Live Richer Challenges: How it Works

live richer challenge

The LIVE RICHER Challenges are FREE, online financial challenges created by The Budgetnista to help women achieve their financial goals in 22 - 36 days.

Who?   You! All women are welcome to participate in this Challenge. Over 700,000 women from all 50 states and over 100 countries are currently signed-up.

When?  Now! Sign up to LIVE RICHER

How?  During the Live Richer Challenge:  you will receive a daily task via email for a period of 22 -36 days (3-5 weeks). Each simple task will help you to accomplish the following weekly goals: 

 Week 1: Mindset and Goals

Week 2: Understanding and Implementation

Week 3 to 5: Implementation and Maintenance  


The current Live Richer Challenges:

- LRC Homebuying Edition:

- LRC Net Worth Edition:

- LRC Credit Edition:

- LRC Savings Edition:

- LRC Fundamentals here:

Why?  I created the Challenge in response to your many messages requesting financial help.  I designed this free, virtual resource just for you.

The previous challenges were so successful ($60+ Million saved, $10+ Million in debt paid off), that I decided to host a new LIVE RICHER Challenge every year.

LIVE RICHER Goal: To learn how to purposefully and passionately pursue your ideal life using your finances as one of your tools.

The tasks will be delivered to you via email and my blog, As a member of the Challenge, you'll be invited to a private group where thousands of other women are there to hold you accountable, offer resources and provide encouragement throughout the Challenge and beyond.

Are you ready? Let's create a positive shift in our financial lives by working together as a Sisterhood via the LRC!

Live richer,

Tiffany “The Budgetnista

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