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I know, I know. You’re having a hard time saving. You don’t have a budget, you don’t make enough, you have too many bills; something always seems to come up. Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, you’re in the right place.

During the next 3 weeks you’ll learn how to do the following:

Week 1: Savings Mindset
Week 2: Implementation & Automation
Week 3: Increase Your Abundance

The Live Richer Challenge: Savings Edition is for beginners that want to be lead step-by-step to personal financial success. In 22 days this book will help you begin to accomplish your savings goals through simple daily financial tasks.

Are you ready? Let’s go, get my LIVE RICHER Challenge Book now

Live richer,
Tiffany The Budgetnista

If you're currently reading the LIVE RICHER Challenge: SAVINGS Edition, here are the free resources referenced in the book.

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Private Forum: Dream Catchers : LIVE RICHER

A Freebie: The Live Richer Starter Kit. It’s full of awesome freebies to help you begin living richer, now. Click the picture to get your kit.

Day 1: The Live Richer and My Fab Finance Goal Sheet. (click the picture for pdf)

Day 2: The Richest Man: Free Book PDF (click book for pdf)

Here is the audio version

Day 5: Make a Move

Day 7: Week 1 Dream Catcher Hangout Chat

Day 9: The Budget (click on picture for pdf)

Day 9: The Budget

Click here for the PDF version of The Money List: my money List (updated).pdf

Click here for the Excel version of both templates: My Money and Debt List (in Excel with formulas)

Day 11: Restructure Your Debt

Click here for the PDF version of The Debt List: my debt List (updated).pdf

Click here for the Excel version of both templates: My Money and Debt List (in Excel with formulas).

Day 11: Restructure Your Debt

Head to Magnify Money to get the top personal loan company suggestions. Look for one that has a super HIGH grade on Magnify Money . I love that site and I've personally recommended them for years.

Day 12: Restructure Your Debt

(One Of) My Favorite Free Savings Tools: Click HERE to learn more and get it today.

Day 14: Weekly Inspiration

Day 15: Activate Abundance

Day 16: Add Abundance to Your Budget

To help you with today’s task, I’ve found a free Financial Abundance Worksheet created by Jessica Mullen. You can get a copy of it at HERE.

Day 17: Make Mo' Money

Penny Hoarder Article: 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home. 

Day 21: Weekly Inspiration

Day 22: Giving Back and Living Richer

Two vision board resources:

How to Create a Vision Board"

"Create a Vision Board That Works"

Certificate of Completion

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