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Week 1: Savings Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Identify your needs, loves, likes, and wants.

How to rock this task:

  •  List your basic needs like food, shelter, or water.
  •  Choose two loves and write them down.
  •  Share your loves with your accountability partners.

Today, we’re going to discuss the four questions you should ask yourself before spending your hard-earned money on anything.

Do I:

1) Need it?

2) Love it?

3) Like it?

4) Want it?

Let’s talk about your needs first.

Needs are the very basics, like food, shelter, or clothing. A need is something you must have in order to live. You need shelter to protect your family and without food you can’t survive.


Next, come up with two things you love.

Understanding what you love is key. Things we like and want tend to cost less money and take less patience to acquire. On the other hand, things we love tend to cost more and take more sacrifice to obtain.


Drawing a blank on what you love?

Consider this: If you had Oprah’s bank account, what would you do? Choose two of the things you imagine yourself having or doing; they’re the financial loves of your life.


In order to save more money, it’s important that we make the switch to a purposeful and passionate financial life.

Needs = purpose

Loves = passion


Spending less money on likes or wants means you’ll have more money for savings and passions that add abundance to your life. We’ll talk about this more later in the Challenge. Keep in mind that you don’t have to cut out every single one of your likes and wants. It’s just important that you establish priorities.


After you’ve put some thought into each category, share your loves with me in the comments below vs. email, and your accountability partner. When you reach our to partner ask them, “What are your loves?”.

It’s important to define them now. They will help you to focus when you’re tempted to spend. 


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  • ryan holmes

    This was a little hard….but my loves are traveling (both with and without my kids) and establishing my own business.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Ryan I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

    • Kristen S. Pitts

      I had the same loves! lol I swear it’s so close that I can taste it!

      • Gabrielle Profit

        I share the same as well. I love to Travel

    • R Jones

      Yes, these two loves are mine as well. I had already told friends last year when I turned 48 that I was going to Dubi for my 50th birthday, and that they have 3 years to save. I never started saving, but as I now only have 2 1/2 years left to meet that goal, I guess I will start now.

    • Those are great loves @ColorMeFit:disqus!

    • Tamara McCants

      I have the same loves…..traveling and having my own business. I had one more love which was to become a homeowner.

      • Rosiland Kaiser

        Hi Tamara, I have started my side hustle and have information for luxury travel on a limited budget! My family and I traveled every season last year and it was well within my budget! Contact me at I can help you!

  • Veronica Adams

    My Loves
    1.) I would love to own a home again
    2.) I would love to drive my dream car BMW

  • Nia

    My loves:
    1) international traveling
    2) building my dream home

    • Tanya Gillie

      HI Nia I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Lonnice Hammond

    My loves are traveling and fashion.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Lonnice I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Tea-key Wms

    My two loves are movies and music. Djm, lol

    • Carole Appling

      Tea-key Wms, I was going to say movies as well, but that was my third choice. I love going to the movies by myself and totally emerging into the story line.

  • Kimberly Smith

    My loves are music (concerts) and traveling.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Kim I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • J Callender

    My loves are traveling and eating. I enjoy going to different places and trying to food too.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi J I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Audra

    My loves are farming (I am working toward saving for a five to ten acre farm) and traveling (which I cannot afford to do at the moment).

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Audra I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

    • Whether you can do it now or not, it’s great that you know your loves and can now plan for them @disqus_YGAZDi02YY:disqus!

    • Rosiland Kaiser

      Hi Audra, I have started my side hustle and have information for luxury travel on a limited budget! My family and I traveled every season last year and it was well within my budget! I want to help you! If you can afford $199 for 4Days/3Nights Accommodations (Not Per Night) for the entire stay, I can help you!!!

  • Nicole Woods

    My loves would be travel( especially on anniversaries) and education ( becoming a PA) which is costly lol

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Nicole I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Harris

    Very tough for me to choose two lol…My loves are: owning a condo/house and flying for spontaneous trips…I specified flying cause I don’t like long trips in the car lol…

  • Tee

    Loves: I love giving and being able to provide for people they and even want at times. I’m very passionate about giving. I also love fashion clothes, accessories, shoes (Christian Louboutins), don’t judge me, lol. I know you asked for two, but I can’t leave out traveling. I desire to see as much of the world possible in my lifetime.

  • Erika

    My loves: traveling & investing in my business

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Erika I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Tanisha Toppin

    Loves: I absolutely love travelling internationally, fashion and trying new foods while dining out.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Tanisha I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Laterra Jones

    My loves are traveling and one day owning my own medical coding business

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Laterra I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Teja H

    My first love is traveling, specifically experiencing different cultures and foods whether international or even driving cross country in the United States. My second love is giving financially as well as my time. I would love to go on a missionary trip and not have to worry about my bills at home.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Teja I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Tamera

    I love shopping,traveling and I will give my last too help someone! I put other people needs before mines and that has too stop!

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Tamera I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Janet Montgomery

    Hi Tiffany,
    My basic needs are food, shelter, clothing, water and heat. I have a lot of favorite loves, but to name a few- love traveling, love pamper me days (nails, toes, hair do’s, massages) and love love shopping!

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Janet I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Bonnie Davis

    My loves are traveling and shopping. If I had Oprah money that is what I would do. I would also love to give more than what I currently give and I want to be able to save up to give more. Gifts, to my church and to assist others in need.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Bonnie I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Dollars4Dee

    My loves are the same as last year. I guess they really are loves. Ha! They are:
    1) international travel (Who wants to go to Colombia with me?) and
    2) volunteering

    • Fruitbowlk

      I’ve never been to Colombia. hint hint. lol

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hello I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Najeeah Brown

    My LOVES are shopping (shoes, purses, accessories) and traveling. I enjoy experiencing different places and the culture of that environment, along with the food!

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Najeeah I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Janelle C. Nelson

    I love going out w/ my children (which almost always involves spending money) and I love baking and cake decorating.

  • SandriaMarie

    My loves are concerts/live music and food, particularly food as part of connecting with friends and trying different restaurants.

  • Atira

    My loves are shopping and mani pedis, I’m a full-time student and I work full-time so I find pleasure in the moments when I can do for myself and take care of me.

  • Michelle T. Meadors

    my loves are traveling and expanding my cooking skills. i would love to travel for the experiences of learning more about people, culture, myself and to see the greatness of the world. i want to hone in on my cooking skills more and would love to invest in more appliances and tools to do so. and maybe my travel and eating abroad can expand my cooking skills! 🙂

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Michelle I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

    • Tiff Tiff

      These are pretty much my loves too.

    • Lon Donson

      Michelle, you’re a girl after my own heart! 🙂 We have very similar loves. I’ve decided my life should absolutely reflect who I truly am and I will give everything I’ve got this year to make it happen! Many blessings to you in this great year. You can do it!

    • Your loves sound amazing combined @michelletmeadors:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Toyathehoya

    I love traveling and helping others while having a good time. So if I had Oprah’s money I would travel all over the world and throw big parties and events for people in need providing for their basic needs and helping them to find ways to meet their needs for the long term. Domestically, I would open a community space to host community and charity events.

    • Tanya Gillie

      HI Toya I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Sonia Grayson

    Hello. I would have to say my two loves would be being able to take spontaneous trips with my kids and to be able to help others.

  • Shanette Taylor Connor

    My loves are traveling and crafting

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Shanette I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Whitney Hampton

    I love making memories! These memories usually include traveling or participating in activities I’ve never done, with my family. I also love making a difference in other’s lives. Those are my 2 passions!

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Whitney I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • L. Jeeter, MSW

    My two loves would have to be attending conferences (paid for on my own dime) and painting. I enjoy going to paint nights.

  • Tonya

    I love to travel with and without my daughter. We normally take a mother and daughter vacation every year (in the states and out of country) I would love to take her to Miami, Africa (which is very important to her) and Europe. But with things being tight these last couple years we only have been able to take short trips or no trip. So my goal is to get my savings back on track and be able to travel again without worries. I also would love to start traveling again with my girlfriends. We usually go to Miami every year but decided to start traveling to other locations. I have not been able to because I rather keep the tradition of our mother and daughter vacations. My second love is helping my family (my mother and younger sister) and if I had Oprah’s money I would love to rebuild my hometown with the things the children and older adults need to succeed. I would start my nonprofit organization back up, Girls II Women, in which I mentor at risk school age young girls.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Tonya I maybe able to help you with your love to travel. Please email me at

      • Tonya

        Will do thanks but my aunt is my travel agent (which saves my $$, lol) but two may be better than one.

  • Tanya Gillie

    My loves are new home and sports range rover SUV. I know they sound like wants but they are truly loves.

  • Fruitbowlk

    My loves are traveling and finding entertaining things to do while traveling.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hello I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

      • Fruitbowlk

        Tanya are you soliciting business? if so that is against the rules of this group.

        • Tanya Gillie

          I’m actually giving trip vouchers

  • Dannielle Givens

    I love traveling to gain exposures to new cultures, languages and particularly to build new and prosperous relationship. My second love is increasing in my athletic abilities. I currently attend a crossfit gym. Though my beginnings were very small I would love to continue to grow and (shape and tone the body) learn to push past pain and being uncomfortable. (Plus I’ve told myself for years I would submit a picture to Nike for the heck of it)

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Dannielle I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Tonya

    I would also love to design and build my own home and have the desired car (Acura TL). I have no dream car so I guess this would be a need since my SUV was totaled and I need a car.

  • Shaunte Stieff

    My needs are shelter, food and utilities. My loves are traveling and making jewelry. I want to turn my love of jewelry making into a thriving business, but that cannot happen until I am financially stable.

    • Tanya Gillie

      Hi Shaunte I maybe able to help you with your love for travel. Please email me at

  • Michelle Boisselle

    My loves are dining out either by myself or with my family. I enjoy it so much I like the experience of dining alone. I also love giving to others. I work with youth so I am always supporting financially especially towards education and that is my passion.

  • Kim

    My loves are traveling and listening to live music.

    • Reecie

      these are mine also!

      • Kim

        The combination is the best! Listening to live music while traveling:)

  • Tiffany Taggart

    My loves include shopping and go out to eat at different restaurants.

  • Shirley

    My loves would have to be sharing experiences with both my family & friends which include traveling & eating out a great places.

  • Amanda Z

    My loves are traveling and NOT working (taking days off or having a vacation day)

  • Michelle Sutton

    My two loves are eating out as a family at different places. I also like to eat out alone. My love is getting to Travel with my Family, though we have not done it very often. I would love to do it more in the future to make magical memories with my family.

  • LaToya Campbell

    My basic needs are shelter, food, clothing, physical fitness & wellness and education for my children.

    I love traveling with my kids/partner/alone whether local or International. I am aspiring life coach and author; preparing for any career can be very time consuming and costly. I also love to shop, going on outings and enjoy experiencing new cuisines.

  • Ki-Ki

    My loves are travelling and helping/praying for others. If I had Oprah money, I would go on missions trips several times per year, travel the world and help those less fortunate than I.

  • Michelle

    My love is traveling! I have traveled in the past and usually take a couple of trips each year with the exception of last year (2015). I’m sure I didn’t take that special trip or trips because I focused on the likes and wants more so than my loves. This will change in 2016 and going forward. I will focus on my love for traveling by building a travel fund and spending less on my likes and wants! Financial Freedom Is Near!

  • Terry Todd

    I would love to build my family a beachfront home and keep my home that my husband build for us 8 years ago. I also would love for my husband to travel with me.

  • Sheree Williamson

    My loves would have to be traveling, fine dining and real estate. I would love to save enough to begin acquiring rental properties, travel wherever I want when I want and eat at different fine dining establishments across the world.

  • Cassandra T

    My two loves are traveling and being able to attend different types of conferences all over….they both sort of blend together as I love learning and seeing new things when it comes to education, culture, cuisine, etc.

  • Stephanie

    My loves are interior decorating and good food wine and beer 😊

  • Rhonda

    yep a tough one today, until it was broken down into passions. My two passions/loves are my children’s education and returning to entrepreneurship. Right now I am robbing bill to support my son in college. My daughter is eight and i am passionate about being more prepared and able to support her throughout her education. Secondly is my desire to start a not for profit, arts centered, organization, which is my main motivation for joining the challenge. The knowledge, prospective and comradery is such a wonderful asset and experience. Thank You All. i am grateful

  • Charmes01

    My loves are traveling & pampering myself (hair, nails, wax). I have found ways to cut back, like getting more protective styles that last longer & some other things. I feel my best when I look my best.

