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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance 

This Week’s Goal: To attract abundance and identify ways to increase your earnings.

Before you get started…

Every week during the LRC I’m going to ask you anonymous survey questions in the beginning of the week. The purpose of the survey is to see if the challenge’s Easy Financial Tasks have actually helped you master your money.


IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY….Please help me make the challenge even better by taking Week 3’s, 30 second, Pre-Survey HERE.


Today’s Easy Financial Task: Learn what abundance means and how to activate it in your life.

How to rock this task:

  • Watch the video on activating abundance.
  • Choose the abundance you want to add to your budget and what you begin to do NOW, to attract it.
  • Share your thoughts with me and your accountability partners.


Welcome to Week 3, my friend!

Today is Week 3’s video day. Can you believe we’re nearing the end of our Challenge? Me neither! Still, we have a lot left to do, so roll up your sleeves.


During the first two weeks of our Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition, we focused on ways to cut expenses in order to boost your savings. This week we’re going to discuss how to make more money so you can add your loves to your budget. Remember your loves from Week 1’s “Day 4: Purposeful Spending”? Pull them back out.


Money is one of the tools that can help you to live a more abundant life. With money you can give more, experience more and create more opportunities. When you plan, budget and save, you can do the things that really matter to you, like traveling, starting a business, volunteering or funding a new hobby.


In this video, I share 3 ways you can begin to attract abundance in your life. Watch….

Here are the key takeaways from the video.


How to Attract Abundance:

1) Begin with Gratefulness: Being grateful signifies that you acknowledge what you do have vs. what you don’t have. Remember; what you water blooms. This means if you focus on what you don’t have, you create an atmosphere of lack. If you focus on what you do have, you create an atmosphere of abundance. The choice is yours.

2) Your Perspective: Decide today that you are worthy of what you seek. You are! Also, know that just because things are hard, doesn’t mean that they’re not working. Sometimes life calls for hard times. You learn the most valuable lessons during those times. Use those lessons to maximize the good and great times. Shift your perspective. Both the good and “bad” times are necessary for growth and abundance.

3) Your Generosity: Giving activates abundance. When you give honestly and genuinely, you’re projecting that you have extra, that you have more than enough. When you give from an honest, genuine place you create an opportunity to receive. Two things to keep in mind when you give:

    • Give without expectation. Giving to receive is not true giving.
    • You reap what you sow, but not always where you sow. Abundance can come from a totally different source than the one you gave to.


Now that you’ve watched the video, it’s time to write down the abundance you want to add to your budget and what you begin to do NOW, to attract it. Share it with me in the comments below vs. emailing me.

Give your accountability partner(s) a virtual tap on their shoulder. Ask them, “What abundance would you like to have in your life? What can you do or are already doing to help attract that abundance?”

Also, share your answers with your fellow Dream Catchers in the LIVE RICHER Forum.


Oh and one more thing: how are you progressing towards the goals you identified on Week 1’s “Day 1: Savings Goals”? Are you on track to meet your savings goals in the timeframe you’ve chosen? Share your progress with me in the comments too!


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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • Harris

    Being a Christian and counselor educator,I totally agree with your steps of abundance. I am watching my words and shaping my mindset to be grateful and water my seed of gratefulness. I give more in church and want to give more to my family!

    • Woo Hoo, you are giving and activating abundance @disqus_0iucrpKWxu:disqus!!!

  • Tash Singleton

    One of the ways I activate abundance is through my tithes and offerings at my church home. Tithing is a form of belief and it is also given with love and respect to God. My faith has activated a number of financial opportunities!

    • That’s awesome @tashsingleton:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tea-key Wms

    At my job my responsibilities change at least once a year. I am going to try and be grateful that I have remained employed for almost 10 years and give this renewed responsibility my time and efforts, because it’s not extra pay. I also took classes to learn how to prepare taxes at a non-profit organization this year but since my goal was to do it for free this year, to charge next year isn’t totally giving lol

    • Dollars4Dee

      Good point! I, too, need to be grateful for my new responsibilities. I moved to a new team on a lateral move, although I was hoping to move up. But I must do my best now and bloom where I’m planted. Let’s hope our efforts will be rewarded, @Tea-key Wms:disqus. 😉

      • Tea-key Wms

        I hope yours will be. I received a raise the beginning of the year so they’ll probably say that my new responsibilities come with that, lol. I pray for your patience and efforts to flourish in your new endeavors.

        • Dollars4Dee

          How sweet of you! Thanks so much, and congrats on the raise.

    • Aqueelah Reed

      Your post is right on time! I’m currently at work now going through it…I’ve bee on my job for 10yrs as well and my responsibilities recently changed and I’m not particularly happy about it but I continually thank God for my job and ask Him to keep me humble. It’s hard but day by day I’m regaining my inner peace and learning not to combat the situation. Thank you for this!

      • Tea-key Wms

        Thank you. I have humbled myself a lot with the company I work for and I need to continually remind myself that unless I want to be an entrepreneur, I need to be more willing to change. My face however always gives me away when I hear something I don’t want to hear, lol. I’ll work on my inner peace tomorrow.

