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Week 1: Savings Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Take action toward a goal.

How to rock this task:

  •   Choose one goal from Day 1 of the Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition.
  •   Commit to doing something easy today that will bring you closer to accomplishing that goal.
  •   Share what you’re going to do today with your accountability partners.


Guess what? Today is our first task that includes a short video.  Take a moment to watch how to make today’s task work for you. Then share what you’re doing to reach your goal with me and your accountability partners.

Direct link to video: https://youtu.be/fZ_ThifGtc4

The purpose of this task is to take action, no matter how small. One of the biggest obstacles that holds us back from success is the inability to overcome mental roadblocks. These hurdles impede our action or progress.


Here’s how to get started:

1) Identify the goal your action will affect.

2) Identify how close you are to accomplishing that goal.

3) Ask yourself, “Self, what is the next best step that I can take toward making that goal happen?”

4) Take that step.


Note: Make sure the step can be taken TODAY. No step is too small. What you’re working on is your action-taking habit, so don’t get caught up on whether or not the step is big enough.



1) Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $600 in 6 months.

2) How close am I: I already have $50 saved.

3) Next best step: I have $50 saved in cash. I can open up a Money Bucket (an online-only Savings Account: Day 3) and save it there instead.

4) Take the stepI go to www.MagnifyMoney.com and use what I learned during Day 3 to find and open my Money Bucket


If you want to save like a pro, you must repeat positive behaviors over time. Why? Often we can’t make huge changes to our habits quickly, but we can and should make smaller changes more consistently.

Today, my friend, you’ll take one small step to adjust your savings behavior. Then next week, you’ll create a plan of action to take several more steps toward your goal by the end of this Challenge, so get ready!


Okay, are YOU ready? What action will you take today toward one of your savings goals from Day 1? Don’t be shy. Tell me in the comment instead of my email inbox.  Reach out to your accountability partner and ask, what step they plan to take; then check on them throughout the day and encourage them to take that step. Do a happy-dance when you’ve both completed the step. *insert smile*


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche


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  • ryan holmes

    My main goal is to pay off my cards, the IRS and began to save. Today I will look into an Acorn account as well as my new home business to see how they can add to my income

  • Ena Bean

    My day 5 task: Day 1 Goal – I want to save money and not touch it. What did I do? Set up a Money Bucket account with $5.00. Whats the next step? Pay myself 10% today! I’m excited!!!! #DreamCatchers #LiveRicher

  • Nadia Cureton

    my goal is to save $5,000 as a money bucket for my travels. today i set up 3 months of automatic deposits in my day 3 challenge using the 52 week savings challenge.

  • Erica Johnson

    My main goal is to save $600 by May and I have put $50 into an online savings account. My next step is to put $75 into my account on payday.

  • Tiff

    My goal is to stick to my budget and save more. This week i budgeted for the next 2 weeks and put what I don’t need for my weekly budget into my savings account.

  • Harris

    I want to save without touching it and my action is to not touch my GE piggy bank savings or my personal savings this weekend. The weekend is normally shopping time,but I’ll be strong!

    • Fruitbowlk

      Harris, What has saved me from spending so much is to not carry debt cards around. Place them in a save place and leave home without them.

      • Harris

        Thanks so much for that idea! I have never thought about doing that…

  • pearl smith

    This has been an awesome learning week. My goal is to create a budget and to
    Save 100 dollars a month

  • Adonya

    Today I will go to an actual grocery store and not target to get groceries to eliminate my need to impulse spend on other things and focus on my budget

    • Fruitbowlk

      Adonya you can also go to a farmers market to help with impulse spending since they normally don’t have extra stuff to temp you.

  • Sheva Dabey

    Today I save $3000 by the end of 2016 – not close at all – doing 5 money challenges & between those I have saved $30 – a little amount but before this challenge I couldnt save a penny (for real) so I think I am doing good – will start adding more daily to these money bucket acounts to get me closer to my goal!!!

  • Chantell

    Today I going to take the step to open up an online account for I can start saving for my 1000 and my house.

  • simpleexpression11 .

    My goal is to save $1800 and have set up my online savings and set up automatic payments to help me stay on track.

  • Ellen OJ

    My goal is to have 1k saved by December 31 2016. I already have a money market account w TD Ameritrade. 100 bucks goes in automatically monthly.

    That is the easy part.

    Not touching it…that is where the discipline comes in. I know we’ve got this though.

  • Amanda Zayas

    I have a goal to pay off my credit card of $2,000.00 I opened up a online account with Barclay and will be putting $52.00 a week or less in the account . Hope to not touch that money so it can be used for a vacation and to pay off my credit card debt .

    I also need to reduce my weekend shopping . When I am idle , I shop. So I am going o make a to do list that will keep me productive and not spend money this weekend .

  • Sonia Grayson

    Today I will increase the amount going to my savings account to get closer to my goal. I will pray for the strength not to touch. Discipline and sacrifice will be worth it in the end!

  • Tiffany Taggart

    One of my Day 1 savings goals is to save $5,000 by the end of the year using the 52-week savings challenge. Now I’m nowhere near that goal but I already made a deposit into that account and will keep on making weekly deposits. I also opened up a Barclay and Capital One 360 savings account so now I have a total of three different savings accounts for each of my goals and have already made deposits in each…go me!!!!

  • Laterra Jones

    One of my goals is to save $1k for a trip I will be taking in May. I have aleady saved $83.25 i’m so happy and proud of myself for getting through day 5 of this challenge. I plan to have the $83.25 transferred to my capital one 360 saving account every week to make sure I stay on track to meet this goal..

  • LaTonya Wesley Ward

    Today I will open a new “Money Bucket” account that will earn me more interest over time. I currently have an online bank account that is no longer performing well. I will redirect my funds to the new account to help me towards a “life happens” fund (will start with $500 goal by Dec 2016).

    I’m already saving towards my $1000 emergency fund, with $100/mo automatically going to that account. The trick is to not overspend and have to dip into it to cover expenses!!! I can do it! #willpower, #trustinGOD, #trustinself,

    • Thanks for sharing @latonyawesleyward:disqus! No more overspending!

  • Tonya

    One of my goals was to reduce my daughter’s the amount of money direct deposited into her account and split it

    • Thanks for sharing all those moves today @disqus_uMXDmJRuTN:disqus!

  • tommithetiger

    One of my goals was to double the amount of money i currently save each month in hopes of possibly being able to save 10% of my income. At this point I can’t really afford to do a full 10% but I will match my current savings and put an additional 25 dollars into my regular savings account. I am close to this goal because I have enough funds at this time to do so. I will take action on this plan by logging into my mobile app and transferring 25 dollars from my checking to my savings account.

  • MzDrea BeautyforAshes Scales

    One of my goals that have already begun this week was to pack my lunch more frequently in order to save on eating out when able! I’ve been doing this since Wednesday and it feels good!

    • Great, thanks for sharing @mzdreabeautyforashesscales:disqus!

  • Shana Campbell

    My savings goal for 6 months is $2500. I plan to up the amount of money going into my savings account weekly. I have also signed up for Digit to help bring this process along.

  • Lauren

    My goal is to save for a 12 month emergency fund by my next birthday in 2017. I opened my Money bucket account. I have $844 dollars set aside. I will transfer that into my account. I will transfer $100 each week into that account.

    • Keep making moves @disqus_oSQqOam3eP:disqus, you’re doing great!

  • Michelle Sutton

    My goal is to save 1,000 by the end of December 31st 2016. One way that I have been doing that is by packing my lunch to work. I have been packing lunch since Monday it feels really good so far!

    • Thanks for sharing @disqus_XU0W1KK9eh:disqus!!! Keep making moves that feel good!

  • Terry Todd

    I have met my goal this week. One way I told my daughter we were not eating out 3 or 4 time’s a week.

  • Leticia Selmon

    1 of my goals is to increase the savings amount I deposit into my kids accounts. I will do that today by depositing an extra $10 but also changing my direct deposit so that it reflects the increased amount going forward.

  • Rhonda

    I was fortunate enough to bring all my utilities current this month so I’m going to put 10% of my pay in the money bucket and call to negotiate a better rate for my phone bundle.

    • You’re making moves @disqus_Jjsqv2YZzr:disqus!

      • Rhonda

        Thanks to you and DC!

      • Rhonda

        thanks for the support

  • Bre Alexanderia

    One of my goals was to pay myself first and try and save 1000.00 by August 2016. I’ve been selling things I don’t need on EBay which will go towards the savings and I have transferred money to my savings as soon as I get paid.

  • Michelle

    One of my goals is to save $1,000 in my emergency funds account by March 31, 2016. Today my paycheck automatically deposited $150 into that account. So far I have a total of $331 saved towards reaching my goal!

  • Ashley Mount

    My goal is to save $2700 by the end of the year using the 52 week challenge(x2). I already saved $2 in my Capital One 360 Savings Account. Today, I will transfer $5 from my BofA savings so that I will only have one savings account that is not attached to my bank account and I can work on completing my goal.

  • Alene

    One of my goals from Day 1 is to save $300 by June 30, 2016. In order to accomplish this goal I pledged to save $25 from each paycheck which would be automatically transferred to my Capital One 360 online “Vacation/Trip” savings account. Along with the $25, I will also save $1 bills and loose change to be deposited into the account as well.

  • Cassandra T

    One of my goals is to find opportunities to make additional discretionary income/more money to put into savings by finding opportunities to make money through work from home jobs, a home business, etc. Today I will identify and research some opportunities in depth and also take some time to consider what I like, what I am good at, and see if and how I can generate income from that. I have been looking into a couple of direct selling and professional marketing companies and I need to really see what I can take on and what would realistically be a good fit.

    • Increasing income is a great move @disqus_yuWupAGwbn:disqus!

  • R Walker

    One of my savings goals is to save $668 for each of my children using the “Penny A Day Challenge”. I am ahead of the game because I have completed the anticipated amount for the month of January and February. Super excited as it is really hard for me to save!

  • Ebony W

    My goal is to save $6,000 by December 31st and I have 202 saved. I have some money on a gift card. Instead of buying groceries out of my checking account I’m going to put that money in savings and spend it on the gift card instead.