  • R Walker

    LRC – Savings Edition

    Week 1 – Day 4

    “Purposeful Spending”

    Basic needs for me include our home and all that it takes to
    manage it effectively and efficiently in addition to our automobiles and all
    that is required to maintain those as well. Clothing is also a basic need for

    I love to travel with family and friends. I also love shoes
    and handbags! I will definitely put more thought into my “shoe and handbag love”
    before I impulse buy! Do I need it, like it, love it or want it? I endeavor to
    live a purposeful and passionate financial life!

  • Lori Jackson

    My LOVES are (1) TRAVELING (I’d like to do more international travel) so I can begin to fill up my passport and (2) entertaining family/friends in my home for whatever reason…just because it’s Friday! And as much as I entertain/host events, I need to invest in equipment and stop renting each time!

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  • Ania Otto

    I have a passionate love for traveling. My goal is to travel all over the United States and outside of the country.

    • Fruitbowlk

      That’s my goal.

    • That’s a wonderful love @aniaotto:disqus! Enjoy viewing where your travels take you!

  • Jamisha Turner

    I would love to buy a bigger home for my growing family, with a extra room just for my shoes😀…. I love shoes! I would love to own my own Dental office, after I get into and finish dental school (speak into existence). I would love to take at least two family vacations a year.

    • Ohara

      I agree! I love shoes.. And travel although I don’t travel much because of finances but I dream about traveling the world, eating amazing food as well as learning about the different environments and cultures other than what I am used to and stuck in. Needs are food, shelter and clothing. As well as family. I need to make sure my family is good!

      I think I can cut back on how many shoes I buy or want to buy. That money can be invested into more important things. Even added into my new Barclays account! Until I have one like Oprahs! Eventually. I hope!

    • Great @jamishaturner:disqus!!!

  • K.Diane

    My needs are food, clothing, shelter, water and coffee. I love to read, share information (I am an educator) and I love to travel.

  • OyasDaughter

    Loves: Home buying, Travel, Self-Care (massages, health retreats), Learning (art, meditation, cooking, languages…), Living debt-free! (No revolving bills!)

  • Barbara Moore

    I need great food, clothes, water, and shelter. I love to travel with my fiancée and spend time with my family and friends.

  • Pita-Gay

    This was hard for me. I never really think deeply about what it is I absolutely love. I do know that I LOVE to travel and I LOVE seeing my family happy, especially my mom and niece. I traveled to Ethiopia this summer with my mom and it would bring me so much joy if I could do that for her all the time.

    • Thanks for taking the time to do today’s task & for sharing @pitagay:disqus!

  • Keda Paul

    I love FOOD! It’s a weakness of mine but it can become costly when you dine out a lot so I cut back and started cooking more. I love to TRAVEL. Although that has been put on hold because I’m saving/planning for my wedding this upcoming October.

  • TiAna

    My loves:

    My daughter- I have taken special care to help her to develop her creativity, interests, intelligence, and hobbies. Along the way, they have become a huge part of my life.

    Food- It doesn’t have to be eating out at restaurants, just a nice meal with quality ingredients. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a nice greasy cheesteak now and then… I am a Philly girl afterall. lol

  • Carole Appling

    travel and land. i want to owe acres of land, to look out from my front porch and as far as my eyes can see, have the land be mines.

  • Diannellkarmynmeme Williams

    This is something I would love to do, but have not did it would be to go on a cruise with my whole family and start my own business.

  • Jay

    My loves are traveling and shopping (for bags and shoes)

  • Sugar Hill

    I love international travel and designer bags. I’m down to purchasing 2 per year and trying to go without a new one this year. No travel until 2017. This money will go to savings.

    • Wonderful @disqus_KSfXTaufdr:disqus! Thanks for sharing! Keep making progress!

  • Cassie

    My Loves are Traveling and figure skating.

  • Shante

    My loves are shoes and taking road trips.

  • Kristen S. Pitts

    My two loves are Traveling/Vacations, and My many businesses that I would like to start as an entrepreneur!

    • That’s awesome @kristenspitts:disqus! Thanks for sharing your loves!

  • Tiff

    My loves are traveling and health/wellness. I try to take a vacation every year to some place I have never been before. Once I’m finished with my degree, I would love to open my own health and wellness clinic in the future.

    • Felisha

      Sounds good Tiff! I’m in health and wellness as well. I’m a nurse practitioner as well as an entrepreneur with a health and wellness company name It Works! I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Wish you well on your degree!

    • @Tifft38:disqus, sounds like you have a plan to enjoy your loves! Great!

  • Cheryl Allen-Hardy

    My loves are my family, travelling, concerts, festivals and live theater, good food, twice a month we explore different ethnic restaurants to dine, the wine club I was in, DIY projects that are creative and fun.

  • Shahmet Gordon

    Loves: 1. Excellent service at hotels, restaurants & spas
    2. Not having to work on someone else’s schedule

    • Shanita Isaacs

      I love your second love! That’s exactly why I want to start a business (or 3) and work for myself!!

    • Manage to have more of those experiences @shahmetgordon:disqus!!!

    • Rose Mary Brown

      I love your #2

  • Lon Donson

    #1 I absolutely love traveling/experiences and want to go abroad annually and travel domestically to quaint little places that provide me with grand experiences!
    #2 I absolutely love cooking/entertaining/hosting events, so my big girl goal is to purchase a beautiful home with an open floor plan so that I can create lots of beautiful memories with my family, friends & Mary Kay sisters.
    My financial goals for 2016 are directly aligned with making these things happen!

    • Michelle

      Lon travel & entertaining/hosting are my loves as well. However, I forgot about the latter until I saw your post. I went with working for myself which is equally a joy.

    • Wonderful @lon_donson:disqus! Plan for them & enjoy!

    • Oh yeah i do love hosting too

    • Joy

      These are my loves as well. Experiences are important to me. Having my own and creating some for others! I’m hoping this challenge and new mind set will allow me to be able to travel much more as well as purchase a home with a fabulous open floor plan for entertaining

      • ryan holmes

        Hello Joy!! I may have a way for you to travel more and generate additional income to help reach your goal of becoming a home owner. If you would like, email me .


    • Marlene Randall

      Omg those both were my two loves and for those very same reasons!!! 🙂

    • Rosiland Kaiser

      Hi Lon, I have started my side hustle and have information for luxury travel on a limited budget! My family and I traveled every season last year and it was well within my budget! Contact me at I can help you!

  • Shanita Isaacs

    I’m having a hard time separating my likes and wants😕 they seem to be the same thing for me I like and want to shop and eat out lol my loves are traveling which I haven’t done in a while and starting a business, that seems to be what many of us love, awesome!

    • Yes @shanitaisaacs:disqus, traveling & eating seem to be consistent loves! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bella Marie

    I love traveling/vacations. I would love to travel for a living 🙂 I’m all about that beach life too lol. I also love being able to spend time with friends and family, and learning (Education).

  • tommithetiger

    Thinking about what I loved was really hard. I kept thinking of things that I just liked. However, when I used the Oprah mindset it was clear. I love traveling. If I could just pack a bag and go see the world without worrying about money I would do so in a heartbeat. My second love is home improvement. I believe that personal space is very important and one should have a nice space. I would love to remodel my mother’s home where I have lived for the past 16 years and make it fresh and new.

    • Great @tommithetiger:disqus, thanks for sharing your loves!

  • Felisha

    Wow I love a lot of things! Since I had to narrow it down to two….I would say traveling and dining in nice restaurants. If you could see my bank account you would definitely agree!!

    • Understood @disqus_PJ24ImFyeH:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shunnell TwinMommiebear Lewis

    My loves are shopping and spa treatments. Can my purse strings handle it? That is why I set up a shopping savings bucket so I can shop and go to the spa. Do I need it, if it’s clothing specifically for work, and warmth when it’s cold absolutely. But if it’s just because I like and want it no because it may not necessarily be what I need.

    • Great, I’m excited that you’re using the tasks to help you enjoy your loves @shunnelltwinmommiebearlewis:disqus!

  • amilli23

    My loves are traveling and starting my own school/education agency. Financial independence is really important to me.

  • Raquel S. Lettsome

    This was hard. I kept thinking that I would love to have time. Then pushed toward: time for what? And realized money and time went hand and hand. More money meant more time because I would not always be on the work grind and I could offset tasks if I could pay for the help. So time for what?
    1. Travel. I love to travel and do so comfortably
    2. Pamper myself; do things that nurture and care for myself in ways that are meaningful to me (spa, good food & wine, hair, nails, unique experience, activities with friends, reading, buy clothes for me rather than always for my kids)

    These are my loves

    • It was hard but you took the time to figure it out! Thanks for sharing today @raquelslettsome:disqus!

  • Michelle

    My two loves are traveling and working for myself. My dream vacation is to Paris, France.

    • Thanks for sharing your loves, today @disqus_WRf6Jisv4N:disqus!

  • Keisha Booth

    My loves are traveling and home. So I will be saving to do more traveling and purchase a home

  • Sheva Dabey

    I love to shop – really doesnt matter what – i find stuff to buy that I dnt really need – i love shoes and handbags – but I am learning that i can do without those things.

    • You can do what you love, just plan for it @shevadabey:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cedisha

    Passion: TRAVELING!! Becoming a Business Owner at 26(6 years from now)!!

  • Isabelle

    Ok- thinking on the Oprah money mindset- I Love traveling – the experiences are priceless- and having my own space tailored to me would be my other love- a sanctuary of my very own!

    • Thank you for sharing your loves @disqus_8KJ82ftGBn:disqus!!!

  • EarthAngel Writings

    My loves are traveling, exploring & learning different cultures! I would to travel to Eygpt & visit the pyramids! Also, I love being generous & giving to others!

  • Jojo Loyd

    My loves would be owning a beautiful vacation home somewhere warm and traveling overseas ( with and without my kids).

  • Nichelle Crenshaw

    My two things that I love are traveling and entertaining my children, whether that be shopping, going to museums, parks or dinner…

  • Ness

    Two loves of mine are traveling and a designer shopping spree.

  • Amber Hurley

    Today’s challenge had me thinking all day… what do I LOVE? I couldn’t narrow it down to just 2. My loves:

    #1–Traveling–it doesn’t even have to be somewhere far or super fancy; I enjoy just being able to get away and experience something different from the everyday normal routine

    #2–Cooking–I get so much pleasure out of making meals (and eating them too)… I’m starting to think this is a good area to work towards as a side hustle/business endeavour
    #3–Free Time–I love being able to do what I want, when I want.
    #4–My Son–no explanation needed 🙂

    • You can have more than 2 loves @amberhurley:disqus!!! Thanks for sharing today!

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    I love writing and creating workshops. Music and reading are also loves of mine. If I had Oprah money my greatest passion would be art and interior design. All of these are things that I am still working towards making a stream of income.

    My focus now is on building my writing and getting into more workshops. I recently received a promotion to a Training Analysts position at work. As a matter of fact, this week was my first group training session. It went great!

    • Great @SavingCasandra:disqus! Keep writing!

    • Sandy Eyl

      You sound like someone I should get to know! Got myself into the training dept at my company 1 year ago and truly love it!

      • Casandra Marable Robinson

        Hi Sandy! That’s my nickname! I love training too. It is a very demanding job at times but the rewards are great. I work in healthcare, what about you?

        • Sandy Eyl

          Sorry I didn’t see your reply sooner! I am a Mechanical Engineer. For 5 years I worked in a small company where tech support and training was my main job; then we were acquired by a larger company. Now I’ve transitioned to focus on creating new training content for engineers using our software, though sometimes people still ask me questions about using it.

  • Brandi Deere

    My two loves are:
    1. Traveling (I love traveling to major cities that I have never visited before).
    2. Eating great foods (my favorite is grilled food). I plan to start cooking more different dishes.

  • Britney

    I love to shop & travel…and I would love to quit my job and do something that is fulfilling as well as prosperous.

    • Great! Plan to have more of your loves this year @Britney!

  • Abundant_Ericia

    Right now, my loves are soulcycle for working out. It has become extremely important to me these last few years due to health and now that I am back on track maintaining it is everything to me. It teeters on being a need, but in reality I do no it is a love/ want. Vacationing with my friends is my second. We meet in different places and catch up and it’s nice to be able to do so and not have money woes hanging over my head.

  • Kim

    My loves are traveling, baking, & crafting.

