eating out. According to my November bank statement, I spent $600 on eating out with friends, buying breakfast and lunch everyday at work, and sometimes buying dinner in the evening when I was too tired to cook. I am reducing that by $450 which will only give me $150 per month. I also lowered my cell phone bill from $127 to $75 per month which gives me another savings of $49. These two items are not much but it is a start.

    • mysteryuz

      Being able to save over $500/month is fantastic! I wouldn’t call it ‘not much,’ I’d call it living richer. 🙂

      • Dannielle Givens

        $500/month is amazing! Great stuff.

    • You have to start somewhere @Michelle and I think it’s great that you are NOW! Live richer!

    • Laurnetta Baylis

      Reducing that eating out bill is fantastic! And healthier.It’s what I NEED to tackle as well.meal prep is key

  • mysteryuz

    I like the idea of simply getting rid of items you don’t need. I find that we get trapped into thinking we “need” something when it is just a way to justify a “want”. I am thinking of changing to a pre-paid phone and dumping my data plan. It is starting to make less and less sense to have a smartphone with all the bells and whistles when I can just use my computer (that is collecting dust) for much less. I’ll get a basic phone that is just that.. a phone. It will still be there for convenient calls, messages and texts but no data fees that are unnecessary anyway.

  • Nora Grady

    I cut my cable/landline.internet bill down to just internet and landline. I saved $24 a month, but that’s getting rolled into my student loan payments. I’d cut the land line if I didn’t have a kid who is learning to be home alone now. I’ve been thinking about calling my cell phone provider to see if there is a better plan for me based on my usage. I’m not sure there is, from looking at their website, but maybe one of their sales people will have better insight.

    I think in a month or two after I see what the heating bills are like for my new, drafty apartment, I’ll call my utilities to see if budget billing (flat rate every month with a once-per-year extra bill for excess use or refund for less use than budgeted) could save me much money.

    • @nora_grady:disqus, you’re doing great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sugar Hill

    I’m still working on yesterday’s task. Today will be a tough one because I have to work with my husband and he’s kind of wasteful with stuff and doesn’t like to be told not to spend money. I’ve tried for years to get him to cut cable. Just not ready for the frustration I’m about to experience. #notonthesamepagewithmoney

    • Understood @disqus_KSfXTaufdr:disqus. You have to do what works for those involved. Take it one task & one talk at a time.

  • Lon Donson

    I trimmed the fat from my budget by canceling/stopping the following before Jan 1st arrived! Since Jan. 1 I have brought lunch daily and ceased random spending on coffee, fast food, etc.
    Mthly wine club = $39.99
    Mthly car wash club = $19.99
    Daily lunch purchases = $200
    Mthly Gifts + Events = $150+
    Gym membership = $20
    To save $5,000 from my job income I must save $385 monthly. Now I have my savings simply by trimming the fat.

    • Casandra Marable Robinson

      Isn’t it amazing how extra fat there is to trim! This challenge has really opened my blind eyes.

    • That’s great @lon_donson:disqus, thanks for sharing in detail!

  • Dannielle Givens

    As a natural, I’ve decided to no longer invest in braids or hair weaves. (This one was tough) so I think it will be smart to continue to pay this amount ($40/month) except to my savings account or towards a bill to reduce my debt. I will also say good bye to the European Wax center. Those services were about $40/month as well. : ‘ (

    • You can splurge after all of your needs are taken care of if you have it – it’s all about management of what you have to get what you want @danniellegivens:disqus!

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    I made a significant cut in my budget at the start of 2016:

    Cell phone-30.00 less by cutting data amount.
    Television-15.00 less by canceling apps that I wasn’t watching.
    Food-340.00 less by cutting any food bought other than groceries. Carry breakfast, lunch, and no eating out for dinner.
    Medication-60.00 down to 4.00 by getting a reevaluation of meds by Doctor.

    That’s a total of 445.00 saved that I can put towards debt reduction and savings. That amount per month would actually pay off four credit cards each by May. To think this does not include leftover money from my monthly budget.

    I’m finally seeing the money!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing @SavingCasandra:disqus, you’re doing great!

      • Casandra Marable Robinson

        Thanks Tiffany! You’re a luminous blessing!

  • Charmaine Glover

    Hello everyone, well I feel like Dwayne Evans right now I have to look at everything for the next couple of days to grab hold of what I need to really let go of. I do know that I will be doing my own nails from now on that’s a great start for me.

    • Take your time @charmaineglover:disqus! One task/goal at a time. Start where you are and move from there.

