Invest from your phone with Acorns

Lean in… let's have a convo about investing.  Wait! Don't run! I know the idea of investing can be equally frustrating and overwhelming. I've seen it time and again in my 10+ years as "The Budgetnista" (and done it myself). Women are more than willing to track expenses... create budgets... save money... and pay off […]

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Get Empower-ED: New Fave Money Management App

The Empower app is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to budget, earn, and save… MINUS all the hard work. It carefully analyzes your money habits to help you grab hold of your daily spending and turn any extra coins it finds -even if it’s only pennies or a few bucks- into a growing savings pile that earns daily interest.

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Noodle Budget 101: How to Adjust During Financial Crisis

Let's be real, we all know how much I L-O-V-E a good budget. To me, a budget is your "say yes" plan for balancing expenses and income in order to slay your financial goals. A noodle budget is your bare-bones budget that includes only necessities.

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18 Frugal, FABULOUS Travel Tips!

Frugal Travel: Top 17 Tips     Travel can cost less than you think; you just need to think outside of the box. These 17 tips will help you get started on your adventure while saving you money for your next trip…    17 Frugal, FABULOUS Travel Tips! Travel Tip #1 Turn a layover into […]

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How To Kick Your Wallet’s Summertime Sunken Place

Rooftop bars, weekends away, new swimsuits, food trucks… if you’ve had any fun this summer, chances are your wallet is already aching. With only a few short weeks of summer left and the remaining days filling up with expensive activities, most of us are feeling some intense money guilt (or straight up dread) right about […]

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My favorite (fun) tool to teach kids to save.

Remember being in bed as a little kid and barely being able to sleep because your birthday was in the morning? And you just KNEW that everyone had been getting all those hints you'd been dropping about that brand new bike you wanted. You know, the one with the candy coated paint, 3 speed settings, […]

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Five Steps to Begin Saving for Retirement in Your Twenties

   How do I begin to plan for retirement in my 20s? It's a great question! In fact, it’s the second most-asked question when it comes to early retirement planning. Here (unfortunately) is the first most popular question: Why should I start planning for retirement in my 20s? Why?!  Because it’s your younger Self’s responsibility to take care of […]

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