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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Calculate the total cost of your loves and add it to your Money List.

How to rock this task:

  • Fill out your financial abundance worksheet with your loves from Day 4.
  • Take out your Money List (aka budget) from Day 9.
  • Add abundance to your Money List.  
  • Do the math to see how much extra money you need for abundance.


Another day, another task. Let’s get to it!


Yesterday, you decided what abundance looks like in your life. The purpose of today’s task is to see how much extra money you need to earn per month to make abundance happen.

Don’t hold back; I want you to add everything you’re passionate about. You may not have the funds right now to pay for it all, but it’s important to pre-plan for the life you want so you can take the steps necessary to attain it.


To help you with today’s task, I’ve found a free Financial Abundance Worksheet created by Jessica Mullen. You can get a copy of it at HERE.

Use the worksheet to estimate how much your abundance costs each month. Then put the total from your abundance worksheet on the abundance line of your Money List.


Here’s an example. If I want to get my hair done for $200 and piano lessons for $150 per month, I write it all down on my Abundance Worksheet. The total is $350. Then I write $350 on the abundance line that I add to my Money List.

Make sense?


After you’ve added abundance to your budget, do the math to see how much more money you need to make each month to cover abundance. Do this by taking a look at your newly designed savings.

Can a portion of that money be set aside to fund your abundance? If so, how much more do you need to make to cover the rest? If you don’t want to use some of your savings, it’s okay; that just means you’ll have to make the full amount to fund your abundance desires.


Share how much more you need to make per month to pay for abundance with me in the comments vs. emailing me.

Ask your accountability partner how much do they need to make. Share what you’ve written on your Financial Abundance Worksheet with each other.


Use the social media buttons to let your network know what you’re up to. Tweet them too.

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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • ryan holmes

    I would love to get paid to travel…(working on that now!!!) and to teach/speak (working on that as well)!!!!

  • Laterra Jones

    Good Morning, I would love to travel the world… day I know it’s coming…

    • Keep that desire before you and work towards making it happen @laterrajones:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shana Campbell

    As the others have shared, my love is travel and helping others. The great thing is that one, I don’t need to invest money, so the other I will plan for based on the additional funds needed.

  • Tonya

    My loves are to travel and helping others. I already use a portion of my income taxes to fund this and helping others at this time I collect from donations. I want a new car (which is a necessity due to my truck being totaled), my desire is to have a
    Acura TL which runs between $12,000-$19,000 so I estimate my car payment to be around $300-$350 per month. I want to pay off my credit cards first so that money can be used for my car payment and that way I can keep my savings at least a portion of it. I would love to start my own business with my Life Coaching but I have found many inexpensive ways to advertise like creating my own website free with wix, using vista print for business cards and recommendations through family friends and social media, free networking events and event panels. I will start getting my hair done every two weeks again only after my cc debts are paid off.

    • You have great goals to work towards @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus, thanks for sharing! You are already doing a great job – live richer!

  • tierra b

    my loves are yoga (hopefully becoming a yogi one day), traveling, community outreach (which requires little to nothing; get donations), and shopping (guilty lol)

    based off my budget i am spending wayyy to much at the moment compared to my average monthly take home soo idk how i will factor my loves in at the moment. But I will figure something out soon..

    • Work on it @disqus_vOd27PNHjR:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • My loves are traveling, FAMU, and anything dealing with the arts. I’d love to share my abundance with an organization benefiting kids, the National Kidney Foundation, and my alma mater FAMU (HBCU grads tend to give back less and I don’t want to be in that number). Based on my budget I can save way more than I currently am and in order to increase my abundance I cannot cut my shifts short (I can’t stand my job so I basically have not been faithful with my time) and I take more on-call days (easy side hustle for work). This challenge is something else…really making me get serious about my money!

    • @disqus_lAkqw6QKm2:disqus, I’m glad the challenge is helping you live richer and enjoy it! You know how you want to give back! Work towards that!

  • Jeana Hopson

    My loves are sharing experiences with my husband, kids, grandkids, and sisters. Some of the experiences include travel. My budget is in flux since I ended my last job of 24 years on 12/31/15, and thank God, will be starting my new one on February 1. I have determined a monthly amount for my loves, and will be adding to my new budget next month.

    • That’s a great system @Jeana Hopson! Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the new job!

  • Cassandra T

    Pretty similar to other comments, I love traveling and helping others, as well as writing. I also love talking about natural hair and hair products-would love to find something that allows me to get paid for doing all of these!

    • @disqus_yuWupAGwbn:disqus, great! Research ways others do what you want to do to awaken options within you. Thanks for sharing!

