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Week 2: Implementation & Automation 

This Week’s Goal: To create a strategy to accomplish your savings goals.

Before you get started…

Every week during the LRC I’m going to ask you anonymous survey questions in the beginning of the week. The purpose of the survey is to see if the challenge’s Easy Financial Tasks have actually helped you master your money.

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Today’s Easy Financial Task: Kick non-essential spending to the curb.

How to Rock This Task:

  • Only buy things you need today. Cut out all non-necessities like coffee, tea or lunch. (Don’t worry—you won’t have to starve. Just bring lunch from home.)
  • Write down each time you want to spend money.
  • Add up how much you save.
  • Put the money you save at the end of the day into your Money Bucket.
  • Share how much you save with your accountability partners.


Welcome to Week 2!

You’ve made it through an entire week of the Savings Challenge. Give yourself a pat on the back. Get ready for a full week of activities that will help you gain control of your money.

Today, your mission is to calculate how much you spend daily on things that are non-essential. After completing this task, you’ll see just how much money you can save when you stop making small non-essential purchases here and there. Trust me: if you want to see your savings account grow, you must get a handle on your spending.


Once you’ve calculated what you’ve saved by not spending money throughout the day, you’re going to take this task one step further.

Remember the Money Bucket we created last week on Day 3? Transfer the money that you save today into your Money Bucket, no matter how small. Then commit to having at least one “essential spending only” day per week and you’ll begin to see your Money Bucket grow before your eyes. Ready, set, go!


Share what you’re doing with your tweeps!

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I’m very excited to hear how much you were able to save today, so share your savings commitment with me in the comments vs. emailing me.

Make sure to contact your accountability partner(s) early today. Give each other a pep-talk about only spending money on essentials today. Remind each other to bring coffee and lunch from home today, instead of buying those things while at work. At the end of the day, check-in again. How much did you both save? Encourage each other to transfer that money to your Money Buckets.

Don’t forget to check into the LIVE RICHER forum to get connected with other Dream Catchers working through this task. At the end of your essential only spending day, come back here & tell me in the comments how much you transferred  to your Money Bucket. 



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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche


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  • ryan holmes

    I remembered my tea, my lunch and my snacks….BUT forgot my oatmeal, looks like $1.89 extra will be going into my saving!

    • Great @ColorMeFit:disqus, you’re already getting the hang of today’s challenge!

  • Harris

    I will save $14…I won’t buy lunch or dinner but cook from home. I will not surf the internet cause that’s when I’ll want to shop;sigh…

    • mysteryuz

      So true! I had to cancel several email subscriptions so I won’t even receive the “sale” emails anymore. It’s too tempting. If I want them they’ll be there.

      • Harris

        I have unsubscribed to several places too! Less emails less temptation!

      • Clarice Meredith

        Oh my the emails are so tempting!!!

      • Ashley Deas Shepard

        I totally agree about unsubscribing! I noticed that one clothing company sent me an email EVERYDAY. That’s ridiculous in my opinion, so they were kicked to the curb.

      • Nique Owens

        Mysteryuz I have the App on my phone. That pops up whenever I am in the area of a sale. I am going 2 have 2 change the settings

        • mysteryuz

          Ooh that would cause me to relapse. I’d change that ASAP lol.

          • Nique Owens


            I did it! I’ve been deleting 1 by 1. I only have 1 left. I’m only holding on to it so I can get 1 pair of shoes I am saving for!

            I’m on my way!

          • mysteryuz

            Great job! I thought I got them all too then an outlet store hit me. I was like NO! look at those cheap Nikes! I deleted them with the quickness. LOL keep up the good work.

      • Rhonda

        I need to unsubscribe to some of those as well! I have one that sends at least 30 sale emails a week!

      • Kaffy Queen

        Good idea I need to do that too

    • That’s great @disqus_0iucrpKWxu:disqus, thanks for sharing!

  • Laterra Jones

    I brought my lunch today and will continue to bring my lunch for the rest of the week. Thats a total of $50 saved for the week that will transfer to my money bucket account..

    • YES, Keep doing it @laterrajones:disqus!

      • Laterra Jones


  • Charmes01

    I’m planning to take lunch & snacks, includingot drinks, water & sprite. I’m also going to eat at home for dinner tonight. I should save about $10 toward my Money Bucket.

    • mysteryuz

      That’s what I am now doing. I went to Costco to load up on healthy snacks and lunch foods. I also purchased a water bottle and the only drink I’ll be having is either water, tea, or hot chocolate which are all free at work.

    • Wonderful @charmes01:disqus! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiff

    Already skipped Starbucks this morning so thats $7.00 in my savings already.

  • Candace

    I take breakfast and lunch to work everyday and make coffe at work, so I don’t spend any money daily. It also happens that I am on a 3 wk fast, so my only meal will be dinner, which will be prepared at home.

  • taye

    I work from home today so i can avoid the temptation of spending money.

  • LaBrenda Breezy Slayton

    I have stopped taking cash with me to work so that I won’t give in to buying snacks and sodas from the snack machine that are already over priced. I had already began bringing my breakfast and lunches a few weeks ago. So I have saved an average of 30 to 35.00 per week.

    • That’s daily savings, great choices @labrendabreezyslayton:disqus!

  • Cheryl Scantlebury

    On average I can spend about $15-$20 a day on breakfast and lunch. However, I plan on bringing my breakfast and lunch from home the entire week. Today I brought my breakfast but I still end up buying a toasted english muffin and a tea which cost me $3 – I have my lunch. At the end of the week I will put all my savings into my Money Bucket. Will do better tomorrow.

