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Day 1: Credit Goals

Day 2: Credit Basics

Day 3: Grab Free Credit Reports

Day 4: Grab Free Credit Scores

Day 5: Credit Score Calculation

Week 1: Credit Knowledge

Day 6: Review, Reflect, Relax

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  •     Review this week’s Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition tasks
  •     Reflect on the credit basics and the components that make up your credit score
  •     Relax. In two days we start Week 2: Credit Improvement

Round of applause!

You’ve completed the first week of the Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition. Woo hoo!

Take this day to review, reflect, and relax.

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Share what you’ve learned so far and how you feel about the process with me in the comments below vs. emailing me.

Today is also a great day to check in on your accountability partner. Do they need help with a task? Do they need some encouragement? Do you both need to catch up on past tasks? Each task day is at the top of this post.


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  • Chandra Cunningham

    I’m ready to get this ball rolling don’t want to ask any questions because I’m sure you will cover it real soon. Thank you for this.. Good morning everyone!!

  • LaShaundrea

    I’m happy you offered the Live Richer Challenge. I’ve always wanted to improve my credit. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to check my credit score. Once I did, I discovered it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m ready for next week’s assignments. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity!

  • Jahara D. Haymon

    Greetings Everyone! This week has been an eye opener. I am learning things, I honestly never knew. The basics about credit is very important and now that I’ve built a foundation on the knowledge of it. I plan on not making the same mistakes. I’m excited for the next few weeks.

  • Jessica Lucas

    It is great to know that I have access to valuable tools to help improve financially. The basics of learning credit is extremely vital to gaining the wealth we are so entitled to. I have learned so much this first week and am glad to use the methods suggested. I am definitely looking forward to the coming weeks.

  • Fay Henry Reddick

    This week I learned much more about my credit report and scores. I remembered my mortgage company provides FICO Scores and theirs was even higher than received on the Score Card. I am looking forward to learning more and more about my credit and financial wealth for the upcoming weeks. I truly wished I’d known about you and the group a few years ago.

  • Dana Johnson

    I am so excited about this challenge! I can’t wait to dive into each days task. This is going to be my year to finally get my financial life in order. Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your knowledge! Can’t wait for Week two! Woo hoo!

  • Crabbytab

    Thank you so much Tiffany!!!!! I am so excited about this challenge!!!!!!! We are going to be on fire next week!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and building this community of like-minded people!!!!!! God will truly continue to bless you for being such a blessing to others!!!!! God is working in our lives y’all!!!!!

  • Cherise Montague

    Thanks for sharing such great tools and information!! Im, reviewing, reflecting and relaxing. Next week I will work on decreasing my card utilization percent. I have a few cards over 30%.

  • Cierra Boddie

    This week has been an awesome week about learning about credit scores and reports. I really appreciate you sharing with us the importance of having and maintaining good credit. MagnifyMoney have some good free resources. I found myself reading a lot of there resources and I have saved them to my laptop. I can’t until week. Whooo.. whoop… starting this year off right with working on my credit.

  • Tae

    This has been a very informative week. I am grateful to you sharing this information with me. Gaining an understanding of my credit score and credit reports are key elements of becoming financially responsible. I am going to review, reflect, and relax and wait for next week to dive into it.

  • Layla

    This week has been really helpful for me! I’ve reinforced things I’ve already known about my credit and actually took the time to go through my credit report and highlight all the “goods” and “bads”.
    I also discovered that I had a loan through my school that wasn’t linked to Navient. Needless, to say I was on the phone within minutes demanding to know why I was never notified about my required payments for that loan. When they say Payment History is 35% of your credit score they’re not joking, my score dropped 45 points all because of my alma mater’s inability to contact me for payment. But thanks to this challenge I’m aware of it and am getting the issue resolved.
    Thanks so much Tiffany. I’m really seeing so many improvements in my financial mindset. Can’t wait to finish the rest of the challenge!

  • Santrice BrainzNbeauty Redding

    This week has already changed my life in more ways then I could have imagined! My entire perspective on credit is now IN perspective with what’s right. I look forward to many more days on this journey. 🙂

  • joan mickles

    This week I reviewed information that I had already become familiar with. Re-engaging myself into getting my finances right for 2017. My scores started off low, then increased, and now have fallen again. I look forward to getting back on track and staying there.

