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Day 1: HERE: What does net worth mean?


Week 1: A Wealthy Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Learn how net worth and your spending habits relate to financial freedom.

How to rock this task:

  • Find out how a positive net worth can have a HUGE impact on your life
  • Watch a video on how your spending habits impact your net worth and wealth


Welcome to Day 2 of the LRC: Net Worth Edition

Today we’re talking about why it all matters.

What impact does net worth have on your life?

While having a high income is great, earning a lot of money means nothing if you don’t manage it well.

It’s having a high overall net worth that leads to financial freedom.

The idea of financial freedom is being able to do whatever you want to do without having money hold you back. Financial freedom can mean:

  • Retiring early
  • Travelling multiple times a year
  • Going out to eat without worrying that you’ll spend your very last dollar
  • Saving a sizeable college fund for your children


Some view financial freedom as a “pie in the sky.” Something that sounds great, but is unattainable.

I’m happy to let you that’s not the case!

You can make sacrifices right now to achieve financial freedom sooner than later.

To take this point home, I’m coming to you through video!

Take a moment to watch the video below. 

You’ll learn:

  • How making sacrifices by curbing spending can lead to wealth
  • The difference between being able to pay for something and truly affording it
  • How increasing my net worth has helped me achieve financial freedom


Watch a Video: Paying for it vs. Affording it

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  • Angela M

    Changing my mindset is key to increasing my net worth. Say yes to more and no to less!!!

  • Nicola

    One thing that resonates with me from this video is 4 years. It was only 4 years. I know It may have seemed longer going thru it but it is true inspiration that my financial freedom is possible. I have already learned so much after 1 year!

  • Joyce Bynes Brown

    Need it, like it, love it is a great way to challenge yourself not to waste. I also love say it out loud. Confession is based on truth Faith cometh by hearing hearing by the word of God. We need to hear (say out loud), see it (vision board), and watch it happen. AWESOME TIFFANY!!!

  • Jamie Cheatwood

    The need it, love it, like it, want it really resonated with me! I intend to start implementing it into the way I think about my purchases!

  • Janaya Snell

    I’m saying yes to more and no to less!!!

  • Tiyonshia Ty Baker

    Need it, like it, want it resonated with me. I’m going to really start using this when I’m out making purchases.

  • Karima Abdul-Salaam

    👁 Opener: Can I pay for it or Can I afford it. I will not be making big purchases unless I can afford it. Also another 👁 Opener is I can get out of debt this year with this mindset change. #imready

  • Layla

    Wow Tiffany I had forgotten about Need, Love, Like, Want. I must admit I am still guilty of buying things just because they look good at the time and then having it sit in my drawer for two years. But with this reminder I can focus on making sure that my needs and loves are first before anything else!

  • Rhonda

    The difference between the ability to buy versus being able to afford something is my takeaway, thinking seriously about my need it want it like love it lists.

  • Nicole Ds John

    Implementing the need it, love it, like it and want it to my life. Say no to less and say yes to more. Not because I can pay for something mean I can afford it..

  • Tiffani Jones

    Need it , love it, like it, want it stuck out to me. It is a more complete thinking process before making a purchase.

  • Kimberly Byrd

    Needs vs Wants has always been an issue in my spending habits … I plan to be more mindful of this going forward. Too many wants in my life right now!!! Thank you!!

  • Dionne Shaw Bush

    Heeeey now…Just because l can “pay for it” right now: DOES. NOT. MEAN. l can “afford it” later on…OMWow‼️ Stopped me right in my tracks…hit us at home…

  • stay2006

    Thank you!!! I so needed this!!! Im increasing my net worth from a negative to a positive!!!

  • Jessika Logan

    One thing that resonated with me from the video is that doing small simple tasks can help you achieve your larger goals.

  • Shantail Mookie Williams

    Hey guys… Ive always had problems with starting something and not following through. I would say hey I’m going to save this or pay this debt down and end up spending my money on something I didn’t need. So I have to stay focus and follow through on my saving goals to build my Net Worth.

  • Michelle Gelin Sherrell

    Determining needs and loves, likes and wants. This is very helpful.

  • Stacy Taylor

    Like others, the mindset of paying vs. able to afford stood out! I immediately thought of 3 things that meet this ctiteria. Need to be mindful of this!

