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Before you get started…

Every week during the LRC I’m going to ask you anonymous survey questions in the beginning of the week. The purpose of the survey is to see if the challenge’s Easy Financial Tasks have actually helped you master your money.

IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY….Please help me make the challenge even better by taking Day 22’s, 10 second, Pre-Survey HERE. It’s our LAST survey. 

Today’s Easy Financial Task:
Create a vision board of your ideal life and learn the importance of giving back.

How to rock this task:

  • Make your vision board and post it.
  • Report on your savings goal progress from Day 1’s task.
  • Decide how you’ll help to create abundance in someone else’s life by giving back.




You’ve completed the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition. You rock! Now that you’ve completed the tasks, it’s time to think about how savings and abundance affect your entire life. Make sure to read to the bottom of today’s task. I have a Certification of Completion for you. Yup!


We’ve discussed how money is one of the tools you can use to help you live a purposeful and passionate life. What does that life look like for you? What have you always dreamed of doing, seeing, attaining? Today’s task is to envision what these things look, feel, taste, and smell like. One of the best ways to visualize your dreams is through a vision board. Here are two resources to help you create one:


Once you finish your vision board, post it somewhere you can see it daily: on your fridge, in your room, on your computer or phone. Look at it everyday to remind yourself of the reasons you save your money and hustle to earn extra income.  



Goal Check In

In the beginning of the Challenge Day 1, three weeks ago we wrote down our savings goals and committed to taking a number of steps toward our goal by the end of this Challenge. Have you taken any steps? If so, pat yourself on the back! Tell me what steps you’ve taken in the comments vs. emailing. Contact your accountability partner. How do they feel about the Challenge? What steps have they taken toward their savings goals?

Share what you did in our forum so we can do a happy-dance in your honor. 🙂


If you didn’t take any action, don’t give up! Use what you’ve learned about saving and making more money during this Challenge to keep working towards your goal. Whenever you need help along the way, reach out to me and your Dream Catchers in the Dream Catcher Forum for support. This Challenge will run all year, so feel free to do it again and again.


Certificate of Completion


1) Click the picture below to download, then print your certificate.

2) Share it on social media

3) Tag me @TheBudgetnista.

4) Use the hashtag #LRCgrad

LRC- Savings Edition Certificate


Before you leave be sure to use the social media button’s to share todays’ task and tell your Twitter family you’ve finished the Challenge!

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Although the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition has come to an end, your journey is just beginning and I’d love to be a part of it. Share your successes from the Challenge with me here:


Twitter: @thebudgetnista

Instagram: @thebudgetnista

Facebook: The Budgetnista

Forum: Dream Catchers  (if you’re not already a member.)

One more things…

Giving Back

I must stress this again: Giving Activates Abundance. It’s great to be helped; it’s greater to use what you’ve been given to help someone else. Share your time, energy, resources, and knowledge with those who have less than you. Commit to sharing your abundance with the world through small acts of kindness.

My small act was to create the Live Richer Challenge. As a result, thousands of Dream Catchers worldwide are now able to live better lives using the information I’ve shared. The overwhelming response I’ve gotten from people that completed my first Live Richer Challenge was and still is overwhelming.


I’m blessed to be a blessing, and so are you.

Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche


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  • Jessika Marie Logan

    I started a Capital One 360 account to deposit my Savings Challenge funds. However, since the amount changes each pay week I did not automate the transfers. But, each pay day I transfer the funds from my primary checking account to my 360 savings account. I also began using Digit a couple of day before the challenge actually began and have a little under $10 in that account.

    • YES! Keep making those changes to live richer @jessikamarielogan:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle

    Since the challenge began I have saved a total of $525! I have done so well in managing my budget through this challenge that I am in the green and have at least $150 in my expense account. Additionally, I have shared information about savings, paying debt, ways to earn additional income, etc. as my way of giving back! Everything is working together for my good through the grace of God! One last thing…I am ahead of tiday’s task. I had no idea this would be a task. I made my vision board last week with two of my closest friends! 22 day challenge complete! Thank you Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche!

    • Awesome @Michelle! Keep living it and sharing it with others! You are most welcome!

  • Harris

    Since doing the challenge,I now have an online savings with GE and have been placing my part time check in there and having $10 a week being deposited in there automatically! I will use abundance on loves! Tending to my spending has become my motto and I made a vision board at the start of this challenge with the motto on there and several other finance statements🙌🏾

    • @disqus_0iucrpKWxu:disqus, you are well on your way – keep living richer!

