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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Think of ways you can make extra income to pay for your loves and abundance.

How to rock this task:

  • Brainstorm ways to use your skills, talents, and experience to make more money each month.
  • Share how you plan to make extra income with me and your partner(s).


Welcome to Day 17, friends! Today, we’re talking about making more money.




Yesterday when you added abundance to your budget, you may have found you don’t quite make enough money each month to cover it. No worries! I’m going to share a few tips and resources to help you make extra income outside of your job (if you have one).


I highly recommend that you have have multiple sources of income (i.e. babysitting or tutoring). It can help you pay for your abundance AND help you to reach your savings goals much faster.


Ready to make mo’ money? Fabulous! Let’s get down to business.


First, I have four quick pointers you should keep in mind when deciding what you should do for extra income:

1. Use Your Degree. If you have the education, put it to use. You can charge more money for a service when you’re an expert in a field. Think about how you can shape your education into an extra source of income.

2. Do What You Do For a Living. You can hit the ground running with your side hustle if you have work experience in the industry. There’s no learning curve and you have a resume that proves you know what you’re doing.

3.Activate Your Passion. Start charging for things you already do for free. You already have an established clientele who like your work and you can use them to spread the word.

4. Negotiate a Raise. Start to collect all of the amazing value you bring to your job. Put it together in a file. Make sure you monetize your value. Example: The decision you made to do _________ is saving the company $10,000/year.


For other ways to make side income, has an excellent resource called “32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home”. Here are a few favorites from the list:


  • Focus GroupsWant to get paid for your opinion? The Penny Hoarder suggests ProOpinion to find online focus groups. You can also look to CraigsList or FocusGroup to get paid for participating in research studies.
  • Make Money as a TranscriptionistTranscriptionists can make up to $25 per hour listening to audio and typing out what’s said. This job could be right up your alley if you’re a fast and accurate typer. Learn how to get started in the field on The Penny Hoarder post “Earn $25 an Hour as a Transcript”.
  • Rent or Sell Clothes OnlineDo you have a full closet of clothes you don’t wear? Sell or rent them for extra money. Head over to the sites Loanables and RentNotBuy to cash in on your unused clothes.


Do you have any more ideas to add to this list? Tell me in the comments,  share them with your accountability partner and in the Dream Catcher Forum. Your ideas may inspire another!


Gentle Reminder: Be Careful of Scams

Keep your eyes peeled for jobs that appear suspicious, especially on Craigslist. You should never have to pay money to make money and get-rich-quick schemes don’t exist. If a job sounds like a scam, it probably is.


Lastly, make sure your side hustle is worth your time and resources. If you drive an hour and spend $20 on parking just to make $25, you’re breaking even. That isn’t the type of hustle that will help you save much money or pay for abundance in your budget.


Need more step-by-step help? I want to share an AWESOME, FREE resource from one of my fav financial friends, Patrice C. Washington. It’s called the I Can Earn More Pledge.




A message from Patrice:

Hey Dream Catcher. Want to learn to earn more? Let me help you for free. I will teach you how to….


E – Establish your sister circle so you don’t have to do this alone, but we’ll also

A – Abandon blame and give ourselves permission to have more. Living in the past does NOT serve you! You have a right to dream BIG and set BOLD goals for what you want.

R – Reactivate your NO! Yup, be unapologetic about getting what you want. Some people, places or things DONT GET TO GO with you to the top! I’m going to push you to say YES to you!

N – Negotiate Like a Ninja. Stop accepting the first offer just because you’re glad to have a seat at the table. You are the and a closed mouth doesn’t get fed! Don’t know what to say, how to say it or when to say it? No problem. I’m going to teach you how to be SO ready with your ask, your employer or potential clients won’t even know what hit them!

Ladies, I’ve got these principles and SO many more when you sign up at


Join Patrice and thousands of other women for this FREE EARN More Money Movement! 😘😘😘


Now, it’s time to get your abundance on! Share your thoughts with me in the comments vs. emailing. What do you plan to do to make more? I’d love to know. Reach out to your accountability partner. Will the 2 of you both be doing the free I Can Earn More movement?