    • You have to start somewhere – you did great today @cherylscantlebury:disqus! Keep living richer!

  • Jasmine Williams

    Omg, you said spending money on coffee is non-essential. Lol. I will be buying coffee today. However to save money, I packed lunch which saves me about $7 and I did not take a dollar cab but took the bus which also saves some change because I already have a metro card!

  • Michelle Sutton

    Today I am home from work, so I am not spending any money today. I am eating left overs. I am packing lunch for work as well.

  • Tonya

    I drink my coffee at work which is free. Today I committed to bringing my lunch from home. My girlfriends and I had our annual New Years dinner on last night, there were plenty of leftovers so I brought my lunch today. Instead of brining bottled water I have committed brining my water thermso and filling it up throughout the day with filtered water at work. Usually I spend $3.50 on a case of bottled water and lunch which I usually do bring but occasionally I will buy lunch which will be a savings today of probably $6-$9. Also I took out a package of ground turkey for burgers tonight instead of buying a pizza which we usually have at least once a week.

    • mysteryuz

      I can relate. I drink tea and hot chocolate for free at work. Those drink costs can add up if you are buying them elsewhere. Good for you.

      • Tonya

        Thanks and its good to have support from you guys! Let’s do this!

  • Tee To’Tha Shoy

    Good morning!!!! I’m very happy I read the challenge early because I sure was on my to dunkin donuts to get me…. a large Hazelnut carmel iced coffee with one of those snack wrap things… that’s like I’ll say 8 bucks… but guess what???? I have a box of tea in my office so I’ll gladly drink that.. I didn’t meal prep for the week 🙁 so since I work at a place that has a grocery store I’ll purchase some frozen food.. I’m proud of my self and grateful for this challenge 🙂

  • SLRoebuck

    At the end of last year I decided that I would begin cooking for myself again and not eat out. So, last week I went grocery shopping, stopped eating out and starting preparing my meals at home. I looked at my account and was a bit in shock at the money that I had left from not eating out.

  • Kim

    I am doing green smoothies for breakfast and lunch this month. I normally send @$10 per day during lunch (I usually eat breakfast at home and I am not a coffee drinker), so I will deposit $10 today in my money bucket.

  • Ohara

    Adding $15 to my money bucket. Ate breakfast at home and have lunch for the day. Lucky for me the work place has unlimited coffee and water that I can have anytime of the day. My coworker said his budget for food a day, 7 days a week is $30 which with doing this challenge and being on my savings mindset I found insane!!

  • Ania Otto

    On the average I used to spend between $5-$10 a day on lunch and a coffee. Prior to today, I stopped buying coffee in the morning and drink it at work and I also started packing lunch instead of buying. So I’m ahead of the game!

  • Angela Johnson

    I started last year bringing my lunch to work and eating at my desk. I get free coffee at work (which I only drink to warm up my body). So I plan to eat dinner at home. One dinner for my family (family of 4) is $25 – $60, depending on where we go. Cutting this down to 1- 2 a month will allow me to put that in my Money Bucket

  • Claudia Bellony-Atanga

    Wow you all spend a lot of money on a daily basis!!! Good grief $7 for a coffee

  • Nichelle Crenshaw

    Looking for an accountability partner. ……

  • Nichelle Crenshaw

    I usually check the new task of the day as soon as I wake up but this morning I didnt😕…so that means I dropped the ball for today…but i will start tomorrow!

    • Nichelle

      I just had to comment…whenever I see another Nichelle it always makes me happy 🙂 Hope you’re doing well with the challenge!

      • Nichelle Crenshaw

        I get excited too…lol heeey Nichelle

  • Chantell

    I made coffee from home, and I will be eating from the house today. Also, plan to make a weekly budget for my food shopping.

  • Chas B

    Made coffee at home today instead of spending $2 at Starbucks. Brought some snacks instead of spending $3 at the vending machine. Packed leftovers from dinner last night instead of spending $5 on lunch. I’ll eat dinner at home, which I usually do anyway. That’s a smooth 10 bucks in my Money Bucket. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Tiff got me saving already!!!!! #chi-ching

  • Nadia Cureton

    i brought in breakfast and lunch. needed milk for my granola and almost bought (it is a necessity) but went to work and got some from the break room. it is going to be hard but i hope i can make it not spending a single penny today!

  • Sheva Dabey

    I will be cutting out eating lunch during the week which will save me about $15-20 – i will be putting that $ into my digit account at end of week – i cany spend unnecessarily because I dnt have any now – good thing because it would be gone

  • Michelle

    For a moment I thought I was going to fail today’s goal. I did not have a chance to prepare my lunch today. I usually eat out for lunch every day so since I did not bring my lunch, I was beginning to get down about not being able to participate in “non-essential spending challenge”. However, I just remembered that my manager gave me a $10 gift card to subway for my birthday that I had not used yet. Additionally, I just found out the company distributed holiday gift cards to all employees while I was on vacation. I wasn’t here to receive mine at the time so I am picking it up today! So now I am able to save my own money and transfer it to my money bucket. I will actually double the amount I usually spend as well due to these two small blessings! #winning

  • Cee Michelle

    Today’s Challenge : 🙁
    I didnt make lunch so I have to buy something.

  • Ricki Malone

    I usually buy breakfast which is my lunch at work and I will save about $15 this week.

  • Butwhydoe

    I’ll def rock this task cause today I’m broke! lol

  • Clarice Meredith

    Gonna be honest & confess. I’m an ex-smoker who started back last month around my 1yr anniversary date *shame* I guess that makes me a smoker 🙁 Anyway I decided to add that $5.67 I paid on Newports w/whatever else I walk away from 2day! So far a Gatorade & a Pepsi. Gotta get it 2gether & not just to live richer BUT healthier!!!