  • Cheryl Patterson

    One thing that definitely resonated with me was “Just because I can buy it; can I truly afford it?”. Set the goal of getting more of the things I need, rather than the things I currently want and like; therefore decreasing my monthly bills and debt.

  • Bianca

    This was a good video. Some of the things that resonated with me was the picking out two things that you love that help you. I picked my business and my self care. Sometimes I feel bad about spending so much money on myself and my business, but I remind myself that I am investing in my now, so that my later can be greater.

    I also like where Tiffany talked about how she was able to decrease her debt off of minimal income. Its shows that you can decrease debt any any level.

    Thanks Tiffany!!!!!!

  • Kenyota Ward

    I love the distinction between being able to pay for it and being able to afford it.

  • C L

    What resonates with me is: “Just because I can pay for it doesn’t mean I can afford it.” Something else that resonates is: “I’m saying Yes to More but saying No to Less.” I am going to be mindful of all of this when deciding upon purchases.

  • Maeodis Jones

    “Need? Love? Like? Want?”
    I’m not a big spender, but the money is going. I have been subconsciously nickel and dime-ing myself into poverty. Today I learned that I need to always apply these questions even on the smallest purchase.

  • Christina Wade

    What resonated with me a little more clearly is the needs, loves, likes, and wants. This already new but it resonates more when it’s puts in context. I will definitely see where I can reduce some of my wants and likes to increase my networth..

  • A’sha Brwnskinladi Pruitt

    What stood out to me is paying vs affording. Just because I can pay for it, can i really afford it? In most cases no! I need to reduce my monthly bills and wait. Which ties into if I need, love, like or want it! Thank you for this lesson. Makes your really think!

  • Monica Cornelius

    The most important thing that resonated to me in the video was the concept of “Just because I can pay for it, doesn’t mean that I can afford it”. Also, I need to be mindful when spending money to ask why I am doing it. Is it for a need, a want, or like.

  • Michelle Robinson

    Definitely the part of reevaluating my purchases especially the concept of being able to purchase something versus being able to afford it. It’s a problem that I get myself into often and then get upset when the monthly bill comes around and I can’t afford something any more.

  • Kris Nicole

    A few of your points stood out to me. Need it, like it and want it. I really wish you would make your reminder bracelet available or point us to where we can find one. I find this is my number one problem. I reviewed my debt and it was overwhelming. However, it is good to know that you did it in only 4 years.

  • Love-Asia Vann

    I tell myself all that time that I cant afford it and still buy it cause I say I have the money but later be trying to figure out why I am in this situation. Time to stop buying if I can’t truly afford without going in the negative.

  • Twyla McDonald

    The need it, like it, love it, want it resonated with me. I try to apply these mantra’s but sometimes I get in the well “I deserve” mind frame. Also, the paying for it and affording it. I know I need to make sacrifices in this area, I don’t live for the “Jones'” but I need to reign this in much better.

    • Tascha sutton

      I’m with you! We work hard which seems to validate some of our spending. Now that we know better we should be able to do better

    • Yes! Glad you found value.

  • NaTasha Houchins

    The most important thing I learned in the video is if its not a NEED or LOVE I don’t need it that bad, my wants and likes will not get me to my financial freedom.

  • dontea_hunter

    My top LOVES are my business and travel, just like Tiffany’s. I am going to continue to be aware of spending that goes into needs and wants, verses loves. I want to have more life experiences and wealth, not multiple happy hours per month, and having nothing to show for it besides a decreased bank account and weight gain 🙂

  • Nell

    I really enjoyed learning more about being able to afford vs. pay for something. Thank you!!

  • Danielle Anderson

    I really liked the fact that you discussed at what age everything started going downhill, how long you were in that rut, and the age you began to bring thing back up. I’m around the age you were when things started to spiral out of control for you, just not in as bad of a position you were in. It just makes me feel good to know that I no longer have to look at myself as behind everybody, because I have always thought I should be further ahead in life at my age. I now know that this is the time to set my self up for my future financial freedom and I am on the right track. Thank you so much!!!

    • Exactly! I’m not financially perfect. It’s possible to make mistakes and rebound. I’m here to help. 😉

  • Melonie Motley

    Points taken (1) do not take from your 401K, been there, done that. (2) If not a need or a love, I don’t need it (3) Need to learn how to pay credit card debt using snowball effect.

  • Phyllis Williams

    1. You can pay taxes on loan forgiveness. I didn’t know that.

    I would love to eat in touch with Angela. Student Loan is my highest debt.

