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LRC Net Worth Edition, Day 19: Your Vibe Influences Your Tribe

LRC Net Worth Edition, Day 19: Your Vibe Influences Your Tribe

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Week 3: Maintaining Your Net Worth

Today’s Easy Financial Task: How to find high-quality friends to add to your tribe. 

How to rock this task:

  • Watch the video!
  • Learn why the people around you impact your net worth
  • Learn who to have in your Money Team


It’s Day 19, and we’re talking about your circle, your peeps, your crew, your posse.


Even if you’re not readily aware of the influence people have on you, you are influenced by your surroundings and relationships.

You’ve probably heard the saying that you’re income (or attitude) is the average of the people who you hang out with the most often.

Adding people to your network that are positive, ambitious, and working towards growing their net worth will be a huge factor in your success.


First, watch/listen to this video with some of my favorite affirmations to attract positive people. I like listening to affirmations as I get ready in the morning.




How Can You Increase Your Vibe and Tribe?

Take stock of the people that you have in your life.

Do you surround yourself with people who are encouraging and making moves?

If you surround yourself with negative people including family and even longtime friends, it can be challenging for you to make the change you seek.

It can turn into the dreaded crabs in a barrel situation.

Whenever you try to escape the barrel, negative attitudes pull you right back down into the cesspool. It’s okay to seek distance from situations that you feel aren’t helping you grow personally and financially.

Instead, look for opportunities where you can meet people who have the same motivations and aspirations as you.

The Facebook Dream Catchers Forum is one of the first places you can turn to.

We also have local Dream Catcher Chapters where you can meet people in person, too!

Learn more about Dream Catcher Chapters here:


Four Things to Look for in a Dream Catcher:  

1) Crystallized focus - Do they have a clear direction of what they are going to accomplish? Do they remain undistracted by naysayers, lack of support, etc?

2) Positive attitude - This doesn’t mean that they are happy-go-lucky all the time. Do they speak with certainty about their goal? Are they confident that they are able to will and work their dreams into reality? Are they comfortable affirming, "I can..." "I'm able..."

3) Sickening work ethic - Anybody can work hard, but are they willing to do the work required?

4) Elevated company - Who do they spend time with? Who do they call a friend? Are they surrounded by amazing movers and shakers?

I, personally, always try to align myself with people that embody these qualities. The best way to attract a Dream Catcher like this, it to be it yourself.


Assemble Entrepreneurial Friends

On top of having friends who have the same financial goals with you, entrepreneurs taking the Challenge should assemble a group of other ambitious business owners.

Your entrepreneurial group should be full of like-minded people who you can bounce ideas off of and who will understand your journey as an innovator.

Asking your friends and family for their input on your business can only take you so far. To take you to the next level, you should keep a group of close “big thinking” friends that can hold you accountable to your goals and support your efforts.

My friend Dreena has been my rock since starting my entrepreneurial journey.

We both started our businesses in her living room. I was her first PR client!

We’ve fed off of each other’s ambition to get to where we are today.

Without the love, understanding, inspiration, and motivation we gave each other, there’s no way we’d be able to reach the heights we’ve been able to.

Find your Dreena (or group of Dreena's) and you’ll be unstoppable!


Create a Mastermind

One of the ways you can get close to other entrepreneurs is by joining or creating a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a group of 3 to 10ish people who agree to meet regularly to discuss goals and keep tabs on each other’s progress.

Most masterminds can meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly for a set amount of time.

During these meetings, you can recap goals or even focus your discussion on one person who’s having difficulty in their business or needs special support.

For a mastermind to be most successful, you should get a group of people who are at a similar stage in their business and that are committed to the process. When all of these stars align, a great mastermind can do amazing things for your business.

If you’re looking for a mastermind, comment below and connect with other Dream Catchers in our Facebook group. Many are looking for other entrepreneurs who want to partner!


Your Money Team

The last vibe to add to your tribe is a Money Team.

Who should be on your Money Team? Your Money Team are the folks who are directly affected by your financial choices (kids, spouse, dependents, etc.) and the folks that help you make your financial choices: YOU, accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, accountability partner, me. I think you get the picture! 😉

The key to a Money Team is that you meet regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) in person, via phone or by any means necessary. Use the results from your meetings to make your financial choices.

One of the most important parts of your Money Team is a group of money experts that can help you reach your financial goals. There’s no way that you can know everything about investing, saving for retirement, and taxes. I don’t know everything either!

That’s where professionals come in. They can help you manage your money and reach your goals. Using professionals is worth the investment.


The Cost of Help

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or Enrolled Agent (EAs) - CPAs and Enrolled Agent (EAs) are both advisors that can prepare taxes on your behalf. A CPA is someone who can also help you in other areas like bookkeeping. An EA is someone who's gotten a certification from the IRS to specifically do taxes. If you’re unsure of what deductions and credits you qualify for when filing taxes, hiring an expert tax preparer can help you find tax savings for each year. A tax preparer often charges anywhere from $200 to $300.

*Remember to keep your receipt from tax preparation services because you may be able to deduct the cost of tax preparation the following year.


Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) -  Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) are specialists in investing and Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) are specialists in all areas -- taxes, insurance, investing, and money management.

There are two primary ways that financial advisors can charge for their services. I’ll give you a quick rundown here:

  • Commission-based - A commission-based structure is when the advisor makes income from referring you to products. At times, commission-based advising can be a conflict of interest. It’s possible that your advisor will refer you to certain products because of the commission they’ll earn.
  • Fee-based - A fee-based advisor charges a flat fee for their services which could be an hourly rate, a flat fee per-project, or a percentage portion of the assets you invest with them.


Some financial advisors can have a pricing structure that has a little bit of both - commission and fees. I suggest you look for someone who’s primarily a fee-based advisor because you’ll get the most unbiased advice.

Not sure if you need a financial advisor? Check out this post from The Simple Dollar.


Get Your Crew Together!

Now, you know the type of people to have on your team.

If you want to assemble a crew of people who are taking this Challenge, be sure to comment below!

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