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Week 2: Implementation & Automation

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Watch the Week 2 Dream Catcher Hangout Chat.

How to rock this task:

  • Watch the chat.
  • Listen to words of encouragement.
  • Complete any Challenge tasks you missed.


Today’s our second Dream Catcher Hangout Chat!

During the video, we’ll discuss the tasks we’ve worked on this week. We’ll also talk about the key takeaways and you’ll hear how other Dream Catchers, like yourself, are working through the Challenge.


You should also use this day to catch up on any tasks that you missed during the week. Tomorrow we have a fresh new week full of different tasks to help you save and make money!


Make sure to check in on your accountability partner. Have they completed the first week of the Challenge? Are they ready for next week? 


You’ll be able to watch the DC Hangout here:



Share what you learned today during the hangout in the comments vs. emailing me and in our private Dream Catcher’s forum.


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  • Julie Green

    Tonight I’d like to learn more about retirement accounts and college saving accounts and how to choose between them all. Thanks!

    • Thanks @disqus_olu1WBCXwk:disqus! Please ask during the live google hangout at the time of Q&A – thanks!

  • Natashia Shannon

    My credit card utilization is affecting my credit score and I need it to improve quickly so I have been paying the cards down 1 at a time since the new year. Tonight, I hope to find out if I should transfer the balances and what that really means.

  • Ohdehliyah Gordon

    Thank for explains the DO NOT refinance your federal student loan only privet/personal loans.

  • Nina Brown

    was wondering if i should open a capitol 1 360 or an ally savings account

  • Nina Brown

    am i live with you how do i do this

  • Garden State Notary

    I know this is the first time responding but I have been following the budget faithfully. I have saved on my car insurance 34.00/month, opened an online savings account, digit, etc…I truly appreciate your knowledge and thank you for sharing the information with us. On my way to living richer and looking forward to it!


  • Janielle I’m-Bless Barnett

    Hi am I live

  • Janielle I’m-Bless Barnett

    How do you know it’s live

  • Stephanie

    I just watched the video it was great information.

  • Diaminique Goodwin

    I understand everything that your saying and I’m also really thankful for what you are doing. You are teaching us for free so everyone should respect your group rules. Thank you

  • Sharrelle Flanders

    You are an awesome person! Thank you so much for helping me move forward
    to my goals.

  • Nikoi Henry

    Hello I was just wondering have anyone invested with Acorn

  • Danamichelle

    Excellent information that I received watching the recording of the hangout. Thanks, Tiffany

  • Edis

    Ive joined the catchers from the start of the challenge and have been encouraged by them to continue each day and change my mindset.