  • LaChandra Parker

    The most important thing I learned from the video is if it adds another monthly bill to my life, I don’t need it!!

    • Jarelis Fonseca


    • Tascha sutton

      Right! That was key!

    • Marella Croom

      Yes that was key. Affordablility versus paying for it.

    • Yeeees! Great lesson to learn.

  • Joyce Humphreys

    I am so excited about what i learned today 1. How to make sacrifices without feeling like i am., Paying VS Affording, but most of all my favorite point of the day was “The Bracelets” The green bracelets that reminds me of these four points; 1. Need, Love, Like and Want. Needs are Food, Clothing, Shelter. Love (I am allowed to pick two things that I Love that bring me self-worth and accomplishment example, Travel and My Business. The last two like and want are where sacrifice comes in if i like it every now and again i may get it but i must be wise and remember this like can not make me loose my focus nor blur my vision or i will be creating more problems and possibly more bills…….. I am really enjoying this class

  • Jay

    If it’s not a need or a must have love leave it where it is!

  • LaTisha Vaughn-Brandon

    I love the need and love concept. In the past I have felt like I am sacrificing so much that I give up because I don’t feel like I can get anything I love…. Now at least I can have need and love… just not want and like.

  • Jarelis Fonseca

    Loving this challenge! I love the idea of looking and learning how to make sacrifices that don’t feel like sacrifices. I want my networth to grow of the things I OWN Vs. OWE. Lets go dream catchers we are off to a great start 🙂 <3

  • Jami

    This video was awesome! The bracelets stuck out most to me. I think this can sincerely help me with ALL purchases. Is it a NEED? LOVE? LIKE? WANT? Thanks Budgetnista!

  • Karissa White

    I learned that I must start to differentiate between my NEEDS, LIKES, LOVES AND WANTS to increase my net worth.

  • Phyllis Martin

    I learned if I don’t need it to let it go.

  • Cristina Harris

    The Need/Love/Like/Want thought process is an effective yet simple tool and I appreciate how it allows us to factor in the passions/desires (Love) that are important to us, outside of basic needs. I’m really looking forward to learning and working through this challenge!

  • Paige Roane

    I like the outlook about “saying yes to more” meaning more net worth using the need > love > like > want method. I also appreciate your realistic timeline, so I know it’s really doable: from a negative 6-figure net worth to a positive 7-figure net worth in 4 years! And debt free in about 3 years! Sign me up 🙂

  • Love Moore

    Be mindful of impulse spending. Understanding the wants from the needs.

  • Trici Coleman

    The one thing that resonated with me is how to decide if I need it, love it, like it or want it. I think If I can remember to ask myself these questions before making any type of purchase, it will help my spending habits…Thank you love!!

  • Neisha Hawkins

    I think what really resonated with me is the need it,love it,like it, want it. I’ve always given in to my wants which is why I’m taking this Challenge! Also the difference between being able to pay for it doesn’t mean I can afford it. The key for me will be discipline

  • deja gordon

    The thing that stuck out to me was that its not a sacrifice but saying yes to more and no to less

  • The Kolorful Nvestor Buys Hous

    This video definitely will make me think twice before I open up my wallet and purchase something that I don’t love, need or want. While looking over my budget; I never realized how much money I was spending for my breakfast and lunch. I brought my breakfast and lunch to work today — for the entire week!! With the money that I should be saving, I will drop it in my wishing well.

    The Kolorful Nvestor!

  • Monica Washington

    The most important thing I learned is that it doesn’t take forever to convert from a negative to positive net worth! I appreciate Tiffany sharing her story because I feel behind financially sometimes!

  • Della Prioleau

    If it’s not a need and I can’t pay for it all at once, don’t get it.

  • Jeanette

    Understanding that it’s easier to OBTAIN than it is to MAINTAIN…

  • Brenda Reid

    I so enjoyed this video. I learn the steps need it, love it, like it, want it. I will remember this before I make another bill. Thanks for the information.

    • Traveya Brown

      I agree. I sacrifice with making decisions so I think need it, love it, like it, want it will help me. Although I’m more of a giver so I spend more on others rather than myself, but this technique would help me with spending on others as well.

    • You’re welcome!

  • Kimberly Harvey

    I learned a great deal in just two days. Need it, love it, like it, want it…system will help me tremendously.

  • Traveya Brown

    This was great! I will remember… “Can I afford it?”