        • Jessica Désiré

          Lol! My responsibilities change almost daily at work. My face is loud! Even when Im content and minding my own business I look cold and upset. I need to work on my inner peace, be more grateful, and always humble. Also stop being jealous at others’ success and work harder to improve my own

    • That’s a great perspective to have on being employed @teakeywms:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • Dollars4Dee

    I want to find my dream job, travel internationally and increase my income. To activate abundance in those areas, I aim to use more of my skills and talents to the people closest to me—my parents, my brothers, my inner circle and the people in the community who I already know are doing good things. I want to feed their dreams. I volunteer already, but need to better focus that energy and time.

    • @dollars4dee:disqus, this is great! Stay positive & proactive!

      • Dollars4Dee

        Thanks for the encouragement, Tiffany @thebudgetnista:disqus!

  • The Grim Phreaker

    I am going to be grateful for the viewers that I do have on my channel. I know that sounds a little off but let me explain: I entered into a field of YouTube that is extremely saturated but I am great at. Not only is it saturated, its male oriented PLUS you rarely see black women in that realm of YouTube.

    Oftentimes I complain about it being hard and maybe I’m not supposed to do it, or I get a lil jealous because I see some folks doing the most obnoxious of things and they have thousands of subs, but to be honest, little by little my channel grows. I should be grateful for that.

    As far a giving is concerned…. I would love to be able to give back to my mom. I thought I was living paycheck to paycheck, but it turns out– I’m living above my means. With you showing me how to budget correctly and the horrid amount of money I was spending on fast food, quite honestly, I am able to give back to her. I am thinking of opening a savings account and putting money into it every month and at the end of the year, give her the site and info she needs so she can spend it however she likes.

    • Khalilah

      That is such a beautiful idea for your mom!!!! God will bless you for doing this. The bible says to honor your parents and it’s so commendable that you would do this for your mother!!! Many many blessings to you fellow dream catcher!!!

    • @the_grim_phreaker:disqus, yes, growth doesn’t always happen overnight and you want to stay authentic to what you’re good at to gain a following. That’s an awesome idea/way to give back to your mom!

  • Anita Folkes

    I am grateful for my jobs! One year ago I did not have a city job with better pay or my part-time with better pay and hours. I am worthy definitely of what I seek in God’s name! As for giving… I do not normally attend service because I work everyday but I will decide in what and who to donate some of my income too on a monthly basics…. researching!

  • Nora Grady

    I am grateful that I made the choice to move away from my hometown. I’m only 20 minutes away, but my son and I are in a much better school district which will save $ because I was considering switching him to private school before. Part of what makes this district great is that they work a schedule around working parents. It’s allowed me to cut my childcare budget in HALF! while actually getting to spend MORE time with my son. Moving allowed me to find us an apartment that isn’t perfect, but has a lower rent than before. We now live walking distance to great parks, so we’ll save money on transit and entertainment costs this spring/summer. We live very close to inexpensive groceries now, and 15 minutes closer to my boyfriend and his son. Deciding to move was scary for me. I’m grateful and proud of myself for doing it though. I did the research, crunched the numbers, and made the choice. Now we have better opportunities and more family time.

    I have shifted my perspective of myself. My family is worth the risks I’ve taken and the sacrifices I will continue to make. When we come out the other side we will have reached some huge goals together. I am learning to trust myself more to make the best decisions for our financial future.

  • Nell da Mylf

    I feel like I completed this task prior to receiving todays challenge.

    I give thanks everyday for any blessing I receieve (big or small) always grateful.

    I am dead set on purchasing a car I WANT regardless of other ppl opinion & suggesting I settle for something I dont for the mean time. I am diligently working on saving money & will reap the reward.

    Yesterday I stopped at Chipotle for lunch. The lady ahead of me credit card declined so she left saying she’ll return. I paid for her meal and as I was eating the cashier came over saying she never returned so he gave me the meal. I took it to work & gave it to a coworker. Who at the end of the night tells me “that food you gave me made me sick”. I pointed out I was doing something nice & you could have said no thank you. He replies I was going to repay you. And I had to let him know I didnt do it in order to gain something in return.

  • Sandra

    Each day I’m blessed to see another day I thank my father in heaven for all my blessings…..I am saved by the grace of God…I’m able to think for myself….I can walk….I can talk….I have food…shelter….clothing….water….lights….a healthy smart teenage son…..I have a job….car….and all my needs are met…God supplies all my needs…

    I pay my 10% in tithes……I always give over and above….I give to homeless. ….random people. …coworkers. …my clients. ….friends. …family. ..wherever I see a need it do my best to help everyone. …

    In the future to add more abundance to my life I want to be more grateful for my job….Stop complaining about certain things. ….give more and more… more as well…..I have been cooking more…..trying to eliminate extra bills that I don’t need so I can save more….thanks Tiffany. … have changed my life…..God bless you all….love you

    • Thanks for sharing @disqus_wAwgVry7v5:disqus!!! You’re most welcome!

  • C Brown

    Women, we are so amazing! Look at all these hard decisions we’ve pushed through, the commitments we’ve made to ourselves and our financial well-being. I know, sometimes things are hard, sometimes challenges come up, sometimes a lot. And. Look how many steps we’ve taken to keep moving through it all. Be encouraged Dream Catchers, these seemingly small steps are what make all the difference. Keep Going! You got this!

