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How a Secured Card Can Save Your “Credit” Life

Advertiser Disclosure: The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which The Budgetnista receives compensation. This compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank or credit card issuer. Opinions expressed here are author’s (mine) […]

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Top 5 Ways to Save on Travel!

ATTENTION: I recently dropped the super exciting news that I’ve partnered with an amazing global travel brand, The Runaway Experience, to host my first ever Live Richer Retreat next year…in the beautiful North African country of Morocco!! Yes, little ole me... And guess what? It sold out in one week! I couldn’t believe it! The […]

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This Tool Helps Thousands of Women Invest, Start Businesses, and Grow Wealth!

  Time to celebrate, Dream Catcher! Leah Michelle wrote her first book and launched it to Amazon's BEST SELLER List…. Camille saved over $1 Million in payments & interest by getting her medical student loans FORGIVEN... Jasmine took the leap from budgeting/saving to INVESTOR (a crucial step to building wealth), with the purchase of her first stocks. Now […]

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4 Ways Your Credit Score Can Help You Win at Life

  Your credit score is like a magic wand. When your credit score is on lock, you can feel confident 💁🏾 waving it around at the dealership, mortgage office, or leasing office and it opens many doors. When your credit score is not-so-great, that magic wand malfunctions and life can get a bit challenging (and expensive […]

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The First Lesson my Father Taught Me about Money: The Bike Story

Hello Sis-Star! In honor of Father's Day, I want to share the most important, financial lesson I've learned to date. It's one that my dad taught me and is the reason I am The Budgetnista. The Bike Story... Picture this: October 1990, I was an 11-year-old, budding Budgetnista and was so skinny that my mother […]

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10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Started My Business

My Businesses   Business 1: 2010: The Budgetnista (speaking, spokesperson work, books etc.)   Business 2: 2016: The Live Richer Academy (my online school)   Business 3: 2018: Marketing company   Business 4: 2018: Mali More (children's (financial) education multi-media company):   Business 5: 2018: Live Richer Foundation. My new nonprofit.  -------------- . 1. The […]

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Beginner Investor Course, Day 5: Getting Your Wealth & Best Investing Practices

Welcome to Day 5 of the Beginner Investor Course with The Budgetnista & Ellevest! What is the Beginner Investor Course? Haven't signed up yet? Visit this page for more information: -------- Did you get a chance to complete previous lessons? If not, complete them below, then come back! Day 1: Your Intro to Investing Day 2:  Creating Your Investment Plan Day […]

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