  • Sandy Eyl

    I spent today really getting to know my budget grid. I’d written a rough money list and reduced expenses last week and today I really understood what it would take. I went from losing $17 per month to saving $453. Some of the changes I’ve made is to cancel premium apps, online services and weight watchers recurring payments I wasn’t using. Now I feel a lot more confident because for instance I set a limit for what I’ll pay for gifts all year and I set it up as part of my monthly budget to put away for. Looking forward to setting up my bills account!

  • Sandy Eyl

    I saved over $500 by clarifying my money list, canceling recurring payments for things I wasn’t using and planning my spending for the whole year (how much I’ll spend over the year on gifts is now allocated in my monthly budget!)

  • LaToya Campbell

    I was able to reduce my phone bill from $100 to $70. I so excited. My other bills are already pretty low it’s just working on paying them on time do I can see what I am working with. Name of the game “buy what you need”

  • Audra

    The link for week 2 Day 11 does not work, Tiffany. I just wanted to let you know so that you can check into it.

    • Thanks, it was fixed after technical difficulties. Thank you @disqus_YGAZDi02YY:disqus!

  • Tonya

    Looking the task. I got my health insurance reduced by $70 with a simple deduction qualification I had no idea about until I spoke with the representative. Starting next month I will be going to prepaid cell phone which reduces my monthly bill by $78 at this time I have a contract plan and I pay for my daughter and myself but she will be paying for her cell bill starting next month. I will save money on a phone by using my unlocked phone with my prepaid plan. Those are the monthly savings I have been able to reduce at this time.

    • Great reductions @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus! What a way to save!

  • Brandi Deere

    I’m a day late but for Day 10 money list budget I been did this task last month when I called AT&T about an issue with my Internet router. They gave me a discount on my Internet service and home phone bill for 12 months and a one time credit on my cellular service for not cancelling service. I am also going to end my contract on one of my cell phone lines on Feb 2 when you contract ends to save about $65 per month.

  • Katherine Davey

    I guess I did Day 9 and was actually doing Day 9&10 together. Will pay off 2 bills this month and have money to pay off two more next month. Thanks Tiffany!

  • Danielle

    I took the advice of calling my service provider to get a discount. I was able to lower my monthly bill by $18!!!! Super excited!

  • K.Diane

    My budget is pretty much in line with the exception of my cable service. I know I spend way too much money monthly. I must look at ways to save on it but I know that I am not ready to to cut it out all together. Admittedly, it is a challenge for me but I will take an “adult” look at how much I spend on cable service and work towards reducing that expense

    • One step at a time @disqus_yoOad92YxY:disqus! Keep moving!

  • ConciseTravel

    I will have to tell you this really is eye opening for me so I find myself pacing myself so not only am I getting the tasks done. I am getting understanding. I am not far off… Need to begin #Negotiating! Thank you “The Budgetnista” and group. I am honored to be walking through this door.#LiveRicherChallenge

    • Wonderful @concisetravel:disqus! You’re most welcome!

      • ConciseTravel

        Thank you for being approachable even from a distance. I am so glad to see your movement taking off. It really is encouraging and rekindles so many of my desires of my heart. Do not get me wrong the struggle is real but focus groups like this is very helpful especially when it not just always about “Business” but as you say… LIVING a life of Service and not just any old link. A Life Lived with and On Purpose! #GivingBack a portion of our #Abundance!

      • ConciseTravel

        Congratulations, I see you growing… it is every encouraging. Thank you again for living a life of service. since taking your challenge, I have been improving my credit score and not know it until I wrote out my monthly expenses. And I thank you because that activity has me becoming more aware of how I spend and save.
        I pray, all you put your heart and hands to do “to better the lives of others” will prosper as your soul prospers. 🙂

  • N Keith

    I can immediately cut my entertainment fund in half and bring myself within my budget (since I was over-extended when I added my savings plan.) I will have to call my car insurance company and my student loan company as all other bills were already negotiated down to the base.

  • Dannielle Givens

    I’ve only called one service provider, but hey… my APR on my credit bill was lowered :D! (Totally doing a happy dance) Because I never except the first offer I was able to get the APR reduced from 17.49 to 13.49%. This is great. With the holiday spending that recently past, this is the first time I haven’t paid the bill in full. The lower rate which will IMMEDIATELY hit my account should provide some relief.

  • Charlotte Randolph Yelverton

    I actually let my cable, phone, and internet go until later in the month when I start training to work at home. Im going to shop around for cheaper service altogether. I dont watch a lot of tv so I can do without cable altogether. I set up a bunch of Mystery Shops to compensate for some expenses that I have to get taken care of without question. It seems that right now less is more. But it is comforting to know that I do have my automated savings set up and have began to save with digit.

