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Day 1: Credit Goals

Day 2: Credit Basics

Week 1: Credit Knowledge

Day 3: Grab Free Credit Reports

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Get your free credit report(s)

How to rock this task:


Hey there Dream Catchers! It’s Day 3 of the Challenge. Guess what?

Once a week during the Challenge, I’ll bring the daily task to you through a video.

Take a moment to watch the video below!

Remember, this week is ALL about Credit Knowledge. That means I want you to understand what credit is and how it truly works. Next week you’ll begin to the work toward fixing your credit. Woot Woot!

Back to your task….

Today is all about getting your credit report(s) for free and knowing how to read your credit report(s).

Remember, you have three credit reports because there are three different major credit reporting agencies –  Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.


How to Grab Your Free Credit Report(s)

Each of the credit bureaus allows you to get one free credit report every 12 months. You can get your reports all at once, or you can space them out throughout the year.

To pull your credit report, you can contact each credit bureau here:


You can also get it through one of my favorite sites, (in case you didn’t get it yesterday). 

What I like about this site is that not only do you get your credit report for free, they teach you how to read, improve and maintain it for free too! It will not ask for your credit card. It will ask you to verify information that only you know about. Make sure you have access to a printer so you can print each one or save as a .pdf to access it later.


Yesterday, we went through an overview of the information that appears on your credit report.

Today, I have a super awesome downloadable from our sponsor, Magnify Money, that, along with the video above, can assist you in reading the credit report you pull from today’s task.

Download and READ the Booklet HERE.  

If after reading your credit report you find errors or incomplete records, don’t be alarmed!

We will discuss how to clean up your credit report next week.

If you have any questions, remember, I’m here for you. Leave a comment below.

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  • Layla

    I downloaded one of my credit reports last month while I was doing the 1st LRC. And I decided to space them out so I’ll always have a credit report that is fairly up to date.
    One problem that I did have was determining what info was “good” or “bad”. Hopefully, I’ll be able to understand it better during this challenge.

    • You wil! Did you download the MagnifyMoney download? It will help.

  • Juanzel Cardoza Felder

    I knew that my credit was one of my goals for the 2017 year so I downloaded my credit reports in December (while on vacation) and started disputing items. There were some errors and I am awaiting new updated ones.

  • Joicelyn

    I downloaded my credit reports in December. Does that mean I have to wait until December to download a free one again?
    Also, SelfLender is not available in my state. I was so sad to hear that because I got excited about it. I love the idea.

  • Natasha Coleman

    Ive been using Credit Karma for 2 years. Do u recommend using them..

  • Cynthia M Davis Plum

    I sent for my credit report. I have only received two. What do I do?

  • Sharon Gamble-King

    I am getting ready to download my three reports. Thanks for the booklet and video to help us understand the reports better.

  • Sharon Gamble-King

    I had problems getting mines from Transunion, but the other two was successful. Said I would have to call to get copy

  • Fay Henry Reddick

    Great information and awesome interview!! I’d like to be able to save as you did. I truly wished I had access to this group a couple of years ago. I think I may have waited too late and will not be able to enjoy my retirement in 10 months. I’m not going to let anything discourage me and will learn, grow, and move for success!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!

  • Shanyea Carter

    I pulled mines im disputing some minor items not happy but im at war and I plan to win

  • Shanyea Carter

    I cant pull my Experian back up uggh I was able to do a dispute on it though but I saved trans union and equifax

  • Paulette Elbers

    Didn’t know I could get a free report from each agency, thought it was only one per year total so that’s great! Got one of mine from Experian. Thanks!

  • Vivian Mitchell

    Credit report pulled – not to bad.. dropped a bit after buying my house and my car but it’s all good.. Under 30% utilization no negatives reports all in good standing.. few more points and on my way to the 700 club whoot whoot.. Have to say this was the one thing that has made me happy this year thus far. Big gurl status.

  • Lois Samuels

    Today I will be downloading my credit reports.

  • Tommi

    I pulled my experian credit report. Lots of student loans but I dont see any errors. Excited to learn more and tackle my debt.!

