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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  • Review this week’s Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition tasks.
  • Reflect on the changes you’ve made to increase your abundance.
  • Relax. Tomorrow is our last task, “Giving Back & LIVING RICHER”.

You’ve completed the third and final week of the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition. You’re truly a superstar! Take this day to review, reflect, and relax.


Share what you’ve learned with me in the comments vs. emailing me, and share how you feel about the process with your accountability partners.


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

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  • Masia Muhammad

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I have learn alot on this journey. I think the greatest thing i have learned it is possible. Once i took the time to do these lessons and activities, i could clearly see where i could save. And also where i was just spending unnecessarily. Wealth is what you make it. I have a great accountability partner. My sister who kept me on track as best as she could. Thank you sister.

    • YES @masiamuhammad:disqus – it is possible, abundance! You’re most welcome, thanks for sharing!

  • Harris

    I have developed a totally different mindset! I want to save and realize that abundance is what should be spent on loves! I have thoroughly decreased buying of likes🙌🏾

    • That’s awesome @disqus_0iucrpKWxu:disqus!!! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your loves more!

  • Joce –

    Tiffany you have been a blessing I have learned so much from doing this challenge and I still have a lot of work to do but I am proud that I am working towards accomplishing my goals. I’m a school teacher and have a 1 year old and recently single mom so it’s been hard but I am building for her. Working on clearing up my past mistakes to get out of debt. I can’t thank you enough!!

    • Thank you @disqus_gpobr3eyKz:disqus!!! You’re most welcome! Keep living richer!

  • Virginia Johnson

    It’s been a whirlwind these last few weeks, I learned that I CAN save money, once I had a goal and a plan. I also learned how to work toward that goal. I have to admit I have so much information floating through my head that I know I will go through the book a few more times to let everything sink in.
    I also told three people this past week about how The Live Richer Challenge has changed my life and gave them the information on how to find the site. My daughter told me today how proud she was of me. We were at the mall because she started a new job and had to find work clothes. As we walked through some of my favorite stores I didn’t see a single thing that I thought was more important than my goals so I bought nothing at all. That would not have happened a month ago.

    • @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus, YES!!! a plan/budget shows you what you can & can not do! Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned! I’m excited for you!

  • LaTonya Wesley Ward

    This has been a great experience! Definitely a challenge worth doing a couple of times a year to shore up and keep my finances on track. I have been able to refocus my goals on things I love and work towards financing those things. I plan to fully slay all my credit card debt and build a healthy emergency fund by the end of this year!

    • I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed and found this challenge helpful @latonyawesleyward:disqus! Live richer!

  • Tonya

    This has been an amazing 3 weeks to financial abundance. I’ve learned so much about myself and my horrible spending habits as well as my dysfunctional ways to try to save. Thank God for this challenge that helped me create a different mindset and attitude when it comes to my finances. I will use this experience to continue to build wealth and I refuse to be selfish so I will take what I’ve learned to help others build the wealth they desire. I plan to always be kind to my finances and career knowing I deserve everything I have worked so hard for in these weeks and never misusing or neglecting them again. I will always and continue to fins new ways to save and build wealth!

    • @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus, thanks so much for sharing this! You’re well on your way! Keep living richer!

  • Colby R Rice

    This challenge is so mind-blowing. It’s elevated me 1000% and has really helped me get a lot of my finances in order. I’m no longer “on the run” from my situation, and I have actionable steps to take where improving my financial life is concerned! I feel like I have officially activated my abundance!!! Thank you so much!

  • Leathia

    This challenge is awesome! It has really helped me be more conscious of my money and how much I am spending/saving each month. I was able to get my internet bill cut in half (from $60 to $31), have $150 going automatically into my savings account each paycheck, and I was approved for a credit card with 0% APR for 18 months and I will be transferring a balance from a card with 23% APR over and plan to pay it off in a couple months. I am working on spending less on clothes and house stuff and looking different ways to earn more money like online surveys, using Bing, and starting a side business (learning to sew and want to make clothes). I want to travel around the US this year and oversees next year and I am thinking about ways to make extra money to be able to do this. It feels super empowering to know that I have a plan and that I can actually do this! Thank you so much!

  • Sharon Lewis

    This is an awesome challenge. I have learned so much about my financial situation, but most importantly I have learned about me. I know at the end of the day there are ways to save and still be happy and u know I can save. I have started an Ally account, setup up a Digit savings, started investing(slowly), and lowered my monthly cellphone and internet bill. I have refinanced my house for a savings of $150. As stated in the beginning this challenge is awesome and it works!!!

  • Sharon Familia

    I’ve earned so much doing this three weeks about my spending habits and what drives them. I no it will be a slow processing but I’m working toward changing those habits. So far its going pretty good. I’ve cut back on things that I didn’t think I could and have started saving money when I didn’t think I would be able to.

  • Sabrina

    I have made some changes that I know are for my betterment. I am so excited about what comes next. I have shared the challenge with a friend who just got a new job and wants to rebuild her finances. I am looking forward to the Academy. I plan to sign up.

  • Catharine Freeman

    What a community that has been created by this initiative.

  • Vanessa

    This was great! Automating my savings and debt payoff alone has been transformative! Now I get to think about how to generate more for myself and that’s an exciting prospect.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    I look a my spending and savings differently now and by the beginning of the year I will have a 2 savings accounts, investments outside of m 401K, and paid-off debts. This course has definitely renewed my focus and I have a plan in place to be completely out of debt by the end of 2017 and I’ll have one or two of my business goals accomplished! Thank you for creating such an inspiring challenge.

  • anganette johnson

    Thank you Tiffany for all of your help over the past two weeks! It has been a HUGE help and I am seeing SOME change in my habits. I DID go ahead and order your workbooks from Amazon, because I definitely wanting to keep these practices up. My goals are to remove debt, pay OFF my school loans, which are the BULK of my debt, and become a homeowner. Thank you so much again. I did have question about the 10% you give. Can this 10% be placed anywhere? Traditionally it is at church.

  • Layla

    This challenge has really been quite the learning experience and I’m so glad I took the time to do it. I’ve been able to find a new online bank for my savings account, I’ve updated my money & debt lists, I’ve found out a way to set aside money for my goals and loves. My savings mindset has definitely improved for the better.
    My favorite week was this last one. Attracting abundance is something I have struggled with and I took the time to be grateful, give back, and decide I AM WORTHY of the abundance and success I seek.
    Thank you Tiffany. I always learn something new to help better myself and my finances whenever I take one of your challenges. God Bless!

  • gwendolyntyus

    This challenge was life changing for ME! I learned hoe to monitor my credit score for FREEEE! I also was able to reduce my car loan from 15.9% to 3.79% with mu current credit union. I even got my credit limit increased by $3500..Budgetnista, YOU ROCK!