      • Cassandra T

        Great idea, thank you!

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    My loves involve writing and creating workshops. I am doing some research now to find ways to include it in my forward vision. As for the cost, I am working towards a savings just for my dream. I have a lot of things written down but it’s not time to reveal them yet. In the meantime I am working on building a Blog to publish my writing. In the case of workshops, I have done a few in the past. My current job involves training so I’m constantly focused on my vision. The ultimate goal is to have my loves create their own budget.

    • Yes @SavingCasandra:disqus, keep working towards your ultimate goal!

  • Abundant_Ericia

    My loves are movies, traveling, volunteering and all things beauty/ fashion. I was fortunate to receive my dream job at an amazing company 2 years ago, and recognized for my hard work and promoted within a year. I would say my next goal is to switch pay systems from weekly to bi-monthly which would increase my pay in it’s own. I would also like to increase my pay by $2,500 a month; which I trust will be this year as we approach bonus and raise season. I have definitely learned the value of appreciating money and saving with this weekly pay system, I know I will be even more successful being paid bi-monthly.

  • Natashia Shannon

    My loves are things that bring me joy such as having a nice home (my dream home- working on that now), traveling and pampering myself with maintenance upkeep (hair, nails, clothes) etc.

  • Charmaine Glover

    I want to be able to pamper myself monthly without feeling guilty. I am still working on me. I so look at things differently now that I have taken this challenge and I am sharing it with my co-worker as well. I find myself really caring about spending and the savings process.

    • Awesome @charmaineglover:disqus! It’s great to know that the challenge helped to change your savings mindset! Thanks for sharing!

  • Roshonda Smith

    My loves are educating children and families and cooking.My husband and I are current owners of a catering business and I am looking forward to opening a life center for Special Need kids with behavior problems. I have taught special education for the past 15 years and I am excited about stepping out and changing lives. We want to build homes for the homeless, feed them and restore faith,hope, and love back in them. I want to be a blessing to all!

    • Awesome goals @roshondasmith:disqus!!! Keep at them, I’m sure they will help many!

  • Joy Paige

    I want to help teenage homeless girls and boys. There are so many homeless people in the world.

    • It’s so true and a needed service @joypaige:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kristen Howard

    I love your challenge….but I hate this day! lol Abundant, fulfilled living is not about finding new ways to spend money. I think that is a renewal from within and deals with who you are not what you have! It’s great to encourage people to reach their dreams but part of being more fiscally responsible is really looking at our “dreams” and “wants” and aligning them with the individuals we were created/born to be! Thanks for all the great advice so far (otherwise)!

    • Thanks for your feedback, @disqus_R6uyCKR0bQ:disqus! Everyone’s definition of abundance and loves will be different. Thank you, again, for sharing!

  • Melville

    One of my loves is sewing. I started making baby quilts a couple years ago. I have just finished my third patchwork quilt and everyone I have shown was telling me how much talent I have. A few coworkers even suggested I try to open an etsy store. The quilt I just finished is one I am donating to my sons school for a charity auction next weekend. I believe that shows an abundance. I barely spent money on supplies for this one because I had lots scraps left. My next goal is to try to find a way to sew a bit each week in my busy lifestyle.

    • @disqus_B7XTAH4o9F:disqus, this is great! Etsy is great for handmade items! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ohdehliyah Gordon

    Hello to all. I just want to say AGAIN I’m so greatfull for this information, knowledge lord knows I need this, although it’s challenging right now for me to save but going trough each week working on the assignment put me in the mindset/head space to budget and save. Hats off to all the ladies who are participating… #whenwomensupporteachother#savethemcoins

    • I’m so glad the challenge has been helpful for you @ohdehliyahgordon:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Virginia Johnson

    I have to admit I do love having my hair appointments, it does not feel the same when I do it at home, lol. Anyway I figure to cover the cost of my hair and buying books, my first love, would cost me an additional $250.00 per month.

    I figure that taking my lunch every day instead of buying it as I did in the past, spending anywhere from $10-$15 a day would definitely cover the cost of my hair appointments. But at this point I have already allotted that savings to my money bucket so I will have to find additional income to help fray that cost.

    • Everyone’s loves will be different @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus and that’s fine! You have your goals set in place! I’m sure you’ll be able to get your hair done, too. Have you considered going to your local library as well, to decrease the cost of purchasing books?

  • Kristen S. Pitts

    Did anyone have any trouble filling out the Financial Abundance Sheet? I’m a little confused. Is it asking you to fill it out according to your future lifestyle that you want or the one that you are currently living. Anybody else have this problem?

