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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Take a step forward on your path to making more money.

How to rock this task:

  • Do an activity today to begin side hustling.
  • Share what action you’re taking with me and your accountability partner(s).


Congrats! We’re almost at the end of our third and final week.



How are you feeling? How are you progressing with your savings goals from Day 1? There’s still three more days left to take a concrete step to reach it! Keep pushing.

Today we’re going to put your abundance plan in motion. You’re going to do an activity that will help you start making extra money ASAP.


Growing up, one of my father’s favorite sayings was “Many drops of water does a mighty river make.” This means a series of small choices can add up to big results.

What small choices can you do today? Now?


Things You Can Do to Put Your Abundance in Action:

  • Search Craigslist for studies in your area.
  • Post a free ad on Craigslist or Angie’s List about your product or service.
  • Sign up for survey sites and take a few surveys.
  • Mention your side hustle to everyone you see.
  • Post photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with information on your hustle.
  • Send out a price list to let people know that you’re now charging for your services.
  • Sign up for studies on FocusGroup.com.
  • Create a file of the value you’ve brought to your job, then ask your boss for an appointment to meet. Ask for that raise!
  • Sign-up for the free I CAN EARN MORE movement.

Extra income won’t fall into your lap, but if you begin actively seeking opportunities to make money it’ll start coming your way. In the long run, your small actions from today, tomorrow and into the future will make all the difference.



So pick up the phone, send some emails, post your services on social media, sign-up for the movement and start networking! Do something today.


At the very least tell me and your accountability partner your plans for making more. Let me know what specific action you plan to take today in the comments vs. emailing. No Excuses. 


Share what you’re doing today on Twitter:

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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • Kimberly Mcghie

    To live more abundantly I’ll do a visit at my home care agency if they call me. I try to do at least 3 visits a week. But if I increase my visit to 5 extra each month then I will have the extra I need for the abundance in my life. No more being lazy

    • Khalilah

      That’s right! Laziness is so 2015! lol

    • @kimberlymcghie:disqus, that’s right. You can put anything into action and be lazy, simultaneously! Live richer!

  • Tamera

    I’m applying for side jobs like secret shopper and etc.

  • Michelle

    I guess I was a day ahead…I signed up yesterday to do surverys. I also make cakes and I do most of my advertising on social media during the holidays, however yesterday someone liked a post with the ad and now it has resurfaced and is getting more likes. My hubby does home remodeling as a side job and he’s signed on for 2 projects as well. We’ll be relocating and doing a lot of traveling next year, so this challenge came right on time for us!

    • Thank you for sharing @disqus_WRf6Jisv4N:disqus!!! I’m glad the challenge was on time for you and your hubby!

  • Khalilah

    Today I am hitting the road for my side hustle with Uber. I am going to drive for 3 hours today! Should make at least $60 bucks…all of it will go towards my abundance plan.

  • The Grim Phreaker

    I am studying Forex. Within a month I should have it mastered. I do wish my car hadn’t of broken down so I can do uber though lol

    • Nicole Jackson

      I’m curious, how are you learning to trade? I attended an orientation to Online Trading Academy several weeks ago. They offer instructor training at a facility in Tysons and Baltimore. The prices are several thousands of dollars; however, you become a lifetime member to receive support and go to their facilities. I thought the pricing was out of my range, especially when my mindset is on saving. Any tips/resources you would like to share to help me learn without formal education?

    • Thanks for sharing @the_grim_phreaker:disqus!!!

  • Aqueelah Reed

    Today I plan on signing up for surveys and finishing the online exam for TranscribeMe. I’ve already signed up for the I Can Earn More Movement yesterday and I’ve been looking into the Live Ops opportunity. I’m a single mom. I work full-time and I’m a part-time college student so I have to carve out some time for a side hustle. To my fellow Dream Catchers, I’m praying for much SUCCESS, INCREASE AND ABUNDANCE for us ALL!!! Have GREAT DAY everyone!

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing @aqueelahreed:disqus! You are doing it!

  • Michelle

    My side hustles include mystery shopping, focus groups, career skills lesson writer, and baking. Since we are expecting bad winter weather today I will bake sample heart shaped cookies. Then I will post pictures on my instagram and Facebook pages to advertise valentines day cookies in hopes to get pre-orders. I will also perform a mystery shop that just posted on my field agent app. I’ve always had the ability to sell baked goods but at times I get lazy or feel too tired to push this side hustle to the limit. I still have my customer base so it is time grind to get this extra income! I’m so thankful for this challenge.