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • Michelle

    In addition to my full time job, I was recently hired as a career skills lesson writer. I will be writing lessons in my field of study. I have also signed up for mystery shopping and will sign up to participate in online studies and focus groups. These additional streams of income will help me move quickly towards my goals!

  • Harris

    I have a part time job in retail and I’m also applying for online adjunct professor positions;these are in addition to my full time job as a professor. I will also apply for one of those survey jobs!

    • Great @disqus_0iucrpKWxu:disqus, you are actively pursuing making mo’ money!

  • fruitbowlk

    I have already taken on a second job that I have been working at for almost 4 months. All of the money go towards my EF. After its completed the extra money will go towards my house purchase and my vacation account.

  • Laterra Jones

    A couple of months ago I pick up my third job. I plan to get back into mystery shopping, #ineedalltheincomeicanget….I got goals to meet

  • Tiffany Taggart

    I’ve been bartending for over a year and a half and it’s good money so I can definitely reach my savings goals quicker and fund my loves

  • tommithetiger

    I love this part of the challenge. Honestly I could save so much more and do more of what I love if I increase my income. I will get a second job with higher pay which I’ve been passively thinking about for a while. I will also sell my unwanted clothes and shoes on vinted or poshmark. My next step will be to use some of the survey sites suggested to make some extra bucks in my downtime.

    • Awesome @tommithetiger:disqus!!! Use what you have to get what you want!

  • Felisha

    I use my degree to my advantage. I am in the medical field so I have many options. To earn extra income I see medicare patients twice a month with a screening company. I also work as an adjunct instructor at a local university. I also have a wellness home based business which not only generates income but great tax benefits as well.

  • Khalilah

    My side hustle is driving for Uber. I slacked off a lot since starting my full-time job. But today I am recommitting to driving regularly at least 30 hours per week. I will use that money to pay for my abundance and the things that I love. I will do this until I am able to transition into earning a great income from my business.

  • Amanda Z

    My side hustle is being a Beachbody Fitness coach. I love working out and when people started to notice what I do they would ask for help and tips. It became something convenient for me to do while helping others in something I am passionate about.

  • Candyce Lowe

    I intend to start selling Avon as my side business. I understand that you will only get out if as much as you put into it, but I am seriously focused and ready to give it 100%, I feel I would have a great client base and I am ready to go!!

  • Barbara Moore

    I picked up overtime at my current job. As a side hustle, I do online consumer surveys.

    • Great @disqus_KKXGmHGYUz:disqus!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • dontea_hunter

      Hi, wich online surveys did you use? Did they work?

  • Michelle Sutton

    I started doing a work from home position doing customer service for a tax client. I work 15 hours a week on top of my full time job. .

  • Shana Campbell

    Currently, I work in professional development, helping other people do their jobs better. Looking to expand this into a “side hustle” and then full time business. While it isn’t an overnight money maker, it’s my passion which means so much more. I love helping people put their best foot forward. Can’t wait to do the same.

  • Tiff

    I think I’ll look into doing transcription on the side since I’m currently a full time medical scribe/assistant already.

  • Nisa Hasan Brice

    I’m an It Works Distributor and Currently I make about an extra $300 per month. The startup cost is only $99 and you can make that back by selling the 4 wraps in your kit. Love the money and the products.

    • Wonderful @nisahasanbrice:disqus, thanks for sharing!

      • Nisa Hasan Brice

        No problem! Thanks for all of your help.

  • Dannielle Givens

    Oooooo I need some help with this one. I have a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment. I’m always gone on the weekend and holidays. I would love to rent my place out of Airbnb, but I can feel myself thinking a way out of it. It’s effortless cash flow. Of course there is a risk to it, but isn’t there a risk to everything? Heeeelllpp!

    • @danniellegivens:disqus, how much do you want the rent money? Do you want it more than the risk of renting your apartment out? That is ultimately your decision. Pros? Cons? Think on it and weigh your options!

