LRC: Book Resources - Homebuying Challenge

If you're currently reading the LIVE RICHER Challenge: HOMEBUYING Edition, here are the free resources referenced in the book.

A Freebie: The Live Richer Homebuying Edition Starter Kit. It’s full of awesome freebies to help you begin living richer, now. Click the picture to get your kit.

Let's Get Started Video: Welcome to the Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Edition!

Day 1: Homebuying Goals: The Live Richer Homebuying Goal Sheet. (click the picture for the pdf)

Day 1: Calendar: The Live Richer Challenge: Homebuying Calendar. (click the picture to download)

Day 4: How to identify qualifying income

Qualifying Income & DTI Worksheet (Part 1)

Qualifying Income & DTI Worksheet (Part 2)


Day 5: Debt-to-Income

Video Day: How to calculate DTI video

Day 6: Review, Reflect, Relax


Day 7: Weekly Inspiration

Day 8: Your Character

Webinar: increase credit score 547 to 752 in 2 years

Credit Sesame

Netiva 5-Day Credit Challenge

Day 9: Your Capital


Day 11: Ways to Save

Video Day: How to save money for a home

Ally Bank

One Week Budget Sneak Peak (click pic for the 1st Chapter of The Budgetnista's bestselling book)

Day 13: Review, Reflect, Relax

Day 14: Weekly Inspiration

Dream Catcher hangout

Day 15: Your Collateral

Video Day: On collateral and appraisals

Day 20: Review, Reflect, Relax

Dream Catcher hangout

Day 21: Weekly Inspiration



Interest rate

Homebuying calculator


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