    • natisha jeffers

      Good job AP!!! I too need to quit smokin also. I have the patches but have not started to use them… I will do better to kick my nasty habit, so unfortunately they are still a neccessity at the moment.

    • Keep at it Clarice!

  • Ekesha Woods

    I had breakfast at home – but I usually do that anyway, and coffee at work. I bring my lunch about 80% of the time, but even when I do that, if I want something extra I will go out and get it. Today I brought a salad and fruit for my snacks, BUT I felt a twinge of craving for some chicken to put on top (I didn’t take the time to grill my chicken before leaving this morning). Instead of running out to the nearest grocery store to spend (on top of bringing my lunch), I took a few deep breaths, said a quick prayer for clarity and focus… chicken craving gone (+ it’s Meatless Monday, anyway!)… gonna put the $7 I would have spent (chicken + whatever else I would have needlessly bought) into my Money Bucket… come on savings! 🙂

    • Savings increase! Nice with the deep breaths @ekeshawoods:disqus!

  • Sandra Guthrie Parker

    Unfortunately I did buy coffee this morning. Today will be the last day of that. I have two coffee makers at home and we have free coffee in our breakroom (its just not as good). I did bring my lunch today so that is $10 I saved. 🙂 Woo-hoo!

  • Jay

    I normal bring my meals to work. However, I’ve I subscribed to all my sales emails. Whew! I couldn’t believe how many I receive in a day! Too tempting.

    • Jay

      Normally* and Unsubscribed

    • Unsubscribing is like your own magic @Jay!

  • Cassandra T

    I thought I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch but it wasn’t confirmed so I brought lunch just in case…I’m glad I did since I never heard from her but didn’t have to buy lunch anyway! I will be adding $10 to my money bucket today!

  • Kristal

    I am definitely a emotionally spender and the woman in my family are shoppers. We love a good deal. The only positive out of this is that we don’t believe in paying retail price. I use coupons all the time. I have to learn to stop over spending

    • Doing this task weekly may help you @disqus_G67Dz1RnJQ:disqus!

  • Kristal

    I brought breakfast and lunch in all last week . Small victory but proud of myself.

    • You should be proud! Keep living richer @disqus_G67Dz1RnJQ:disqus!

  • Ashley

    The only thing I purchased today was a soda from the snack machine – $1.50. I ate breakfast at home, and I made sure to pack (and bring lol) my lunch.

  • Tiff Tiff

    I already started cutting down on non-essential spending in Week 1. I’ve been reading the One Week Budget as I’ve been doing this challenge. I’ve noticed that since I opened up my Money Bucke (Ally savings account) t and wrote out my budget grid, I’m more mindful of what I spend. I used some of the Unexpected Income I got this weekend ($50 in cash from a friend), and put half of it into my money bucket and the other half is my cash allowance til I get paid on Friday. When I decided to change to a “cleaner” diet a few months ago, it reduced the time I spent eating out. I pack my breakfast and lunch 4x/week (saves about $20-$50), but I often stop for little snacks and coffees here and there since I work downtown. I was tempted to stop by a newsstand today to buy a bag of chips, But I didn’t. Saved myself $1.50. When I do buy lunch, I never purchase a beverage. Instead, I just fill up my water bottle that I keep at my desk. That can save me $2-$3.

  • Adonya

    Today I am sitting in my car eating my leftovers for lunch! Not only did I save money on not spending on lunch I also saved gas!

  • Vermeille Oliver

    I saved an additional $10 today. Funny I began my eating healthy today so I did not spend my normal $10 for lunch so I moved it to my money bucket.

  • Chioma Ezenduka

    Did not read the challenge in time today 🙁 Will do this challenge tomorrow!

    • It’s great that you will incorporate this task into tomorrow, as well @chiomaezenduka:disqus!

  • Dannielle Givens

    Today I saved $17.30. From skipping out on the Mcflurry (it’s not you Reese’s Mcflurry it’s me!) bringing in my breakfast and lunch I was able to put this into my money saving bucket. I think I’ll do this every day, add the weekly deposit amount from the 52 week challenge and the place within my Money Bucket at the end of the week. I can definitely see my mindset changing! This is great :).

    • Wonderful to know that your mindset is changing @danniellegivens:disqus!

  • Lucy C.

    I used to bring my lunch about 3-4 times a week. But now i bring it everyday, with the exception of maybe a friday here and there, or if we are going to a staff lunch for a special occasion. So i would normally spend $10 on lunch, and in the afternoons, sometimes i’d run and get a tea or coffee for $3. I’m going to put $13 in my online savings account.

  • Nicole Amor Phillips

    I saved 12 dollars today by bringing my breakfast and lunch from home…yay!!!

  • Shanita Isaacs

    i shouldve read this earlier because i spent money on lunch today and again on dinner just because i was in the mood for it. ugh i reeeaaally need to do better in that category because most of my money goes toward food. i will definitely be doing better with that the rest of the week!

  • LaToya Campbell

    I did not buy breakfast or lunch. I made breakfast and lunch from home. Saving me $12 today. I will add this into my bucket account. Yay savings!!

  • K.Diane

    I brown bag a lunch each day for work, so I am al ready saving money from not eating out. However, I do have a habit of purchasing a soda each day ($1.25). Over a months time (20 working days) it amounts to $25. That is an eye-opener!!! I will enjoy water for lunch from here on and save the money I normally would spend on soda.

    • Wonderful @K.Diane! I’m glad this task opened your eyes!

