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Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Figure out how many hours you need to work to pay for your loves and abundance.

How to rock this task:

  • Keeping in mind the amount of money you need for your loves, calculate the number of hours and rate at which you need to work each week to reach this goal.


You’ve made it to Day 18!


Are you excited to earn more income on the side? I’m excited for you. Today we’re going to take yesterday’s task one step further. You’re going to figure out exactly how many hours you need to work to pay for your loves.


Always keep in mind, the reason you seek to earn more money isn’t to work yourself to death. I don’t believe in over-sacrifice. You should work to make exactly how much you need to meet your savings goals and live a more abundant life. No more.


Here’s how to find out how much work that’ll take:

Say I need to make an extra $350 per month for my loves. Since there are 4 weeks in a month, I need to make about $88 per week (or $350 divided by 4). I decide to babysit for $15 per hour. If I do, I need to make sure I get in about 6 hours of babysitting each week to reach my goal (or $88 divided by $15). Now it’s your turn!


When you’re finished doing the math, share how you plan to make this work with me in the comments vs. emailing me and with your accountability your partner.

Quick Reminder: How are you progressing towards your Savings Goal from Day 1? Keep me updated! Use the comments.


Still need more help? My financial friend Patrice Washington wrote a book,Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man.

The purpose of her book is to help you increase your income and more. Following Patrice’s practical advice, you’ll learn to form “wealthy” habits, establish an “opportunity fund,” stop collecting STUFF that causes debt, and discover the freedom that comes from feeling financially secure.

Thank me later….. 🙂


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