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Afraid to start investing? Watch my video above and read my story below…

Did you know that I lost $35,000 with one bad investment choice? Yup! It happened when I was 26 and ever since then, I’ve been afraid to invest.

But I’m tired of being afraid, so I decided it was time to overcome my fears and start investing before it was too late.

After a little research, I found an investing platform created specifically for women, Ellevest. *insert shoulder shimmy*

Here are some things you likely already know:

1. Women live longer than men.
2. Women make less than men doing the same job.
3. Many women often take off time from work when they have children.

Here’s something you might not know…

Despite all of these differences, MEN are the template for the algorithms used when advisors create financial plans. Yup!

Just like nude colored stocking don’t represent my nude, neither do most investing plans. With Ellevest, YOU are the template. You are the default.

Now I’m ready to invest and I want to take you with me. I reached out to Ellevest and asked if they would partner to help me create a FREE, beginner investing course and they said, YES!

Not only did they say yes, their super-awesome CEO, Sallie Krawcheck agreed to teach the course while I host! Woot woot!

So, I headed to their office in NYC and taped a 5-day, step-by-step series called, Beginner Investor with The Budgetnista & Ellevest.

This 5-day course will begin soon. Do you want to overcome your fear, lack of knowledge and excuses for not investing? Yes?

All YOU have to do is sign-up, HERE


Here’s a peek at what you will learn:

Day 1: Your Intro to Investing

Day 2: Creating Your Investment Plan

Day 3: Understanding Your Portfolios

Day 4: Funding Your Goals

Day 5: Getting Your Wealth & Best Investing Practices

How to guarantee your success:


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  • Choose an accountability partner. You can partner with friends, family, and coworkers to create your own mini-Dream Catcher group or you can find a partner in our Facebook Group. Join HERE.
  • Read through each task in the morning and commit to working on the task throughout the day.

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