    • CLAPS! SNAPS! AMEN! Thanks @disqus_C1ibRqzfJD:disqus! Keep at it!

  • Nadege Waithe

    To attract more abundance, I am promising and actively trying to be engaged….engaged in loving people the way they want to and should be loved. I am remembering to tithe not just to the Creator but to myself as well.

  • Felisha

    I’m so grateful for the career path that was chosen for me and the business opportunities I am a part of. Although, I may be in an uncomfortable position now, I am working for something greater. I agree with your concept of generosity because I give without expectations of who/what I’m giving to. The law of seed and harvest time is so real. The abundance I would love to add to my life is just that abundance! I want to be an asset to the lives of others cause I know I will always be taken care of when I can make things happen for others!

  • amilli23

    One thing I am doing to attract abundance is to change my perspective. I often feel like I don’t have enough even though my income has doubled in the past four years. I do have enough and I am very grateful for what I have. I am actively changing my mind to say I do deserve the abundance I seek.

    • It all begins with our mindset @amilli23:disqus! Yes, you do deserve that abundance. Live for it. Choose it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cindy Cox

    When I participated in the 2015 LRC it really changed my money mindset and going into 2016 I had those exact 3 principles in mind! First, I’m living with an attitude of gratitude and I have a gratitude journal. Second, I’m learning about the power of the conscious and subconscious mind and my thoughts and the impact it have on everything I do. And third, my heart is set on being of sevice this year, starting with my family and working outwards. Thank you Tiffany for confirmation on this!!

    • This is awesome, you’re welcome @disqus_ziYa4RJY3F:disqus – thanks for sharing!

  • Britnee Hollis

    I am grateful for this challenge helping me to put things into perspective. As hard as it is to see my debts and spending habits on paper, it’s good to know that I’m taking action to lower those debts. Unfortunately, with starting school next week and having some of my hours cut at work, I have taken on new debt which makes saving that much harder. I’m just trying to stay positive and keep chugging along.

    • Thanks for sharing @britneehollis:disqus! Stay positive and start where you are. Starting is usually the hardest part. Keep at it!

  • Cassandra T

    I am grateful for having a salaried position that is going well and allows me to bring in a weekly paycheck, as well as having colleagues who want to see me grow. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and pay such low rent and utilities so I can save up for my own place. I am also grateful for being somewhat financially savvy and not spending each and every dollar I get so I can put money towards savings, travel, etc.

    • @disqus_yuWupAGwbn:disqus, it’s awesome that you have colleagues that want to see you grow. Keep saving, living richer and enjoying it!

  • Barbara Moore

    I am going to start a gratitude jar. In abundance, I have most things people pray for and that’s a blessing that I take for granted. I am grateful for my wonderful fiancée, my job, my car, family and friends. For more abundance, I look forward to my fiancée and I buying our first home and traveling the world more.

    • YES, I love gratitude jars! Keep living richer @disqus_KKXGmHGYUz:disqus!!!

    • Aqueelah Reed

      Barbara that’s great! I bought mason jars at Michael’s for my family and on New Year’s Eve we made blessings jars. Each day we write down our blessings and put then in our jars and at the end of the year we’ll sit and reflect on them.

  • Tiff Tiff

    I’ve been keeping a prayer journal for the past three weeks, and it’s really helped me to focus on strengthening my relationship with God. The more time I spend in prayer, self-reflection, and gratitude, the more I’m seeing opportunities open up for me. I am so thankful for the growth I’ve experienced in these past few weeks, and the LRC is definitely aided in that growth.

    • This is great @disqus_4jTNywbp2y:disqus!!! I’m so glad the challenge has been helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Nia

    My sister and I used to send “I am grateful” texts to each other at the end of each day. The texts really kept us grounded and aware of the ways in which we were blessed. Through the experience, we learned that we had missed amazing opportunities to express gratitude because of our limited perspective. Now, I am sooooo grateful for the small things (that really are HUGE). Right now, besides being grateful for my family, shelter, food, etc, I am immensely grateful for this shift in my mindset! I have a drive that is breathing life into me! I have allowed myself to dream a dream much larger than I thought possible and have a plan for it’s manifestation. I am drawing to myself, opportunities, possibilities, promise, and magic!
    The abundance that I want for myself is the financial freedom to move through life in a way that is authentic and is in alignment with my highest level of good. I want an abundance of beautiful, life-affirming experiences (not just materials) for myself and my family.
    This challenge has definitely lit a “fire” under my behind! I have had to confront my poor spending habits/patterns and work to correct them. I’ve had to be honest with myself (when I was comfortable lying to myself or just ignoring bad decisions). It has been a challenge and is in no way done, but I’m on the right path–saving, working with a spending plan that works for me, creating multiple streams of income, aggressively attacking my credit, investing, and building my business. I AM GRATEFUL!!!!!