    • @kristenspitts:disqus, use it to estimate how much your abundance would cost you every month, presently. I hope this helps.

      • Kristen S. Pitts

        Thank you. It did! My abundance meaning what I chose to do on Day 15? Or Do I need to find more abundances to add as well?

  • Colby R Rice

    Lol, um. I need approximately $2,009,540 a year, which breaks down to $168,705 per month… (For independent filmmaking and indie publishing– in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres– at the highest professional level.) I guess I’m going to need a side hustle as a corporate exec? Or make some kick ass investments, LOL! Whatever I need to do, I’m committed. One dollar at a time!

  • Nathifa Harris

    I want to be able to do something nice for myself each month, be it hair or pedicure. Also, I would love to learn to speak spanish. I have traveled some, to spaish speaking areas and felt lost. My ultimate love would be to, mentor young girls, woman about to importance of themselves, self-love, overcoming abuse, teenage pregnancy, etc. I have been through it all and now I’m ready to help!

  • Sharon Lewis

    I love getting my hair, toes, and nails done at least once a month. My hair needs more attention than I can give right now. In order to get these loves done I must find an additional $150.

  • Lauren Wilson

    My love would be to travel at lease once a year as a family and once a year by myself or with my husband. Because I need to pay off my loans which I’m saving for now and will pay off in June. In July I’m putting up a travel fund. I will put $300 a month up for traveling. 2017 will be the year of travel for my family and I

  • Latania Graham

    When I add my abundance goals it makes me feel like my dreams are too big or unobtainable…

  • Amy Tyler

    My loves are travel, shopping and having fun with my kids. Looking at those things, I would need to add and extra $500/month to my budget (that’s on the low side). My goal for next year is to take my kids on a trip to the Bahamas or do a Disney Cruise. I’ve wanted to take them on a REAL vacation for so long, but never had the money to spend. This challenge is teaching me how to take care of the necessities and be able to have the luxuries. Thank you Tiffani!

  • Sabrina

    This challenge was really hard for me. I never really put much thought into abundance. I did manage to complete the worksheet with the exception of the person whose success I most appreciate….I was not sure who that really is for me.

    • Gabrielle Profit

      I am experiencing the same challenges. I never really thought about whose success I mostly appreciate. This challenge has me thinking now. There are a lot of successful women and men I appreciate just never really pin pointed one just for me.

  • Catharine Freeman

    This lesson has urged me to want to put a vision board together. I’ve never done one. However, I feel it will exemplify what I envision for an abundant life.

    I feel that I live an abundant life. In fact many of my loves and expectations are/were accounted for in my Money List back on Day 9. So I have nothing more to add. Although looking at some of the other comments here made me think about the next and final luxurious home that I would like to have. In the meantime, I have been working on and will continue to work on my current home DIY and other improvements.

  • Vanessa

    I think $1105 extra dollars a month would put me in a place that I could financially achieve my vision of abundance. That would cover entertainment and self-care.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    My loves: Swarovski crystal, travel to foreign countries, tutoring/mentoring, a children’s boutique, a nonprofit. To break it down:
    1. I’ve been collecting crystal, specifically Swarovski, for about 12 years now, but the pieces are very expensive. I’ve finished a few collections and I’m almost ready to start of the birds, but the bigger pieces are even more costly, so now I have to limit myself to one or two pieces annually. $1,000 a year($100 a month) extra could solve this love. 2. I’ve traveled many places within the U.S. plus Turkey, but I love the culture of other countries and would like to b-day gift myself every other year by visiting a country I’ve always wanted to travel to. If I plan early, I could get some great groupon or other deals and the trip would cost $1-2,000($1-200 a month) extra for this love. 3. I love, love, love tutoring and mentoring teens. Starting a tutoring and youth life coach/mentoring business requires a little education and training. Maybe about $500 would suffice for this. 4. My other passion is starting a children’s company. A minimum of $1,000-2,000($1-200 a month) extra. Once started, the expenses will eventually pay for themselves. 5. Lastly, volunteering, donating, and a non-profit. Besides time and effort, about bout 5%($2-500) a month would be directed here as well as a percentage of income from business. Whew, I have a lot of work to do!
    So, in total, I would need about $700-1200 a month extra to cover my abundance and still be able to save, provide for family, and maintain a good lifestyle.

  • brooklynnoriginal731

    Figuring out a plan on how to travel the world to teach fitness/nutrition. Working on certifications now….the universe will provide

  • Layla

    So I tried to be as thorough as possible with my calculations. The yearly total for my abundance costs would be $8210, which comes out to about $684 a month. I definitely need a side hustle lol