  • Portia

    I loved today’s task because it forced me to sit down and really think about my loves. For the first time that I can remember I wrote out very specific dreams/loves. #1: Travel the world and experience different cultures (specifically South America, Africa and Europe). #2: Build and operate a substance abuse treatment facility exclusively for youth (10-19 years old).

    • I’m glad you enjoyed today’s task @disqus_hQc9pJdsfw:disqus! Those are wonderful loves, thanks for sharing!

  • Kia Booze

    My loves are traveling and shopping.Which are both expensive.

    • They can be expensive @kiabooze:disqus, but always look for deals & plan so that you can have more of your loves.

  • K.Wing

    Well like most everyone else my first love is travel. I love having the opportunity to see new places and experience new things. My second love is political activism. I want to start a publication in my city that will focus on local black issues and news, from a black perspective.

  • Olawunmi

    My loves are traveling internationally and going to restaurants with my friends and fiance

  • Sandy Eyl

    My Loves have to be traveling to see friends and family, and a seasonal love: skiing in wintertime and sitting on the beach in summer. Now if it would only snow here in MI!

  • Heather Conklin

    My two loves would be to travel abroad and to start my own business dedicated to motherhood.

  • Youlanda Lane

    My love is traveling and Zumba, I would like to become an instructor and then work up to having my own Zumba/Fitness Studio.

    • Candace

      Becoming an instructor is very simple. Keep at it and establish your brand. Good luck, I have been teaching now for 4 yesrs!

    • Rosiland Kaiser

      Hi Youlanda, I have started my side hustle and have information for luxury travel on a limited budget! My family and I traveled every season last year and it was well within my budget! Contact me at I want to help you!

  • LaTonya Wesley Ward

    My loves are traveling, enjoying experiences at the places where I travel and providing opportunities for my son (culture, arts, travel, education).

  • Krystle Atkinson

    #1 I love to travel —had the pleasure of embarking on a international mission trip in mid-2015; would love the opportunity to travel more to learn more about other parts of the world and more about myself along the way.
    #2 I love to give back to others —financial freedom will allow me to extend resources further –including not only monetary assistance, but my time as well

    • Nique Owens

      Hey Krystle!

      I complete agree with you about giving back. We all we’d some help at some point we should always lend a hand to help the next person!

      What times of places would you like to work with?


      • Krystle Atkinson

        Hi Nique!!

        I have heart for youth!! I currently work with youth in my local area in Arkansas. As far as international locations working with youth, so far I’ve only been to one country (Jamaica), but I would love to go all around the world. Areas that initially come to mind South Asia (specifically Sri Lanka), Central America (specifically Honduras) , Africa (specifically West Africa). How about you?

        • Nique Owens

          Hi Krystle,

          I never thought about going for seas. I guess the financial aspect and not knowing anything about it has kept me gun shy. Once my personal finances are in order I want to start a non-profit that can be run without depending on the constant changing and cut backs of funding. The one’s that need it most always lose out on funding.

  • Jasmine Williams

    Well if I had the money I would love to travel and eat out at new or interesting restaurants. Third… I know its just two but a third thing I would love is to go back to school or take various classes without taking out more student loans.

  • LaTonya Wesley Ward

    Still working on opening an online account, can’t decide which is best…So many to choose from.

  • Cassandra Newton

    My loves are: Traveling/vacationing (especially internationally) and making homemade products for myself (hair/body care, cleaning products, jewelry, sewing, etc.)

  • Natasha Roberts

    First thing that came to my mind when it came to loves was traveling. My 2nd love is cooking! I love trying new recipes!! Especially the ones I find Pinterest lol! One goal for this year is to take a cooking class 🙂

  • Anasa Evans

    I would love a house near the beach and fully funded college funds for my girls. I also want to write a novel.

  • This was very difficult. I would say that my loves are my children and community healing/wellness. I would spend ALL the money, time, and energy on my kids really! But I also really love and am committed to the wellness of the Black community, and spend the rest of my time and energy doing that.

  • Nique Owens

    Separating my loves from my likes was a challenge. I am a sneaker fanatic! I say I love it but when Someone mentioned to me that I wouldn’t be able to take them with me, It threw a wrench in my thought process. I want to leave behind a legacy that speaks to helping others and leaving my 7yr old with a life time of memories and new experiences. My first love would be to build a real estate empire that makes low income family’s homeowners. My second love would be traveling with my 7 yr old to historical landmarks tone instill in her the greatness of her ancestors.

    Sorry for the lengthiness!

  • Patty

    My loves are Disney and writing. I would love to take my daughter this year and I would love to have more time to write and bring in some revenue from it. Those are my 2016 goals.

  • Justshante

    My loves are traveling, wine, and restaurants. Those three things are usually not exclusive of one or more of each other. My accountability partner had travel, restaurants, and music.

  • QueenTakiyah Nur Amin

    I love (a) knowing that my finances are in order, (b) feeling spiritually healthy and (c) having a peaceful, clean and ORGANIZED home + workspace. I like luxury — high tea in the afternoon, leisurely vacations, delicious gourmet food, experiencing art. I want stability, a new home and a new car in the next two years.

  • Vernessie Joseph Burbank

    my love is to become a homeowner again and to start my business

  • Dwayne Evans

    1. One thing I imagine myself having is first moving to a place where there is a warm climate all year around preferably Georgia Purchasing beautiful home and doing a boatload of traveling with my family something that I always wanted to do on a big scale, but always found myself either not have any resources or time, but it’s never to late.

    2. What do I see myself doing well having a facility geared towards rehabilitating homeless or troubled youth and create a platform to showcase their abilities and gifts and create job placement career opportunities for them, to transform their life from hopelessness to hope one step at a time. That my true passion in life.

    • Norva V. Alleyne

      Dwayne, I share your love of assisting homeless or troubled youth, by creating a platform to showcase their abilities and gifts and create possibilities for them, by ensuring that they understand that they are worthy of everything. Hence my passion has led me to form anon profit organization called Trusting Heartz. Women making a difference through service…
      My second love is my children, assisting them to become financially responsible adults and traveling the world to gain new experiences.

      • Dwayne Evans

        I’m so sorry just finding out how to look at everything that my new found friends are writing not real blog savvy, so it may take me a while to find every reply or comment. But yes eye now that we share the same passion, l still need some school to help with some areas of concern, I am a youth pastor and owner of a barbershop, but l feel as though attending College would give me a boarder perspective on dealing with youth in a professional mindset, along with my spiritual guidance, because first is natural then the spiritual.

  • Melissa

    This todays task was a little hard but I have a few loves that I woukd like to share…
    1.Travel to different states/countries yearly
    2. Establish a profotable HR Consulting firm
    3. Move to different cities to experience more

    Number 3 may be more of a want, which is why its last but its something I definitely want to do and experience!

  • Virginia Johnson

    I am an avid reader so my first love is to purchase books, definitely from my favorite authors. But I also love discovering new authors in my preferred genre so I am always searching for new ones.

    My second passion is gardening, mostly container gardening. My dream is to create a beautiful backyard landscape where I can lounge out among my flowers, and of course, read a good book.

  • Cara Santiago

    Ok, I love traveling, food (resturants) I’m such a foodie, and I love love shoes. I also love the idea of opening up a exclusive shoe store one day! 🙂

  • Cara Santiago

    Ok, I love traveling, food (resturants) I’m such a foodie, and I love love shoes. I also love the idea of opening up a exclusive shoe store one day! 🙂

  • Michaela Davis

    I love having independence and food, I would love to travel to different countries trying food.
    I also love helping people and giving back to my community. I wanna help young moms get off welfare get good jobs and learn how to manage money.

  • Candie Pickett

    Today’s challenge really had me thinking. My loves are reading and spending quality time at home with family. If I had Oprah money, my greatest passion would be, I would purchase three homes all three would be three family home, one for me and my family, one for my sister and one for my kids and niece to share. I would also start a Bed & Breakfast and would like to start a program for Foster Care kids gearing it towards helping them with understanding adulthood. I want to work for myself and build on it.

  • Sharon Truiett

    My loves are eating out and traveling!!

  • Sharon Campbell

    My loves is my children, furthering my education ( professional student) , growing my new business…My needs are basic needs , maintain my shelter, food, health insurance , a savings plan. My wants is to obtain wealth, live modest, give back to my community,(business growth) see my children all be financially stable Maintain a good payment history with all my debtors. Last but not less live healthy and modify certain aspects of life.

  • Lauren Wilson

    Basic needs are shelter, food, water, utilities, clothes, and transportation. My love would be for me and my family to travel the world.

  • Ashley Mount

    My loves are traveling and owning property. If I had Oprah’s Bank account, I would own some real estate in my favorites cites in the world.

  • Kristin Edwards

    I did today’s challenge a little differently. I listed my needs and then identified the things I loved within that list. This helped me see where I can unite my purpose and passions. So,

    I love having a beautifully furnished home and sitting down having a wonderful meal with my family. I have always loved stylish clothing – however the challenge said to only list two and based on my priorities a home and meals with my family come before cute clothes.

  • Erin E. Street Kendrick

    I would love to have more art related travel experiences that allow me to both learn and teach. I would also love to have a really personal an authentic living space (not just a typical house in a subdivision). I also love helping teenage girls, being a designer and teaching people about creativity.

  • Nicole

    My Loves is to continue with my education, travel, and own my first home. My Likes are shopping, and dining out. My wants are self-pampering such as nails, hair done and spa days.

  • Nina

    My loves would have to be #1 traveling internationally, and #2 buy a home and income property.

  • Karen

    My loves are my business KB Cakes and travel.

  • Ohdehliyah Gordon

    Is it possible my likes and loves can be the same things? for example I like to do yoga and would love to have a yoga studio one day. I’ll continue to practice become certified and work on saving for my dream studio.

  • Maudro Alexis

    I must say its traveling and Books (journals and reading books).. I love traveling especially since I am single at 29 what else is left to do if love is not knocking on my door lol.. I am a serious book worm and love writing, I have soooo many journals.. I would have said my business but. its on halt unfortunately but I will learn how to fit it in perfect later on

  • Butwhydoe

    My loves are owning a home, traveling and starting my own business/boutique.

  • I love traveling-been doing since college and last year I was on a trip literally once a month! I have to come to the depressing realization that I do not have Oprah’s bank account so I need to slow down save and become financially independent to really enjoy the fruits of my labor. My other love is eating. I LOVE eating out at all of the local restaurants in N.O.

  • Theresa H.

    1) Travel – If I could travel for a year and work remotely, I’d do it!
    2) I’d love to work for myself -entrepreneur
    3) Big foodie, love to cook -one day I’d love to have my very own chef kitchen.

  • Ashley

    My LOVES are travel and adventure.

  • Kedra King

    loves: traveling, music, and establishing my own businesses

  • Bettina Vance-Johnson

    loves: traveling (more than once per year) and growing my business!

  • Katrina Merkerson

    Sewing is a hobby of mine and I love sewing machines! So one of my loves is sewing machines, which can get expensive. My other love is my children, 11 and 5 and wanting to afford to take them on a really nice vacation.

  • proudopal

    My loves are traveling worldwide and live music!!! What I would give to grab VIP tickets to some of the concerts that I go to!

  • Rose Mary Brown

    1. Luxury travelling
    2. Working on my own schedule

  • Taneisha Kitchings

    My needs: food, shelter, clothes and vehicle(helps maintain the income) My Loves: I would love to travel more and to own and make my home a sactuary(currently renting) and home decor and being comfortable at home is therapeutic to me.

  • bckday2day

    My love are Shopping on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue in Manhattan and Yearly Vacations to Disney World

  • Alycia Banks

    I love eating out at gourmet restaurant’s and 5 -star vacations.

  • Kate

    Im sorry im a day late my loves are: actives & shopping.

  • Schivon Braswell

    My loves are creating music and getting dolled up.

  • T. Mims

    Hmmm…my loves are teaching, gadgets (technology), books, and stuff on sale. If I had Oprah money, I’d teach what I want, when I want. I’d also
    sit around and read books all day or play with my shiny new computer/cell phone, etc.. #nerd

  • Muslimaa Musawwir

    I really enjoyed this exercise because it challenge me to really think about what I value vs what I like to spend money on. My loves are: 1. being able to treat/help a family member (ex: I just bought a nice camera for my younger sister since she expressed an interest in photography.) 2. Spoiling myself and not feeling guilty about it, whether it be trying a new restaurant, going to see a show, or buying new boots. (Sure these are also wants/things I like to do but what I live is the feeling of doing for myself since it is rare.)

