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LRC Credit Edition - Day 3: Grab Free Credit Reports

LRC Credit Edition - Day 3: Grab Free Credit Reports

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New to the Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition? Learn more about it HERE.

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Day 1: Credit Goals

Day 2: Credit Basics

Week 1: Credit Knowledge

Day 3: Grab Free Credit Reports

Today’s Easy Financial Task: Get your free credit report(s)

How to rock this task:

Hey there Dream Catchers! It’s Day 3 of the Challenge. Guess what?

Once a week during the Challenge, I’ll bring the daily task to you through a video.

Take a moment to watch the video below!

Remember, this week is ALL about Credit Knowledge. That means I want you to understand what credit is and how it truly works. Next week you'll begin to the work toward fixing your credit. Woot Woot!

Back to your task....

Today is all about getting your credit report(s) for free and knowing how to read your credit report(s).

Remember, you have three credit reports because there are three different major credit reporting agencies -  Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

How to Grab Your Free Credit Report(s)

Each of the credit bureaus allows you to get one free credit report every 12 months. You can get your reports all at once, or you can space them out throughout the year.

To pull your credit report, you can contact each credit bureau here:

You can also get it through one of my favorite sites, (in case you didn't get it yesterday). 

What I like about this site is that not only do you get your credit report for free, they teach you how to read, improve and maintain it for free too! It will not ask for your credit card. It will ask you to verify information that only you know about. Make sure you have access to a printer so you can print each one or save as a .pdf to access it later.

Yesterday, we went through an overview of the information that appears on your credit report.

Today, I have a super awesome downloadable from Magnify Money that, along with the video above, can assist you in reading the credit report you pull from today’s task.

Download and READ the Booklet HERE.  

If after reading your credit report you find errors or incomplete records, don’t be alarmed!

We will discuss how to clean up your credit report next week.

If you have any questions, remember, I’m here for you. Leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to reach out to your accountability partners and check into the Dream Catchers: LIVE RICHER group.

*** BONUS: Need a financial pick-me-up? I was a guest on HerMoney a podcast hosted by Jean Chatzky (of the Today Show): I share how I'm able to use my money to LIVE RICHER and how YOU can too!

Listen HERE.

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