  • Virginia Johnson

    On this task I managed to save only $121 on expenses per month. I do have plans to implement to reduce my expenses. I am especially looking forward to couponing which I have never tried before. Going out to the movies/dinner monthly with coworkers was taking a big chunk of my funds so I am definitely eliminating that expense as well. I also cancelled my magazine subscriptions (all 5); stupid that I never had before because I don’t even read them.

    • You are making great progress @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus! Keep doing it!

  • Tee

    I’m behind, but I too am determined to finish and finish well. I reached out to a lender for my student was able to cut my monthly payment in half! God is good!

    • Awesome @Tee! Take your time. Take each task at your own pace, there’s no need to rush through them or be overwhelmed by them. You can do this!

  • Nadege Waithe

    Going through this task is challenging! I have yet to make contact regarding this outstanding debt that I have yet to begin to pay back, and I am not sure I want to reduce payment….I just want to get rid of it.

    • Reducing the payment may be helpful if you aren’t already paying it down @nadegewaithe:disqus, we all have to start somewhere!

  • Channa Comer

    I’m starting with the easiest ones for me to impact. Spending on clothing and household items (decorative items, etc.) I can cut those in half and save $550 more per month

  • I dont have cable, nor internet, bundled auto so already getting discount. Hmmm don’t know where i can save more. I cook at home 90% of time

    • I’ll continue to stick to my goals of recording 2 youtube videos weekly to inceease my views and monetization

  • Greg Mullins

    Cutting internet down by more than half $100::> $40.

  • Dana

    Asking for a discount really does work. Last year I called my car company and asked them how I could reduce my bill due to a decrease in the family income and they came back and reduced my monthly bill by $130!!

  • Colby R Rice

    WOW. This is awesome. By shaving off a couple of subscriptions, changing my phone service (or downgrading), paying off a looming bill, and then pocketing all the extra money I’d have from those savings per month, by Sept 2017, I could have over $3,000 saved! And I had already done a “reduction budget”, but this exercise forced me to go over the budget again and reduce my spending even more! This is awesome!

  • So I did yesterday’s task and realized that I actually have the ability to save over $700 a month. I’m shocked because I don’t even know how I pay my bills and end up broke right after. This was an eye opener for sure. I really want to get my bf on board because his finances are in disarray.Just I combine the bills we do have together and go about it that way or should I just focus on my half of the joint bills?

  • Erin

    Listing my spend was an incredibly eye-opening (shocking actually) experience. I was over-spending my take home pay by a huge amount. That explains why I keep getting into credit card debt.

    I found out where I can save today, and most of the concessions don’t even hurt that much. I’m still able to treat myself to dinner out now and then and make reasonable purchases. I didn’t realize how quickly just a few savings here and there can add up (just as quickly as the expenses were)!

  • Carlisa Gilmer

    I’m finding ways to cut expenses. I ended my workout with my personal trainer so that’s $50 saved a month. I’m considering canceling my cable because I’m actually never home to watch it and my kids stay busy so they wouldn’t miss it much. I’m thankful for this group and this valuable information that’s continuing to help me on my financial journey.

  • Alitha Hawkins

    OK! I have looked at my budget and cut some expenses, over $600.00 in savings. I talked with my insurance company a couple of days ago and asked how they could help me cut costs and gave them comparison rates but they only cut my rate to down by $10.00 but I will be switching to someone else at the end of the month. This will save me over $40.00 a month. This is really going to help me to accomplish my goals. I am going to look at cutting more of my expenses to see more savings.

  • Sharon Lewis

    Yesterday was a good day. The task allowed me to see I had money leftover for me to save and meet one of my goals…saving a $1000 by July 15th. It has also allowed me to start to save in my emergency fund and my Ally account. I have started taking my lunch to work allowing me to save at least $50 a week. I just refinanced my mortgage and have an additional saving of $150.00 which will be going into my savings account…winning.

  • Angelina Benjamin

    Ok so I did my budget and realized that I’m living beyond my means, spending more than I’m taking home. I’m try to cut down on nonessential things and and devise a budget where I will see a bit less red and more green.

  • Angela Fisher

    I bought a new car last month an state farm wanted to raise my insurance to $294 I had 28 days to decided wether I would payor keep that insurance. we’ll yesterday I found a new company in my area that matched my plan with state farm and I’ll be saving $130 by changing my auto insurance. While viewing my spending habit I found that I spend too much money on dinning out $147, personal $329, and other $184. I can cut cost my buying food and cooking at home . Getting my hair and nails done isn’t a must it’s easier to do these things myself Like I use to and if needed let professionals do it once a month instead of every week.

  • Bianca

    I’m cutting my budget for birthday and Christmas gifts in half. I’m going to get more creative and will try to be less materialistic.

  • D. Smith

    I just viewed my car insurance. I was able to get it down from $89 to $79. Let me see what else I can do. This is not only inspiring but is is fun too!