    • This is great @leslieniareese:disqus!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Get lit and live richer! (LOL)

  • Lauren Wilson

    Thank you! I shared these steps with my husband and all he could say is “Amen” lol. I already knew everything that you spoke on in the video but I don’t consistently practice it. So with Gods help…from this day on…I will change my mindset. I heard a message from Joel Osteen this morning on this very same thing so I know it’s confirmation. I will focus on and be grateful for what I have and stop focusing on what I don’t. I admit that I do give but I sometimes find myself thinking about what I can do with the money I give away. I also sometimes give and expect that something in return. I will focus on giving without complaining and giving without expecting anything in return. As far as changing my perspective…I will start saying affirmations daily to keep me focus and to attract abundance in my life!

    • That’s awesome @disqus_Cn99pKHR0o:disqus!!! Be intentional about putting the principles into practice. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nique Owens

    Over the course of the last few years I have really began to invest in educating myself about the concepts of financial awareness. I believe that I am always right where I need to be. I am always thankful that things get better. I truly believe this and practice it daily. Pessimism has never gotten anyone anywhere.

    I work hard at being a person that is helpful. Not just with difficult task but with the simple day to day activities. Smiling just because today is a new. Day, holding the door or simplying asking someone if there is something I can do to help them in there day. Often times we forget how easy it is to put a smile on someone’s face.

    Throughout this Challenge I have been faced with some hard truths about more poor spending habits. I could be doing so much more if I continue being financially aware of my spending habits. My mom wants a house I am going to get it for her. It’s my turn to take care of her. I will continue to be grateful for what I do have but I will be persistent in my endeavor to do more and bless up!

    • That’s so true @niqueowens:disqus, “pessimism has never gotten anyone anywhere.” I love your attitude about being helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Natashia SHannon

    I will try to practice being grateful more often for the things I already have and continue my giving.

  • Tee To’Tha Shoy

    Today could of been a challenge but this task is confirmation for my thought process and actions today… I woke up in a fantastic mood and ready for work today… On my way I told my sister to slow down because I think we have a flat tire…. what do you know??? Guess what??? No spare… There was a flat… instead of being upset and frustrated… I was grateful that I was able to pay for a new tire, get my car service comfortably without worries… I was a little bummed because the money I used was suppose to go into my savings from week one… I would of been at $1,200 right now…. but you know what… for once in my life I’m not broke… I got paid in Friday and still have money!! I’m grateful for this challenge because I am more aware of MY money and have built a relationship with it… I’m grateful that I found out that I WAS an emotional spender on things I didn’t need!! I am a giver… Today’s challenge reminded me that I need to go back to giving my time into my local community… I’m grateful for that reminder…. I use to dislike money… but because of this challenge I have started to grow a healthy relationship with it lol lol I hope you understand…. I am so EXCITED!!! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!

    • That’s so great @teetothashoy:disqus, thanks for sharing! I’m so EXCITED for you and everyone who is living richer because of this challenge! That’s why I give for a living! Thanks!

  • Kim

    I am grateful for my new career that I will be starting next week. I can always work on my “stinking thinking” and have a more positive perspective. Renewing of the mind is a daily task for me. I never mind giving money, but I need to become more generous with my time. I have an empty nest now and I just want to be in it alone:) I need to find a way to give more time to my family.

    • Congratulations @Kim, on your new career! Working on our mindsets is a daily undertaking for all of us! Time in an awesome way to give! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim

    I am grateful for my new career that I will be starting next week. I can always work on my “stinking thinking” and have a more positive perspective. Renewing of the mind is a daily task for me. I never mind giving money, but I need to become more generous with my time. I have an empty nest now and I just want to be in it alone:) I need to find a way to give more time to my family.

  • TiAna

    One of the things I thought about doing was writing down good moments and putting them in a box or jar and then pulling out a memory whenever I felt down. I am grateful for where I am, what I’m learning and how I am changing because of it. Since starting this challenge, I realizes that I wasted an abundance of money on wants and my savings have suffered because of it. This year is about rebuilding, saving, and amarr investing. Everything I am learning is being passed on to whoever will listen!

    • Yes @disqus_dqVtIs7OfD:disqus, I love gratitude jars! Pay it forward and pass it on – living richer is the way to live!

  • tommithetiger

    I often find myself complaining about the the things I do not have and I feel angry because I feel like I work hard and deserve them. However, those negative thoughts are not getting me any where. I will work on showing gratitude and be thankful for my education, my current job that allows me to pay bills and my family. I would love to increase my abundance by getting a full time job at a hospital as an RN which will increase my take home pay and, to Begin a successful blog/YouTube channel which will allow me to express myself and open doors for opportunity. I will give back more by being courteous and not so selfish. I will donate and give to church as well as those less fortunate than me.

    • @tommithetiger:disqus, That’s great that you’ve shifted your mindset. Stay positive, it helps!

  • Tandala Kidd

    Good morning; well I haven’t always struggled with tithing, but of course, when things get tough, the church is the first to get cut. My job was cut from 40 to 20 hours, and it has been extremely difficult to make ends meet at home with the basic necessities. But I am ever faithful that God will do his part if I do mine, so I am going to figure out how to make sure I give back to him for what I do have.