  • neceyluv

    I pulled my reports in Spring 2016, paid off a few items and then disputed them to make sure they’d come off. Does anyone know when the “clock” starts ticking again so that I can pull my reports again? Thanks in advance!

  • empressamber

    I pulled reports from two agencies…will save the other for later in the year. I didn’t get my score, but will do so soon…I know it is low. What I do realize is that credit scoring is erratic. From my last check, my score went down 50 points because my mortgage was transferred to a new servicing company. Whatever the case, I will be diligent about getting my credit under control. Thanks so much for your lessons and knowledge!

  • Jaye Johnson

    Can I just say THANK YOU Budgetnista? While I like to think I already know this stuff, it’s not staying current on these beginning steps that trips me up! Thanx to today’s task, I just pulled my reports (Equifax & TU from CreditKarma / Experian from their website), which I haven’t done in almost 2 years! 🙁 I sooo need this yr’s challenge!
    P.S. May our Father continue to bless you for the many ways you sow soooo much financial education into soooo many people for FREE!

  • Janella Dixon

    I received my yearly free credit reports laist summer. It hasn’t been a full 12 months yet, but it is a new year. Will I be eligible to get them for free?

  • Janella Dixon

    I received my yearly free credit reports last summer. It hasn’t been a full 12 months yet, but it is a new year. Will I be eligible to get them for free?

  • Christian Beebe

    Hi, I am confused. I thought the one free report was free a year? Why am I being asked to enter my credit card number in these sites provided?

    • neceyluv

      Are you asking for your credit scores? Those you have to pay for, unless you get it free through other means (like Discover or other credit cards).

      • Christian Beebe

        Thanks! I think I clicked on the option to pull the report + score. I was able to pull my report for free as well as my score. thank you for replying!

        • neceyluv


  • Felecia McDonald

    Thank you for all the information. I’ve been using Credit Karma for a while to keep track of my credit but never really understood exactly everything that I was viewing. I’m learning so much about credit that I didn’t know before. (check) I pulled my credit report.

  • Donna

    credit reports pulled – now lets see what i need to work on….

  • Jennifer Moise

    i pulled just 1 report and it stated to space out pulling the other 2, should i have pulled all 3?

    and how long apart should i pull the other reports?

    thanks in advance!

    • Jennifer Moise

      got the answer…thank you anyway!

  • Yvonne Ladson

    I pulled one credit report and will space the other two over the year. There is one negative item I’ll have to check into getting removed. I must work on increasing my credit score.

  • Juanita

    I completed task 3 on January 4, 2017. I already pulled my reports from annualcreditreport,com in October and continue to monitor my reports and looking for ways to repair.

  • Juanita

    I also listened to the Jean Chatzky’s radio pod featuring You and I am very greatful of your accomplishments at a young age, when adults pour into their children it makes so much more of a difference and it shows!!! Please continue to strive for excellence! I reviewed the report “Where to get your Credit score and credit report for free. I appreciate the difference between Score vs report and love that there are places where I d

  • Thank you for all you do, Tiffany! A bit behind but catching up. I WISH I had known about you before I started working! I went around asking so many people to teach me about credit, I read, I watched videos… I got some information, but I also got SO much misinformation like “Leave a bit of balance,” “Open another card.” You are an excellent teacher! I’m telling everyone I know about you.

  • Nyoka Michelle

    Reports pulled. Now it’s time to work

  • Janie

    Thank you so much Tiffany. You’re challenge has forced me to look at my credit although I haven’t for a few years yikes 😬! Need to stay on top of this. Question, I’ve pulled all reports but one Equifax. Questions asked seemed to me there is fraud or should I say Identity theft. All questions regarding newer accounts opened and I have no clue to the answers 😩. I’ve tried 2 rounds with equifax but can’t get a report from them. Now I have to mail a copy of my DL n SS with a request form. This one report will delay me on this challenge!

  • Loeny Ayala

    I read the magnify money ebook and had no idea that Wells Fargo gives you your Fico score for free! I’ve had this card for years! Thanks for your help I really want to get back on track financially and this is really helping 🙂

  • LaTerrica Smith

    Thank you so much, today’s challenge has help me pull my credit report for free. Now I am able to see where I stand when I am ready to purchase a house in 2 years.