  • Ania Otto

    One of my goals from Day 1 is to save $1000 by May 31st, 2016. I already have $159.01 saved in my online saving’s account through Ally bank. I also save all my change in money jars to add to my savings and I am looking for another stream of income to help as well.

  • Nina

    One of my goals from Day 1 was the maximize my income and cut some expenses. I noticed I was paying too much in taxes and I have changed my allowances to receive more now versus a large return, and I’ve cut expenses that I rarely used.

  • Nicole

    My goals is to $500 for spending $ for my cruise in June 2016. Also, save $1,378 with the 52 wk change. Opened my Capitol One 360 savings account and currently have $25 deposited. Opened Digit and have $3.61 saved. Will gave all loose change and $1 bills and continue to while paying off all CC debt by December of 2016,getting my regular monthly bills up to date and paying off whatever is valid on my credit report by mid to late 2017.

  • Kristin Edwards

    Since starting this challenge I have taken a closer look at how a manage my finances and I learned that for the last two years I have paid an average of $300-$345/month in overdraft fees. Since my divorce in 2009 I have just been “running scared” financially. The underlying thought has been “there isn’t enough, we are just making it.” However, this is showing me that not only is there enough, there is actually MORE than enough because I am just GIVING my back $300-$350 a month for NOTHING. This is a matter of money management. So, my NEW goal is to stop purposefully overdrawing my account (step #1.).

    2. Just by identifying how much more I am spending on overdraft fees I
    brought awareness to a major issue, and that is a HUGE step. Now I can begin taking corrective actions. I have reviewed the due dates on my bills and identified the average amount I spend each month paying bills. So, here is my action plan to address this issue

    -speak with my utility company and my cell phone carrier to request a change to my billing cycle so that everything isn’t hitting all at once
    -use Tiffany’s tip of having a “bill account” – I already have a savings account at a different bank so I plan to open a checking account there. I will not get a debit
    card with this account, just checks and I will set up my direct deposit to have
    my average monthly amount deposited into that account.

    3. NOT to overdraw my account today by trying to pay everything. I may have to pay some bills late as I work to align my outflows with my inflows. I will also submit my direct deposit form to my payroll department.

    4. Taking the step!

    • Thanks so much for sharing @disqus_LEzrUMPrBu:disqus, you are moving!

  • Charmes01

    The 1st goal I’m planning to focus on is to increase savings through the $5 challenge. I will save every $5 bill I receive for 6 months & every $20 I accumulate, I will deposit into my Money Bucket acct. This will help go to build my emergency fund. Today, I transferred $10 to start.

    • Fruitbowlk

      Charmes01, look into the 52 Week Money Challenge.

      • Charmes01

        Thanks for the suggestion @fruitbowlk Unfortunately, the 52 week challenge isn’t be feasible for me. But I am doing the 26 Biweekly challenge, starting January 16th.

    • Great move @charmes01:disqus!

  • Soultry Urth

    One of my goals is to save $7200 by December 31st. I plan on doing this by continuing to add money in my Ally Bank account. So far I have deposited $300 from Day 3 challenge and I intend to deposit $300 every pay check to reach to that goal. I additionally put $50 every two weeks in my credit union bank. I am also taking out only 100 cash to play with during the week which will help me with my spending habits. I am so excited for this new financial journey.

  • Fruitbowlk

    Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $1500.00 by the end of March.

    2) How close am I: I already have 1200.00

    3) Next best step: I will deposit all check and tips from my pt job.

    • You are close to your goal @Kenyaonyango:disqus! Keep at it!

  • Aqueelah Reed

    So one of my goals is to save $1300 by June in order to pay down my credit card debt. Today I’m opening up my Barclay’s online savings account but that’s not it…I’ve also decided to challenge myself to save every $5 bill that comes into my possession until the end of June and guess what??? I got my first $5 bill y’all 💃💃💰😀

    • Carole Appling

      that’s a neat idea, happy savings

      • Aqueelah Reed

        Thanks Carolers Appling

    • LaToya Campbell

      Great plan
      I think I might join you on that $5.00 a week journey😊

      • edhfan

        Me too!

        • Vicky Kennard

          Thanks for this idea I’m starting this $5 journey tomorrow, hopefully by my birthday in October I can put towards my student loan, every little bit helps, I will try and save every $5 I get. fingers crossed.thanks again

    • Great @aqueelahreed:disqus!

    • Dannielle Givens

      Love it!

    • LeAndrea Portis

      that’s an awesome idea, I wanna do it too! Also, for those who use envelope systems or something similar with cash (I do not keep cash on hand unless I’m out shopping for wants [so I have a budget to only get what I specifically came to get]) but when I do have cash, I keep about $1.00 in small change in my coin purse, but all other leftover change I save in a jar. about every 5 months I empty it, roll up the coins & deposit in my savings. It’s small, but the add up. Especially the change I find in the bottom of my purses, in the car, etc.

      • Ivy

        I will start using this change jar too. Besides, it makes my purse heavy!!

      • Tara Strother

        Yesss! I lived by that envelope system. I even borrow of it and pay it back if I have an emergency. Good to see someone else utilizes that wonderful system.

    • Peggy

      That’s a good idea, I’ll try that effective tomorrow.

    • geneva

      i like that challenge as well. I will make this my extra savings for my account each week.

    • I started doing the five dollar challenge in Jan and it amazes me how many of those come across our hand on a regular basis. Since joining the challenge the only thing I have to do is decide which goal my fives will go towards.

    • Ivy

      I like this idea and will definitely start using this one!!! I can already see the savings!

    • Dizexhaled

      Love, love, love this idea! I’m jumping on the bandwagon myself. Every $5 bill i come across will immediately go into savings in my change jar. I’ll plan to do this for the remainder of August (10 days) & the month of September. Who knows, by the end, it will hopefully be the norm. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    • Juanita Ellison Komoro

      That $5 is a great plan, I might have to join into

  • Shamonica Badie

    I have decided to take my goal of saving $600 in 6 months and deposit 50 dollars towards that savings. I’m also committed to adding my 10% to my savings account that I established during this challenge. Im taking the Budgetnista’s advice and doing the best with what I have. I know things will not change over night but this group has given me such a positive outlook. I’m so excited because Debt Free is the new sexy!

  • Maudro Alexis

    my goal is save 1000 in 90 days
    so far I have 50 dollars saved ( yay me)
    I want this money to help me open my business account for my business, for I believe in my business growth I believe it would flourish on its own. I want to have a good standing ground I actually might change it to 1500. but I’m excited I did that much.

  • Shaunte Stieff

    Today I will pull my credit report to see what items I can get removed and start an action plan of paying off the smallest debt and work my way down.

  • Bernice Wooden

    My goal is to save $10,000 by December 31st and I have $75 saved. As an entrepreneur my season will pick up in the Spring and I am currently working on producing networking workshops in NYC so I will deposit ALL of the money from the workshops into my goal.

  • Butwhydoe

    I’m going to research information on possibly purchasing a home with poor credit and seek info on improving my credit score.

    • Fruitbowlk

      Butwhydoe, you should be able to take credit classes at your local credit union. Also homebuyer classes,

      • Butwhydoe


    • Great @butwhydoe:disqus!

  • Carole Appling

    i opent an account with Ally Bank, I set up to have $50.00 transfer each week from my checking account. And today was the first day of the transfer!!! I the money is this account is going towards a new sofa, that i want to purchase by July 2016.
    I also set up and increase to my 401k to 12% and this was the first friday of the increase..Yay me!!!

    • That’s great @caroleappling:disqus! You are making moves!

  • Janet Montgomery

    One of my goals is to earn extra income. So today I will research ways online ways to make extra money from the computer.

  • Kazondra Williams

    One of my goals is to have $1000 saved by the end of April. I started my online account and deposited $55 in it.

  • EarthAngel Writings

    I’m going to save $10 to go towards my $25 initial savings account deposit (marked relocation).

  • My goal is to save $20,000. I’m going to take the first step by depositing $75 into my Money Bucket today.

  • OyasDaughter

    My 1st goal is to build a small emergency fund. (For urgent care expenses, possible engine or house repair, etc.) $500 by June 1st. I will auto transfer $50 each pay period until the goal is met. When a larger-than-expected expense arises, I won’t have to worry about taking a large chunk out of my paycheck.

    • That’s right, @oyasdaughter:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • Kedra King

    The goal that I will be working on today will be goals #1(transfer and open a new 401k) and goal #2 (save $500 by May 8, 2016)…I will open and begin investing in my 401k provided by my job who matches my contributions and I will take money saved from old accounts and transfer them into separate bank account for savings.

  • Vera

    One of my goals was to pay off several credit cards by the end of the year. In order to do this I had to create a new budget for savings and credit card debt. One way to do this was not to eat out as much. I have cooked every night. I even used my cash allotment from my grocery envelope for a grocery stop and only got what I needed. I did not even realize that I did not even have a debit or credit card on me all this week.

  • Cheryl Allen-Hardy

    One of my goals was to find a way of increasing payments rather than paying the minimum amount to pay off my credit card within the next 6 months. Last month, I gave up cable $81, dropped the expensive gym membership $59 and joined the local community center gym $12, not eating out $30-$40 weekly. That’s $180 savings minus the $12 is actually $168 which is going towards my credit card debt each month. I’ve made the first payment today and I’m looking forward to getting rid of this high interest credit card. #onestepatatime

  • Kristal Lewis

    The goal I chose to move on is starting the 52 week challenge and deposit into my Ally savings account. I just opened my account today and linked my checking account to it so the first deposit into my future has been made! I didn’t think I would be this excited for $5 but I’m super happy. I have a PT job also so I want to take 10% of my income and automatically put it in my savings account. Baby steps…

    • Thanks for sharing @kristallewis:disqus!

    • Lucy De Gannes

      I like that idea baby steps great good luck 😇

  • Marci Washington

    One of my goals was to save at least $2600 by October for the Big Move. Before reading today’s challenge I had transferred $50 to my savings account toward that goal!

  • gnista

    I opened and saved 28$ in my first money bucket account!