  • Michelle McDowell

    I’ve learned what my FICO score is, I have been doing research on what can help to lower my collection accounts and to raise my credit score. I have some things being disputed and even considering consolidating all my student loans.

  • JB Sicard

    I have learn (again) that paying your bills on time and only use 30% of your credit is the best method to have when it comes to credit. I also know that my student loans are my biggest debt in which I have not paid on for a very long time (I just want them to go away). I also learn I may need to gain extra income. With me having a BA I still do not make the money that I should be making with a BA (very disappointing). Let the work beginning.

  • Toyia

    I have learned about credit and how it is calculated. Learning about my credit score and reviewing my credit reports has been good to know where i stand and what i need to do to improve it.

  • Michaela Cornwall

    I’ve learned that though I pay my bills on time the fact that I have utilized more than 70% of my available credit has actually brought my credit rating down. My goal is to eventually get my credit down to at least 30% and in the long term pay off my credit cards altogether. Thanks for a great first week!

  • Leilani Mayfield

    I was aware of some information regarding credit but learned so much more detailed information. The LRC has permitted me to focus and develop a plan of action to improve my credit. I look forward to the new information offered each day of the challenge.

  • Laurie Pierre

    What I’ve learned that I have more control over my credit than I thought. I didn’t understand that a credit report and credit score were 2 different things. My credit mentality is getting fine tuned and I know that I can definitely clean up my debt solo and use my credit to enhance my score while i pay off debt.

  • Monica Merritt

    I learned that my credit score card is different (lower) than credit karma scores. So I can not wait to learn how I can improve my score.

  • Sharon Gamble-King

    I have really enjoyed it so far. A lot I already knew because I’m obsessed with getting to the 800 club, so I look stuff up on my own. However the refresher is great, plus I’m networking with wonderful women in my shoes and meeting people, so it is well worth it regardless of what I already know (smile)

  • Sharon Gamble-King

    P.S. Another comment I have is staying focused because even though I have the knowledge of what puts together my credit score and history, it is being determined to make these things happen and act upon it, which I have been really bad about doing. So what I know is not doing me any good if I don’t utilize it in real time. That’s about to change

  • Shirley

    Last week’s task helped me to get more info on my credit status for 2017. I knew I needed to get updated credit reports but I hadn’t in over a year. Credit Sesame was beneficial because it allowed me to see my credit worthiness in getting a 0% card to pay off two high interest cards. I learned that need to get a couple of old debt matters cleared up to get my score and apply for a 0% interest card and get the other two paid off. Thank God I have been paying them on time, but I want to pay them off faster.

  • Charmaine Glover

    Last week made me see myself, and the help that I really need. I am looking for an accountabilty partner, I really think that if I had someone doing the same thing at the same pace would be successful for the both of us. But in the meantime in between time I am on a mission. (Philadelphia)

  • Sondra Frank

    This week has been very eye-opening. Learning about what makes up your credit score has been especially insightful!!!!

  • Monica Cornelius

    This week was basically a review of things that I already knew but it gave me a chance to obtain the information that I needed to look at my financial situation overall. Now that I have the information, it is time for me to make a plan to be able to reach my financial goals.

  • Maggie Wills

    I have been sick the last few days but my credit score and FICO have remained at the top of my list. I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. I came into some UM and was able to pay off a bill and get further OUT of debt. Loving this life that I am living alongside the Budgetnista!

  • L’tonya

    I am a little behind but getting caught up. I paid off my first credit card bill. I have 4 bills left and am paying within my budget. I like this program to keep me on track. with the daily activities. I got my credit score and i am working hard to get it up by paying off my bills.

  • Pamela Hudson

    I really enjoyed learning so much in my first week. I was so ashamed of my credit I did not even want to look at it. I took the chance to view my credit and learned a lot. I must clean it up, raise my score and get my life back in order. I am know longer depressed about retiring from the transportation industry. I look forward to learning how to decrease my student loans and definitely look forward to keeping my credit card utilization down. Thank You, Ms. Budgetnista

  • Tonya McMillon

    I really want to get out of debt. Maybe not be debt free, but definitely have minimal debt. I’m so glad I signed up for this challenge. Thanks for everything.