  • Cassandra T

    I have signed up with a few online survey companies and do research studies for extra cash. I have also signed up for a couple of mystery shopping companies but have not done any shops yet. I plan to look more into transcription job as well. In addition, I am thinking of launching a YouTube channel and looking into ways to further connect it with some type of service/consulting. Lastly, I am looking into other work at home jobs, especially being a part-time travel agent/consultant.

  • Sadia Seymour

    Good morning. I have already had a nice increase in income with a promotion at my p/t gig teaching at F.I.T. It comes with a bonus . Woohoo! I also have been asked to create a workshop geared towards individuals who are interested in getting into the fashion/beauty industry at the center where I go for business counseling! My other new business, I Do I Do I Do Bridal Styling, is growing in leaps and bounds! One of my clients was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and I got a credit! I can’t wait to see how that manifests into more income. 2016 is starting off with a bang! Thanks. Tiffany for this challenge. It is awesome. Shout out to my partner Felicia!

    • Wonderful @sadia_seymour:disqus! Congrats on the credit! You’re most welcome!

  • Mia Wood

    I have worked in the human resources field for 18 years and two years ago, i decided to put that experience to use for myself as a side hustle and I started an HR consulting company. Additionally last year I became a certified travel agent. Since I love to travel, any commission received from that goes towards my own vacations.

  • Tonya

    I am looking for a part-time job and will be asking for a raise in a few months. My daughter and I use to take clothes to Plato to sell, it’s usually not much but every little bit helps. I have done focus groups in the past so that should be an options as well.

    • Thanks for sharing @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus! Yes, every little bit helps!

  • Sandy Eyl

    I had budgeted my giving and loves onto my budget, but if course it would be better to do More Travel and More Skiing (or sitting on beaches depending on the season)! I signed up for Patrice’s challenge which I first heard about on The Browb Ambition Podcast! Looking forward. I did sign up for ibotta and started (just a little) couponing on things I know I’ll use.

    Also I am in awe of all you entrepreneurs – seems like soooo much work to me. I need an organization and time management challenge before I take that kinda responsibility on 🙂

    • You’re working @sandyeyl:disqus!!! Entrepreneur-ism is challenging but it’s rewarding, too! 🙂

  • L Jackson

    I have worked side jobs ever since my first year in college. I studied math and secondary education so I tutored math. To earn more money I plan on building my tutoring business and creating an educational website while making comission from ads and selling merchandise. I also want to sell lesson plans and activities.

  • LaToya D. Tyus

    I am going to really push my side business ItWorks, and allow it to bring in extra money.

  • Balanced Life-Living

    I actually began brainstorming on ways to make mo’ money during the first week of the challenge, not realizing it would be integrated into the challenge. I’ve worked for an insurance broker for six years and for the past 2 1/2 years, played around with getting my producer’s license. This challenge sparked a determination in me to complete the pre-license course and finally schedule to take the exam. It will not only provide another stream of revenue but increase my value at my current employer. I am also in the process of contracting out my knowledge of benefits administration to small businesses! Thanks Tiffany for this challenge, its been an extreme blessing to me.

    • That’s great @balancedlifeliving:disqus! Do it! You’re most welcome!

  • Simone Godsprincess

    I will look into online tutoring, I also currently tutor after school — the extra I make will go be divided amongst my savings accounts

  • Kim

    I plan to do I Can Earn More movement and I applied to be an adjunct professor at a local university. I used to do it part-time, and I think it’s time to see if I can again.

  • Cheryl Allen-Hardy

    Hi, I know this post is late, it’s been really busy at work and being back in school is really keeping me on my toes. I have been asked to cook for a couple of families. I’d cook for the entire week, show them how to properly store and heat each meal for their dinner. However, I don’t know how much I should charge, any suggestions?

    • @cherylallenhardy:disqus, you’d have to do some research. Google is always handy for that – look up prices for the services you’ll provide. Note others’ break down of time/service/travel expenses and move from there.

