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Day 22: Vision Your Wealth

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Choose money affirmations.

How to rock this task:

  • Read through a list of money affirmations that you can repeat while building wealth


Welcome to the final day of the Challenge!

Throughout this course, you’ve learned ways to build your net worth.

We’ve discussed technical aspects like paying off debt and saving money.

We also talked about investing as a way to grow the dough that you have.

You learned what people you need to add to your Money Team, from ambitious friends to professionals like accountants and tax professionals.

Last week, we even discussed your why.

Your why, coupled with the topic today, is what’s going to help you explode your net worth through the roof.


The Power of Your Thoughts

Here’s the thing, you can take initial steps to put information from this Challenge to use.

But negative beliefs and thoughts can get you off track every time.

Your thoughts reflect the attitudes that you have about yourself, your income, your ability to grow wealth, and the opportunities available to you.

If you attempt to follow the steps of this course, but you don’t believe in your spirit that you’re capable of making progress, it will be harder for you to succeed.


Mahatma Gandhi said it best –

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”


Today, in the very final task of this course, I’m going to share with you some money affirmations. Affirmations are statements or declarations that you make to yourself to foster a positive mindset.

If you notice yourself having negative thoughts about your money and building wealth, repeat one or two of the positive affirmations to yourself.

You can also repeat these affirmations to yourself as a part of your morning routine or even in the evening before you go to sleep.


Money Affirmations

(click to save a graphic of the affirmations below)

“My opportunities for growing wealth are limitless.”

“I am capable and worthy of building wealth.”

“I have access to the tools I need to build wealth.”

“I can and will grow my net worth despite past money mistakes.”



Do you have any affirmations to share?

These are a few of my favorite affirmations.

There are no rules for creating affirmations. You can create a positive affirmation about any part of building wealth that you’re having trouble with.

If you have any ideas, I’d love for you to share them down in the comments below so we can make a huge list of them.


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Thank you for joining me for this Challenge. I had a LOT of fun with you and hope you also enjoyed your time with me and with the other Dream Catchers.

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  • Dee Cephus

    Step out of your comfort zone…take a risk..grow your wealth and be great

  • Joyce Humphreys

    This 21 day challenge has truly been helpful to me. This is only the beginning for me, now i plan to put everything i have learned into action. This is the best investment in my future that i could have ever done. I have learned that my attitude and positive thinking is the key to my success.. Look out world hear i come!!!!!

    • Yeeees! Love this @@joycehumphreys:disqus . So happy you’re ready to leap into your greatness.

  • Nicole Garris

    So true. This challenge has been a challenge but a building tool at the same time. Thanks Tiffany. I will build financial freedom

  • Tamara Manning

    I will be financially free! I can save! I am responsible with my money! I will secure a future for my children! Everything I need to be successful is already within me! I will organize my life! I am in control of my life! I am appreciating my journey to financial freedom!

    Thank you Tiffany for sharing your knowledge and empowering the world. God attracted me to you in perfect timing. I am a member of the LRA and I am so excited about all of the access that I have to gaining financial freedom. I have taken the course; Healing your Relationship with Money. It was excellent and it made me think about money messages that I never paid attention to. It also freed me from claiming that I am not good with money, something I have declared my whole life. I basically spoke it into existence but now my mind set is transforming and I am envisioning and believing that I am a woman that is in control of her finances. Another affirmation, I make intelligent and sound money decisions.

    I also just finished the Couponing class. Oh boy, what a lot of information. But this weekend I was able to spend $50 instead of the normal $200 so I am grateful for that. I still have to buy my binder, clip board, inserts, etc. But I am on my way to reducing the grocery bill and using the savings toward my debt. I also completed my mind mapping exercise and you gave me feedback on that. So, I am praying and waiting for God to reveal to me the plan for creating this business that will create other businesses that I have always dreamed of. Thank you for exposing my dreams to me and awakening me to endless possibilities.

    God is so good! He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. I am so close winning, I can feel it!

    • Yes! I’m jumping up and down for you @@disqus_OId8nUlTyH:disqus . Sooooo proud of you.

      • Tamara Manning

        Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed the LRC Net Worth Challenge (wow that sure went quick…lol!). It was a real eye-opener for me in facing my financial truth. Actually I am pleased that my net worth is better than I thought. For years I was such a financial hot mess from all the bad choices I made. My credit was so jacked up I was chronically homeless and I the only jobs I was able to get were office temp jobs (they are less likely to judge you and check your background). Thank God I had stumbled across Tiffany The Budgetnista last year and learned the skills to turn things around. I’m not totally out of the woods just yet, but my credit scores ha risen, fallen and on the rise again, my student loans got discharged due to a disability ( a huge blessing), working on writing off the last debts and I am manifesting a few side hustles! I just can’t thank Tiffany and her awesome team enough and this is just the beginning!

    • Awwww! Thank you @@disqus_zgDqJT7CBA:disqus . So glad that you joined us. 🙂

  • Money Affirmation: I am a wealth magnet and what I set my hand to do prospers!

  • Cheryl Davis

    Hi Gang.
    I must say this was my first time joining LRC..
    I must say the experience was phenomenal. I was sceptical about how can you actual save with a low income and a lot of debit.But after I read stories and realized that there were people just like me going through the same struggle. This is what made me take the challenge. I feel like a know everyone. That saying…”It takes a village to raise a child”. Well the same go for adults.. I love, the support,the encouraging words, the inspiration and the tools we needed to succeed. I could go on and on. During the challenge it made me appreciate everything all the way down to a glass of water. I finally have a grip on my finances.. This is all Thanks to The Dream Catchers group: Created by the one and talented: Tiffany Aliche( The Budgetnista). I Thank God for giving you a sharing heart to Bless others going thru the struggle…
    2018 is my year to take control of my finances…

  • Lisa

    Crazy thing I’ve been with the Dream challenge for two years now and never had time to take the courses or challenge. I must admit it was good to see my net wirth and set my target on building weath. The hardest part of it was realizing I cant afford a house right now. It wad thought the challenge which helped me to see things clearly. Thx for the courses I would have been drowni ng in debt because I didn’t see the underlined cost.
    Enjoyed every min of the challenge

  • Layla

    I will build wealth by eliminating debt and increasing my assets!

  • Evelyn Reyes

    The 21 day challenge has been very helpful to me. I learn a lot. I will be working on my credit this year. Thank you tiffany.