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New to the Live Richer Challenge: Net Worth Edition? Learn more about it HERE.

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Day 1: HEREWhat does net worth mean?

Day 2: HEREWhy is net worth important?

Day 3: HEREYour Liabilities

Day 4: HERE: Your Assets

Day 5: HERE: Calculate What Your Net Worth Is

Day 6: HERE: Review, Reflect, Relax


Week 1: A Wealthy Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Watch the LRC: Net Worth Edition, Week 1 Dream Catcher Hangout Chat.

How to rock this task:

  •     Watch the chat and participate if viewing live
  •     Listen to words of encouragement
  •     Complete Challenge tasks you missed


Today’s our first Dream Catcher Hangout Chat!

During the video, we’ll discuss the tasks we’ve worked on this week.

We’ll also talk about the key takeaways and you’ll hear how other Dream Catchers like yourself are working through the Challenge.

Make sure to check in on your accountability partner.

Have they completed the first week of the LRC: Net Worth?

FYI: Today is a good day to catch up on any tasks that you missed throughout the week.


Today, I’m watching the Dream Catcher Google Hangout Chat & getting my life! Day 7:… Click To Tweet


Watch the Dream Catcher Hangout here:


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  • Lee Hernandez

    Completed tasks for netwoth edition challenge week 1 :). I feel very motivated! I signed up for lrcfun for the budget challenge yesterday. Tiffany Do you recommend I do both simultaneously or work through the current challenge first?

    • Nope! Do one at a time or you’ll get overwhelmed. Focus is key to success.

      • Lee Hernandez

        Hi Tiffany OMG i just noticed we have an inbox for these messages. I”m just getting your reply. I wished I would have noticed this sooner, because I signed up for the budget challenge yesterday, can I sign up at a later time again like when i’m done with this one? because you are so right i did feel a little overwhelmed :(Also today I paid 49 for 6 months of the Academy, I should have waited,huh? Anyway I’m taking a deep breath and grabbing my papertowel lol

  • Jay

    I’ve already completed this week’s tasks and I’m ready to start next week!

  • Marcia Berch


  • Susan Pfadt

    I am still confused about how to list mortgage as an asset. Do I say :
    (a) my home asset is what my home would list for on the market today, or
    (b) what the property was worth when I got the loan OR
    (c) do I list as an asset the difference between my loan and current pay off figure?

  • Nicole Garris

    missed the chat but I’ll look at the group.

  • Jeanette

    Joined Ellevest but I swear I must be completely blocked re math. I just cant figure out how to get the plan made in a way that doesn’t confuse me. Will still continue to try to figure it out.

  • Gail edwards

    I hope I can post now.

  • sarina p

    TIFFANY, this video just reinvigorate me for real! Before I watched today’s video, I just bawled my eyes out to my husband about LITERALLY everything you spoke about…yet I hadn’t seen this video. So when I saw this and you spoke of the “tears-n-tissue” stage and the paper towel action stage I was like…”Okay, imma keep going forward and make this happen! I must be on the right path because I am going through exactly what she is talking about”. My accountability is my sister and I was the one who shared this with her but she has been my primary encouragement and I am grateful! This is such an awesome challenge and I am ready to be that “doctor to my broke arm”…lol. Thank you Tiffany!