  • Patty Palmer

    A positive net worth is going to allow me to reach financial freedom. The journey to a positive net worth is through the use of being continuously mindful of my spending with the need it, love it, like it, want it method. Thanks Budgetnista!

  • Megan Light

    Just because I can buy it doesn’t mean I can afford it. I also liked the need? love? like? want?

  • Pat Porcher

    My take away from the video is NEED..LOVE..LIKE..WANT I know I tend to purchase because I think its a sale or I think someone can use this which usually isn’t a need or love but a like I convince myself its a great buy…So I can now say I will be asking myself the questions when I feel tempted to buy something outside of need or love.

  • Lee Hernandez

    Great video. What resonated with me was i’m not anywhere in debt as you were so i feel hopeful that i can do this. It’s going to take alot of discipline. Thank you for the inspiration. MY need and my love that stuck!!!I constantly worry about my retirement. Looking forward to learning more

  • Vicky Cox

    Just because I can pay for it doesn’t mean I can afford it

  • Kim Lady-Bug

    It’s a little scary because when your in your late 30’s it feels like you are so behind but these nuggets are helping me see the bigger picture and it’s great to have someone that lived it sharing how they overcame…this is great I can see myself in financial freedom and growing my net worth…and this is something I can teach my children

    • Amanda


    • Nicole Garris

      so true. it will happen in 2018

      • Kim Lady-Bug

        Thank you!!!

        • Nicole Garris

          you welcome

    • I’m in my late 30’s too. I’ve made EVERY financial mistake possible. You CAN do it.

      • Kim Lady-Bug

        Thank you!!!!

  • Tascha sutton

    I love the statement “Say yes to more and no to less”. Many times I don’t need it but I want it. Going forward I plan on being more mindful about buying things because I convince myself of needing it. I will put my focus more on saving so that I can have the things I Love!

  • Jannette

    If it causes me to have another “bill” I don’t need it. Yes this resonated with me because i am always adding to my monthly bills. Time to start eliminating debt instead of increasing it.

  • Annette Houston

    Hi this information has really helped me a lot . Let’s just say I’m making changes in my life this year. I love the bracelets!

  • Tiawanna Glover

    The most important thing I learned from this video is understanding the difference between needing and loving something weighs more than liking or wanting something. Also, knowing how that just because you are able to pay for something now does not always mean you can afford it later.

  • DrTia Harris

    What stuck out to me the most was determining my needs, loves, likes, and wants. I’m encouraged though because I am on my way to my wealthy place.

  • Adria Briscoe

    Thank you for today’s word!!! The thing that most resonated with me is the Need, Love, Like, Want. I will definitely be using that phrase when I’m out and about. I’m so excited for the rest of the days!!!

  • Amy Nieto-Cruz

    I think what resonated most with me is how you tend to direct your spending towards your two big loves. Perhaps at the moment, my big love is financial freedom, though that is bit vague. I will think more about what my two big loves are, or want them to be (sure travel is great, but I can’t say it’s my current love because I don’t do ANY of it due to not being financial free). Thanks, Budgenista!

  • Bisceglia Ferguson

    The pay for it vs. affording something point really hit home for me. I need to think of the overall affordability of things before I commit to a purchase. A payment is not always the best choice although it can seem like it is.

  • Patricia Smith Robey

    The most important thing for me was the four things you ask yourself before making a purchase. Need it. love it like it or want it. I will definitely try and ask myself this question before making a purchase.

  • Titi Ellis

    I love the need it, like, love it and want it! I have a question though. How do you balance your two loves with your kids? In other words, I share your first two loves — my new biz and travel. But, I also love investing in my kids talents. I have two very talented kids — whose talents require sowing monetary seeds. Should I remove one of my loves for them? If so, travel has to go. =(

  • Jap

    Just because I can pay for it doesn’t mean that I can afford it. That is my biggest struggle.

  • Keisha

    I have a bad habit of buying wants and I’ve learned in the video that if it’s not a need or a Love I can go without to sacrifice for that love or need item

  • Shantel

    I knew it but I needed to hear it again. There is a distinct difference between being able to buy something and being able to afford it! That was so good!… I really want one of those reminder bands.

  • Latricia Hudson

    One thing that resonated with me was rationaling back in forth with myself the fact that just because I can pay for it does not mean I can afford it. Hard one to swallow for me because I always thought that if you pay for what you wanted it meant you could afford it whether it’s financed or not.

