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The One Week Budget


  • Lakesha Taylor

    My financial goal is to save a. emergency fund. I don’t want to have to sacrifice a less important bill just so I could pay the high priority bill. I want to be able to pay them both!

    • KimHasSpoken

      Same here!

  • Anne Thomas

    Hello, I am 1 day new to this. My savings goal is to establish an emergency fund. I can not state an amount because it seems like I owe everyone. I just want to eat this elephant bite by bite and need all the help I can get.

    • Kiana

      Same here! I feel like no matter how much I make, I stay indebted to someone! I just want to see my money instead of it going to everyone else smh

  • Brenda Reid

    How do I start an emergency saving. I am retired.

  • Hello, basically I am new to all of this and when I say new, I mean actually being proactive in taking control of my finances. I have so many things I would like to accomplish… just recently I’ve had a series of eye surgeries; my eyesight was deteriorating but with the help of God and a team of great eye doctors, I have most of my vision restored. Now that I’ve been given another chance at life (in a sense), some of money goals is to be able to save, give and live life richly.

  • Kaeci Hill

    Finances was never taught in my household. Now Im 30 with HORRIBLE credit and my first baby on the way Im really trying to get everything on track to secure a future financially for us. BUT….. Where do I begin? I’m currently on FML leave from my job with no income and a depleted savings due to these circumstances. I’m not sure what I fear worst at this point delivery or the debt and unstable financial future. Someone please point me in the direction or any tool or literature that will get me started on my journey out of financial illiteracy.