  • Latisha Denise Reeves

    My loves are effective missions outreach glocally (local and globally), preaching, teaching and public speaking for change using various communication methods

  • Sheryl

    I love to treat my self and to spend time with my family. I love to travel but I am working on making this a reality. I love nice things but I am not willing to spend an arm and a leg for it. I love to help others.

  • Shorna

    My 2 loves are vacationing/travelling and baking. I hope to eventually buy myself a nice heavy duty mixer and cook up some thing tasty and healthy!

  • mahoganyface

    I’m a little late, but my loves are:
    Online shopping, especially clothes, shoes, and makeup
    Eating out 3 or more times a week
    Traveling and road trips
    Self care: Hair, nails, brows, pedicure

    I haven’t shopped for anything in almost a month, because I question if I need it or not. I haven’t eaten out since the new year began. I prep my daily meals for work and dinner. If I decide to ear out it comes out of my weekly cash allowance. I have had to use my allowance this week. For travel, if I have to charge my CC for the trip, I can’t go. I will only save for it and spend money I have for travel. Self care is my reward. I need the monthly upkeep, but I know I can do my own hair and nails. My brows are inexpensive, but I choose to have a pro do them. If I need a break from my hair, I will do a style that lasts several weeks to curb the amount of spending for maintenance.

  • Zita Candy Barnett

    My two loves are Traveling (I need to become a travel agent to profit from it) & purchasing a license to start my new business.

  • Lisa Bristow Allen

    I love education and learning new things and traveling. I often find myself walking through model homes getting ideas for my future new home as well.

  • Charlotte Randolph Yelverton

    I would love to be traveling again in the next couple of years. I would love to take my son out of the country for his high school graduation.

  • Angel Nicole

    My loves are traveling, and starting my own web development company.

  • Torshea Sims

    Morning DC My LOVES are books and I would LOVE too travel one day

  • Brenda

    My loves are traveling and dining.

  • Candace

    My loves are to travel and build a house.
    I would also (settle) for a nice bath and kitchen remodel.
    Reestablish my own business that I got rid of to please my NOW ex husband

  • Dannese Mapanda

    1) travel
    2) supporting causes i care about

  • Keena

    My loves are travel and shoes. If I had Oprah’s bank account I would travel to more exotic places yearly. But I know I have to be realistic and more frugal with my spending. My second love is shoes; I am a sucker when it comes to them. Instead of buying expensive shoes, I’d like to save to start designing and producing my own line.

  • Ariel Jones

    my needs are food —- and i love food- i like to cook and go out to eat!… I spend my money on food!
    maybe too much…..

  • Aliya

    I know you said 2 but I have 3, LOL! Traveling, purchasing my own beautiful home, and having my own business/businesses.

  • Charmaine Glover

    My needs are definitly keeping a roof over my head, and my love is to look nice all the time. I really love wearing suits, keeping my hair done, a nice pair of shoes. I am in the public eye all the time and I just love looking the part.

  • My loves are traveling and my makeup artistry business

  • HarlmGirlNAtl

    My loves are traveling and owning property

  • Naomi Fota

    Two Loves: Working as a successful writer in TV and giving my family members the opportunity to fulfill one of their “loves”

  • demetria crenshaw

    My loves are vacation and spending more time with my family. Also shopping.

  • Michelle M

    My loves is to travel cross country with my daughter and become self sufficient. I don’t know if the second one really counts but those are the only two I can think of that matter to me in my life right now.

  • Alecia White

    I would have to say that my two “loves” are traveling and the gym. I need to have the proper budget to both maintain my gym membership and be able to take trips.

  • Nonya Dia

    My loves are traveling and live performances of all kinds (music, theater, dance, etc).

  • JennaLee G

    My love/passion is my work. I train dogs and/their people. I love getting to work with my dogs and learn too. But I am really recognizing that my needs are things for my survival and that I need to take care of those things first before I take training classes with my dogs. I also need to remind myself that I am more than capable of doing training on my own and cutting back on how much training I do with my dogs for the time being. Great Lesson here. I don’t like it but taking care of myself and my responsibilities will actually make it that much more sweet when I am able to take classes without worrying about paying my bills.

  • Tiffany Morrison

    I just done this I was behind but I am catching up!!!! Thanks so much for all of your help!!! My loves are traveling and starting my nonprofit to get kids and young adults safely out if gangs!!

  • LeAndrea Portis

    This was also difficult for me to decide on but my loves are also travel & actually just moving to my first place. Moving is also one of my savings goals from the Day 1 task but it’s so crucial for it happen I’m really focused on it!

  • Ava

    My loves are traveling and food (eating out, and cooking myself).

  • Ashley Wilkins

    I love shoes, knick knack, sales and cars

  • Margo Beckham

    i love my girlfriend
    i love my apartment and being able to afford it

  • Loves=traveling; creative experiences

  • N Keith

    My loves are International Travel (once a quarter) and Visiting the Spa (Facial, Massage, Nails and/or Sauna) once a month.

  • Marquita Johnson

    Still playing catch up. I named three loves because 2 of them really go together. I love caring for and working with children. Along with that is being self employed because I have an in home daycare. I also do foster care and open to adoption if the opportunity presents itself. I would love to have a larger home so that I could take in more children.

    My 2nd (3rd) love is traveling. I would love to travel with and without my children to different places domestically and abroad..

  • Monet Nicole

    Glad I’m not the only one who was behind. My loves are shoes, clothes, traveling and cooking. I want to be financially better starting in 2016.I want to be able to travel more with my kids as well as alone. I want to be able to afford to buy my children more than a pair of shoes. My ultimate goal is to be in my own home and to be able to have get togethers with my friends.

  • Channa Comer

    My two loves are travel and my car. I have a long standing passion for travel. I’ve graduated from going into debt for travel to sacrificing other things (like owning a TV and having cable) and paying all cash for trips. I would like to do more saving in advance for travel. A car gives me the opportunity to travel and gives me the freedom to go where I want when I want without relying on schedules, rides, etc.

  • Stephanie

    My 2 loves are traveling and fitness related challenges.

  • Nadege Waithe

    I’m a bit late with this challenge, so here goes….
    I love cooking/baking.
    I love (would love) to travel at least twice a year.
    Of course I have more loves but these are the two off the top of my head.
    I need God
    I need to keep temporary shelter and seek my own place

  • Aries Riddick


  • MsChar

    I would love the freedom to be able to take random trips – long vacations and short getaways. Secondly, I would love to purchase a facility to provide temporary housing to individuals and families who are homeless/displaced to help give them a place to begin again.

  • vanessa

    Like – the arts, music, going out to dinner at great restaurants, shopping online.
    Love – being around family, cooking, having folks over and meeting new people, I love a crowd of people. ….social butterfly.
    Need – good health, bills paid timely, less stress, peace in knowing my purpose.
    Wants – Get the work done that’s needed on my home completed this spring, travel more, relax more, be prepared for retirement.

  • Karla Dennis

    I love to have my own business and I also will love to have my dream car one day.

  • T. Jenel

    I love traveling and couponing!!!!

  • Tanja bell

    I love shopping and shoes. I am getting my financial goals together so I can purchase a house.

  • Lenee Shaw

    I love being comfortable and creating memories with my daughter so my first love is having a beautiful and comfortable home. My second love will be traveling because I did not have those experiences as a child and I want to give those opportunities to my daughter.

  • Renae Brown

    I’m doing my challenge late, but always better late than never :-). My Needs of course go without saying: Shelter, Food/Groceries, Transportation (mainly cab fare to drop my daughter off to the babysitter in these cold winter mornings here in NYC), Babysitter (so that I can work) and Clothing as the seasons change. My two loves are: Dance/Entertainment, so my goal is to open a dance/rental studio (actually 2-3 across the country) and Traveling, which I intend on using my career in dance to help me traveling around the world.

  • Dee Price

    My true loves are #1 – Traveling – especially cruises and #2 – Bringing understanding of God’s word, especially with regards to healing.

  • Michelle Patterson

    1) My first love is to have a larger home with an island in the kitchen, large back patio, and living to area to entertain guests and family. I love holiday gatherings and it’s my dream to be able to hose these events. I also want a playroom so that my children can have an area to play in freely.
    2) My second is love is to travel twice a year. One big trip and an annual trip to the beach with the family. I would love to explore the world!

  • Jess

    I love to travel and try new things. I always wanted to go different places but never knew where to go. I need to get out more even if it’s by myself but I don’t know how to do that?

  • Joan Taylor

    I love Real Estate (homes of all styles and locations), I also love community service, but travel is up there too 🙂 PASSION!!

  • Deborah Scott

    1. My needs are shelter, food, utilities and water
    2. Love I love to travel with friends and family and entertaining in my home
    3 like I like trying new places to eat and shopping for home goods.
    4. my wants are a new car, new home to entertain family and friends and to start my own business.

  • Starr Franklin Pack

    I have 2 loves of which it’s not what I necessarily do often but something I would love to do often. #1 – Family travels & Vacations, My #2 – Shopping for clothes & shoes.

  • Crystal Nixon

    #1 I Love to Travel, but would love to be able to when I want to, and not be bound by not having disposable cash and using credit. I love beaches, sand, and sunshine!
    #2 My next love would be not having to work on someone else’s schedule. I’m not sure what yet, but would love to have my own business of some sort so that I can travel, exercise, spend more time with family, but still work towards financial security without stress of a strict work schedule.

  • Brooke Doe

    1) I absolutely would love to travel.
    2) I would absolutely love to have my own business.

  • Tracy Johnson-Pendleton

    I love, love, love to travel. I most certainly love to read.

  • Deborah White

    #1 – I would love to have a nice home where I can have a small garden and yard for barbeques and for my dog. I would love to travel. For both of these loves I would want financial security so that I would not worry about meeting all payments.

  • Deborah White

    if I had a third love I could choose I want to assist low income families

  • Danielle

    I would love to travel more and renovate my home!

  • Charlotte

    #1 To own a home where I can entertain when I want to have family over or girlfriend gatherings and holiday parties.
    #2 There are many places I have desired to travel to and want those desired to come true. I have always talked about Paris, for Christmas my mom brought me a Pandora bracelet with the Eiffel Tower Charm, even more motivation.

  • Kema Hines

    My loves are shopping and traveling

  • Jaspy319

    I love traveling I do it ones or twice a year and I love my vacation home I would love to finish paying for it… I also love my luxury car… I like to eat out all the time and I always find the need of wanting shoes and clothing… I know I over spend in my likes and wants and that’s what I need to get a handle on…. writing every task and reading every task has helped me realize more and more my problem….

  • Nora Williams

    I currently live in Hawaii. I enjoy the island very much, but miss family on the mainland. I love perfume, real-estate and people. I plan to move back to the mainland this year. I’m looking for more opportunities to grow this year spiritually, financially and patiently.

  • ajack008

    My loves are international travel and spa excursions.

  • Jessica Désiré

    I want to be able to travel more especially overseas. I need to have a savings regimen that allows me to do so comfortably.
    I need my own place and to eliminate debt

  • Angela

    I love shopping for almost anything and traveling.

  • Syeda Muhammad

    I love wine and shopping for clothes and household items

  • Amara

    I absolutely love to travel as well, I want to spend time relaxing and enjoying life with family & friends! As I also have a passion for writing, (I love to write) I am in process of publishing my first book, so I would love to spend my time traveling and sitting out on a beachfront enjoying the nice weather and beautiful blue water, gazing out into the beauty of life and doing what I love to do, which is creatively expressing myself in writing!

  • Tianna Nashay Brown

    I love fashion so my loves are: 1) beauty & make- up products 2) SHOES! Sorry not real deep but truth any how, right now. 🙂

  • phoebe

    1. Different Cultures
    2. Men from different cultures
    3. Language
    4. Creating beautiful spaces and things

  • Keilon

    I love traveling and I love hair/ beauty. I don’t know, it’s all I want to do. Not like a stylist, but more like modeling the versatility of it. I am a teacher and for 15 years have had to be super conservative. I’m over it. I want a new career and the ability to live!

  • Sharon Gregory

    My loves are traveling and going on yearly vacations with out having to work in the summer to pay for it. My want is to one day buying a tiny house to live simple and free..

  • Rose Baty

    I love to travel and helping others. I have had a dream of opening a center that joins teens and the homeless that brings them together to share experiences. I still have no clue how to make this dream real but I am ready to start small and see where it takes me.

  • Diana Martin

    Hello, I would love to purchase a building for the homeless.

  • Toya W

    I absolutely love all things Beauty. Would love to develop my own cosmetics line one day.

