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Week 3: Maintaining Your Net Worth

This Week’s Goal: To create a long-term strategy for growing your net worth by finding your why, creating a hands off system, and surrounding yourself with the right network.

Today’s Easy Financial Task:  Find a “why” that will keep you motivated to continue growing your net worth. 

How to rock this task:

  • Complete the Dream it, Design it, Share it exercise


Welcome to the last week of the LRC: Net Worth Edition!

How have you been doing with all the tasks?

Have you been enjoying our live videos at the end of each week? I am!

In today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about your why through a fun exercise.


The Reason Beyond Finding Your “Why”

During the Live Richer Challenges and in the Live Richer Academy we talk a whoooole lot about money.

The goal of the Challenges and Live Richer Academy isn’t to turn you into a stingy Mrs. Scrooge McDuck who’s sitting on a big ol’ pile of coins.

It’s not all about seeing the Benjamins pile up either.

Instead, my mission is to help you build wealth by increasing your income, savings, and investments so you have the means to live your best life.

When you see people talking about “living your best life” on the ‘gram, you may not be sure what that means for you.

Social media celebs and ads try to tell us what living our best life should look like. But only YOU can determine what your best life is.

For today’s task, I want you to completely free your mind from what you THINK you should want so you can determine the real why that ignites a fire in you.

This why is going to keep you motivated while building wealth.  


Step #1: Dream It // Deciding What “Live Your Best Life” Means to You

I want you to do this exercise with minimal distractions.

Give yourself 10 completely free minutes to do this.

I know how you like a good worksheet, here’s one that you can use for this exercise too. 


Here’s what to do:

  • Close your eyes
  • Envision what a day in your perfect life looks like if money’s no object. Write down the answers to these questions:
    • What time do you wake up?
    • Where are you?
    • Who are you with?
    • What do you do first, second, and third?
    • How does it make you feel?
    • What major goal have you achieved?

Get as specific as you can with the exercise.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say this is the perfect day for Michelle:

  • I wake up at 10:00 a.m. because in a perfect world I can sleep in a little bit.
  • I’m at home.
  • I’m with my kids because I want to homeschool them.
  • I wake up, get my kids ready for their lessons, teach them, and take them to extracurricular activities. At the end of the day, I also teach Crossfit at the gym because fitness is my passion.
  • This day makes me feel happy, purposeful, fulfilled, and productive because I’m involved in my kids’ lives. I’m also healthy and active and teaching people how to be fit in their daily lives.
  • I’ve paid off my student loans and saved money for my children’s education.


Step #2: Design It // Designing Your Best Life

Now’s the exciting part.

We get to design the life we want.

In this second step, I want you to figure out how much your dream lifestyle would cost you. Michelle wants to be a stay at home mom.

If she has a partner who’s contributing to the household, she could beef up her emergency savings account, replace her current salary with her own business, and accelerate her retirement savings plan.

Say she brings in $3,000 net income each month (or $700 net per week).

If her goal is to replace that $700 per week within two to five years, she could:

  • Negotiate a raise at her current job so she has more money to save and invest for the next few years
  • Start and grow a home based business on the side teaching Crossfit with a goal to replace her income
  • Reduce household expenses to grow her retirement savings plan faster (we’ll talk about saving for retirement this week!)

We have classes on starting a home based business in the Live Richer Academy (joinLRA.com), if that’s something you want to do, too!

See how this works?

You may find that achieving your ideal life is actually far more in reach than you think.

Whenever you’re making sacrifices (i.e. saving instead of spending), close your eyes and think about the lifestyle you’re creating for yourself.

There’s one more task for today.

Remember the goal worksheet from the first week? If you don’t have it, here’s another copy.

There was an action part of the worksheet that we haven’t filled out yet.

Go back to that goal sheet and add three action steps based on the lifestyle you want to achieve for yourself.


Step #3: Share it // We Want to Know Your Dreams!

The last step in this exercise is committing to live for your why, and then share with us.

Dreaming is the fun part.

Acting on your dreams takes effort, but it can change your life!

For the rest of this week, I’m going to give you several more tasks to help you make living your best life possible!

Before you go, there’s something powerful about speaking your dreams into existence.

I’ve done it many, many times in my business!


Share what your perfect day and best life consists of in the comments below!

Check in with your accountability partner(s) to see what their best life is like as well.


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Live richer,


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  • Elaine Dupree

    I wake at 5 am, I’m in my bedroom which is a suite, I’m in my chase and my husband is asleep or away on his ministry/business trip, I pray, speak my affirmations, then exercise on my treadmill that I’ve always wanted the one which I can program and walk anywhere in the world, I feel blessed, I’m a millionaire in order to be a blessing to my family, church and community.

