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You always hear people toss around the word wealth, but what does it truly mean?

Today, I want to share with you what it means to me. It’s not all about stacking your Benjamins or having a lot of material stuff, ladies

Issa mindset.


Amassing great wealth starts with trusting in your awesomeness so you can go for opportunities that pay you an income you deserve. And when you make that money, it’s trusting in your ability to manage it.

I grew up with a wealthy mindset thanks to my father “The Accountant.”

Me and My Dad (1)


I soaked up all of the financial lessons he poured into my family. After college, I got a job and saved $40,000 to put a down payment on my first home all while on a modest teacher’s salary of $39,000/year

My wealthy mindset was my best friend — until the bubble burst.


A few months before I turned 29, I lost my job, made bad investments, lost my home and got dumped by a long-term boyfriend (icing on the cake) and had to move back home with my parents.

I stayed with them for a year and hit rock bottom when I found myself at midnight of my 30th birthday laying in their home on my middle school bed, wondering how it all went wrong.


The whole situation was sad, but my confidence is what took the biggest hit. My wealthy mindset waned.

Despite having huge success with money before, I thought losing my job, making money mistakes, and going broke meant my life was completely doomed.


I began believing that I wasn’t worthy of the abundance I had before getting laid off.

I hid from everyone for a few years until my best friend, Linda, reminded me of my power and abilities. Slowly, I began regaining inner strength and improved my mindset which led to starting The Budgetnista and pouring my knowledge into you.

Giving Activates Abundance

To me, wealth is about being prosperous in mind, body, and spirit while making and saving the money you need to feel secure and happy in life. It means working hard, planning smart, having fun, and giving back.

The truth is, before I lost my job, I felt wealthy even when I was a preschool teacher driving around in a rickety Camry.


Aliche PreSchool Pics

I had a job I loved that earned me enough money to save, pay bills, repay debt, and travel.

Building wealth and feeling rich is attainable at any income level. I made a $39,000 per year salary as a teacher and still made magic happen!


Today I may be earning more money, but the blessings haven’t changed my perspective on what wealth means.

I still keep a slim budget because possessions aren’t what make me feel abundant. It’s having a purpose, helping others, and investing in my family’s future.


Because I made such a huge mistake when I first started investing in my twenties (a long story that left me with $35,000 in credit card debt), I’m much more careful now to align myself with professionals who can help me reach my goals.

It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride, huh? Yup! But all of these life experiences (good, bad and ugly), helped me to redefine wealth for myself and put what truly matters into perspective. I’ve even partnered with Charles Schwab to reflect on the meaning of wealth.


QUESTION: What does wealth mean to you? Share with me in the comments below.


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