    • Amanda Z

      Hi .How do you become a mystery shopper?

    • You are working those side hustles @Michelle! I’m so happy that the challenge is helping you!

    • Cheryl Yolanda Howard

      I was looking for a legit mystery shopper’s company myself. I see offer in my email job alerts but I need to know which one is creditable and I even thought about becoming a brand ambassador as well for extra change.

  • Latasha Linen

    I plan to advertise for tutoring services for grades K-8 on social media and also create a brand for it. I’m also pretty good with hand crafts so I’ll brainstorm Valentine’s day crafts for extra income. I’ve already signed up for the earn more challenge!

    • @latashalinen:disqus, use what you have to get what you want! Live richer!

  • Amanda Z

    To work on my side hustle, I will reach out to 3-5 people today to talk about online fitness coaching and support to those who want to live a healthier life! I hope to run a fitness challenge group in February with these people.

    • That’s the way to put your abundance plan in action @Amanda Z!

  • Tiffany Nicole

    I became a distributor with It Works! and I have also just started planning my very first Vision Board Goal Planning event… which I plan to host quarterly throughout the year :).

  • Bernadette Donato

    Yesterday at work someone stopped me in the hall and asked if I also do freelance (I’m a graphic designer). I didn’t even have to do anything and abundance flows to me! So excited to get back in the swing of things and put my talents to work for me.

    • YES @bernadettedonato:disqus!!! Thanks for sharing, I LOVE this!

  • Felisha

    Today I will contact some followers about my wellness business. I will also post pictures and testimonials about how this business has improved their well being. I will also start doing some surveys on my downtime. Excited about my new financial journey!

    • Put it into action @disqus_PJ24ImFyeH:disqus!!! I’m excited for you, too!

  • Tonya

    Well as I posted yesterday for my extra income. I was going to ask my supervisor for a raise in a few months because my 90 days was up 01/19/2016 and I wanted to wait a couple more months before I asked and just find a part-time job until summer. But to my surprise I was called into my supervisor’s office and I was offered to do another position part-time with an increase of $15,000/yr added to my salary. But I will start out asking for donations for my Life Coaching and to those that want me to participate on event panels.

    • Lauren Wilson


      • Tonya

        Thanks a bunch

    • Simone Godsprincess


      • Tonya

        Thank you so much

    • Awesome @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus!!! Keep seeking out those opportunities!

  • Cassandra T

    I participated in a research study today that pays $150; I will be receiving that in a few weeks. I plan to look for additional studies today and when I return from vacation, complete a couple of surveys/do some music reviews on Slice the Pie, and look more into transcription positions. I may also make a call about a work from home position I inquired about a few days ago.

    • That’s great @disqus_yuWupAGwbn:disqus!!! Keep doing it!

  • Lauren Wilson

    Is anyone in the group aware of any reputable companies for Virtual Administrative Assistants? I think I would be a good fit to do this type of work and add it to my income.

    • Dawn Ridley

      You can do this solo…check out your competition on Upwork. I’ve hired several VAs from there. Also, I believe there is an association that provides info. Good luck!

  • kenya

    i am going to meet up with a few people that are interested in my home based business and create a new contact list.

  • Nora Grady

    I registered with TranscribeMe and plan to complete the test/evaluation this weekend. There are a few other income opportunities I’m interested in, like getting paid for using search engines, surveys, etc. I’m wondering how it all works with taxes though.

    • Awesome @nora_grady:disqus!!! Research and choose what’s best for you.

  • Simone Godsprincess

    I am currently providing home instruction after school — this extra money will be going into my savings accounts. I am going to look into some of the other online tutoring sites and even some of the survey sites, my challenge is time — as I am active with my church, children and community – weekly

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    I put my abundance in action by signing up for several survey groups week one. I have joined four focus group sites. Also doing a few sites that offer general surveys for points toward gift cards. I can use gift cards for purchases throughout the year and save my cash. The sites that pay money via visa gift card or Paypal will go into savings for my vision of writing and workshops. Also, I am applying for a work at home position to fill my weekend hours.

  • Robin Jones

    I am working towards getting a certification as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I started teaching free fitness classes in October to enhance my skills while studying for my certification. I take my first certification class Feb. 20, and plan on teaching classes for a fee afterwards. Wish me luck!