  • Tonya

    I love helping people so I started collecting donated clothes from friends and family to start donating clothes to people less fortunate for interviewing it’s called Professional “U” Closet. It also includes clothes for date nights for those serious about finding someone to settle down with. I always wanted a job/career that I loved and did not mind waking up to go to everyday and finding the love of my life. So I felt if I give my time and energy to those less fortunate in some way I would reap more wisdom in these areas of my life and be better prepared because it causes me to give time to gain more knowledge to direct others. I am grateful for the career I have working with children and adults that have been abused, my love that came back into my life after 20 years of separation (my vey own fairytale), my children and family. For my abundance, I look to have life long happiness and joy with the love of my life and traveling. And drawing great fortune helping others through my Life Coaching in which I offer free services at the Salvation Army at this time.

    • These are great services @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus! Awesome!

  • tierra b

    I am grateful for the beautiful home I have over my head and the career I am put in place with. I get frustrated at times because my job is so redundant then I remember I have to start somewhere and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity and means to give back and help others less fortunate than me. I need to work on being so hard on myself and holding myself to higher expectations than what is actually expected of me from others. To activate my abundance, I am going to continue to seek out new opportunities and take advantage of the time I do have now to continue furthering my education and traveling and having community outreach projects. I will continue to work on saving and setting the tone for my future. Staying grounded & humble are my biggest contributors.

  • I am not happy with where I am currently at in my career, but I’ve learned to be grateful for having one. There are times when it gets hard and I get frustrated but I am grateful for supportive family members and friends and coworkers who feel my pain. To attract abundance in my life, I am going to be grateful and thankful for what I have and remind myself that I am worthy of the life God has planned for me.

    • YES, you are worthy of that abundance @disqus_lAkqw6QKm2:disqus! Take it one attainable step at a time and move forward! Thanks for sharing!

  • Abundant_Ericia

    Since the end of last year I have been saying nightly during my prayers my gratefulness, however I am going to return to my gratitude journaling. Write down what I am grateful for everyday. Make sure I tithe every week, no matter how big or small or if i go to church or not, instead of saying I can’t afford it this week.

  • Michelle M

    I am usually very generous but don’t adhere to step one and two as often. Lately because of the hard times I have been going through I have overlooked a lot of what I already have. I have been given support from my professors and nursing friends through out school. I was feeling resentful because my own family didn’t support me and wanted to see me succeed.I realized what is most important is that I actually have supporters in my corner for me and my daughter. I used to think I wasn’t worthy of progressing further than retail, I have been gradually proving myself wrong. I have always though it impossible to save for a car to get to point A to point B but I am doing it! This challenge has helped me a lot this time around.

    • Awesome! I’m so glad that the challenge has been helpful for you @disqus_NW0AGc5FLY:disqus!!!

  • Roshonda Smith

    After watching the video and reading some of your post I realize my area of lack and it’s giving. Giving has always been one of my strong points; however, life experiences prompted me to fall back and that is where my lack over overpowered my BLESSINGS and wealth building. So, today I reclaim what GOD created me to be a GIVER of LIFE, friendship, hope and LOVE. Wherever I am needed I will make it my business to be a blessing in that area. Thank YOU for this time of reflection……

    • You’re most welcome @roshondasmith:disqus! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sandy Eyl

    I give financially a lot. I tithe to my church, I support the public radio station I depend on with a monthly budgeted amount, and budgeted extra for certain ain annual campaigns I give to. Also I got the idea a while ago to send food to a family in hard times through Naturebox (a company that delivers healthy snacks), which is one of my recurring bills. I am actually feeling this sum total is too much giving. I used to volunteer my time frequently but don’t as much because of work/life/home commitments and I’d really like to get back to volunteering with a group I value.

    • Giving comes in many different forms @sandyeyl:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Joy Paige

    Everyday I write in my journal one thing that I am grateful for. It really does put your mind at ease. giving from the heart is always great. you can change a persons view on life by just giving.

    • That’s right @joypaige:disqus! Giving activates abundance!

  • Kelle Reeves

    I am grateful that I am allowed to currently be a stay at home mother. This is a new transition for our family but one that was essential for our overall success. Between child care and transportation I was almost becoming a liability by working. My kids were totally suffering from the lack of time we had for them (we have 4 at home and one who might as well live at home). For the first few months of this I mourned my job and income but God has provided for us in a mighty way. We are doing better financially now than we were before. We don’t waste money/ time like we did before and my kids are doing better academically and emotionally. I am grateful. I have a large family so my riches will not always be monetary but I am developing amazing children into outstanding people and sharing my and efforts with other women at my church. That is abundance for me.

  • Christina H.

    Just in October I was fired from my adult job (which has never happened) and all because my supervisor didn’t like that a young, beautiful, black women like myself worked hard, had great ideas. I am so grateful that now, since December I’ve had a job which is through a temp agency that makes more money and not where I used to be. Even though it is temporary I trust that greater is coming and I’m grateful I’m working and to have a wonderful fiance (since October 2015) to be by my side to keep me grounded and focused. The one thing that I did truly understand on my break of not working is that sometimes I may fall and that’s okay, as long as I can look up, I can get up. So enjoy the fall, I’ll land right where I want to .

