LRC Fundamentals Day 14: Review, Reflect, Relax

LRC Fundamentals Day 14: Review, Reflect, Relax

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Day 8: The One Week Budget

Day 9: Your Money List

Day 10: Your Spending

Day 11: Defining Dollars

Day 12: Automation

Day 13: Allowance

Remember, every week during the LRC I’m going to ask you survey questions at the end of the week. The purpose of the survey is to see if the Challenge's Easy Financial Tasks have actually helped you master your money.

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Week 2: Budgeting & Saving

Today’s Easy Financial Task 14: Review, Reflect, Relax

How to rock this task:

  • Review this week’s six LIVE RICHER Challenge tasks
  • Reflect on the changes you've made and your new budgeting and savings plan
  • Relax. Tomorrow we start Week 3: Debt

Yes! Look at YOU! You’ve completed the second week of the LIVE RICHER Challenge!

Break-day. All I want you to do today is: Review, Reflect, and Relax. Today is also a great day to catch up on any of the tasks you’ve missed.

Share what you've learned over the last two weeks in the comments below and with your accountability partners. Don’t forget, when you teach, you learn twice. Use these daily tasks to help someone else who needs help getting on financial track.

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Lastly, here's a recording of our weekly LRC video. At the end of every week during the Challenge, I'll share a video to keep you encouraged. In this week's LRC video, I give a mini-budgeting lesson to recap Day 9's task: Your Money List.

You can watch here: DIRECT LINK:

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