  • Tesa Currie

    I’m really excited learning all this info about improving my credit score and become more knowledgeable and accountable about the health of my credit. This week has been an eye-opener and instead of being disappointed in myself because I haven’t giving my credit much thought, I’m motivated and determined to make the necessary changes to get my credit score in the direction it need to be. I’m very happy that I joined this challenge, it’s the best thing I could have done for myself. I’m on the road to recovery, watch out here I come!

  • Linda

    Ready for my week 2. I’ve mad a check list referencing Day 5 on what to pay down, refinancing, etc. I’m excited for next week.

  • Cassandra Grayes

    I’ve learned that payment history accounts for 35% of our credit scoring…something I did not not. I’m mostly excited to learn how I’m going to tackle my tasks in the next week. I’m ready to boost this credit score up lol

  • Rhonda Hull Arnold

    The knowledge I’ve learned educated me on what exactly I need to do to improve my credit, something I’ve always wanted to do myself but didn’t know the proper steps in doing so. These lessons I’ve learned this week helped tremendously. I’ve read every instruction and downloaded everything you sent over to keep me on track. I’ve ordered credit reports, disputed some items from credit agencies, etc. It feels good to know something you didn’t.

  • shannon freeman

    I have learned a lot this week. Awesome knowledge

  • Kelly Ransom

    Did my review. I am enjoying this knowledge and fewl more confident on how to deal with my credit.

  • Lasavia meeks

    Thanks I’ve learned a lot. Ready to get started.

  • Nicole Embry-Marable

    This first week has been very educational. I had to cram three days into one due to me working long hours. However, I am determined to complete this 22 day challenge and absorb as much as I can and utilize the tools I have been provided. I’m determined to increase my score, and make my money work for me instead of me working for my money.

  • Crystal

    Received some great information and it was paced wonderfully. I thought cleaning up my credit was a wash but I’m feeling confident that it’s possible.

  • Renae Myrie

    Week one was a blast! I now know my FICO score, requested a free credit report, and learn the different factors that go into determining my credit score. I’m ready for Week two!

  • Vanessa Parker

    I feel like I’m in need of some encouragement. My credit score is low and I have a couple negative marks on my report, I don’t know if this LRC can help my credit score.

  • Lisa Andrews

    The things that I have learned so far is how to go about ordering my credit report(3 agencies), get the score, what is credit, the calculation of the credit score, and usage.

  • Jacque Brown

    The first week I learned what my credit scores mean & how they are calculated. I also would like to remove negative businesses that affect my credit scores. The most important thing I want to do is improve my credit score at least by 200 points within the next two years. In the near future I would like to purchase a vehicle, that is my goal rite now & to get that score UP! Thank you so much for all the informative information.

  • Georgette Best

    With the help of the info I’ve received here and from a co-worker I’ve initiated the dispute of everything on my credit that would bring my score down. I’ve initiated the dispute on all 3 credit bureaus websites.

  • Chelle Rose Thompson

    This past week, I have learned a lot of information that can give me tools on how to put my credit in the right direction simply by knowing the basics of credit. All of the tools that were given have been saved and stored as favorites. Thank you for all of the information and tools that you have given and I can’t wait until we start getting down to business

  • Lisa BraggsLove

    I’m glad I’m learning how to fix my credit and understand the difference between credit reports and credit scores, I also glad I don’t have to pay nobody to fix my Credit and still don’t understand what they even did, I can’t wait until next week.

  • Santoria Axson

    No more excuses for me! I am making moves! #LiveRicherCredit

  • Angelina Jackson

    Completed my review and I have gained a better understanding of my credit history, score, calculation, and breakdown by percentage.

  • Vashti

    Thank you for teaching me how to pull my credit and getting my score card, as well as having positive ppl in the group to help me

  • Nicole Garris

    I enjoyed this first week, learned some additional things I didn’t know before.

  • mary woods

    I would like to know how to get debt that’s not showing up on these three credit places

  • Candice Frazier

    The information I have received over the past week has been very helpful in my journey to repair my credit!