Hey hey hey Dream Catcher,

You know those annoying people that start ranting and raving about the upcoming holidays as SOON as November 1st hits? *rolls eyes*

Yeah, that’s ME today! 🙂

What has me in the holiday spirit so early?



I have a seriously special, FREE gift for you to put in your stocking right now…that we are going to open together on the first Monday of the new year – January 7th, 2019!

Woot woot!

And here’s how I knew just what the perfect present would be…

After being in creep mode this entire year – listening to messages and reading comments from Dream Catchers about what they want to accomplish most…

I found out that after “budgeting”, “credit”, and “savings”…

Y’all are ready to get ALL the 411 on buying a home!

And that’s why I partnered with credit and homebuying expert, Netiva Heard, to bring you my 5th, FREE Live Richer Challenge – the Homebuying Edition!


The LIVE RICHER Challenge is a series of online financial challenges (created by little ole me) to help women like YOU hit some critical life goal milestones.



Registration is NOW open for the Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Edition, beginning January 7th, 2019!!!

I’m so excited!

If you’ve ever taken one of my free live richer challenges before, you already know how powerful they are.

Don’t believe me?


Here are some Dream Catcher stats to be very proud of from my previous Live Richer challenges:

  • 700,000+ women from every state in the US and over 100 countries plugged in
  • $65+ million…that’s “million” with an “M” saved
  • $10+ million in debt wiped out

And here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from my NEW Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Edition…


Day 1 of the Challenge begins on Monday, January 7, 2019…and lasts for 22 days (3 weeks). Each day you will receive a simple task to complete that will be sent directly to your email.

  • 22 days of easy to understand lessons with clear, effective tasks to work through together
  • Weekly live check-in sessions with me
  • An exciting, private Facebook community of women all working together to learn, ask questions, and knock out homebuying obstacles
  • Powerful, free tools and resources to help make the homebuying process as easy as possible


And at the end of our fun, quick 22 days of “work” that won’t feel like work?

You’ll be fully equipped with all the info you need to grab the keys to your new home whenever you are ready!

But it starts today by reserving your spot NOW:




As soon as you register for the Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Edition, you will automatically receive a FREE Homebuying Starter Kit filled with some awesome resources to get you going, now!

I’m expecting amazing things for you in 2019.

And if homeownership goals are on your list…meet me on January 7th!

Me and the team have worked really hard to bring this amazing, 22-day program to you …for FREE.

I’m accepting no excuses! 🙂

Get yourself in position to slay 2019…early! 🙂


Register here for the free Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Edition and get your free starter kit now!


Live richer,


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