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My Trip to India: Day 1| Hi India! (a LIVE RICHER series)

    Day 1 of the LIVE RICHER series in India Almost a year ago, I posted an affirmation on my vision board that I was going to travel to India. I began saving a percentage of my income each time I was paid, in a free, online-only, savings account at Ally Bank. I even […]

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In a Relationship? : 25 Financial Questions to Ask (a checklist)

If you're anything like me and the other women I know, you might be thinking a lot about the state of your relationship. You might even be tempted to have the “what are we doing” talk today. This time, I challenge you to have a different kind of conversation and ask your honey to show […]

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How to Settle Your (Credit Card) Debt: 6 Steps

  I get this question a lot, a WHOLE lot: "Tiffany, how do I settle my credit card debt?" If you have credit card debt and you want to settle it (pay less than what is owed), here's how... Preface: I wrote this article assuming that you are behind on your credit card payment and it […]

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Buying a Home Checklist (7 ways to tell if you're ready)

Recently I received an email from an awesome sis-star named, Cadetrus. What a cool name! Cadetrus wrote, "I have a question....Can you or will you do a post about renting vs. buying?" I'm so glad you asked C! I'll give you the advice I wish someone gave me before I bought a house. First and foremost, always remember […]

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The 52 Week Money Challenge

  Are you ready to have your best year yet? For YOU I'm claiming: - More savings - Less debt - Increased income - Higher credit score - Balanced budget - A RICHER life Let's get started with saving with the 52 Week Money Challenge, but 1st... Here's ANOTHER awesome challenge! The Live Richer Challenge. […]

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How to Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in One Year (Video)

I know, I know you're probably thinking, "Is it really possible to raise my credit score 100 points in only 1 year?" The answer is... YES! Results are not guaranteed, but I've done it and so have a bunch of my clients, students, fans, followers and friends based upon the steps I'm about to show […]

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The Frugal FAB 5 : Meet & Greet (RECAP)

Recently I had the honor to be invited to participate in the newly formed, Frugal Fab 5. One of the 5, Kara of The Frugal Feminista, describes us as  a collective of five, brown, personal finance, female bloggers committed to making women of color feel strong, empowered, and knowledgeable about their money and their money […]

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