  • Debra Oliver-Hammons

    I love online shopping and in stores as well and I also love to travel. I have a trip to Paris scheduled for this May which I paid for in monthly installments. This trip is my 50th birthday present to myself. Zully is my new shopping obsession. It’s something about the new arrivals that get me excited. With traveling, I will be ready for a trip at the drop of a hat. Both of my loves have sent me into a financial bind at times. Because as you have said, the things you love cost the most and regardless of the circumstances you overlook everything else and go for it. My kids are older and they tend to not need as much and therefore most of the spending I do is for myself. My financial goal to save $4000 is doable and I should be able to save more. I will take this journey one day at a time and pray for strength.

  • Nat D

    My loves are to go on a nice vacation and purchase a housefor the first time so that my two boys can have a nice home to play and grow in.

  • Ashley McMichael

    #1 I would love is to have clear skin. I’ve suffered from cystic acne for a long time and I’m soooo over it but it takes a pretty penny to pay for the treatments to make this a reality!
    #2 I would love to take my mom to Hawaii and have a chef come to our villa and prepare a meal for her! She’s always worked really hard to take care of everyone but no one takes care of her!I’m

  • Zetta

    1. I love to travel. I want to travel the world and experience life and culture outside of my own.
    2. I love to cook and etertain. l would love to have a home with a huge kitchen and entertaining area and outside area to entertain people in

  • Paula Jahmel

    i love adventure travel and shopping …especially for shoes! LOL I love testing myself… my best trip experience so far has been zip lining… the chance to scream your head off without anyone asking “are you okay?’ is a great stress reliever:)

  • Sharon Ajede

    1.Love shopping
    2.Getting hair done

  • Feliciea Seabrook

    My loves ARE traveling and going to the movies every month
    I love to spend time with my family and hosting outings
    I would love to work for myself one day

  • Chanda Mutale

    I love to help people and I would love to be able to accomplish my projects, and I love to travel too. I want to be able to reach a point where am financially stable and enjoy what I love to best!

  • Not D.W…

    My loves are fitness and volunteering/helping others/giving back! I’m loving this so far!

  • Shan

    This is VERY helpful. Thank you I look forward to my daily email! #Let’srockthi$!

  • Elnore Adams

    #1 Traveling/European cruise – I will travel to exotic places and definitely do annual European and Alaskan cruises. I always dream of owning a RV and traveling North America and Canada, and be able to give less fortunate kids the same experiences
    #2 Go on Spiritual, cleansing, silent retreats

  • DeDe Jenkins

    My two loves are traveling and owning a home.

  • Elyza Hernandez

    Its only day #4.. but ive learn so much already!!
    I made this list last night and i didnt know it was our next only working on my needs for now!! I love shopping!! So I needed to be checked, to be checked!! Lol..

  • Claudie Rich

    My loves are shopping and chocolates. These loves make me stress free when I feel depressed.

  • Carla Roberts

    Oh I did not see this place previously…I did not receive my Day 4 challenge email today…good thing I am saving them…had to go to yesterday’s, what happened?
    Thank you

  • Gisela Perez

    What I love….I love the sport of running and would love to travel the world and runn a marathon in every country.

  • Stania Bernard

    Hello!! I have to give my loves more thought I think, I love learning about all things finance. I want to gain as much financial knowledge to pass on to my children and to teach those close to me who do not see the importance or way out just yet. Second I would love to not work for someone else on their dream business, I want to work on my dreams, including travel(which I can not do much of now because of finances).

  • Sharon Lewis

    I love reading…I do it everyday. Sometimes I read two to three books a day. I love shopping and I love traveling. My goal is to travel at least once a year…with these goals I need money to obtain them…these are some of the reasons why I’m loving this. It will help me achieve my loves…I want a Mercedes Benz.

  • Aimee Lay

    My needs are food, house, water. My two loves are pampering myself and shopping

  • Alitha Hawkins

    I love traveling. If I was financially able, I would travel every month. I love helping others.

  • Nadine Okuns

    My needs are my car, gas, food and housing. My love is to buy a house, travel more specifically to an exotic country like Bora Bora, and to have a husband to share this travel with

  • Brenda Moore

    I love vintage treasures. Collecting vintage jewelry, artwork,depression glass and vinyl records. I would love to travel all over the world in search of these things and then I would love to open an antique shop/vintage treasure shop with lots of old rare books ,jewelry rare dolls,etc. I plan to one day find that on thing for $2-$3 dollars that is worth millions. Treasure hunting is my thing!

  • Latasha Tiligetit Taylor

    I love to travel and offering my help to others whether it’s giving advise, helping with events by monetary value or with decorating..sometimes I go overboard and spend more than what I have to offer..

  • My first love is Music, so I’m making my love buying music and going to concerts and plays. Or should I consider that one love and figure out a second one? BTW I need an accountability partner.

  • Danielle Anderson

    It took me a while to figure this one out, but my boyfriend and I have always talked about traveling. I would love to travel somewhere different a maybe 2-3 times out of the year. The second thing I love, is going to sport events. When I’m at home watching basketball or football games, I’m always wishing I was there.

  • Ophelia

    I love traveling and dining out.

  • Lauren Wilson

    My needs are: Shelter, food, clothing
    My two loves are: Traveling with and without family and a owning a bigger home.

  • Robyn

    I love traveling. I love yoga, and I’ve found inexpensive community classes and free online ones that I can do. I also love spending time with family and friends. I need healthy, fresh food, a happy home for me and my family, a great education for my kids, and good quality, fashionable clothes for me and family.

  • Nathifa Harris

    My top 2 loves are traveling, I would LOVE to see the world. Material things mean nothing, once they are no longer of use. My goal is to treat myself with visual experiences and in the moment, moments! My next love is a condo with a view… I love to relax and just be still; that would be so nice on a balcony overlooking the city.

  • DeLisa Fountain

    I would have to say my #1 is to own a home…its my passion to be able to have a place that my kids can come home to as an adult. A sable place for my grands to visit….I want a five bedroom home with a 2 1/2 car garage with a large backyard. I want an open floor plan with a full basement for family activities. I want each of my three kids to have their own bedroom that can fit a full size bed and accessories. I want a guest room so my dad can come from out of state to visit. This is my dream that I want to make my reality. I am claiming it!
    My #2 would be travel…I want to travel abroad and visit the world and its wonders. I am 35 and have never left the states…..I want to see what God created and the beauty in it! I want an annual family trip abroad….

  • Twashia

    I love to cook!!! My dream would be to travel the world learning of all cultures and there ways of cooking. I love to travel. My goal is to be able to purchase a home here in Texas as well as a dream home abroad for my family.

  • MissFinance

    My loves also consist of travel. I love meaningful experience. I’d also love to own my dream home

  • Christi Henry

    My loves…
    – To move from employee to employer by starting a small, prosperous, non stressful business
    – Luxury, fast, high tech items…specifically cars

  • Alexis

    1. I lpve music, making music and writing music. I love constructing songs and being able to tell a story or play with words over an instrumental. 2. I love to be able to help people in any way I can =)

  • Kyle Roach

    I would love to travel..more importantly I would love to build places that help our homeless, abused, mentally disabled people. Places to call their own where they aren’t fighting for space every night/day. Places that would give them privacy of their own & help that is so desperately needed.

  • Latania Graham

    I love my privacy and want to purchase a house. I love traveling and want to travel with my son to Thailand. Today I’m putting my needs and loves before my likes and wants. Day 4 live rich challenge

  • Claudine Johnson

    My loves are traveling, shopping and taking dance classes. When I was younger I traveled a lot. I have traveled to countries such as South Africa, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tabago. However, with heavy financial burden I have not traveled in a very long time. The same thing goes with dancing. I use to take African dance classes once a week. I would love to be in a financial space where I have the ability to take dance classes again and travel again. Oh and do a whole wardrobe makeover. I have been working out a lot and my clothes no longer fit right.

  • Atheena B.

    My needs are shelter for my child, food, and a job.
    My loves: I would love to own my own home, traveling and dancing.

  • Chantel


    -Own a 4 bedroom house 2 bathrooms
    And a beautiful kitchen.
    -own a business

    -a designer bag

    -to go out more
    -to treat my self more

  • Demitta LaShun

    I would love to travel and also be able to start my own business.

  • Johnnie Morgan

    My two loves is having nice outfits with matching shoes and handbags, second one is pampering myself from head to toe.

  • Veronica God’sChild W

    This going to sound crazy but my loves are hair products and vacations. lol yes I said hair products I am a natural hair beauty and I am slightly addicted to hair products. They had a buy 3 for the price of 2 sale last week and i indulged. I love taking vacation at least twice a year summer and winter.

  • Monica Jones

    #I love shoes and #2 Handbags

  • LaKendra Fulbright

    #1 for me is social outings: Eating out & going to concerts (live music events) #2 international travel- one trip annually (2013- Dominican Republic, 2014- Bahamas, 2015- Jamaica, 2016- Brazil

  • Leslie Daniels

    My loves are: Spaces: living, personal, work, etc
    1) Restore/revamp
    2) Decorate/repurpose

  • Shaunta Christian

    I love traveling and I could never go see a financial advisor for the fear of them telling me I would have to stop. I also love online shopping but I think I can stop that before traveling. I love the quote that you put up for the day “You don’t have to cut out every single one of your likes and wants, Its just important that you establish priorities” I wrote it in my budget journal and I am going to share it on Facebook
    . I think I will put it above my goal as a reminder to prioritize my wants.

  • Leslie Ann Daniel

    Whew, this was a challenge. My needs, not so much…but my loves. That was not easy. I have not allowed myself to think about such things for so m any years because I have always thought about the needs of others. Now to think about my dreams and desires is a challenge. Dream Chasers I thank you for the support and encouragement of so many sisters, many of whom were in the same boat. Now for my needs -tithe, shelter, food, clothes, the usual. My loves – my passions are to have income enough to purchase a home, travel and have additional streams of income allowing me to live comfortably . I am on my way!!

  • Gorgelia Pollard

    I need the basics: food, shelter, sleep, and exercise in order to survive.
    Things I love: I would love to buy my 1st house, travel once a year, get another degree. I always have money, more or less for the things I need. I always find money for the things I love, with the exception of the house. However, the struggle is finding the balance between the two. Listing the things that I love to only three things was hard. I realized though that I can accomplish and obtain all of my loves by controlling how much I spend on those likes and wants. Liked this exercise a lot.

  • Tamme

    Love eating out , traveling and going to the spa , I normally incorporate my dos doing my birthday but would love to get spas more often

  • Priscilla

    #1I love shopping for high end clothing, shoes, purses and accessories.
    #2 I love exotic travel where I can explore, shop, eat and meet new people with no worry of over spending.

  • Robin Lawrence

    I would love to be able to redecorate my home, travel and spend more time with my family.

  • Toshica Conyers

    My loves are traveling and having a comfortable home with nice things in it to host family and friends. I would also love to have my own business.

  • Alexandria Parris

    So my loves are definitely travel and my pets, and I know I’m only supposed to list two, but that’s hard to narrow down, so I’m going to add one more and say hosting events, game nights, BBQs, brunches, you name it!

    I like for my pets to be well taken care of, and that means doggie day care, training, treats, grooming, and more!

  • Marleen C. Greenleaf

    My loves would be traveling to exotic locations and being able to run a 1/2 marathons internationally.

  • Jasmine Ayers

    @thebudgetnista a few things i love are investing into my business to have more products for the people out there. I love giving to any and everyone if they need it. I love attempting to save my money for my brothers future. And I love how money is a defense for me when i have the amount.

  • Jasmine Ayers

    I also love tithing in my church.

  • Blue1

    I love shopping and taking vacations

  • Jennifer Fresquez

    I love traveling and I try to go to another country every few years, but I’d like to step that up to every year.
    I love growing things. My family owns a small organic farm. I would love to quit my job and farm full time.

  • Roshanda

    My two loves are 1. Traveling (quick getaways/domestic & international travel) 2. Self-Upkeep/Happiness *if there is such thing! (jewelry, shoes, clothes, pampering myself, getting my hair & nails done). I’m just trying to be as realistic with myself as possible. Just by listing my two loves I’ve come to the conclusion…in order to have what you need and love, spend less on what you want & like.

  • Tiffany Thehairtherapist J

    Hi all,
    My 2 loves (right now, at age 31) are: 1) Travelling and 2) Shopping

  • Tomeka Munford

    If I had Oprah’s bank account, I’d 1) Live aboard The World cruise ship, and 2) Buy perfect health (meaning a chef, physical trainer, and a neuroscientist).

