End of Summer Fun...on a Budget

End of Summer Fun...on a Budget

summer fun

The warm days of summer fun may be ending, but there is still time to enjoy what's left of the summer on a budget!


summer fun


1) End of Summer fun...for the kids:

-       Check your local library, museum and parks. They often have a bunch of free, fun things to do for the kiddies.

-       Plan a neighborhood water balloon fight or bubble blowing party.

summer fun


2) End of Summer fun...with the girls:

-       Plan a potluck. Have each lady bring her best dish and a beverage of choice. Rotate homes and excuse the host from bringing anything.

-       Have a paint & pinot party: invite the girls over to paint your favorite work of art while all sipping on your favorite bottle of wine.


summer fun


3) End of Summer fun...with the guys:

-       Let’s play: Start a pick-up game of basketball, soccer or any sport you like with the fellas at the nearest park

-       Host a game or video game night. Add BBQ and beer to mix fun a fun guys-night-in.




4) End of Summer fun...with the family:

-       Plan a picnic: Visit a state park with a basket and your family's favorite outdoor activity in tow. (ie. ball, freebie, cards)

-       Stay at the movies: Hang-up a white sheet and throw down some pillows and sheets outside, then connect your laptop to a projector and enjoy the show.

Go out and enjoy these last few weeks of summer fun.  Better yet, do it on a budget!

Live richer,


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summer fun

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