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Financial Education for Children

It's Mali's sixth birthday and she's excited! As more and more guests arrive, so do more and more gifts. But when her presents start to push her guests out of the house, Mali has to learn some important lessons about the things that matter most.
More About the Book
  • The Budgetnista really helped me understand how credit works and how to use it to my advantage. I wouldn't have believed I could ever have good credit!. My score jumped by 173 points and I saved over $500!


  • My credit score has Jumped like Jordan by 150 points! We [also] saved $10,000, started naming our accounts, took accountability and started with what we had to increase credit score, purchase a brand new home. 


  • I bought my first home this year with only a part time job. The lessons that I have applied to my life are PRICELESS and now I am able to share what I have learned with family and friends!


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How to Win the Credit Card Debt Fight

Okay, time to rip the band-aid off a very uncomfortable topic: DEBT.  Ever had this feeling? You go to the mailbox and quickly sift through the contents. Behind a pile of junk mail, you see that monthly credit card statement from your credit card company and immediately experience heart palpitations. Whew! Trust me, I know […]

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How to Build Your Credit and Save Cash with Self

Let me guess Dream Catcher… you want to improve your credit, right? Nope, I’m not psychic; easy guess because credit is the #1 request for help in my inbox. Everyone wants better credit, and even folks with great credit, want great-er credit. Lol! The big fuss? Bad credit makes for a very expensive life; you […]

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Invest from your phone with Acorns

Lean in… let's have a convo about investing.  Wait! Don't run! I know the idea of investing can be equally frustrating and overwhelming. I've seen it time and again in my 10+ years as "The Budgetnista" (and done it myself). Women are more than willing to track expenses... create budgets... save money... and pay off […]

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Get Empower-ED: New Fave Money Management App

The Empower app is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to budget, earn, and save… MINUS all the hard work. It carefully analyzes your money habits to help you grab hold of your daily spending and turn any extra coins it finds -even if it’s only pennies or a few bucks- into a growing savings pile that earns daily interest.

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