  • D. Smith

    Now I just went to view my Verizon fios. It says I have a $120 credit! Whoa!! So what what should I do with the money I was expecting to pay for the bill which was $45.00?

  • Laurnetta Baylis

    I am thrilled that I’m going in the right direction.I stayed trying to be more financially savvy and have taken major steps to cut spending already. I had my cable cut off a year and a half ago.had the land line cut off last month.Broke up with Sprint because A.They suck B.They charge too much C.Their service is garbage I now pay less than HALF my Sprint bill! I’ve already started saving and I’m close to my 6 month bill money goal. I have a friend who is a trainer and he trains me at no charge.I utilize my local resources for cardio.I’m on my way

  • Dallas Freeman

    Going through my budget there aren’t any expenses i can really cut down on. The only one is Planet Fitness. I’m already receiving a phone bill discount through my job. My next best bet is to just make sure I don’t rack up costs on my credit card and negotiate the payments I make to my parents =/.

  • R. Davis

    I created my money list and according to my list, I should have money left over. So where is all my money going? I will be shopping around for cheaper car insurance and I’ve sent a message to my cellphone company. I need to locate my money and do a better job of managing it.

  • Jes

    My main money drainer is my cable, cell phone and groceries. I called my service providers but I think I can get a better discount I call and get someone else. The reps I spoke to today really wasn’t any help at all. Wish me luck on my try #2.

  • JessicaJessbecause

    Good Morning! I’m step ahead today’s challenge as of Sunday July 31st. I prepared to bring my own lunch to work, prepare my own coffee at home iced and hot! Lol! I’m back to couponing and saving what I would spend without the coupons in a separate account, and I am up for a promotion have an interview tomorrow this role will increase my salary significantly. So, I claim it in the name of Jesus!

  • Sabrina

    This task is always hard because I am already at the lowest I can get on my bills. I need to get a strategy on my student loan debt and then I can really save and I am not willing to wait 10 years…..

  • Vanessa

    Reduce my cell bill by $15 and made a promise to myself to cut my personal spending by $410. I can do it!

  • April Pace

    I called my cell phone company and got my bill reduced by $30. I was using way less data than I had and I if I lower my plan and happen to go over there’s no additional charge

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    Almost caught up…I’m reducing my monthly spending by switching to T-mobile’s unlimited family plan, then I can get rid of the extra $ I pay for phone storage. I’m also paying my car insurance premium in full to save a little extra and cutting back on eating out, entertainment, and pampering.

  • Monique Brooks

    Just now I called my car insurance carrier. I received a discount of $56.00 on my premium just for being a BJ’S member. My 6 month premium is $660.00. I will start using coupons to offset the cost of my toiletries and I will speak to my cellphone carrier next. Tmobile I will be calling you.

  • Marjie Mar

    I am not sure how I missed that opportunity, after reading today’s task, as I discussing with one of my colleagues, she reminded me about the discount we have from work for our cell phone. I did it right away and got approved for a 20% reduction on my cell phone. My first step on reducing my monthly was there and i never took that opportunity. Now, time tackle all the bills to find more savings.

  • M Collins Smith

    Hi. I always do this, every year. I have been told I am at the lowest rate possible for my services. So I don’t end up with an amount that I am saving to automate into my money bucket.

  • Danamichelle

    I was able to lower my cell phone bill from $40.00 to $35.00 and I will continue to call around looking for additional savings.

  • Alicia Young

    I’m a little late, but I’m on it. Thanks so much for the valuable information.

  • Vanessa Burns

    I did all these things before I began this challenge. I cancelled my cable $170 a month and got internet only with $20 discount. $44.99 a month. I left AT&T (cell phone) and went to straight talk $47.21 a month.

  • Idelfi Crespo

    I did this task actually about 3 months ago. My husband and I reduced our cellphone bill by $60 dollars and last month we change the cable provider under his name since they had a new members discount, that locks you in to that price for 3 years. We went from paying $160 to $77 a month. Is amazing how when you write things down and start doing numbers, you realize how much money you spend and how much you can save by organizing yourself financially

  • Carynne Haye

    By doing this task I was able to reduce the cost on my phone bill, miscellaneous spending, and cable

  • Esther

    Hi! I’m 22 and literally do not pay anything I don’t need to pay that isn’t a necessity other than netflix because my parents also use the account and I don’t want to be rude and close it. Going through my list, I can save $10 by reducing my phone bill plan, but everything else I pay are utilities or loans (student, car, and credit card). I don’t even eat out that much. I wish there was a magic thing I can close to save over $500 like other people are doing BUT! it’s okay! Even $10 is something and I’m determined to keep going until I know for sure I can be doing everything I can to get out of debt.