  • Abundant_Ericia

    I will save between $9.50 and $12.50 by not purchasing coffee in the morning/ ice tea at lunch time or lunch at the commissary on the lot. I usually home brew, but when I can’t I do stop at Starbucks. And I started bringing my lunch again so I can cut down on purchasing lunch. I pack enough to get me through the day with snacks included. At the end of the week I will put my monies into my Money Bucket. I did buy a powerball ticket! But you only live once.

  • Johnetta bryant

    Today, i failed the task of only spending money on essential things. Unfortunately, i didn’t read the email early enough causing me not to bring my lunch from home and spending 15 dollars on lunch today. I will attempt to concur this task tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    • No worries @johnettabryant:disqus, you didn’t knowingly not do the challenge. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • tommithetiger

    Today I resisted wasting money on my way home from work. I really wanted Auntie Anne’s which would cost about $4.00, and after my workout I was craving a cheap granola bar from the store. I also resisted that urge and saved about one dollar. Altogether I saved myself five dollars today which really doesn’t sound like much but it adds up over a week. I will transfer the money over to my money market account right now. I will try my best to observe essential spending every Monday to keep this habit going.

    • That’s a great way to adopt a task as a lifestyle; doing it weekly. Thanks for sharing @tommithetiger:disqus!

  • Nina

    I saved $15 today! I brought breakfast and lunch today to work! I had snacks packed so i didn’t have to go purchase anything when I hit my afternoon crash.

  • Lunay

    instead of getting chipotle after my Monday workout, I transferred that money into my money pot.

  • Tea-key Wms

    I had jury duty and received $15. I put $10 in the bank and the remainder I kept. I didn’t bring lunch today but I didn’t over spend. I can also walk to work from home and save on commuting expenses.

    • Great delegation of money, today @Tea-key Wms!

      • Tea-key Wms

        Good morning and thank you.

  • Tee

    I was craving Starbucks, but held back and in doing so I saved $4.00 and that amount will be in my money bucket.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been taking my lunch to work for years so initially I thought this challenge would be a breeze for me. After work I had to stop by Walmart for 4 things: dish detergent, laundry detergent, milk & bananas. While there my snack cravings kicked in & I headed to the cracker aisle for my favorite cheddar jack Cheez-its. I remembered the challenge and left with only the 4 items, saving me about $3.00. The bonus, my purchase was reduced by $6.90 from my Walmart savings catcher e-gift card.

    • That’s awesome @disqus_WRf6Jisv4N:disqus! Savings on savings on savings!

  • Dwayne Evans

    Didn’t spend any money this afternoon, l would usually do that but made a conscious effort not to spend. but I did spend $5 on desert park n park this evening because I was in a meeting with the NAACP, because I don’t want to sit there while everyone else was eating, but it was hard for me to spend it and that’s progress for me what a great mindset change, that I think about saving before spending whoo!!! woo!!!

  • Casandra Marable Robinson

    I started this non essential spending on day one. Last week I saved 60.00 by taking breakfast, lunch and water to work. Did my meal prep for this week too. Today I was really tempted to buy hot tea from Starbucks. Instead I borrowed a mug from a co worker and made my own. Will be packing my mug tonight. So far I haven’t been tempted to spend because I pre planned to ensure my needs were met.

    Whenever I organize my day it is easy to stay on track. Thanks to this challenge I am more focused and determined to succeed. I even did a one hour workout this evening. Yeah me!! :-).

    • Organization and focus definitely helps with adopting non-essential spending as a discipline. Thanks for sharing @SavingCasandra:disqus!!!

  • SandriaMarie

    It wasn’t a perfect day, but still managed to save an estimated $26! Just transferred it over to my bucket!

    • We don’t need perfect days, just days of progress @sandriamarie:disqus!

  • Charmaine Glover

    Good evening, I took myself on a date to the market on yesterday to buy breakfast items, lunch items and I cooked dinner so that I would have a nice home cooked meal instead of buying lunch from Chick-fil-A. I also went to make my deposit into my goal acct. An the money that I almost spent today was $1.09 because I wanted a bag of chips but than I remembered that I brought some on yesterday. Thank you inadvance.

  • Shahmet Gordon

    I didn’t read this post until just now, but clearly I got the vibes subliminally or something. 🙂 I packed my breakfast, lunch & snacks for work, so I didn’t have to buy anything. My new Digit account (not my Money Bucket) texted me my balance & my checking account balance & asked if I wanted to save some more, so I transferred $10. I figured I could have easily spent that on food today; might as well save it.

  • Heather Conklin

    Today my husband called me to go on a lunch date just spur of the moment. Now before this challenge I would have gone no question and said I will eat the lunch that I brought to work tomorrow. But today I said no I’m going to eat the lunch that I brought. Saving about $20 on lunch for both of us today. I will add it to our money bank at the end of the week.

  • Virginia Johnson

    I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas, had been “wanting” a new bundt cake pan for several months so while I was up until 2 am last nite , I got on the Amazon website to look, then put a pan in my shopping cart before going to sleep so I could think on it.

    I wake up just a few hours later and see today’s challenge, lol. Needless to say that bundt pan caused me to not think once of buying anything, let alone non-essentials, throughout this whole day. And no I did not buy the pan, I put the $22 in my savings bucket and decided to ask for the pan as an upcoming bday gift.

    • What a way to stick to today’s task @disqus_Kyj3yDI3LJ:disqus!

  • Balanced Life-Living

    Started on track by packing lunch. There’s always coffee at the office, so no temptation there. However, I am due for a brow threading service and my esthetician sent me a friendly reminder to book my appointment. As I began to check my schedule and book my appointment, I remembered, this is a non-essential expense, and I can really shape my brows myself. There’s $15.00 towards my Money Bucket!!