  • Alexis Higgins

    I wake up at 7:30am, to peace and sunlight in my huge bed. I am in my home and I can hear my boys getting ready for the day. I give my husband a kiss and then I go pray. After prayer, I talk with my kids and husband before I go workout. Once my workout is done, I get fresh and clean before I go out and get my day started. Depending on the day, I may start by volunteering, getting some groceries or spending time with a family member or friend. My day will be filled with doing things to maintain my comfortable life, helping others and making sure my family will always be taken care of. I end my day more relaxed than it started.
    I’m grateful I was able to be financially stable and not have to work a job. I will leave a happy and comfortable life

  • Altonya Thomas

    I wake up at 8am on a private island in my vacation home that I own, with my family. Starting my day with breakfast that my personal chef prepared. (Yes I will have my own chef because I am tired of cooking.) After that I will kick back and relax and think about what I would like to do today. I decided to volunteer at the children’s hospital and at the end of the day meet my family for dinner.

  • Juelle Washington

    I wake up at 8am, in my condo/townhouse. I spend time with the Lord praying and meditating.
    Next, I fellowship with my husband and children, cooking breakfast, spending time with them. We are able to travel wherever we want, run our businesses and help those in need. I am able to travel and counsel young women in trafficking. I feel fulfilled, enriched, purposeful ad blessed because i am living out the dream and God’s purpose for my life

  • Lisa

    My dream life would be
    -Waking up at 9am.
    -Go to the gym with my personal trainer.
    -Have my personal chef cook my lunch and dinner
    -Go shopping
    – Go teach my exercise class
    -Get a massage and nails done once a week.
    – Invite friends over to have dinner
    Once a month, plan a weekend excusion in the USA.
    Once every three -six months visit other countries-
    Italy, Haiti, China, El Salvador, Africa, Isareal, etc.
    -Purchase any and everything I want when I want.
    -Paid my student debt off
    – Using only cash, and avoiding credit cards
    -Have a nice house
    -Any (2) luxury cars
    Finally, give me time to charities and helping the community.
    Work closely with non-profits helping under-served communities
    I want to be able to enjoy this life by serving others.

  • Chikeia Boykin

    Whoa! I need to spend a little more time on this activity.

    But, I do have a question about the LRA. When you become a member, is the material pre-recorded? Lessons archived? Or, is the academy all live sessions that you can take as they become available? I’m asking because certain classes are of interest based on my current needs that I’d like to take sooner than later. I went to the website, but couldn’t figure out the structure. Would you shed some light?

  • Jazzlyn Luckett

    I wake up at 7:00am (or whenever the sun wakes up depending on the season and the location I’m in) I love to wake up with the sun. I’m in my condo in London, only one of the properties I own but by far my favourite to spend down time in. It’s just me…for now anyway. I have a cup of tea on my veranda/balcony. I take a long bath while listening to music, and then I get dressed for a day of filming–filming my own projects for my production company–idea manifestation, and collaboration with my team. I feel that I fit here. I’m in my pocket. I belong here. I’m needed here. I have a purpose here. I’m making a difference here. I’M HERE. I have achieved financial freedom for myself and created a production company that is dedicated to the creative release of those women who aren’t defined as the classic leading lady. To those women whose cultures don’t fit in the box of the American Dream, but they dream nonetheless. A safe space where the index ‘mis’ is history and there is only understanding, representation, and education. I also have wealth that benefits many (Like Oprah wealth…but better!). I’ve found my peace. Amen and Selah!!!!

