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Chicago & Arizona: A LIVE RICHER Adventure...for $633!

So you want to know how I traveled from Newark, New Jersey to Chicago, Illinois, then Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff & Page Arizona for a TOTAL cost of $633? (includes all food, folks, flights and fun) Here's the breakdown of my 7-days away: Chicago & Arizona: A LIVE RICHER Adventure... - My new client flew me to […]

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How Health Leads to Wealth

  Ladies! Did you know that there is a direct correlation between health and wealth? Well... of course you did, y'all are a bunch of smart cookies. But did you also know that data shows that women who exercise 4+ times a week are more likely to be better savers? Yes, it's true. Check this out... 1)      Adults who […]

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What to do if You're Late on a Mortgage Payment (6 Steps)

I get A LOT of questions behind the scenes.... A LOT! I'm committed to helping you get and stay on financial track, so I recently started an "Ask the Budgetnista" page on You can ask me all of the scary, embarrassing, overwhelming, outlandish, fun financial questions you want here.  You can even ask them […]

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My Trip to India: Day 7 + | Happy Holi!

Day 7+ of the LIVE RICHER series in India Words can't describe how amazing it was to celebrate the Holi Festival in its birthplace, India. The fact that I got to share this experience with 15 other Nomad•ness Travel Tribe women was the cherry on top of an already yummy cake. Today was filled with so much […]

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My Trip to India: Day 6 | This is a Fort?!

Day 6 of the LIVE RICHER series in India Have you ever been to a fort? No really, a fort. They usually are all brick and mortar and guns and towers and grey. Today the ladies of the Nomadness Travel Tribe and I visited Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. I expected the usual fort business, […]

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My Trip to India: Day 4 & 5 | What do Camel Riding & Haggling Have in Common?

Day 4 of the LIVE RICHER series in India Today I had a choice. I had to choose between exploring the city where I’m staying (Jaipur), or the spa. I chose.....exploration! Jaipur, India aka The Pink City got its nickname because when it was preparing for a visit from the Prince of Whales, the most […]

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How to Travel on a Budget

Traveling doesn't have to be an expensive adventure!  Read on for my best travel tips and get ready to save, save, save! The Budgetnista's Best Travel Tips #1: Turn a layover into another vacation Purposefully spend an extra few hours in your layover city and take a tour or visit the one must-see landmark. You'll get 2 […]

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