    • That’s discipline to live richer @balancedlifeliving:disqus!

  • Nique Owens

    My accountability partner laughed at today’s challenged because I had to be talked off the edge. Sneaker release Saturday has come and gone I did not buy a pair. I added and extra $50 to my $ bucket. I am setting up automatic deposits tomorrow. I am packing lunch, not carrying a debt card, and staying away for sneaker websites! This is definitely a CHALLENGE!

  • Kisha

    I unsubscribed to a service I rarely if ever used. I don’t have bad daily spending habits. I’ve always packed my lunch and I bring my breakfast from home. I plan to stick to my list if I need to pick up anything from the store this week. I typically venture off and pick up snacks that I don’t need.

  • demetria crenshaw

    I take lunch to work everyday so that saves me money. Tonight’s dinner will be my lunch tomorrow. So that saves me about $7-10 dollars.

  • Thanks for sharing @Ros!

  • Rose Mary Brown

    I had my lunch and breakfast packed and ready to go. Then I forgot them at home this morning. I bought a bagel n cream cheese for $1.65 this morning. I was tempted to buy lunch too but instead ate some trail mix I keep in my desk n snacks we have available Inow the breakroom. My compnay offers free tea n coffee, so i topped off the afternoon. I think chain tea. In the morning I was disappointed but by the end of the day I was able to save $6 and ate my lunch for dinner. Saved money and time! #winning

  • Bre Alexanderia

    Funniest thing! As I was reading this I realized I did not spend any unnecessary money today!! I did spend 7.00 at Restaurant because I was doing a mystery shop as my 3rd source of income but I will get that money back plus 5.00 for the shop which of course will go into my savings. I am definitely going to see if I can go all week without any unnecessary spending it feels good knowing that I didn’t spend money today which is something I use to do everyday

  • Michelle M

    I haven’t done this today because I am catching up. But my weakness is Dunkin Donuts and eating out. I am going to come up with an estimate of how much I spend on coffee and breakfast. I am also going to cut back on clearance shopping, this is my number one weakness!

  • Kristal Lewis

    Typically, I will spend at least $5 on lunch and $1.50 at the vending machine. I have deposited that $6.50 into my money bucket. I also plan on taking 10% of my income and automatically transferring that into my savings. So I won’t even see it when I get my direct deposit. It’ll already be in my savings account.

  • Felisha

    I saved about $10 from not eating out for lunch. Will put that into my new savings account!

  • R Walker

    I resisted the urge to grab my usual cup of “Joe” so $5 saved by drinking lemon water! #ThatWasHard #LOL

  • Nora Grady

    I’m usually pretty good about making my own coffee and bringing my lunch from home. I need to improve my impulse buying at Target and the grocery store. I can probably save a few dollars there. I need to also stick to the stores I know I can spend cheaply at. I normally shop at Aldi’s (which is right next to Target), so I need to stop thinking it’s better to just shop at one store and stop buying overpriced grocery items at Target or stopping at a more expensive grocery store because it’s on my way home from work. I have the cheapest internet/phone/cell phone package I can get. I shopped around to keep my car insurance costs low. I buy groceries at pretty much the cheapest place I can. I only buy clothes twice a year (for spring/summer and fall/winter).

    So how do you handle it when your spending is already pretty light on the impulse buys and needless over-expenses? I’m wondering if something like Digit or Acorn might be right for me to find that spare change I usually don’t consider.

    Bigger Needless Expense Challenge: I’m also a smoker, so that’s high on my list of life changes to make. I’d like to roll that savings into a fancy vacation for my family and then add them to my retirement savings after that. Basically ditch the habit, but keep the money in the budget. That’s going to be a really hard goal to meet though.

  • Sandi

    I’m a day behind and I spent $25 yesterday on something that wasn’t necessarily essential but a “soft” need 🙂 because of that, I am going to put an extra $25 in my money bucket today!!!!

  • JennaLee G

    Normally I would spend $5.50 on a Starbuck’s Latte, have switched to tea for the challenge and will only get a Latte when I get my Free drink, that is 50% less spending per day on a coffee. Today I had a birthday free drink so I didn’t spend anything at Starbuck’s. I did sign up for a seminar that is not an essential and that was $60.00. I have stopped taking monthly dog training classes for the next few months which is about $185.00 a month. This is definitely a LOVE and not a NEED. I am going to choose my Friday as an essential only spending day. I will start with that for this week as well. I love the money awareness this is bringing to me!

  • Cara Santiago

    I haven’t ate out in a little over a week. I normally would spend $25-30 a week for out to eat food. I also put this in my monthly budget. I also noticed I am a emotional spender. Got a little frustrated today and was like I’m hungry going to stop somewhere. But I didn’t do it. So I save about $150 by eating home only. I’m going to try it. It’s so hard. HELLLP 🙂

  • Nykicia

    OMG between myself and my daughter (mainly me) I saved 47.05 today! I went through all the motions and added up everything I would normally get for breakfast from the local deli, lunch from wendys , breaktime at 711, and after work with my daughter (wendys salads and baskin robbins ice cream). Today we would have spent 47.50, but today I will DEPOSIT that money into my MONEY BUCKET!

  • Harris

    Thanks so much for this task today! I got my cable bill decreased by $10, not much but it’s something. And I found that I could pay my total $281 phone installment that is left on my phone bill and my bill a month will go from $109 to $55🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Katherine Davey

    I’ve been taking breakfast and lunch since the challenge started Jan 4th. Only spent money on gas. Added saved monies to my Ally account building toward goal of $5000 by end of year. My AP makes sure I’m on track and vise versa. Will continue this week!

