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Are You Ready to LIVE RICHER?


The 2016 LIVE RICHER Challenge: Savings Edition, is a FREE, online financial challenge created by The Budgetnista to help women achieve their savings goals in 22 days.


 How the Challenge Works


WHO: You! All women are welcome to participate in this Challenge. There are over 70,000 women from all 50 states and over 80 countries already signed-up


When: Sign-up now!


HOW: Each day during the LIVE RICHER Challenge, you will receive a daily task via email for a period of 22 days (3 weeks). Each simple task will help you to accomplish these weekly goals. The new Challenge will begin on Monday, January 4th, 2016.


Week 1 – A LIVE RICHER Savings Mindset
Weekly Goal: To completely overhaul the way you think about saving by changing your money mindset.


Week 2 – Implementation and Automation
Weekly Goal: To create a strategy to accomplish your savings goals.


Week 3 – Increase Your Abundance
Weekly Goal: To attract abundance, identify ways to implement and increase earnings.


Final Day – Giving Back & LIVING RICHER
LIVE RICHER Goal: To learn how to purposefully and passionately pursue your ideal life using your finances as one of your tools.


The tasks will be delivered to you via email and this blog, As a member of the Challenge, you’ll be invited to a private group where thousands of other women are there to hold you accountable, offer resources and provide encouragement throughout the Challenge and beyond.


WHY: I created the Challenge because I’ve received so many of your messages from all over the world asking for financial help, so I designed this free, virtual resource just for you.


The 2015 was so successful ($4+ million saved, $500k+ in debt paid off), that I decided to host a new LIVE RICHER Challenge every year. The 2016 Challenge will focus on helping you to create more abundance & a larger saving account.


Are you ready? Let’s create a positive shift in our financial lives by working together as a Sisterhood via the LRC!



Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista

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  • Mikki Mason

    My financial goal is to be debt free by the end of 2016 and be in the 800+club.I want to be better and feel better about my financial choices. #MMSweepstakes

  • Chris_sofierce

    Goal for the remainder of the year is to save $100 each paycheck. #MMSweepstakes

  • Cheryl Morrison Merriweather

    2016 Seeking Financial Freedom #MMSweepstakes

  • Tamra Jones

    Hello my goal is to pay all my monthly balance to zero ,so I can stop carrying balances each month. #MMSweepstakes

  • Tameka Truitt

    My goal is to save the money that i usually go out to eat with which adds up to about $150 a week for me and the twins. #MMSWEEPSTAKES

  • Detra S

    I will and shall build generational wealth for my family#MMSweepstakes

  • Dee Wood

    Iamsavingfor a home and #LiveRicherChallenge and to be debt free 2017!! It’s time #MMSweepstakes

  • Felicia MiMi Goss

    My goal is to get my credit cards down to 10%.

  • Lillian Wright

    My goal is to pay off my last credit card and contine saving for a bigger home!!

  • Jennifer Sales

    My goal is to create a legacy for my family. I’m planning for future generations!

  • Jalisa Albritton

    My financial goal is to put a down payment on a house for me and my 5 year old son so we will never have to know what it’s like to be homeless again. #MMSweepstakes

  • Shantel Missy Bryant

    My financial goal is to save a minimum of $3000 by the end of this year. That seems to be a difficult task for me. #MMSweepstakes

  • Dalzie Taylor

    My financial goal is to become debt free and save more for a rainy day. #MMSweepstakes

  • SErah Mugambi

    “$4,000 Giveaway with The Budgetnista & Magnify Money!” My financial goal is to pay off my car, improve my credit and save to buy a house #MMSweepstakes

  • DeShondra

    @The Budgetnista thanks for partnering to bring us Manify Money $4,000 Sweepstakes!! In 2016 I will pay off 4 major credit card bills goal 1 2 over the next 30 days $1,100 and $150 #MMSweepstakes

  • Valencia Green

    $4,000 Giveaway w/the “BUDGETNISTA” & MAGNIFY MONEY. My financial goals are to finish paying off my son’s honeymoon and rehearsal dinner. Also, pay my debts off, save for a car and continue to build my savings. #MMSWEEPSTAKES

    Valencia Green

  • Monica Cornelius

    I’ve opened up my Money Bucket account with Southeastern Credit Union. I will use this account to accomplish my saving goal of having a $1,000 in my savings account by December 31, 2016. I will be doing the 52 weeks challenge to accomplish this goal. I’ve already saved up $105 already and have it put away in my main savings account but I have already transferred $25 of that $105 into my Money Bucket account. I will be transferring the other $80 hopefully this week. I am truly excited about doing the Live Richer Challenge!!!

  • TaShona Bowie – Jones

    My 2017 Credit Goals…..
    To pay off my credit card.
    To increase my credit score.
    To pay off old bills.
    To continue to add to my current savings.

  • Noelle Aboussou

    My goal is to pay off $ my debt in 3 years

  • Kimberley Haile

    I’ve only recently discovered Tiffany Aliche–TheBudgetnista! I am excited as I have begun the Living Richer Challenge. My goal is to get rid of my $17K credit card debt, $130K school loans, increase my net worth by saving and learning HOW and WHAT to invest in.