  • Latonia Pittman

    One of my week 1 goals was to work on improving my credit score. I was reviewing my credit report today and came across 3 medical bills for small amounts that were in collections. I paid all 3 and now have a 0 balance. Small steps are better than none at all 💃💃💃👐

  • Nora Grady

    I have several goals for this year, so it’s hard to talk about only one.

    1. Opened a Barclay’s Dream Account in December with $500. Set up an autotransfer from my checking account for $250/month.
    2. Increased the monthly autotransfer from my checking to savings account from $25 to $250.

    Those 2 actions accomplish my goal of saving for emergencies and a down payment for a house ($25K in 7 years!) in addition to the 10% I am contributing to my employer’s 401K plan.

    3. Created a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to track how the money in my savings account is earmarked (i.e. $x is reserved for car repair, $y is reserved for summer camp for my son, etc.).
    4. Linked all my accounts to Mint to track my spending and plan my budget.
    5. Designated one account for bill paying and one for personal spending to better track my purchasing.

    Those 3 actions accomplish my goal of keeping better track of where my money goes. I’m excited to see where my money really is going. I’ve set a few budgets for this month, so we’ll see how well I can stick to them.

    Another major goal of mine is to pay off my student loans. I have a pretty average balance on my loans, and they’re a mix of federal and private. I have them consolidated so I only make 2 payments per month. I’m ready to increase my monthly payments to pay them down faster. I’ve decided to put all of the extra money in my less secure private loans. My next step is to actually request the increased payment each month.

    Another goal is to continue to pay my credit cards in full every month, but to pay them off once per week to keep my ratio of debt to credit limit as low as possible. I’m also hoping the sting of paying every week will hurt enough to keep my balances low! My NEXT STEP is to schedule the payments in my calendar. I’m lousy with remembering this stuff on my own, even with reminders I have trouble pulling the trigger. I’m hoping to just make it a regular part of my weekly routine. I need to pick a day and say at 6 p.m. I will pay these bills every week, no excuses.

    I’m scared that I’m saving too much right now to still live comfortably. Among my 401K ($350 pretax), HSA ($275 pretax), and savings accounts ($500 split evenly between Barclay’s high yield and traditional savings linked to my checking), I’m socking away $1125 each month, or just over 30% of my gross pay. Even with about a $100 buffer in my budget, I’m worried I’m stretching myself too much. I’m also concerned that I’m focusing on the wrong things. Is it more important to slowly pay off my student loans while also slowly building my 401K, HSA, and savings balances (my current configuration); or would it be wiser to jettison this ridiculous student loan debt as fast as possible? Should I cut back on the amount I’m putting in my regular old checking account, which isn’t going to earn me much interest in a year, and instead apply that to my student loan payments? I’m afraid that I’m putting myself in a position to hate my life and to have to constantly tell my child, “No, we can’t afford to go to the museum this weekend.”

    I’ve always had buyers’ remorse, and it’s always been difficult for me to make large financial decisions. I’m glad to be in a community of people trying to set and achieve goals that can feel impossible.

    • You are making moves @nora_grady:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • Tonya Fleming Grayson

    Today, I made my first deposit of $55 towards my $5,000 savings goal into my Ally Bank Acct.

  • Raquel S. Lettsome

    I am working on saving $1500 by Dec. 31 for my emergency fund. I applied for my bucket account and committed to putting $115 aside each month.

  • LaToya Campbell

    My goal was to save 10% of my income for rainy days, emergencies and easy to get cash. Also, I am saving $50 in my money bucket account that I have opened early this year. I also started using digit. I have already saved over $100 y’all.

  • Michelle Boisselle

    One of my goals is to save $200 in units by March. I have already deposited $100 into my Money Market fund and bought 5 units. I will continue saving and any additional income will go towards this goal.

  • Felisha

    One of my goals is to save a minimum of $1000 for my emergency fund. I started by opening an additional savings account with capital one 360 for $25/week. I am one day closer to reaching that goal.

  • bckday2day

    My 1st goal is for my family to see the play Aladdin on Broadway. My family cut back on the amount of money spent this week in fast food purchasing. I need to see how much money we saved and use that money towards purchasing the tickets to see Aladdin on Broadway. I will not buy the tickets online. This will remove the surcharges and convenience tax.
    Today my daughter’s school has half a day…she stays in school because she has cheerleading this afternoon
    She has not brought any fast food from Monday and she has not been really spending money at the school vending machine either….here is her kicker…she wants Wendy’s 4 piece meal for $4 w extra chicken nuggets. I told my husband to buy the 10 piece chicken nuggets meal w large fries and the hamburger on the side. She will be in school until 5 pm. She will have enough to eat. She does not drink sweets..she is a water person. I am very pleased with her because we came from 7 days of fast food to so far 2 days of fast food. we still have tomorrow, Saturday to go.
    My husband did not buy any fast food this week.
    I had fast food on Sunday from Wendy’s. I had chemotherapy on Monday so I really do not eat. $4 in chicken broth on Tuesday I had a Popeyes spicy breast on Wednesday for $2.76 cents . Instead of buying Golden Krust chicken soup broth for $8 on Wednesday. I told my husband to buy a pumpkin and chayote and I will make my own broth for $3.00. which I still have left overs.

  • Clarice Meredith

    Just opened my Ally account with $8.39 (the odd $ from my checking) #BabySteps I’m excited about this journey 🙂

    • That’s great @claricemeredith:disqus! It’s a move!

      • Clarice Meredith

        Was thinking hard of a way to start off depositing & ran across this 52 week challenge 🙂 If all go as planned maybe 2017 I’ll double the amounts!

        • yomi

          I did this in 2015 and it worked I actually saved more

  • Christina H.

    One of my goals are to save $250 every paycheck. I plan on putting this into my new alley online saving account.

  • amilli23

    Part of one of my goals is to find ways to earn a little extra cash to save for vacation and I started the process to sign up for TaskRabbit. It will be a good way to use my skills and earn extra income.

  • Johnetta bryant

    My name is Johnetta and this is my day 5 challenge.

    1.My goal is to pay off my credit card debt.

    2.The steps i took today to accomplish that is pay more than the minimum amount thats due on my credit card.
    3.paid all my other bills in full so im not behind.
    4.I am about 5 percent close to my goal.

    • Keep making progress @johnettabryant:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    I set a goal to cook all my meals and not spend unless it was an absolute need. I made it through the week honoring my goal. Today I started my prep for breakfast and lunches next week. All of this is to help save 3000.00 by December 31, 2016. I have 100.00 saved so far and the next big step is to pay off a debt that will free up more money for my savings. I started that today by negotiating a lower payoff with a collection agency.

  • Nicole Amor Phillips

    Opened a capital 1 secured card…will make deposit.

    Set up 25.00 every pay period to goin this online account.

  • Nicole Amor Phillips

    Congratulations to everyone who is working this program/journey…keep it up..

    We need to do this because retirement/SSI is not enough to live comfortably. When I retire, I want to retire…and enjoy my hobbies!

    Tiffany, you’re awesome..GOD bless you

    • Thanks @nicoleamorphillips:disqus, what move did you make today to be closer to your goal from Day 1?

  • Shay_H

    One of my goals is to eliminate pay off credit card debt & stop using them unnecessarily. Today I defeated the urge to purchase items that my checking account couldn’t cover. Thus, preventing me from swiping my credit card.

  • TiAna

    Today, I refrained from unecessary spending. No snacks from the vending machine, no fast food… Nothing! I just ate what I’d already had prepared.

  • Maria

    One of my goals is to pay the smallest of 2 of the debts. I am paying 25.00 towards my chase card this month and will pay it off next month. (balance is 75.00) My next debt is 350.00 and I will apply the payment from chase towards that debt in March and hope to have it paid off by June.

  • Nique Owens

    I am going to save $1500 by April 31st. I added $10 dollars to my Xmas fund and growth savings. I transferred $50 to my online account. I have to save $375 a month in order to meet my goal by the end of the April. I am stressing out about it because Jan and February are heavy sneaker release months. I did start a reserve account to put $ aside for my sneaker collection. I am going to have to delete all my release websites and stay out of the mall. I must say I did take the first steps in making sure I remain on task by purchasing and freezing my vegetables. I am clipping coupons. I like the idea of saving every $5 bill that Aqueelah Reed mentioned. I will use this as a way to reach my $1500 goal.

  • Kate

    My goal is to save $2500 by the end of May. So far i opened up a savings account and have 25 dollars in there now. I then hace if set up automatically for 50 of each check to ne put in my savings.

  • Schivon Braswell

    One of my goals was to save $800 by the end of the year. I have already cancelled a massage membership -that including tip can total about $75 a month. I will now direct that money towards the account I opened for the Money Bucket challenge from Day 3.

  • T. Mims

    My goal is to save $200 per month to have saved $2400 this year by December. I am 50% done with my monthly goal. Today, I will add more money to my Money Bucket (every little bit counts). I made a transfer. Done!

  • Muslimaa Musawwir

    One of my goals is to get all of my Retail credit cards within 10-15% spending limit. I have currently paid off 25% of one card and today I set up automatic weekly payments for the rest. By January22nd I will have paid off one retail credit card and I couldn’t be more excited for that day to come! I also added the weekly payments to my budget sheet, so I won’t over spend!

  • Sheryl

    I of my goal was to save $5,000 for the 52 week challenge well I decided to get my three toddlers to come on the journey with me. They are completing the penny challenge. I also decided to follow the suggestion of someone in the group and I am saving 66, $1.00. I am so excited.

    Thanks for the support Tiff and thanks to the group.

  • Krystle Atkinson

    Delayed 1/8 — Day 5 update: Goal chosen from Day 1 — to pay off credit card debt ($2500) by the end of March in order to snowball payment into savings. Yesterday I reviewed budget to uncover funds misallocated…I took a big jump and placed a significant amount against outstanding balance bringing balance down by 64%!!! Making moves with no apologies 🙂 #onepayoffatatime

  • Tee

    A little tardy for challenge day 5, but better late than never right? So one of my goals was to save towards my upcoming wedding. And I put aside $500 for it, huge sacrifice but I’m one step closer to my dream wedding! God is good!!