  • SMB

    I was opened up a capital one secured credit card to build my credit. I also opened up a savings account and set up an automatic draft from checking a to create an emergency fund. I’ve also cut cable to save as well

  • Michelle

    Since starting the LRC I’ve learned that I have a surplus each month to add to my savings. I opened an online savings at GE and Ally. I have a total of 3 savings accounts flagged for emergency, travel, and retirement. I’m doing the 26-week savings challenge, saving money from making cakes, and paying myself 10% towards my retirement each pay period. I also signed up for surveys. The amount I saved during this challenge is $430.

    • Thanks so much for sharing @disqus_WRf6Jisv4N:disqus! This is great!

  • Tonya

    Since the challenge I have opened up 3 savings accounts and already started depositing money. One savings I opened in my Dad’s name (who lives in a different state) to have a portion of my paycheck direct deposited, which I will increase the amount due to my PROMOTION that gave me a $15,000/yr increase, I am at $47,000/yr YAAY ME but after I pay my C. Cards off or at least down (POSITION ATTITUDE and DISCIPLINE due abundance to me), Digit and Ally Bank (where I deposit for the 52 week money challenge. I have done a vision board (2015) and inspiration box (2016) for the past two years which a group of ladies that have New Year’s Dinner and activities night, so I will add to those now that I have found new ways to add to my ABUNDANT LIFE! I am still finding new ways to simplify on personal products and household goods like making my own Body & feminine Washes and cleaning products from natural and organic products (that are already in my kitchen/grocery list).

    • AWESOME @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus!!! Thank you for sharing and for being an example of living richer!

  • Simone Godsprincess

    I have learned to properly budget – I have a separate account for my bills and those bills are automated. I have another checking account for my household and personal expenses.I realize that I actually have money to save each month – I have a total of 4 savings accounts: 2 with my bank, an online savings with GE and I have an account w/Digit — great app! With Digit, I have saved $97.81, as of today. I don’t even feel the difference that the small withdrawals are making, yet I see the benefit! Reviewing my budget I am saving approx $150 more – after having certain bills reduced (cell phone and car insurance). I will begin looking into online Tutoring and Surveys as a way of earning money for my Loves. I currently provide Home Instruction after school — this additional income will be divided between one of my regular savings and my online -GE accounts; monthly. So as of today, I can say that I have saved approx $300 this month.

    • I’m glad the challenge was helpful for you @simonegodsprincess:disqus!!! Keep doing it! Thanks for sharing what you’ve accomplished throughout the challenge!

    • natural girl35

      Hi, Tiffany! I’m hearing great things about the challenge and was wondering can you help me get started. I’ve had a hard time saving. My kids a grown and I want to start saving for my retirement. Please help!!! Thanks

  • Charmaine Glover

    Thank you so much Tiffany. I have more to come just so excited right now.

    • You’re most welcome @charmaineglover:disqus!!! Live richer! I can’t wait to hear it!

  • Ericka Neville

    This was an awesome experience. Thanks Tiffany! Doing the daily challenges helped me to focus on what I needed to do. It’s in my head, but it looked much better when I put it on paper. One of my savings goals from day 1 was to save $1,000 for the year. I have reduced my cable bill so that money is going into savings, and I have set up a payment plan to get rid of my medical bills by May, so once that is done, that money will go into savings and I will have $1,000 in no time!

  • MsChar

    This has been GREAT for me. I’ve participated in other savings challenges, adn what I’ve learned the past 3 weeks of the LRC has inspired and empowered me even more. I look forward to retiring within the next 5 years. I can’t wait to start on my visual board. I opened an online savings account & money market acctount at Ally; with what I already had in place, I have saved $200. WoooooHooo!!! Such an accomplishment for me. Thanks “Budgetnista”

  • Chris Huntley

    I have always believed in this – living a life of abundance and giving really does make all of the difference. I am going to check this out. Looks great.

  • Barbara Hines

    I have learned so much by participating in the LRC. I currently have not been pain since Nov and still appealing my STD. The new things I’ve learned and motivation I’ve received via FB. I’ve pulled my credit report, started disputing some items, contacted company from a car I had to return to request information on what they sold the car for so it can be deducted on my credit report as they show me owing the full balance. I am moving forward to raising my credit score so homeownership can be possible. Making moves with no income right now is an awesome feeling. I know I can go from credit score of 579 to 800. Thanks Budgetnista

  • Sharon Lewis

    This group has been amazing. On day one we established goals we wanted to attain and I have been doing good and will continue to do so because of the mindset I’ve gained from LRC. This challenge is awesome…Tiffany keep up the good work…winning.

  • Danielle Holloway

    This has been a totally great experience for me. I’ve learned so much in these 22 days and my outlook on savings has become so much more indepth than ever before. Tiffany I truly thank you for your work and servitude into making people us better financially. You are awesome!!!

