When I need a reminder that I CAN do it. I CAN make my dreams happen. I CAN move past my current financial status. I CAN leap, jump, run toward success…. I watch this video.

Will Smith is arguably one of the most successful movie stars of all time. His success is due in large part to his mindset.

What’s his secret? He understands that: WINNING TAKES WORK.

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The work starts within. If you’re feeling discouraged about where you are in your financial journey, watch the short video below and be prepared to be inspired to keep going.

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  • L Jackson

    This video was super inspirational. I’ve fallen off on a lot of my goals as I got out of control of my schedule. Two points that stuck with me about Will’s words are (1) claim what I want, no matter how unrealistic it seems to others, and stick with it, and (2) have a laser beam focus on the things I want to accomplish, learning and studying along the way, and I will achieve my goals.

  • Natalie Simms

    Thank you for sharing this video. I like how it ends by stating “you want something, go get it.” That’s a great mantra.

  • Gwen Calhoun

    thank you for sharing this awesome video. I feel sooo motivated!!! I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!!! Thank you!! I’ve been grappling with the idea of buying a business and this video has soooo motivated me right now!!!

  • Virginia Johnson

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I feel totally motivated and inspired by this video, these words of confirmation, to seek out my dreams! #DREAMBIG

  • Starletha Cherry

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful and encouraging video. There were several things Will Smith shared that grabbed my attention.