  • Vernessie Joseph Burbank

    Actually before joining Dream Catchers I already started saving (coins dimes, nickels, quarters and pennies in jars). I also save $1 dollar bills every time I break $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills. Once I get 100 $1 dollar bills I save them in manilla envelopes. I have been saving like this for three years now. This way of saving has helped my family in emergency times, We are never broke. I do not like banks due to a history of bad check behavior. This system has worked for me and my husband. I even encourage my children to do the same thing to save money.

  • Vernessie Joseph Burbank

    One goal I plan to do is to have my husband to open a separate bank account to save for a much needed car. He will be using his tax return for the down payment and the separate account will set up for automatic payment to pay the car note with the credit card that my husband just received through Wells Fargo bank.

  • Tiffany Smith

    I opened an online savings account with Ally Bank on Friday. I’m going to start the daily coins challenge to put as many pennies as there are in the days of the year TODAY.

  • Lauren Wilson

    my goal was to save $1,000 by June 1st to pay off my furniture and personal loan. I opened up an online Ally Savings account and although I only put $5 in there that is my first deposit towards saving for this goal. I also have started saving my coins based on a penny challenge I started on Jan 1st. This will go towards my goal as well. I have to admit January is going to be rough for me to obtain my goals. My husband’s line of work is very slow right now and therefore it looks like I will have to cover all of the bills this month unexpectedly. so as of now, unless God provides me with a financial breakthrough, I have no wiggle room for extra money to put up towards savings…hence, this is the reason why i only deposited $5 in my Ally account.

  • NJB

    One of my goals is to save $25 a week in addition to my pre-tax retirement savings. I already have an online savings account, so I will automate and have the money come directly from my checking every week. I also joined Digit last week and already have $20 in that pot. Currently looking for an additional job so that I can save even more and make larger payments on my credit cards and student loans.

  • Virginia Johnson

    One of my goals from Day 1 was to create an emergency fund ($1k) out of a savings goal of $5k by 11/30/16. The first step I took was opening an online savings account with $10, only $990 to go. In addition, I called to cancell my subscription to a credit monitoring service costing me $15.00/mo since I get the same thing from my Cap1 card. This additional savings I will pay into my online emergency savings instead.

  • Pita-Gay

    One of my goals is to pay off my Capital One credit card by the end of March. My next step is to pay an extra $575 per month to reach my goal. I will do this by spending less and going into the city less for the months of January and February. I’ve set up an auto-withdrawal from my account to reach this goal.

  • Zita Candy Barnett

    My goal is to save $10k by Dec 31 towards my emergency savings. This is a very ambitious goal for me but I honestly did so much last yr that I can sit still this yr & eliminate likes & wants. I’m determined to accomplish this. So far I saved $385.

  • Dannielle Givens

    So I’m a little late in this challenge, but I did open the Barclay savings account today. With this in combination of the 52 week challenge and Digit, this year is looking great! I hesitated to open the account first, but I’m already claiming savings victory! “Won’t he do it”

  • Rosemary Alca

    One of my goals is to add $1000 or more to my emergency fund so after more than a year of neglecting that account, I added $50 today.

  • Amber Hurley

    My goal is to save $1000 in 5 months to build up my emergency savings… I already get $200 auto deposited to my savings account every month… but to take it a step further, I opened an Ally online savings account and made my first deposit of $100! I think I will also try the $5 bill savings plan… I have an empty mason jar sitting on my dresser as a reminder 🙂

  • Patricia

    I haven’e been able to do each task everyday. Today I am playing catch up. One of my goals is to save 10 percent of my income. I am not there yet but so far I have opened a digit account and save singles every time I get them in my possession. I have also started saving $15 each week.

  • Margaret Phillips

    Forgot to post here yesterday! My goal of eating out to save $20 a week is working. I took snacks with me when I ran errands yesterday so that I wouldn’t be tempted to stop and get something. And I had my cousin over for dinner instead of meeting him somewhere to eat! Two actions down. Yay!

  • Charmaine Glover

    Wow you are amazing, thank you for this challenge and yes I am on my way to reaching my March 31st goal of $300 in my saving from day and also I have my Money Bucket going as well. Thank you again.

  • I opened an Ally savings account and will start with transferring $10 to reach my savings goal of $3500 by the end of the year and increase.

  • demetria crenshaw

    Today I opened my GE Savings Bank Account to save $20 each time. As time goes on I will add more money.

  • Michelle M

    I am catching up on the challenge days and have realized i have accomplished this goal today without even looking at this challenge day yet!

  • Miss Smith

    Actually only have 5% of my current minimum savings saved already. Made enquiries about the investment opportunity I am looking at to see if I can start with the little I have and grow it as time goes along. Waiting for feedback, hopeful for a positive response!

  • Katherine Davey

    DAY5…#1- Identify goal: My goal was to save $500 by EOM. #2- How close am I: Received unexpected check $123, deposited in acct = $387. #3 – What’s next: Continue to bring breakfast and lunch to work, extra $60-70 a wk..that should be add’l $200 a mo… #4- TAKE THAT STEP!!! #IMGOINGTOMAKEITAFTERALL!!!

  • JennaLee G

    I set a goal to payoff my paypal line of credit by Feb 1. I am expecting 3 checks coming to me. So I divided the payment by 3 and made a $90.00 payment. On track for my goal! I also paid myself 10% towards my savings $1000 by 8/31/16. Yay me!!!

  • Tiffany Morrison

    I want to save two thousand dollars by the end of this year!! I opened an online savings account to start saving it!!!

  • LeAndrea Portis

    Hi everyone! I’ve decided to act on my goal of moving into my first place by May 31, 2016. Aside from setting up my Digit acct, I’ve decided to set money aside separately every other paycheck for the basic moving fees (application fee, deposit, moving expenses {moving truck, etc} ) I later plan to start saving for household needs, furniture, etc.

  • Margo Beckham

    One of my goals is to save $1500 by June 3rd. I haven’t started saving because I don’t get paid until tomorrow, but I have budgeted out my paychecks up until then. Next best step is to take the money out of my account tomorrow and put it into my savings account. The other next best step is to look into a bank account to choose from Magnify. I have looked into the Sallie Mae high-yields savings account.

  • N Keith

    I deposited $100 into both savings accounts today to work towards my goal of saving an emergency fund and a vacation fund.

  • Monet Nicole

    Aqueelah Reed I think I’m a try that as well! Well I’ve already started saving my money it’s in a jar at home. Next I’ll be transferring it into my online savings acct. I’m also opening another act to start saving for my trip to the Dominican Republic for my 40th birthday.

  • Channa Comer

    One of my goals is to convert all of my spare change to bills at the end of each month and deposit it into my contingency savings account. Today, I’ll take what I have accumulated so far and put it in a bucket and bag it to go so that at the end of the month I’ll add to it and be ready to head off to TD bank to convert the coins.

  • Nadege Waithe

    One of my goals is to save $5000 by the end of the year. Since I decided to invest in my health via trainer…because I am committed to this I will stick it out for 16 sessions then switch to a local gym. Because I work out now, I eat more so I’ve decided to pack extra snacks instead of buying after workout breakfast. In addition, I’ve opened up my online savings with an extra check my workplace held. Also, I am committing to the 52 week challenge! *whew*

  • Aries Riddick


  • MsChar

    I’ve opened my onl-line savings account, and the initial deposit has been transferred. I am excited to watch my $$ grow!

  • Tikerrah

    I had three separate savings goals but with my current wages at my job I had to consolidate them into one and I chose my savings goal I’m working towards to be my moving out fund! I should’ve been saving all my years at home but unfortunately I didn’t but it’s a new me and I’m searching other avenues based on my skills to save more money so I can have other small savings goals

  • yomi

    my goal was to bring my food to work instead of spending $10-$20 a day. the blessing came this week when my group was treated to lunch 3 days this week so I will put the money I would have spent into my credit union savings account 😉

  • Lillian Ataifo

    My goal is to save $900 by July, 2016. I just want to have money in case of emergencies. I have opened up a money bucket account and have added money to it! 10% of my earnings will go into this bucket biweekly. I super excited!

  • Sheri Mac

    The move I make today towards my goal, will be to open another separate savings account and deposit my first 10%!

  • Tanja bell

    I planned to save all one dollar bill for example if I have a 20 and receive change and in the change there are one dollar bills instead of spending them I will save them I did exactly that today one dollar bills seem small they do add up. Small steps.

  • Lenee Shaw

    So one of my goals is to save 3 months of living expenses by the end of the year. Today, I opened up an online savings account and made my first deposit!!

  • Tash-eeba Nelson

    One of my goals is get rid of credit card debt. I just started a new job and I got a sign on bonus. Should I use the bonus to 1) pay off one of my credit cards 2) Pay a small lump sum on several of the cards 3) Save it and continue making monthly (higher payment, since I now have a job)?

  • Crystal Nixon

    To help toward savings for more emergency fund, I’ve decided to save all cash that I receive on hand whether its for gift, freelance work, etc. This will help me to refrain from frivolous spending at the drive-thru, vending machines, coffee, etc.

  • Brooke Doe

    1) Identify the goal your action will affect: I want to save six months worth of salary.

    2) Identify how close you are to accomplishing that goal: We’re in the very beginning stages of this goal but have saved $422 dollars for the month of January.

    3) Ask yourself, “Self, what is the next best step that I can take toward making that goal happen?” We will set up automatic transfers of $185 from our checking to our savings accounts every payday.

    4) Take that step: Setting it up with our bank app right now.

  • Cheryl

    I can proudly share I’ve opened my very first online high yield savings account with synchrony. I also printed off my credit report from Credit Karma.
    There are some things on public records that I have reached out to a dear friend about. She stated she will get me a telephone # to start clearing up these blemishes.
    I am so very excited about this financial empowerment challenge.
    Thank you so very much Ms. Tiffany,
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl Denise Chandler

  • K Le Gendre

    Thank you for this! I have been loving this week. My goal is to save $10,000 from Feb 2016 to Feb 2017. So far I have saved $1,351 and I have $8,649 to go. Knowing that I am well on my way to reaching my goal is inspiring and motivating. Thank you! Now to crank up that savings with a money bucket.

