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Day 1: HEREWhat does net worth mean?

Day 2: HEREWhy is net worth important?

Day 3: HEREYour Liabilities

Day 4: HERE: Your Assets

Day 5: HERE: Calculate Your Net Worth


Week 1: A Wealthy Mindset

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  •     Review this week’s tasks
  •     Reflect on the LRC: Net Worth Edition tasks
  •     Relax. Tomorrow we have our weekly recap video


Hey, hey, we’ve made it to the end of the first week of the Live Richer Challenge!

Take this day to review, reflect, and relax.

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Share what you’ve learned thus far and how you feel about the process with me in the comments below.

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Today is also a great day to check in with your accountability partner(s). Do they need help with a task?

Do they need some encouragement? Do you both need to catch-up on past tasks?



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  • Chikeia Boykin

    What a week!! Thank you, Tiffany, for giving us this opportunity.

    Regarding my goal, I’d to focus on my retirement account and could use some guidance on how to create a strong goal for investments when they’re subject to gains and losses. I don’t know if it’s best to state a dollar amount, percentage of growth, etc. Would you offer examples of a strong goal for investing?

    • Have you gotten your free Investment Plan from ElleVest. It will help to figure out how much you need in order to achieve your goals.

      • Chikeia Boykin

        Thank you!! It’s on my list of tasks to revisit. I appreciate your taking time to respond!

  • stay2006

    Week 1 a real eye opener, thank you for this lesson.

  • Lynn Edmonds

    Thank you for this challenge. It has been painful, but beneficial. When we know better we can do better. I’m looking forward to the lessons on how to increase net worth.

  • Layla

    This has been an eye-opening week for me! I finally have a good grasp on where I stand in terms of my assets and liabilities. While my debt didn’t surprise me, my assets did. I didn’t think I had any assets! Glad to know that I was wrong.
    Also, I am going to be more mindful of my spending by focusing on my Needs & Loves as opposed to my Wants & Likes.

  • Joyce Humphreys

    All I can say is; “Thank-You Lord, I made it through week-one…#BudgetPower, Woop Woop!!!!

  • Beverly Jones

    Week one done, new year new mindset to increase net worth.

  • Annette Houston

    Week one was very challenging for me, but I’m greatful that I can now learn todo better.

  • Lisa Gray

    Completed week 1 yes!

  • Jay

    I’ve completed week 1! Yea me!

  • Nicole Andrus

    Week one down! I’m ready for more.

  • Adria Briscoe

    Woohoo for week 1! I have learned that I have some credit cards with HIGH interest rates (when I did the liabilities part, I decided to find out the APR too). I’m ready for the next week!

  • Safiya Nesmith

    Week 1 down so ready for Week 2! It’s a shame we aren’t taught basic finance in high school. My children will be well informed!!

  • Yolene Adam

    Learning a lot from this challenge

  • Patty Palmer

    This really has been a great week!

  • Lee Hernandez

    I’m learning alot. I’m not sure if i did the formula correctly yesterday for day 5 debt to asset ratio. My goals are create a retirement plan, learn about investments and pay off my student loans to reach financial freedom. Thank you Tiffany. Looking forward to week 2

    • You’re welcome! I can’t wait for you to start Week 2.

  • Coach Duff

    Today, I’ve been playing catch up to week one. I’ve learned so much in the last 2 hours. Lol figuring out how to post to this discussion forum from my phone was harder than remembering my password to my student loan account. But I’m glad to be here. I’m looking forward to learning how to build my assets this week.

  • lorez stevens

    my response to this challenge thus far is WOW!!!. everything looks so much more clear on paper when you take the time to write it down. I am ready for the next phase of this challenge, woot, woot

  • Latricia Hudson

    Didn’t realize that I do more borrowing and begging then anything else….Oh Lord.

  • Nicole Garris

    It’s been a struggle but I pick myself back up along with my partner and we keep moving. Week 2 here we come.

  • Jeanette

    Learning that it’s important to know where you are and what the “damage” is in order to correct it. Much like a doctor has to diagnose before he/she can treat. Feeling strong and hopeful for the strength of my financial future as I become stronger in the face of my financial challenges.

    • Lisa Dent


  • Sherrill T Davis

    This has definetly been helpful for me. I do have a question. If I have small debts about 15,000 dollars worth is it best to put less in savings a month and do the snowball pay off debt effect. My reluctance in doing this is we just bought a new home and I just feel more secure making sure we have enough cushion just in case something happens. We were advised before to not payoff student debt too fast because its considered a tax shelter. Tiffany can you give me some tips please?

  • Shay

    Made it through week 1. ooooooweeeeee, taking a hard look at your financial flaws is hard, but it was a wake up call.
    Thanks for the support guys!

  • Rebecca Hanks

    Thank you for the lessons so far. It is amazing what I have taken for granted. I look forward to this week’s challenges!