  • Nona

    Today I brought lunch that would save me 10 dollars. I need to stop touching my saving though.

  • Margo Beckham

    The great thing is, I haven’t had any urges yet to buy anything. The only thing I HAD to buy was a smoothie for $6, so I will transfer that money into my credit union account when I call them on Monday. I’m behind, but I’m catching up! Day 8, lets go!

  • Charlotte Randolph Yelverton

    I transferred $9 to my savings account.

  • Lauren Wilson

    I am still playing catch up…I have a gift card for starbucks and I wanted a white chocolate mocha…but I opted not to get it. Even though I was going to use a gift card, I decided to transfer $5 from my banking account into my money bucket account.

  • Channa Comer

    I was nervous when I saw the title of the challenge. Spending is my biggest weakness. But when I read further and saw that it was just for one day a week, it felt manageable.

  • Tikerrah

    Too many our gases run through my head and their it’s all food lol. I haven’t spent money on anything unnecessary fortunately

  • FreeSpirit Allen

    I have a weakness for shopping at Target and am proud to announce that as a result of today’s challenge I did NOT purchase ANYTHING today when I went to return a few items!! I will place the $50 that I would have otherwise spent into my savings. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!

  • Rhonda

    I will save at least $30 a week. Now that I will bring tea, coffee and lunch from home, I will be able to save more than that.

  • Greg Mullins

    I saved $8.

  • Kaffy Queen

    I bought some unnecessary stuff from Ross…returning them in the morning.I will put the $24 or more in my ally account..

  • Brooke Doe

    So this week I’m at a conference for work. So I have to spend money for breakfast and lunch, however, I’ll be reimbursed for the money I spend. That’s means I’ll spend $0 this week. Now the weekend will be a whole other story.

  • Charlotte

    I will save 14.00 dollars…I did buy a bagel for breakfast but still saved 4.00 because normally its a breakfast sandwich and coffee. I brought my lunch, which I will continue to do for the rest of the week and make oatmeal for breakfast.

  • JJ Moreno

    I will save $15 today because I brought my lunch to work and skipped the over priced breakfast and instead bought a .75 cup of oatmeal. Winning.

  • Nyaboke Machini

    In order to not be tempted about online shopping I used the app “UnRoll Me” to unsubscribe to all my shopping emails. It also saved me from my OCD of deleting all my emails daily. I spend less time on my email too. Saving time is also saving money!

  • Brie Dennis

    I will save $12

  • Sharon Ajede

    I opened up a savings online today. The money that I save from lunch this week will be deposited. Faith in action!

  • Not D.W…

    Thankfully, I packed my lunch before I came to work! I shall not be tempted today!

  • Cheryl D McIver

    I started this challenge this week. I only brought items yesterday because my daughter wanted tacos and she lives on campus, but other than that I haven’t spent a dime on breakfast, lunch or dinner, EXCITED!

  • Deborah White

    I am on retirement disability and do not work. I do order food a lot. I wasn’t able to start today but I will begin bright and early tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  • Raven Short

    Today, I really wanted to buy a sub that is just oh so delicious for $8 (What omg) so adding that along with the other essentials of drink, chips, candy. I am saving $12-15 a day.

  • Alicia Murphy

    I would like to purchase a new to me car next year, I have never owned a new car and still wont buy new, but my plan is to act like I am paying a note now and save for a year and whatever money I have at this time next year use that cash to purchase and negotiate my new-to-me car and sale my current car and that will add to whatever I’ve saved. I’m already 80% close to my vacation saving goal this year and I have met another saving goal already as well, so I am pushing on 🙂

  • Sharon Lewis

    I saved $15 by taking my lunch to work.

  • Alitha Hawkins

    On yesterday, I did not spend any money! My husband did! He is the saver and I am the spender and I have been trying to mimic his money behaviors.

  • Nathifa Harris

    Removing credit cards from my wallet. I will take out $20 for the week to spend. Also, Im working from home today, so lunch is literally on the house today!

  • Deliah Lewis

    I very rarely travel with cash. I bring breakfast, lunch and snacks with me to work daily and maybe once a month I’ll go out to lunch with a colleague. The allowance I get bi-monthly is deposited directly into my own personal account.

  • MissFinance

    I am bringing my lunch to work today. i’ve already started bringing my own coffee at the beginning of this year. I’ve transferred the $5 i would have spent on lunch into my savings.

  • Exquisite

    Are we putting money everyday into the money bucket of what we save?

  • Dorothy Johnson

    I only bought ink for my printer today.

  • Monica Jones

    Today I will save $40.00. I wanted to go shopping for my son, but I will put this money in the bank.

  • Christina Arrington

    I wanted Starbuck Frappuccino today but i put that money into my tuition savings account

  • Leslie Ann Daniel

    I do not spend much while at work because I drive there, stay in the building and then drive home. My non-essential spending comes when I go into the stores. So from now on and especially on my essential spending days, I will shop with a plan – grocery shop with a list.

  • Jamila Bullock

    I saved 12.00 today. I wanted some wings that was supposed to go with my salad- 6.99 i also wanted something from Starbucks which was around 5$

  • Stephanie

    I will try this tomorrow, was only tempted to buy cream cheese for some red velvet brownies.I changed my mind, I am more tempted at work. I will see what Monday holds

  • Jilvonda Burston

    I saved $5.00 with this challenge

  • Keisha Norris

    Will save $18 by not going to lunch with coworkers

  • Lisa Jeffreys

    This is a good one for me. I’m at work today!. I have need bringing my lunch for a few years now! My issue is shopping for food! Lol snack attack galore! I will stick to my shopping list for ESSENTIAL food items!