  • Charmaine Glover

    Well day 2….My take away is, Need it, Love it, Like it, Want it. Also paying for it and affording it, can you really afford it. This is some deep stuff when you think about it!

  • Natalie Perez

    I’ve used the need/want mantra in the past and need to start using it again. I have found myself at the store and putting everything I want in the cart and then right before walking to the cashier I look and go through the items in the cart and only pay for what I need.

  • Latoya Ellis

    What stood out the most to me was the “Need it, Love it, Like it , Want it.” I need a bracelet like that. That’s a great reminder. Also, the info you shared on how you started out. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with where to begin and then I just never start.

  • Chantel H

    I loved everything about this video. It really puts things into perspective and makes me hopeful. Im excited for what’s to come!!

  • Amanda

    I like the idea of having 2 things that I LOVE and being able ask myself before I purchase something, do I really love it!

  • Jackie

    The one thing that struck a chord with me was that it can be done. Regardless of how much debt I have, I can pay it off by making sacrifices in my spending habits. I will start to use the “Need it Love it Like it Want it” mantra to help me curb unnecessary spending.

  • Ashley

    Is there somewhere that we can find the bracelets or will you eventually sell?

  • Sandra Bailey

    Two things that stuck out, if you need it or is it two of your loves. Also just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you can afford it.

  • Melissa IssaDiva Pearce

    The things that stood out the most to me was paying for something vs. being able to actually afford it… And also the NEED IT/LOVE IT/LIKE IT/WANT IT Being able to be disciplined and know when to say NO!!! Good Stuff…

  • Yolanda Wilson

    I had a thought that a lot of times what we love we care for as well instead of wasting what we “like. Mostly the things we like goes to waste. I wished I saw the pay it and afford in talk sooner. It reminded me of purchasing a vehicle in which the struggle to afford that insurance is a headache, but its a good learning lesson for future decisions. Thank you 🙂

  • Safiya Nesmith

    I love the need it, love it, like it, want it bit. It’s a fantastic way to remind me of my goal and keep me on task.

  • Tiana

    The most important thing I learned was to (1) Know what my needs, loves, likes and wants are (2) If I can’t pay for it now, I can’t afford it.

  • Steph M

    The thing that most resonates with me is just because I can pay for something doesn’t mean I can afford it. Sometimes it’s better to just wait to get that new item.

  • Marella Croom

    I’m yet hopeful after watching your video that getting into a positive net worth is possible. The biggest take aways are the Need, Love, Like and want, and hearing your story. It gives me hope. I’m not too old (I’m 40) nor is it too late for financial freedom.

  • Nubia Ajna

    What resonated with me: being able to pay for something versus affording it. That was food for thought. I am so committed to this edition of the Live Richer challenge. Thank you so much Tiffany!

  • Nicole Andrus

    One thing that resonates with me is the idea of starting somewhere. It is often discouraging and frustrating when you feel like you can’t do these things because you don’t have enough money. But we all have to start somewhere, even if it’s just $5 per month.

  • Courtney Clinton

    The paying for it and affording it stuck with me. I never really thought just because I can pay for it doesn’t mean I can afford it. I have definitely found myself falling into this hole a too many times to count. Something I really want to work on improving. The need it, love it, like it, want it philosophy will definitely help a lot with that mindset.

  • I’mJustBeingHonest

    The most important take away I got from this video was that the more money I spend, the more I am taking away from my net worth. I limit my spending habits to only buying necessities for the next six months, committing to five different saving challneges and using my excel spreadsheet to budget.

  • Ruby M. Grimsley

    I love the questions, Do I need it, love it, like it, or want it. I already don’t like to spend money unless I am getting a good deal, so making sacrifices should work for me. I am thinking about getting a second job, part time, to position myself into the Live Richer Challenge. I have to raise my net worth and decrease my debt.

  • Tomisha

    the thing that resonated with me was focusing on my loves. This will help me put everything in perspective when spending money. if it doesn’t help me get into grad school, travel, or repair my mom’s house then i will think twice about it.

  • gm roberts

    I learned that being able to PAY for it does NOT mean I can AFFORD it.

  • Kimberly Mcghie

    What impressed me is that she paid off 37,000 dollars in credit card debt on unemployment in 2yrs by doing odd jobs. UGH Whats MY problem?

  • LaDonna Couch Brown

    What resonated with me was, just because I can pay for it didn’t mean I can afford it.