    Honestly I’ve been stingy a good majority of my life. I’d help if I agreed that deep in my heart someone needed the assistance (monetarily speaking) but, I have really eased up and grown to being kindhearted (I still don’t waste a dollar, don’t get me wrong) I would also love to get back to is giving back because that’s where my passion in healthcare came from

    • Thank you for sharing @disqus_qwjsRvfUt1:disqus! We all have seasons of change and growth. Live richer!

  • Virginia Johnson

    I saw a post floating around FB about putting notes in a jar during 2016 of all the good things, blessings and happy events that took place and then on New Years Eve take out the notes and read about all the good and happy moments that happened during the year. I started that jar today.

    I am so grateful to have God in my life who continues to bless me even when I feel so undeserving. I am grateful to have a loving husband and daughter and extended family on both sides. I am grateful that our daughter has turned out to be such a caring, sensitive and loving you woman who I could not be more proud of. I am grateful to have a job that I love and am good at and grateful to be making a very good salary.

    I know almost every hard day, cloudy day, disappointments and feelings of discouragement, I have usually always learned from that experience and it has helped to shape me into the person I would like to think my mother would be so proud to see if she was still with us. So I am grateful for all of life’s experiences, both good and bad.

    I am grateful I was led to The Live Richer Challenge; I don’t believe I found the site by accident but that I was led there to learn how to fulfill my dream of being debt free and a homeowner!

    • I love gratitude/inspiration jars! Thanks for sharing @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus!

  • MsChar

    I am grateful for my health and strength, for my family/friends that are so very supportive of me; and for my career of 28 years. I look forward to enjoying the benefits of financial freedom. I practice the art of giving and sowing into the lives of others regularly and it is true – giving breeds abundance!

  • MyCherie Amoi

    I am progressing toward my savings goals but in my loves account but I’m behind on the original amount projected on Day 1 because I invested in a workshop to help me in my pursuit of my next career move. I had to adjust the goal but I am also looking to make up for that I spent on the workshop.

  • Paula Jahmel

    started paying myself first and foremost …not easy but nothing worth doing or having ever really is…finishing up budget…tracking how i spend has been eye opening !!!

  • Channa Comer

    At the beginning of this year, I started a 365 days of gratitude project via a closed FB group with whichever friends wanted to join. It has made my life incredibly rich in many ways — constantly reflecting on the positives in my life and hearing the successes and challenges of others has been a real gift.

    I would like to have abundance in my savings. Making money is not difficult for me. What is is holding on to it.

    I would also like to have abundance with additional streams of income. I am in the process of starting an online clothing business and have ideas for three others. I would like them all to prosper. I’m taking them one at a time. I’m working on gathering photography equipment so that I can start shooting photos of my clothes and open an Etsy store within the next two months.

    As an educator, I give to my students every day. I also give to my friends in various ways and have made charitable giving automatic. I choose one charity each year to focus on and have funds automatically deducted each month. The area that I would like to work on is sharing my experiences with others to help and inspire them to make positive changes.

  • Nathifa Harris

    I began a gratitude journal last year and for 28 days I wrote down 10 things that I am grateful for in my life. It changed my outlook on what I already have and have been blessed with thus far. I am grateful for my son, my family, my health, my job and so much more. I CANNOT complain, I am employed with a job that allows me to provide for myself and my son. I am able to afford things that others may not have. I started to write “thank you for the money to pay” on my paid bills, why? Because I was blessed with the money to afford. It seems silly but it puts a smile on my face and my heart is full because of doing this.

  • Sharon Lewis

    I would like to have the abundance of gratefulness. I’m grateful for my family and friends. I’m grateful for not giving up on my financial journey. I have not been making smart money choices. I am making money but had no savings to speak of. I’m grateful that I’m not the only one and that I have all of you to share this journey of financial freedom with me.

  • janee

    I am going to steal the idea of the gratitude jar. I love that idea. I recite what I am grateful for daily, but never thought to write them down and put them into a jar.

  • Dorothy Johnson

    I am grateful for good health. At my age, 62, I have no health issues. I am grateful for my family and friends.

  • Latania Graham

    In order for me to create the abundance I want and achieve some of my loves I have to get my credit in order

    • Carma Rhodes-Gates

      Me too! I am definitely making this a priority as well!

  • Channa Comer

    This year I started a FB group for daily gratitude post and with a small group of friends post daily. I try to give generously both of my time, $$ and myself and work to cultivate an attitude of service in whatever I do. I would like to have abundance in savings so that I can purchase a home.

  • Veronica God’sChild W

    I am grateful for the one consistent client I have for my business. I know that it takes time to build a business and that I always manage to achieve whatever goal I set for myself so I will achieve this one as well. I plan to start back giving my ten percent which isn’t much at the moment but I don’t know exactly how I will give it.

