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Week 3: Maintaining Your Net Worth

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  •     Review this week’s tasks
  •     Reflect on the LRC: Net Worth Edition tasks
  •     Relax. Tomorrow we have our weekly recap video


Hey, hey, we’ve made it to the end of the third week of the Live Richer Challenge!

Take this day to review, reflect, and relax.

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Share what you’ve learned thus far and how you feel about the process with me in the comments below.

Today is also a great day to check in on your accountability partner(s). Do they need help with a task?

Do they need some encouragement? Do you both need to catch-up on past tasks?

The outline of what we worked on today is in this post. Be sure to head back through what we did to stay up-to-date!


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Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche
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  • Nicole Garris

    So this week was very welcoming. I found out ‘WHY’ Im doing this task. I learned about RotH Ira’ s and how to choose the best options. for that. I learned the best practices to use for creating a winning team and money team. I learned that I’m not on track with my retirement but I can start NOW. I realized that Automation isn’t bad at all just make enough money to make sure it can be taken out so you don’t see it.

    And FYI I did my first budget yesterday and I’m so look proud of myself. it felt good to write down bills and look at my income and put it where it belongs. felt good. can’t wait to continue doing this…..

    Shout out to the budgetnista for all she has done and will continue to do. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Yeeees! You’re very welcome @ni@nicolegarris:disqus . I’m proud of you too.

  • Monica W.

    Learned a lot thus far, but the thing that has stuck with me is the idea of my immediate family (future spouse and children) being on my money team. It seems like a great way to pass along the knowledge and practices I’m learning and take the stigma off of money in the home to make it a collective family effort. Thank you!

  • Chikeia Boykin

    I still need to find my why. I’m having a hard time deciding on my best life – and then designing it. I’ll continue to think about it.

    I think I’m feeling pressure for entrepreneurship and a side hustle; maybe starting the latter will lead to the former. I still need to finish up my mind map from last week which may add clarity and get these thoughts ON paper!

    I started the challenge with wanting to increase my retirement savings, but when I took advantage of Ellevest (thank you) purchasing a home and emergency savings were the top 2 priorities. I could rearrange them and especially after Day 17, I wanna do more with my retirement savings now than not. So, I guess I’m confused or overwhelmed thus stifling progress. I am motivated, just need to get moving; my goal may need to change.

    I loved the affirmations video and need to incorporate that into my day! Tiffany, I’m grateful for ALL of this info you’ve laid at our feet AND the resources embedded within. You are wonderful!

    • Awww! You’re very welcome @c@chikeiaboykin:disqus . I’m glad the Challenge gave you more clarity.

  • Layla

    This week I learned how I can use my knowledge of investing to actualize my WHY. Sometimes I have a hard time visualizing the things I specifically want. But that exercise really helped me to clearly see what I aspire to have. Also, I realized the importance of saving for retirement even though I have many years time is so important in determining how well I’ll live my post-career years. Lastly, I’m committed to building a better circle, making more meaningful relationships, and improving the relationships I already have.