  • Shanda Gadsden-Barker

    I need to hear someone tell me Love it, Like, Need it.. this remind of Cold Stone ice cream and my weight lose plan.. I’m working on two new challenges financial freedom and new life style.. This is my time !!

  • Tamisha Binky Williams

    Tiffany’s story resonated with me. It’s great to hear someone’s journey and recognize that I’m not “too late” and “too far gone” to step up, learn more, and do better. I appreciate her authenticity and vulnerability to share her journey. It makes it real and helps me put my financial health into perspective.

  • Aquillin

    Im so glad I’m actually following through with your challenge, Ive parlayed for over a year or so. Ive also signed up for the Live Richer Academy. Im bound to be a millionaire before or by my 30th bday. Im 24 now!!! #millionaireteammmmm ITS LITTTTTTTTTTT

  • Ain’t Life Grand

    I am scared to death to do this challenge….I am a 50 year old woman who NEVER knew all this information existed concerning finances, net worth and so forth. Debt was all I knew and I never once believed I could be debt free but I’m willing to give this a shot, I’m very skeptical tho, very skeptical……..

  • Aquillin

    Lol what resonated with me the most was distinguishing the difference between ones ability to pay for something vs the ability to afford it. It solidifies my cheap ways. 😀 I need my coinnnnnnnnnnn sis.

  • Yolanda Ecklin

    I love this. Thank you Tiffany for your time & willingness to teach others. I learned and will now live by point 2. Paying vs affording it. This reasonated so well with me because I remember having my car almost paid off meaning no more monthly paments, told myself i would wait 2-4 years to save up for the car I wanted then turned right around and allowed someone to talk me into getting a new car with more monthly payments.

  • Samara

    I love the NEED, LOVE, LIKE, WANT concept because I can be a bit compulsive when I’m out having a good time. I am going to implement this process to minimize careless spending. I also appreciate you sharing your journey to financial freedom. That put a lot of things in perspective for me.

  • Krisna Guyton

    Need it, Love it, Want it, Like it this will be my motto for the rest of 2018! Thank you Tiffany! It is my hope that through your lessons I will create wealth that will allow me to book you to speak in my home town! That will be my gift to my community!!

  • Felisha Booker

    The most important nugget I learned from the video is using the Need, Love, Like, Want method when spending money

  • Deena Morrison

    Hi All! I’m 23 years old making roughly $30,000 per year. I want to get a head start on savings so what inspired me is reducing debt (student loans) to increase my net worth. I see the importance of net worth and want to do more with my money other than save and budget. I want to own and afford everything.

  • Deborah Ivey

    I learned that just because I want something doesn’t mean I have to have it. I need to think in terms of is it a necessity. I need to be frugal in terms of saving my money and not just spending because I can if I want to increase my net worth.


    What I learned from this video is the things I want are more of a liability then a asset and it will add to my debt not to my net worth. So I’m going to focus on my loves such as traveling and creating money. I want to master the decision making process…need it. like it , love it,want it. More “needs” and “loves” in 2018 and less likes and wants!

  • Natasha

    I think I will LOVE this whole concept of saying YES to MORE, NO to less. #NLLW

  • Sonia Smith

    I need to prioritize my spending and stop making everything fit in the need it and love it category. There is definitely work for me to do here.

  • Nahema Carty

    I know it isn’t new, but I’m doing my best to live by “Need, Love, Like, Want”. I’ve mad some minor adjustments since I did the LRC last year, but I know I could do better!

  • Jamie G Lee

    Need, love, like, want! This is my new mantra lol I love the reminder that no matter where you are in life, how far along you’ve come, or what you’ve accomplished in life, consistency is always control!

  • Stefanie Dingle

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    NEEDS: Food, Clothes (within reason), Shelter (my home including appliance repairs), & Transportation (car maintenance)
    LOVES: Travel (I have a savings account specifically for vacations) & Hair (1 professional stylist appointment per month)
    I will definately have to change my spending habits. Eating out is neither a need or a love 🙁 giving it up will save me money and help me lose weight, so I’m in!

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    2) Reassess all my monthly bills to ensure they fall into the first category

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  • If only I had seen this video 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have purchased our “much needed” dog! Yes, I can pay for the dog, but now we have monthly food bills, medicine bills and annual vet bills that could have been prevented altogether! Good perspective of learning to think forwardly.

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