  • Danielle Cross

    One of my goals is to pay off half my credit card and to not use the card. Today I will take the card out of my wallet and place it somewhere secure at home.

  • Jaspy319

    Today I open my GE bank account and I deposit the money I was saving in my 5 gallon water bottle. ..I’m also planning to go to the supermarket so I could cook at home and stop eating out… I’m also cleaning my closet for any shoes I haven’t wear so I could put them for sale… I’m feeling so good today I will joint the gym and start doing some exercise I need to stay focus… I also wrote down all my credit cards and APR so I could concentrate on getting debt free.

  • ajack008

    I’m a little behind from when I signed up for Budgetnista. But, I’m trying to play catchup. Today, I signed up for a Capital One 360 savings account. My goal is #600InSix (months.) I’ve started with $25.

  • Jessica Désiré

    To help my credit score, Im paying my planet fitness fees $10 using my credit card. My card will be paid off on time every month. I bumped up my credit card debt payment from $185 to $200 to pay off quicker. Im also doing a 52 week savings challenge but I think I’ll feel better if it was in an online bank. Out of sight, out of mind

  • Charlotte

    My goal is to save 500.00 in 5 months, which will be July…at the end of each week I will take all the change in my purse and add to the bank I have at home

  • Syeda Muhammad

    My goal is to save at least 1000 dollars a year, so I began the 52 week savings plan. I opened a savings account online with Capital One 360 . The purpose to open it online is to collect interest and not be able to withdrawal from it

    • Syeda Muhammad

      I am on my 6th week with the 52 week savings challenge I am also working to decrease my debts and increase my credit score

  • Angela

    My goal is to save $500 by September 1, so I will be depositing at least $25 into my capital one 360 savings account, by automatically depositing fund into my checking then transferring it to my savings

  • DeShawn Shepard

    I’ve listed 2 items in an online shop to get me toward my goal of $1000 saved by August 16. The items are listed and I”ve had 2 serious inquires on both with delivery scheduled for this weekend. I also scheduled an appointment with a consignment shop and have identified 25 items to take along with 3 of my beloved Coach bags.

  • Keilon

    I have already started with one of my goals. I have a savings account with Barclay’s. Where I am saving 25 dollars a week.

  • Shay Bunny

    My goal…. Start saving period.
    How close am I….Opened up a online account
    Next step…. Set up monthly deposit
    I’m on my way….

  • Rose Baty

    I think I miss understood week 1 at first but I got it now. I have three bill I want to pay off by June totaling about 4500. Today I open my online saving and put $100 in it!

  • Diana Martin

    I have chosen from Day 1 task to save $1,250 in 5 months. I have called Capitalone360 to have $62.50 taken out starting tomorrow every week.

  • N. Dixson

    One of my goals was to start saving for retirement.
    Today I opened up a CD at my credit union that they are running a limited time offer on. You normally need a min of 1k to open this particular CD but they are letting you open one for $50 and it has an APY 0f 3.00%. my bank was only offering 0.51%

  • Katrina

    Im so lost. I really need help, I dont know where to start can someone help me find direction. I really want to save & pay off my debt!!

  • Peggy

    Hello everyone, my goal was to save 50.00 each month and guess what?!!!!!! I just transferred 50.00 into my on-line banking account and when i get paid next week, I’ll be able to deposit another 50.00. YAYYY ME!

  • Claudie Rich

    My goal is to save US$1000 by November 30,2016. In order to save this I will save all my coins in a jar and seeing as I am a kindergarten teacher I will be researching and finding something that I love in order to get a second income like supplying educational resources to other teachers at a minimal cost.

  • Dimples

    I took action toward one of my goals on day three by transferring $100 into my online savings account. Today I was able to pay off one small CC which is a step toward completing my second goal. WOTM (Woman on The Move)

  • Stania Bernard

    One of my goals is to pay off a $500+ balance on my credit card by March 15, so I will apply $100 from my check to that balance.

  • Elyza Hernandez

    My goal is to save $2100 in 21 week..
    I opened up a savings account just for this goal..
    I already save $200 ..
    Can wait to see what i can do..

  • Geneva

    i want to save $2400 this year. I opened 2 different savings vehicles. I also have a bank saver in my home to place loose change. I placed change in the loose changer every week. I check to make sure my deposits are in my account and if i have anything extra to place in them.

  • Alitha Hawkins

    One of my goals is to save $8000.00 by 12/31/16. I am in a club at work called the Sav A lot club and it is a savings club that requires you to put in 50.00 biweekly based on the number of spots that you have. I have 1 1/2 spots so I pay 75.00 biweekly. When my time comes next week, I will have $1300.00, there are three groups=$3900.00 total. I will divide that and put into each one of my online savings. I have also looked into my car insurance and have received some great quotes and will soon switch so that I can save! Slowly changing my mindset. YAY!!!!

  • Rashawn

    Mu goal was to add $50 to one of my credit cards. I have started the envelope method and so far it is working. I haven’t used my debit card yet and if I keep this up, I will have the extra income to add to my credit card.

  • Sharon Lewis

    One of my goals is to save a $1000 by July 15th. I have opened up an Ally account. Today I deposited $50 into the account. I am doing the penny challenge and also the 52 week challenge. Most importantly I am depositing $175.00 twice a month I not the account.

  • Dhiramum

    My goal is to save $3,000 by August. I have not touched my savings that I have from automatic deposits. I have also opened a digit account. I have created a binder with the budget sheets and have begun tracking my expenses. TODAY, I brought lunch to work and have dinner for tonight already cooked! I am wavering on the money bucket and think I should just increase my TDA.

  • I’ve already opened up my online savings account and my first action was to take the $25 I have DD into my checking account re-routed into the savings from now until I’m no longer working for my employer.

  • Nadine Okuns

    I opened my Ally account and deposited first $50 toward my goal of $1, 200 by 12/31/16. I will eliminate my monthly Starbucks of $50 and apply that to my savings next month as well.

  • Ophelia

    I’ve opened a saving bank account to start saving my 3 mth income/emergency fund.

  • Felicia Laws

    My Day 5 action: One of my goals was to save $1000 by 5/22/2016 and I was going to do this by cancelling unused gym memberships to help contribute to me move toward accomplishing this goal. Well, I cancelled one!!

    • Lauren Wilson

      Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Lauren Wilson

    Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $1000 by June to pay off personal loan and furniture loan.
    2) How close am I: I already have about $350 saved in my money bucket account.
    3) Next best step: Continue to put $100 each pay period in my money bucket account.
    4) Take the step: i get paid Thursday so after I pay my tithes I will move $100 over to money bucket account.

  • Nathifa Harris

    My goal is to pay off credit card debt by the end of the year. My first step was to STOP any recurring charges on them. Step two was to make more than than the minimum payment due (twice monthly payments) and the next step I made today, it maybe small, but I placed a post-it on my cards that read: STOP!!! Think again… Is this an emergency?!”

  • Twashia

    One of my goals was to save $100 a month until August. That’s $50 a paycheck. So unopened a savings account with ally bank and trf $60!!! Then I saw I had $17 in my wallet so I put the. $5 in an envelope and put the other $$12 in a separate envelope. Then locked it away in my safe. Out of sight out of mind. Lol. I’m determined to not only save for my future but to get out of debt saw well!

  • DeLisa Fountain

    My original savings goal: I will save $3845.95 by 12/31/16 by participating in the 52 week money challenge, the penny challenge and also transferring $90 from each bi weekly pay check to my savings account.
    My action step: I have begun to also save my change in jars at work so I am not tempted to spend my loose change in the vending machine. I have two pretty glass jars that I have emptied my change into today.

  • Kenyada Roberts

    One of my goals is to analyze my time and see how it is spent and try to save time where I can. Today I am writing down my tasks and prioritizing and seeing where I can develop the skill of being efficient.

  • MissFinance

    One of my goals was to save an additional $600 by May. Today I transfered an extra $50 into my savings account.

  • Dorothy Johnson

    I have decided to do the 52 week saving and also the $5.00 challenge. I will be using the bank/ credit union I current use, One United and Hanscom Federal Credit Union.

  • Claudine Johnson

    One of my goals is to save one month worth income for my emergency fund by the end of the year. I opened an account with ING bank and set up automatic withdrawals of 10% of my paycheck twice a month to go into this account. Also I do the $5 challenge as well. I actually do it with $1 and $5. Anything I come across these bills I put them into a piggy bank which. I can’t get access to the money unless I open up the can with a can opener.

  • Christina Howell

    My first goal is to save $5,100 as an emergency fund and then start kicking it on the student loan debt. I just put $100 aside and also signed up for Personal Capital and entered all my accounts so that I could more easily see a snapshot of everything to help keep me motivated. So far i’m loving it!

  • Monica Jones

    One of my goals is to save $500.00 by July 1, 2016. I already open an savings account with Ally. I have $30.00 in that account now and will transfer $20.00 this week to start off with $50.00 I love using the Ibotta app, therefore, I will be transfering the money I make by doing everyday saving, into this account per month. I will also transfer 10% of my check

  • LaKendra Fulbright

    I have a savings goal for the year, have already started saving towards that goal and have an online only savings account so I initially felt I didn’t have any action step to take. Well I decided to ask about my current APR which is .75% with capital one 360. I called and he informed me that once I get $10k (I’ll have that by the summer) I can switch to a money market account which will yield 1.0% APR (it would only be .6% if less than 10k). It doesn’t seem like much but it’s more money I will earn and it will take no action on my part except switching the account over. I wouldn’t have even thought to do that. I feel great about making small steps towards a better financial future.

  • Gorgelia Pollard

    I opened the online savings account and $50 goes straight to that. Also, I am saving for my wedding next year. The goal is to save $500 a month.
    My goal is to have that amount saved up by the end of this month by paying all of my bills first and to stop eating out so much.

  • Tamme

    So my goal was to start saving , I opened up my account online

  • Shannan Batten

    Today I deposited money in my Online savings account. That got me closer to my 1st savings goal!

  • Priscilla

    Pay off a bill by paying 250/pay period by August.