  • Demetra Richardson

    Today, I saved around $36.42 because I did not take the family out to eat, I made dinner at home.

  • lulu

    Just scrolled through a lot of these comments & am amazed at how many people don’t eat breakfast at home before leaving for work & who go out to lunch rather than brown-bag it. I work 8-5, have to hit the pool at 5:30 a.m. (doctor said I had to for my OA), I get to work an hour early, so I stock up on supplies to keep at my desk: oatmeal, dry cereal, almond milk, nuts, herb tea, etc., then buy healthy frozen meals on sale & keep them in the freezer for emergency lunches. I buy meat on sale, cook it up, divide it into meal-sized portions to put in ziploc bags, stick ’em in the freezer, do the same with a batch of rice or quinoa. My quickie lunch is a bag of protein (beans are good, too), a bag of starch, mixed w/salsa, teriyaki or barbecue sauce–delicious! I had some fruit, fresh or canned, and that’s dessert. The thought of going out to lunch even 1x a week is beyond my comprehension. It can really add up. . . .

  • Amy Tyler

    I will save $7 by bringing lunch to work. Waiting for documentation to be approved for money bucket…sigh

  • NT

    I didn’t eat out today and didn’t spend any money inside Five Below (lol, if you knew the power of that store over me…smh). I put that $40 in my online savings

  • Tina

    This is great but i seem to be the world’s worst i can’t seem to get anything right i have not saved i have continue to spend that i really don’t have … Thank you so much for trying to help me but i can’t seem to help myself.. I feel i am so hopeless when it come to money issue …. But praying God continue to Bless each of you as you continue to follow his plan for your life……

  • Christina McLean

    I haven’t gotten paid yet so I have no money to spend or put in the money bucket at this point. I am home with my daughter who is sick today so that’s a definite eat at home day!

  • Dallas Freeman

    this is the part of the challenge i’ve been waiting for that will be a huge challenge for me! i do a lot of non essential spending. already spent 1.25 on a pop tart before i read the challenge. I had planned on going to wendy’s for lunch but i think i can stick with what I brought. this will be a struggle

  • Jasmyne

    I made coffee at home and ate breakfast from home on the way to work. I also packed my lunch from home and I am so proud of myself. I have committed to only buying lunch from work on every other Friday if possible. I am so proud of myself. Thank you for this tip. I have saved almost $20 so far today.

  • Crystal Nicole Manning

    Was not prepared to bring breakfast or lunch from home. I plan on shopping this weekend and will meal prep for next week. Killing 2 birds with one stone: Savings and Health conscious!

  • Natalie Simms

    I already will save $8 not buying lunch. I had planned to get a salad from Subway, but instead I will eat leftovers for lunch. We’ll see if that number increases by the end of today.

  • Khadya N Jean-Paul

    To keep from spending, i wont leave my house
    I feel if i go out of the house i will spend on somthing

  • Shara Shirly Pants Prophet

    This is a great way to not only save money, but also make healthier eating choices. I started meal planning and prepping about a few years ago for health reasons. Though I didn’t put the money into a savings account, I did invest in classes, books, seminars and self help programs all of which led me here!! I got my health, career, and mind on track, now it’s time to get my money right!

  • Jes

    I didn’t realize how much money I wasting because I would choose to sleep in and end up running late. So to get to as close to being on time as I can, I would take a toll road to work that would cost me anywhere from $10 – $15 a day, $50-$75 a week, $200-$300 a month and $2400-$3600 a year. I will reach my savings goal in no time by just getting out the house on time.

  • Mildred Swan

    Decided to stop drinking cokes. Money saved $12

  • Jessica

    Interestingly! I made a list yesterday evening. Went to the grocery store and bought all my essentials to make coffee and lunch at home for week. I also cut all of my coupons yesterday and from my addictive couponing habits. I am taking the difference of what I’m saving(which would have been the actual spending anyway) placing that savings into my Bucket account. Already ahead and on target to take on today’s challenge! Determine for a great week and month of August!

  • robin sanders

    Hey good morning I missed posting yesterday for the challenge. I only spent about 10 on essential spending and thought about spending things that weren’t necessary about 15 dollars so I will put 15 dollars into my money bucket today.

  • iisha

    this challenge was a little hard for me, not because I can’t not spend money on non-essential items, but that I actually don’t buy things like coffee, tea, lunch, etc. Occassionally I may spend money on lunch, but 95% of the time, I don’t.
    Where my “non-essential” spending is a problem is when I actually get a lot of money at one time (i.e. payroll check) and all of the items I’ve seen throughout the 2 weeks (clothes, shoes, sunglasses, concert tickets, etc.), that I’ve also screenshot to make sure to remind me of the deal, all are purchase options because of the money in my hand…. or the spending that I have to do for my business, that can be so random at times.

  • Dizexhaled

    I already had plans for a movie and dinner today, but I did pack my breakfast & lunch and was able to save $15. I also transferred that to my savings account. Easy peasy! 😉

  • Anita Dunn

    Well i read this after i ordered lunch, but i spent $10 on lunch today and 4 dollars on coffee. I will commit to saving at least $14 per, week, in addition to my regular savings plan for my money bucket.

  • Catharine Freeman

    I really didn’t think I would do this one. But, in the end I estimated that I saved 50 today (and I got a free afternoon coffee when I went to make a bank deposit today).