  • Jamila Bullock

    My 2 loves are 1. To make a nice downpayment on a house and 2. to take a trip out of the country!! I have never been out of the country before and I want to go to Aruba!!

  • Stephanie Jones

    I LUV Traveling & desire to do it 4x a year.
    I also luv shopping & finding bargains.
    I have curbed my shopping in the last 8 months due to bring unemployed.

  • Kourtney King

    My loves would be traveling/special experiences with my son and owning my own business.

  • Yuwan Harper

    I love traveling, especially cruising, and redecorating my home. In the future I may decorate professionally.

  • SK1

    My loves are traveling and hosting events!

  • Stephanie

    1.I love traveling, it fills my adventurous side and gives me so much life.

    2.I love doing nice things for others. This just does something for me, the look on people faces when they have a need and you are able to meet it is awesome.

    3. I love the finer things in life, I grew up in a single parent househould and I am also a single parent. It is always something else you need to spend that money on.

  • Natosha

    My first love is be to own a home for me and my family. My second love is to be able to go on vacation at one of my dream destinations.

  • Ruby

    My Loves…
    #1 Traveling and being able to enjoy the experience without worrying how I’m going to pay bills when I return.
    #2 Working with children- Plans to open a early learning childcare center.

  • Darla

    Right now my loves are traveling (because I love to soak up different cultures), own property preferably a home I’ve built from the ground up, and own a successful retail business that primarily focus on women owned designers (woc in particular), start a nonprofit to give the homeless housing and a separate one to help boost the confidence in students that are in remedial classes so they can succeed in life. Volunteering, self and formal education are other loves of mine.

  • Darla

    This is implied for myself, but in all of my loves (and hopefully in everything else) I want to reflect the love of God in all of it.

  • Keisha Norris

    My 2 loves are owning a property(2 or 3 flat building) and successful business ( a community café)

  • Carma Rhodes-Gates

    My loves are getting my hair done, feet done, buying things for my house and keeping it up dated and dressing nice …. My likes are traveling, entertaining and shopping and my wants are to be debt free and 6-12 months savings in the bank …..

  • Angela Fisher

    Love#1 : I love traveling with my friends, family, and son. I wan to travel to Paris again, to every state in the U.S,
    Love #2 I love volunteering with under privileged youth it takes up a lot of time when I’m not with my son but it also cost to show them the outside world.
    Love#3: I love cooking , spending time with family and entertaining my friends so i want to buy a nice home to to all the things I enjoy in.
    Love#4 My mother is my first of all things she gave me life and worked very hard to raise all 8 of us. So as a collective goal my siblings and I want to buy her a place of her own so she donut’s have to worry about changing rent prices or working herself to death anymore.

    I’m still young and Just gotten my real big girl job so i know I have a long way to go to reach these goals. But I’ve set finical boundaries for myself and plan on making all these things possible.

  • I love to travel and shop. Although I haven’t been able to do either in a long time. I would also love to own my own home, but I think I am too old for such a dream at this time. I am 62 years old.

    • idesign75

      Don’t give up on your dream! Plan the work and work the plan! Also join the Dream Catchers Facebook group. Lots of inspirations and tangible tips in there. You can do it!

    • Rosiland Kaiser

      Hi Deborah, I can help you. I didn’t think I could afford to travel but now my family travel and I ALOT!!! My family and I traveled every season last year. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. If you can afford $199 for 4Day/3Night Accommodations (Not per Night) for the entire stay! I can help you! I want to share what I have learned and help people travel luxuriously on a limited budget!!! Contact me at

  • Sabine Peltro

    My Two loves Are Traveling And Having parties

  • Jasmine Doc Newson-Frazier

    Hello! I had a few questions about this challenge that I meant to ask the day of the task: #1- How specific do we get within each category? Like to I put things like health insurance or baby crib in my need category? Is this meant to be a broad and short list or is it meant to be a detailed list of things that we know absolutely we need?

  • Demetra Richardson

    I love purses, trying new things and shopping for my children.

  • idesign75

    My loves are 1. Traveling. Across the ocean or across state lines, I love the experience of heading to new and different places.
    2. Working with nonprofits. I love volunteering and helping nonprofits build capacity with volunteer resources. With Oprah money I could provide grant funding & services. For now, this is something I’m considering building a career in.

  • LilVell

    I love dancing (Zumba, Belly dancing, urban line dancing) and traveling. I would like to take a vacation to Rome someday.

  • Mirkhare

    Love world travel and fitness instruction.

  • Meka

    My love is reading but I would love to be more adventurous and do more outdoors activities such as traveling and different type of events.

  • Jay Johnson

    Right now my love is my house and filling it with the things my daughter and I need to be comfortable. Another love is traveling. I still haven’t found an accountability partner yet so I’ll just post everything on the forum.

    • Nicole Allen

      Hey Jay, I did a AP also, would you like to join forces?

  • Verlaine Ramirez

    I love my children and I would love to travel, whether it’s by myself, with my children, or with friends. I want to go back to the Cayman Islands one day with my parents, and my children so my children and I can see where I was born. That is a big reason I want to be financially stable.

  • Schuyler

    The “Oprah” prompt really helped me to hone in on my “loves”, so that was really helpful. Using that, if I had her bank account, the loves I would fund would be having a child (with fertility issues, this has been and will be difficult) and traveling.

  • My loves are:

    1)Being able to write on my own schedule

  • Larene Randle

    Okay this is challenging my thought process.. I love traveling but I love creating jobs for others and both of my loves are costly.

    • Nicole Allen

      Creating jobs for others? What does that mean?

      • Larene Randle

        I started thinking this way when I created a program that would benefit parents in the child protection system. I was able to meet people who believed in this and they began to back the program I now have a program with a budget over a million dollars and still growing. The program has job placements 4 employees, 6 contractors and still hiring more parents.

        My next program will be on creating jobs for homeless families and individuals.

  • Dana

    My loves are basketball and would love to coach a junior team again but that means getting back in shape lol. My other love is travelling and wanting to be able to take my 16 year old overseas to see the world outside of what she knows. And finally owning a beachfront vacation property.

  • Cassaundria Theeblackdiamond W

    I love church and spas

  • aisha glenn

    My two loves hands down are shopping and traveling although I have cut back substantially on both.

  • Karen Hunter

    My two loves are traveling and learning to become financially independent so that I can help others get theirs.

  • Erica Rhea

    I most certainly love traveling, cooking and eating different types of foods from different cultures.I love be spontaneous and going on adventures with my kids and friends. I would love to open my own business in the future that is built around one of my love/passions!

  • NT

    1) Travel. I love trying and seeing new things. 2) Eating out – trying new foods and restaurants

  • Amy Tyler

    I developed a love of travel while growing up overseas (ages 10-13). I want to be able to share my experiences of various people, cultures and FOOD (lol), abroad and here, with my children.I also have a love of shopping (thanks Mom), but due to current financial limitations, I am unable to do so. At some point, I would like to have my finances flowing smoothly to where my family can shop somewhere other than Wal-mart. Not saying there is anything wrong with Wal-mart, but every once in a while, I would like to go to the outlet malls or luxury malls in my area.

  • Aneesah Evans

    #1 I love, love, love to travel! If I had unlimited money (or Oprah money) I’d travel like crazy.
    #2 This may seem crazy to some but I love to give. I would provide anonymously to the poor but I would just write checks. I would find out the specific needs of a family/person and provide that need/want.

  • Tiffany Rich

    I love to host friends and family so my goal is to purchase a home that would give my children a secure place to grow up and a place where extended family would come to hang out
    I love to travel so I would want to be able to take 2-3 trips per year stateside or abroad

  • Ayoka

    I’m an island girl but moved to USA at a young age. I’ve visited a few of the islands since moving here and always fell so deeply in love with them every time. It is for this reason, I would love to own a vacation, ( maybe two), in the Caribbean. I would also love to continue visiting the islands. Create memories with my family. I would love to reduce our overall debt by 50%. I would love to obtain my Masters Degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. I would love to find a sound long term investment that will facilitate as a Retirement plan. I’ve sadly learned that I neglected to make this a priority.

  • Nicole Allen

    My loves:
    #1 My Family
    #2 Travel
    #3 I would love to purchase a home by Dec 15, 2016
    #4 Entrepreneurship

  • Cleveland Born

    #1 Travel – with loved ones and friends (abroad)
    #2 Establish own business – do what I love and earn an income so never feel like I worked.
    #3 Financial Freedom – So I can sustain my needs, loves, and help my children become financially fit and free.

  • Christina McLean

    I absolutely love shopping and eating out! These are the things that sometimes set me back from being able to keep my savings.

  • Liz Prince

    My love and passion is my ministry Spirit-Filled Fitness, being fit Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. I want it to go global! That takes time and money.

    I like to sow into others – like causes, needs, friends businesses, ministries, etc. This can become costly.

    I want to be able to travel when I want and/or go to an event when I want.

  • Adhari Fullman

    #1. Travel in Luxury – I like really gorgeous hotels and amenities.
    #2. Hosting/Cooking/Entertaining – I am really good at this and I love welcoming my guests to a one of a kind experience. I want to open a Bistro marrying my parents Georgian and South Carolinian roots.
    #3. Shopping Shopping Shopping – I LOVE IT!
    #4. Eating at 4-5 star restaurants. I’m a foodie…and i like GREAT culinary experiences

  • MzNewAgenda

    I love to travel and I love to go to plays….

    I like to go to the casino…I cut this out already…

    I only shop when I need to…never been a shopaholic

    hmmm wants…I don’t really have any wants…except that I want my sons to succeed so I am forever in bailout mode spending money on them…and they are grown. 🙁

    But I have decided that I will allow myself a budget for stuff that I may want…but it is a cash only budget. I figure $20 a week. My biggest problem has been swiping my debit card on stuff that I don’t want or need. Especially when it comes to helping my adult sons. What I have to remember is they are grown and I have to make them stick with a budget and stop being a safety net.

  • Cheryl Mckay

    I Love to travel and shoes

  • R. Davis

    My “loves” are a little different because I never have enough money to do them. I would love to travel with my family. We have not had a vacation in years because I can never afford it. I would love to go out and dine at different restaurants but again, I stick to Panda Express or Red Lobster (and this is NOT often) because this is all I can afford. I don’t have a huge problem with spending unnecessary money, but I barely have enough money to cover my basic needs… How can I possibly have the things I love when I barely have the things I need??

  • Fee Ett

    My 2 loves are:
    #1 To buy a home so that myself and my children, God willing, will always have a place to live, and it can be passed down from generation to generation.
    #2 To have the money and freedom to travel at will. I love the idea of being able to go when and where I please, and also without having to be concerned with IF I have the money to do and am I able to go –due to employer restrictions.

  • Drü

    My loves are to:
    1. Establish my own business involvong media and photography, owning a studio
    2. Owning properties in order to travel to different places and host friends/family

  • Sarita Smith

    My two Loves are traveling and entertaining.

  • Kendra

    My loves are traveling and health/fitness. If I had Oprah’s bank account I would visit other states/countries to experience the unique aspects of different cultures. I would also have a personal trainer to ensure I remain committed to my fitness goals.

  • Teresa Jackson

    I love crafting and traveling.

  • Brittany J Taylor

    I love traveling and also, have life learning experiences that educate me, encourage me, and building my confidence for the better.

  • Dee Dee

    1. I love traveling domestically and internationally. I am originally from a small island so going different places and experiencing different cultures and their food is big love for me! I made a promise to return to the Phillipines in 2 years and will make it happen.

    2.I love hosting and decorating events for my family and friends. It can and have been challenging at some point in the process but the finish product and the smile on their faces is worth it.

    My goal it to get to the point in my life where I can do what I love full time.

  • Natalie Simms

    My first two loves is 1) becoming a mother and 2) traveling. Now that I think about it, I realize both require a healthy financial footing.

  • Shelia Reynolds Coakley

    I need food and shelter…I love my dog (vet bills are expensive)and technogy…I like shoes and purses and I want a small suv and to travel.

  • MsDes205

    My loves are to own a house, get my kids a good education , and to own a big bigger and newer car that I really want. I also would love to futher my education and obtain a degree to become a registered nurse. I am currently a Lpn.

  • Mahkeba Unique Vanzant

    My love is to be able to one day start a family, even with the knowledge that I am clinically infertile, I would like to be able to save towards our next round of IVF when the time comes.