  • KendrA SilveR

    My goal is to save $500 by July 1 so that I can take my daughter on a vacation. We’ve never been anywhere (she’s only 6). I personally haven’t been on vacation since I was in high school( i’ve been out of high school for 12 years) I opened my ally account and and have set my deposits up.

  • Derice

    Well for this week’s challenge, I’ve decided to lessen my savings amount bi-weekly to $50.00 which would allow me to pay down other debt that I have. I am also utilizing a savings jar for all spare change that I come across and will be depositing that into my savings account once it is filled.

  • Alexandria Parris

    So my goal is to save $5,000 in a year in order to have a down payment for a house by this time next year. To do this, I started the $5,000 challenge in conjunction with the live richer challenge. Each week I save a different amount and by the end, I’ll be looking to buy a home!!!

  • Jennifer Fresquez

    All of my goals have to do with saving. Today I brought my lunch to work, had breakfast at home and deposited $32 into my online savings bucket…I’m doing the 52-week saving challenge (doubling the amounts when I can).

  • Jamila Bullock

    I have decided to try to pay my car not off in 2 years. My current balance is 11,886. Im not sure if this is possible but I will definitely be working towards that goal! My step taken was to see how much I actually owed on my car.

  • Cat23

    I’m going to set up direct deposit from my payroll to send $25 to my online bank account each pay period.

  • notheragain

    My bank offers a vacation club account similar to a Christmas club account. I can only withdraw from the account twice a year. For now I will have 10.00 per pay check deposited into this account. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Ivy

    Tiffany, I am really enjoying this #LiveRicherChallenge! It’s making me aware of my finances and my spending, and I am holding myself accountable! I had a high interest loan with One Main Financial (ripoff) but since following the Budgetnista, I decided to call my bank to discuss getting a lower interest loan, was approved, and I paid off the previous loan yesterday. It also saved me a $300 payment for May 1. I can use that money towards one of my other goals! I’M EXCITED!!

  • Keisha Norris

    One of my goals is to be an Uber/Lyft driver and save all my earnings. I will complete the registration for Uber today.

  • Crystal Sorrells

    I opened a money bucket with Ally and joined Digit…

  • Sabine Peltro

    I will transfer what I have saved already to my online saving account today

  • My goal is to save $600. I already had an Ally savings account with a balance of $48 dollars and have automatic withdrawals on the 15th and the end of the month of $20 which I plan on increasing. I also have a piggy bank that all of my loose change is deposited in at the end of the day. I cleaned out my car the other day and found approximately $5 in loose change…. every little bit helps!

  • Demetra Richardson

    My goal is to save $700 by Dec. 1st and to get close to this goal I have already opened my money market account with FBNC and I am $30 closer to my goal.

  • Maureen M

    One of my goals is to save more for multiple reasons. I already have an automatic deposit set up with an online bank. Today I increased the auto deposit amount by 20% ($5)

  • idesign75

    One of my goals was to transfer any remaining balance (up to $75) from my 2nd checking account to my savings account each pay period. This task reminded me that I need to link those accounts first. I set it up today and the verification should be complete this week in plenty of time for my next pay period. Excited to see what I’ll be able to transfer!

  • Jay Johnson

    One of my goals is to pay off my furniture, well after paying all my bills I had some change left over and I was gonna buy myself a little something(not needed) instead I will put that extra towards my furniture bill to pay it off quicker than planned.

  • Jay Johnson

    Btw, I’m still looking for an accountability partner if anyone else needs one, thx.

  • Larene Randle

    One of my goals is to remodel our bathroom. Today I will call the contractor to get the bid on how much it will cost us. Today I will google search the cost of an adapter for my phone to watch movies and cut the internet off. Also will cancel the unused gym membership my husband is holding onto saving us 67 dollars a month. That 67 dollars will go into our Savings account toward the project.

  • aisha glenn

    one of my goals was to save $100 per pay check. Day 3 we were encouraged to open a MMA. It reminded me that I already had an account with discover. I immediately put $50 into the account getting me half way to where I want to be. Now I am concentrating on being consistent with this every paycheck.

  • Dana

    I love the $5 bill challenge. I will begin that today. One goal is to save $100 a month starting this month. I have $60 and this weekend is my birthday so instead of taking cash to go places, I will use $40 of it for my savings. I will still enjoy the weekend but will feel better about going for my goal. I’m also going home to count up the change I have saved and have done nothing with. That’s a great idea. You guys comments are really eye opening.

  • NT

    One of my goals is improve my credit. I went on creditkarma to see where I am and made an extra payment on my credit card

  • Amy Tyler

    One of my goals was to reduce non-essential spending. I will do that removing my tablet from my cell service. The tablet itself was free, but the data plan was NOT, that’s an extra $30 in my money bucket each month. Next, I will cancel my Netflix subscription. $11.99/month for the same movies, shows, etc that I can watch on Hulu for $4 less.

  • Dallas Freeman

    One of my goals was to not spend money on what I don’t need if I already have it, because I do that often. Generally on Sunday’s I stop and get food for breakfast on the way to church. Today I decided to wake up a little earlier and take the time to make some breakfast. If I can do this every Sunday, I can save like $6-$7 dollars every Sunday, which is like $30 every month. And it’s the healthier choice =]. Also we had a garage sale yesterday. so the little bit of money I made from that will go towards my money bucket

  • Christina McLean

    I opened up a Money Market Savings Account with Ally Financial and transferred $10 into it.

  • Liz Prince

    1) Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: To save $1015 by 12/31/16

    2) How close am I: I am $0 close because my start date is Jun 3 when I get paid. I will set aside an additional $30 on top of what I am already saving.

    3) Next best step: Commit to it

    4) Take the step: I already have an account that I am saving in.

  • Mary Cornish

    I opened a NCU account yesterday and pulled credit reports. Been doing the change in a jar for a while now.

  • Monica

    Today my goal is to research prepaid cell plans. My goal is to save 1500 by December by reducing bills. Our Verizon bill is 228/mo. I will take action to reduce bills and affect my savings toward my goal today!

  • R. Davis

    Day #5
    Goal from day 1: save $500 by Nov 1st
    How close am I: I haven’t gotten paid since starting this challenge, but instead of buying lunch this week, I’ve been bringing my lunch from home. And I have not pulled money out of savings to buy unnecessary stuff.
    Next best step: All loose change in my purse, I will deposit into my savings account. And I am canceling my gym membership and that $15 per month will go into my savings account.
    Take the step: Deposit will be made in the amount of $.84. lol

  • Teresa Jackson

    My goal is to save $100 by the end of June. I already have a savings opened with $25 dollars in it. So I only have $75 more to go. My next step is to start cooking more and eating out less to put in extra as well as save 10% of every business transaction I make.

  • Brittany J Taylor

    One of my goals is to pay off all my man-made debt within the next five years by my b-day, 7/17. Today, I called one of my creditors to setup a payment plan and find out more information about settling my entire debt.

  • Natalie Simms

    One of my goals is to save $375 by the end of this year to go towards my emergency fund. I already have $50 saved. Today I set up a financial allotment to come from my paycheck so I am diligent in putting that money away.

  • Dee Dee

    Late post: My goal is to save 5k by December by doing several things, one being a side hustle. Well I made a decision to get my insurance license. I called the person that recommended it and set the appointment for Saturday.

    Update: I registered and have started studying!!

  • Jes

    One of my goals is to save $2000 by the end of 2016. I already have $150 going to a savings (I’m committing myself to stop dipping in it). The next best step I can make is once I recieve notification from ALLY that my account is open, I will have that $150 direct deposited directly to ALLY. That will help with the dipping until I get use to my new financial lifestyle.

  • Frederica

    My short term goal is to save at least $500 by November 1st, and I’d like that savings to be the beginnings of my cushion or rainy day fund. I am soon to begin a new job hopefully in the next month and will do a split direst deposit to my savings to pay my tithes and myself first. The new savings acct is plan A. I also just started a Digit account, that’s plan B.

  • JazzieNeil

    I will place 50.00 into my savings account on Tuesday when I get paid.

  • Shara Prophet

    I love the idea of saving every $5 I come across. I’m doing that as soon as I get back into the country. I’m also rolling up all my change and taking it to my credit union to deposit in my savings account. My goal is to save $700 by Dec. 31st 2016. I already have $140. My other goal is to be completely credit card debt free by the end of the year.

  • Deseree Wynne

    One of my goals was to save 10% of paycheck and accumulate $1000 by Christmas 2016. So I opened my Ally Bank account and deposited my first $80.00 in there today! I had been holding on to the cash for a week, I just felt if I had used any of it I was letting myself down. Another one of my goals is to be a better stewart over my money and make better choices. God is answering my cry with the help of this group.

  • Janelle

    One of my goals for the challenge on day one was to save 1000 toward my emergency fund by December. I have opened an online savings account yesterday with Barclay and added $20 to it. I will continue to add to this until me 1000 goal is met and there after.

  • Kamaria Beamon

    One of my goals is to save at least $3600 in a year in a savings account and to give more to my church. I am setting reminders to transfer 10% of my paycheck to my account. I applied for an Ally online savings account and downloaded and set up the Digit App on my phone. I’m also setting up reminders to give.

  • Kimberly

    Goal: To save 1000 by 12/1/2016
    How close I am: I have already saved 85 with digit
    Next step: Start saving more aggressively with digit

  • Juanita Ritter

    So one of my goals is to save $600 over the next six months. A way towards that goal is to track my spending, not just bills but everything. I started an Excel spreadsheet and have been putting in every dollar I spend. It’s a real eye opener and a motivator to see it in black and white to make changes in unnecessary spending that can go towards my savings goal.

  • Jeannine King

    One of my goals is to save $200 by December 1st and I transferred my first $1 into my savings account today. Yay me!

  • Mildred Swan

    Tomorrow i buy a lock bank for the change that i have already began saving.

  • Ashli Addison

    I actually started my savings goal this month (July). My goal is to save AT LEAST $2000 by 11/1/16. I will do this by preparing meals, not spending unnecessary money, staying away from temptation and emotional situations. I’m already sitting at $111.80 over this months goal and I get paid again tomorrow.