  • Virginia Johnson

    At the moment the first thing that comes to mind to make more money is overtime on my job. Overtime has always been available throughout the year and especially now with year end projects. Honestly, I have been too lazy to take up the offer. As my husband constantly tells me, anytime I don’t accept the offer of overtime, it’s like leaving money on the table.
    I will look into the online surveys and since I am an administrative assistant for the past 20 years, I will check into the transcription possibilities as a way to bump up my earnings.

    • I hope you keep your goals in your mind as you consider what you want to do @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • tish Price

    Do anyone know any good companys that is for mystery shoppers and online surveys I can’t find any so far I just don’t wanna get scammed

    • Natisha Willis-AyAndile

      Harland-Clarke: They do mainly bank mystery shops that pay pretty well. Reach out to Brook Reyes. Tell her that you’re interested in doing mystery shops with HC. Her email address is Brooke.Reyes AT harlandclarke DOT com.


    I have a business where I’m making t-shirts, earrings, and decorative items. So far it’s going good by word of mouth from friends and family. I market myself with instagram and Facebook, so since doing the challenge I’m about making money and saving money to get me to where I want to be. So my business is my money maker.

  • Keilon

    I am a teacher k-8. I am so exhausted after work I don’t want to see students after work. I need a side job idea but don’t have a clue what to do.

  • Dionna

    I have my certificate in Meeting and Event Planning. I really want to
    use it and my experience to make a side hustle. My one obstacle seems to
    be finding clients.

  • Geneva

    i signed up for postmates, wegolook and wyzant. These are all part time jobs that i can do on my own schedule. I will be starting as soon as i update my iPhone. I needed and upgrade to download the company apps to my phone. I purchased a used iPhone on eBay.

  • Sharon Lewis

    I signed up for focus groups and online surveys. It’s not a lot but it’s a start…still a work in progress.


    I have decided to pick up a part time job working at a camp during the summer, and the bonus is that my kids will get a discount to attend. #MMSweepstakes

  • Patricia Houston

    I would like to teach adult classes on relationships and parenting to earn extra dollars. I am also working on part time non-profit to make a few extra dollars administrating.

  • M Cole

    It’s not a Whole lot BUT I’ve earned cash to major retailers such as Target where I do a lot of shopping just by taking pictures of receipts using the Receipt Pal app!

  • M Cole

    I’ve also made and sold bracelets on Etsy in the past.

  • lulu

    My situation is such that I can’t work a second job, even though I desperately need the extra income; just have to learn to live on what I bring home–talk about a challenge!

  • Catharine Freeman

    Today, I am at a flea market trying to sell my household wares, art work that I have cessed out from other tag sales and other nick nacks. I try to sell twice a year. It’s also been part of a bigger plan to empty out my starter house so I’ll be ready for my final/luxury home.

  • Vanessa

    I have taken on a consulting gig this year which has been a game and life changer for me this year. It showed me how beneficial multiple streams of income can be. I’ll be looking into yet another way to earn more.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    Well, I’ve been a clinical lab scientist for about 15 years, but I do not enjoy what I do, although I work a lot of overtime and have a second PRN job. I’d love to make more by tutoring, small business, and doing other things that love, so that’s what my focus is currently. And yes, I have joined the I can earn more movement as well as investing in a mentor who can help me start my line.

  • betty smoot

    I’ve been a notary public for years…over 5 years now, but mainly used it for friends and relatives and most times would not charge them because the fees to maintain the notary license is pretty cheap. This post made me realize that a little advertising will go a long way, and i can actually utilize this for some additional cash in hand.

  • Layla

    I currently work in research (using my degree) & I have a side job I work during some holidays in nursing. I really don’t like my side job & want to drop it. Some ideas I have are tutoring, resume writing, and selling gently used clothing.
    More long-term side hustles are acting/modeling, writing, selling real estate, and investing.
    I’m going to schedule a day to sit down & write out a plan to get these things in motion.

  • CynicalOne D Wills

    My future side hustle will be selling Realtor. I’m taking classes now to get my license. So right now just ot will do.