  • Tyronzs Sheppard

    Is there a discount code for the book? (Nikki Trapp)

  • Stephanie

    I want more income, streams of income, business venture.
    Trying to find other steams of income to assist my budget in bringing in more money or finding the loop holes that the money that I have are falling through. (WOW)
    I want good money management skills.
    I want a good view and perspective on abundance.m
    I am changing my view on the money that I have and how to direct it properly. “A fool and his money are soon parted” I don’t want to be the fool. (wow)

  • Carma Rhodes-Gates

    Budgetnista does giving to your family. I love a lot of my family members asked me for money and sometimes I’m begrudgingly given it to him especially my children and my grandchildren what is your perspective on that? In addition, I would like to have more of a savings at least six months of my income saved up and I would like to continue consistenttly tithing my 10 percent like I do already and I know that wants us to give more to his kingdom sometimes I fight that battle because of family members.

  • Angela Fisher

    As of now I do give what time I have to help children in the community or money when I have it to spare. I would like to be able to give more of time and money to causes I care about .I’m grateful for my job it’s been almost two years after graduation and although i was a top honor student in college I wasn’t able to find a job. I glad some one seen that I’m cable and gave me a chance. I overjoyed that I can go home to a place thats mine, being in good health, and being able to buying a new car. I also grateful for my family and friends who’ve supported me this far. I just want to be able to enjoy life with those I love and share it with the world. In order to to so I’d like to increase my finances and knowledge.

  • Demetra Richardson

    I love to give and I am always giving and now I would like to save to give to a specific homeless shelter every 6 months after saving for that period of time. I am now refraining from my old mindset of lack and disgust to speaking, thinking and declaring my abundant life.

  • Amy Tyler

    I am going back to my gratitude jar. I used to have one and now looking back on it, after I stopped contributing to it….that’s when life became difficult. Thank you for today’s challenge, I REALLY need to get back to that place of gratitude!

  • cynthia

    I am grateful for the extra income I made. I am grateful for the discipline I have by limiting my spending and being able to payoff some of my credit cards. For more abundance, I look forward to travelling more and saving more. I am also grateful that I am able to comfortable pay my 10% tithes every time I earn money.

  • Natalie Simms

    Thank you for these reminders. I plan to continue in my quest of gratitude with doing yoga every day. I find this offers opportunity for peaceful meditation and quietness to give back to myself and time to reflect on the essential things.

  • Carol Pollock

    I am grateful for my two wonderful daughters who are a big part of my support system. They’ve encouraged me to take a hobby that I love and turn it into a business. I retired on disability so my finances are very fixed. Selling my crochet pieces is a way to supplement my income. I also donate some of my pieces to people in need.

  • Andrea Bogan

    I’m grateful for this challenge and a bunch of other things too lol. But I have been discouraged for so long regarding finances, and this challenge has really helped to pull me out of a slump and into a committed relationship with my money. And it has helped me to understand that I need to tend to that relationship daily.

  • Dizexhaled

    I’m going to work on being more thankful for my home. And although the situation isnt ideal, I’m blessed to have a roof over my head. One of my long term goals is to move to somewhere more peaceful, but in the meantime, i will use my gratitude to make this home peaceful.

    I have to think a bit about giving back, but I love to help others, so that won’t be too hard. I’m also gonna look up gratitude jars. Sounds interesting.

    Lastly, as far as my day 1 goals, im looking for ways to cut my costs so I can spend less than I make & save more. Yesterday, I went to aldi & prepped & packed my lunch & dinner for several days. This is to discourage my fast food habit. Its also allowing me to get back to making better food choices, which will ultimately having me feeling better physically. Which is gonna be awesome.

    I also wanted to add that I stopped by my moms house yesterday & she asked me to grab her a sandwich from dunkin donuts & she’d pay for it. I decided I’d treat her. She refused & gave me a $20 bill, it was my birthday weekend. Normally I would have spent it almost immediately or threw it in my wallet & spent it later. But I remember from the day 14 video (i think), where you said it’s not saving until we actually move the money somewhere. So as soon as I got home, that $20 bill went right into my change jar. I’m so excited about the small shifts in my thinking that I can already tell will end up making a huge impact! Thanks again!

  • Angela Williams

    I want the abundance of money in my life. What do now is that I have a money bucket and any spare change I put into this bucket and leave it out in my living room for my family to use at anytime for any reason. I want my children to realize that giving is a much fun and gives you even more joy as receiving.

  • Vanessa

    I will continue to add to my Rose Wall. I will also choose to speak positively about things in my life. And I will start volunteering again!

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    I do feel grateful most of the time, but at times I complain, even though I shouldn’t, so I remind myself that things could be worse and there are people who’d love to be in my shoes. Perspective…I am worthy of the things I seek, b/c I feel those things will not only benefit me, but others as well. Yes, my goals seem unreachable at times, but greatness requires great effort! Lastly, generosity…besides the obvious, spiritual growth, I need financial abundance. Besides real estate, my passions are anything to do with benefiting the youth and the helpless. I work a lot, but when I can I often volunteer with homeless or youth organizations. I’m currently a “Big” in the Big Brother Big Sister program, where I mentor and tutor my “little.” I plan to use my passions to create additional income by starting a tutoring service/business, but in a way that is affordable to those benefiting and a portion of the proceeds will go to various charities. I also hope to open a children’s boutique and start a non-profit that benefits the less fortunate and the elderly.