    The next goal for me to work on would be starting a home based business.

    I also need an Accountability Partner… Any takers?

  • TQ

    I wanted to save money by not eating out everyday. Today, I decided to eat what was in my refrigerator. I will meal prep from now on.

  • Andrea Bogan

    It’s day five of the challenge for me. At first I was a little defeated feeling that I REALLY didn’t have much to work with – but what’s been amazing me is the fact that it really is in the little things, small steps, that I’m learning over time will reap a great benefit. I keep a coin jar in the house and just randomly dump change into. Well today I’m putting it into the money bucket account I set up yesterday, and I’m actually excited about doing that!

  • Latrice Davis

    One of my goals is to pay off a credit card by Febuary 1 2017. Today I avoided buying any fast food and actually used the protein powder I had at home as my post workout instead of buying one from the gym. I was resourceful and used the food and products I had at home versus spending money when I did not need to.

  • Lisa

    I love the $5 idea! I also will implement the 52 wk saving challenge and deposit that into my new Ally account! My step for today is opening a Barclay account to save for my daughter’ college fund! You are awesome! Thank you for this challenge it is such an eye opener!

  • Daphne

    Does anyone know how to get off the black list at the banks. That is my one obstacle that I am having to be able to open up an account for my savings. Please help. I’m loving the $5.00 any time in possession savings and I’m going to add $1.00 as well. Thanks for the great idea.

  • robin sanders

    Good morning everybody today my goal is have 10 Uber rides before 1 o’clock thank you Tiffany

  • Britt

    My goal today is to speak with my credit card company and negotiate a lower interest rate. Wish me luck!

  • Dizexhaled

    My action is to work on my first goal of putting money into 2 savings accounts each pay. For one account, I will need to transfer money from one bank to another, which I’ve been subconsciously procrastinating about. I’ve recently joined a great credit union, but transferring from bank to bank is not that easy for the 1st 90 days, thus the procrastination. I will make sure I take action to do that in a few minutes.

  • Tykeshia Wiggs

    So today I’m choosing one of my goals from day #1 which is saving up #1000 to put on buying a new car. As I said on that day I will put $40 into my savings account each week. I am also going to open up my online account today. And to keep the momentum going I and going piggyback on @AqueelahReed idea to put up each $5 bill I get… Spook excited about it all and very motivated. Thanks ladies😉

  • Crystal Davis

    Doubled direct deposit weekly savings from 250 to 500 per week. WOOT WOOT!!!

  • Johnique Fannin

    Today I got to finally set up automatic transfers to my online banking account, and it felt good!

  • Alana Davenport

    My goal was to save $500 by December 2016, I opened my online bucket account with a $10.00 deposit, and I received a $32.00 check from my auntie and added that in to my online account and now I have $42.00 in my newly opened money bucket account. I am on my way to saving that $500 by the end of the year. Plus I am going to try to make an extra payment on my car before December 2016, to get it paid off faster.

  • Brittany Kilgore

    Hi all!
    One of my goals is to have $5000 saved by January 1, 2018 to travel back to a country in Africa. I’ve already started using Digit but was unsure of what those savings would go towards. Well, this is it! I already have $133 so far! I also like the $5 challenge I saw others commenting on. I never have a lot of cash, but when I do, I’ll definitely hold onto those $5s!

  • Body & Mind Wellness

    Day 5: Make a Move

    One goal complete – the opening of an online savings account. One of my goals is to stop buying coffee and make my own. I usually spend $1 – $1.65 on coffee. I’m already saving one dollar bills, so I will now add to them by inserting the cost of the coffee each day.

  • Body & Mind Wellness

    My commitment today was not to buy coffee but to make it at home. Mission accomplished. Savings est. $3.00

  • Amber Chatman

    My goal is to save $200 a month for the next six months. To do this I needed to cut down expenses. My action step today was to consolidate my four credit card bills into one monthly payment. Since I have a credit union the interest is 6% rather than 28%-24% per credit card. Payments are now a little less expensive and stressful. Putting away $200 a month just got easier.

  • Sabrina

    One of my goals is to save 1900 to buy one of my daughters a car this summer (July 2016). I already set up my a Money Bucket Account back in January. I am already at 1025. My best next step was to set up automatic transfers to the account of $50 per pay period. So I did today!

  • Allysha

    One of my goals is to save $300 by the end of October(baby steps first). I already opened up an online savings account. I also plan to save every $5 bill that come in my possession starting right now:)

  • Rasheedah Johnson

    Today I will continue my day one goal of staying on budget so I can get caught up on current bills and be able to save. I’m doing good on staying on track with my budget each week even thou it has been really tight and I get the urge to postpone bills to have a little extra money in my hand. I also make it a point to work on my second goal of extra income by doing uber. I set a goal of how much I want to make and don’t stop until I hit that goal.

  • Brie Lightfoot Smith

    I’m going to put money down on my phone today.

  • Vanessa

    Goal: Get my finances in order and understand what I need to cover my expenses, loves AND save. I signed up for Digit and Mint. I’m getting real with myself.

  • Selena Wilson

    I love that idea of the $5.00. I’m in. I can use that as one of my ways of accomplishing my savings goals.

  • Nekia Brown

    I’m starting this whole challenge over. My goal is to save $2700.00 for my shock payment with NACA to purchase a house. I’ve setup a transfer of 5% of my income ( the other 5% is going into my “just in case account”) to my money bucket saving. No more eating put and always use coupons while shopping.

  • jennise kidd

    My goal is to save $700 dollars by Januaryb 23,2017,Today I opened an online savings and I have also challenged myself to the $5.oo challenge on fb.I choose $700 because 7 is God’s number of completion & I choose the 23 of January because that is my birthday & this will be a gift to myself.

  • Tiffany Tucker

    One of my goals is to save 10k by Dec 2017 by living off of 70% of my income. Today I setup an automatic deposit from my check to my online Barclay’s savings account for that extra 30%. I will save this 10k!!

    • Courage Molina

      I hear you sister!! Making changes over here too! WE GOT THIS!

  • Jazz

    One on my goals is to save at least $250 per month for the next year. My plan is to start by saving all of my lose change (starting on the first day of the month) and putting it into a piggy bank. On the last day of the month, I will total up all of my savings and deposit it into my Money Buck. I have challenged my mom, my sister, and my brother to do the same. We are all on a group chat together, so we will all hold each other accountable by posting pics of our piggybanks (with money in them) each month.

  • Tasha Black

    My goal is to save money to pay down my debt and boost my credit score. I am challenging myself to save $40 in my credit union savings account, and not to touch it. I also opened my “money bucket” account with Ally Bank. I think I will join you all with the $5 challenge on that one.

  • Sharrelle Flanders

    So one of my goals is to save 3500. What I started doing was eliminating my coffee intake, and the money I would spend on coffee I will save, alone with the money I need to meet my goal😊

  • Sharrelle Flanders

    i will try the five dollar challenge, as well.

  • Courage Molina

    I plan to save $5000 in 8 months. I opened an Ally savings account and will be making another deposit today!!

  • LaTia Christian-Parrish

    One of my goals is to save $600.00 by February. I’ve already saved $200.00. So, I am opening a new savings account online, which will be harder for me to access.

  • April Pace

    I have decide to save a $150 a month I split it evenly between three online saving accounts. I have already put away my goal amount for this month. I have also joined Digit.

  • Jasmine Norman

    I am new to the challenge and I after some research I learned that I should not open an online savings account due to recent bankruptcy. Therefore, I went to an old credit Union savings account I have, and rarely use. I registered for online banking so that I can manage and track my savings online. I have also vowed to save every $5 bill I get! Happy savings!

  • Danielv01

    Today I started to pay down my small debt will finish paying it off in January, set up an automatic transfer biweekly to my Barclays account 🤑Drop by drop the bucket will get full, staying humble

  • Tara

    My goal is save $2500. So I have been doing the change in jar expect mine is can and you have to cut it open to get the change out.

    I’m also opening a share certificate the I will deposit 100.00 a month I got the next 12month. It holds me accountable because if money is withdrawn before the 12months there is a fee.

  • Shawndolyn Hampton

    1. Invest. Pay balance on tuition, so I can get my degree in hand. Pay off all unnecessary debt by the end of June and save on certain bills. This includes selling or donating items in my storage unit that I’ve had for years and keeping those of value; finding a better option for cable since I only watch about 10 of the channels that I pay for; switching cell phone carriers to one that offers more, but it less costly; and paying off all small bills.

    2. I have $1000 set aside to invest and have half of my tuition balance. I’ve researched and cable and phone options, I just need to seal the deal.

    3. Start back adding to my savings account for paying off “unnecessary” bills and rainy day funds plus open a money market account for long term savings goals.

    4. I will be opening up a Barclays money market account tonight after work or tomorrow, because not only do they have 1.05% APY, they also offer a 2.5% bonus for 6 months of consecutive deposits and no withdrawals. I plan to deposit $250 every pay period.

  • Melissa Watt

    One of my goals was to save $685 for my daughter to attend a new daycare by the new year. I opened a Capitolone360 account. After I pay my bills I plan on saving the rest for daycare, and I get paid five times before the new year.

  • Lourdes

    I will use my 0 % APR and 0% transfer fee and move part of 1 account to it to pay it faster and bring 0 balance to that card sooner.

  • I-Esha Scott

    One of my goals is to save money for an end n of the year trip with friends…I planned out the months I would need to save extra and I put a reminder in my calendar on those months to remind myself to set aside that money…I also out in the notes section of the reminder that I’m saving for my trip so I can remember my why and stay on it

  • Lisa

    1. Chosen goal: My savings goal is to save 7500 by the end of 2017.
    2. How close am I?: $17+ saved by my digit account
    3. Next best step: Identify a savings challenge to meet my goal and get started.
    4. Take the step: Today, I modified my direct deposit designation to include a set amount going to my online money bucket account!

  • Monique Brooks

    My goal is to put money into my new savings account each biweekly pay. I will start with 5.00 each and increase each pay period by 5.00 thru 2017.

  • Georgette Best

    I will open my online savings account with Ally to help me save towards my goal of having $5000 saved by the end of 2017. I already have a money market account through Sallie Mae in which I save $50 weekly towards Family Trips and Christmas.