  • muslimah

    I am absolutely living richer and loving it. I now have a great working budget, savings, improving credit, and most importantly information and knowledge about how to manage my own finances. I feel sooo empowered that I am now embarking on a health management program utilizing the same approach. I am ready to live my best life! Thank you Budgetnista!!!

  • Audrey Williams aka Angelina

    This was one of the most important things I’ve learned in my 46 years of living, being accountable. Prior to joining this challenge I knew I was earning a living but I wasn’t really living on what I was earning, talk about frustrating. Today, thanks to the @TheBudgetnista, I can do whatever I put my mind to because I can now budget and save at the same time. Much thanks for the knowledge Tiffany.

  • Andrea Bogan

    This challenge has totally changed my mindset about money, budgeting, and being mindful so much that it has taken on a whole new life and set of challenges! Since starting, I’ve revived an old credit union account, automated savings to that account, have 42.00 bucks in my ebates account and have signed up as an uber driver! Hope to be thoroughly out of the woods by October through the paying off of old debt. And last but not least, I feel like everyone I come in contact with these days wants to talk about money! Thank you thank you thank you 😉

  • Gabrielle Profit

    I completed the challenge on yesterday and didn’t even feel the 22 day hit(my mind is on a different perspective now) This challenge has changed so much in my financial world that has now freed up the possibilities of everything else. Since this challenge started I have created a stable realistic budget. I have also cut the cost of my cable bill, phone bill, and all the other little stuff I didn’t really need on a monthly basis. I have found an extra $800 as a result of cutting unnecessary cost. I have stopped eating out and now cook more(meal planning is key) I opened up a money bucket account with Ally and have finally got control over my debt and figured out a real plan to pay it off. This challenge has changed my spending habits so much! Thanks Tiffany for sharing!!

  • Catharine Freeman

    Quoting Tiffany, “I’m a total financial rockstar.” I just spent a week making my 1st vision board ever. I actually had fun with it and found myself reading information in magazines that I hadn’t taken the time to do in a long time.

    During the challenge I revived and automated savings to my dormant EmigrantDirect online savings account. Deposited money from my diet day, that was $50. The biggest lesson for me was to work my budget and get my variable expense spending under control. Now I put that $ in my savings and then for each of those expenditures I transfer money over to the checking. So far that seems to be working. I’ve had at least a 75% decrease in random debit spending (the darth Vader of my financial stability).

    Hats off to the Live Richer Challenge and to Tiffany Aliche!

  • Vanessa

    I feel capable now to tackle this debt and lead a richer life in general. So happy to have gone through this!

  • Selena Wilson

    I finished the 22 day challenge and it was awesome.
    I’ve changed my way of thinking about money. I’ve saved
    $300 over these 22 days. I got my spending in order, I did
    A budget that I’ve never did before but this program really
    Worked for me. I’ve told about 10 people about this challenge

    But my most awesome lightbulb moment was today
    I forgot it was payday because I had money left over
    From my last paycheck. I knew I had bills due but
    I have “extra income” from transcripts I do. So I was going
    To use that check. The day before payday I never have
    Money. I got my new glasses and bought a little grocery
    On Thursday, still had gas in my car and about $40
    Pocket money. All in my budget. It wasn’t until this morning
    I saw a deposit of my check. OMG. This has never happened
    To me. Thank you for doing this lrc hallenge. It had totally
    Changed everything in my life.
    Selena Wilson.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    Wow! I’ve learned a lot from this challenge as well as ways to improve the things I’m currently doing. Saving, saving, saving, spending less, putting my passions into place so that I can increase my income and enjoy more of my loves. I’m looking forward to the new year and being debt free, saving more, and giving back.

  • Yvonne Ladson

    I’ve started my online account and saved over $500.00 during the challenge. I’ve automated my bills and developed a budget! By the way I’ve seen my credit score increase over the last 22 days from fair to good! Thank you for this challenge!!!

  • Layla

    As a result of this challenge I have been able to add more money to my long term savings account. I have now saved almost $500. I have also pinpointed ways to make extra income to be able to invest my money and work towards my loves: traveling, attending live performances, and acting.

  • Edis

    Wow it is the end of the Challenge and I am even more pumped than I was the day I started. LRC and the Dream Chaser group have given me some great ideas, put money back in my pocket and helped improve my credit rating. I have established a Qapital Account, ,a savings with Aly, become a secret shopper, started the $1 challenge, the $20 challenge and saved since beginning $607.00. I love encouragement and I look forward to more savings adventures on my own.