  • Done DidIt

    I have much to be grateful for…I’m single w/3 children-all in some type of extracurricular activities. Each in a different level of their education, HS, MS, Elem. I have a car, buying a home, and we never go a day without-on a salary of not greater than $55K. I once heard, “the more you earn, the more you want; therefore. it will never be enough.” I choose not to complain, especially due to bad decisions on my part. Rather I choose to look at the present, not make the same mistake twice, while planning for the future and do better than yesterday. In the last 3 weeks, I have saved over $200 by finding a 12 week challenge that is suitable for me by allowing small steps and not placing unnecessary stress on something I did not want to commit to long term. Once I have completed the 12 weeks, proving to myself that what I have is enough to satisfy the 1st goal that was set, then I will move on to a greater challenge. Every week, I purchase a money order, make it out to myself, write down the amount and date on my Challenge Board, then attach the money order to the back of the board. 1st week $60, 2nd $80 (the goal was $70 but I didn’t have time to get change), this week $100. Two more weeks and I will have enough to pay off one CC. My new goal that I will start in addition to my money challenge, is to help someone else find whatever works for them to become financially fit!!

  • brooklynnoriginal731

    This was a great lesson. I’m constantly hearing giving attracts abundance. I’m working toward tithing this year. I’ve seen my mother over the many years tithing. She’s on a fixed income however she’s never without. I make a substantial income, I have a mortgage and household expenses, and however I feel she’s richer than I because she gives so selflessly so the universe has always supplied her with more.

  • Dychaun Dunbar

    I have started with my debts. I went on annual credit report and went threw my credit line by line and wrote down every one. I started with the least amount first and paid it off. then I call the next one and made an agreement to pay off. So this is my start. I start paying offering in my church. I do my best to be there for anyone that needs me. I try to turn my back on no one. I am grateful for my fiancée, my daughter and the rest of my family. I am grateful to have a job, a car and I am able to pay my bills. I am most grateful for this group. I have learned a lot and I have opened my eyes to wanting more out of life. I have set goals that I have suck with and I am going to have that house next year and a half. I am more excited about life and I have a different light in my eyes knowing that I am going to live an abundant life.

  • KayTastik

    I love this! When you really think about it, if you tried to count every blessing you have, you’d get tired (and happy!) all at once. We are blessed.

  • Layla

    I am grateful for being able to fulfill my basic needs, for having both of my parents in my life, for having graduated college against the odds, for having a sane mind, all my limbs, eyes to see with, and ears to hear with. The Creator has blessed me with so much to be grateful for I would never be able to name everything.
    The abundance I want to attract in my life is wealth that I can share with my parents, siblings, nieces, & nephews. I want to be able to buy my mom her first home. I want to travel the world & have the time & money to devote my time to things I love.
    I want to escape debt & claim my financial independence.
    The steps I can begin taking towards this is giving more in charity, applying what I learn to my financial goals, and by finally believing that I am capable of making my goals a reality in the near future.

  • Danamichelle

    I will begin with being grateful for my health, my children’s health, I now own my car (later for car payments), and I have met so many wonderful people from past jobs and we are in contact with each other – We help each other and network.

    To activate more abundance, I will continue to give my time educating and networking with others to inform the public of healthy living and sharing remedies, recipes, exercise tips etc. I will also look forward to beginning a new job and continue my education (working on my second Masters i social work) – so I will remain positive and keep pushing forward, work the challenges and soak up any knowledge that I can receive.

  • Edis

    I had already change so much before the challenge but since the challenge I feel like I’m living a different life. I have started three different savings plan, two toward a house purchase and one toward charity. I have paid off several credit cards, my remaining debt is at 0% finance, I have removed a delinquent account off of my credit, saved on two areas, and found a source of income. I love paying it forward and so have shared the power with other people encouraging them to reap the rewards. Every day I am thankful and continue to be even more so.

  • Carynne Haye

    That is my biggest issue is focusing on what I do have rather than what I don’t. Even though I have been told over and over again not to, I still find it hard. However I am going try my hardest to focus more on the positive rather than the negative. Starting right now I am grateful for having a roof over my head, a job and supportive family and friends. I vow to myself to be positive about my situation. I am still at the beginning states of my saving but I am positive it will grow.

  • Rocky E

    I will admit that I can be a Debbie Downer when it comes to finances because I grew up poor and have not had much financial success as an adult. But you are right, you get what you put forth, so starting today I will be grateful. Grateful that I have a job, that I am able to pursue my Loves, that I have a wonderful man at my side who gets that I am doing and changing things to make our live fuller and richer and he is helping too. I am also sharing my abundance. My girlfriend has a beautiful teenage daughter who I hired as my photo assistant. She’s smart and sassy and a joy in my life I had not expected. Her birthday is next week and I have decided to give her a camera so that she can pursue her interest in photography which happens to be a Love of mine that I can share. And you are so right that if you give it might come back via a different avenue. I just had a dear friend ask me to run some acting/theatre sessions and workshops at her studio this summer (theatre is my big Love). So I will again get to share my Love while the abundance comes in since I was not expecting this. I believe what you put out into the universe comes back to us threefold. Lately, since I started to change my perspectives, I am watching this happen. The ways may be small now, but they can only get bigger as I put out more positive into my life and the universe.