  • Masia Muhammad

    I have started selling on ebay and its going great so it has inspired me to continue to strive.

  • EarthAngel Writings

    Yes, I am so motivated to seek more income to finance my passions and service to others!!!

    • That’s the live richer lifestyle @earthangelwritings:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Virginia Johnson

    I volunteered for some new projects at work where overtime would be necessary and have already put in my first few hours of overtime. I also signed up for the I Can Earn More Challenge and signed up to take some surveys for extra money.

    • You are doing it @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Zita Candy Barnett

    Today I posted my Valentine’s Day “The Zitini Experience” Martini, Wine and Mocktail relaxation boxes on Wallapop and sent a draft biz proposal to a friend to review for a biz venture with two local establishments. Continued thanks to this forum for keeping me motivated & focused!

    • Awesome @zitacandybarnett:disqus, thanks for sharing! Continue to stay focused on meeting your goals!

  • Nathifa Harris

    My step to earning more money, I signed up for online surveys/focus groups. Also, I am $148.46 away from my goal of saving an emergency cash fund of $1,000. I am actually ahead of my goal date of July 31st. So, with that… I am pushing my goal to $1,500 by July 31st!!!

  • Kris Love

    Today I braided some hair and made a little extra money. I haven’t did that in about 15 months but may need to pick that up again. My hands aren’t like they use to be so I have to limit myself on this side job. But plan on doing extra things without getting second job, which is really not an option with a 15 month old baby.

    • Cheryl Yolanda Howard

      That’s my other side hustle, I am a licensed cosmetologist but I concentrate on natural hair care now and do protective styling and styling natural hair.

  • Sharon Lewis

    I joined focus groups, online surveys, and answering questions for .25…it’s a small amount but it adds up over time.

  • Cheryl Yolanda Howard

    I want to sign up for studies on focus group and I’m trying to expand my line of natural products to make more money as well.

  • Sharon Familia

    I have my own business but have never pushed hard at it because I have a decent full time job. I’m switching my focus to making my business work for me. Even before this challenge, I registered my business as an LLC. I’ve started networking even though I’m afraid to do so. Staying still is fear taking hold. It’s time to move.

  • Akosua Baakan

    I’ve been working on another job for a while. I work through a temp agency and I spoke with my recruiter and my current assignment boss. They are both aware that I am ready for a new position and more money. Hope to hear something within the next few days about another assignment.

  • Veronica God’sChild W

    I already started seeking out other forms of income. I signed up for secret shopping and completed one job. I signed up for online jury duty hopefully that works out. I been doing a lot of research online looking for other screams of income.

  • Andrea Bogan

    Signed up for uber yesterday, they’re inspecting the car Friday,hopefully I’ll be making extra money by the weekend! I also had a friend who owns a small business contact me for a consult a couple of weeks ago, as I was leaving she gave me 125.00 bucks, I tried to give it back to her because that wasn’t my intention but she insisted. I would’ve never thought about that as a side business, but I do now lol!

  • Andrea Bogan

    I think I posted on facebook in the group what steps I took to earn more money. But tonight I’m posting more for me – I feel so empowered and energized to do what started as a tiny seed in my heart last year, and has just been germinating. And tonight for the first time after listening to the ladies that presented in the summit -I can see the tiniest of buds of small steps that I can take to turn my intention into a reality. Truly, truly blessed and grateful.

  • Sabrina

    Today I signed up for Crowdsurf and I can earn more challenge. Next week when I am settled in my new place I will start building my business.

  • Vanessa

    I joined the I can Earn more Challenge. I’m going to develop my tour or kids party idea.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    I signed up for the I can earn more challenge and I will start it soon as this one ends. I will also get certified by a professional tutor organization after I brush up on my math and grammar skills. I hope to start tutoring in January. I will advertise on social media and craigslist. I will also be getting a mentor to help me with my business venture.

  • Layla

    I’ve signed up for the I Can Earn More Movement. I’m also looking into how I can start my tutoring hours and scheduling when I’ll take certain Live Richer Academy classes

  • Edis

    Ive become a secret shopper and have earned $250 so far, ihave signed up for 3 survey companies and about to sign up for my for i also am planning to sale some things around the house. Its hard working fulltime being a single mom and going to school but debt free is looking real good.