    My girlfriend wanted to hit golf balls at some hauty-taught place; I told her I didn’t have the funds. She said it would be on her. We went. She paid $7; they gave us the wrong amount of balls. We were ok. In the end, she went back in to explain what happened and they refunded her the $7; this was just after we parted from each other saying we “need money to materialize.” Lol!

    I didn’t stay for a drink or bite to eat (time wasn’t on my side). That saved me at least $25. Errands to do and kid to get off the school bus.

    I’m cooking at home on a Friday night= savings of $10 on 2 pizzas. I don’t usually like to cook on Fridays, but being that I am still on vacation the reason doesn’t apply.


  • Amber Price

    I will save $30. I will not eat out or by non essential things

  • Amber Price

    I will save $30. I will not eat out and also cut out buying non essential items.

  • Amber

    I’m trying to master not eating out but I’m struggling. I’m pregnant and my taste buds get turned off with some of the planned food options. This is where the bulk of my money goes, food. With that said I will challenge myself to reduce eating out tof twice a week. I will have to do a better job with grocery shopping list to identify foods and snack I may have a taste for.

  • Tiffany Tucker

    I normally buy gas station coffee and a protein shake in the mornings costing me about $6 I will move that to my money bucket since I have a kuerig at home and I just bought a box of protein shakes from Walmart. I’ve already been meal prepping so no money on lunch and I will cook tonight instead of spending $10 on pizza moving that $16 to my money bucket right now! I can do this!!!

  • Laurie Pierre

    I saved $9.25 today. When i get paid I’ll transfer the funds. I can’t wait for my accountability partner to reach day 8.

  • Camille Lyiscott

    I will save $20 without buying coffee and lunch today

  • M Collins Smith

    I actually made this decision before reading today’s task. I opted for a home made grill cheese sandwich to eat while in route to work rather than getting fast food. I did this for money and for health reasons. What I did not think to do and I will do now is to transfer that amount into my money bucket. Why not? Other poise it would have been going to a restaurant or fast food place. So today this dream catcher saved $15!

  • Adriana

    So far, I have saved $25 by not buying a dress. I actually need it for an interview but I’m going to find a cheaper dress!

  • Marjie Mar

    I went to Walgreens with my daughter, right in front of the register, I realized I had items in my hand that I did not plan to buy. I put them back and left the store.

  • Dychaun Dunbar

    I am not trying to spend any money. I bring my food to work and I can’t go out for food so I won’t spend. I have about $15.00 dollars in my account and I want to keep it until pay day and I will transfer that over.

  • Yvonne Ladson

    I’ll be making my coffee and breakfast at home this morning, a savings of $8.00. I’ve already deposited this amount into my money bucket.

  • sheilondaD

    I started todays challenge by doing meal prepping this weekend. So, I packed oatmeal for breakfast and packed last nights dinner for lunch. I also packed several bottles of water. So, I saved $3 for lunch thats how much they charge at work. Its a start, I’ll do this all week. Then I will transfer my savings of $15 into my savings.

  • MotivationalMe

    Today I’m only spending money on the essentials! Day 8: #LiveRicherChallenge
    I saved 13.00 dollars so far today I didn’t buy breakfast and I didn’t buy lunch and a drink instead I drank water or tea from home and brought both breakfast and lunch!

  • KayTastik

    I’m pretty much a financial scrooge, along with my husband, and we only spend on essentials. Our ‘big’ exception is our monthly go out date night, but we use coupons and discount clubs to pay for it usually. My bad habit would be convenient eats so I save about $8/day not eating out for lunch.

  • Juanita Ellison Komoro

    I saved $25 today by packing lunch, no Starbucks and no vending machine

  • Tarshay Boyd

    Wished I’ve read this week earlier. I just loaded my Starbucks card this morning. Only 10 dollars but I could have easily saved that since I’ve been trying not to get Starbucks during the week. I already been doing meal prep for lunch and breakfast. I will focus on the needs and not the wants.

  • Danamichelle

    Saved today, no sweet treats or fast food so total savings approximately $10.00- going into money bucket.

  • Migdalia Colon

    I already bring lunch to work but my question is. Is doing your nails and eyebrows non essentials?

  • Candace Bennett

    I need to find ways to create income. I have the savings down for the most part.

  • Krishana Jackson

    Hey y’all, on the essential spending only days are you supposed to put money in your savings from what you don’t spend or is that just for today’s challenge? Thanks!

  • Olevia Williams

    I brought my breakfast and lunch + water. I saved $7 and in transferring that now into savings

  • Tynesha Cummings

    I wanted to indulge in seafood today but I saved am $25

  • Tiffani Annette

    Taking breakfast and lunch to work from home!

  • Cass

    I am going to a 4th July event today and instead of buying an bottle of wine to take, I am saving my money and taking a bottle I already bought and saving my money.

  • Ashlee

    I will start today. Yesterday I went to the Chinese buffet and paid for both my friend and I. That was about $31 right there. I will go food shopping at the beginning of the week so that I can prepare my meals. I guess I have to cut out my weekly indulgence on a large cheesecake flurry icecream! that will be the hardest thing.

  • Dorothy Enriquez McBride

    I will save 60+ dollars because we will not go out for dinner. I will make dinner and it will last us 3 days. It is always nice when we can cook. And tomorrow I will bring my lunch and save $6.

  • VC

    Today $5 went over to my money bucket account. I have already setup an automated amount of $350 to come out beginning next month

  • Betty Wright

    I saved $2.40, though that may seem like nothing to most people but it’s a lot for me; a person who normally buy whatever I want. This little bit of money will add up…

  • QiQi Sweets

    I will save $24 if I do not eat out for breakfast and lunch.