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Financial Education for Children

It's Mali's sixth birthday and she's excited! As more and more guests arrive, so do more and more gifts. But when her presents start to push her guests out of the house, Mali has to learn some important lessons about the things that matter most.
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  • The Budgetnista really helped me understand how credit works and how to use it to my advantage. I wouldn't have believed I could ever have good credit!. My score jumped by 173 points and I saved over $500!


  • My credit score has Jumped like Jordan by 150 points! We [also] saved $10,000, started naming our accounts, took accountability and started with what we had to increase credit score, purchase a brand new home. 


  • I bought my first home this year with only a part time job. The lessons that I have applied to my life are PRICELESS and now I am able to share what I have learned with family and friends!


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COVID-19 and Home Buying: 3 Universal Truths

One thing we know about the COVID-19 pandemic is that nothing is ever easy. NOT-A-THING... No surprise that thinking about buying a home in the midst of all of that's going on... would come with some "thangs" to chat about! It's likely that if you're on the house hunt now (or gearing up to start), […]

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Wait? I Need a Business Structure?

We’re taking class to Business 101 for newbies looking to start off strong in entrepreneurship. Let’s start with business structures and simple checklists to get started.

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Debt Freedom Doesn’t Equal Wealth

As much as I love being without debt, it is not a tool used for wealth building. This myth has to be addressed because I’ve seen the sometimes harsh realities of too much focus on debt and a lack of focus on building long term wealth.

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13 tips to curb your spending

Ever get to the end of the month (or worse yet, mid-month) and think, “Wait, where did all my money go?” We hear time and time again that it's important to spend less... but no one REALLY shares how to make that happen –– in a practical way. So here I am with some simple […]

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