An Easy Way to Earn Rakuten Cash Back With Minimal Effort

An Easy Way to Earn Rakuten Cash Back With Minimal Effort

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If you’re not taking advantage of Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) regularly, you’re missing out on free money. Not on my watch!


I have a solution for you, *drum roll*: The Rakuten Cash Back Button!

It’s a 100% free extension to add to your browser. Once downloaded, it alerts you EVERY TIME you’re on a store website that participates in the Rakuten cash back program.

Even better, when you’re searching products on Google, Yahoo or Bing, the cash back extension includes search results that show offers from each website.

Just look at how easy it will be to know cash back is available whenever you search products:

Rakuten Pop Up on Groupon from The Budgetnista

After you download the button, you can also:

  • Activate cash back at online stores without going to Rakuten first.
  • Apply promo codes at checkout automatically.

How’s that for convenient?

How to Get the Rakuten Cash Back Button

Step 1. Make sure to sign-up for your free Rakuten account if you haven't already, here:

Step 2. Type “Rakuten Button” into your browser of choice or go to The button is currently available for Chrome, Safari, and FireFox. The download process is similar for each one. For this example, we’re sticking with Google Chrome.

Step 3. Click on the big pink Get the Button link.

Rakuten Button from The Budgetnista

Step 4. Next, click on Add Extension.

Step 5. The download will happen within seconds. Lastly, you’ll arrive at the screen below, and the button will have a home on the right-hand corner of your browser.

That’s all it takes!

Not a Member of Rakuten Yet?

Be sure to check out this post on how much I saved through Rakuten on travel back in 2015. (Spoiler alert, almost $200 – and I've been on game for a minute!)

Use this link to sign up if you haven’t already:

Now with this browser extension, there’s absolutely no excuse to miss out on Rakuten cash back.

Woot, woot! Download away 🙂



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