  • Nay

    My goal is to save 10K by next year and to pay off my credit card debt $4k (I paid 1200 towards my CC debt and opened an online savings acct and put in an initial deposit of $100.

  • Towanna

    I have started the 52 week challenge to $5000 and I put $20 in my savings. I’m very good at saving money and will continue to do so. I programmed my phone with a reminder on every Monday to put the next amount of money in. I WILL reach my goal and I will continue to progress.

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  • Wanda

    I like the $5 challenge, I might do that. One of my goals toward saving is not buy anything new this month. Of course, that doesn’t include the necessities of life: groceries, gas, mortgage, & utilities.

  • Audria Patrick

    1) Goal chosen from Day 1’s task: Coin Challenge, $5.00 Challenge and Gift Card Life.
    2) How close am I: I have already done one purse dump for change/coins, deposited $55.00 ($5.00 bills) into my Treasures Box and purchased a $25.00 MC gift card (1st paycheck of 2017).

  • anganette johnson

    My goal is to save $5000 this year, but I have broken it up in quarters. By March 31st, I will save $1250. My to do so is to save 96.15 per week, last 96.20. In addition, each week I’m adding a roll of coins to an ozarka water bottle, set aside for end of the year travel ($70/month – divided as such per week $10, $15, $20, $25).

    That’s just my savings goal. I’m praying and trusting, that it will be $20K with some additional steps. So far, I’ve managed my first week with $106.15. Creating a money bucket account to not have access to the 96.15 is my next step. The Ozarks top is gorilla glued lol.

  • Dychaun Dunbar

    The 1 goal I chose to start working on now is my debts. I am goingvto take 2017 ro work on it. I am going to start with what’s current. Get them to a 0 balance and then take the close debt that is the smallest and pay that off and get it removed from my credit and so for.

  • Samara Marie

    Today I committed to making my lunch everyday (which will also help me lose weight), put away money weekly/monthly, use only one credit card, and only spend money on my “love it” expenses as a monthly reward for accomplishing my monthly fitness goals. For every pound I lose in a month, I also will put in my savings account. I also plan to research and choose a savings account by March.

  • Myeasha Mcknight

    I started the $5 challenge and so far I have $20 its not much but I never use cash and when I do I spend it, so I think I’m doing good so far. I also started the envelope challenge and started high with $100 but left it in the bank b/c I am not sure if I see it I may spend it lol Thanks to you guys for the comments and good advice….I am loving this group and can’t wait to see what my goals look like at the end of the year!

  • Lois Samuels

    I want to save $600 by July I don’t have much to start so I’m doing the envelope challenge and started with $1 and I will aslo put money in my savings account.

  • LaKisha Liggins

    My goal from Day 1: Save money on a weekly basis (by saving $50/week and avoid spending on eating out)

    I plan to cook dinner tonight instead of eating out to save money this week.

  • MDT

    One of my goals is to save $10/month February – November for Christmas gifts. I allocated $10 in my February budget.

  • Shantrell Rogers

    One of my goals is to save $600 in 9 months for my Christmas trip to Chicago. So, I am cancelling my Planet Fitness membership and having that money automatically transferred into my Money Bucket account every month. That’s $100 that I won’t have to worry about.

    • Shantrell

      I forgot to mention that I haven’t used my membership in over 5 months (that sounds really bad), due to my pregnancy so I’ve actually been wasting money.

  • Well, @The Budgetnista; my first savings/spending goal is $300 for spending money for my trip to Anguilla at the beginning of April.

    I am already doing the 52 Week Money Challenge–I’ve reached $276.00 just from saving $1.00 per week and adding $1.00 more to the previous balance–it’s a snowball effect.

    I just started the $5.00 challenge as well. I have $5 bucks saved. This is the challenge I am going to use ($5.00 challenge) to fund my Anguilla trip–while I continue to save towards the 52 week money challenge. I don’t plan to touch this. I am saving this money to go towards my Emergency fund–for absolute emergencies. My goal to start off is $1000.00; later increasing.

    I am also starting to pay myself first (10%) BEFORE anybody gets my earned income…this is my Financial Freedom account–this account is for ‘investing’ and one day, I will live off the interest and never touch the principle.

    Right now, I am on my way to the bank to make a $5.00 deposit to put into my MMA account!

    Whew! that’s all for now 🙂

  • sheilondaD

    I chose my goal to save $500 by July 6, 2017. I opened my online account as you stated for us to do. I linked the checking so it can transfer in to the account every 2 week starting February 24. Which will give me exactly $500 to spend for a special occasion that week.

  • Layla

    My first savings goal was to save $7200 in a year. I have been saving for a few months now and have saved $420 so far. I currently still observe an essential only spending day and have decided to allocate those savings to the $7200, in order to save faster.

  • Debra Woods

    One of my goals is to save $1200 by September 2017. I also have been saving my single dollar bills at the end of the before the challenge and I now have, $100 in singless dollar bills. I have save $100 towards my $1200 goal.

  • Debra Woods

    Saving my single dollar bills at the end of every week.

  • Eva

    Goal: Recycling my money. I’m collecting all the things I don’t use or need and planning a yard sale to put money in my money bucket. How close? Real close, I’ve set a date for my sale. Next step: Advertising, printing flyers and putting them out.


    One of My goals were to open a online high yielding savings account, April 2017 I opened that account so that I could save 5,000 between May 1st 2017-September 2017 month end. My strategy is to transfer at least 1,000 per month to this account, and by September month end have at least 5,000 in this new account.

  • Miesha

    Hello.Today I am catching up on the LRC WEEK1 DAY 5. The task for today asked of me to choose a goal listed from Day 1 savings goal challenge. The very first day I wanted to increase my weekly savings . Im conisdering doing so April 7th, two days before Day 5 challenge is Awesome!! My weekly savings went from 42.29 to 87.29.Hopefully this coming Friday I will do the same.

  • Danamichelle

    I will take photos of items and post them and sell on offer up so that I
    can ensure the items are sold prior to moving to new place May 31,

  • Olevia Williams

    Today I packed my lunch to help me save money and not spend friviously. My goal is to eat a packed breakfast and lunch everyday.

  • Jacqueline Smith

    I am steadily working towards my goal. I already have an online account which I already save $50 per pay period. One of my goals is to cave an additional $750 in iti over the next year or so without withdrawing from it. So far, so good!

  • Tynesha Cummings

    My step is to save $2500 by September to start school for my Esthetician license. I have $25 in my savings already towards my goal.

  • Sophia Brown

    One of my goals is to increase monthly payment on paying certain bills down and off by end of year…I have established the monthly payment needed to pay one of those bills off by the end of the year….will be making increased payment on one of the bills this week…

  • Taneisha Kitchings

    I am going to save $800 by December to help toward my process of owning a home. I have $70 saved already, and I set up direct deposits into my Ally Bank account yesterday not knowing what today’s challenge would be. I am also going to go grocery shopping today to save money from eating out and buying lunch which will help toward one of my other goals. Also I read some of the other comments and I am going to start the $5 challenge today as well.

  • Ashley Oldham

    One of my goals was to save 500 dollars by 12.31.17. So far I’ve save 50 dollars (Go me). My next best step is googling how to make additional income to further accomplish this goal. Today I’ll google how to make additional income and start making extra money!

  • Ashley Oldham
  • Lavette

    Today, I took action towards actually establishing and writing down my goals. Whereas before, I was not able to specify my goals (I was still following the rest of the other day’s tips), I got inspiration from reading everyone’s “take action goals” today. Thanks everyone! Also, I transferred my last $5 into my online savings.

  • Renae Myrie

    Save my loose change for today that I will add to the rest that I have to bring to the bank to add to an account.

  • Karen Dugas

    One of my savings goals to to save for a trip to the Bahamas in 2018. Today I opened a Vacation Club account at my credit union with change I’ve collected since June :)) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/365dc9ff054e60e681ec071784df755eceefa13171e665c2726bb56c686578ea.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3bd312ba3f72500434ca86c22f9475b68a5e232311d768c00c7403923c081643.jpg

  • Evette Noel

    My goal that I chosen from day 1 is cc debt…I have $30 save towards them…I will start the $5 challenge today..

  • Carynne Haye

    So one of my goals is to buy a used car cash by my birthday Feb 25 2018. Although it may not be much, I have decided to save $5 a week to supplement what I will receive back from taxes for that year.

  • Kimberly Harper

    I’m going to tell my boyfriend that I’m in over my head again in debt. I’m so scared but I have to do it since we live together and can affect him

  • michelle lockhart

    My goal as of today is take my extra $50 and do a bucket. Goal is to have saved at least $500 by end of year 2017. Goal is to put at least $100 each month away. I am putting my faith in god that I can continue this.

  • Dominique Wallace

    I want to pay off my credit card by NOV. 1st. On each paycheck I receive I will put something towards it and won’t use it.

  • Cassandra Rivera

    My goal is to save $300 within six months and to also pay off two of my debts. I have also started to collect any loose change that I have or my family in a big jug to to see how much I discard or just hand out by June. It is called my family vacation jar 🙂

  • Tara Strother

    1-Goal Identified: Make a partial or full payment to a medical bill
    2-Identify how closed you are to achieving that goal: I currently have money in a
    savings acct.
    3-Pay just the minimum on all credit cards and then take the extra money and make the payment on the medical bill

  • VC

    Ok I’m a little ahead as I started the Digit app savings, the Emergency Funds, & the online savings account this past week.

  • Betty Wright

    My goal today is to save money by using the $1 envelope method. I was a horrible saver before I joined this group. I have saved just a few dollars but that was a big step for me, someone who loved to spend. My next step is to add $5’s along with the $1’s. I have taken the step to open an account with 360 MMA, I have to start depositing into it but again, these are major steps for me. I love this group, it has really opened my eyes up to my finances and credit.

  • Shikira

    My goal is to save $10,000 by the end of this year. I plan to open up another savings account to eliminate withdrawals to my checking when I “need it”
    I also will set up automatic payments to my money bucket to build an emergency fund (something I’ve never been able to keep).