  • Karlene Ramsden

    My best life looks like this:
    Waking up at 5:00am, in a sunny country , house walking distance to the beach; turn on my gospel (Alone in His Presence:CeCe Winans -getting my praise on) stretches thank him for life in my mind. Then jumping out of bed, hastens my footsteps, the sun will soon be up🤗
    -Opening the sliding windows to look out at the sea inhale, close the window, leave room out through the sliding door.
    – I am out onto the back porch 2 stories up off my bedroom; it’s almost 6:00am, taking in another deep breath, of the crisp clean morning air, exhale with an aaah, stretches arms up n smiles as I savor the beauty of nature; the water glistens as the birth of the sunrise kisses it’s surface. Birds chirping in the not so far distance but yet still there is a calmness that is yet to be explored. I am alone, but surrounded by a quietness and a peace that guides my daily movements, so much appreciated. I feel Blessed, Happy, Grateful for these beautiful daily experiences. Yes I do, but my mate is still fast asleep.
    I now leaves the porch as the sun rises to start my day. So awesome the perfect variation of colors within the sun.
    -30 min daily exercise routine can be yoga, Pilates,stationery bike, thread climber. Shower and dress
    – in the kitchen making breakfast, hear my hubby is up, all the whole gospel is playing softly to set the tone for the day.
    -we ate, then we are off to a walk on the beach, we hardly plan our day.just have specific things we do daily
    -we returned home, he retired to his study to check on his investments make calls, he is a passive owner of 2 high rise commercial buildings that’s is managed by a management firm owned by our eldest son.
    – I am a volunteer, I entertain by singing gospel to the elderly at a nearby nursing home ( 2 days per week- Tues-Thur / always look forward to those moments, I know some of their favorites they are kind to me).
    – I also freelance as an interior designer, stage houses for various real estate companies, and I creates do it urself videos on Home decorating to show ur style and personality. I put out at least 2 videos per month.
    -weekends are free of all side jobs it’s Church and the grands time, for us to connect, bake cookies, cakes, play games, go to the beach-always, watch a movie or 2, it can be a variety of whatever they want to do, they love horseriding on the beach, in which the school is less than 45 mins away but closer to the beach area. Love spending time with my grands n I love waking every morning to see the different shades of the sunrise, God has really been good to us.

  • Channa Comer

    Wherever in the world I am, I wake up before the sun to enjoy a cup of coffee and ruminate, followed by a session of yoga, dance and meditation. Then I’m ready to start the work day. My partner wakes and we and we talk at whatever time he begins his day (whether in person or via Skype since we may not be in the same place in the world). I spend a few hours on my writing (blogging, article or book) followed by meetings, correspondence and other duties necessary to manage my national network of schools. Throughout the day, I get to interact with passionate, smart, positive people. My day ends with my partner, sharing our day and with a feeling of peace, accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing that I am living my purpose.

  • Katrice

    My perfect life – I wake up at 9am, in our dream home that we had built on a property surrounded by 3 green acres. I am with my husband and our youngest child, our oldest is away earning a college education completely debt free. The first thing I do every day is pray or read a devotional followed by making breakfast for us, and then I write down the tasks that need to be accomplished for our family business for that day.
    “A wise man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” ~ God (Prov 13:22)

  • Jocelyn Gómez

    My ideal life would be living in my ranch with my husband and children and rescued dogs.
    My ranch can either be in Temecula, CA or San Bernardino, CA. San Bernardino most likely because that is where I would be working at CSUSB while producing my podcast.
    I would be teaching students to develop media, maybe podcasts, to fulfill my mission of democratizing and decolonizing education. Make education available to the masses in various forms.
    My mom will also be living with me either permanently or as one of her options. I am part of her retirement plan even if she doesn’t want it. I also want to be able to provide for my dad even if he doesn’t live with me.
    I am happy, relaxed and enjoying my farm and animals.
    On an ideal day, I am getting up at 7:30am. Making coffee, and sitting down to listen to the news. I go outside to take a walk with Mau, my dog, only if it’s not cold. Then come back in. Get dressed and start working on my articles, blogs, and podcast. I will also help students with their projects since that is part of the class I teach.
    I also want to talk and write about marginalized communities and what needs to be done to create more wealth among us and build communities where we lift each other up, a system of some sort to obtain political power.

    • Jeanette


  • Joyce Humphreys

    Once upon a time in a big Victorian home that sat upon four acre of land lived a beautiful brown-skin lady who loved caring for children,animals and people who were older and full of wisdom(elderly) This lady loved them all so much that on her four acres of land she built a second home on the property their was a pond filled with fish that swam at the bottom of the pond and beautiful swans- that swam on top of the pond, a bridge was built over the pond so that the wise (elderly) could enjoy fishing or just look at the water or skipping rocks just passing the time away. The little brown-skin lady felt so much joy she decided to name the second house “Mahogany Inn” she thought of this name because of the reddish brown timber from the tropical trees that surrounded the property. Mahogany Inn was so beautiful with its strong columns that supported its structure they were very,very tall and white to the children that played near by they looked like tall pieces of chalk that touched that could touch heaven. The wrap-around-porch had many rocking chairs and firms all around the house that swung when the wind blew. there were tables and on them sat big pitchers of Ice-tea and delightful lemonade. During the summer months “Camp 4 Kids” would be in session on the property so, the wise people (elderly) would watch the children as they learned how to ride horses,watch the blacksmith as he fixed the horses shoes.The wise-men (elderly men) would burst out in laughter when the little girls tried to put hair ribbons in Mr. Bojangles (The Dog) long waves coat. I will stop the story hear, but my idea life is owning my own home with at least 4 acres with a second house on the property “The Mahogany Inn” a place where retired couples can come and enjoy the property, a barn with horses and dogs etc… an pond with swan and fish and i would like to do summer camps 4 kids……

  • Tempest Bryant

    My ideal life is running my non profit organization helping mentally delayed adults, candle business and outreach program

  • Nicole Garris

    My best life involve me building my own house on my own land and having a large yard the kids can play in. And marrying my best friend and having two kids who I can leave my legacy to. And just being happy and complete.