  • Debra Bradley

    Hello all I would have to say this was a great assignment to do. My loves would be #1 Baking and #2 To own my own home. I already love to bake right now I have a home based business but would love to have a store front one day and build more business learn how to get out there and market my cake business without many funds. Second I truly want to own my dream home it’s not just for me I want something I can call home for me and my two sons. I’m a single mom but this is my son biggest dream. He always say mom can we get a home so we can have our own backyard and family time. I think we all deserve it so I’m gonna work hard towards it. I start Culinary Pastry Arts school in August for an associates degree. So that’s my start to making a better life for us cause it’s never to late for education in something you love.

  • Tierra Kennedy

    My loves include developing my business, and owning my own home. I really would like to have my home built from the ground up, so this is something that is going to help me see these visions through.

  • Jes

    My loves are:
    Traveling-my goal is to start traveling next year. 1st trip to Dubai Whoo Hooo
    Start my Makeup Artistry business
    Becoming a homeowner
    Becoming Debt-free

    With me starting and focusing on my financial plan, I’m finally on the right path and I will be just fine. Discipline is my key.

  • Crystal Blackshear

    This was very hard…my loves are traveling and starting a business.

  • ajanicole

    Loves: Books, Planning, Fashion

  • Janella Dixon

    I tried to open an Ally account, but something went wrong during my online process and when I called, they said they’ll call me back. So I’m guessing that they’re having some technical issues right now…

  • Khadya N Jean-Paul

    My loves are owning a house
    My love would be to own a bakery

  • Yolanda

    One of my lives is owning my dream home…..

  • Sam

    My loves are traveling and being a homeowner

  • Tiffany Cherese Hurdle

    My loves are to travel and buy a new car

  • Shaunte Shanei Foxworth

    My loves are traveling and owning a home/business. This was difficult for me to think about because I kept focusing on what I am currently able to do, not what I would love to do. I realize how my spending habits has to change to make these loves possible

  • ashantijoy

    My love is to travel and dark chocolate.

  • Deseree Wynne

    I think I missed something…so what is the difference between and like and a want?

  • Wendy Cummings

    My loves are traveling and shopping.

  • Rita Berry

    You Ladies sound like you know Exactly what you want, I wish I did, I’m envious. My only “Love” right now is Pastries and Red Wine… and hopefully one day becoming a Homeowner. I need to be favored and Blessed. 🙂 Good luck to you all in your goals.

  • Maria Spottsville

    I love hair,traveling, and buying new clothes

  • Janelle

    My two loves are Creating a fashion business where I can work for myself and traveling with my kids and without.

  • Kamaria Beamon

    My loves are having fun and meaningful experiences with family and friends and anything that contributes to me becoming a better writer and teacher.

  • Iyshah Seals

    I love to travel and I love to work at home.

  • Karen Self

    I spend money doing for others okay a lot , I love coffee for myself and makeup . Spending time with my children doing different things . I have two jobs my first thing is I do Financial And taxes . My second job is waitressing and Olive Garden . I have 3 envelopes every night I put 10 percent to God and saves than my bills envelope . I keep a few dollar most of the time I found it off . I love this group I enjoy The challenges and Learning new things . God bless and thank you

  • Iyshah Seals

    I would love to travel more. I am working on paying off my credit cards because i could use this money for my love it category.

  • Shawna Bee

    This was harder than I thought originally. My loves consist of redoing my home and finishing my doctorate but I do agree that it is important to establish priorities. I had been letting that go for a while so its important for me to bring my spending back to a screeching halt.

  • Juanita Ritter

    My loves are travel, adventure, and the arts (shows, museums, plays)

  • Queendeb

    I love going to concerts, especially with it being summer, the Jazz and R&B line up are hard to resist. The way I see it is that I’m seeing more than one artist versus paying $150 for VIP to see one artist and an opening act. Just need to decide who I’ve already seen.

  • Jeannine King

    I love cooking and sharing food with folks I care about.

    I love my work as an educator. I work with kids with disabilities and I love seeing them grow as well as helping their families learn how to best support them.

    I love my daughter and supporting her development with exactly who she is.

  • Miki

    My first love is traveling. And I’m going to lump eating and trying new restaurants/foods into that love.
    My second love is bringing my ideas to life and creating streams of income from them.

  • Monique Moss

    I love traveling and the thought of owning my own home one day. My savings goals directly reflect this, because I want to save money to take my family on a vacation next summer and also purchasing our first home by Sept. 2017.

  • Mal Bagot

    GM All.. After giving much thought to this task.. My needs and loves are close but not the same! My wants and likes have almost been dismissed to the back of my mind. I NEED healthy Food, a rough over my head, financial freedom, exercise and peace of mind.. I LOVE traveling, spending time with friends/family, shopping (Which is also a like and want and not necessary)! My likes and Wants go hand in hand which is eating out everyday, swanky parties (which can be costly if done consistently), shopping (Again, wants and likes)!

  • Mildred Swan

    My loves are my dance team organization and traveling out of state. They both consume a lot.

  • Ashli Addison

    my needs….. mortgage, insurance, electricity, internet, water and phone bill (Istay in the country)
    my loves…….. traveling and starting businesses

  • TQ

    Traveling and hosting events/planning activities

  • Jasmine Goode

    I wish I can love more things to do I’m more a need then a want but my loves is to pay bills honestly and start running my business

  • Rose Hill

    I would love to have my own business and travel.

  • Brandi Smith

    Just starting the live richer challenge and my two loves are to own a house and a car.

  • Latrice Davis

    This was not hard at all for me, my loves are shopping and weekend getaways

  • robin sanders

    My loves: new apartment and vacation travelling
    When I get ready to spend any money I ask myself do you really need this today..thinking about building my financial wealth.

  • Lisa

    I love spending time with family, traveling and enjoying great meals a fabulous venues!

  • Ashley

    I will love to buy some land then build a house on it. Secondly, I will love to get my business off the ground. I notice that some mentioned travel. I will love to do travel more myself. I can’t ever seem to afford to do so. I’m 28 and I never been on a vacation.

  • Britt

    I love to travel (don’t get to do much of it because of finances), I also would love to own a home in the near future, and a brand new car. My needs are groceries, bills, and minimal clothing for work. I’d like and want to eat out everyday and do more leisurely shopping.

  • Tykeshia Wiggs

    I’m going to try and minimize my spendings on my Likes and Wants to maximize my savings for my Needs and Loves. My love is to have a home to be stable and create longtime memories with my family and friends. And my other love is to Travel the US and other countries. I am very adventurous and would like to experience other cultures, other ways of living and trying new food.

  • Crystal Davis

    Our loves are toys (cars) < his, vacations <hers, &investing in our own business < both

  • Renee Ecckles-Hardy

    I have 3 loves as well; travel, building my direct sales business, and giving

  • iisha

    Day 4: I guess a couple of things that I love would be traveling and eating good food. Yes, food is a “need” but I mean, fancy restaurant, weekly happy hour, friends getting together to try out new brunch locations “food”; Traveling, not in the sense of long, anticipated vacations, but more along the lines of short, getaway, local trips to do over the weekends.

  • Trice

    Traveling (with my son and friends and alone)
    Organizing/Planning (Events, helping others, Event Planning business)

  • Mommii OfTwo

    My loves are being able to help others and the desire to purchase my own home… renting sucks (for me)

  • Monique Williams

    I want to travel so I can experience different cultures. Building a brand/business is very fundamental to my life purpose. I like gardening because the rich life it produces for the community.

  • Lotus BC

    I would love to travel as my career choice! This is something I’ve always wanted to do.

  • Laurie

    I trust God to provide all my needs. I would love to do all the repairs on my house.

  • Body & Mind Wellness

    My loves are traveling and helping others. My travel is global and helping others consist of establishing a program(s) that works for the transformation of a person. “Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”.


  • Shuneka stokes

    My loves are traveling and charity.

  • Sabrina

    My needs are food, housing, transportation, clothing and my own business. The two things I love are traveling and wine.

  • Allysha

    Two of my loves are traveling (with and without my family) and trying different ethnic foods.

  • Rasheedah Johnson

    My loves are traveling ( I vacation at least twice a year) and shopping ( whether it’s for my home my daughter or my self).

  • Brie Lightfoot Smith

    My loves are traveling and connecting with people – whether it’s through the workshops I host for my business, sharing my story in a small group, being there to support a friend, attending events, etc.

  • Rashaida Dimetros

    My loves of my life are success (being a tv personality, wealth, love, peace, wholesome life) and travel. I’ve never been off the east coast of the United States so traveling the country and the world would be an amazing experience!

  • Vanessa

    My loves are plentiful: travel, food (cooking and eating), entertaining (at home or outside of it), public speaking, reading, and yoga. It is so great to put it into perspective. Aside from my needs- I should be dedicating my money to those things. Getting my nails and hair done is nice- but I would rather go on a trip.

  • Brianna Samone

    My two loves are traveling and becoming a homeowner!

  • Syreeta

    My loves are traveling and a new car without having to finance it, I’d pay cash for it

  • Rea Scantlebury

    My loves are travel and the Fine Arts

  • Tiffany Tucker

    My loves are traveling to south Africa for 14 days to explore and also bettering myself to be the best version of myself by attending a Tony Robbins “Date with Destiny” seminar!

  • Laurie Pierre

    My loves are to travel and own a condo and/or small home.

  • Matthew Cook

    My love are traveling and spoiling my kids! The thought of getting them whatever they want when deserved makes me very happy!

  • Peach Etta Lewis-McGee Plum

    My loves are makeup, hair, and going, going, going!!

  • Sharrelle Flanders

    I love to travel and take my children to different events, places, and giving them what u didn’t have at their age.

  • La-Gaye Sailsman

    My loves are traveling (to eat delicious foods/learn how to cook said food) and being a financial support for my family

  • Danielv01

    My loves are buying really nice expensive bags and shoes and I really want a BMW for my birthday in January

  • Jasmine Norman

    My Loves are travel and buying a new home

  • Stacey Parker

    This was very tricky and a little difficult because I have the perception that I love many things but I love my businesses and being able to give back to them and being able to travel across the world.

  • Candice

    My loves are GOOD food and shopping for my place.

  • Shernika Threadgill

    Having to choose just two loves was a bit difficult, but since having my daughter traveling has become something that I wish to do more of. I want to expose her to as much as possible. I guess my other love would have to be establishing my own business. I’ve dabbled in what I’d like to do as a business(event planning and management), but trying to do that and maintain a full time job has proven to be way too much for me. So it’s kind of like a side job ONLY when I have time which is hardly ever these day, unfortunately. It would be a dream come true to leave my profession and be in business for myself! Without travel on the list, I would have chose to have a bigger home. I’m so ready for a huge back yard with a cover porch and lots of patio furniture.

  • Tara

    First I love traveling. Seeing new new environments, experiencing different people, mindset, cultures is a beautiful thing.

    Secondly I would love to one day have my own business and house.

  • Rachel Stewart

    Hi! I love to travel (and would like to travel more overseas) and I would love to be a homeowner in the near future.

  • Neek Robinson

    Travelling and helping others

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    I love, love, love Swarovski crystal, I’m a collector! I also love traveling, or would love, to travel to different countries and experience various cultures. Another passion of mine is giving back and helping those who can’t help themselves and building up those who can.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    It seems like a lot of us have travel in common, so we definitely have something to work towards!

  • Jay

    My loves are traveling and craft supplies.

  • Melissa Watt

    My Loves: Pampering myself, and Eating Out.

  • Gessie Belizaire

    Loves even though i dont really get to do it would be traveling and owning my own business…..preferably blogging full time.

  • Patches

    Starting my own business

  • Karima Abdul-Salaam

    Loves= Dining out/Traveling/Day Excursions /Jilbabs & Hijabs

  • Lisa M

    My loves are traveling and shopping.

  • Lisa

    My loves are traveling and shows (plays, concerts, etc)

  • Monique Brooks

    Well I really sat down to think about this. My needs are my mortgage car payment daycare for my daughter. I need those to provide shelter warmth and security. My lives are to live happy and that’s not as simple to explain. I have a good job but I have always lived pay check to pay check. When my daughter wanted to do something outside of the house I would say no because I didn’t have gas to spare. I want to liven freely. I want to pay bills..put money into savings for the both of us and be able to live outside of work on the weekends. My need is to provide a secure life for us.My love is to travel to Germany and Italy.

  • Agnes Moore

    truly identified my loves, will continue on the path of focus

  • Armeisha

    My loves are traveling and becoming a homeowner!