  • Tesa Currie

    I checked my credit report on Credit Karma and I’ve noticed a few item will be removed from my report this August, will this help my credit at all? Will it have a positive impact on my score.

  • Tesa Currie

    I just pulled my credit report for Experian!! doesn’t look half bad!

  • Tonya McMillon

    Got it!

  • Kelly Ransom

    Did it

  • Michel Michelle

    Thanks so much for this. I really need it. I am determined to raise my score and keep it at a good score. Michelle

  • Danielle Rodriguez

    DAY 3: Just pulled my credit reports, I was not able to view my Equifax report online and was asked to complete a form to have it mailed to me. I have to say that I am not happy with my report and have become discouraged. I would like to be able to purchase a home some time next year and I don’t think that will be possible with the way my report look….(deep sigh)…I am hoping that I learn something from LRC and am able to fix what I need to

  • Tiffany Love

    Pulled my report yesterday and have been reviewing it today! I do have some items that are questionable and can’t wait to see how you explain how to handle these types of situations and how to get clarity on how to address the creditors!! Thanks!!!

  • Mona Carol

    I have a copy of this year credit reports, and I see a couple of items to challenge with letters. I appreciate all the information shared to enhance my ability to manage a complex system.

  • Jenn


  • Jenn

    When I spoke to thie collection agency back in January they said if I pay the amount owed it will not appear on my credit report. We agreed on a payment schedule and I payed the amount each month. My last payment was April. I kept checking CK and Credit Wise every week to see if any thing change on my credit report. Nothing had change but when I checked a week ago I saw:
    Payment Status
    Collection/Charge Off
    for the amount that I payed on my report. When I just pulled my credit report it was on there. It has been over 5 months since I payed that bill. Is this affecting my credit score and if it is how can I get it off?

  • BriAnna Brown

    I pulled my credit report. Seen a few things I wasn’t happy but I know with faith and the will of my god all will be better.

  • Dakota Ashley

    So I paid to get my credit score from Transunion and my score was 623, I also have a Barclay credit card that shows the same number, but when I get on credit sesame it tells me my Transunion score is 647 I am a bit confused

    • Jewell Bozman

      That’s because credit sesame and credit karma are not accurate. When needing a more accurate score or report, you should use the resources that she shares on day 3 and 4.

    • Darell Canady

      Hi Dakota if you need your credit fixed contact Globaltechnologies46 at gmail dot com. He’s so sure and his jobs are accurate and fast. i tried him and i was so surprised by the result i got. I didn’t believe him at first until i got the result of his work, i think he’s God sent. Tell him i referred you.

  • Thank you for the information. I finally have all 3 bureaus I started working on my credit over a year ago. I am seeing great progress but it’s awesome to learn more. I really want my credit in the 700’s and soon 800’s. I have progressed from the low 500’s up to the mid 600’s. I am excited.

  • I’ve used Credit Karma & Credit Sesame for years they are both free. You only get 2 reports though and that is Trans-Union an Equifax

  • Nicole Garris

    I got my credit report


    I just received my Credit report from a Loan Company when I got it I was floored. I am staying positive!!!!!!

    • Darell Canady

      Hi Daphne you can contact Globaltechnologies46 at
      gmail dot com. He’s so sure and his jobs are accurate and fast. i tried
      him after a friend told me about his services and i was so surprised by the result i got. I didn’t believe him at
      first until i got the result of his work, i think he’s God sent. Tell
      him i referred you.

      • Malik Lomax


  • Darell Canady

    I always wondered how I could boost my score after constantly getting ripped off by lenders,credit card companies and banks due to my poor credit..But i got the contact of a credit repairer whom i contacted and who came through and I can’t thank this dude enough..He changed my life and now I can boast of having a home all thanks to him.He can fix your credit report and increase your scores. Hit him up on his work email globaltechnologies46 at G mail dot com. Tell him i referred you.

  • Malik Lomax


  • Natalie

    Hello Tiffany, self lender is not available in New York. What is another option do us fellow New Yorkers have?