  • ducktapegurl

    My best life is being able to travel with my family and focus on health and fitness. I would have a thriving blog and an overhauled house that it perfect for us and our lifestyle!

  • Jeanette

    A day in my perfect life begins at 6 a.m. in my house on the beach (Costa Rica, Panama or Colombia). My husband and daughter are still asleep. We are retired and she is in school. I have my coffee or tea on the outside patio feeling the breeze and listening to the sounds of the sea. I commune with God praying and meditating on his word. I do yoga on the beach, then walk or jog with our dog Pepsi as far down the beach as . my body will let me:-). I take an early morning swim, then return to shower in our outside shower before greeting my husband an cooking breakfast in our outdoor kitchen. We wake up our daughter, eat breakfast together before she heads off to school. We spend the rest of the morning working online planning and implementing our STEM Educational Program, English as a Second Language Program and Educator Training Program overseas and around the world. We both have backgrounds in the education and treatment of youth struggling with mental health issues and learning disabilities. We break for lunch and head into town on our motorcycles to lunch with friends, clients or just each other. We come back home and complete our day’s work. We take an afternoon swim together before showering and making dinner together in our outside kitchen. We greet our daughter home from school and together we have dinner on the patio feeling breeze and watching the waves roll in from the sea. My daughter takes her usual evening stroll on the beach with her dad, where she discusses with him her plans for her future and any other daddy/daughter secrets, while I listen to music or read a good book. We are content and I’m blissfully happy because we’re able to retire, live well and live out our purpose in the world.

  • Shantelle Guyton

    My best life involves me having multiple businesses that I can manage remotely so that I can travel and expose my child to a global education like I had, but earlier. I have been to over 20 countries and I would like to give him that as well. My husband and I have transformed our lives physically so I work from home and work out with a trainer 4 days a week. We own family businesses and have set our child/ren up with investment properties and a financial plan. Our child Blake is able to flourish in his music lessons and we are able to provide him all the lessons his heart desires AND last but not least, we are able to help our parents live their golden years in peace and give them back 10x what they have given to help us.

  • simonehardy

    My best life involves me having my home, growing our own food and having our own water supply, with my husband. My grandchldren and his come over to visit (there’s plenty of room). Before breakfast we meditate, catch some sun and exercise. I am feeling full of love and energy.

  • Trici Coleman

    My best life involves me still waking up early around 6am to pray, meditate maybe some yoga. Cooking breakfast for my family and actually sitting down to eat, dropping the boys off, working out and coming back home to start my sessions with my clients as a health and life coach.Make sure to check in with the residents of my shelters to make sure their following their action plans to become self-sufficient Attending the extracurricular activities with the boys such as sports, music and martial arts. Then coming back home to start a healthy dinner for my family where we sit down and talk about our day. Then I will wind down with my love and take a nice essential oil bath and drink some wine while listening to some smooth jazz and allowing him to rub my feet. Catch up on some reading, pray and meditate.

  • Angellica Dyson

    My best life consist of me waking up at 10am in New York and going to boxing and dance class. Wait on my family to come home and cook and do family activities. We will go on vacation twice a month. I will continue counseling and fellowshipping with battered women, and more great things with my family. Be blessed, great, and joyful with what God blessing us with.

  • Shreta Coleman

    My best life is being able to travel at leisure, not worrying about money and bills, increased net worth, being able to help my daughter get on her feet after she graduates from college. Waking up in my master suite everyday.

  • Gail edwards

    My best life now is, to live my life to the fullest. Get some travel time in to Hawaii, New York. My best life now is, having my own businesses. Transportation and Medical Billing and Coding.

  • Layla

    On one day in a perfect life I wake up at 9 AM. I’m in my dream home somewhere warm and sunny. I’m with my Mom and my girls. The first thing I do is my morning routine, then I go feed the girls and chat with my Mom on our beautiful patio. Lastly, I check all my emails related to work. I feel happy, at peace, safe, and secure. I have all I need. I have a high net worth, no debt, and I support all my Mom’s needs and wants.

  • Sharon

    I am having fun with this challence. I sée money through new eyes.
    Thank you Ms. Tiffany