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These are my besties, Linda and Dreena.

I share EVERYTHING with them, relationship woes, new diets, the tea from my favorite reality shows, and my hopes and dreams.

I’ve known Linda since birth (our parents were friends and roommates), and Dreena since elementary school (she was actually best friends with my sister, Carol first). They are more than friends, they are family. Do you have sister-friends like this?

When I started on my path to living a richer life, they were some of the first people I invited along with me on this journey.

They’ve seen me broke, employed, jobless, frugal, fabulous and everything in between.

They were there when I first started investing and made the mistake of letting a “friend” teach me how to invest and instead ended up $35,000 in credit card debt. Long, ugly story…

They were there when I lost my job, home and boyfriend soon afterward. Short story, but still ugly.

They supported me as I rebuilt my finances and cheered me on when I decided to create The Budgetnista to help others do the same.

There’s something special about the bond of sisterhood, isn’t there?


Because of their support and love I’ve started investing again. This time, I’m starting slow, and taking the time to get an education on investing. I’m working with Ellevest, a company that understands what sisterhood means, to share how investing can help women take control of their finances.

To be in control, you need a plan. And Ellevest has you covered. In less than 10 minutes you can generate a free personalized investment plan.

Ellevest’s plans are as detailed as ones you’d pay $1,000 or more for with a traditional financial advisor. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to make your money work for you is even more powerful.

Start for free. Start with a resource that is created specifically for you. Click HERE and start with Ellevest and INVEST like a girl today.

How is Money Different for Women vs. Men?

(from Fast Company)

  • Women retire with two-thirds the money of men and live six to eight years longer.
  • Thanks to pregnancies and child raising, they typically take more career breaks.
  • There’s the gender pay gap, the gender debt gap, and women’s salaries statistically peak earlier.
  • Gender-neutral investing tools fail women because they don’t account for differences in how much women earn, or when they earn it. Men are the default client for these tools.

Factor all that in, and it means women need to make different investment decisions from men.


Ellevest is a platform that includes the unique ways women think about investing. It also includes gender differences like, average lifespan to it’s investing algorithms.

The Ellevest team spent 200 hours interviewing women about their views on money and investing and put 40 hours into ethnographic research. After 1,875 hours of design iteration, they had…Ellevest


For example, did you know that women’s salaries peak at 40, while men’s peak at 55? ElleVest knows.

A retirement scenario calculated by Ellevest will show that a man and a woman, each earning $85,000 at age 30, will have totally different retirement savings.


Because of the gender pay gap, the woman–even if she invests the same percentage of income as the man each year–will have $320,000 less when she retires at 67, and that money will last six years fewer than his would, even though she’ll likely live three to five years longer. YIIIIKES!!
(Ellevest: Why for Women)


Again, gender-neutral investing tools (what’s currently out there now), rarely take this into account.


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Not sure if you should get a financial advisor, a financial planner, or use one of the many automated platforms to invest? Only you can make the best choice for you. Ellevest’s free plan can give you insight and recommendations specific to your goals, but creating the plan doesn’t mean you have to become a client. How you choose to put that information to work for you is up to you.

Get your free investment plan in under 5 minutes HERE, then share who your Linda & Dreena are in the comments below.

Live richer,


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My Lisa Rule: I have 4 sisters and Lisa is the baby (well she’s not a baby anymore). Of all of my sisters, I’m the most protective of her. Before I share any product or service with you, it must pass my Lisa Rule.

What’s the Lisa Rule? If I would not share a product or service with Lisa, I won’t share it with you. You are my Lisas. I feel protective of you and your financial journey.

I am an affiliate of Ellevest, and I earn a commission off of referrals.

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  • Sterling Thompson

    How is Ellevest different from other investment options? What is different about investing as a woman? I keep seeing the Ellevest ads on Facebook, and I do find the concept to be interesting.

    • Great questions @ster@disqus_4H9KXpNcex:disqus . Women have different financial needs to take into account (see below). ElleVest has created special algorithm that takes these things into account.

      – Women generally earn less than men

      – Women are five times less likely than men to make investing a priority

      – Women are more likely to have extended periods of wage reduction due to amazing life events like motherhood

      – Women live longer than men

    • I also did some more research @@disqus_4H9KXpNcex:disqus and added what I found to the blog post. 😉

  • Ally Starling

    Tiffany, you might want to look at Vanguard, although it doesn’t have an affiliate program you can promote, like ElleVest. As a woman, I find Ellevest’s approach interesting and a good marketing tactic (basically Betterment for women only), but the fees are too high. I’ll stay with Vanguard and have more money in the long run because I won’t be paying the higher fees charged by ElleVest.

    • I totally agree @@allystarling:disqus . I added this blurb after reading your comment because although ElleVest is a partner, it’s more important that I share ways for you to truly be empowered.

      The blurb I added to the post above:

      IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Not sure if you should get a financial advisor, a financial planner, or use one of the many automated platforms to invest? I felt the same way. I used my free ElleVest Investment Plan to help me choose what and where I wanted my money to go. The plan does not make you obligated to choose them. It’s a tool to help YOU make the best choice for YOU.

  • Karlene Ramsden

    I do have 2 very special friends, Ingrid and Alicia n we are all oceans apart, we kinda grew apart, but individually they always there to lend an ear,no matter how long before we connect, just seems everyone is so busy, with their own life’s 😊yours truly included. However, we do speak over the phone more frequently now, and it’s like we never drifted, we speak for hours at a time and now when we do meet up, either I travel or they do, we have days of reminiscing n lots of catching up.

    • I LOVE that @k@karleneramsden:disqus ! Sister-friends are everything.

  • Karen Weaver

    Is this a good tool for those of us who are older (turning 60 next month) who do not have 10+ years to make our money grow?

    • Yes. It’s never too late to start the managing your money better @k@disqus_H9XhfddpiX:disqus

  • Nicole Believe

    I’m very interested in learning how to make my dollars work for me and essentially grow. My problem is I mismanaged my money and I don’t have any savings ($5k) to start out investing. Is there anything I can do right now…please help?