  • N33ks

    My loves
    1) Travel – I like variety and travel has become a way to add Variety
    2) New Tech – I ged “bored” of phones and laptops and other gadgets so I like to get a replacement or something completely new
    3) Pampering – massages, mani pedis, facials, hairdos
    4) New Clothes – this is a very minor love butI do get the urge to splurge on clothes
    5) Saving lol – I ldo save but not quite enough I should have waaaaaay more saved than I do currently
    6) Special Dinners – I like to go to “fancy” restaurants and try all that I want to and all the specialy drinks they serve.

  • Tina

    Traveling and having new experiences is a love. I’d like to purchase a home in Hawaii and work for myself.

  • Avery Bright

    Shelter for my family
    Food for my family
    Pay ofCar
    Gas & Electric for the car
    Car Insurance
    Cell phone
    Save for Retirement
    Donate start-up funds for Dwayne’s business

    Purchase a 35 mil Camera
    Purchase a computer for Dwayne
    Purchase a Sleep Number Bed
    Purchase crystals

    The Two Things I Love
    My Wonderlust addiction.
    To purchasing my first home in California so that I can be with my Polyamorous family. My Life Partner Ron and I would like

  • Nay

    Like most people my loves are traveling and pampering myself = hair, nails, wax, facials, massages (THE WORKS)

  • Towanna

    My loves are getting a house and saving for my son’s future.

  • Towanna

    O yes I wouldn’t mind traveling but that’s third on the list

  • Katrina Clark

    My loves are to Travel & Invest in my own business (Purpose is to work for myself)

  • brooklynnoriginal731

    Day 4: My loves are international travel, domestic travel, road trips, day trips… TRAVEL!

  • Sandibiris R

    Traveling & Martial arts training…

  • P N

    I love to own my own home and stop renting.

  • Wanda

    I began to write my list with no thought, until I continued reading and realized I had to concentrate a bit more on my loves vs likes. My loves are traveling and I would like to move to a new house.

  • Wanda

    I meant to say I would love a new home.

  • anganette johnson

    I guess we all desire to see the world. My loves are travel and having time to create art through photography and jewelry design to support it.

  • SimplyMo

    My loves are traveling (both internationally and within the US) and fun family outings that bring new experiences (e.g. monster truck shows, live theater/music performances, canoeing, driving dirt bikes or 4-wheelers, white water rafting, etc)

  • LaKisha Liggins

    My loves are traveling and entertaining.

  • Leticia

    My love has to do with philanthropy. I want to establish seeds of opportunity of growth in others (wherever the need is) and send others to do the same.

  • MDT

    I love going to symphonies and staying in cabins.

  • Susanne

    I would love to travel and I love to create (art).

  • Tamisha Binky Williams

    One of my loves is traveling across the coast in the summers to see family and friends back home

  • Rochelle Wheeler

    My loves are traveling and spending quality time with my family.

  • Loves: Big house, travel, techy stuff like computers

  • @The Budgetnista, Wow! where do I start? I love to travel. One of my dreams is to go on an African safari in a (covered) jeep 🙂 I love african fabrics (I sew) and jewelry. So, when I go to Africa, I will have lots of money to buy all the beautiful prints and jewelry that I desire.

    I love jazz music. One day, I will go on a Jazz cruise. I love learning and reading.

    One day, I will sit in my ‘home library’ and just read for a whole month! I love to go on local outings. I live in California, near Los Angeles and San Diego. There’s plenty to do!

    I love one-of-a-kind Art. I will own rare art pieces to adorn my beautiful ‘lovely’ home.

    And last, but not least. I love beautiful colorful yarns. I will own the best of yarns from around the world and crochet the most beautiful sweaters and blankets.
    That’s all. That’s it…for now. 🙂

  • Shaneek Anderson

    Loves- Traveling
    Likes- Shopping
    Wants: Makeup, Wigs, Designer handbags

  • Jerrilynn Wright

    Wow! I really had to think about this. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I see that my loves are pretty common.
    1. I love to travel with my husband, then with my children and just my girlfriends. 2 I would love to have my own business and 3. I most definitely would love to have my own home built giving me the opportunity to entertain guests.

  • Layla

    During the last LRC I stated my loves were traveling and attending live shows (concerts, plays, etc.) Well I would also add that acting and making money are more loves of mine!

  • Shatonya

    My loves are Decorating my home and traveling. I tend to put those things before saving up to get them. Which leaves me not having that extra spending money.

  • sheilondaD

    Boy, what I wouldn’t do if I had Oprah’s money. I feel my biggest need is to pay off my mortgage. I don’t want to pay for the next 30 years. So if i increase my score show good payment history I can apply to get a lower interest rate. With the difference save it to add to principle. 2. Decrease my grocery bill by weekly meal planning. Which will save from daily stops at store. My loves: 1. To travel to different places. By planning ahead and proper saving this can be accomplished. 2. Shopping is another passion, but again planning and shopping during sales and using coupons will help with this goal.

  • Tashia Tatum

    My loves are owning a home and traveling!

  • Tamica

    Love: traveling & would like to purchase another home.

  • Margaret Williams-Nelson

    Traveling and owning my own business are my “loves”.

  • Carla Payne

    My loves are traveling and pampering myself (massages,pedicures, etc…). I could do more of these things if I didn’t waste so much money on fast food.

  • Cimarron Frazier

    1. Working with (crocheting, knitting) natural fiber yarns
    2. Traveling

  • Sonia Akonnor

    I, too, love to travel. Often just to explore new cuisines. My 2nd love is cooking so I quit working for others, and went into business as a caterer.

  • Tiffani Annette

    My loves are focusing my son’s music career (music executive) and finishing my education. I definitely need more financial freedom.

  • Sherrill

    I would love to travel with my family and make stops to different locations along the way!! How I would love to do this!!

  • Louise Shorts

    When I really thought about what I loved it came down to 1) Exercise. I love spin and aquatics. I am determined to have my own spin studio, this a goal of mine. I’m am still pondering on the second one.

  • Kiara Wilson

    My loves are traveling alone and building a tiny house

  • Uilani

    My loves: Traveling, Shopping


    My Love’s are Yoga, Law, Books,Magazines, Organizing supplies,making items on my silhouette cameo 3, establishing and maintaining my business, planners, notebooks and pens

  • Alicia Young

    I love to buy hair products (natural hair). This can become costly.

  • Samantha Daniels

    My love is travel and having my own business as a travel agent.

  • Eryn Arrington

    My loves are: Traveling and owning a house/land in the country (rural area).

  • Danamichelle

    Interesting task, lol- I have identified 3 loves instead of 2 and my loves include traveling, shopping (for fine art, trinkets) that I enjoy, and establishing my online businesses.

  • Tnasi Lovechild

    My loves are also travel in general as well as travel to inspire and help people…become a successful business owner…have many adventures with my children and build a house for each one of my children

  • Melisha BlackTruth Bryant

    My two loves are:
    1. Starting a family
    2. Owning a business that allows me to help others

  • Bjoy Ihavepeace Edwards

    This was pretty easy since I have known for a while what my loves were and equating them to passion. My loves are Community Outreach and Youth Ministry

  • Kiah Jones

    My loves are to finally have my own place, and to start my own craft business.

  • Edis

    My two loves are traveling and owning MY own home. The first love I get to do more of because I’m able to tag along with my boyfriend. My second is the reason I have made all these changes.

  • Olevia Williams

    My loves (other than family) are travel and giving/philanthropy.

  • Honey Howell

    My love is spending time with young children cooking. My want is to work for myself with a FITNESS gym for children. Sending

  • Deirdre Davis

    My loves are: Home Ownership and World Travel. Both which will be mine!!!!

  • Joyce Jolly

    Two loves travel and a vacation home.

  • Jacqueline Smith

    1. Travel
    2. Living a confortable life

  • Valerie Bridges

    My loves are travel and retirement!

  • Taneisha Kitchings

    My loves are a Nice Home, and travel.

  • Sophia Brown

    loves;travel, having my own schedule and flexibility..

  • Sharon Claiborne

    My loves: house, travel, and pilate.

  • Ladiebarry

    I love to travel

  • Bianca Henderson

    My loves: 1) Travel 2) Cooking 3) Goal: Nice house after my wedding next year so I can start a family, invite family & friends over and 4) Job

  • Ashley Oldham

    My two loves are:

    1.) Traveling, I love experiencing different cities and soon countries
    2.) Informational Books, I have a love for finding out things that are beneficial for me growing in life.

  • Ashley Oldham
  • Cherese

    Loves ; 💙💙💙💙Travel, Acquiring iProperty to fulfill my purpose-serving and blessing others.

  • Reshona Ross

    my love is traveling an to start or improve an organization to help children who have faced trauma.

  • Jennifer Bowen

    Loves, owning a business and travel

  • Chanelle

    My loves are traveling and comfortable living conditions (beautiful home, maintenance on the home, quality top notch furniture, luxurious sheets and towels, etc.!

  • Lavette

    My top 2 loves are:
    1) Excellent Credit
    2) A house

  • India

    Needs: Shelter, food, water, tuition/books, clothing

    Loves: Astrology, photography, fashion, books

  • Tamika

    The things I love would be traveling, eating out, and shopping.

  • Brittany Jones

    I love to travel and bake.

  • Tiffany Love

    Loves: A house and owning my own healthcare business

  • Alnita Coleman

    My number one love is to travel abroad (Paris, Europe)
    #2 love is have a nice sized home with kitchen space the size of a master bedroom. I love to try new kitchen ideas and to cook for a big family especially a southern meal on Sunday for the entire family and my friends.

  • Evette Noel

    My needs are: shelter, food, clothing, and good health….my loves are shopping and traveling

  • Chelsea Chase

    I love food/sweets , I love to try new things and travel but I don’t I love getting my hair done

  • Dorothy Enriquez McBride

    Love traveling, having a nice home and not living check to check.

  • Janell Delaney

    1. Travel. My daughter recently told me her passion for visiting “healing spots” all over the world. Though I’ve never shared it with her this has always been on my heart! I don’t want to wait until she’s grown and wave her bon voyage so my goal is to take her on her first out of country experience for her sweet 16 as a true bonding experience! 2. Family Dinner. I absolutely love bringing my family together for dinner. A much larger family when food is involved and when say I Go All Out I GO ALL OUT! I often spend waayyyy too much sometimes my every penny doing so. For this reason I’ve decided to put it in my love category so that I can wisely plan and save because I can’t give it up but even if I spend my last I’m full of joy seeing generations together eating, laughing, and loving just because!

  • Vanessa Esparza

    My loves are my house (I love upgrading things), and electronics.

  • Captivating Calisia Jay

    Loves: food and delicious drinks at the same time with either friends or family, being able to go places without worrying about not having enough or any money at all.

  • Carynne Haye

    My two main loves are traveling and clothes

  • Sabrina Prunty

    Love to establish my dream house and vacations..

  • michelle lockhart

    This is hard one: I have too much I actually need outside of wants, and I love simple things in life.
    Need: Financial Relief,
    Love: Travel, Building Family Tree,

  • Dominique Wallace

    My top two loves: travel and my very own home with land so I can garden.

  • Delliese

    I would love to become self employed. I have taken up sewing and really enjoy it, so much so that I wouldn’t mind making it a source of supplemental income.

  • reneicia

    this was tough but my loves are to travel, work on crafts and owning home

  • Sarita Clarissa

    LOVES: Travel, My dream home, Building my natural health business, Leaving a legacy for my children

  • Tara Strother

    My love is traveling, fine dining and Spa services.

  • Yvette Llerena

    Loves: Shoes and All Inclusive Resorts

    ***Please don’t solicit me with your travel websites***

  • Tamara Boyd

    Loves: Traveling, and Coaching

  • Britni Perkins

    My Loves are A House, Traveling, and Shopping

  • Betty Wright

    My loves: Finish my AAS in Criminal Justice and go on vacations, something I have never done.

  • Growing Pains

    Need it: Food, shelter

    Love it: traveling/vacationing and shopping

  • QiQi Sweets

    Loves: Travel and Eating Out (seafood)

  • Maya Campbell

    My loves are experiences (travel, events, activities/hobbies) and places in my future house to call mine (kitchen, dance studio, backyard, office space)

  • Bebe

    Loves: traveling and investing (real estate, skin care hobbies, shopping lol etc.)

  • Shikira

    I love traveling and the idea of building my own house on my own land and animal conservation efforts.

    I need food and transportation and a roof over my head.