Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition


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Live Richer Challenge (book 1)


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The One Week Budget


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  • Lakesha Taylor

    My financial goal is to save a. emergency fund. I don’t want to have to sacrifice a less important bill just so I could pay the high priority bill. I want to be able to pay them both!

    • KimHasSpoken

      Same here!

  • Anne Thomas

    Hello, I am 1 day new to this. My savings goal is to establish an emergency fund. I can not state an amount because it seems like I owe everyone. I just want to eat this elephant bite by bite and need all the help I can get.

    • Kiana

      Same here! I feel like no matter how much I make, I stay indebted to someone! I just want to see my money instead of it going to everyone else smh

  • Brenda Reid

    How do I start an emergency saving. I am retired.

  • Hello, basically I am new to all of this and when I say new, I mean actually being proactive in taking control of my finances. I have so many things I would like to accomplish… just recently I’ve had a series of eye surgeries; my eyesight was deteriorating but with the help of God and a team of great eye doctors, I have most of my vision restored. Now that I’ve been given another chance at life (in a sense), some of money goals is to be able to save, give and live life richly.